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Restaurant settles over ‘carcass removal’ listing


A phone book company has settled a lawsuit filed by a Montana barbecue restaurant that was listed in a section of the yellow pages for “Animal Carcass Removal.”

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Park rangers: Bear in mauling only protecting cubs


A grizzly bear that mauled a 57-year-old hiker to death in Yellowstone National Park was only defending its cubs and had not threatened humans before. So park officials on Thursday decided to leave it alone to wander the backcountry.

Posted: July 8th, 2011 in Latest News Stories,World | Read More »

World’s oldest man dies in US at 114


GREAT FALLS, Montana—Walter Breuning’s earliest memories stretched back 111 years, before home entertainment came with a twist of the radio dial. They were of his grandfather’s tales of killing Southerners in the U.S. Civil War. Breuning was 3 and horrified: “I thought that was a hell of a thing to say.” But the stories stuck, […]

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