Aquino slams media for inaccurate, negative reporting


President Benigno Aquino III. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

President Benigno Aquino III on Monday slammed the media for inaccurate and negative news reports, saying that these affected the image of the country before the global community.

Speaking at the Philippine Press Institute’s 16th national press forum and annual membership meeting at Trader’s Hotel in Pasay City, the President called on the media to be balanced and fair in reporting events.

Mr. Aquino also complained about the  media’s penchant for  reporting on the travel advisories issued by countries against the Philippines.

Among the recent reports which he found inaccurate included a report that came out in  the  Philippine Daily Inquirer on the recent visit of the Emir of Qatar to Manila.

“The (visit of the Emir) was reported in the article but the headline ‘Qatar’s Emir cuts short state visit’ seemed to plant some doubt. And when you read the article, the message seemed to say ‘that the President and the Emir did not meet, but their bilateral meeting was successful,”’ said the President who did not name the Inquirer, however.

But following his speech, the President  dropped by the Palace press room to explain why he had criticized the Inquirer news report dated April 10.

He noted that it included a sentence that said the Emir’s visit “was supposed to include a meeting with President Aquino and key Cabinet members” when in the next paragraph,  the story  reported on the issues taken up at the bilateral meeting between the President and the Emir.

Date reported on Twitter

Speaking to the reporters, Mr. Aquino also pointed to another news item that first came out on the social networking site Twitter, where he was allegedly spotted in Greenhills with a date on a weekday in  March.

Mr. Aquino said he was in the Palace from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. that day attending a meeting of the National Economic and Development Authority where many issues were tackled.

Not angry

The President lamented that the media did not even bother to check the accuracy of the report.

“If you don’t believe me, you could have looked and seen, is the convoy present? Are the other Cabinet secretaries’ vehicles still there, etc? How could that happen?” he said. “That’s what we’re asking. It’s not impossible to determine where my location was.”

The President, however, made it clear that he was not angry at the Palace press corps.

But he said the media should check the facts, get the other side of a story and be fair.

To illustrate his point, Mr. Aquino said: “Parang kung idedescribe mo may pimple ako o iyong buong mundo ko yung pimple ko na lang. Imbes na di ba, baka pwedeng sabihin baka maganda ang mata ko, baka maganda yung ilong ko or something. Parang sa atin parati doon tayo sa pimple lang. Kung minsan nakakatawa, kung minsan nakakairita.” [It’s as if you describe me as having a pimple and my world revolved around that pimple. Instead, maybe you can say that I have beautiful eyes, or I have a beautiful nose or something. For us, it’s always only the pimple. Sometimes it’s funny but sometimes it’s irritating.]

Last good story

Mr. Aquino then cited good stories that needed to be reported like the good agriculture production in the country.

At one point, the Chief Executive  asked the reporters when they last reported a positive story.

The President also took note of crime news reporting where the media tended to report on crimes but would not highlight it when the criminals were convicted and jailed.

He cited as an example the recent conviction by a regional trial court of carjacking gang leader Raymond Dominguez.

Corner of page

“When it came to the time the guy was arrested, the guy was convicted, (the news item) was printed in the corner or lower side (of a page) and was not related to the story that carnapping incidents had gone down,” he said.

He said had these stories been highlighted, maybe the people and law enforcers would be even more encouraged to fight crime because “their efforts were recognized.”

“That’s the whole point of the speech,” Mr.  Aquino concluded.

Originally posted: 5:28 pm | Monday, April 23rd, 2012

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  • JuanCrisostomoIbarra

    hahaha… comm’on

  • Zen

    Inquirer bias taga! Kay Corono bias! Kay Gloria bias! Kay Abnoy bias!

    • rocky92

      Watch your language! It seems good manners are not taught in school now…that is if you have ever been to school!

  • Gurruod

    Ganoon? Minsan ang PDI needs to do that upang hindi mahalata.

    • Edmund

      korek.. para hindi naman halata..

  • Shinigami

    Bakit siya umiiyak kung siya ang subject pero ang siya ang ang kanyang mga spokesperson kung mgpa presscon laban sa kanyang mga kalaman ay hindi siya umaalma? para siyang spoiled brat na umiiyak kapag hindi nya gusto ang mga pangyayari..tsk tsk tsk..abnoy nga talaga.

    • PaengSaAmerika

      Tama lang si Pnoy expressing his sentiments to media. Gaya mo, you need some ethical guidelines as well before posting your piece. You’re using words that are inappropriate to the reading public. You’re one of them pero nagkataon, sampay bakod lang tayo. Calling ‘abnoy’ an elected president is completely unacceptable. I hope you went to school and learned some ethics. 

      • Shinigami

        I can call him with with whatever names as want Sir, whenever I please and whenever I want. Explain me why it is unacceptable – is it because your bias towards him?  The last time I checked we are still in a democratic country. Your dear president didn’t earn my respect. He doesn’t show any respect to anyone whom he perceive as an enemy,  and he shows it to the media along with his spokespersons. How can he earn the respect of the public when he doesn’t do it to anyone? Umuwi ka dito sir at alamin mo ang totoong sitwasyon sa Pilipinas. Do you remember Corona? I guess you can sir, if you can remember, he goes into the public swinging into any media outfit, then he makes speeches in whatever occasion – telling people on whatever he thinks about him in a negative way. Did Corona complain? I could narrate you on how he goes on his speeches on other people but I guess it won’t be of any use to convince you how irresponsible this president is with regards to his attitude towards his enemies.

      • TGM_ERICK

         A perfect rebuttal! 100 likes!

      • spearheads

        Exactly, could not have said it better. That is why, by bad mouthing the media as having crab mentality, noynoying was perfectly describing himself through his actions against perceived enemies. More often than not, people with mediocre mind like him sees on others things that he has been doing. That’s what noynoying is, a cry baby looking for his mother’s saya. Pathetic is not even the applicable word to describe him.

