TG Guingona slams NPA for shooting elderly mom ‘already bowing out of politics’



Senator Teofisto Guingona III. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines — Senator Teofisto Guingona III blamed the New People’s Army for the assassination attempt on his mother, Gingoog City Mayor Ruth de Lara Guingona on late Saturday.

In a statement on Sunday, Guingona slammed the NPA for firing upon “an elderly and innocent woman who is already bowing out of politics.”  The senator said the NPA was wrong to attack his mother for bringing arms at a rebel checkpoint.  “The persons that were carrying the arms are members of Philippine National Police,” he said.

He said his mother, who was in her 70s and in her third term as Mayor, was ambushed on her way home from a fiesta in the city’s outskirts.

Guingona said he was relieved that her mother survived and suffered only wounds. But he mourned the death of her driver and security escort. “Brothers Nestor and Bartolome Velasco were killed in a hail of bullets on board the Hi-Lux pick-up she was riding in. The fatalities were loyal employees of long standing in our family’s home in Mindanao. My heart grieves for them and their families,” said Guingona.

Guingona said that his mother was “wounded and trapped inside the vehicle that fell on its side due to grenade explosions” until she was rescued early Sunday.

Sen. Franklin Drilon, campaign manager of Team PNoy, vowed to apply “the full force of the law” in identifying and bringing to the bar of justice the perpetrators of the crime.

“We have seen too many (cases of) political violence in our country and this is completely unacceptable. We must take meaningful measures to prevent similar incidents from happening again, regardless of the politics,” said Drilon.

Guingona said that no one had the right to “take the law in his own hands.”

“We would like to remind everyone in this country that there is only one government of the Republic of the Philippines. There is only one President who is in-charge of executing the laws of this land. That is President Noynoy Aquino. He is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines,” said Guingona.

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  • $5699914

    Patawa ang mga NPA, nangangarap na may sarili silang teritoryo.

    • leomar101

      Huwag kang mag-alala pre, magkaroon din sila ng sariling teritoryo. bibigyan sila ni mongol ng isang teritoryo. Tandaan mo ang tatay ni mongol ay mismo npa yon. Kaya di malayo ang iyong guess. Ang mga terrorists na milf nga magkaroon rin ng teritoryo. hahaha. Before mongol leave his office na hati hati na ang Pilipinas. Some for China, some for malaysia, some for milf, and some for npa. Pero ang Hacienda Luisita ay kanya yon.

      • Pons Corpuz

        pathetic. Bawas bawasan mo panonood ng movies.

      • otire

        hindi yan sa panonood nang movies. naka drugs ata yan. sobrang hallucination

      • leomar101

        Baka ikaw ang addict. You are talking of yourself. Pero ang sinabi ko ay totoo na ang milf ay magkaroon ng sariling state sa mindanao, courtesy of your mongol idol. Ipamigay na niya lahat ng Pilipinas pero ang Hacienda Luisita ay kanya. hahahaha

      • Jose Laxa

        Ang pagkaalam ko ang unang nag tangkang magbigay ng lupa sa milf ay tita tyanak mo na anak ng demonyo! At dahil tumutol ang mga taga mindanao kaya hindi natuloy. Kung ako sa iyo pagsasabihan mo ang ang mga taga mindanao na wag maniwala kay pnoy. Ang problema wala naniniwala sa iyo

      • leomar101

        So, pangalawa na si mongol na magtangka ibigay. Kapag ginawa niya yon, ay aabot rin sa corte. Ergo, hindi rin niya maipamigay ang bahagi ng mindanao. hahaha. Ay ayaw naman talaga ng mga taga mindanao na magkaroon ng sariling state ang mga terrorist na yan. Kaya nga magkamatayan na kapag ituloy ni mongol ang plano niya. Pero, mukhang nawalan ng gana yang idol mong mongol dahil nabulilyaso yong pangarap niyang magka peace nobel prize daw siya. hahahaha. Kaya hayan pinatagal na lang ang negotiation sa parte ng wealth sharing. hehehe. Ikaw naman napaka judgemental, sabihin mo na anak ng demonyo, hindi ka naman Dios. nakakatawa ka! to say the least.

