Is Pacquiao building a dynasty?


PACQUIAO POLITICS Reelectionist Rep. Manny Pacquiao signs his certificate of candidacy at the Comelec office in Alabel, Sarangani, on Tuesday. At right is Pacquiao’s wife, Jinkee, who is running for vice governor of Sarangani province. SARANGANI INFORMATION OFFICE

GENERAL SANTOS CITY—If political families can build dynasties, why not boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao?

Pacquiao himself has announced his reelection bid as representative of Sarangani’s lone congressional district. His wife, Jinkee, is running for vice governor of the province, while his youngest brother, Rogelio, wants to become a congressman of neighboring South Cotabato, too.

The boxer’s People Champ Movement (PCM) has teamed up with Vice President Jejomar Binay’s United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) in fielding Rogelio in the congressional race for the first district of South Cotabato.

Rogelio, chairman of Barangay (village) Apopong here, will run against the incumbent, Rep. Pedro Acharon Jr., a former mayor.

Jinkee will be the running mate of Steve Chiongbian Solon, the incumbent vice governor, who will be seeking the gubernatorial post against possibly incumbent Gov. Miguel Dominguez, who is in his last term.

The team-up indicates an alliance that Pacquiao has forged with the Chiongbians, a family that has kept a tight grip on Sarangani politics. It has obscured Pacquiao’s victory over another Chiongbian, Roy, in the 2010 congressional race.

Roy, the brother of then outgoing Rep. Erwin Chiongbian, questioned Pacquiao’s residency but failed to have him disqualified. Pacquiao claimed he had lived in Sarangani before his foray into politics.

Pacquiao then took pride in defeating a “billionaire” and part of a political dynasty. His supporters credited the boxer’s “charisma and propoor” outlook for his victory.

In 2007, however, Pacquiao lost to former Rep. Darlene Antonino-Custodio in the mayoral race in General Santos City, despite reportedly spending about P120 million in the election campaign.

In next year’s mayoral battle, the boxer has tapped Councilor Ronnel Rivera, a son of a fishing magnate, against Custodio.

Jinkee filed her certificate of candidacy for vice governor in Alabel town on Tuesday, according to Alvin Quiñanola, the province’s election officer.

Another member of the Pacquiao family, Lorelie, is also into politics, having won as chair of Barangay Labangal here in the 2010 barangay elections. Lorelie is the wife of Pacquiao’s brother, Bobby. With a report from Aquiles Zonio, Inquirer Mindanao

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  • ghe


  • Jerry_SeinfeId

    haha… question:
    Jinkee spell CAT?
    Jinkee 5×7?  napaisip ka ano, mahirap?
    Are you for real tatakbo ka as Vice Governor?  How about barangay tanod?

  • Simon Ward

    Why can’t they do something else with Manny’s millions? Manny’s not qualified for politics, and I just can’t see how Jinkee is qualified to be a provincial vice-governor! A few years from now, their pet dog will probably run for mayor. Then again, it’s only a new dynasty challenging an old one, so it’s just the same old story. Fifty years from now the Pacquiaos will be “old blood”, and the challenge will come from another movie star, sportsman or real estate developer with more money – and jobless relatives – than he knows how to handle.

  • Jao Romero

    tama yung kalabaw.

    • ApoNiLolo

      Yan din sana ang sasabihin ko, naunahan lang ako nung kalabaw. >: D

  • Dag Erickson

    Sh!t why not?  If other families do it,  why not Manny?

  • canivert

    Paquiao might as well include Mommy Dionisia para sa kanila na ang lahat. After all money will make the diffrerence in the elections. 

  • scorpio22

    Boxing made Pacquiao rich and famous and politics will make him richer and infamous.

  • boybakal

    If Pacquiao is building dynasty in politics…He should be.
    Pacquiao is not your regular politician who rose from the ranks of powerful.
    He is already rich….his wealth comes not from easy money of being a politician.
    His richness comes from blood sweat and tears.

    His fame and rags to richness is a model for every Filipino.
    He has not spent or taken gov’t money, not a single peso but from US dollars.
    See, how smart is that. Earn abroad take home the money.

    No other Filipino should build Dynasty as you may call it but Pacquiao.
    He is a true breed, genuine bonafide Filipino in heart and face.
    Pacquiao Dynasty…good but it is better to be Pacquiao Empire.

    Vote for all Pacquiaos….truly Filipino, truly ours, purong puro.

    • ApoNiLolo

      … at meron pang libreng Jollibee para sa lahat pag birthday nya! >: D

    • TinimbangNgunitKulang

      It may be true that he has not taken gov’t money. But has he paid the gov’t the rightful taxes? Pareho ding pagnanakaw yan.

  • Gerona

    Napakaraming mga taong gustong sumali sa pilitika, para tumulong sa mga taong bayan? Mga artista hindi namam lahat may edukasyon to understand the seriousness of the problem of filipino people. Pacquiao worked really hard, blood ,sweat and tears , he became extremely rich. Ano ang ang plano or has he tried to pass a bill to help the FILIPINOS? They have all that money,they can do a lot of charity works using their assets . They don’t need to be a politician to do so. Lalong kawawa ang mga FILIPINO, parang “POPULARITY CONTEST ang ELECTION.

  • george bernard

    Filipinos na ata ang pinaka-bobong botante sa mundo. Hindi na magbabago ang kahirapan ng bansa, lalong palubog, dahil sa mentalidad ng mga botante basta sikat ang kanilang iboboto. At ang mga katulad ni Pacquiao ang sisira sa kaunlaran, kung meron man, nang bansa.

    • bit2ween

      Majority of the Filipinos lives on fantasy world. Dahil bida sa movies ang mga entertainers at laging happy ending at nananalo bida sa tapos ng pelikula akala nila ganon din sa real life. Wawa naman mga pinoys. Bobo talaga majority.Gising mga kapatid at kahit konti magisip naman….konti lang naman iisipin..Lahat pati mga ex-president kahit baba ang rango ay gustong maging politician ulit, kasi doon sila yumayaman….sa corruption.

  • Mamerto

    As much as “UnQualified” other people perceives Manny Pacquiao in public office to be…, 
    he at least gives back to his people/region much more than many of those considered “qualified”.
    In other words…, he is doing much better than this do-almost-nothing ‘qualified’ politicians.

    • ApoNiLolo

      Tama ka. I’ve seen on TV how he gave Jollibee to all his townsmate during his birthday. Yung ibang “qualified” politician ba gumagawa nyan pag birthday nila? >: D

  • quirinomayer

    Walang kaso kung yong mga pinapatakbong kamag-anak e hindi kasingbobo nya. 

  • Mamerto

    Why not also mention those (ALL) other politicians who have made “Dynasties”…, using their families…, like their wives, sons, daughters, brothers etc.
    These other families have been in dynasty-monopoly in various areas in the Philippines.
    This, in-spite of the Constitutional provision BARRING the same…, BUT, is not implemented/enforced, up to now, 25 years overdue.

    Why. Because it it detrimental to many families of Senators & Congressmen…, who are supposed to make the necessary laws to implement provisions of the Constitution.

  • nti_boohaya

    Call it what you may but in the name of democracy, Manny has all the rights to do what he wants in the field of politics.  Power is addictive eka nga and if he has the means to get it, then why not.  Afterall, having a formal education is not a prerequisite to hold office.  Ang daming marurunong diyan na pinuno kahit hindi naka pag aral beyond grade school but there are also politicians who hold high offices and had been to the best schools but know so little about leadership or care so little about the plight of their people.  Sabi ng iba mga sabik sa pork barrel. Si pacman, fairness to him, sabik sa pagtulong ng kababayan niya at iangat ang bayan niya.  Mga iba jan angat na ang bank account nila at ari arihan nila mga constituents naman nila o mga nasasakupang lugar nila ay pulubi pa rin.  Go Pacman and bring jobs to Sarangani.

    • wawa2172

      You are right Manny is needed in Sarangani. But is Erap needed in Manila? Well, we live in democracy and I am sure, it will be something new in Manila, ex-convicts will now have new breed of life.

      • nti_boohaya

        maybe not but is there another alternative?  atienza?  lim?  in my eyes they are all of the same mold.  kaya lang yung isa na convict na.

  • ame mojica

    So Manny after all is like any corrupt politicians who wants to put all his  family members  and relatives in the government. Hindi na puwedeng tumulong sa kapwa Pilipino kung wala sa pulitika? Pag yumaman kasi kailangang protektahan yung yaman nila kaya kailangang nasa pulitika.

  • bit2ween

    Wala na talagang pagasa ang Pinas. Pati mga Ex-Presidents which is the highest position held ay tumatakbo para sa lower position. Siyempre all of it cuz of money…corupt…corrupt. When will the Filipinos wake up. Put people that are intellectual not entertainers.

  • Lito G



  • John_Galt_II

    Hayaan ninyong maubos ang pera niyan dahil sa katangahan niya!

    • Flavio

       on the contrary , dadami ang pera nila . politics is one sure way to amass wealth !

  • Hey_Dudes

    We do not want to learn  do we Filipinos?  OMG!  This is akin to having 10 fold nightmares in one night alone.

  • Rom

    let’s take a swipe first at the binays, revillas, estradas, marcoses & cayetanos. if binay has a talking dog, probably he’d let it run for a barangay captain or councilor of makati. anyways, there are lots of stupid people who let these names establish a dynasty. that’s why education is the best to raise the iq’s of the filipinos.

    • antiqueno1127

      Correct ka diyan Rom.  That is my point also.  Ang mga botante madaling mabulag at hindi alam kung bakit bumoboto sila.

  • Rom

    c’mon jinkee, what can u offer to the people of saranggani, aside from ur designer shoes & bags. it’s only money that u have, aside from that no more. u want to be the next imeldific?

  • rnoldrmada

    Will someone please tell me that this all a bad dream; that Jinly is really not serious in running for vice governor. Is this the reason Manny’s fighting again to finance their candidacies?
    Heck, why not have mommy Dionisia run for an office as well to make it a real dynasty?
    God help us!!!

  • kevin

    this will not stop ,unless stupid voters of that province wakes up…..

  • Jermyn Chua

    Before I get too quick in judging their intentions, I decided at this time that maybe their intentions are actually good… maybe they do care about their region & area and that they really believe their money and fame would go a longer way by going into politics as well… I hate the never ending tradition of political dynasties, but maybe, just maybe, it might end up for the greater good…?

    • captainramius

      As I was suggesting to many rich people out there , Pacman and his family need not go into politics to help their province mates or the poor. Follow the example of Bill Gates he set up a foundation hired the experts to help him run the project , put his wife in the board to oversee and he was adored by this.  The work of a congressman is making laws or that of a legislator , Pacman does not have the necessary skills and competence  to be a congressman but if his intension is just to help the poor in his province the foundation can do this .  As this paper correctly put this, the congressman job is not to supervise disbursements of public funds but to pass laws.

  • southernsons

    dati pag tinanong mo ang mga bata kung ano gusto nila paglaki, ang sagot ay:”ang gusto ko po paglaki ko ay maging doctor pra makatulong po ako sa mga maysakit na kapwa ko filipino”.  Sa ngayon ang sagot nila on the same question is; “Paglaki ko po ay gusto ko maging politician kasi po pagnanalo ka sa halalan sigurado pong marami kang pera”. TOINK!!!!!!!!

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Thank God for election season in the Philippines. It’s the time when Filipinos are reminded that their country has gone to the dogs.

  • joeybg

    Popularity ……. Ph election , Sucks. Kawawang Pilipinas.

  • gusm

    The lunacy of the Philippine political system and the senseless choices that the voters make are very discouraging. I guess Pacquiao has started his own political dynasty, paving the way to pass the power to his children one day, mimicking all the other political dynasties in the country. Pacquiao certainly haven’t done any work as a lawmaker since he was elected. He was and is too busy with his training, his show and appearances to attend to his duties as a congressman. And what qualifies his wife to be vice governor anyway? When is this country to mature and evolve?

  • Kaizer J

    First he said he had defeated a political dynasty, now he is building one. Words have become so tasty, almost everyone is eating their own.