      • James Rams


      • Edmund

        Spot on… this is the reason why I don’t have any respect to Aquino…

      • Edmund

        Tell that to  ‘abnoy’ first dahil kulang din siya ng manners! 

  • patriotic_act

    it happens, media nowadays no longer uphold responsibility on their reports, what important to them is publish it immediately for “exclusivity” even without ironing out facts first..

    responsible journalism is a thing of the past already.

  • tony

    pnoy you nortured media into this and now you are complaining? you nortured them to plant doubts on your oponents and now – that it is becoming a culture – you are complaining.

    • rocky92

      Nurtured?! Whaaa…so you call it culture? In what sense?

  • PaengSaAmerika

    Internet is killing the very source of income especially of the print media. They have to exaggerate stories with catchy headlines so the readers will grab a copy.They are so desperate to catch readers’ attention. They’re losing revenues. 

  • Enrico

    Mga tsismoso lang yata kasi nagrereport dito sa PDI, pero basa naman ako ng basa hahaha

  • Ano Ikaw

    hahah you got the dose of your own medicine…now you know how it feels to be demonized.

    • rocky92

      Demonized? It seems you are the one demonized!

  • Regd

    That’s how democracy works, reporters make mistakes, we will not always get things right the first time. Abay hindi na balanse pag walang mali. Life is all about risks and the greatest risk is not taking one. It seems PDI uses this principle.

    There are no mistakes in life, only lessons.

  • Quimbuang

    mga bobo kasi un  PDI

  • Dan

    knock off the sweet talk. You think you are clean, clean you backyard first Mr. Pres KUNO.

  • benjie

     Eh wala ka kasing ginawa kundi mag-NOYNOYING na lang! Maawa ka naman sa Pilipnas!

  • Rad Raff

    i don’t expect to hear this from ze condescending

  • EdgarEdgar

    Inaccurate and negative? Noynoy should be thankful none of the media outright called him inutile and incompetent. How about working harder and stop b*tching?

  • Angeles John

    Politicians=outright lies. Lawyers=intellectual dishonesty. Reporters=sensationalized half-truths. Businessmen=deceitful mis-information. Soldiers= unintelligible propaganda. Leftists=agitated truths. People=plain ignorance.

  • Ommm

    “All the news thats fit to print”…is a most ambiguous statement…just as politicians say “ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies”…

  • Jon

    Nagbabalat-sibuyas ka dahil sa media?
    Ayaw mong mapuna ka?
    Hirap kang tumanggap ng kritisismo?
    Simpleng sagot:
    Mag-resign ka na lang at mag PSP buong araw.
    Dapat alam mo kung anong pinasukan mo noong pumasya ka na tumakbo ka.
    Hindi yung umaangal ka ngayon na alam mo na bawat kilos mo ay babantayan.
    Stop living in your fantasy world and admit the realities of what you got yourself into.

    • beerhunters

       Dream inspires, Reality disappoints


    When negative events outweigh the positive, expect more negative output. Buckle up and go to work bossing.  what you did is all complain, cry, and get angry.  enough of those.  Man up the negatives and turn them into  positives.  do you think the people will buy good news which come in stark contrast to what they are experiencing?  Just this morning a death resulted in a forcible eviction of a group of stall owners.  How do you turn it into a good one just like this outfit is doing

    only 1 death in eviction fight   positive nga  kasi only one.  HAHAHA! 

  • M D

    Noynoy is a petty person, He refuses to accept responsibility for anything he does wrong. Example, the chinese bus massacre in Rizal park, where he was ‘missing in action” nowhere to be found. Then later to save face, he says he was at a restaurant nearby directing things behind the scenes.
         He is a vengeful petty person, intent on “getting” those who he feels did him wrong. The law means nothing to him. Only thing he values is loyalty. If you are loyal to him and you break the law? no problem, you will not be prosecuted. IF you did him wrong? he will stop at nothing, even undermining the supreme court, to put you in your place. He reminds me a lot of Marcos, which is scary

    • JK1000

      Marcos loyalist ka noh !

    • Juanaguanta2

      Comparing Him with Marcos is an understatement. Try CALIGULA AND NERO.

  • JK1000

    Most media people nowadays are doing the LOLIT SOLIS type of reporting. they’re so desperate to get a real news, but end up reporting hearsay or gossip news.

    • Darwin

      yes. i agree. buti napansin mo rin ang ginagawa ng PDI, ABS-CBN, lalo na sina Raissa Robles, Conrad de Quiros at Esposo of Philstar. Wala tayong magawa. kailangan nila ng hanap-buhay mula sa budget ni Carandang at mga tanga niyang Macboys.

  • Harry

    “Kung magpupunla tayo ng pagdududa, paghihirap ang dulot nito. Ngunit kung pag-asa ang ating itatanim, kasaganahan naman ang ating aanihin (If we plant the seeds of doubt, suffering would grow from there.  But if we plant hope, we would harvest prosperity),” President Aquino also said.

    A lot of doubts were planted on the wealth of Corona, hence the country is suffering from a near constitutional crisis created by the impeachment trial.

  • Nic Legaspi

    This president keeps whining about negative reporting when he’s the one on the news. What about negative news about his enemies, or destructive reports arising from his own propaganda? Okey lang kasi hindi naman patungkol sa kanya? Wow… galing.

    • Maldi2

       Exactly!  A double standard government.  He said no wang-wang and yet his AK-47 guy keeps the wang-wang!

  • ynigooctaviano

    Survival mode kasi ang mga tao diyan sa media kaya dog eat dog mentality at envelopmental journalism

  • Juanaguanta2

    IMF reports the Philippines is behind its Asian neighbors in terms of economic growth.
    The Philippines is on top in unemployment rate.

    Only one word can describe his leadership: INCOMPETENT!!!!!

