Aquino signs sin tax bill into law


President Benigno Aquino III. AP FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines – President Benigno Aquino III signed the Sin Tax reform bill into law Thursday, saying it was an early Christmas gift for Filipinos.

“Today we sign, finally, a law that will serve as an early Christmas gift for millions of Filipinos,” Aquino said in Filipino.

“We aim to make health benefits available for all, regardless of wealth, the life of Filipinos is sacred,” he said.

The Sin Tax Bill aims to raise additional revenues by increasing taxes in so called “sin products” such as alcohol and cigarettes.

A large part of the revenues that will be collected would go to the government’s health care program and for the construction and upgrade of local and major hospitals nationwide.

The bill is also expected to lessen the number of smokers and alcohol drinkers in the country because of the increase in prices.

Aquino reassured workers and farmers in the tobacco industry that they will not lose the benefits they have been receiving before.

“The benefits you received before will not disappear; it will actually increase, as the support from the government  grows stronger,” Aquino said.

“Many thought it was impossible to pass the Sin Tax Reform Bill: the enemy is strong, loud, organized, and has deep pockets,” he added. “But like what has been proven time and again: nothing is impossible to a Philippines that is rowing in one direction, has the heart in the right place, and ready to stand on principles,” Aquino said.

The newly signed bill will take effect January 1 of 2013.

“As long as [the Filipino people], our boss, is behind our backs, no obstacle cannot be overcome,” Aquino said.

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  • kilabot

    more sins, more money to commit sins. the new normal.

  • $20733759

    Hooray, keep them coming Mr. President, the people are on your side!

  • Mark Bantayan

    How is raising taxes an “early christmas gift?” what sort of bullshit is this? how about instead of raising taxes, we make better use of the money we already have by not having politicians steal them?

    • Jane Tan

      “raising taxes on cigarettes and alcohol”

    • Crysis_III

      magbasa ka nga palibhasa puro prons nasa utak mo. haha…

  • JEO

    This can be good if the government will safeguard this law and make sure it will benefit the nation not the elite people or the few that has access of the kaban ng bayan.

    We are just started to do things right and the important is to do it right for the next thousands of Filipino generations.

    I urge our government to strengthen our country’s economy, effeciency and military to safeguard our nation from outside threats.

    It’s still a long way ahead to be truly “Proud To Be Filipino”.

    God Bless to us and Merry Christmas!

  • Aryong

    PNoy promised in his campaign then “there will no tax increase in my term, we just need to improve the collection of tax”….

    Another one of many failed promises…

    • Carlos

      Pansinin nyo si Aryong.. walan pumapansin

      • Aryong

        Actually it is not my intention na magpansin or mag paka bibo na nag co-comment sa lahat ng post dito. I’m just sharing my two cents worth here.

        Pero para hindi ka naman mapahiya, sige salamat at napansin mo ang post ko.

      • ApoNiLolo

        You just did! >: D

  • Ommm

     Some Christmas present…let’s just call it a greed tax. Some retailers are already buying huge stocks then limiting cigarettes to one carton per customer in order to double their money after Jan1… it’s doubtful we will ever see a universal free health care system in this country considering doctors are not that abundant now and people are paying.

    Once it was free offices would be severely overloaded and the only way to solve the problem would be to pay doctors and nurses that went abroad a comparable wage in order to entice them home. This will send medical costs to the moon….

    It was a simple, admirable plan but highly unrealistic. The working man wants a drink and smoke after work and this will do nothing except fuel inflation on every level in the economy as they demand higher wages.

    All the arguments to pass this bill such as ” governments’ concern over smokers health” and “pricing out of reach of youth” are clearly a whitewash as the government doesn’t expect anyone to quit at all…how else could they project double the income while doubling the price?

    One should question the logical right the government has in the first place to tax these “sins?”…they neither grow or manufacture the products and have simply elected to muscle in on the profit citing health risks. So greasy hamburgers are also unhealthy and it’s no secret our children eat phenomenal amounts of junk food, in fact that’s most stores biggest seller.

    This is a tax aimed directly at the poor and the working man. The rich won’t skip a beat satisfying  their addictions.

    I just wonder if the Prez went out for a smoke after signing this?

    • jga94

      Such a pessimist….you know anything won’t be possible if we do not even attempt to start thinking about it, planning about it, doing it…

      Well there are numerous studies which show that increasing the prices of these cigarettes is one effective way of curbing smoking rates–specifically discouraging young people to even start….why is that so bad?

      Ito na naman ang arguments na ginagamit ng tobacco industries…tax hamburgers…Bloomberg is actually on the right track when he suggested such as well…pero unahin muna yung walang nutritional value na produkto…at least yung hamburgers, may protein, may energy source (fats)….could you say the same thing about cigarettes?Even some alcoholic drinks…when taken in moderation have health benefits…..yung sigarilyo…nada, zero, zilch…

      tax aimed at the poor…kaya nga eh…masama na nga sa kalusugan nila…wala na nga silang pera…uunahin pa sigarilyo at alak…sa kaso ng sigarilyo, pati pamilya nila na nakakasinghot ng secondhand smoke, pinapahamak….

      The rich won’t skip a beat satisfying their addictions…oo nga…kaya nga it will more than likely increase revenues kasi those who can afford will still smoke…

      This is why we tobacco control advocates are even more grateful to PNoy…despite his being a smoker, he saw the logic and necessaity behind this sin tax….although I really hope he stops for his health…

      • Yul Dorotheo

        jga94: I agree 100%!

      • Carlos

        to jga94,
        Agree din ako sau.