  • Flavio

    Is Pacquiao building a dynasty ? YES ! kitang kita ang ebidensya . wife jinkee for vice gov and a bro for congressman. what’s next ?? malamang si mommie dionesia tumakbo rin ….sa karera ng kabayo !

  • Jimmy

    Maya maya lamang eh si Aling Dionisia naman ang kakandidato..!!!!? Anak ng boksing..!!!!!
    Nakakasira ng ulo ang takbo ng gobyerno sa Pinas..!!!!

  • kyle

    Dynasty of dummies …yes

  • rene

    yes….period…and look around…binay, cayetano, ejercito, drilon, aquino, pimentel, etc. Pwede ba, Aquilez Sonio, magsulat ka naman ng hindi gastadong mga ulat!

  • Bengatibo

    Election in the Philippines is getting ourtageous. It is not a matter of principles but rather on popularity. Surely Politics in the Philippines is big money, why do everybody wants to run for an elective position. It must be power and money!!!

  • Kaizer J

    I wonder if she knew what the works of a Vice-Governor are, aside from qualities needed for a presiding officer?

    But then, we all go back to the basic qualification on competence for candidates from barangay kagawad up to the presidency: just able to read and write; without even requiring to have understood what was read. So silly, isn’t it?


     Kung dati atat na atat pamilya namin na manuod ng laban ni pacqiao ngayon, balewala na. ginagamit nya lang sa hindi magandang pulitika ang pangalan nya. ano alam ni jinky mag preside ng sangguniang panlalawigan?

    • batangpaslit

      Bro, I suggest, reside in Saranggani and register as a voter ang campaing against Jinkee.
      Sundan mo nang gawa ang sinasabi mo para credible.


         I am boycotting his next matches. I just lost interest in him.

  • antiqueno1127

    My usual call – voters wake up.  We are being taken for a ride again.  Iboto ang mga qualified hindi ang mga popular.

    It’s not a dynasty per se, dahil may say ang taong bayan.  Pero mahiya naman sila, ang kakapal ng apog.  Hindi naman qualified.

    Si Manny mabait pero pareho din natin – gusto ng power at iba pang materyal na bagay.

    Kung gusto niyang tumulong, kaya niyang gawin kahit walang pulitika. Halimbawa, ospital na ambisyon niya para sa Sarangani (natayo na ba iyon?), kaya niyang ipatayo iyon mag-isa, plus with his influence, easy lang ang hospital project na iyon. Kung gugustuhin talaga niya.

    • wawa2172

      Yes, natayo na ang hospital from his pork barrel and own pocket. Easy lang ang hospital project? not really, in millions years of the province of Sarangani, si Manny lang ang nakaisip at naka pagpagawa nito. If Pacqiao’s are voted in the positions then let it be. Its the voice of the people of Sarangani and I am sure Manny will win in elections clean because he does not know how to cheat even in boxing. Mayad nga adlaw. Masaya sa Pinas dont be depress.

      • batangpaslit

        good commentary, Bay! hindi ka ingitero tulad ng marami dito na nag post.

      • antiqueno1127

         I am glad – I have nothing against Manny Pacquiao running for elective position.  Ang topic kasi pamilya na gumagaya at nakisakay sa kasikatan.  Maling rason para maging elective official.

        We need more people in the government who are willing to spend even their own funds to help the less fortunate.

        For the record lang, lahat ng fights ni Manny napanuod ko.  Nagbayad pa nga para lang mapanuod.  Die hard fan din niya ako.

        Mayad man nga adlaw kanimo.

    • batangpaslit

      Ikaw, Bro, may pera ka rin ba?
      If so, ano ang nagawa mo sa kapuwa kabayan mong naghirap?
      Bakit pera ni Manny ang pinag initan mo? Ikaw ba ang nagpabugbog sa ring?

      • antiqueno1127

         Enough only for my needs.  Ang mga building ko nasa puso ng mga taong natulungan ko.

        I am not interested in his money.  Nagbabayad pa nga ako mapanuod lang mga fights niya – lahat. 

  • Wonder woman

    PACQUIAO tumigil ka NA!!!!! Sa boxing ka na lang. Mukhang hindo mo pa nga nakikita ang loob ng Congress dahil sa pag iinsayo mo. Mas matagal ka pa sa labas kay sa loob ng Congress. Ang maging Congressman ay full time job hindi part time. Ngayon si Jinky naman PILIPINAS gising na!!!!! Hindi pasikatan ang laban sa Politico kundi pagalingan ng talino. Kaya ka pala kumampi sa UNA. Mga Artista kuno.

    • ikulong


  • boybakal

    I don’t understand you people.
    You are mad of old names in politics like Arroyo, Enrile, Estrada, Singson etc etc.
    Now that you have new names like Pacquiao, galit din kayo.
    Ang may deperensiya di Kandidato, kundi kayong botante.
    Reklamador….akala mo kung sinong matatalino kung manlait.
    Pera na nga ni Manny ang gastos sa election, angal pa.
    Vote all Pacquiaos….Manny, Jinkee, Roger at Buboy.

    • batangpaslit

      tumpak ka Bok! eh, inggit sila. kung magaling sila, di sila ang tumakbo para masubohan
      kung magaling nga sila as elected government official

    • marionics

      some people are just plain mad he he

  • Mario

    A classic basket case of hopelessness in the country .This family is geared towards warlordism in Sarangani province.My Lord and my God have mercy on the Filipino people.

  • wawa2172

    It is not dynasty but political history that’s the reason given by Pnoy when asked about it as far as candidates of LP coalition is concerned. Why justify when its obvious that the coalition formed by the current administration is for convenience of winning and retaining politics as family business. Pacqiao cannot be blamed on this regard with wife and a brother joining the election race. The position they are running needs no brainy qualification because what Sarangani needs for now is help being considered as one of the poorest province despite  the longtime hold of richy Chongbian and Domiguez clan in the local politics. Pacqiao, the boxer, was able to put up the first provincial hospital in the province and he could do more with the pork barrel and money he have. None could accused him of corruption because he needs no commission in government project because he has more  money to spend than the pork. Jinkee seems to be intelligent despite being new in politics. For now what is needed by Sarangani are people like Pacqiao whose focus on the masses are fare more better than what season politicians can provide for the development of the province. Pacquiao is just doing what his politcal mentors are doing that is build up politcal family as a business and service at the same time but I hope its more service for Manny and Jinkee rather than business in the government.

    • Mario

       You are very naive .Wake up !!!

    • Wonder woman

      I don’t think it’s the political history, I think it is US THE FILIPINOS, we created and adore him too much. He is taking advantage of his popularity. Now that his head became so big his feelings is that everything he touched will turn into gold. A boxer, an artist, a politician and now his wife. Being a politician is not because of popularity, it is the brain that needs to work not the looks. Looking back then, elected politician before were smart and mostly lawyers. They were the ones who taught us on how to be a citizen of the republic. Today, if you are popular or ARTISTA because your are SIKAT you can run for office. I think he and she should take first the CIVIL SERVICE EXAM one way to find out if both of them are qualified.

  • captainramius

    We can actually put to test the sincerity of these people who wanted to be senators, congressman, governor what have you.

    Since all of you ( candidates )  have one common election statement- “gusto namin tumolong sa taong bayan”

    Hindi naman kailangan kayo pumonta sa politika para tumolong since majority of you if not all are very rich … follow the example of Bill Gates who set up a foundation to help the poor in Africa . He hired experts to execute the projects put himself and his wife in the executive board to oversee the programs.  He is now a mulit awarded philanthropists and he did this outside of govt and politics.

    So Pacman, Jackie, JV , Annabelle pwede naman kayo mag join ng NGO dyan and help silently if you really wanted to help the poor.

    As this paper correctly put it, the work of a congressman is to pass laws so is a senator, its not his job to supervise the disbursement of public funds ( pork barrel )

    Pacman , legislative work or passing laws is not your forte, ( knocking people out in the ring is ) leave the lawmaking to more qualified citizens …makatulong ka naman sa foundation mo at TV shows.  Beside is it not unfair to your provincemates ikaw top notcher sa absences dyan sa congresso ?

  • tra6Gpeche

    Why not? Every politician does! By the way how about Mommy Dionisia? She can also run for Congresswoman or at least a Mayor of General Santos. How old is Manny Pacquiao’s children. May be the oldest can run for councilor in their town to get experience. Filipino in the Philippines is free to run for anything especially the wealthy and powerful. Don’t waste this chance. I just wonder why the Laurels in Tanauan, Batangas do not use the magic name of their Lolo Jose P. Laurel to run for any political office. They will definitely win! It is easier to make money by being a politician than to be actress like Ms. Denise Laurel and designer Rajo Laurel. Where are the Laurels? Why are you guys avoiding this lucrative and powerful job in the Philippine government?
    Why? Why?

  • batchmatters

    Umpisa na nang seryoso at tuloy tuloy na pagkasira ni pacquio. I hope that he is not being lured into getting into elections by opportunitst who are only after his money. At sana naman ay wag malaspag ang yaman ni manny p. para sa kinabukasan na rin ng kanyang mga anak at pamilya.

  • batchmatters

    matitino kasi ang mga laurel who cannot stand the wheel dealings and opportunistic preying of politicians of their unsuspecting constituents.

  • Linda

    It may come to that point. But for now, I don´t think that is the real intention this time. Pacquiao have an plan to run for governor, the news came out last year. He even said, he may retire at the end of 2013 because governorship requires his full attendance. My guess, he don´t want to leave boxing for now specially if he is earning so many millions where no other boxers earn that much aside from Mayweather.  His true intention entering politics is to help people, his wife can help him with that goal, if that goal changes through the years time will tell. But one thing is certained, Pacquiao puts lots of his own money in charities, so you cannot blame or accuse him stealing peoples money like some politicians. He is earning in boxing more than 40 millions alone in a year and maybe planning to stay for 2 years. So why not? With his money alone, he can even feed the whole province of Sarangani without the help from the goverment, if he wants to.

  • Onofre

    What’s wrong with that?  Every politician in this country is building his own dynasty. I may be building my own dynasty too if I am a politician.  The constitution forbids but there is no enacted law to implement such prohibition as no politician is interested in enacting such law.

    The Pacquiaos may be deficient in competencies in governance and public administration but who cares.  There are many of them in this country.  If they are voted by the people, so be it.  The voice of the people is the voice of God, the legal maxim goes.  And there is also the truth in the saying that we only got a leader that we deserved.  So it all boils down to us, the voters.  

    This is democracy, for all its faults and deficiencies.  

  • tipay

     ███████████████████████. [comment blocked] (ʀᴀ ɴᴏ. 10175)

  • Roman

    Manny’s surname is appropriate for him. Pinakyaw na niya ang boxing at politics. He also flies like a butterfly ala Muhammad Ali. He flies from one political party to another.

  • unokritiko

    This guy reverberates because of his greatness in boxing. I hoping that this coming fight will be the end of his fame.

    • ikulong


  • agustin

    If there is only a law that will limit the income of every gov’t officials to only 1million pesos annually then political dynasty will die a natural death.

    • Pedro Penduko

      Mas maganda kung may batas na i-freeze ang assets at bank account ng mga elected officials at ang source lang ng kanilang income ay ang sweldo sa gobyerno, tingin ko wala ng tatakbo…

  • RayP1766

    The big problem with all political dynasties in the Philippines is that as each new family member has a political sinecure purchased for them so the average IQ of the dynasty goes down!  This is a scientific fact.

    Which, of course, makes the case of a potential Pacquiao dynasty particularly troubling. With Manny the dynasty is already starting from an incredibly low base, so just imagine what happens to it when you add the combined brainpower of the little wifey, Jinkee and big bad bro Rogelio to the mix; and perhaps, God forbid, even that intellectual powerhouse – Mommy Dionisia.

    • Onofre

      Nothing to fret about Ray.  The voice of the people is the voice of God.  If they win that is God-given.  After all, the people deserve the leaders they voted for.  It boils down to the voters actually.