  • spearheads

    Ewan ko lang kong alam ni noynoying ang ibig sabihin ng crab mentality pero ang alam ko ay yan yong taong mahilig humila pababa sa mga taong sikat gaya nina GMA at CJ Corona. Maliwanag na si noynoying ang numero unong tao na may crab mentality sa Pilipinas, walang kadudaduda.

  • $23601969

     Those “mistakes”  never really was a big deal and the public hardly even noticed anything wrong until today.  The grace lee date twitter even made him look better because it somehow made “noynoying” appear as a baseless accusation. Sorry to say this but PDI is already seen as biased in his favor..  baka mainit lang ulo and a bit spoiled by PDI’s overprotection.

  • AntiAko


    I may not be a journalist but at least I know this is how the press operates all over the world.  Hindi ba ito alam ng presidente? Wow…


       Gusto itago bad news, ikaw naman.  Kaya lang  kaaunti naman good news eh di halos mablablangko ang newspaper.  Pasulatin na lang sina Boy abunda at lolit solis para mapuno!

  • victorts

    The dictatorial tendencies of Pnoy again showed when he lambasted the press for reporting not too favorable stories of him and the administration.  He even went to the extent of lecturing the seasoneed journalists of what to print and not to print. 

    So the Philippine media should remember from hereon that news that would put the president and his administration in a bad light should not be printed.  On the other hand, even unimportant happenings that would paint a good word for him should be in the front page.  Martial law around the corner?

  • joseph

    “At one point, the Chief Executive  asked the reporters when they last reported a positive story.”

    Mr. President, when was the last time you accomplished something positive?

    Hint: petulance and bullying doesn’t count

    • Darwin

      I’m sure the media would print positively the news that the chief justice is acquitted, noynoy resigns, and the economy is now being professionally managed because the student council government and their oligarch sponsors have been thrown out.

  • SimounIbarra

    I think what PNoy was stressing is true. Imagine, pag nanood ka ng balita, puro patay dito, aksidente doon, artista dito, Corona doon. Wala bang magandang nangyayari sa bansa natin? Puro nga naman negative. Nakakasawa. Pag may nangyaring negative sa government, hala, karipas sa balita. Pag positive, nah, wala lang. 

    Be fair, ok lang magreport ng negative, pero yung mga positive naman, i-report din. 

    Sino ba dito nakakaalam na nagbigay tayo ng donation sa Japan nung nagkalindol/tsunami sa kanila? Iilan lang ata, baka nga wala pa.


       ALAM KO NAGDODONATE TAYO SA jAPAN, PERO DI TINANGGAP. Di na pinalaki ng media kasi tinanggihan!

      • SimounIbarra

        Anung tinanggian? O_O

        Anyways, example lang naman yan. Madami pang magandang nangyayari sa bansa natin, na hindi nababalita. 

        Yun lang naman ang gusto ni Pnoy. Report negative, report positives din, para naman umayos ayos image ng Pinas. 

      • TGM_ERICK

        Di naman tinanggap. Alam na mas kailangan natin!

    • Rey Ban

       built in nman malaking stasyon sa malakanyang db po bakit ganun..baka talagang makapangyarihan ang totoo

  • spearheads

    Since noynoying’s tirade is against the media, and PDI is a mainstream media, why is PDI not conducting a poll to find out if the media is critical against noynoying?

  • tabalu

    hindi po martial law ngayon mahal kong pangulo, huwag nyong kontrolin ang media! at naibalita na po si dominguez at di na kailangang paulit ulit ibalita saka kriminal po ang sinasabi nyong halimbawa sana naman tumaas-taas ng level ang halimbawa nyo.
    at sa mga taga media naman, huwag nyo na kasing i-balita yung marahas na demolition sa paranaque, ang mga panggera ng tsekwa sa west phil. sea, ang pag-putol ng mga puno sa baguio, ang hindi mahuli-huling sila ex-gov. reyes, cong. ecleo, gen palparan, ang malalang traffic sa metro manila, ang mga kotong cops, ang ibalita nyo nalang bumaba ng 30 sentimos ang productong petrolyo ngayon, pero kung tumaas ulit wag na rin ninyong ibalita, kakahiya naman sa pangulo.

  • casaysay

    in lucifer’s name, tawa ako ng tawa habang binabasa ang news item na ito. komedya ang dating ng kababaan ng mga tinuran ng presidente kuno. walang depth ang mga laman ng salita.   

  • Lando

    ang babaw ! LOL balat sibuyas LOL

  • adam_d_ant

    hu, hu, hu. … salbahe sila .. inaapi nila si retard   ….. aba, ang lakas loob ng ibang reporter na “mali” ang sinusulat …. di ba nila alam na napakasipag ni retard?  aba, hirap atang magkunwari na me ginagawa  … subokan n’yo.  pero si retard ay expert sa pagkukunwari  … tagal ng practice sa house of rep at senado  ….

    at saan kayo nakakita ng retarded na ang salita hindi “mine”  …. ang retarded palaging s’ya ang tama  … and to think na ang inquirer eh mouthpiece ng admin ni retard …. hindi pa nasiyahan … ang gusto ay lahat ng news pabor sa kanya …

    ano pa ang proof ng hinihingi ng mga “supoters” ni budoy na me sayad ang pang gulo .

  • Abnoy tupak


  • sigena

    galit pagtotoo ang sa dyaryo. kalbo na mahina pa

  • Rhine

    Pnoy finally noticed the biased reporting by the media…I feel for you you Mr. President.. your love and service for country has been ignored and the people are being brain-washed by the media..I believed you can show to the people that what is being reported is the opposite..the best way to fight such is to ignore it….it;s my one cents advise Mr. President…WHAAAAA..

  • noelpdavid

    ngayon mali ang media,pero ginamit ito ng admin na to sa pagdemonized sa mga kalaban nya.

