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The teacher is irreplaceable in cyber age and beyond

BENIGNO “Ninoy” S. Aquino High School principal Ailmore Moredo (beside Gerver), faculty and students PHOTOS BY RIMA JESSAMINE M. GRANALI

“Do you see a time when technology will replace the teacher?”

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Teaching intellectual, emotional learning

Folsom in a discussion with seminar participants

When Halley’s Comet appeared in 1986, professor Christy Folsom asked her fifth-grade pupils to write about how they imagined themselves in 2062, when the comet is scheduled to return.

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Young ‘Yolanda’ victims play to forget

A TREE HOUSE is the centerpiece of the new playground, built to symbolize hope for the  children who lost their homes.

Beneath a blue sky on a sunny day, child victims of Supertyphoon “Yolanda” went as high as they could on the swing and slid down slides in their new playground.

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Education is a family affair

THE KRAMERS say spending time with their children is never a sacrifice.

Behind the laughter, the smiles and funny antics of #Kendrasuperstar, #Scarlettdoll and #Gavincredible in videos and photographs are loving parents who are always around to capture special moments.

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Here come the new high schools

HIGH ON EDUCATION  Alfredo Ayala, Fernando Zobel de Ayala and Beth Lui launch their affordable private high schools. Photo by Romy Homillada

This coming school year, Grade 7 students can enroll in a private school for only P23,000 a year, a fourth of what other schools charge for just a semester.

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