        Punta ka o tumira ka sa depress area o khit mismo sa Depress area, para sa kanila ang yosi at alak ay tanda ng yabang at porma. May pang inum khit magdamagan pero kinabukasan mangungutang ng  Bigas at ulam, May panginum uli pero ung damit ng anak nila ay luma na at sira na.
        Mga batang 12 years old palang  ay naninigarilyo na lingid sa kaalaman ng mga magulang  at due to barkada at dahil na rin sa sobrang mura ng yosi.( akalain mo may 50Cents k lng may pang yosi kana)

        Hayaan natin ung may pera na bumili ng bumili ng sigarilyo.
        at sa walang pera, gusuhin man nila, di sila makakabili ng yosi. Sorry

    • riccisan

      The rich won’t skip a beat satisfying  their addictions.- oks lang mayaman naman sila eh. this is a burden to the middle class and poor pinoys.

    • ApoNiLolo

      Same argument as the tobacco and hard drinks manufacturers. >: D

  • charles

    what a lovely christmas gift…i hope the new taxes don’t go to the pockets of the crocodiles in government again…

  • GreenStallion

    Truly a lovely Christmas gift to all Filipinos. Its a complete victory for all of us. Thank you very much PNOY for keeping your word. Next is FOI (Freedom of Information) Bill.   

    Indeed we are moving forward to our destination which is PROGRESS!

  • vin reyes

    dyan pala kukunin ang budget para sa RH Bill..ano kaya kung biglang magsarahan ang pabrika ng yosi at alak.ano kaya mangyayari..

    • Jane Tan

      eh di mas malaki budget ng RH… wont need an allocation for lung cancer :p

    • jga94

      Let’s see….yung Philip Morris factory sa batangas as I know also manufacture cigarettes for importation…hindi lang for local consumption…at sa totoo lang mura pa rin ang sigarilyo dito compared sa ibang bansa…nasanay lang mga Pinoy sa ridiculously low prices ng mga masasamang bisyo na iyan….

      And as far as I knowmay budget naman for RH Bill…hindi galing sa sin tax collection…this is specifically for universal health care…they hope to enroll more people into PhilHealth…

  • Magsasaka

    sana lang may plan B sila sa mga mawawalan ng industriya

  • Karabkatab

    Ok lang yan.  Anyway, wala naman sila makukuha sa akin pag dating sa yosi.  Totally STOP na ako.

  • joshmale2004

    Mr. President, just to inform you that since a few days ago, even you have not yet signed the law and enforceable, majority of retailers nationwide have started profiteering and implemented already the price adjustments on cigarettes. The cheapest cigarette costing P15.00 already is being sold for P40.00 since a few days ago even without announcements by manufacturers. businessmen like these should be raided and put to jail.

    • Karabkatab

      I think the case will not prosper josh. In the first place, who will complain? The smokers?

      • joshmale2004

        Yes it will not. Just want to inform the public that we have fellow Filipinos who really are until now are opportunist. I just quit smoking 2 days now and I don’t feel the urge so far.

      • Karabkatab

        Congrats Bro. Hold on and kick that old habit for good.  Iba ang feeling di ba? Now we can run 3k non-stop.

      • joshmale2004

        Hahaha. thanks Bro. I used to run 10K. But that was 35 years ago.

      • Yul Dorotheo

        Good for you and your loved ones! That’s a real Christmas gift for you! Hope you stay quit for good.

  • Aryong

    PNoy is selling this a additional tax as gift and yet this just simply additional burden to people who are consuming these products.

    It only shows how this government (like the previous before them) is ineffective when collecting tax.  I clearly remembered (even flash in TFC before) that when elected he will never raise / add new tax, they will simply “improve the collection” and “remove the corruption in BIR”.

    • joshmale2004

      Well, it’s a burden that I think majority can accept. I know smoking causes a lot of sickness but can’t quit before. My brand just increased its price to almost P80.00 per pack 2 days ago. On the spot I quit smoking thinking how I can spend my P80.00 for other worthwhile things.The new law will make you think twice before you engage the habit and makes you think if you have the budget.

  • George Lapulapu

    ..just stop smoking….

  • lagalag

    Sorry for the smokers and the drinkers.TIME to change the bad habit for the year 2013. Cigarettes and alcohol will not help you anyway, its really bad for your health.

  • jga94

    Yes, thank you PNoy…indeed this is an early Christmas gift to ilipinos. I think the recent survey showing his persistently high ratings only show that majority of Filipinos appreciate the things he has done thus far….including pass contentious laws like the sin tax bill (and now the RH Bill) which has long been sidelined by powerful tobacco lobby (lobby from the tobacco industry NOT the farmers mind you).

    Hopefully, PNoy’s vision of universal health care will one day come true…sana it can start (even if not full pa yung coverage) while he is still president.

  • jga94

    This will be a merry chirstmas to all health advocates…

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    I think the smokers and the drinkers are the real heroes, nay, martyrs, as far as the money that the government sees they can raise with  the sin tax is concerned.  The smokers and drinkers will be paying for it with their lives. 

     I wish all smokers and drinkers a Merry Christmas!  Keep up the good job! Go on sinning.  Don’t mind the critics, especially the priests and bishops who cannot even sin. They contribute nothing in the way of taxes.

  • lagalag

    If you smoke you die, if you dont smoke you die.

    If you drink you die, if you dont drink you die also.

    So better smoke and drink so you’ll die happy.

    But with this SIN TAX smokers and drinkers will die earlier.

    • huseng_batute

       OK sana if you will just suddenly die.

      Ang problema magkakasakit ka muna.  Tapos mahihirapan yung pamilya na mag-aalaga sa iyo….

      • lagalag

        Good for me I don’t do both.

    • Yul Dorotheo

      Actually, without this sin tax, smokers and drinkers will consume more and die earlier. WITH this sin tax, hopefully, they will smoke and drink less (or quit) and live longer.

    • jga94

      When you smoke and you get lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, COPD etc… SUFFER AND DIE…plus you DIE POOR because of the high cost of healthcare.

      When you drink too much, you can get liver CA…you also SUFFER AND DIE. OR if you get drunk and you drive and kill someone, YOU ALSO SUFFER IN JAIL…hindi ka agad mamamatay.