    • loudwhale

      abnoy is only proving that he is a hypocrit of the highest order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Albin

    Hayan na.
    Kapag hindi pabor kay penoy ang balita, masama ang media.
    Kapag anti gma/ corona, freedom of the press ang tawag.

    Simula na iyan ng suppression sa media na niluluto nina carandang & co.

  • loudwhale

    abnoy is just very confused because his KKK’s have nothing but praise & admiration for haring abnoy yet the media does not seem to follow the lead so therefore it is media that is the problem.

  • joseph

    Based on previous behavior, he will ask the house to impeach the media next…

  • Jon

    Speaking to the reporters, Mr. Aquino also pointed to another news item that first came out on the social networking site Twitter, where he was allegedly spotted in Greenhills with a date on a weekday in  March.
    Mr. Aquino said he was in the Palace from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. that day attending a meeting of the National Economic and Development Authority where many issues were tackled.

    Akala mo yata tanga kami lahat, no Pwehnoy?
    May video nga di ba?
    O may iba ka pa bang kilalang umiikot sa Powerbooks na may kasamang isang dosenang PSG?
    Ok lang naman na mag-bulakbol ka.
    Sanay na naman kami.
    Wag mo lang insultohin ang katalinuhan ng taongbayan.

  • dagohoy620

    P-Noy never asked the media to be biased in favor of his administration. Far from it!  What he wished for is balanced reporting on the part of the media. If everyday, you read, hear or watch the crimes of rape and murder in grisly details with glossy photographs as well, what will it say about our country’s ability to ensure tourists are well protected and out of harm’s way?

    If on a daily basis, you see, hear and watch coverage of gory accidents on our highways and byways, what will that say about the safety of our major streets and national roads?

    And why oh why should those grisly and gory pictures be headlined and bannered on Page One of our news dailies?

    It seems that our media are more into digging for dirt and unsavory news than in reporting with fairness and equanimity!!

    This paper, I’m prepared to say, has been more fair than most of our leading dailies!  Insofar as the online version of our news dailies, the Inquirer also got my high marks.  Compared to, say, ABS-CBN News, Manila Bulletin, pr Manila Standard Today which have a tendency to sensationalize and/or glorify gory crimes of rape, murder, and celebrity-related misdeeds, the Inquirer has for the most part been circumspect — except for the likes of opinion-writers like Rigoberto Tiglao and Amando Doronila!

    • Darwin

      Tiglao and Doronilla are OPINION COLUMNISTS.  They do not report news. If he only wants to hear good things, he should hire a nanny.

    • Dipaloloko

      For the business of media – sensationalism and tsismis produce tons of money; cold facts and good news don’t make as much.

      But for everyone else’s business, it is the opposite.

      Conclusion: the economic interests of media is against the economic interest of Juan de la Cruz  

    • SimounIbarra

      Tama to, buti pa to nagiisip. Wala naman siyang sinabi na good news sa admin niya ang ibalita. Sabi lang niya, magbigay naman ng good news. Napaka-imposible naman na walang magandang nangyayari sa Pinas, di ba.

      Ano to? Country of murders, accidents, thiefs, rapists, drug addicts, escaped criminals?

      Aba eh alis na lang tayo dito kung ganyan naman pala dito.

    • Rey Ban

       you mean we’ll get out of thruth?

  • Inan Pancito

    hypocrisy at it’s best 

  • kilabot

    what about your prostitutes, pnoy kapon? are you not going to slam them for feeding the people lies and inaccuracies? 45 properties, small lady, gate insertion, pork deprivation to non-aligned congs, etc.

    • loudwhale

      abnoy is nothing but a hypocrite!!!!!!!!! he does not know what he is talking about always. after all his useless words in the forum all he really wanted to say is “tirahin ninyo si Corona, ang SC, ang mga kalaban ko”, wag naman ninyo ako pahiyain, be my KKK’s.

  • Night




  • San Miguel

    Drama na naman… Kunyari nag cite sya ng report ng Inquirer eh mouthpiece nga  nya ang dyaryong ito… Another kunyari ayaw na ma-media ang kanyang date.. Eh sa totoo lang gustong gusto nya itong pinag-uusapan… Ipokrito….. Uy wag mo nga kamimg utuin….

  • loudwhale

    abnoy is really very vain, his image, na uselees naman, is very improtant to him even when he is just noynoying. mas importante na mayroon siyang pinagyayabang then the people feeling the effects of his hard work if he works at all.

  • loudwhale

    sa totoo lang i think media is still being very soft & kind to abnoy. i think its safe to say that abnoy has a substancial “yellow media gang” in all the major dailies. so what is abnoy complaining about?

  • thunderbolt01

    Nagko complain siya pag hindi maganda ang balita sa kanya. Pero enjoy siya pag isinulat ang paninira niya kay corona. Ano ba ang maganda sa character mo? Sugar daddy ng isang koreana na alam naman nating kinukwartahan lang siya. Sa tanda at hitsura mong yan, sino ang maniniwala na magugustuhan kaniyan? Gamitan lang yan. Gagamitin mo siya para patunayang tunay kang lalake. OK lang sa kanya basta tama ang bayad di ba?  

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      u mean bakla si penoy?

  • poltergeist_fuhrer





  • DondonSantosJr

    Bakit? sino ka to complain about the news? ah oo (so called) President ka nga pala. 3
    Alam mo kugn may good news naman, binabalita naman yun, sino ba naman ang ayaw ng good, positive news
    Kaso, ang nangyayari eh, sa sobrang dami ng bad, negatives news ngayon kaya parang wala ng good news. 
    Hay naku, if you cannot handle it, then quit

  • Night




    • Rey Ban

       papano pagtrabhuin yung di marunnong..?kaya nga naging ganyan eh kung ano na lang pinag interesan..walang alam na dereksiyon eh pag pasensyahan mo na..kasi kulang sa likot ang isip kung papano ang governance..

