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Call center agent shot, wounded by Laguna cop


A highway patrol policeman based in Laguna shot and wounded his male friend in what the policeman claimed to be an accidental shooting early on Sunday.

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Taal church at center of war between art, expansion


A centuries-old Catholic church here, famous for its Baroque architecture and trompe l’oeil (deceives the eye) painted ceilings, is at the center of a lingering battle between art and the church’s need for more room.

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Children paid dearly for father’s affair with neighbor’s wife in Laguna

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A man has been arrested for killing two children in their sleep, which he said was his way of taking revenge against their father who was allegedly having an affair with his wife in Rizal, Laguna, police said.

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Binay goes town hopping to feel people’s sentiments

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Embattled Vice President Jejomar Binay is hopping from town to town, joining boodle fights, seeking people out, seemingly in full campaign mode, but which his handlers say is really an attempt to gauge public perception following the explosion of corruption and unexplained wealth allegations against him in a Senate investigation.

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Binay wants a feel of public pulse, says spokesman

Vice President Jejomar Binay. FILE PHOTO

Vice President Jejomar Binay is hopping from town to town in an attempt to gauge the public’s perception of him since he and his family became the subject of a Senate investigation into alleged anomalies involving government projects and unexplained wealth, a spokesman for the vice president said.

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