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2 senatorial bets bolt parties, join Bro. Eddie

By Dona Pazzibugan
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 17:20:00 03/04/2010

Filed Under: Elections, Politics, Eleksyon 2010

MANILA, Philippines ? Senatorial aspirants Imelda Papin and Zosimo Jesus Paredes have junked their respective party mates to join evangelist turned presidential candidate Eduardo ?Bro. Eddie? Villanueva's Bangon Pilipinas ticket.

Papin, the ?80s ?Jukebox queen? who has served as vice governor of Camarines Sur, said she has the blessings of the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL) to choose another party.

Short of calling him a nuisance candidate, Papin called on KBL absentee standard-bearer Vetaliano Acosta to officially withdraw from the race.

?To tell you frankly, Vetaliano Acosta does not deserve to run for president,? she said in a news conference Thursday with the rest of the Bangon Pilipinas ticket.

?In fact we including (KBL vice presidential candidate) Jay Sonza suggested to our party chairman baka puwede i-advise na lang to stay home and keep quiet and support somebody else like Brother Eddie,? she said.

?Hindi ako nangungutya o nangmamaliit (I?m not ridiculing him). But we need somebody who is deserving to be the father of the country and I don't think he already experienced serving even a barangay,? she continued.

Paredes said Ang Kapatiran will remain his ?mother party? but said he felt ?more comfortable? in Jesus is Lord Church leader Villanueva's Christian and inter-faith group. Ang Kapatiran is a predominantly Catholic political party.

?Being a Christian, I feel I'm more comfortable with Bangon Pilipinas on a personal side kaya ako nandito (that?s why I?m here),? said the former executive director of the Presidential Commission on the RP-US Visiting Forces Agreement.

?In my heart this is the genuine alternative,? added Paredes who was among Ang Kapatiran's original candidates when this first joined the elections in 2004.

While saying he was now throwing his support behind the entire Bangon Pilipinas ticket, including vice presidential candidate Perfecto Yasay and seven original senatorial candidates, Paredes said he was not calling on Ang Kapatiran standard-bearer JC Delos Reyes and running mate JC Chipeco to give way to Villanueva.

?You're putting words into my mouth. They can run all they want. We have no business telling that to anybody,? he told reporters.

Bangon Pilipinas secretary general Ted Pascua said Papin and Paredes themselves sought to be included in their ticket ?on their own initiative.? He said they asked the two to first seek clearance from their parties before joining their party.

Papin said Sonza himself gave his blessings to her decision to bolt the KBL ticket.

?Sabi niya (He said), 'Go ahead. You made the right choice,? Papin quoted Sonza as telling her.

Villanueva, an activist during the Marcos regime, said he was ?overwhelmed? by the addition to their senatorial lineup.

?She (Papin) may have come originally from former president Ferdinand Marcos' KBL party and I was jailed twice during martial law but it doesn't figure where we stand on our common aspiration to serve the masses,? he said.

He said he would not have allowed anyone with a ?tainted? record of public service to join his slate.

His senatorial candidates are Dr. Zafrullah Alonto, lawyers Reynaldo Princesa and Ramoncito Ocampo, broadcast journalists Kata Inocencio and Alex Tinsay, Count Habib Adz Nikabulin, and educator Dr. Israel Virgines.

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