    • poltergeist_fuhrer


    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      sobrang noynoying na ng presidenteng ito…

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    In fact, in his post in a social networking site, a cyber friend, Jerry Ocampo bared that just last year, Noynoy ordered that an image of the Virgin Mary inside the Malacañang Chapel be removed and placed inside the stockroom despite the protestations of the members of the Presidential Security Group.
    And his only reason was that the he doesn’t want that particular image of the Virgin Mary inside the Malacañang Chapel as it was brought there by his predecessor, former President Gloria Macapagal -Arroyo. Not only unpresidential but outrightly sacrilegious.
    What kind of man who claims to have come for a very religious family would dare remove a religious image from the chapel simply because it was donated by his perceived enemy? Maybe only those who are sick in the mind.

    Daily tribune: Inside congress

    Nais ko lamang pong ilathala ang pananaw o pakiwari ng ibang komentarista sa peryodiko…

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      tumpak ito blog mo parekoy sa issue ni conrado ngaun..pinagrepost ko sa kanyang article

      • Andres_Bagumbayan

        Naisalin ko na ang artikulong ito sa kolumn ni de quiros!!!! salamat po…

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Malayo talaga kung ikukumpara ko si noynoying sa yumaong pangulo ng estados unidos na si “Harry Truman”…Sa la mesa ng pangulong truman ay may karatulang nagsasaad “THE BUCK STOPS HERE”…na ang ibig sabihin ay “Responsibility is not passed beyond this point”…

    Sa wikang tagalog ang ibig sabihin ay “Inaako lahat ni pangulong Truman ang lahat ng responsibilidad ng bansa,mapamabuti o masama man ang resulta at hindi ito isisisi sa ibang tao o ahensiya !!!! ito ang mabuting karakter na wala si Noynoying. laging ibang tao o ahensiya ang sinisisi ni noynoying sa kanyang kapalpakan sa pamamahala!!!!

    • poltergeist_fuhrer


      • Andres_Bagumbayan

        Salamat po! katotohanan po ang nais ni noynoy aquino,kaya’t ibibigay natin sa kanya ang tutoong hinaing ng bayan at hindi ng SWS at pulse asia’s surveys!!!

    • pepengkabayo

      Salamat naman sa iyong paliwanag ng The Buck Stops Here.
      Ang akala ko, ang ibig sabihin, bumaba na ang Dollar. Kaya di pwedeng tumaas.
      Thanks for sharing your learning.

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    isa lang ang nasa isip nitong inutil na presidente…ang pagiging presidente niya is all about surveys….

    so, kahit hindi siya magtrabaho as long as mataas ang kanyang survey ratings, he is so comfortable mag dota everyday at mag tlelebabad sa koreana niyang gf….

    so, ngaun, bumababa na ang rating, he is blaming the media…nasaan na kaya itong mga laptop brigade ni carandang…galit na ang amo ninyo, ineffective ang pinagggagawa ninyo dito…hahaha…mawawalan na kau ng trabaho…hahaha

    mr president…tumaas man or bumaba ang rating mo or mag negative man, u shouldnt be complaining…magtrabaho ka lang…at the end of the day, you give justice to people..kaysa ang habol mo lang ang surveys pero wala ka naman ginagawa…

  • antonioluna

    ano ba maasahan natin sa mga corporate media eh di magreport ng naayon sa layunin ng kanilang corporation kaya tangkilikin natin ang mga independent media pero ang masama kapag sumikat na ang isang independent media nagiging corporate na din

  • Chris Basing-at

    One of the principle of journalism is being responsible.I don’t think media as an institution will be just be fabricating news without clarifying its genuinity.Sometimes, the real truth hearts but it is the truth.Media should uphold the freedom of the Press but not being irresponsible.

  • JasminCubacub

    So. FINALLY.. na karma din si SIMEON! VICTIM OF MEDIA MISREPORTS, which he himself planted!!

  • pepengkabayo

    What Pnoy wants is….

    When the news report is about Pnoy administration, it should be all Good and Positive.
    When the news report is about GMA and Corona, it should all be Bad and Negative.

    • rodger66

      he called it, fair and balance !hhahahahhahahahahahaahaaahahahaha

  • James Rams

    aysus.reklamo ka pa.. sa ANC kanina – nag start sila ng late para di makapunta sa question and answer portion ksi si mr DOE Almedras . pwe!  .Ms Davila – Anc ! ABS- CBN – yellow brain dead people.

  • James Rams

    alam naman naman ng tao na ang Inquirer ay yellow follower..

  • pinoynga

    Negativity in our traditional media is really sickening. It’s like drinking poison daily. We deserve something better from our media. However, we also have to look deeper into our persons. Reality is many seem to like these poisons. Just look at some of the posts below…as if negativity in media is not yet enough! Think positive! Do positive! Live positive!

    • Rey Ban

       ginawa na dati nila pnoy saka mga media nila kay gma sirang sira si gma pero 7.9 and growth economy ng bansa..abilidad lang siguro governance..

  • wehd1nga

    looks like Pnoy and his band of spinmasters are done blaming GMA and her government, they’re now blaming the media for all their failure or whatever it is they forgot to do, yeah right two years in office all you got to show is a bunch of failed or should i say busted relationships… better shape up or i want my money back.

    • Lila

       how about reporting positive news? the only thing we can know if the negative is solved is to know the positive action been done.. is the media doing that? or the media just want to report negative news so people will buy their newspapers?? i think it’s time that newspapers are required half of their reports on the positive and half on the negative.. siting like this is the negative know then it was solve on this.. that’s what I want to read in the newspaper

      • rodger66

        they’ve been doing that for quite sometimes and PNoys and his buddies enjoy that.Life is like a wheel right ?

  • bongbong39

    hay naku may topak talaga!!

  • billygunn23


    • Lila

       sure? wala? as in wala? magpakilala ka tarantado..