      • leomar101

        Bakit ayaw ninyong marinig ang ibang opinyon? Gusto lang ninyo puro alleluja? hahaha kayo naman sobrang lunatic na mga fanatic sa mongol na yan. Puro reaction na lang kayo at nag hintay na parang mga heyenes kung sino ang may contra na opinyon ay saka kayo aatake. hahahaha.

      • Pons Corpuz

        Did my comment restricts anyone from commenting? I just said that based on my opinion, your logic is flawed and pathetic. Mine is just a comment as well as yours and your follow-up comments.

      • leomar101

        Who are you to say that my opinion is flawed? Is it because I go against the opinion of a typical fanatics? Or is it because I do not conformed with the halleluja singers of the mongol?Well go ahead post your own opinion here. Make your point here, not just reactionary to anybody who posted his own. Nagpahalata tuloy na mga heyenes kayo, na naghintay lang ng may makakain. hahaha.

      • Pons Corpuz

        Im Pons Corpuz who’s saying that your opinion is flawed.

        Simpy lang, because your comment is not objective and full of hallucination and haka-haka without any proof. Gusto mo isa-isahin ko yong mga sablay sa latest comment mo?

        “typical fanatics” – how on earth did you say that having an opinion against you is a “fanatic”? Did I called you a “GMA fanatic” or “people-againts-pnoy-fanatic”? no, cause I have no objective reason to prove that.

        “Or is it because I do not conformed with the halleluja singers of the mongol” – how did you conclude that? if you will just re-read all of my comments, I never praised Pnoy for what he did. I even actually criticized people who overly think Pnoy is the best president that we have.

        “Nagpahalata tuloy na mga heyenes kayo, na naghintay lang ng may makakain” – again, a flawed comment – a hasty generalization. You cant even objectively prove every single word of that statement, if you call that statement.

  • Boyoby Teneza

    the velasco brothers saved the life of Mayor Guingona, they shielded the mayor from the grenade attack.. kudos to them, they were good people, they were not supposed to die this way..

  • Guest

    oi! Teddy Casino ano masasabi mo pagka involve ang kabulastogan nang NPA? at kung teritoryo nyo yan wag kayong tatago sa likod nang sibilyan pagka na corner kayo nang militar.

  • wawa2172

    Sen. Franklin Drilon, campaign manager of Team PNoy, vowed to apply “the
    full force of the law” in identifying and bringing to the bar of
    justice the perpetrators of the crime.

    Common Frank there you are again speaking like the president of the Philippines. Those statements are so much abused tapos wala namang mang yayari, all rhetoric’s. Were not the US were the order of the president is carried out as in the case of Boston Marathon bombing where suspect 1 is dead and suspect 2 captured. I am afraid you and your porky mouth will be the target of the NPA because they are directly accused as suspects. I just don’t know if the NPA have already admitted to the ambush but whoever is the culprit lives are again wasted. Well, the influence of PNoy is ringing around the world as published by Times. But his influence over the AFP and the PNP seems turning into deaf. Walang kumikilos to resolve criminality all over the country. The gun ban is not even respected as crime rate is yet to go down. Purisima should be kick out of the PNP dahil mahinang klase yata.

  • Noel

    Were the Guingonas not leftist sympathizers? Former Vice President Guingona was. He was among the leftists the late Cory appointed to government. Maybe the NPA was teaching these former leftists a lesson for being ingrate.

    • Tommy

      So let’s all just get this straight: you support extralegal assassinations on Filipino citizens, is that correct?

