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‘Imeldific’ collection of artworks (partial list)

/ 02:55 AM October 12, 2014

Imelda marcos paintings

This file photo taken on June 7, 2007 shows former first lady Imelda Marcos is seen in her apartment in Manila with a gallery of paintings including a Picasso, seen at upper right. Philippine authorities moved on September 30, 2014 to seize paintings by Picasso, Gauguin, Miro, Michelangelo and other masters held by Imelda Marcos after getting a court order against the former first lady. AFP/ROMEO GACAD

MANILA, Philippines—This is a list of art pieces believed to have been purchased by former first lady Imelda Marcos during the martial law years. The list of paintings, many of them by European masters and worth millions of dollars each, was attached to a petition for writ of execution and turnover filed in the Supreme Court of the State of New York by the lawyers of the victims of human rights violations during the Marcos dictatorship. The victims are claimants in a case versus the Marcos estate, and who have won a judgment in 1995 and been awarded $2 billion in damages.

French impressionist Claude Monet’s painting “Water Lilies” ** had been illegally sold to a collector by Mrs. Marcos’ aid, Vilma Bautista, her coaccused for $32 million, but the buyer avoided litigation by paying $10 million which the claimants received in March. Two more—another painting by Monet (48) * and one by Alfred Sisley (7) *—could soon be recovered.


The list is the result of research and investigative work done by the claimants’ lawyers led by Robert Swift. The list has the artists’ names, titles of the paintings, medium used and size. The list may not be complete. Images of most of the masterpieces can be viewed on the Internet. Ma. Ceres P. Doyo


ARTIST NAME                    PAINTING TITLE                               PAINTING

1 Abraham Janssens   “Peace and Abundance Binding the Arrows of War, aka Peace and Plenty Binding the Arrows of War”                                                                 Oil on canvas, 150x118cm


2 Alessandro Botticelli   “Madonna and Child” Tempera on panel, 37x29cm

3 Alessandro Magnasco “Christ Heals the Cripple” Oil on canvas, 93.5×70.5cm

4              Alessandro Magnasco

St. Jerome

Oil on canvas, 73×58.5cm

5              Alessandro Magnasco

Mother with Child

Oil on canvas, 40x30cm

6              Alessandro Magnasco

Couple of Farmers with Children

Oil on canvas, 40x30cm

7              Alfred Sisley

Langland Bay, 1887 *

8              Amedeo Modigliani

Jeanne Hebuterne

Oil on canvas, 51×22.25cm

9              Amico Di Sandro

Virgin and Child

Tempera on

panel, 58x58cm

10           Andrea Della Robbia

Madonna and Child

Terracotta relief, 40.5x23cm

(including frame)