      • Night

        eh ikaw mag pakilala ka din tarantado… sino ka ba? lagay mo dito OR kung matapang ka gamitin mo yung facebook account mo para mag comment. TANGA!!!!

      • msmakabayan

        huwag kang bastos! Opinion niya yun…

    • bahaykubo1015


  • Coty

    ha ha Mr. President, let’s hear it one more time: “a great rock is not disturbed by the wind; the mind of a wise man is not disturbed by either honour or abuse”! _ _ Buddha

  • Coty

    and again one more time:

    The man who questions opinion is wise; the man who quarrels with facts is a fool.
    — Frank A. Garbutt

  • bosesprobinsyano

    We support our government and we support you Mr. President. But, it  government’s  action that could  change the negative  news.  What the government committed must be pushed through. They much publicized PPP,  has to be made a reality. Reform in all agencies have to be felt.  There should be a new PNP, AFP and law enforcement culture that can be felt. Just order and fair  discipline imposed .  Each  department must have concrete action plan for reform . People are impatient, and could not wait for more years.  The media and the people must  see  and feel that the good news are more interesting than the bad.  Every agency , section , department of the government must be ordered to make a difference,  must be monitored , and compliance enforced. All branches , and even “leaves” of the government can bear good news  and positive energy.

  • Edmund

    Crying baby!   ano na naman bang kabaklaan ito ha Noynoy?  Ngayon at ikang ang nasa firing squad,  umaangal ka.. samantalang kung si Corona at GMA ang nasa balita, namimiyesta ka…  kurutin kaya kita…

    • ret

      huwag! huwag mong kurutin ang matanda na isip bata.. baka lalong umiyak, tayo din ang affected… hahahahahahha lol…

    • rodger66

      huwag na huwag mong gawin iyan at nang makita ka ni Grace Lee baka sabihin niyang totoo ngang beke si P…

  • Edmund

    Ganyan ka powerful ang media sa Pilipinas… pwede kang ilagay sa isang pedestal na gusto nila at pwede ka ring durugin hanggang mapulbos ka… it’s all in the name of business… where is social responsibility here? wala…  it’s probably misplaced somewhere…

  • msmakabayan


  • msmakabayan

    You’re getting a dose of your own medicine. You sow poison against others, therefore, you reap poison as well!  Learn this lesson, Noynoy and learn it well :  Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you!

  • benjie

    Yan kasi palagi ka nag-NOYNOYING!

  • msmakabayan

    Grow up, PNoy!

  • Lando

    isip bata at balat sibuyas, ang babaw ng pag-iisip ni PNOY

  • John TWT

    As if hindi pa affected ang image ng Pinas sa global community.

    Here’s news for the president: Basang basa na ang papel ng Pilipinas sa mundo!

    So stop whining about the press and instead tell your “communications group” to stop Noynoying and do their jobs. Much better; replace them all! This is perhaps the worst team of communicators there is. Their sum is infinitely smaller than their individual egos. Such a waste of resources.

  • Darwin

    ask and you shall receive sir.  May Good news na ibabalita. Hacienda Luisita ibibigay na sa mga magsasaka sa 1989 na presyo. nakatipid ng malaki ang gubyerno!! Good news na good news sa masang pilipino.

    • rodger66

      Now I can see a number of new millionaires soon, FARMERS win thanks to the 8 SCJ’s.

  • PHtaxpayer

    I don’t blame him given the nature of media reporting.  People cannot rely on ethical and accurate journalism in this country or anywhere else.  Even in US and UK, there are so many scandals, propaganda and lies when it comes to journalism.  It’s up to people to find out the truth and take these stories with a grain of salt.

    • Bayan Muna

       PUTTANG lNA KA ULLOL!!!!!!!11


  • Bayan Muna



    • Guest

      another nonsense post…

  • rodger66

    its not a surprise especially they’ve lost a landmark decisions on HLI…his temper is above his bold head !!!
    …and please Pnoy, it was PDI who released a picture of yours pretending you were working hard in your office and a PDI newspaper infront.So, don’t slammed them cause they were the ones who saved your a$$ for Noynoying !!!

  • rodger66

    the next thing we know is that, PDI is in the lowest rating according to SWS…hahahahaha

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      i cant wait for that…

      it is starting now sa pagkakapanalo ng mga magsasaka sa hacienda luisita…damned to lourdes sereno…

  • Jesse_Tangkad

    Penoy is so onion skinned. He is like a spoiled brat only wanting to see and listen what he likes. He is lucky, he is popular. What happens when he goes down. And he better stand with the farmers in regards to HLI, otherwise, the worst is yet to come.

  • neverwint3r

    while i am for press freedom i do agree pnoy has a point in a way. many foreign press like UK, france, US, australia practice what is known as internal discretion to protect their country’s image. for example, reporting on national security-related matters,

    when i see pdi headlines almost 80% are slanted to be negative and sometimes you can sense some of these are as if intended to incite emotion on the reader. for example ‘china orders philippines to…” when actually in foreign press like AP, AFP, it’s ‘china urges phils to withdraw”. simple things. but the former headline tends to suggest the country is a chinese lapdog state.

    another example, the reporting during the luneta hostage-taking was disappionting. the headlines tends to embarrass the country with the whole world watching-it’s as if we’re a nation of incompetents.

    i hope the reporters and editors realize while they have the power of the pen, but they’re still filipinos.

    • adam_d_ant

      kabayan, ano ba talaga?

      our government and police agency were proven to be incompetent … the media of the world made a laughingstock of the police operation  … it was pointed out “how  not to follow the phil operation” … or else  …. no need to say anything…. the pictures and video of the bumbling cops and the ridiculous retarded president smiling like an idiot was more telling than words  …..

      action speak louder than words  — sounds familiar?

