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For 50 years, US tried but failed to oust Castro

Fidel Castro. AP FILE PHOTO

For more than half a century, the US government’s schemes to overthrow the Castro government were, if not successful, always creative: the poisonous cigars, the exploding seashell, the secret Twitter-like service in Cuba.

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World one in revulsion vs Taliban’s bestiality

Chairs are upturned and blood stains the floor at the Army Public School auditorium the day after Taliban gunmen stormed the school in Peshawar, Pakistan, Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014.  AP FILE PHOTO

The world united in revulsion. President Aquino and other world leaders stood as one on Wednesday in condemning the Taliban attack on a school in Pakistan as Karachi declared three days of mourning for the 132 children and nine school staff massacred by the terrorists on Tuesday.

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US, Cuba declare historic breakthrough in ties

President Barack Obama speaks in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014, to announce the US will end its outdated approach to Cuba that has failed to advance US interests.  AP PHOTO/DOUG MILLS, POOL

The United States and Cuba made a historic breakthrough in their Cold War stand-off Wednesday, moving to revive diplomatic ties and launch measures to ease a five-decade US trade embargo.

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US may send additional troops to Afghanistan next year

Afghanistan Military

The US military likely will keep a slightly larger force in Afghanistan in 2015 than first planned and American troops will have authority to come to the aid of Afghan forces if necessary, officials said Tuesday.   The United States may have to deploy hundreds of additional forces in coming months, beyond the 9,800-strong contingent […]

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Obama: US will make immigration ‘more fair and just’

President Barack Obama. AP

President Barack Obama unveiled his highly anticipated immigration plan Thursday, saying lifting the threat of expulsion from 5 million undocumented migrants would make the system “more fair and just.”

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