      • regd

        Yup, they elected the marcoses, arroyos, singsons, jalosjos, ecleos, ampatuans, estradas etc. The voice of the people also called for blood and actually crucified the God who gave them their voice. SO, that’s God-given? Right?  

  • johnllander

    Ibagsak ang mga political dynasties!

    Ibagsak ang mga pacquiao!

  • romulo

    Para ng parami ang mga bobong tao na gustong mamuno sa kawawang bansang ito tsk tsk tsk

  • Erwin M. Geli

    Manny seeking for reelection;

    Jinky is running for VICE GOVERNOR IN SARANGANI; 

    Mommy DIONISIA also for GOVERNOR!

    Will I be sued for this ???

    • diemhang’ll be hunted

  • regd

    Ganito nilapastangan ang salitang SERBISYO! Mga taong naglalakad na naka gold watch, mamahaling alahas, designers na mga sapatos at damit. Tapon ng pera dito, tapon doon sa mga taong naghihirap kunwari lunas sa mga ito na gusto nilang pagsamantalahan.

  • mangpepe

    ano pa nga ba? marami kasi sa ating mga kababayan ay madaling utuin pwe

  • justjarred

    nagkapera lang si Manny gusto na ng buong pamilya nya makisawsaw!
    Hoy kayong mga tga Saranggani  magisip-isip kayo ng boboto nyo! bilangin nyo nga kung ilaw araw umupo si manny sa kongreso. Mas marami pa ang absent nya kesa nung pumasok sya. Tapos heto nman si Jinkee. Anong gagawin nya sa opisina ng bise gob? Tatambakan lang nya yan ng mga LV at Prada bags ang kapitolyo ng Saranggani. Asikasuhin na lang nya ang mga anak nya sa Brent!

  • amado angara

    pleaseeee, pleaseeeee. Is anybody here wanted to define dynasty. is it a dynasty if two or more relatives elected into office? Say Duterte of Davao, etc. is it a dynasty if these families elected into office. I thought dynasty is a transferring of power from the head of the family to his children without a benefit of elections. CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG.

    • andrewassme

      why cant you just google the word or check your dictionary if you have one…you’re such a whiner!

    • Onofre

      Dennis, better consult mr. google or the reference books for the unbiased meaning of DYNASTY.

  • amado angara

    mga taga sarangani, remember “BIYAHENG PINOY, TAPAT NA PALAKAD, BAYANG MAUNLAD”  i’m not against nor favor PACQUIAOs to go into politics, but then look at his achievement as politicians. Did he not shared his own money for the benefits of his constituents? Did Manny Pacquiao stole money from the government? Did Pacquiao rich himself out of government money? HE BECAME RICH AND FAMOUS BECAUSE OF HIS HARDWORK AND DEDICATION TO BOXING NOT FROM BEING A POLITICIAN. 

    • prince_janus

       pwede siya maglingkod bilang isang private citizen at gamitin niya ang sariling pera. ano bang batas ang nagawa niya bilang representative ng sarangani province? sayang ang panahon kung palaging wala siya dun sa hall of congress.

  • andrewassme

    Just as long as you’re a celebrity with millions of dollars and a wife transformed by Vicky Belo, then i guess you can run in any office you want…putting aside your education, experience and your knowledge of course. these things come in second rate…this is how i define philippine politics..oohh..and don’t forget the ignorant  and the uneducated fan-base. Philippines has a ton of them!

  • andrewassme

    i don’t want to vote for somebody who’s going to die young anyway…how can manny outlive his government’s corruption, if he has good intentions, if he’s gonna end up with alzheimer’s at a young age…tsk..tsk..well, better put  those money to use.

  • Ramon Antolin

    Hyaan nting tao ang mgpasya! Bsta b mgllingkod cla s tao, pra skin wlang problema!Bsta hndi cla mgnnkaw s kaban ng byan which is unlikely dhil my pera n cla!Kng hndi ok ang serbisyo d wag ng iboto uli!gnun lng un!pro kng nkktulong nman cla s tao, tao n rn ang mgllgay uli s knila s knilang posisyon!

    • SoulEdge

      parang di ka natuto no, me naghirap ba sa mga celebrity na nanalo sa halalan? Ikaw na bahalang sumagot.

  • joel genese

    I’m taking the other side of the issue! It’s like Manny trying to show to the people that this thing is going to happen because the people let it happen.

    Total gusto rin naman ng mga tao ang ganitong pangyayari.

  • marionics

    Is Pacquiao building a dynasty?duh? you bet you a$$ he is

  • KarmaGMA

    this is a big JOKE !!!

  • Gene

    MONEY is now the primary qualification to run for government position.  Manny Paquiao has become a TRAPO just like any other cheap politicians. Time will come he will create his own religion and declare himself as the anointed one.  Sucks!

    • batangpaslit

      ano ang definition ng trapo?
      pag na reelect?
      trapo = evil

      • Gene

         Traditional politicians po ang trapo.  Yung mga datihan ng politiko na ang ginawa ay puro na lang pangako at kasama na ang mga kamaganakan na pumupwesto sa gobyerno.

  • ikulong


  • iamph

    Jinky??? Running??? What the…!!!

  • marlonm

    Ang daming nuisance candidates ngayong panahon na to….

  • jiroarturo

    Aling Dionisia iaw rin kumandidatong mayor sa Gen San. Pakyawin na ninyo ang Pinas.

  • Bart

    Si Mommy D san tatakbo? :D

  • muddygoose

    Ang problema wala din namang better alternatives yung mga tao sa Saranggani. =(

    • regd

      Si Singson pala? Lagi sya dun di ba?

  • marivon

    Is he building a dynasty? obvious ba? Mentored by Chavit and a lot of other trapos, what can you expect?

  • Noel

    Of course.  He learned it from Chavit Singson who’s his mentor and who controls Ilocos Sur.  I wonder what position his mom, Donya Dionisia, wants too?

  • дисидент Руссо

    ano ba nagawa ni manny sa kongresso.. ano ang pagbabago sa sarangani..
    ang mahirap kasi sa nga pinoy pagnaging sikat gusto na kumandidato para daw makatulong pwede naman makatulong kahit wala sa pwesto diba….
    gayahin nyo ang pamilya ni robredo mr and mrs paquiao

  • joshmale2004

    Let us all endorse Buboy for Congress, Aling dionisia for Senate and soon to be naturalized Filipino Freedie Roach to Phil. Sports Assoc. Campaign Themesong: What A Wonderfull World. Sigh………. Life sucks.

  • Sai71

    He wants, but Manny Steroids Pacquiao is too stupid to become a great Politician!!! He did not finish Elementary school! no way he can! He is not even a good boxer! he uses steroids and hand pick the opponents that has been and has nothing left!! Always on catch weight!
    he is a moron!

    • kirk

      Do you have proof or evidence that Pacquiao is using steroids? Catch weight is not new even before Pacquiao use this, many boxers in history used this to even the playing field. So what if he did not finish elementary he is more successful and prosperous than you. I bet you haven’t accomplish even 1/4 of what Pacquiao already accomplished! You have a crab mentality.

  • neverwint3r

    hypocrite talaga mga pinoy. e bakit ninyo ibe-blame yung trapo at dynasty, ang i-blame ninyo yung mga voters. sila nagde-decide nyan e since this is a democracy.di naman communist ang pinas.

    sumusunod lang naman yung mga trapo sa gusto ng tao. kung ayaw e di hwag nila iboto, tapos. if the voters want it, they can even change our form of government to a dynasty. the official name of the country shouldn’t be  republic of the phils. but dynasty of the philippines.

    isa pa, merong pending anti-dynasty bill sa senate pero ayaw naman ipasa ng mga senador. o me nagreklamo bang mamamayan?

    • joshmale2004

      You hit the nail right on the head. As long as majority of Filipino voters are bobo (my apology for saying this), magdusa tayo. May kasabihan “What you sow, you will reap”. Mag alaga ka ng anay, bukbok ang makukuha mo. Mag alaga ka ng bubuyog, honey ang ibibigay sa yo. Ganun lang un.

      • дисидент Руссо

        tama ka po… sa kunting perang naiaabot sa kanila di na nila naiisip na ang kapalit nito mas malaking paghihirap ng sambayanan at di rin nila naiisip na ang iniaabot sa kanila sa galing sa kaban ng bayan , hindi sa bulsa ng politiko.. 

      • Renski1970

        TAMA mga BOTANTE.. MAREKLAMO pa! Sila ang may SALA!

  • Coolegleg

    Don’t worry….this is one of the obvious signs that the end of OUR world is near…maybe not on December 21, 2012….but definitely after the 2013 election when the incompetents rule! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

  • jseesus

    Aanhin mo mga ang sankaterbang pera kung wala naman power…. yan ang pinoy politics….pera, kapangyarihan, kasikatan yan nauuna na dahilan sa pag pasok sa pulitika kesa sa maglingkod sa bayan…. ewan ko ba kung sino yung tapat na naglilingkod gaya ni mr. robredo yun pa ang nauuna… 

    • regoberto

      tatanga-tanga rin kasi itong si Lord, inuuna nyang kunin ang mga mamamabit, yung mga corrupt iniiwan nya, siguro may cut rin sya sa mga nadedekwat ng mga buwaya. Abot hanggang langit ang corruption.

  • JACK

    after congpac’s boxing career is over, next to follow will be his political career…

  • cruel168

    Let them run in public office, pinoy voters are educated now. Let them squandered their wealth anyway wealth is only temporary for the uneducated. Power corrupts and corrupt absolutely…Walang kasiyahan sa buhay mga taong ito.

  • yyzxyz

    Is this a joke or what…stupid is as stupid does.

  • prince_janus

    ano ba yan? kahit di karapatdapat maglingkod sa bayan ay tatakbo! bobo talaga ang mga voters ng sarangani kung mananalo ito.

    • Rap88

      Baka po mas matalino pa po ang mga taga Sarangani, si Pacquiao wala pa pong record ng high crime. Cguro po mas bobo po ang taga Manila kapag binoto nila ay isang convicted plunderer.

  • Alupasi

    nuissance candidates keep on pouring, God Bless Us..

  • Usi Sero

    Wala na bang mas qualified na mga candidates? I can’t blame these people for taking full advantage of Filipino voter’s tendency to vote based on popularity. 

  • marlonm

    Dapat tumakbo na lang sa oval ng track and field si pakyaw. Isama niya si jinkee at mga kapatid niya..

  • Rap88

    It is not the fault of Pacquiao, bottom line is, it is the saranggani voters that decide. Who knows it will  improve Saranggani. May nangyari po ba sa Chiongbian dynasty?

  • romeyo chill

    may uban na pala siya!

  • ampyrms

    Patay na talaga Ang Pilipinas.

  • Robert Delamor

    Is Pacquiao building a dynasty? Ok!

    So people get ready. Babalik na tayo sa StoneAge!


  • JunPyo123

    Kapag nanalo ang mga Pacquiao, let them be. All eyes to the voters of Saranggani. 

  • calipso_2100

    10-15 years from now. Senador na panganay ni pacman.

    • дисидент Руссо

       presidente si manny hehehehe….

  • Ozamis7

    Vote for Mommy D as a Baranggay Captain…

    • boldyak

      kailangan din ba ng baranggay ang mascot?…hmmm..



  • Fred

    Uso-uso lang ang dynasty.  Kaya lang ano ba ang educational attainment ni utol?
    Baka kung manalo ay ano?  Maging member ng silent committee?
    Si Misis, sana ay councilor muna as training ground.

  • bhoystaana

    dapat pagbasihan ng tao sa sanrangani..gano ba ka seryoso si pacquiao…..ano ba ang priority nya….Boksing ba o politika. Kung seryoso sya sa politika dapat mag retire na sya sa boksing. Sabagay pera din naman ang hanap ni pacquiao…..kaya gusto pa rin nya lumaban sa boksing….
    Chiongbian – Chinese yan dapat lahat ng intsik sa pinas wag suportahan……iba naman baka may mas magaling na tunay na kandidato at may edukasyon para sa bayan ng sarangani

  • Boy Dalius

    Parang katuwaan lang sa kanila ang pulitika. Parang napagtuksuhan lang nilang mag-asawa na tumakbo si Jinkee sa pulitika tapos file na agad. Nakakahiya.