  • Martin

    I am very surprised the President has so much free time to complain about the press.  Negative commentary can be aspiring and motivating for change or improvement in government or society.
    The president needs to focus on the important items facing the country….and not trying to control the press.   

    • Guest

      correcting and controlling are two entirely different words. correcting media oversights does not mean controlling the media who are oftentimes negligect of media ethics. controlling was done by marcos and hitler. did noynoy ever closed one newspaper?

  • GreenStallion

    I think PNOY was just trying to say to his kababayan that we should learn to embibe good characteristics. Now a days its a fact that we get bombarded with negative news, thoughts, ideas that it influence our inner self. PNOY did not say that we should not criticize him, but just a fair and balance reporting, not exaggerated. I think its about time that we should change this kind of attitude among us that somewhat we are influence by werstern culture.

  • jeffrey zhao

    Ha ha ha, anong gusto mong ireport ng media, UNG KATOTOHANAN? Cge, Inquirer ilabas nio. Lahat ang baho ng admin na ito!

  • JF

    balat sibuyas tlga oo… nun panahon ni nunal simula almusal/tanghalian at hapunan puro negatibo balita marinig mo tungkol sa kanya pero wla kang marinig na umaangal sya.

  • Bert

    We already have The Inquirer and the ABS-CBN doing all the PRAISE RELEASES for Pnoy. What more does he want?

  • Renan jay Ferren

    Philippines Press are abusive of power… report lang ng report! grabe sila…  Broadcasters also have a responsibility! image of country is the most and very important! ang dami ang iba halos lahat lies na mabenta lang ang news papers! 

  • pepengkabayo

    Aquino slams media for Inaccurate, Negative Reporting…..

    You should be thankful Pnoy on the media’s Inaccurate Reporting.
    Dahil kung Accurate baka lalo pang grabe ang balita tungkol sa pamamalakad mo.
    Also, be thankful for Negative Reporting because
    Negative + Negative = Positive.
    Mahina ka seguro sa math.

  • Pitbulldog

    This president is out of touch of reality, nearing lunatic stage na yata.  When the media prints his bloopers,  blunders and facts about of his incompetence as a president,  he would say they are inaccurate and creates negative impression on his dignified position (daw). I thought all the while, the media is one of the main conspirators (and culprit) why he was shoved into that post. P-noy expects them to peddle his lies and lunacy all the time.  Pero baka di na sila makabenta nyan.

  • hazelgayo

    Dapat talaga pangaralan Ang Philippine Press… Remember the bus hijacked! Killed hong kong citizen? It’s media fault! Kuha lang ng kuha….! Tama si pinoy!Sometime’s what they report very are very far from the truth! Ang sinasabi ni mr. president kailangan natin maging more responsible sa freedom of broadcasting! Like example a story about actors/actresses make it sure its true bago ilabas ang balita…. Don’t look about what president past tingnan natin nagagawa nya at ginagawa nya….

    • KapitanBagwis

       Malapit ng makuha ng PDI news reporter ang style ni Boy Abunda.

  • RonnieV

    I think Pnoy is right in this kind of media reporting, If there is a negative reports media should balanced it with the good reports. It should be like that because the people especially foreigners are sometimes asking us if this is the real situation in Phils to which we are also ashamed being a Filipino. It has a negative impact on the Filipinos working abroad, the impression is negative, and this is one reason why among others Filipinos cannot easily obtain visas for travelling in foreign country compared to other nationals.   

  • noelpogi

    Nabasa ko sa STRAIGHT TIMES ng Malaysia na tumaas daw ang importasyon ng Pilipinas sa kanila. Ganito ang pagkakasabi sa kanilang diaryo. ” Phils. is a big market for our Palm Oil bec. of the improvement of their economy”.  Ito ay galing sa ibang bansa, pero dito ang laging sinasabi ng ating mga diaryo ay hindi improvement kung hindi ay lalo pa raw sumasama dahil daw sa noynoying ng ating presidente.  Sanay tayo na maliitin ang ating bansa at ipababa pa sa mga mata ng buong mundo.

  • Night

    kapag naging realistic ang media at ireport lahat ng katotohanan….. baka puro negative lang laman ng diyaryo….

    hinahaluan na nga ng media natin ng propaganda ang balita eh, angal pa etong mongoloid na eto…


  • Joelea_May_Tiamsing_82

    ay bobo ni pepengkabayo,
    negative + negative = negative pa rin no?

  • KapitanBagwis

    The president is correct. PDI banners are sometimes confusing. like “China Warned” and when you read the whole article it doesn’t say who warned China.

  • pedronimo

    Please Let the guy, Night, know what he has just said, You approve his expletives most of which do not deserve PDI standard publication because they’re libelous. My comment is not libelous.

  • KapitanBagwis

    We need another Isagani Yambot at PDI. Banners of this paper lately particularly the Scarborough Shoal issue are inciting the people emotionally. 

    Example is this very news, the president did not slam the media. The president is exhorting them to be careful not to commit mistakes like the example he pointed out, and to be fair and balance in giving space to positive news.

  • vir_a

    Noynoy can initiate a campaign to boycott newspapers who are reporting negatively against him, as what Erap did.

  • cliff_castillo

    Some media and our people tend to give negative comments against an official or person they don’t like even if their comments are not valid and tend to damage the image of our country.  There are a lot of them who simply don’t care about our country.  We don’t think of ourselves as being part of the country.  We should be more objective and constructive in our comments.

  • wawaPinoy

    Gusto ni BSAquino puro pambobola at pagpapapogi sa kanya ang mga headline.  Eh hindi naman  pwede kasi kasinungalingan na yan.    How you can write praises in this government  when everything he is doing is for the good of his KKK  only.   Isipin nya na lang sana na ang malinis na bakuran ay mahalimuyak….the opposite of his backyard now… 

    LLamas, Acosta, Puno, Diokno, Tupas Jr at Sr. etc..  made the news world very exciting.   Dagdagan pa ng magandang ehemplo kung paano nya binastos si Corona sa media..  Gaya-gaya lang naman yan..   Madakdak na presidente, dapat ba tularan ng mamamayan  para masaya?….