11           Andrea Di Bodiaiuto

Enthroned Madonna

Surrounded by Saints

Tempera on panel, 66x67cm

12           Andrea Di Niccolo

St. Agostino

Tempera on panel, 161x54cm

13           Andrea Di Niccolo

St. Biagio

Tempera on

panel, 161x54cm

14           Andrew Wyeth

Moon Madness

15-32    Anna Mary Robertson                   Moses, aka Grandma Moses

Total of 18 pieces

33           Antonio Giovanni Canaletto

La Piazetta of Saint Marcus Square

Oil on canvas, 66x104cm

34           Antonio Giovanni Canaletto                        Padua Landscape

with Prato Della Valle

Oil on canvas, 42×85.5cm

35           Antonio Giovanni Canaletto

View of the Grand Canal in Front of Saint Marcus Square with the Doggia Palace

Oil on canvas, 66x104cm

36           Antonio Giovanni Canaletto

The San Marco Basin with the Island of San Giorgio

Oil on canvas, 61x99cm

37           Antonio Giovanni Canaletto

The Departure of the

Bucentaur on Ascension

Oil on canvas, 44x73cm

38           Antonio Giovanni Canaletto

Portico of a Venetian Palace

Oil on canvas, 128x93cm

39           Antonio Giovanni Canaletto

The Grand Canal with the

Rialto Bridge

Oil on canvas, 63x88cm

40           Barent Avercamp

Winter Pleasures with a Horse- Drawn Sleigh near Kampen

Oil on panel, 12×21

41           Benvenuto Di Giovanni

The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Tempera on

panel, 97×58

42           Bernardino Funagai

Resurrection with Two


Tempera on

panel, 42×62

43           Bonnard Pierre

Baignard Au Grand-Lemps,



44           Camille Pissarro

Jardin de Kew Pres Dela Serre


45           Casper Netscher

Young                   Woman with a Parrot

Oil on panel, 34x27cm

46           Claude Monet

Rain, aka La Pluie

Oil on canvas, 24×29

47           Claude Monet

Le Bassin aux Nymphease **

aka Japanese Footbridge Over the Water-Lily Pond at Giverny

or Water Lilies

48           Claude Monet

L’Eglise et La Seine a Vetheuil * aka L’Eglise a Vetheuil

Oil on canvas, 23×28.5

49           David Teniers the Younger

A Rugged Hilly Landscape with Elegant Figures and Monks at a Grotto

Oil on canvas, 163x229cm

50           Dirk Hals

Interior with Musicians and Backgammon Players, 1628

Oil on panel, 30.13×53.75

51           Edgar Degas

Danseuse S’habillant

Pastel, 25.5×18.5

52           Edgar Degas

Trois Danseuses

Mixed media,


53           Edgar Degas

Le Petit Dejeuner a la Sortie

du Bain

Pastel, 121x92cm

54           Edouard Manet

Mary Laurent a la Violette, 1878

Pastel on linen, 22×14

55           El Greco

Coronation of the Virgin

56           Filippino Lippi

St. Julian and the Martyrdom of St. Catherine of Alexandria

Tempera on panel, 13.5x18cm

57           Fra Filippo Lippi

Madonna and Child, 1460

Oil on panel, 20×12

58           Francesco Guardi

Imaginary View with Marine Life, Building and Arch of


Oil on canvas, 35x49cm

59           Francesco Guardi

Piazza San Marco

Oil on canvas, 51x94cm

60           Francesco Guardi

Parade of Allegoric Floats

in the Piazza San Marco

Oil on canvas, 67.5×91.5cm

61           Francesco Guardi

Caprice with Small Bay in

a Lagoon

Oil on canvas, 43×56.5cm

62           Francesco Guardi

Inside a Harem

Oil on canvas, 44x61cm

63           Francesco Guardi


Oil on canvas, 10x18cm

64           Francesco Guardi

Triumph of a Roman Warrior

Oil on canvas, 70.5x52cm

65           Francesco Guardi

Basin of San Marco

Oil on canvas, 18x32cm

66           Francesco and

Antonio Guardi

At the Drinking Trough

Oil on canvas, 85x113cm

67           Francesco Zuccarelli

Landscape with Shepherd

Oil on canvas, 56x74cm

68           Francesco Zuccarelli

Landscape with Shepherdess

Oil on canvas, 56x74cm

69           Francesco Zuccarelli

Hillside Landscape

Oil on canvas, 78x118cm

70           Francesco Zuccarelli


Oil on canvas, 64x83cm

71           Francesco Zugno

Death of Cleopatra

Oil on canvas, 120x87cm