      And mind you, you probably have never seen a patient with CANCER….they SUFFER MISERABLY BEFORE THEY DIE…

      • lagalag

        FYI ,I know all the bad side effect of alcohol and cigarettes as I’m working in Cancer Control Center both abroad and in Manila.

        As I’m typing my reply to you I’m scanning a patient with lung cancer due to smoking.

        I don’t encouraged anyone to smoke and drink.


  • jga94

    Why can’t I place a reply to someone else’s post?

  • soul.assassin

    Am reading this while using my vape. 

    Yeah, sure, easy way to earn, but it does not mean we’ll soon be on par with our more prosperous neighbors (who for years have more comprehensive taxation systems in place along with more incorruptible officials).

    Also, as much as I use a vape, I’m not an evangelist telling smokers to quit, nor bragging about being a non-drinker or a non-smoker.

  • roy roy

    In Canada one pack equals 500 pesos versus 80 pesos in Phils. It’s ok since if ever you get lung cancer the universal health coverage guarantees free treatment. In the Phils ubos ang savings, baon sa utang pagka nagka lung cancer.

  • Practicalandconcerned

    Couldn’t careless for people who has those nasty habits. It’s your choice just don’t make the choice for me…hopefully they raise it high enough to discourage it and maybe it will save their families.

  • ManongOsang


    PNoy is doing everything he can to steer the PH in the right direction.

    THE BIGGEST BENEFITS of MANY of  PNOY’s BIGGEST Achievements WILL be FELT by Filipinos & the Philippines Long After he has LEFT office.

    The ECONOMIC & HEALTH Benefits of  the SIN Tax & the RH Bill are ALL Long Term & the POSITIVE RESULTS Will start being REALIZED & FELT in Full by people the Next TWO Presidents AFTER Pnoy! In other words, these are Long Term HUGE, MAJOR, POSITIVE STEPS that will really KICK-IN in the next 8-15 years !

    PNOY & his advisers have really patterned these Economic Initiatives from Wealthy Western Nations.

    Go Go Go !

    • ManongOsang

      HUWAG Lang NAKAWIN ni President Binay & Future President Jinggoy Estrada ang Economic benefits nito dahil KAWAWA nanaman ang Pilipinas !!!!

      This is what western nations like the United States, Canada, Germany, France NEVER have to worry about………

      STEALING & CORRUPTION by Government Officials!!!

      If we pick the wrong President in 2016 & 2022- TAPOS ang Bayan !!!

      • mabyrik

        I agree with you, butno way binay and jinggoy can win the presidency. When the people chose Pnoy over villar and erap in 2010, it marked the renaissance of the Philippine presidency. 
        We learned from a double whammy-erap and GMA. Binay and jinggoy could be a repeat of that nightmarish double whammy.   

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        Para wag nakawin, di wag iboto, kampanya mo, suportahan kita

    • tukmoldinako

      naniniwala ako sa sinasabi mong 8 to 15 years realization of the steps , kung matagumpay ba? Gusto ko rin na ang Presidente will steer the country in the right directions.  very positive ang iyong tinuran. not all steps are considered correct and goes to the right direction.

      Remember, RH bill had consumed 14 years to become a bill, because of opposition in its  statuteness, correctness, completeness, but most specially in its adaptability to its constituents. Given that it will become a bill soon but as you realize the bill was simply a  recommendation in form , it has no teeth it has no power, unlike this kind of promulgation  in china will be a different matter, they were able to control the population because they can imply some form of punishment to violators. wherein  in our country being a democratic one have the freedom to use it or not.

      another reason, the country as we said is 80 % catholic, and blatant opposition is undertaken by the church itself in fear of dimishing the moral values of Pilipinoes as observed results from other countries. The other purpose as mentioned by the government was  to end poverty, wherein RH had given the minors the lisence for sexual acts with the use of contraceptives. The funny thing when i was reading the ammendments introduce” the minor shall provide a letter of parental consent before she, he be given the contraceptive” . wow , do you allow your minors asking you a letter of consent that he will ask for condom? it is really funny kind of law makers they are,  i remember during the first hundred days of Pnoy in office, one senator commented , they work like OJT, and until this time they are OJT, excuse letter is for kinder garten. They are lawmakers and they should think better than that. The bill was hastily approved , not for the good of the country but the proponents are for political fame, just to show that they have approved something. Plus the budget on that which will again an issue of corruption, 2.5bn break down on condoms, would you believe any minor will use a condom kasi approved ni nanay at tatay, ha ha ha.  the product will be just the same minors na buntis, walang trabaho, kahirapan sa dagdag na bata, di nakatapos.

      Going to sintax, okay its good hopefully every body will stop smoking and drinking. but when it does happenned , where will they get the promised 40 to 60bn tax going to health care.

      just my opinion , no offense to anyone.

  • $37644997

    The cheapest cigarette in US is $3.50 up to $10.00 a pack depending where you buy,casinos carry that price.

  • Albert Einstien

    RH law ..My friends… is NOT a FREE choice but an unconscionable SET-UP with govt funded free condoms ( P 2,500,000,000.00 billion pesos ) …. ..that is why in our criminal law…there are so called INSTIGATION & ENTRAPMENT doctrines….also in our civil law we have the DOCTRINE of ATTRACTIVE NUISANCE…condoms are indeed attractive nuisance to the poor…RH law wants to KILL the FUTURE of filipinos … RH is an enacted HOLOCAUST of HITLER …….same EVIL purpose,.same agenda…to wipe out the future filipinos & destroy their future….so SAD…I understand the STAND of manong PNOY because he is chinese blood, i also understand manang PIA she is a GERMAN blood… BUT for the FILIPINO blood politicians they DONT KNOW & UNDERSTAND what they have DONE to this country of FILIPINOS….!…. : > )

    for public education…attractive nuisance doctrine ====. a legal doctrine which makes a person negligent for leaving a piece of equipment (SLIDES, fun objects & accesories in & around swimming pools etc ) or other condition on property which would be both attractive and dangerous to curious children.

