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A unified vision for higher education

BEHIND the effort to draft the declaration are (from left) Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines’ Br. Narciso S. Erguiza Jr.; Coordinating Council of Private Educational Associations’  Dr. Patricia Bustos-Lagunda; Philippines Association of Private Schools, Colleges and Universities’ Dr. Jose Paulo E. Campos; Philippine Association of State University and Colleges’ Dr. Ricardo E. Rotoras; Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities’ Dr. Karen F. de Leon, and Association of Local Colleges and Universities’ Tomas B. Lopez.

When more than 500 presidents and administrators of higher education institutions (HEIs) meet in one place and sign a declaration to work together for the improvement of the quality of higher education, that’s not just a summit. You call that a miracle.

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Being himself and more


“God pulls a rug from under your feet and life changes inevitably,” Br. Ricardo P. Laguda FSC said in a recent speech to the general assembly at De La Salle University (DLSU) Manila. Laguda, who was appointed chancellor in 2010 and became concurrent university president in 2012, leaves for Rome today to assume new responsibilities. He has […]

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Imagine there’s heaven for young techies


Microsoft has been spending a lot of time and money to break the old code that youth is wasted on the young.

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Every kid needs an adult connection


Past the reproductive stage, our most important tasks as grownups, I believe, can be narrowed down to caring for the children. Not just our kids but as many kids as possible.

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The poetry man and the rapper dude

THE NATIONAL Artist and the Rap Artist

Lines are good for crowd control but what Aristotle Pollisco didn’t realize was that lines are also great equalizers.

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