  • bogger007

    Buti nalang hindi sumali si Mommy D

    • дисидент Руссо

       sasali yan sa barangay election

  • pobre0000

    paquiao is not building a political dynasty but learned that politics is a good source of money after boxing

  • boybakal

    I noticed that many are against the Pacquiaos in running for gov’t positions.
    Mostly don’t like ….but the good thing is….they are not from Saranngani where the Pacquiaos are running for office.

    Manny has every right to run for office. He is the only candidate who is pure. A candidate of the people.
    Vote for the Pacquiaos…..we need them. They can help for they know the lives of the poor.
    They are one of them.
    Pacquiao should not only build a Dynasty but Pacquiao Empire.

    • regd

      They are one of them except the billions of pesos, goldwatch, designer clothes/shoes, buttox, louise vuittons, expensive body maintenance kits and most especially expensive food that the people they want to serve lack. We all bled red.

    • Cristobel

       ok that’s interesting.. so they “know the lives of the poor”  but what does that mean?? Do you think that means they know how to help the poor reduce their family size? Do you think that means they know how to help the poor prepare for employment? Do you think that means they know how to invest and create jobs for the poor??  No it does not.. the whole think is all based on the Pacman’s boxing ability the rest of his family hasn’t done anything on their own.. just spend his money to get elected.. in some of those poor places I could give everybody P200 and get my dog elected….

      • boybakal

         Okay, give me 200 I will vote for your dog.

    • Rene S

      You’re an idiot!

      • boybakal

         You are most idiot or idiotest !!!!

    • Edwin Edwin

      Boybakal – you are focking insane!!!

      • boybakal

         Edwin Edwin – you are focking insane!!!

  • The Amateur Ear .

    Uy, nagpatina, para magmukhang matanda.

  • Edith

    i think his ultimate goal is to be president… i wish my children and grandchild will be out of this country by that time… i love our country but…. God bless the philippines!!!!

    • Russell Ariola

      Ayaw mo nun pag nanalong pangulo si Pacman lahat ng pinoy bibigyan nya ng sheeds. ( Rayban yun translated sa bisaya.)

    • Philcor

      everyday will be jobilee day…so pila na sa makalanyang…

  • Akocjuan

    nananalo ang mga incompetent politicians dahil sa mga ignorant voters!

    • Edith

      this is very true

    • regoberto

      sad but true

      • hpprint

        very sad indeed

  • Amboy123

    You forgot mommy run as barangay tanod…

  • Albert Einstien

    if PACMAN is building a dynasty…it will be a dynasty built by his HANDS…like those of genghis khan built it by SWORDS….

    OTHERS like those proud dynasties of today…they BUILT their EMPIRES with PEOPLE’S MONEY!!!!

  • $23228448

    dumb and dumber

  • Russell Ariola

    Natuto kay Pandak eh.

  • lemon88


    • $20733759

      Masakit tangapin ..pero… ano ang magagawa natin….WALA.

      • siegfeil

        tama yung mga mangmang ang nag dominate nang voters

      • Renski1970

        Makikita ano ang RESULTA o LEVEL ng KARUNUNGAN o KATALINUHAN o kaBOBOHAN ng mga PILIPINO. Ano ba talaga? Mag ISIP at GUMUSING ka PILIPINO!

  • kilabot

    pacman has been corrupted by fame, fortune and power. and he thinks he is religious. he has just become like ecleo, velarde…
    i rebuke you hypocrite!

  • resortman

    hahahahaha……!!!! Send in the clowns….hahaha…

    • $20733759

      Ya, right the family of clowns but…nobody’s laughing …except the clowns themselves,laughing to their hearts delight at the people’s stupidity…kayang kaya nila kasing paikutin ang mga bo botante.

  • Jose de la Cruz

    Mag-boxing ka na lang Manny P. 

  • Bullet Train

    Si Jinkee,vice governor kaagad? ano bang alam ng mga yan sa pulitika. kawawa naman ang mga constituents niyo. baka pumetiks lang ang mga yan pag nakaupo na. hahahaha. 

  • Hunter421

    None of the Pacquaios should be qualified to be in government. Why do you have to be a college graduate to be a policeman (PO1) and be a law-enforcer but no college needed to be a law-maker? In the mind of the Pacquaio clan the people in their area were dumb enough to elect Manny to Congress so they must be dumb enough to elect all of his family members! Get an education first!

  • whyinthisworld

    How I wish to see mama dionisia to enter into politics in South cotabato. Since she is sikat, there is not reason for her not to win. Bottomline there is “popularity”.

  • дисидент Руссо

    naku po… naluko na!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • axe musk

    This is the reality in PHL politics… the whole clan wanted to join politics…. this is the reason why “Anti-dynasty Bill” was never passed by our brilliant lawmakers, else the other members of their family will be barred from entering politics…. dami kasi tlaga pera sa pulitika… it’s really a good business….

    Wait for mami “D” she will soon file her candidacy as Vice mayor…. hahaha. 
    Sad reality in Phl. politics…. pano tayo aasenso???? GISING NA MGA PINOY!!!!

  • Yanong_OFW

    baka kun manalo sige nalang pictorial nalang ang gawin nila sa paligid sa governor’s office..hoy! gising na kayo mga botante sa Saranggani!!

  • ManongOsang

    Manny – ok na sana! You are a Billionaire, a people’s champ, a TRUE RAGS to RICHES Story due to Lots of hardwork, sweat,tears, perseverance dedication & true belief in yourself.

    But Manny just like all of us- IKAW ay may mga LIMITASYON ! Just like 98% of ALL Filipino men can never be boxers & 99% of us can never be a serious contender to be a Boxing Champ.

    As Enrile, Golez & even your 2nd Father , Lito Atienza has said when you first proclaimed you dream of being President someday- PARE Huwag naman!

    You & Jinky have MORE money today than 99% of all Filipinos. You are in the top 1% of the wealthiest Filipinos.

    But let’s get ONE THING VERY CLEAR- You & Jinky are LITERALLY still part of the 80% of Filipinos who are undereducated ( i did not say uneducated, UNDEREDUCATED)

    Manny, HINDI mo matatabunan ng Pera mo ang iyung KAHINAAN sa Utak, Edukasyon, and just being a more sophisticated person!

    Frankly, PINA-PAIKOT ka ng iyung mg Advisors. When you are GETTING ADVICE from the likes of Chavit Singson, Mike Arroyo, Jojo Binay, Erap Estrada,- TALAGANG Dynasty are iyung papupuntahan!

    &&&& KAYA AYAW KANG TANGGAPIN ng Liberal party kahit na andaming mong pera and popularity!

    You waited 6 months na matanggap sa LP pero ayaw sa iyo! Kasi nagdududa ang Presidente sa tunay mong hangarin!

    Please naman Manny & Jinky – Stick to Boxing & Running your business empire! you can help in so many other ways!

    SISIRAIN lang kayo ng Politics kasi WALA KAYONG ALAM !!!

    Magagamit lang kayo ng ibang masaman Politiko!

    Politics is like Drugs, Once you take it, You can get hooked!

    • boybakal

       Daming sinabi nonsense….Education is just theory.
      Manny learned the hard way…that is experience, experience in life and in the street.
      Manny is intelligent and street smart.

  • sondo1968

    Manny, sa ginawa mong yan na patakbuhin ang iyong asawa at idamay sa maduming pulitika….ngayon ko napatunayan na nagbago na ang adhikain mo sa buhay.

    Sa tingin mo ba, hindi pa sapat na congressman ka para matulungan mo kababayan mo sa sarangani….at kelangan pang maging vice governor ng asawa mo.


  • Kid Kara

    What does jinkee knows about laws?

    • boybakal

       How about you, Do you know any laws?

      • andresa igbac

         bakit boybakal? tatakbo ba si kid kara? si jinkee ang tatakbo kaya sya ang tinatanong.

      • boybakal

         OO she knows the law and she know how to govern.

    • gardo_versoza

      more important, what does she knows about governing a population?

  • vokkin

    Why politics? Kung sa bagay, sa PPP (Pera, Popularity, Power), Power na lang kulang. Pati ba naman asawa at kapatid? I hope your new found faith will steer you to the right direction soon Manny. You are surely gifted but not in all aspects, and especially not politics.

  • ManongOsang

    Manny- Bago ka Sumikat sa Boxing at na rank sa Top 10 sa Philippine Boxing National ranking- Ikaw ay kumakayod na isang Contruction worker! Ikaw ay taga-halo ng semento.

    Si Mrs, Jinky naman ay Tindera sa isang sari-sari store.

    Elementary lang ang tinapos mo. Si Mrs. Jinky naman ay 2nd year high school ang tinapos.

    Ngayon, dahil sa iyong grabeng hardwork – ikaw ay naging Champion at naging Billionaire !!

    Okay na ang happy ending story!!

    But NOW, Gusto naman ninyo pasukin ni Jinky ang isang Karera na You are SIMPLY Not qualified!!!!


    You are now WORTH in the hundreds of Millions , even a Billion

    You Live in the Biggest Homes, the Most expensive cars, you children go to Elite private schools, You have ALL the MOST Expensive Gadgets, clothes, bags You own hundreds of businesses!!!


    Your BRAINS & BREEDING has & STILL IS THE VERY SAME class that you were BEFORE Manny became champion!!!

    As former World Champion Mike Tyson once said, ” I may have $ 25 million dollars in my bank account today because of Boxing. But make no mistake about….. I am still the same 17 yr old boy from New York who ONLY has a 5th grade education, who cannot write or speak like educated people, and educated people could manipulate me into doing lots of things that I find complicated !”

    Manny, ikaw ay pinapaikot lang nitong si Chavit, Lito, Mike Arroyo, Binay, Erap!

    Kita mo nga, Pro-GMA ka, tapos, noong si Pnoy ay naging presidente- Naging Pro- PNOY ka,
    then, ngayon naman LIPAT naman kay Binay!!!

    Masisira lang ang moral & prinsipyo ninyong mag-asawa asa Pulitika!

    • Renski1970

      Numero unong BALIMBING iyan si Manny Paquio. Wala talaga siyang pinaninindindigan sa sarili. Parng puno ng kawayan iyan, kung saan malakas doon siya. Delikado ang ganitong tao at ewan ko bakit ang mga Taga Sarangani ganyan.  hahahha.. kita na ang tunay na intensyon. MADILIM NA KATUTUHANAN! 

    • intsikbeho

      anong magagawa natin ehhh idol niya si ninong chavit singson. 

  • siegfeil

    Wow too much freedom talaga, free for all sa politics!!! Talaga ang pera napupunta sa ‘GREED’ and PRIDE mga advisers ni pacman eh mga politikong demonyo. kaya magiging katulad din niya sila gahaman at ginagawang legal ang pagnanakaw nang kaban nang bayan.  

  • 4thINFSgt

    Further proof that Philippine politics is going down the drain. 

  • GuestUzer

    O M G …. Ang saya saya dito sa Pilipinas at ako’y nagsisisi kung bakit pa ako umuwi. LOL

  • athenapallas

    it’s a mad, mad world.

    • boybakal

       are you inside the mental hospital…mad world nga.

  • Meow Ming

    Siguro panahon pa para i-amend ang constitution at gawing college graduate ang lahat ng kakandidato. Kung noon iilan pa lang naman ang nakatapos kaya tanggap natin pero sa panahon ngayon madali ng makapag-aral at makatapos kung magsusumikap ka.

    • boybakal

       College graduate nga, hindi naman alam kung ano ang pinag aralan, di maiapply dahil theory lang.
      Experience is the best than diploma.

      • passingthru2u

        let’s help the OSYs run for office then.

      • sheila lourene

         Layo ng argument mo boy!…Education plus experience, yun ang dapat.