    people ( especially the poor ) are children of the state…STATE is supposed to be parens patriae…( parent of the country)……

    i just HOPE young lawyers society & IBP will QUESTION RH law to the supreme court on GROUNDS of INTERGENERATIONAL INTEREST & CLASS legislation against the POOR…..not merely on religious grounds… : > )

    • El_Gran_Capitan

      Anong kinalaman ng Sin tax Bill na topic ngayon at RH Bill na post mo? dapat kung mag post ka about RH Bill, dun sa topic related to RH Bill mo pakita na Albert Einstein ka. O baka naman lumuwag ang turnilyo mo

      • Albert Einstien

        NEXT na rh..rush.nila inuna lang to sin tax….puro kasinungalinganpo kasi…promise ni pnoy wala additional taxes…ang boss nya taong bayan ..yan rh at sin tax pinapatay ang taongbayan

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        ano naman kung irush yun Sin Tax bill, anong masama dun eh kailangan yun ng mas nakakarami sa bayan para mabawasan ang bisyo, pero yun RH bill comment mo, ipost mo yun comment mo sa topic na RH Bill na article at hindi sa Sin Tax Bill, dun maaari kang maintindihan ng other commentors,  naintindihan mo ba yun

      • Albert Einstien

        lol…..mag basa k ng mga comments dito….royal rumble kaya…. : > )

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        ikaw pala angdapat eh 666, alam mo ba ang ibig sabihin ng LOL ha? ang ibig nyan sabihin ng LOL eh Lucifer Our Lord, sino ngayon ang kampon ng kadiliman, mag research ka, ginamit mo pa yun albert einstein eh T—A ka naman, kampon ng kadiliman katulad ng organization na pinagtatanggol mo

      • Angel Divera

        Bobo kasi yan

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        Tama ka, sinalaula ang pangalan ni Albert Einstein. ANo kaya ang kanyang interpretation sa E=mc2?

  • Albert Einstien


    CBCP…mag-exorcism na kayo…marami sa FAITHFUL nag-wear pa ng yellow ribbon…..·

    “Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.” Revelation 13:18

    the CHURCH should advice the FAITHFUL not to WEAR yellow ribbon anymore….if they want to defeat the devil….better yet ISSUE a pastoral letter…

    .MARK of the DEVIL……………..yellow ribbon……!

    yellow RIBBON symbol number equivalent is 666…
    ( symbols are used for SUBLIMINAL mind control ).

    yellow ribbon isa symbol for WAR,DEATH, CHAOS, SUICIDES,GENOCIDE, DISASTER…it is a sign of hardship & negative feelings…negative feelings give power& strength to EVIL..

    write 6 on a piece of paper = 6

    at the back write 6 at the same spot of the first 6 = 6

    turn it to front and trace second 6 = 6

    VIOLA! = 666

    yellow ribbon symbol –the MARK- the KEY

    Tie a yellow ribbon song…in biblical sense

    Bus driver, please look for me’ Cause I couldn’t bear to see what I might see I’m( DEVIL ) really still
    in prison, and my love ( zombies ) she holds the KEYA simple yellow ribbon’s what I need to set me FREE…

    yellow ribbon gives strength, summons & FREE the DEVIL…..!

    TRIVIA : 2 prominent figures with names number equivalent is 666:

    miguel (6) tuason (6) arroyo (6)

    NOYNOy ( 6 ) simeon ( 6 ) Aquino ( 6 )

    • Ragdeleafar

      Aquino Yellow Ribbon = 666 ???? What a coincidence, twist of fate?

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        Imagination i think, or wulkencuckoosheim (cloud cuckoo land)

      • Albert Einstien

        galing mo…lalo magagalit mga zombies nyan….lol

    • El_Gran_Capitan

      wala naman atang kinalaman yan commento mo sa pinag uusapang topic ah?

    • tarikan

      Sex-sex-sex is a lot better than your 666. This 666 is a debunk theory of relativity. Only the Chinese taipans believe in it. 

    • brabads

      dami mo sinabi…. walang kinalaman sa paksa…

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        sabi ko nga dyan out of topic sya, sya naman ang kampon ng kadiliman di alam ang pinagsasabi

    • Angel Divera

      Polpol ang Noynoy is nickname yan bat nilagyan mo pa ng simeon? Haha TANGA! Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III yan buong pangalan…….. (nickname Noynoy, kung gagamit ka ng noynoy, aquino agad karugtong, di na dapat may simeon)

      Ikaw yata nasapian. Mag pa check up ka nga ng utak mo.

      • Albert Einstien

        666 e wala tayo magagawa jan kahit magdabog pa ang mga yellow  ZOMBIES di natin kayang baguhin yan…. …sabi bible  name & mark…NAGTAGPO pa ….tsk tsk… 

      • cute79

        si atty topacio ka yata ano?o kaya si Ms elena horn?

    • cute79

      bakit war ,death at anu pa dyan ksmaan ?ang purpose nga sin tax bill ay para mbwsan ang paninigarilyo at paglalasing ng mga tao dahil di ito nakakabuti sa kalusugan.ang rh bill nman mganda rin ang purpose ,bwal parin ang abortion.krmihan sa mga anti rh bill ay pinagpipilitan na may abortion.

  • bugoybanggers

    Okay ito para matauhan ang marami. Ang bisyo pinagkakagastusan kaya pagtiisan. Isang pakete ng YOSI namimigay pa sa katropa? Noon iyan, ngayon, bili mo gamit mo. Hindi bili mo hingi ko. hahaha GOOD LUCK!

  • No Mind

    Go on Mr. President! Let them know that your leadership is tasking us to Daang Matuwid. Never mind the tsiks! You are holier than the CBCP.

