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Sagada wonder: Top quality education

THE ST. MARY the Virgin Church in the tourist town of Sagada in Mt. Province remains an enduring symbol of the contribution of the Anglican church in the education of residents and the town’s development.  RICHARD BALONGLONG

Beyond its famed limestone caves, picture-pretty rice terraces and other natural wonders, the upland resort town of Sagada in Mt. Province has another wonder—the top quality education of a more than century-old Anglican-founded school.

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Baguio’s Star Café closes on July 8

STAR CAFÉ owner Donna Rufino says the 74-year-old restaurant has been helping fulfill that distinctly Baguio experience. The Rufinos and their restaurant were among the Builders of Baguio awardees in 2009. RICHARD BALONGLONG

After learning about the impending closure of the 74-year-old Star Café on Session Road in Baguio City, longtime customers and residents have been packing the restaurant for the last two weeks.

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Public hospital gardens help make city breathe


Whenever he is stressed from work, Dr. Jimmy Cabfit often takes a few minutes off to relax and meditate at the gardens of Baguio City’s only public hospital.

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Orchid collecting grows into big business

“BABY” Pascual-Fungladda tends to her orchids in her farm in San Jose City, Nueva Ecija province. PHOTOS BY MAURICE MALANES

Each time she went on a trip to Bangkok in Thailand, she returned home with a few orchids to accent her family’s house in San Jose City, Nueva Ecija province. But every time she had at least a dozen, some neighbors and friends dropping by would beg her to part with some of her orchids, especially if they could not help but notice these abloom with flowers.

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For Cordillerans, Mt. Pulag is sacred

AN IBALOY  ritual leader or “manbunong” chants prayers as freshly butchered meat and wine are offered to the spirits and souls of their ancestors during the opening ceremony of the Ibaloy Day in Baguio City in February. RICHARD BALONGLONG

One summer on their way back from Mt. Pulag, the country’s second highest peak in the border of Benguet and Ifugao provinces, members of a mountain climbing team from Metro Manila noted that one of them was missing.

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