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Bilibid moving to Ecija; old site soon a commercial area

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MOVING OUT OF ‘MUNTI’  Expect an entirely new set of coordinates for the national penitentiary. file photo

After nearly 75 years in Muntinlupa City, the national penitentiary is headed for the countryside.

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‘Educational Camelot’ of the North

THE REIMER’S Hall inside the Central Luzon State University campus ran the first “talking movies” in Nueva Ecija province and also served as a social hall and a bowling alley. Lower photo shows the main gate of the CLSU, a familiar landmark in the Science City of Muñoz. 

Science City of Muñoz, NUEVA ECIJA—A quick survey of buildings and other structures at Central Luzon State University (CLSU) in the Science City of Muñoz in Nueva Ecija province will show a modern campus, far from its forerunners, Central Luzon Agricultural School (CLAS), established in 1907, and Central Luzon Agricultural College (CLAC), which was inaugurated in 1952.

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One grain at a time

PRECIOUS GRAINS A farmer harvests “kintoman,” an heirloom rice variety, grown in the fields of Maligcong village in Bontoc town, Mt. Province. EV ESPIRITU

Crisis or not, the supply of locally grown rice is constantly threatened by erratic weather, land conversion and even people’s changing diet.

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Stigma from Ninoy slay now gone from Nueva Ecija town

SATURNINA Galman, mother of Rolando Galman, graces the cover of the Sunday Inquirer Magazine in 2003, on the 20th anniversary of the assassination of former Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. PHOTO REPRODUCTION BY ANSELMO ROQUE

ZARAGOZA, a farming town in the southwestern edge of Nueva Ecija province in the boundary of Tarlac province, shot to national consciousness after the Aug. 21, 1983 assassination of former Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr.

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Readiness buildup in Cabanatuan


The events on that fateful Monday 24 years ago, when the earth shook most of Luzon, may already be a blot in the memory of those who survived the horror.

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