  • MS. F3

    Huwaat?! Pinagbigyan na nga natin si Manny dahil sa pride and honor na dinala nya sa bansa kahit di naman nakinabang ang bansa sa kinita nya. Pero si Jinkee? Vice-Gov? Wag naman ganun. Mga taga Sarangani sana isipin naman ninyo kapakanan nyo. Ihalal nyo yung mga taong me kakayanan magpatakbo ng local government. Kayo din. Ano naman mapapala nyo kay Jinkee? Sa palagay nyo ba e merong maipapanukala si Jinkee para sa kapakanan ng taga Sarangani?

    Oy mga Pacquiaos’ wag naman nyong samantalahin mga kababayan nyo? Kaso ganito na talaga ang level ng kabulukan ng pulitika sa ‘pinas. Kahit wala namang alam sa governance basta kilala pwede na. Magiging puppet lang naman. 

  • agustin


    • Edward Castro

      tama dapat very explicit na sa constitution na di pwede ang relatives sa government elected man o appointed withing a certain consaguinity.

  • Magsasaka

    dionisia for senadora hehehe

  • ManongOsang

    Ano ang REALITY ????

    Kahit LAHAT TAYO, I REALLY MEAN LAHAT TAYO DITO SA FORUM ng Inquirer, ABS-CBN, GMA ay mag-sama sama para hindi Iboto itong katulad ni Pacquiao, Erap, Binay, Enrile..

    It is HOPELESS!!!! WHY ???

    Dahil ang 80% ng Botanteg Pinoy ay Mahihirap, Walang Edukasyon at Walang Access sa Internet!!! In other words, 8 out of 10 Filipino voters for the last 30,40,50 years are HINDI EDUKADO, MAHIHIRAP at MADALAS MALOKO ng mga katulad ni Enrile, Binay at Erap!!!

    Kaya HOPELESS pag dating sa botante dahil sa umpisa pa lang- MAYROON ng Siguradong AUTOMATIC 60%-80% ng bumoboto ng panay Bong Revilla, Lito Lapid, Manny & Jinky, Erap, Binay…

    WALA!!! Lahat ng Pinoy na  may access sa Internet & Social Media at may pinag-aralan is a MINORITY compared to a the overwhelming majority na WALANG ALAM !!!!


    • regd

      Kaya graduate na ako dyan sa botohan. Walang kwentang makisali pa. Every vote counts ika, aba’y mali yan. Ilang beses ng niloko ng karamihan ang boto ko? Binabalik-balik lamang nila ang mga simberguensang trapo! Kaya bahala na kayo sa buhay nyo, sensiya na sa iba na di sang iyon dito.

      • regd

        Oops..sori, I mean ‘sang ayon’. Marunong din ako sa spelling.

    • AJ Giorgio

      It’s true, a lot of voters are clueless and easily manipulated by the trapos. Even I, am having difficulty of screening the true and honest candidates. But I also believe that most people now have access to social networking sites such as facebook. I hope the right information will reach everyone before they choose whom to vote for.

  • Edwin Edwin


  • boybakal

    Kakandidato lang ang mga Pacquiao…akala mo katapusan na ng mundo.
    Akala mo kung sinong matatalino,akala mo kung sino kung manlait.
    Kayo nga walang naiimbag sa barrio o bayan ninyo. Si Manny buong mundo nakilala, maraming naitulong.
    Bakit kung manalo ba ang mga Pacquiao, magugunaw ang mundo, lulubog ang Pilipinas.
    Hindi naman ang mga Pacquiao ang magpapatakbo ng Pilipinas.

    Mga Ipokrito, Ingetero, pulos kayo satsat, kulang sa gawa.
    Mabuhay ang mga  Pacquiao!!!!…Iboto ang mga Pacquiao!!!

    • Bastonero

      Isa ka rin palang tanga….

      • boybakal

         Mas lalo kang TANGA !!!!
        Wala kang reasoning, pulos sagot kalye.
        Ang taong katulad mo ang TANGA….walang ISIP utak BIYA.
        Di ka lang NUNO NG TANGA….UNGAS PA !!!!

  • Franzeline Perdubal

    It’s more stu pid in the Philippines.

  • damatannapo

    Mag enroll muna kayo mga Pakyaw

  • w4d

    LOL….ang politics kasi ay uri ng hanap-buhay sa ‘Pinas, nasa parehong kategorya ng mga cirquero, pero malaki ang kikitahin.

  • pilopilo

    Ang totoo, kahit sa lugar namin, mas maraming taga hanga ang drug lord kaysa sa mga matataas na propesyon. Dahil kasi sa oras ng malaking panganga-ilangan, doon sila nakakatakbo para “umutang” at na pagbibigyan. Sa kasalukuyan, ito lang ang maaring gawin ng nag hihikahos sa buhay. Alam ng drug lord na hindi na ito kayang bayaran maliban sa “utang na loob”, na kanya namang gagamitin. Ganito rin ang ibang politiko, kaya hindi nababago ang polika sa Pinas. Siguro, habang wala pa ang inaasahan nating pagunlad ng ekonomiya, kung ang lahat ng nakaka-alwan sa buhay ay magpakita ng pagtulong sa mga lihitimong nangangailan sa gitna ng kanilang kagipitan. Sila din ay tatanawin ng karamihan, pakikinggan at makapaghubog nang kaisipang Pinoy.

  • Bastonero

    And daming bolero, matalino at gwapong Congressman  sa Kamara baka tagilid si Pacman di na pera ang pinaguusapan dyan, pwede syang maging member ni Sen. Pimentel…

  • Morskie52

    Sana si mommy Dionesia tatakbo rin pagka congresswoman para masaya. Sa ikaunlad ng bayan, mommy dionesia ang kailangan.


      Just imagine lang…mommy dionisia —first lady…..whahahahahah…nakakabaliw!!!!!!!

  • regd

    A guy, Victor Lawag, is running for senator because he saved the world from the end of the world. At least Manny & Jinkee only wants to save Sarangani? Pero bayad tayo lahat ng upa dahil pag-aari raw ni Salam Tagen ang Pilipinas. 

  • pilopilo

    Maraming taga-hanga si Pacquia, dahil na rin siguro sa hindi niya tinatalikuran ang mga taong humihingi sa kanya ng tulong, na ang kabayaran ay “utang na loob” lang. Ang hindi maganda ay kung ang paghangang ito ng marami ay kanya ring gagamitin sa pang sariling kapakanan. At kung hindi man siya, ay ang ibang naka paligid sa kanya na meron din pansariling agenda, ang nanghihinayang na hindi pakinabangan ang kasikatan ni Pacquia.

  • squire

    What is in POLITICS? Hindi pa ba sila kuntento sa yaman nila? Toserve or to be serve? To be the center of attractions or distructions? People are greedy.
    Kung gusto nilang i-share ang yaman nila at maktulong sa mahihirap, do it without entering politics. Can people learn how to be simple and live a normal life?
    The money they will spend in election campaign can be easily given to the needy. It’s simple as that.

    • Gerry Aquino Catapang

      indeed.. very well said..

  • ngayonyan

    pls Mama Dionesia mag enter kana sa politics at mag vote ako para ikaw mag win, mag wait ako sa iyo Mama bwahahahahahaha

  • Rap88

    Is Pacquiao building a dynasty? No, they are just taking advantage of their popularity. It is the voters that always builds dynasty.

  • pilopilo

    Kung ang tingin natin sa ating sarili ay mas maalam kaysa nakakaraming botante, bakit natin sila ina-alipusta. Gawain ba iyan ng isang mataas ang antas na kaisipan. Hindi ba mas mabuti kung simulang mong kumilos para sa ika-aangat ng antas ng kanilang ka-isipan. Impluwensiya ka rin. Sa iyo ang simula. 

  • AJ Giorgio

    I still believe that only the true taxpayers have the right and priviledge to vote.
    Kung hindi ka nagbabayad ng tamang buwis, di ka dapat bumoto. Mahiya ka naman.

  • mfdo

    Spent 120 million peso … in doing what ?? 

    • regd

      How to ride a dead horse.

  • pilopilo

    Tignan natin sa baranggay level isa lang halimbawa. Sa isang baranggay, marami ang propesyonal, pero walang oras para sa komunidad. Sino ang marami ang oras? Eh di ang mga tambay. Sila ang tatakbong kapitan. At mananalo. Sino ang gagawing mga tanod. Yung mga propesyonal, eh walang oras para dyan. Ang mga tanod eh di yung mga tambay ulit. Ano ang gagawin ng mga propesyonal na mataas kuno ang kaisipan sa politika? Eh di magrereklamo. LoL!

  • akoombulator

    shades pa lang yan ni esmi 5 milyon na halaga

  • Nic Legaspi

    Kahit pa tumakbo ang buong angkan ni Pacquiao… SO WHAT? Kung iboboto sya ng mga botante at mananalo ang buong pamilya nya, e di mabuti. Pero walang magrereklamo pag walang mabuting naidulot. Hehe. :-P

    Man’s desire to satisfy his own need instead of the community’s is the surest way to bring down a society.

  • gyvv

    kanya kanyang trip…

  • regd

    Di yata si Jinkee yung nasa kanan ni Manny. Nakita ko na si Jinkee ng malapitan at di sya yung nasa itaas. Alam ko dahil na-memorize ko mukha nya, basta lang.

    • Gene

       nasa kanan ng picture si jinkee at nasa kaliwa ni manny

      • regd

        Yun na nga, naka sunglass na babae sa kaliwa pala ni Manny. Hindi si Jinkee yan, mas maganda ito.

  • Gene

    Yang pulitika, parang drugs din yan, nakaka adik.  Pag natikman, ayaw ng tantanan.  Gusto pataas ng pataas ang tama at isasama pa mga kamag-anak para manamnam ang sarap.  Yan ang nagyari kay pakyaw, na adik na sa pulitika kasi natikman at nasarapan.

  • George Lapulapu

    karapatan ng bawat Pilipino na maghangad at maging kandidato. ano man ang dahilan, tama man ang hangarin o hindi. oangit man o maganda,, o pangit man dati at maganda na ngayon hahahah

    nasa tao na yan kung sino ang iboboto nila.

  • Ragdeleafar

    Human nature never satisfied. Iba ang hard earned sa easy earned, maybe looking for both…Free Will ??? Kung ano taas ng lipad syang lakas ng lagapak. It’s their choice, “they are the master of their faith and the captain of their soul”.

    Luke 12:13-21
    “Take care to guard against all greed, for though one may be rich, one’s life does not consist of possessions.”

  • Pitbulldog

    Anong dinasti pinagsasabi nyo? Di iyan gagawin ni Pacquiao.  Malabo nga sa kanya ang meaning ng dinasti, yon pa kayang magtatag nyan?  Labo ng writer na to…

    • ALBERT

      isa ka pa bobo, aso ka pitbull.

      • boybakal

         Ikaw ang BOBO, wala kang alam ipost kundi BOBO. Wala kang utak.
        Mag isip ka, magpaliwanag BOBO!!! TANGA!!!!STUPID!!!

  • Third

    Sana pinatakbo na rin nya ang nanay nya as representative ng Party – List ng senior citizens, tapos si Bobby pinatakbo nyang konsehal or board member. Kulang pa e.

    • magiting78

      Hnd po pwd c Mommy…kc may sex scandal sila ni Hydeen Kho…lol

  • Renski1970

    Mga PACQUIO, yumaman nga..natoto lang manaGALOG, akala mo kung sino ng MAHARLIKA! Bumalik na kayo! Maging sino kayo? Huwag ninyong idaan sa kasikatan o KATANGAHAN iyang mga pagiging POLITIKO! Kaya lalong nagka LETSE LETSE ang Pilipinas! Sabagay kung manalo man kayo.. ANG MGA BOTANTE NINYO ANG MGA DAKILANG BOBOOOO!

  • tamakajan

    Eto ang sakit ng mga Pilipino… naranasan lang maging maimpluwensya at sikat akala na nila eksperto na sa lahat – pati pulitika ginagawang business ng mga kamag-anak.
    Pinoy kelan ka matututo???