      • Noel

        That’s not my point. My point is many of the former leftist sympathizers or let’s just call them straight Communists like Guingona, Pimentel, Binay, etc. have forgotten what they fought for when they ousted Marcos. Today, these leftists are in the party-list groups; some occupying high government positions. Even Pnoy’s Presidential Adviser on Political Affairs Llamas is a leftist. Thanks or no thanks to Cory and the Yellow Brigade.

      • Tommy

        Does that then justify assassination?

      • Noel

        Did I say it was justified? I was only telling you the background. Perhaps the NPA was just setting a score with some leftists who abandoned them. Many former leftists have enriched themselves. Needless to day, anti-Marcos groups conspired with NPA to oust Marcos. They came down from the mountains to join the anti-government movement to topple the government. After the 1986 Edsa Revolt, the late Cory appointed these leftists to juicy government positions like Guingona, Pimentel, Joker Arroyo, Binay to name a few. The current party-list groups are fronts of leftist organization. Even Pnoy’s Secretary of Political Affairs Llamas is a certified leftist. NPA could be sending a strong message.

      • Tommy

        EVEN if they had been leftists, their assassinations would not have been right.

      • Noel

        You still don’t get it. Did I say it was right? I was just saying what the reason could be why NPA did it.

      • Tommy

        Then why have you not answered the question? Are assassinations right / just or not? Yes or no question.

      • Noel

        In some cases, yes. You may I want to ask US-CIA why she assassinated lots of foreign leaders.

      • Tommy

        Then I’m just going to say I disagree with you completely.

      • Benigno the Turd

        Absolutely. Better these few undeserving die than to inflict their evil on the greater. Kill them all, communists and LEFTISTS first. Come back General Palparan, your mission is not done.

      • Tommy

        Yeah, here’s hoping you’re one of those ‘few undeserving’.

      • Benigno the Turd

        Classic noytardism.

      • Tommy

        THAT’S all you’ve got? Pathetic.

      • Benigno the Turd

        It’s all you deserve. Sad.

  • $16638896

    nagmumukhang inutil ang afp at pnp kapag ganitong nakakakilos pa ang npa. nag eexist pa pala itong mga hinayupak na ito? bkt hindi pa sunugin at patayin itong mga anay ng lipunanan na ito!

  • TuwadNaDaan

    Tumahimik ka Pork Drilon…..!!!

  • boybakal

    “We would like to remind everyone that There is only one President who is in-charge of executing the laws of this land. That is President Noynoy Aquino said Guingona”

    As if Guingona is saying….Pnoy is not doing his job at all.
    Act Mr. President….he is reminding Pnoy.

  • Leo Capurictan

    TG what are you talking about? your president is alsothe supporter of NPA hahaha (NPA= Ninoy Paterno Aquino)

  • randyaltarejos

    That’s the risk that any politician does when going uphills or remote areas during campaign period without Permit-to-Campaign (PTC) from the NPAs because there are chances that the politicians would be likely ambushed. The PTC, after paying the required fees to the NPA, allows the PTC holders to campaign in the upland areas to gain more votes. To remove the PTC practices in the upland areas controlled by the NPAs is to launch an all-out war against the communist rebels. That will happen if the national government has the political will to do it.

  • $46804224

    ..the `NPA lost another strategic ally. Tito Guingona was even a member of government panel that negotiated peace talk with NDF in 1986… tsk tsk tsk losing the battle of the mind, now losing the battle of heart…. define irrelevance….

  • Carlos_Iho

    With the communists’ desperate attempts to shore up their lagging image and resources and to show that they are still a potent force, they would hit just anyone now. Without resorting to extortion and banditry, they can no longer survive.

    They are now plain low-life criminals!

  • Benigno the Turd

    General Palparan, we beg you to resume your mission. Kill them all, these rebels and their activist fronts.

    • maypakialamtayo

      ayaw ni eta rosales yan!

    • Austrian_Economist219

      etae rosales is a communist too, an enemy of duterte is an enemy of mine, i hate you etae rosales and all you leftists

      • Brax82

        I’d vote for a Duterte-Palparan tandem for 2016 in a second! Tignan natin kung hindi magtakbuhan sa China at Tarlac itong mga toh!