    • Albert Einstien

      noynoy ( 6 ) simeon ( 6 ) aquino ( 6 )……

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        LOL ka ng LOL, kampon ka talaga ng kadiliman

  • Albert Einstien

    SABI ni PNOY ….NO additional TAXES….HUWAD na DAAN. : > )

    kawawa naman yung mga pamilya na mawawalan ng tarabaho…..parang galit-na-galit sila sa mga ILOKANO…mahirap na nga BUHAY at sobrang TAAS na ng mga BILIHIN dahil sa kaplpakan ng govt…..aalisan pa ng trabaho ang mga pobreng ilokano……grabe…..

    • tarikan

      Mga Ilokaok, bakit kinakain nyo ba ang tabako? Panahon na para magtanim ng iba tulad ng maiz, root crops & mareejhoanna hehe. Nginangata pala ang tabako dun sa Ilokos kaya ang iitim ng labi.

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        Pasensya ka na kaibigan at lumuwag ang turnilyo in albert einstein

    • Ross

      daming options :)

  • Clark

    parang wla din plang effect ang sin tax law, napakaliit ng increase sa price!!! lalo na sa sigarilyo, akala ko ba, gusto nilang ilayo ang kabataan at mga mahihirap sa yosi at alak, eh kaliit naman ng increase, very affordable pa rin, cnu b kasing pumigil sa P60 B na target, bkit around P34 B na lang?
    i do believe mag.i-increase nga ang revenue ng gobyerno, pero i am very skeptical kung mababawasan ang mga mahihirap at mga kabataan sa paninigarilyo at pag-inom ng alak. i don’t think so..

    • generalproblem

      maliit talaga ang increase sa presyo kaso wala namn increase sa sweldo kaya mataas pa din ang halaga

  • jonas c

    Pasko pa naman its a season of drinking and smoking ahhaah sana wag mag mahal ang alak sa pasko!! LOL! 

  • Clark

    isa k cgurong ADDICT s yosi at alak “Albert Einstein”, kya ayw mu s increase taxes, eh kung tutuusin nga, npakaliit ng increase, kung may effect man, very insignificant lmang..

  • Clark

    well sna lng ung susunod na president ng pilipinas, gawin nang illegal ang yosi at alak, hindi naman mga needs yan, kaya dapat puksain..

  • Mark

    Paano makakapag generate ng Health Benefits to all ang pag pa patronage sa yosi at alak. Eh maliwanag na ang ma gegenarate dito eh gagamitin sa pambili ng condom. Naku sabi ko na buwagin na yang congress at senado mga inutil…. Ang dami daming pagkukunan ng revenue
    1. Malampalaya gas
    2. Galoc oil
    3. Operations from dams
    4. I invest yung dollar reserves
    5. Taasan yung pamasahe ng MRT /LRT para mai divert yung subsidy para dito
    6  Naku ayaw lang galawin ng mga politiko yung ibang source of revenue kasi sa kanila yun 

    • Ross

      Pork barrel tanggalin :)

  • John TWT

    Etong RH at sin tax na-“railroad”; Bakit kaya yung FOI nilaglag?

    Ginogoyo tayo nitong admin na ‘to pagdating sa “transparency.”

    PASS THE FOI BILL. DECRIMINALIZE LIBEL. Only then can this presidency truly claim to be in the right path.

  • Albin

    Dahil magmamahal na ang sigarilyo, mag mamarijuana na ang mgat tao. Tapos, gagawing legal din ni penpy ang mj, kagaya sa usa.

  • japskie

    next in line is divorce bill. mga mrs na may bilbil lang naman gusto e divorce ng mga mr e. di naga exercise coz the other woman is sexier.  at legalize ang prostitution para di na need divorce. pa tikim tikim lang mga mr. biktima ng mga pulis ang kawawang mga gro kasi illegal daw kasi. gusto ng mga pulis sila yayari sa mga gro .. libre pa.

    • generalproblem

      tingin ko magiging sexy ang lahat ng pinay especially mga misis hehhehe. walang mga pusonic beauty

  • tarikan

    Aprub na ang sin tax bill into law mga Ilokaok, meaning hwag nang mag-ingay gumawa na lang ng paraan kagaya ng pagtanim ng maiz instead ng tabako. O kaya mareejhoanna hehehe. Yun namang mga alcoholics uminom na laang ng rubbing alcohol mura pa. O kaya suka (datu puti). 

  • JV Velarde

    PNoy does really know how to blaze the trail to Philippine progress. Let’s just all pray & hope we sustain these developments in governance by voting the right & best people in 2013 & 2016!!!

    Let’s get rid of all the Estrada’s, BInay’s, Marcose’s, Enrile’s, Arroyo’s & their fanatics like Meatus Magsaysay in 2013 & 2016 elections!!

    • Alejandro Canda

      If only the likes of Binay, Estrada, Enrile, Marcos and Arroyo are ousted from Philippine politics, i am sure we will have a very progressive country. These persons are abominable and must be shunned like lepers.

    • rsanr

      Okay ka kabayan, isama mo pa ang mga revillas, garcias nang Cebu at marami pang iba, magtulungan tayo na mawala ang mga buwitre sa kaban nang bayan, go forward Philippines!

      Gising Bayan!

  • grungegenre

    good intention… but hopefully the collection will not just go to pocket of corrupt government officials and in the end the people will just suffer.

  • Stun Black

    matutuwa din yung mga alcohol at cigarette  manufacturers…magbebenta din kasi yan sa black market na tax free at a lower price…kung may prinsipyo yang malacanang, dapat No Smoking Law…pati yung mga hayok na sa sigarilyo pakakakitaan pa…at tsaka yung mga taga BIR na naka-assign diyan sa mga factory, Merry Christmas!

  • Mattino2011

    sunog baga..doble kayod  para matikman uli un alak at yosi

  • muddygoose

    It’s a win-win situation. In most countries, including the one where I live, the price of cigarettes and alcohol is really limiting and will make you think twice about imbibing them. You can’t really ban these things, unless you want to start a big underground market and a network of criminals taking advantage of this market.

    • Stun Black

       kailan ka uuwi dito?