  • zombie77

    Korek ka dyan Renski1970  at  Third !! Kaya hindi umaasenso itong bansa natin kase puro politikong gustong yumaman kasama ang kanilang mga kapatid, kamag-anak, kapamilya,etc.,etc.
    …….gamit ang pera ng bayan!!

  • Gerry Aquino Catapang

    simple lang naman po.. pag isipan ang taong iboboto.. di porket sikat o galing sa pamilya ng pulitiko eh karapat dapat na.. pag aralan ang bawat kandidato. tignan kung dapat ba na sya ay iluklok sa pwesto. kung magsusuhol para iboto sya, tanggapin ang pera, (sayang eh) pero piliin pa din yung karapat dapat ( Di naman malalaman nung nagbigay kung binoto mo sya o hindi di ba?). di naman po kasi POPULARITY CONTEST ang election, ang lugar nyo o ang mahal nating bansa ang nakasalalay dito. kaya sana magkaraoon na ng pagbabago ngayong darating na eleksyon. tanggalin na ang mga TRAPO sa pamahalaan, wag nating hayaan na sila na naman ang maghari harian. TAMA NA, SOBRA NA, KAkaSAWA NA SILA!

    • ManongOsang

       Paano iisipan when 80% ng Pilipinong Botante ay Mahihirap, Hindi nakapag-aral, walang edukasyon, matindi ang hirap at gutom??

      THIS IS WHAT MAKES the Philippines continue to be a 3rd World Country compared to Singapore, Japan, Taiwan & South Korea!

      When 80% of the population is LITERALLY uneducated & poor- the voting of BAD, UNQUALIFIED, CORRUPT & SIMPLY STUPID Leaders of Gov’t will NEVER STOP!

      The likes of Erap, Binay, Revilla, Lapid, Jinggoy will ALWAYS WIN dahil ang 80% ng tao ay madaling nilang awitan at maloko!

      Its almost a HOPELESS scenario that plays out repeatedly in every election !

  • dodong1


  • tonyoks

    baka yan ang sabi ni “god”…nag usap na ata sila eh…nakupoo  tapos na talaga pinas…

  • Philcor

    di pa nabanggit yung mga shicks niya, baka nagsi file na maging consehal at board member

  • pinoysadubai

    oist c aling dionisia patakbuhin ding mayor LOL!

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Huwag niyo tirahin si pacman may history ito na nagdedemanda ng defamation at kung wala kayo hundreds of thousands of dollars ay wag na lang………..Pero bakit hindi mo pa patakbuhin ng mayor ang tatay mo pacman? at yung mga katulong mo, driver, bodyguard ay patakbuhin mo din diyan sa saranggani sa oval para makapag exercise!

  • dominator1

    Naku manny mahiya ka naman! Pati asawa mo gusto mo maging vice.. Alam mo ba meaning ng nepotism? Nakka hiya pilipinas dahil sa mga taong Katulad mo. Wag ka umasa na magiging presidente ka. MGA PILIPINO PAG ISIPAN NATIN NG MABUTI KUNG SINU IBOBOTO NATIN!

  • efren

    Pacquiao is   rich, popular and powerful. So, Villar used him during the last election. Now, Binay, Erap and the rest are now using him again. I wonder what’s next.

    • ManongOsang

      EXACTLY !!! That’s Why kung ang  isang TAO na hindi Edukado at Walang gaanong pinag-aralan- POLITICS is the WORST PLACE to be in.

      Isang Boxer na dating taga mix ng semento sa Construction na elementary lang ang tinapos at ang asawang 2nd yr. high school lang ang tinapos at nagbebenta lang sa Sari-Sari store- ANONG MANGYAYARI sa kanila pag napaikutan ka ng mga taong
      MANIPULATIVE at GREEDY like Binay, GMA, Erap, Chavit….

      The Pacquiao’s DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND Na Pinapa-ikot na sila. They will NEVER KNOW or DETECT or BE AWARE na ginagamit na sila BECAUSE they have absolutely NO EDUCATION nor any SOPHISTICATION!

      Making 1 Billion pesos in boxing DOES NOT change your educational intelligence!

      Having the Most Expensive bags, cars & homes does not make you educated!

      • drefaura

        Ito naman ang take ko sa issue na ito.

        Paquiao is smart in this sense: he is building up and expanding his political dynasty, if you will, dahil sa dami ng negosyo nya ay nagiging very expensive ang suswelduhan mo madaming tao.

        Ang gusto nya at ng pamilya nya ay lumago ang negosyo, lumaki ang tubo courtesy ng pawis ng ibang tao, and in this case, ng taxpayers ng Pilipinas.

        Kung noong wala pa sya sa politika, sobra sobra ang gastos nya galing sa bulsa nya, including of course, mga bodyguards and security personnel nya sa iba’t ibang lugar na nandoon ang negosyo nya.

        Ngayon, ang nagpapasweldo sa bodyguards and security staff nya, at malamang ay sa iba pang staff nya na kasama sa Congress payroll PERO doon nagtatrabaho sa mga business establishments nya ay ANG TAXPAYERS ng Pilipinas thru his Pork Barrel.

        Isa pa lang yang item na yan.  

        And you know the rest.

        P.S.: Hindi lang si Paquiao ang guamgawa nyan – maaari nating lahatin ang mga may political dynasty na ganyan din ang tema ng pagiisip nila.

      • boybakal

        Who told you. Manny is the smartest Filipino I have ever seen.
        No Filipino has ever conquered the US and the world because they are pahiya hiya but not Manny.
        He is not ashamed of what he is, he can talk in US TV in broken English but it does not matter.
        He speaks from the heart as they say.

        Manny cannot be fooled.
        He was in US court filing and answering charges but he won.
        Besides, Manny has Bob Arum the best US Harvard lawyer as his consultant.

        And don’t ever think that because Manny lacks education is his failure, you are wrong my friend. Your thinking is very colonial.
        Millionaires and Billionaires today are not even college graduates.
        Enough of Manny bashing because of his education…he has even a PHD degree in kinetics.

        You can have your education but I will still have the Pacquiaos..
        Go for Manny and Vote for Manny.

      • ALBERT

        boy bakal na puro kalawang ang utak.

        “Manny cannot be fooled. 
        He was in US court filing and answering charges but he won.
        Besides, Manny has Bob Arum the best US Harvard lawyer as his consultant.”  
        what??? bobo talaga tong taong to, 

      • boybakal

         Bakit nirerepost mo ang aking post. Wala ka bang utak.
        Magisip ka BOBO. Kaya di umaasenso ang Pilipinas dahil sa mga taong katulad mo, walang isip….BOBO!!!! TANGA!!! Walang Isip!!! Tunggak!!! walang UTAK!!!!!

      • ALBERT

        ni repost ko lang ang ka bobohan mo, haha, bopolss talaga bro, bakal ka s ka bobohan. lol

      • ALBERT

        crush mo ba si manny? uyyyyy

      • boybakal

        ngayon naman naging BAKLA si BOBO!!!!
        ungas!!!! BAYOT!!!!

      • batangpaslit

        good defense…

  • $5699914

    Eh, gusto ninyo iyan eh, sumige lang kayo mga Pacquiao….
    Kayo namang mga botante, huwag kayong iiyak-iyak kapag lalong nalubog sa putik ang lugar ninyo dahil MALI ang naiboto ninyong politiko….

    Hindi pala kayang bilhin ang kahihiyan…..

  • Baracudat

    ano kaya nangyari sa tax evasion case niya

  • speedstream2

    Every Tom, Dick and Harry are busy either strengthening, consolidating or setting up their political dynasties to ensure their stranglehold on their respective bailiwicks. And with political power, goes the usual perks that include, among others, wealth build-up and more political power. And how did all these come to pass? Mirror, mirror on the wall….

  • K A N A

    Public service is not only done by running in a certain government position. They should know that. If they want to help the Filipino people so badly, politics is not the way to go!

    • Lambert

       If we can get good people in elected positions, in government positions then it is always a good thing. Politics is one way to shape our country, in fact a powerful way to do it. True, a lot of undeserving people get elected. Then let us try to educate people and voters about who are deserving to be representatives of the people. It’s not easy that’s for sure. But let us not leave politics into the hands of bad or incompetent people. Good people should also enter and try to make a difference, not to give up. And let us support them.

      • ALBERT

        how do you define good people

      • boybakal

        Kakatakata…nagenglish si BOBO, kaputol pa. Mag isip ka wag magtanong BOBO!!!!!

      • ALBERT

        wow, nag salita ang nag iisip, bobo mo boy bakal, pangalan pa lang bobo na ang dating, haha,. pakamatay ka na ksi basura ka boy bakal, ipakilo mo na sarili mo boybaklush

      • boybakal

         Sayang ang ipinakain ng magulang dito, walang laman ang utak….walang sense ang post at pulos kaputol pa at Bobo lang ang alam….TUNGGAK!!!!!BOBO!!!! TANGA!!!
        Sayang lang ang post ko dito….nakakaawa.

      • boybakal

        Baklang Ungas….balot ng ginto ang katawan ko di Bakal.
        Palagay ko gutom ang inaabot nito.
        Panay daw ang kain ng gulay na kangkong at talbos ng kamote.
        Nakatikim ka na ba ng Sirloin Steak or TBone. Hayaan mo pag may natirang buto ibabalot ko para sa aso ko.
        Mahalaga pa ang aso kesa sa yo BoBo!!!!

      • batangpaslit

        hehehe….hook, cross, uppercut, and straight ah

      • ALBERT

        etong si boybakal may gusto lng kay manny eh. uyyyyyy

      • boybakal

        Bakla ata itong demonyong ito…Pulos kabalbalan ang alam, ngayon naman Bakla!!!!BOBO!!!!BAKLA!!!!!

      • ALBERT

        ikaw ba, nag iisip ka na ba ng lagay na yan, nag isip k ng puro ka bobohan, pweh, wag k n nga mag isip, pinag mumukha mo lng bobo lalo sarili mo pag nag iisip ka eh.

  • boybakal

    Mabuhay si Manny Pacquiao….siya ang karapatdapat na maelect pati na ang kanyang asawa at kapatid.
    Isa siyang huwaran. Tunay na Pilipino, Mahirap at Makatao. Di nagpayaman sa pera ng gobyerno.
    Mabuhay ka Pacquiao !!! Iboto si Pacquiao!!!

    • ALBERT

      mamatay si boy bakal kalawang kupal tanga,. ksi bobo sya at tanga. 

      • boybakal

         Wala kang alam ipost kundi TANGA at BOBO dahil wala kang utak, Ikaw ang DYNASTY ng mga BOBO at mga TANGA!!!! TUNGGAK!!!!!

      • ALBERT

        wala kang alam ipost kundi puro ka bobohan, haha

      • boybakal

         Hindi marunong mag isip pulos kabobohan ang alam.
        Mag isip ka BOBO!!!! Kanin ang laman ng utak e lugaw pala.

      • ALBERT

        boybakal? dapat gaybakal panagalan mo, lol

      • boybakal

         Bading pala itong Bobong ito. Ungas na Bading!!!!

  • Ed

    Hi Manny, gusto mong makatulong sa bayan? Kung ganon pagbutihin mo ang pagensayo mo vs Marquez para magkaron uli kami ng idol. Hindi para sayo ang pulitika. Ginagamit ka lang dyan. Mas mataas ang respeto namin kung ibibigay mo ang pwestong yan sa mas mahusay sa larangan na yan. Kung may napipisil kang matinong kandidato suportahan mo. Pero ikaw mismo ang tatakbo? Kahit na maganda ang intensyon mo, hindi mo larangan yan. Kahit sabihin pang mananalo ka, ganun pa rin hindi mo larangan yan.

    Pinaghirapan mong itayo at makilala ang pangalang PACQUIAO sa pamamagitan ng galing mo sa boksing, wag mong hayaang masira ito sa pulitika. Kahit manalo ka pa sa halalan, sira ka na rin dyan. Paglipat mo sa pulitika dalawang larangan ang nasakripisyo: boxing at pulitika.