72           Francesco Zugno

Meeting of Rinaldo and


Oil on canvas, 116x86cm

73           Francis Bacon

Self Portrait, 1963

Oil on canvas, 165x145cm

74           Francis Bacon


75           Francisco Goya

La Marqueza de Sta. Cruz

Oil on canvas, 49.75×81.75

76           Francisco de Zurbaran

The Holy Family


77           Francisco de Zurbaran

David and Goliath

78           Francois Boucher

The Apotheosis of Aeneas, 1747

79           Francois Boucher

L’Aube                  17.5×10

80           Frans Hals

Portrait of a Young Man

Oil on canvas, 65x49cm

81           Frans Hals

Portrait of a Young Woman

82           Friend of Piero della Francesca

Saving of Napoleone Orsini Fallen from a Rock

Tempera on

panel, 38x68cm

83           Gerrit von Honthorst

The Seduction

Oil on canvas, 41.75×54.38

84           Gaspare Diziani

Heracles, Deianeira and the Centaur Nessus

Oil on canvas, 78x98cm

85           Giacomo Amigoni


Oil on canvas, 64x82cm

86           Gianantonio Guardi


Oil on canvas, 155x122cm

87           Gianantonio Guardi

The Fortress

Oil on canvas, 155x122cm

88           Giandomenico Tiepolo

The Minuet

Oil on canvas, 79x109cm

89           Giandomenico Tiepolo

Bust of Bearded Oriental Man with Turban

Oil on canvas, 72x54cm

90           Giandomenico Tiepolo

Bust of Bearded Oriental Man

Oil on canvas, 65x45cm

91           Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio

Madonna with Child

Oil on panel, 40x30cm

92           Giovanni Battista Crosato


Oil on canvas, 63x108cm

93           Giovanni Battista


Greedy Child and Miserly Old Woman

Oil on canvas, 45x38cm

94           Giovanni Battista


Holy Family

Oil on canvas, 38x49cm

95           Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

Portrait of a Bearded Man

Oil on canvas, 48.2x38cm

96           Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

Madonna with Child Among St. Anthony, St. Francis and St. Ludwig of Toulouse

Oil on canvas, 51×31.5cm

97           Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

Portrait of a Young Man

Oil on canvas, 48.2x38cm

98           Giovanni Bellini

Madonna with Child

Oil on panel, 75×57.5

99           Giuseppe Zais

Open-Air Minuet

Oil on canvas, 122x145cm

100         Giuseppe Zais

Large Landscape with Figures

Oil on canvas, 280x372cm

101         Giuseppe Zais


Oil on canvas, 71.5x85cm

102         Giuseppe Zais

Landscape with Figures and Small Bridge

Oil on canvas, 46x60cm

103         Henry Fantin Latour

Sweet Peas, 1888                            24×20.5 with

antique frame

104         Henry Fantin Latour

Roses Tremieres, aka


Oil on canvas, 28.5×23.25

105         Henri Matisse

Head of a Woman                            Oil on canvas, 25.5×19.25

106         J.B. LePrince

Rustic Cottages with Figures,


107         Jacobo Del Sallaio


Tempera on

panel, 78x45cm

108         Jacopo Robusti, II


Miraculous Catch, aka

Miraculous Drought of Fishes

Oil on canvas, 93x101cm

109         Jacopo Robusti, II


The Wise Men at the Temple, aka Christ Among Doctors

Oil on canvas, 43x101cm

110         Jan Brueghel the Younger

Allegory of Venus at the Forge of Bulcan

Oil on panel, 16.5×28.38

111         Jan Brueghel the Younger

Allegory of Earth with Flora Surrounding Putti and Satyr

Oil on panel, 16.5×28.38

112         Jan Cossiers

Jesus Crucifies


113         Jan Greffier

Extensive Winter Landscape Skaters and Village

Oil on panel, 14×19

114         Jan Steen

Merry Making in a Dutch


Oil on panel, 25×18.5

115         Jan van Bylert

A Musician

Oil on canvas, 39×33

116         Leandro Bassano


Oil on canvas, 52x34cm

117         Leandro Bassano

Interior of a Farmhouse

Oil on canvas, 97x132cm

118         Lippo Memmi

Altarpiece of Five Saints

Tempera on panel, 220x200cm

119         Luca Carlevaris

Piazza San Marino: Looking Toward the Procuratorate                    Oil on canvas, 63x37cm