      • muddygoose

        The current plan is to go home in a few years, kapag gawa na yung bahay dyan. Long-term sa Pinas pa din talaga kami. No matter what people say, I really believe that we have all it takes to be a great nation.

        Konting positive thinking, kayod, at values lang ang kailangan. Hinde values na nakukuha sa pagiging relihiyoso, kundi pagiisip sa kapwa at pagkaroon ng kamalayan ukol sa pangmatagalang pag-unlad.

  • filipinaskoh

    To the President, PNOY!

    To the law makers who bravely fight the pressure from The Bishops.


  • turbogirl9

    DECEMBER 21, 2012    THE END

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      Please ask the Mayan’s what timezone!

    • Magsasaka

       it says end of cycle not end of time, 12-22-12 begins a new cycle

    • buttones

      There is an expression – ‘Are we all Mayans and Chinamen?’ It means , it is alleged, that the Mayans invented the wheel, and the children used it as a toy, and the Chinese invented gunpowder and used it as a ‘toy’ as well, [Chinese New year I think is evidence of that] but I don’t think the Mayans had much of an idea of calendars…and even less about Christmas shopping…..

  • turbogirl9


  • turbogirl9


    • Albert Einstien

      if you believe it so much….dont die a virgin…

    • Nagagalitna

      Uminon ka na hanggat gusto mo now…hehehe

  • edward

    I feel proud that in my lifetime I’ve seen a working president. Thank you Pnoy!

  • mark sahaoman

    this law is good for the country.. sa ibang bansa nga e mahal ang alak kaya hindi basta basta nabibili.. wala ring mga lasing sa kalsada at mga pasaway

    • Magsasaka

      tama yon kung lahat mahal pati imported pero kung mangyayari ay mas mura ang imported paktay ang negosyong lokal

    • generalproblem

      marami ding lasingo sa ibang bansa kaso ang mga pinoy ginagawang kayabangan ang paglalasing sarap kutusan

      • mark sahaoman

        ok lang naman uminom basta drink responsively.. hindi tulad sa pinas na nasa kanto lang..(dahil sa murang alak na nabibili) at pagkatapos pasaway na.. sakit ng ulo di ba..?

    • cute79

      korek kbyan,may isang bansa sa europa 25 percent ang tax sa lahat ng inumin from cola hanggang hard liquor.pero pag pagkain 12 percent lang .kahit sa restaurant bukod ang tax sa pagkain sa drinks.sana itaas din ang tax ng mga sasakyan like motorcycle at kotse pero sana babaan ang tax ng pagkain kasi yan ang pangunahing kelangan ng tao.Pero sana wala nring korapsyon para nman sulit ang binayad na tax ng taong bayan.

  • AJ Giorgio

    e yung pulutan, tataas din ba ang presyo?

    • mark sahaoman

      hindi. kaya mamulutan ka na lang.. wag ka ng uminom hehehe…

      • generalproblem

        dipa kayo malalasing yun nga lang baka ma high blood naman kayo sigurado di kayo aabutin ng new year

      • mark sahaoman

        ok na high blood para tuloy tuloy na hehe.. kaysa tumambay pa sa hospital e gastos pa.. sino ba ang hindi matitigok? hehe..

  • ManilaByNight

    I am all for the sin tax law. However, it would have been better if they softened the law on alcohol and made it apply 11 months in a year from jan-nov and then leave dec as a “bonus”. Only for alcohol. That’s because dec is christmas month and alcohol is part of the celebration. Also some christmas food have alcohol as one of their ingredients like the fruity cake and also the traditional ham where it is cooked in beer to add flavor. These food products will definitely become more expenisve too specially during christmas with the added sin tax bill.

  • Ross

    Nice nice… good for health and for the country

  • $53950194


  • w33k3nd3r

    oh no my favorite sangria’s gonna get expensive *sob*

  • w33k3nd3r

    P-Noy pwede ba yung sin tax itaas niyo na lang sa yosi tapos yung sa alcohol specifically yung wine babaan? May health benefits po ang wine eh.

    • CmdrAdobo

      Wine has more harms than benefits. still the same alcohol.

      • buttones

        Not quite true…a glass or two of wine a day is quite beneficial, part of a Mediterranean diet actually- a bottle or two is of course another issue……..and I might add a guy smoking his five sticks a day in the provinces, is probably better off than the guy in MM who never smokes at all….

  • el toro bumingo

    Ang gaganda ng pinipirmahang batas ni Pres. Aquino ah. I’m proud na binoto ko s’ya :)

  • CmdrAdobo

    Yes, this is good for our country. Drink occasionally and socially.

    Wag namang yung mag-damagan.

  • Dog

    mag sstock na ako ng marami sa bahay habang mura pa!!!!!

  • ApoNiLolo

    Does this mean drinking San Mig while puffing a Marlboro will now be considered a “status symbol”?

    Of course I’m kidding… but then… am I? >: D

  • gwenbot50

    Ibig sabihin nito, lahat ng mahihirap na umiinom at naninigarilyo ay sinisingil na ng tax ngayon, dahil ang tax dito ay ipapasa lang ng mga dambuhalang negosyante sa mga nagcoconsume nito, so para hinde kayo ma tax ng governo, itigil niyo na yang mga bisyo niyo.  He he he !

    • Nagagalitna

      Tama ka Bro…TIGIL USI AT TUMA mga kapatid para din sa inyo yan…hehehe

  • Rosauro

    Walang problematic si PNoy. Tuloy siya magyosi. May an siya e. Showing best example siya sa mga kabataan. Kaya sila magyosi upang ila rin maging presidente ng Pinas!

  • gwenbot50

    Saan pupunta ang tax ?  Sana may FOI bill para makita namin kung saan pupunta.  Sa matuwid ba o sa baloktot na daan ?