  • buttones

    “We would like to remind everyone in this country that there is only one government of the Republic of the Philippines. There is only one President who is in-charge of executing the laws of this land. That is President Noynoy Aquino. He is the Commander in
    Chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines,” said Guingona.

    Well thanks’ for that Frankie, I for one had almost forgotten, maybe
    this President you speak of with his new found ‘influence’, him being in the
    top 100 of the most ‘influential’ people on the planet an’ all might address
    this problem of continuing political violence?

  • hustlergalore

    bayan muna. speak up! may human rights violation ba? LOL

    • maypakialamtayo

      kung sundalo ang napatay baka maingay na naman si eta rosales, pero dito asa pa tayo.

  • Palku Kha

    naku!nag sasalita na naman si Pork Drilon.pare-pareha lang kayo ng amo mo,mga inutil.walang nagawa.di kayang sugpuin ang kriminalidad!there is only one government of the Republic of the Philippines. There is only one President who is in-charge of executing the laws of this land. That is President Noynoy Aquino. He is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines,” said Guingona…ayan! pinagsabihan ka na Mr.President..kumilos ka na.act like a President! use your influence kung totoong meron!

  • Palparan

    teddy “bakla” casino, pumiyok ka naman dyan! P*tang ina mo! mga anak pokpok kayo pareho kayo ni Jonas Burgos… dapat iligpit kayong lahat!

    • Austrian_Economist219

      miss you brad

  • zandro santos

    Natanggap na kaya nina Komander Etta Rosales at Komander Teddy Casino ang portion nila sa DIGMANG KOTONG ng NPA?

  • m1600

    another black eye for the sinking CPP/NPA reputation akala nila makakuha sila ng propaganda pero na back fire ang ginawa nila.

  • kilabot

    in fairness to npa,
    its job is to extort, intimidate and assassinate;
    just doing its job;
    as tg’s job was to intimidate corona,
    receive pork, vote for impeachment, complain and legislate.
    the hazards of employment or unemployment.

  • penoy2012

    “It’s GMA’s fault”….PNoy

  • maysayako

    kung mag-aambush din lang naman kayong mga npa, bakit di nyo gawin kina IMELDA, IMEE at BONGBONG, GMA, MIKE at MICKEY, ERAP, JINGGOY at JV, ENRILE at JACKIE, LACSON, LOREN, ESCUDERO, GWEN GARCIA, CHAVIT, HONASAN, SOTTO, DE CASTRO, PALPARAN

  • mike8232

    o casino where’s the outrage – can’t condemn your brothers in your armed struggle???

  • RiverHorse

    nanggugulo na lang mga NPA wala nang pinaglalaban kung nde sariling kapakanan na lang. solution: all-out war against these hooligans!

  • Rolly257

    The NPA .is so desperate for publicity that they even resort to murderous spree without a shed of cause.

  • josh_alexei

    When t bullets start flying and bombs start exploding, they not choose their victims but indiscriminately will maim, injure and or kill anyone along its path. Political violence is very common in the country and until today, politicians will pay the Lip service every time a very tragic incident like the attempts on the Senator’s Mother happened and soon forgotten…Guns and explosives should not be allowed in the hands of irresponsible citizens in the First Place, but this will not ring a bell to any of them because Politicians will again believe that they are not the problems but only the “few” and it takes only two brothers to terrorize a Far Greater country.

  • josh_alexei

    If I were the Commander in Chief, I will Declare the NPA as the Terrorists Organization subject to the Treatment of being Terrorists and thus the Government if needed can ask the assistance of the international community in eradication the terrorists movement once and for all…Sri Lanka, successfully did it when its Tamil terrorists were isolated by the international communities with funding and it was just a matter of time the same will happen to the NPA terrorists. They have a Choice,lay down their arms and join the Political process (maybe they will be able to bring their Utopian and ideal form of Governance the Democratic way) or perished with their boots on…

  • monses

    Government must use the full force of military to crush these insurgents.