  • maypakialamako

     diyoskopo pati si jinky na walang alam sumawsaw na rin! kaya di umuunlad ang pinas dahil ang mga tumatakbo at mga bumuboto ay pare-parehong BO BO! god save the philippines!

  • $27317632

    Bayan saan ka patungo????????

  • Concerned Citizen

    Naku po. Nahawa na. But this is much better than putting back the politicians who did not make any difference when they had the chance. Electing the trapos is very predictable already, the voters can expect NO PROGRESS.

  • boybakal

    Kung ayaw ninyo kay Pacquiao dahil sa Dynasty.
    Pagpilian nyo nalang Magbabakal, magbobote or politicians like Singson, Enrile Estrada.
    Dami nyong reklamo, kumandidato lang ang mga Pacquiao…Dynasty na agad.
    Bakit segurado na bang panalo…mga Tunggak, nagfile lang ng candidacy…Dynasty na.
    Mga Bobo !!! mababaw ang mga isip, marumi ang isip.
    Kayo ang Dynasty…Dynasty ng mga Bobo at Tanga!!!

    • rehina_t

      Hello Sir! I’m just curious if you are a registered voter in Sarangani Province?

      • boybakal

         Yes, I will vote for all the Pacquiaos….

      • ALBERT

        bobo mo talaga, utak bakal, boy bakal kalawang. tanga

      • boybakal

         Mas BOBO ka TANGA ang alam mo lang isulat BOBO.
        Ikaw ang Dynasty ng mga TANGA!!!!!!

      • ALBERT

        ikaw ang bobo, ang dami mo nga nasasabi puro ka bobohan nmn mga sinasabi mo, lol asan utak mo? nsa pwet? buti sna kung nsa pwet pa eh, na i-tae mo n yata eh, lol bobolssss

      • boybakal

         wala talagang pagkukunan ang utak nito, pulos kabobohan, walang laman….sayang ang kanin na pinapakain ng magulang..BOBO!!!!!!

      • ALBERT

        bro hndi ako kumain ng kanin eh, puro gulay ako bro, hehe pno ba yan, pahiya ka, ikaw sayang ang mga taeng kinakain mo, pakamatay ka na ksi wala ka kwenta., wohohoho

      • boybakal

         Pulos gulay ang kinakain mo, kaya pala BOBO ka panay Kangkong at talbos ng Kamote.
        Kawawa tong magulang nito.
        Maghanap buhay ka na BOBO!!!

        Nakatikim ka na ba ng Sirloin at Tbone steaks, mamamatay ka na di ka pa makakatikim. Gusto mo buto ng NYTBone…para sa aso ko lang ang buto may laman pa BOBO!!!

      • batangpaslit

        banat Boy…walang urongan

    • Boy

       in fairness sa nagsulat ng news… sir boybakal.. ayon sa pagkakabasa ko e building a dynasty ang sabi meaning nagtatayo palang hindi pa dynasty.. correct me if im wrong..

    • ALBERT

      mas bobo ka tanga

      • boybakal

         Ikaw ang Dynasty ng mga TANGA !!!!!!

      • ALBERT


      • boybakal

         Wala nakikicomputer lang itong BOBOng to. Ang tipid magpost, walang lamang ang utak BOBO!!!!! Mag isip ka naman sayang ang buhay mo sa mundo.

      • ALBERT

        nkikicomputer? lam m pre, andito ko pra i parealize sayo na may pag asa ka pa, magagamot pa yng sakit mo, sakit na katangahan at ka bobohan,  wohoho

      • boybakal

         Kulang lang sa pansin itong Baklang Bobong Engot na ito.
        Nagtitiyaga sa computer shop, tapos di pa nagbabayad, sumasalisi.
        Baklang Bobo!!!!!

    • batangpaslit

      hehehe….bira Kabayan

  • Concerned Citizen

    Dapat sa ating mga voters, ang policy sa pagboto ay:

                    “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”

    Mas malaking pagkakamali ang pagboto sa mga candidato na walang nagawang mabuting pagbabago sa probinsya.  Makipagsapalaran ka na sa kandidato na walang alam at baka sakaling magkaroon ng pag-asenso sa probinsya mo.   Vote Wisely!!!

  • maj0_rimbaud

    i hope  Mommy D will run! i’ll vote for her. saywan na!!!

  • AllaMo

    Puro malaswa. MALASWA!

  • WAJ

    Patakbuhin na rin nila ang Ina, total mga bulag naman ang tao doon sa Sanranganni. Politics in the Philippines is a joke…

    • Billy

      bukas ay hahabol ako bilang Party list Representative…ako ang kakatawan sa mga katulong na ina-api at ang pangalan ng Party List ko ay…. “Tirador ng Kanin Lamig”

  • boybakal

    Filipinos are still backward mentality or in tagalog, utak bundok.
    They always think that a candidate for public office is all about degree, diploma, masters.
    They are awed by these theory diplomas.

    But politics or public service is all about doing, what you can do for your country or province.
    The Pacquiaos might be lacking in education but they have the sincerity of doing something for their people.
    So the Pacquiaos are the best fit for the job. They are sincere on what they will do.
    Enough of backward mentality, get rid of colonial mentality, skew that diploma attitude.
    Vote for the Pacquiaos….truly public servants for they were once servants.

    • ALBERT

      blah blah blah., bobo. 

      • boybakal

         Tong UNGAS na ito walang laman ang UTAK, mabuti pa ang biya, may utak.
        Magisip ka naman ungas….walang laman ang utak mo kundi kanin BOBO!!!!!

      • ALBERT

        hahahaha, nag iisip ako, naisip ko kung gano ka talaga ka bobo, wahaha

      • boybakal

        BOBO!!!UNGAS!!!!!IDIOT!!!MORON!!! yan ang bagay sa iyo hehe he, walang laman ang utak, utak biya.

    • batangpaslit

      sugod mga kapatid!
      tama….ipaglaban mo si Manny.
      inggitero lang yong nampupuna ng hindi maganda

  • Guest


    • batangpaslit

      kuarta na, na pakya pa

  • valsore

    I’ve got to file something to comelec too.  There must be some dynasty that is still needed somewhere, LOL.

  • Belekoy

    Let the Pacquiaos continue with their intention to serve the public interests. There is no law that  prohibits the making of a political dynasty in a family. They are rich  and their wealth is realized in an honest, if not painful way, which is through boxing wins. They’ve proven their charitable work as well as their kind treatment of the poor people. Unless there is a law in effect that prohibits the forming of political dynasties, the Pacquiao candidates will always earn the support of the people because they want to serve the public interest and as well as the elimination of poverty, hunger, homelessness and joblessness in our society. And in addition, they fervently believe in the power of prayer and believe in the Lord in solving problems in our society.

    • ALBERT

      isa ka pang tanga. bobo

    • RAMON


    • Diepor

      If prayer would have helped Philippine kids would not die in the streets.Are you slow ? Never mix politics and religion.

  • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

    Magparetoke na lang si Jinkee kasi dun lang naman siya magaling e.

  • prangka

    Sumusunod sa uso.

  • abbaj

    pacquiao matalo ka sana ni marquez sa 4th bout ninyo para matauhan ka. hindi kayang pagtakpan ng pulitika at accelerated na college degree mo ang kawalan mo ng pinag-aralan. tulungan mo ang mga kapwa mong boksingero dahil dun ka magaling. kung hindi ka man matalo ni marquez i’m sure di ka lulusot kay gayweather. ang mga kasama mo na mga plunderer na sina erap, binay, at chavit ang patunay na hindi mo hangad ang maglingkod. by the way, nakakasuka na palagi ang pagbanggit mo sa Diyos. alam ng lahat sa likod ng mga pinagsasasabi mo ay tuloy pa rin ang mga kagaguhan mo sa babae.

    • batangpaslit

      so…malinis ka Bro?
      di ka nangbabae? kundi, nanlalaki ka lang?

    • ApoNiLolo

      Kung merong mang natalo sa alin mang laban ni Pacman, walang iba kundi yung nagbayad ng “pay-per-view” para panoorin lang sya. Manalo man o matalo si Pacman, panalo pa rin sya. 34 na si Manny. Sa boxing, pag umabot ka ng ganyang idad, pa laos ka na. Kaya si Manny, katulad ni Golden Boy nung “bout” nila, naghahanap na lang ng pang “retirement” yan. Gets mo?

  • Herculian

    inggit lang kayo!  hahahaha! tumakbo rin kayo at isama nyo na mga lola, lolo, aso, pusa, manok baboy, baka, kabayo, rabbit na tumakbo para di kayo magpuputakte!  

    • batangpaslit

      nasundot mo Bro….hehehe
      hindi kasi nila kayang gawin ang na accomplish ni Manny
      hindi tapos ng high school…naka tapos ng high shool
      hind naka pag university, may doctorate degree
      walang military training, pero may ranggong Lt Colonel
      tumpak ka Bro, inggit lang sila

      • Mamang Pulis

        hindi inggit ang tawag doon batang paslit–

        hindi nila lang alam.

  • Rap88

    Politicians builds dynasties o Voters builds dynasties…ano ang mas una itlog o manok?

    • disqusted0fu

      Thats a very good point. no matter who runs for elections… whether they’re a boxer, a celebrity, someone who is mentally unstable, vindictive, an ex-con, someone without any experience or education, so on and so forth. at the end of the day, its still the voters who put them in their designated positions. unless theres cheating involved then thats a different story. 

      • batangpaslit


    • batangpaslit

      hehehe…buti ka pa, Bro, you are not a condemning kababayan.
      magaling kang magtanong.

  • Beguine

    OK, Manny is getting more serious about politics and wife and
    relatives are tagging along.

    But one thing won’t change. Manny can’t be a good leader if only
    because he has fists of gold but no or little brains.

  • trav man

    oh dear God! Filipinos are idiots if they let them win a seat. What are their policies? DO they have solutions? Do they have a plan?????

    • boybakal

       Don’t call us Idiots. Who are you to call us filipinos Idiots. Policies, Solutions, Plans, the Pacquiaos have all that….you idiot. akala mo kung sinong matalino tong hunghang na ito.

      • ALBERT

        ikaw lng nmn idiot boybakal, di ck.

      • boybakal

         Ito pa ang isang ito na idiot, walang isip, di marunong magisip.
        Magisip ka bobo, kanin lang ang laman ng utak mo BOBO!!!! STUPID!!!!

      • RAMON

        nag PM sa akin si Albert, ikaw daw bakal na may kalawang naman daw ang laman ng utak mo hehehe..

      • Mamang Pulis

        loco kau talga…lol! :)

      • Diepor

        Then what political platform do they have? Its good for mrs pacman to have a hobby, she can do some politics when she is tirred of shopping.

    • batangpaslit

      you spoke of solution….what is the problem, Bro?
      you call Filipinos idiots for having an open policy that anyone could file their candidacy?
      you are the idiot.
      for demanding solutions when you have not stated the problem.
      if you are not an idiot, what is your net worth as opposed to Manny Pacqauiao?
      you are laughable, Bok.
      inggit ka lang….chuckles

    • bert

      Why, you think ikaw lang? This is not monopoly…

    • Mamang Pulis

      meron silang solution dre–may pera silan pinamamahagi—sarili nila madalas.
      kya nga namumulitaktak ang mga yan para yun pork barrel malustay din

      sa kabibigay sa tao.

      imbes na pera nila na lng lge.

      wag ka masyadong negative dre…

      ikaw ba sir, may nai ambag ka bang ni singkong duling sa pagpapagamot sa probinsya nyo?

  • Enersys

    We will not judge, I just hope and pray they will serve the people with sincerity and hard work if they are resolve on running for position in the government. And not just for fame, wealth or anything else. People from their province know them better. But honestly, they are some kind of building dynasty already. .. and personally i dint like the idea. If happens, hoping they wont become like the Ampatuans minus the killing.

  • bert

    Ok yan siguro sa bayan nila, mukhang kaya at masaya naman sila.

  • Maitum

    Ok lang. Much better than the  convicted plunderer seeking an elective post. Naku, hindi na nahiya.