    • Nagagalitna

      Hindi pa natin alam agad yan Bro sa Jan pa mag epek…makikita mo yan 1-2 yrs pa ang epekto hindi kanbukasan after maipasa ang batas…we will wait and see bago mag husga para di tayo mapahiya. I’m sure kahit mabuti ang patutunguhan yan hindi tayo directly makikinabang but nakakatuwa dahil kong mailagay sa tama lng kahit mga hospital natin ang ma upgrade man lng pati mga barangay malagyan ng mga facility para sa health.

  • AllinLawisFair

    The Marcoses, the Estradas, the Enriles, the Arroyos are the scourge of this country. The Binays led by that vice-president who fought fiercely against the Marcoses and the Arroyos is now doing what he detested then. He allied himself with the convicted plunderer Estrada, his erstwhile opponent Enrile and Arroyo loyalists Milagros Habaca-Magsaysay.

    The Filipino  people should see to it that this dynasty-building Binay and the members of his family do not get elected. Otherwise we may be seeing this country ruled by Binay and company.


    Good-thing I quit smoking cold turkey almost a year ago. I used to consume three packs of Marlboro a day. This sin tax law would have made a considerable dent on my pocket.

    • Nagagalitna

      Congrats Bro…saludo ako sa you!

    • buttones

      You quit smoking cold turkey? I usually put it in a sandwich, lettuce, tomatoes a few pickles, very nice—never smoked it, although smoked turkey is quite nice…anyway yes, I know what you meant – and good for –

  • Tnosce

    You forgot to tax Prostitution. Is the Philippines now, the sex capital of Asia ?  Is it the new Sodom and Gomorrha ? Land of the Fulham virgins welcome back Japayukies, Bruneiyukies and all the yukies that originated in the Philippines and more to come, no need to go abroad ” It is fun to be in the Philippines “. Thanks to you RH Bill supporters.

    • Nagagalitna

      So gusto mo pa din talaga madaming bata nagkalat sa kalye at hinahabol ang mga kotse para humingi ng makain ha.

  • PinoyDude

    Other things that Congress should consider:

    1. How about a law or amendments to the 60/40 rule on investments in the Philippines.
    2. Cut down excessive red tape on starting a business.

    • Nagagalitna

      Bawas na yong Red Tape Kapatid ang invenstsments na lng at ang super mahal na power generation ang di yata nagalaw :-).

    • buttones

      Good idea but this is written into our Constitution, no amendments have EVER been made to our Constitution, it is basically inviolate, a perfect document…I think the state of my nation proves that point?

  • Afc

    Tnosce sorry but the rh bill is for the poor , so that they can be ensure of better life, I do believe with rh bill, they will be lesser , japayuki, Bruneiyuki or any yuki you have in mind. The reason why ? if you ask any yuki why they need to get into this degrading job, they will tell you bec they need to support the younger brothers and sisters food and education, wishing they have a better future and don’t need to follow their footstep. Their parents can’t provide the necessary basic amenities bec of only one is working and with several mouth to feed, how can they expect a better life. Don’t believe blame rh bill for rampant yuki , with or without rh bill, the yuki the further increase , why tnosce , before the rh bill , was their any decrease of prostitution or yuki ?

    Just asking

  • Danessa Alinsug

    next: divorce bill please.

    • Paul

       mukhang ikaw ang mag buena mano dito ah.. heheh
      peace :)

  • Garote

    We have here the picture of a prostitute and an old pimp of the pharmaceuticals in orgasmic ecstasy after successfully offering the lives of our unborn Filipino babies to the alter of the evil contraceptive manufacturers through simply passing the RH bill into law.

    • OFW28

      DIVORCE BILL, humanda na kayo! ulolz!!!


      Next VAT to 15%, hahaha! Progress!!!!

    • Nagagalitna

      Hindi mo pweding isisi sa RH Bill ang pagiging irresponsable ng ibang Pinoy kapatid.

    • cute79

      dapat lang di anak ng anak ang mga pinoy kasi sobrang dami n ng populasyon ng pinas.ok lng pag isang dosena ang anak kung kaya nman buhayin at paaralin.kung sino pa kasi yong walang mga trabahong mga magulang yon pang isang dosena ang anak.kaya maging holdaper o kaya magnakaw nlng para maipakain sa kanilang pamilya.kahit yong mga magulang na may trbaho kung mag anak lng 2 or 3 mas maginhawa ang buhay nila kesa may anak na 10.kaya para sa akin gamitin ang utak para di naman kawawa ang pamilya ,dhil di lang ang magulang ang mahihirapan kundi mas lalo ang mga anak.alin ang mas mas mabuti 2 lang anak dahil gumamit contrceptives at kayang bigyan ng mga magulang ng magandang buhay ang mga anak o ang pamilyang 12 ang anak at di sapat ang kita ng magulang pra sa buong pamilya ,sa panahon na matinding pangangailangan iba mapilitan na magnakaw ,alin dyan ang sa plgay nyo mas mabuti?pra sa akin di kslanan gumamit ng contraceptives .ang kslanan ay abortion.kaya gumamit ng contrcaeptives eh para walang mabuo at maiwasan ang abortion.kaya lang nman nagpaabort yong iba dahil di pa sila handa maging magulang ,d pa kayang buhayin.Utak ang gamitin di kahit anu-anong paniniwala.

      • Garote

        Stop imagining scenarios and inventing fictitious stories.The WB has come out with data this year saying that the Phil. is not overpopulated. Its population growth and fertility rate have been declining since 1960. So PNoy, Cayetano, Lagman, etc. have been lying to the Filipino people in order to con  from them P14B yearly — to buy the stupid condoms with different flavors and contraceptives that kills — that we don’t need. The P14B could have been put into helpful use to save lives instead: buying food, medicine to cure diseases, housing and shelters, and schools buildings.  How much are these political crooks going to get from the pharmaceutical as commissions, let’s ask them?

  • Nagagalitna

    You’re the MAN Mr President!!!
    Maraming salamat po na naipasa ito para mabawasan ang lasinggo at smokers sa Pinas at sana kasama na ikaw tumugil para pwde mo pagsabihan din ang nga smokers na nothing is impossible kasi kayo mismo nagawa mong tumigil :-).

