Mancao: ‘Senator wants me killed’

Escapes from NBI detention


Former police Senior Supt. Cezar Mancao on Thursday accused Sen. Panfilo Lacson of trying to get him killed, forcing him to escape from detention at the National Bureau of Investigation headquarters in Manila.

Mancao, accused of murder for the 2000 killings of well-known public relations agent Salvador “Bubby” Dacer and his driver, Emmanuel Corbito, bolted from the NBI jail early Thursday and embarrassed the government by calling news organizations to explain why he escaped.

“I know about the plan to have me killed,” Mancao said.

At first, Mancao did not say who was behind the alleged plot to kill him but when asked by the news anchor if he was referring to Lacson, he replied: “You said it.”

Mancao said Lacson was behind the move to transfer him from NBI custody to the Manila City Jail, where he said his life could be in danger.

Lacson, former chief of the Philippine National Police and the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force (PAOCTF) some of whose agents allegedly killed Dacer and Corbito, shrugged off reports of Mancao’s escape.

“His escape is his problem, as well as his custodian’s,” Lacson said in response to questions from reporters.

He also refused to give a statement about Mancao’s claim that he was behind the move to transfer him from the NBI to the city jail.

His staff also refused to give any statement about Mancao’s claims that the senator was a threat to his life.

Defense’s move

Four policemen accused in the Dacer-Corbito case had asked Judge Carolina Icasiano-Sison of the 18th Branch of the Manila Regional Trial Court to order the transfer of Mancao to the city jail, where they and 21 other former police officers charged in the case are detained.

The policemen argued that since Mancao was no longer a state witness and an accused in the case, he should not be given special treatment.

The court granted the policemen’s petition and issued a commitment order late on Tuesday but as it was a holiday, the order could not be enforced.

Mancao was scheduled to be transferred to the city jail Thursday but he got wind of it and, with the help of two guards, escaped early in the morning.

“I will not surrender. Not now,” Mancao said. “I am a victim of injustice.”

“My rights have been violated,” he said.


Investigation ordered

President Aquino ordered the Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate Mancao’s escape.

“The President has instructed (Justice) Secretary Leila de Lima to [investigate] and hold accountable all the people who would be found responsible for the escape of Mr. Mancao,” presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said.

De Lima ordered the NBI to investigate Mancao’s escape and launch a manhunt for the former PAOCTF officer who implicated Lacson in the murders of Dacer and Corbito.

NBI Director Nonnatus Rojas said the manhunt began Thursday.

“We have alerted all of our units nationwide for the manhunt and we are now conducting a full investigation to pinpoint the people responsible for the escape. [We will bring] criminal and administrative charges [against them],” Rojas said.

Guards detained

He said two guards who apparently let Mancao escape had been detained.

NBI Deputy Director for Intelligence Reynaldo Esmeralda said footage from a security camera showed Mancao calmly leaving his cell at 1:14 a.m. Thursday carrying a big black travel bag. He was wearing a bull cap.

Esmeralda said Mancao left a note asking that his things not be removed without “a proper inventory.”

De Lima also ordered the Bureau of Immigration to stop Mancao in case he tried to leave the country.

Immigration Commissioner Ricardo David Jr. in turn ordered the bureau’s personnel at all ports to look out for Mancao.

So sorry

De Lima told reporters that she spoke to Mancao by phone hours after he escaped.

“He repeatedly asked for forgiveness and understanding for what he did because, according to him, his life was in danger,” De Lima said.

De Lima confirmed that Mancao escaped because he feared he would be killed once transferred to the city jail.

“He claimed he had sources [who told him his life would be in danger there],” she said.

De Lima said she tried to convince Mancao to surrender and offered to bring him in for his safety.

She said she assured Mancao that he would be held at the NBI while he was appealing the court order for his transfer to the city jail.

Mancao refused and said he was already outside Metro Manila, De Lima said.

She said she spoke to Mancao again in the afternoon. Mancao, she said, was adamant about not surrendering.

“He said that as of now, his decision was not to surrender, although it didn’t mean that in the next few days he would not change his mind,” De Lima said.

“I told him that if he did not surrender today [Thursday], then I’m sorry, I will have to intensify the manhunt for you,” she said.


“For all intents and purposes, legally and technically speaking, he is now a fugitive from justice,” De Lima said.

Mancao and another former police officer, Michael Ray Aquino, were charged with murder for the killings of Dacer and Corbito.

The two men were protégés of Lacson in the police service and in the PAOCTF.

Dacer and Corbito were abducted allegedly by PAOCTF agents in October 2000. Their burned remains were found in a creek in Cavite province in 2001.

Suspicion fell on Lacson and former President Joseph Estrada. Both denied having anything to do with the murders.

Murder charges

Murder charges were brought against 22 policemen and PAOCTF agents in 2001. Among those arrested was the PAOCTF deputy chief for operations in Luzon, Senior Supt. Glenn Dumlao, who linked Mancao and Aquino to the murders.

Mancao and Aquino fled to the United States in June 2001 but they were charged in absentia in September that year.

No evidence was found against Dumlao and he was discharged from the case. He left for the United States in 2003.

In May 2006, the court found probable cause to prosecute Mancao and Aquino and ordered their arrest.