  • Brax82

    Mag pa train kasi kayo sa mga Enrile! Kahit anong ambush pa yan you will always escape unharmed. Totoong AMBUSH? “Di yan pwede kay Enrile!” Haha.

  • Brax82

    I’d vote for a Duterte-Palparan tandem for 2016 in a second! Tignan natin kung hindi magtakbuhan sa China at Tarlac itong mga toh!

  • Pons Corpuz

    Again what you said is flawed. You’re trying to make conclusions based on all opinions. And where in my comments did I say I’m right and you are wrong? Everyone here is free to comment to anyone and anybody’s opinion and its only up to them on how they are going to stand on their opinion. Hindi yong nagrereklamo ka if someone is making comment on your comment. Kung pikon ka Ate, I think this forum/blog is not for you. Again, this is my opinion, Im not spoon feeding it to you.

    “Ito ay blogg site lang at hindi ito isang lugar na dapat pagdibatehan kung tama o mali ang isang statement.” – okay, now I know why you have that kind of thinking.

    • leomar101

      Hahaha, manang ikaw ang pikon. go on mag post ka ng iyo huwag lang mag hintay ng kung sino ang mag post na mag criticized sa mongol at doon ka mag react. hahaha. Mag tayo ka ng iyong site at doon mo himayhimayin ang mga statement na laban sa mongol mong idol. I stand by my opinion and I do it as long as I like. intiendi manang. Huwag ka ng mag tsetse buritse diyan at manghimutok. blah blah blah. Kumain ka muna manang hane. Ikaw lang ang may sabi niyan na this forum is not for me? at sino naman ang dapat dito yong mga attack doggies at mga lunatic lang at mga alleluja singers? hahahaha. nobody can stop me dahil talagang titirahin ko ang mga kaplastikan ng present administrasyon. Ayaw mo kasing mabasa ang mga opinyon na laban kay mongol. Kung ikaw lang naman ang mag sabi sa akin na this forum is not for me, eh sino ka naman?

      • Pons Corpuz

        As I said, your comments speaks how irrational you are – puro haka-haka, just read your comments, it cant prove anything. Kaya nga bawas bawasan mo panonood ng movies, it all boils down to that. Tsaka wag ka masyado pikon kasi lalong nawawalan ng logic mga sinasabi mo.

      • Pons Corpuz

        O ayan, na ban na yong last comment mo… wala kasing kwenta. hahaha..

      • leomar101

        Manang ikaw ang walang kwenta, dahil naghihintay ka lang ng mga opinyon ng iba. hahaha. Para ka ring si mongol reactionary ang kaya dahil walang maisip.bwahahaha. Kung sinong pupuna yon ang titirahin, kung sinong kokontra yon ang pagtuonan ng pansin. Anong klaseng tao yan parang makahiya na kapag nasagi nag rereact. bwahahaha. move on manang its another day na. Ang headline ngayon ay millions ang walang almusal at hapunan. Ang pinag usapan namin ni Patas ay ang tungkol sa issue above tapos pumasok kang walang kaalam alam sa pinag usapan namin. bwahaha. Tapos ilang araw na nakadikit ka pa rin sa pinag-usapan namin. bwahahaha. Nalipasan ka yata ng gutom manang.

      • Pons Corpuz

        It seems you’re comment is addressed to yourself. But still, doesnt make any sense at all. May pa “hahahah” at “bwahahah” pa. natatawa k na ba sa sarili mo?

      • leomar101

        hahaha, manang na anghangan ka na ba? Ikaw ang may sabi niyan so ikaw natatawa sa sarili mo. Bakit mo sa akin ipataw ang nasa utak mo. sira ulo ka nga. Sarili mong isip tapos ibentang mo sa iba. hahahaha. oink! pa it seems it seems ka pa yon pala he is talking of himself.

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