  • wawa2172

    Thi sin tax bill is now a law, the RH Bill will follow soon but yung 10K na promise additional Christmas bonus nang government workers ay nabalam yata.

  • Nagagalitna

    Mag lipat na lng sa TUBA ng nyog kasi wala pang tax yon…hehehe

  • speaksoftlylove

    Well and good. I guess that when the RH bill will be signed into a law, PDI’s headline would be:

    Aquino signs “Sin Bill” into a law.

    That’s for sure, wanna bet?

    At any rate, Welcome to the New Age of Aquarius!

  • buttones

    What intrigues me in all of this is that government openly supports, encourages the use of tobacco, [for example] but at the same time increases it’s revenue by increasing taxes to use for the purposes of repairing the damage this product does that has been approved by government. This is really odd……

    • Hendot2012

      Kasi di kaya pigilan ang bisyo

  • Benjamin

    maligno …maitim,,,KORAP…..

  • Paul

    January 1, 2013 pa pala ang start e. mang hoard na yung mga chain smoker dyan at mga tomador. hahahah!!!

  • edm365f31



  • ManongOsang


    Only in the Philippines !!!! Filipinos CRY, WHINE, SCREAM, & GO CRAZY when Politicians like the GMA’s, the Erap’s, the Enrile’s, the Marcoses, the Binay’s become Multi-Millionaires & even Billionaires thru MASSIVE CORRUPTION &  UNEXPLAINED WEALTH ……

    Now you have a PNOY who is DOING EVERYTHING is his 6 SHORT YEARS as President to FINALLY STEER the Philippines in the RIGHT Direction…. Tapos ngayon naman you once again CRY, WHINE & SCREAM????

    TUMIGIL KAYO !  No One is PERFECT, Nothing will EVER Be Perfect ! But LETS GET ONE THING STRAIGHT…. si PNOY na ang  PINAKA-MATINO, PINAKA LUMALABAN PARA MA-IAYOS ang Pilipinas since MARCOS started RAPING this country!!!

    Doon sa mga panay REKLAMO- just wait until President Binay in 2016 & Vice President Jinggoy in 2016…. YOU WILL SEE SA INYONG MGA MATA what will LIKELY HAPPEN to the Philippines AGAIN!!!!

    ENJOY ALL that PNOY does NOW dahil UNLESS someone like him is elected- TAPOS nanaman ang bansa !!!!

    In 3 YEARS, PNOY will RETIRE for Good ! If Polls are to be believed, We Will HAVE PRESIDENT JOJO BINAY !!!

    YES, the SAME BINAY who could NOT explain how he became a Mayor in 1986 with NO Assets, Did Not Own a Home ( was renting a house in makati) , was by ALL accounts of his associates, Fraternity brothers in APO, & his fellow opposition politcians – WALANG PERA- Hirap na Hirap..

    To Today, 26 Years Later ( On a Small Public Officials Salary as Mayor) is NOW by ALL ACCOUNTS CLOSE TO BILLIONAIRE STATUS, MASSIVELY WEALTHY!

    Even his dirt poor brother has a MANSION in Ayala Alabang.


    Husband, then Wife, then Husband, then Wife, then Son, they two daughters in Council, now one daughter in Congress, then same daugther likely to be President!!!

    NOW TELL ME…..  CAN YOU IMAGINE what will HAPPEN when this FAMILY ACTUALLY becomes the  # 1 FAMILY of the Philippines in 2016 !!!!

    Can you imagine what may happen ??? GMA, Erap & Marcos may look like SAINTS compared to this….

    Personally, I believe Binay will WIN, just like Erap Won, and just like Jinggoy will win as VP…..

    Why? When 80% of the electorate are “, MASA”, Uneducated, Poor, Hungry & Easily Deceived people…. There are VERY FEW Politicians who can compete with Erap & Binay..

    • $20722540

      kong magaling talaga ang amo mo, bakit nagbubulagbulagan siya sa mga corruption ni binay sa makati?  meron pang bahay ang kanyang anak sa san lorenzo village (alam ko street #) siguro mga 2 years pa lang worth easily P20-30M

      • Hendot2012

        Kaw mag gather ng evidence kasi alam mo eh, tapos pakasuhan mo kay PNOY

      • $20722540

        hindi ko trabaho yon noh lame brain you are

      • Hendot2012

        Eh ikaw magaling eh!

  • Paul

    “A large part of the revenues that will be collected would go to the
    government’s health care program and for the construction and upgrade of
    local and major hospitals nationwide.”

    Comment: Asa pa! for sure kukurakutin lang to ng mga buwaya.
    simple mathematics lang naman to sa politics e.

    increasing of gov’t revenue = increasing of corruption

    dapat alisin na ang mga congressman.
    nagpapalaki lang ng bayag at tyan mga yan e.

    V for Vendetta ang style dapat

    • Boffill

      Ang dapat paalisin yung mga congressman na supporter ng red army.

  • disqusted0fu

    if Aquino really considers the life of the Filipinos sacred, then why is he not doing anything about extra judicial killings? why are the relief efforts to the recent typhoon victims sub-par? and why did he certify as urgent a bill that prevents life?!

  • disqusted0fu

    its official! by January 1, 2013, there will be more smuggling of imported “sin” products!

  • $20722540

    ano na nangyari sa mga corruption sa customs na ang estimate ay $39BILLION? – the highest in the history of this country…kaya hindi kailangan ng sin tax bill na yan kasi dapat maraming pera ang gobierno…barya lang P40Billion na yan…tapos marmi na naman ma pupunta sa corruption

  • ovey

    NEXT : babaan naman ung TAX % ng mga employees…. ; )

    • Boffill

      Agree ako! :D

  • erwin

    All i can say is two thumbs way up! 

  • John Carlo Bulldozer



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