    Yang date with girlfriend  issue nya sa twitter,  gawa ni Carandang yan  to give BSAquino an excuse  to react..kasi yon ang talagang pwede nilang gamiting issue para palabasing  sinungaling ang mga naglalabas ng news.. 

    Hintayin na lang natin ang LP ni BSAquino sa panahon ng kampanya.   Mas masahol pa dyan sa  pag gawa ng black propaganda against their opponents ang pag-gamit nya sa  media..LOL..

    • ClaroMente


      • wawaPinoy

        hehehehe…..punta ka ng scarborough shoal… kailangan doon warfreaks na tulad mo….

      • Arns

        I’m sure bayaran yang si Wawapinoy ni CJ…

    • Arns

      Ang sinasabe ng presidente mag sabe ng tutuo… hinde yung mali mali ang sinasabe…

      • casaysay

        budoy ka ba at hindi mo nababasa ang napakaraming mali-mali na ay unconstitutional pa na sinasabi ni Pnoy at kahit ang mula mismo sa press releases ng malacanang. mahilig massabi ng di totoo si Pnoy o kumilakis ng hindi tama gayong presidente pa siya. baguhin muna niya sarili niya bago mangaral sa mali ng iba na mali rin niya..

    • barong

      The President is just requesting balance factual reporting from media and not just sensational reporting for the sake of earning money or making the deadline on the part of our press people. In other words be responsible enough in what you report…set the facts straight. Ang isa sa nakakapagpababa ng estado ng ating bansa at ng mga Pilipino ay ang sobrang negative news reporting ng ating media.. It sets the tone of helplessness and drives our people to be bitter to each other and pulls down the admirable things which good and law abiding citizens have created. But if we promote…support good news, then it expands and gives credence to our people and our country.         

      • oraman

        Hindi na kasi dapat nag-re request ng balanced reporting sa media kasi self serving ang dating… eh meron naman siyang PIA (Philippine Information Agency) bakit di niya sabihan ang chief ng PIA…ang media kasi alam nilang mas mabenta ang bad news kaya ayun…

  • la mona segrestat

    I would have to agree with the President’s reasoning.. Kaya minsan bumababa rin ang morale ng mga tao kasi puro negative na lang ang naririnig nila.. and many times, the things are over sensationalized.. yan kasi ang mahirap pag private companies ang may hawak sa media.. they have to over do the news para mas mapansin ung channel/paper nila from the rest..

  • ClaroMente



  • joeldcndcn


  • Bright

    We should report positive news as much as possible. Good vibes lang. Print out the bad news if it is a necessity but emphasize the good stuff

    • thunderbolt01

       Ganoon din sana ang nasa isip ng panggulo, kaso puro paninira kay corona ang inaatupag. Ngayon gusto pang diktahan ang media. Dapat i praise niya ang supreme court for a job well done. Tagumpay ang mga mamamayan at mga magsasaka.

      • Arns

        Like hello!!!  Bayaran ka ni Corona noh????

      • Bert

        at di ko sasabihin na bayaran ka ng malacanang communication group ni carandang…hehe

      • dgboy

         eh ano ba good maasasabi mo kay Corona. Pagiging sinungaling naman ata yun sir.

  • Al Calde

    Its called pessimistic journalism! Our journalist thrives on negative articles, FRONT PAGE pa!!!!

    Ang masama pa dyan ang pine feed nila sa international media ay ang patayan at kaguluhan na gustong-gusto naman ng foreign media para hindi maka angat ang ekonomiya natin! Economic sabotage! kung tutuusin eh nangyayari naman ang ganitong mga patayan sa ibang bansa..

    Isama mo na rin ang electioneering!

  • oraman

    Bakit kaya noong ini-report na 45 ang properties ni Corona ay hindi ka umangal Mr Aquino huh? pasensiya ka ganyan ang media sa Pilipinas… paminsan-minsan lumalabas ang pagiging independent….,hindi nakukuha sa lagay paminsan minsan…kung ako sa iyo gamitin mo ang  Philippine Information Agency… katungkulan ng PIA ang mag-disseminate ng magagandang balita at kung ano ang ginagawa ng mga sangay ng pamahalaan..hindi iyang puro impeachment na lang ang laman ng balita

  • Bert

    Pnoy actually slammed the media for blowing up the NONOYING TAG against him.


  • BagongPilipino

    Ako ay nag trabaho sa isang multinational company dito sa ating bansa at na witnessed ko kung paano nababayaran ang maraming miyembro ng media natin. May namatay na tao sa loob ng kumpanya namin pero ng sabihin ng management na news black out wala ngang lumabas kahit isang balita. Hindi na din ako nagtataka kung bakit madami ang pinapatay na newsmen. Masyadong corrupt din ang industriya na ito.

  • freelancer_21

    truth hurts folks….rape(of kids),slay,robbery,kidnapping,corruption,shooting,automobile/bus/motorcycle accidents(for having no discipline) there’s really nothing positive to say about all that. but like all pinoys everyone just falls back to showbiz and everything is fine and dandy again like nothing is going on around them…

  • white scorpion

    the media in our country whether we like it or not is manipulative, at time concealing true facts. may personal experience na ako re this kind of corruption ng media. at times they make a simple issue seems like end of the world na. ok lang sana sa mga kalokohan nila. problema!! sometimes nakakasira na sa image ng ating bayan.

    • Kamaldulensis

      *** concealing

      • white scorpion

        yes. your right. narealized kong mali, sarado na ako. tinamad na akong buksan ang computer. thanks

  • Bert

    The SPOILED BRAT is complaining. He already has on his pocket 3 of PHIL MEDIA GIANTS. What’s more does he want?

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