120         Marcellus Koffermans

Glorification of the Virgin, 1559                  Oil on panel, 48×48

121         Marco Ricci


Oil on canvas, 100x114cm

122         Maurice Utrillo

La Maison Blanche

Oil on canvas, 25.63×23.5

123         Michele Marieschi

Landscape with Village

Oil on canvas, 73x97cm

124         Michele Marieschi

Imaginary Landscape

Oil on canvas, 73x97cm

125         Neri Di Bicca

Large Majesty

Tempera on panel, 190x117cm

126         Pablo Picasso

Head of a Woman, 1954                                Oil on canvas, 65x54cm

127         Pablo Picasso

Fruit Dish, Bottle and Guitar,

1914                       Oil on canvas, 92x73cm

128         Pablo Picasso

Reclining Woman

129         Pablo Veronese

The City of Venice Adoring the Christ Child

Oil on canvas, 39.75×55.75

130         Paul Cezanne

Landscape, Aix-en-Provence

Oil on canvas, 18.3×21.7

131         Paul Gauguin

Still Life with Idol

Oil on canvas, 18.25×15

132         Paul Gauguin


133         Paule Gobillard

Jeune Femme Au Piano

Oil on canvas, 21.5×18

134         Paule Gobillard

Jeune Femme En Rouge

Oil on canvas, 22×18

135         Paule Gobillard

Paysage Du Midi

Oil on canvas, 15×18

136         Paule Gobillard

Panier de Poires

Oil on canvas, 15×18.25

137         Paule Gobillard

Cope de Fleurs

Oil on canvas, 15×18.25

138         Paule Gobillard

Jeune Femme a la Robe Rouge

Oil on canvas, 21.5×18.5

139         Paule Gobillard

Jeune Femme Au Chapeu

Oil on canvas, 21.75×18

140         Paule Gobillard

Lecture Au Jardin

Oil on canvas, 16×21.5

141         Paule Gobillard

Vase de Fleurs

Oil on canvas, 22×18

142         Paule Gobillard

La Visite

Oil on canvas, 19.5×24

143         Paule Gobillard

Vase de Fleurs

Oil on canvas, 16.25×13.25

144         Paule Gobillard

Nu Endormi

Oil on canvas, 21.5×25.5

145         Paule Gobillard

Vase de Fleurs

Oil on canvas, 14.25×12.5

146         Paule Gobillard

Vase de Fleurs

Oil on canvas, 15×13

147         Paule Gobillard

Nature Morte

Oil on canvas, 6×8

148         Paule Gobillard

Portrait de Petite Fille

Oil on canvas, 25.5×21

149         Paule Gobillard

Jeune Femme S’habillant

Oil on canvas, 26×21.5

150         Paule Gobillard

Jeune Femme Au Chignon

Oil on canvas, 29×23.75

151         Paule Gobillard

Jeune Femme a la Robe Rose

Oil on canvas, 32×25.5

152         Paule Gobillard

La Conversation

Oil on canvas, 25.5×32

153         Paule Gobillard

La Contre

Oil on canvas, 18×15

154         Paule Gobillard

Bord De Mer

Oil on canvas, 9.75×13.25

155         Paule Gobillard

Vue D’ Assise

Oil on canvas, 15×18

156         Paule Gobillard

Le Blesmil

Oil on canvas, 18×15

157         Paule Gobillard

Roses Tremieres Au Mesmil

Oil on canvas, 15×18

158         Paule Gobillard

Paysage du Midi

Oil on canvas, 15×18.25

159         Paule Gobillard


Oil on canvas, 18×15

160         Paule Gobillard

Portrait de Femme A


Oil on canvas, 18×13

161         Paule Gobillard

Femme a la Rose

Oil on canvas, 16.25×13.25

162         Paule Gobillard

Mme. Valery a Dinard

Oil on canvas, 16.25×13

163         Paule Gobillard

Bord De Mer

Oil on canvas, 13×16.5

164         Paule Gobillard

Clairs Matin Aux Bruyeres

Oil on canvas, 16.5×10.5

165         Paule Gobillard


Oil on canvas, 10.75×14

166         Paule Gobillard