  • Ces

    i am not judging them. i only hope they really can make a difference. 

  • andrewassme

    I hope Manny would seek the help of Vicky Belo to transform him to make him look more pleasing to the eyes on the ads for this coming election, like his wife Jinky. I’m sure rhinoplasty and liposuction won’t hurt him that much, he can ask Jinky how it felt when she went under the knife to look less unflattering. He might win my vote. 

  • andrewassme


  • andrewassme


    • Mamang Pulis

      Hanga ako kay Manny.
      Saludo ako kay Manny.

      Pati sa maybahay nya na si Jinkee

      Kaya nga ang pangalan ng dalawang pusang iring ko ay–Manny at Jinkee

      bagay ba? OO–bagay na bagay–


      bulag, pipi at bingi na lang ang hindi makakapuna.

      o di kya yun mga direktang nakikinabang sa pamilya.

      eto ang resulta ng mga magagaling na maestro ni Manny

      na walang iba kung hindi si Manong Sabit at si anti RH Atienza

      bata pumasok ka sa pulitika ang bulong ng isa

      manny…kelangan may fall back ka pag matanda ka na ang payo ng mamang naka polong makulay.

      manny–mauubos ang kinita mo pag pirmi mong ipamamahagi mo ng ganyan sa tao–panay pa sugal mo –bulong ni madam dionisia

      manny, itigil mo na yan pang bababae mo at gillette blade lang katapat ng ari mo giatay kang yawa ka! yaw yaw ng may bahay [ isusulat ko sana sa bisaya pero wag n lng] lol!

  • andrewassme


  • dequis

    kahit pa maging presidente si manny walang problema, hwag lang mga binay, enrile, marcos, dimaporo, jalosjos, angara, villafuerte, arroyo at kung ano pang nakakasukang clan na maghahariharian.

  • NoWorryBHappy

    Ang mga pusa at baboy nila, tatakbo rin ?
    Kung hindi pa nga nai-dyaryo ang hindi pagbayad ng buwis, eh, malamang hindi magbabayad si
    Manny Pacquiao. Katungkulan naman ng bawa’t mamamayan ang magbayad nang tamang buwis, ah. Naging masamang halimbawa pa siya. Ano ang gagawin ni Jinkee bilang vice-governor ? Ano ang plataporma nila ? 

  • kawawangbayan

    Typical Philippine politics. What a shame!!!!

    • Mamang Pulis

      masaya nga dito–tignan mo katarantaduhan ni sotto.

  • I_kabod

    South Cotabato is going down by TKO!

    • Mamang Pulis

      abangan na lang natin…kung tama ka.

  • Bayan Panona

    Now is the chance for Gen San to show to the whole Ph what they are made of. If Pacquiaos win, then that place is doomed.

  • maj0_rimbaud

    the people there needs a new face in politics, i mean, literally, weekly at that, jinky can change her face anytime she wants, thanks vicky belo for the freshest face, every week. :p

    • pepengkabayo

       Di naman fresh ang mukha ni Jinkee…ganoon pa rin, nilalagyan lang ng make up, ayos na.
      Tingnan mo yong Kambal niya, kamukha pa rin ni Jinkee.

  • Marie Brown

    Oh my… Isa ka pa, Pacquiao!!

    What part of I-do-not-have-sufficient-political-background-and-education don’t these people understand?? Seriously, action stars, comedians, ramp models, athletes, just do your thing and stick to what you do best. The Philippines needs more qualified leaders with integrity. I’m starting to think that there is shortage of such people in our country already. And you people trying to get into the scene only makes it worse!

    Let the people who are worthy of those seats shine and stand out. Utang na loob, wag na kayong makipagsiksikan at makigulo pa!

    • Mamang Pulis

      may pera sila madam

      sino may ginto

      sya ang hari

  • Isaganilla Gella


  • Isaganilla Gella

    Mas iboboto ko si mommy Dionisia kaysa mga trapo..”

  • antonio

    kahit gaano ka pa ka-matino, maginoo pag papasok ka sa pulitika magiging kawatan ka parin dahil napapaligiran ka ng mga kawatan kagaya ko. By nature, human have no fulfillment in life so tuloy ang pagnanakaw dahil hindi makontento sa buhay. Ang tao ay parang ibong “UWAK” kahit may bitbit na nag uuwak pa rin.

  • Franzeline Perdubal

    Pacquiao, yung galing mo sa boxing cannot be translated into political leadership. You cant even  get away from a corrupt guy like Chavit SIngson.

    Go into business young man. You can help more people. Dont be the hero that will ultimately rob us of our tax money.

  • ah_ok_fine12

    oh em gee– really?! hhhmmm well sana my magandang mangyare sa pag-upo nila, kung mananalo sila..
    haistt pwedi naman tumulong sa kapwa ng hindi na kailangan maging politicians

  • Recon SGT

    No wonder how can the Philiippines be progress if the actors, boxers, ordinary wives of famous persons, be allowed to handle the government position. Our children and students look this as a role model to govern that education is not important qualification in politics as no creteria being observe as anyone can be a governor, congressmen, senator and even a President.
    This is a crap rule in 1987 Constitution which was approved by Cory Aquino to be a law and only for Dynasties and TRAPO politicians. It may hurt other people but it is true and a shame to educated people in our country. Do you think a moron politician can run a country? I as a Filipino feel shame to the political system in the country, it is like a desease that continue to spread with the present and future generations, a cancer that was so intense that goes on and on and the only way to stop this is to ammend the constititution, changing the law is a must for the better of Philippines. This only my opninion and it does not intend to shoot anyone if somebody hurt.

    • Tantrasoul21

       Amen! Philippines is one of the poorest country in the world! because of this corrupt politicians!!! thats why if you want to be RICH THEN RUN FOR A GOVERNMENT POSITION ONLY POLITICS CAN MAKE YOU RICH!!!

  • Recon SGT

    The other side of this which was anoying me when I was looking for a job in government was that they keep asking for Civil service certifcate and the qualification requirements are so high that I cannot even pass but the crap politician even lower in educational background and still being admited to run for government post as Governor, congressmen and even senator like Lito Lapid, Joseph Estrada being a President and many more…HAHAHA. So Pacquiao and family will contested in next year election because no need for Educational Qualifications…….

    • Mamang Pulis

      na waived na raw ng medalya nya at limpak limpak na salapi.

      ikaw naman sir–alam na alam mo yun.

  • Tantrasoul21

    Lol taga Sarangani din ako dati patawa naman to si jinke at manny. Sige iboto nyo si jinke at lahat ng pondo nyo ishopping nya lol….she dont even have any experience in politics! basta ba mayaman at sikat iboto na???wake up philippines!!! especially people in Sarangani my God mag-isip naman kayo. Philippines will not improve if we vote this non-sense people!!!! kaya hanggang ngayon Sarangani poor pa rin! If she really wants to help people ther are many ways to do that, not only politics way! Gusto rin nyang magin powerful na tao its only Power what they want…..Ano ba nagawa ni manny??? Im not going to be surprised if Dionisya will declare her candicacy sooner!!! GAHAMAN SA POWER!!!

  • ibyok

    idol ko sana si manny sa boksing at ingglisan..pero sa partene ito, wala akong masabi kundi PWE! PWE! at PWE uli.. taena nyo!!

  • Mamang Pulis

    Hanga ako kay Manny.

    Saludo ako kay Manny.

    Pati sa maybahay nya na si Jinkee

    Kaya nga ang pangalan ng dalawang pusang iring ko ay–Manny at Jinkee

    bagay ba? OO–bagay na bagay–


    bulag, pipi at bingi na lang ang hindi makakapuna.

    o di kya yun mga direktang nakikinabang sa pamilya.

    eto ang resulta ng mga magagaling na maestro ni Manny

    na walang iba kung hindi si Manong Sabit at si anti RH Atienza

    bata pumasok ka sa pulitika ang bulong ng isa

    manny…kelangan may fall back ka pag matanda ka na ang payo ng mamang naka polong makulay.

    manny–mauubos ang kinita mo pag pirmi mong ipamamahagi mo ng ganyan sa tao–panay pa sugal mo –bulong ni madam dionisia

    manny, itigil mo na yan pang bababae mo at gillette blade lang katapat ng ari mo giatay kang yawa ka! yaw yaw ng may bahay

    [ isusulat ko sana sa bisaya pero wag na lng] lol!

  • Mamang Pulis

    Sa totoo lang

    hanga ako kay manny.

    hindi graduate ng kung anuman pero


    kayo na lang makipag suntukan at kumita ng limpak limpak na salapi kada sapak nyo

    kaya nyo yun?

    malamang parang hilong talilong kayo at sa talapindutan lang kayo magagaling.

    isa pa–sasabihin mong bobo si manny?

    kayo ang boblax, at tignan mo inabot ng kolokoy…swerte?

    siguro nga may kakambal na swerte–eh talagang yun ang tadhana nya siguro.

    kaya lang–nakakalunkot din  kasi—natatabunan yun hirap at pag dala nya ng magandang ginawa nya sa kapwa.

    tama kayo–meron din lapses si manny–

    abah eh malamang di mapipigilan ang tukso, lalo’t ang palay pa lumalapit sa manok..:)

  • Diepor

    Jinkee wants a new hobby good for her

  • ryan andres

    teaming up with Binay… bad mistake…

  • JosengSisiw1

    Jinkee? Oh my goodness.. can somebody knock the heads of Pakyaw. Hindi naman lahat ng programa ng gubyerno ay ibigay lang para sa mahihirap. Meron din naman tayong ibang tao na mahusay ding magbayad ng taxes. Bakit di na lang magtayo ang mga mga Pakyaw ng maayos na foundation para sa mahihirap na pamumunuan ni Jinkee kung talagang gusto nilang makatulong.

  • tonyoks

    yung sinasabi ni pacman na nakakausap nya si god kuno, eh sintomas na ng alzheimers o parkinson na yan…
    wag nyo nang asahan pang tumagal pa ang takbo ng utak nyan…

    kaya kala nya ay pinakakandidato na ni god ang pamilya nya….

    yun pala si tsabit lang yung bumubulong bulong sa likuran nya….

  • boybakal

    Pacquiao is one of the most smartest people on earth.
    As he not only conquered the US and the world in boxing.  He was also able to wheel and deal with the brightest educated Americans.

    Now, he is a Congressman and his wife vice governor candidate. A very smart move indeed.
    It is long range planning that only Manny can think of.
    By the time Manny and Jinkee are done in their political careers, their sons who are having the best education in the country will be ready to enter politics with money, lots of money and the best education.

    A very smart Pacquiao indeed…Congrats Manny, you are an idol.

  • julieboy

    Im proud of Manny Paquiao,what ever money he made was in the ring.Blood sweat and tears fighting in the ring.If he wants to share his wealth through politics,ok lang marami sasakay dyan.He has learned whats politics is all about filipino style,protect your interest by being a politician.Creating a dynasty,obvious ba?If he does good for his constituents,who cares.Lets give him the benefit of the doubt,magkamali sya dyan ubos ang pera nya.He has a lot it will take time to bankrupt Manny Paquiao.As they say everything comes to an end sometime.GOOD LUCK BAI…AYO AYO DINHA!!!!! 

  • ampyrms

    There is a thin line between idealism and corruption. When a person gets power, and most of them like it, they won’t let go of that power regardless of the price. In the case of Manny, he have the heart and good intention to help, but when bad influences comes in, like Chavit Singsong on his side, then the intention will be change into greed. Power is addicting, that’s why political dynasties proliferate here in the Philippines, and that is what Manny is doing without him knowing it, or does he?

  • Ben Smith

    Hindi sapat na matino lamang, dapat mahusay at matalino din. On all counts, Pacquiao fails. Ano na ba nagawa mo sa Kongresso ha? At gusto mo pa dumami kayo. Gahaman ka Pacquaio. Puede naman tumulong sa ibang paraan Kung totoo nga na gusto mo makatulong. Pero hindi, dahil ginigisa mo sa sariling mantika ang taong bayan.

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