La Tonelle

Oil on canvas, 11×14

167         Paule Gobillard

Vase de Fleurs

Oil on canvas, 11.5×14

168         Paule Gobillard

Le Trois Pommes

Oil on canvas, 9.5×13

169         Paule Gobillard

An Salon

Oil on canvas, 36×23.5

170         Paule Gobillard

Nature Morte

Oil on canvas, 18×21.75

171         Paule Gobillard

Fleurs et Fruits

Oil on canvas

172         Paule Gobillard

La Tasse De The

Oil on canvas, 28.5×23.5

173         Paule Gobillard

Vase de Fleurs

Oil on canvas, 25.5×21

174         Paule Gobillard

Le Dernier Essayage

Oil on canvas, 39×38

175         Paule Gobillard

Jeune Femme Tricotant Pres d’Une Fenetre

Oil on canvas, 18×21.5

176         Paule Gobillard

Nu Se Coiffant

Oil on canvas, 24×19.5

177         Paule Gobillard

Femme Au Chapeau

Oil on canvas, 13×19.5

178         Paule Gobillard

“Paysage de Cagnes”

Oil on canvas, 15×18.5

179         Paule Gobillard

“Le Jardin Fleur”

Oil on canvas, 13.5×18

180         Paule Gobillard

“Le Liameau”

Oil on canvas, 13.5×18

181         Paule Gobillard

“Au Bord de la Mer”

Oil on canvas, 13×16.25

182         Paule Gobillard

“Panier de Fruits”

Oil on canvas, 19.5×25.5

183         Paule Gobillard

“Vase de Fleurs”

Oil on canvas, 25.5×21.5

184         Paule Gobillard

“Jeune Femme Tricotant Pres de la Fanetre”

Oil on canvas, 21.5×18

185         Pieter Brueghel the Younger

“The Adoration of Kings,” 1617                  Oil on panel, 15.25×22.5

186         Peter Paul Rubens

“The Virgin and the Child,” aka The Cumberland Madonna

187         Peter van Schendel

“Boy with the Torch”


188         Piet Mondrian

Undetermined title, painting with yellow, white and blue

189         Piet Mondrian


Oil on canvas, 51x41cm

190         Pierre Auguste Renoir

Painting of undetermined title

191         Pierre Auguste Renoir

“Jeunes Filles au bord de L’eau,”

purchased for $475,000 from Hammer Galleries

Oil on canvas, 12.75×16.5cm

192         Pietro Longhi

“The Charlatan”

Oil on canvas, 62x51cm

193         Pietro Longhi

“The Fortuneteller”

Oil on canvas, 62x51cm

194         Pseudo-Pier Francesco Fiorentino

“Virgin with Child Blessing the Battistino”

Tempera on panel, 65x37cm

195         Raphael

“St. Catherine of Alexandria”

Tempera on panel

196         Rene Magritte

“La Lumiere des Coincidence,”

1958                       10×12.5

197         Rosalba Carriera

“Half Figure of a Young


Pastel on paper, 53x43cm

198         Sano di Pietro

“St. Catherine of Siena”

Tempera on panel, 50x33cm

199         Sano di Pietro

“St. Bernardino of Siena”

Tempera on panel, 50x33cm

200         Sebastiano Ricci

“Last Supper”

Oil on canvas

201         Sir Anthony van Dyke

“An Apostle (St. Simone?)”

Oil on canvas, 109x89cm

202         Titian

“Portrait of Giulio Romano”

Oil on canvas, 102x87cm

203         Unsigned

“St. Peter or Paul”

Oil on canvas, 35×25

204         Unknown

“Woman Sitting with a Flower on Lap beside a Sitting Dog”

205         Unknown

“Portrait of a Woman Holding

a Pencil”

206         Vincent Van Gogh

“Peasant Woman Winding

Bobbins” Watercolor, 13×16.5


PCGG, Marcos victims in race to claim Imelda art


PCGG recovers $29M from Marcos loot


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What Went Before: Marcos Swiss deposits

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