The administration of then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo asked the US government to extradite Mancao and Aquino.

By that time, Aquino had been arrested, tried and jailed for spying for the Philippine political opposition led by Estrada.

In February 2009, Mancao executed an affidavit accusing Lacson of being the mastermind behind the Dacer-Corbito murders.

Estrada critic

He said Lacson ordered Dacer killed because the PR agent was a fierce critic of Estrada.

When the killers struck, Dacer was apparently their lone target. But they also killed Corbito because he was with Dacer at the time.

Mancao returned to Manila in June 2009, pleaded not guilty to the charges against him, and offered to serve as state witness in the case. He was subsequently put under government protection.

With Mancao’s testimony, the DOJ brought murder charges against Lacson, who fled the country before the court could issue a warrant for his arrest.

Dumlao returned to the Philippines and told the court trying the case that the DOJ induced him to link Lacson to the killings.

He also told reporters that DOJ prosecutors forced him to blame the killings on Lacson.

Unfit as witness

Lacson fought the charges in the Court of Appeals while on the run. In February 2011, the court’s sixth division threw out Mancao’s affidavit after finding inconsistencies in his testimony that, the court said, made him unfit as a state witness.

Lacson surfaced and Mancao was taken off the government protection program and turned over to the NBI.

No longer under government protection, Mancao became a target for the defense, which sought his transfer to the Manila City Jail.

In an interview on radio Thursday, Mancao said the court order to transfer him to the city jail was “an aggravation.”

“That was just too much,” he said. “I am the witness but I am the one going to jail,” he said.

“My life was ruined by this case but I have nothing to do with it,” he said.

“Their intention is different,” he said, referring to the people behind the move to transfer him to the city jail.

“It’s my life they want,” he added.

Attempt at reconciliation

A source with knowledge of the case said Mancao tried to reconcile with Lacson through Aquino, who returned to the Philippines in June 2011 and was not prosecuted for lack of evidence against him.

“But Ping turned down the pleas of Mancao, also through Aquino,” the source said, using Lacson’s nickname.

Aquino now works as a security guard at a company named Solaire. “He has gotten his life back,” the source said.

Mancao also wants his life back, the source said.

Lacson’s forgiveness would help bring back Mancao’s life but Lacson refused to forgive his former aide, the source said.

They have moved on

Lacson is apparently in the clear concerning the Dacer-Corbito killings. He will complete his third term in the Senate in June and will join the Cabinet to handle a still unspecified job.

Estrada was never charged. He is now running for mayor of Manila.

Dumlao has also moved on. He is now commander of the Public Safety Battalion of the Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Aurora, Quezon) police.

Mancao’s former lawyer, Ferdinand Topacio, on Thursday called on him to surrender.

Topacio said Mancao’s “justifiable frustration” over the treatment he was getting from the DOJ forced him to escape.

But he said Mancao should turn himself in.

“If it is necessary for me to give my assistance again to him, I will gladly do so,” Topacio said.

A source said Mancao, who ran for a congressional seat in 2010, is a candidate for councilor in Compostela Valley.

“He will surrender eventually. He just wants people to take notice of his predicament. He feels an injustice was done to him,” the source said. With reports from Cathy C. Yamsuan, Michael Lim Ubac, Philip C. Tubeza, Marlon Ramos, and AFP

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  • expanding man

    hehe….naoperan nina pandak kasi…nag witness laban sa dating boss….traydor ….alam ni Ping hindi na pwede pagkatiwalaan taong ito unlike aquino who thru thick and thin never give in to pandaks offer…..

    • walangdiyos

      siguro alam mo kung sino pumatay kay Dacer at Corbito. baka sisihin mo pa rin e si GMA. sige nga ituga mo kung sino..o baka naman nag suicide sina

      • expanding man

        yung amo mong si pandak na tinuturing na diyos ng mga demonyo dati- ang bumili sa kalayaan ni mancao…para makaisa kay ping. Obvious ba? Ngayon kung sino ang pumatay kay dacer? ano ba motibo ni ping? paano paniwalaan mga testigo ni mancao na paiba-iba…nagbago bigla noong nakaupo na si idol mong demonyo? Karma tawag diyan dong…tignan mo idol mo ngayon at si mancao. nagdurusa! Pero yari talaga si mancao kay ping knowing pings ruthless character. Lesson: It pays to be loyal to your boss..ask ray aquino…

  • Political Jaywalker

    This case has now become so convoluted and the irony of all this is that the victims are once more victimized further when our justice system fails to prosecute the mastermind and the murderers of Dacer and Corbito.

    The problem with a society where justice is selective is that criminals that are well connected are able to escape accountability and responsibility. When some are prosecuted while others go scott free because they are politically powerful just validates the Mafiosi culture in our political systems infecting even our justice system.

  • kayanatwo


    nobody asked me, but…..the escaped of ” mancao” only proved that our law enforcement personnel are inept ( showed intent and inherent capacity to posses the lacks of respect to the law of the land ) and the justice system leaks like a sieve.

    “onli in the da pinas”. are we having fun yet??????????

  • Love God

    The souls of Dacer and Corbito are crying out loud for justice. Unfortunately they were born and killed in a country where justice seems too far for the ordinary while the rich and influential make a mockery of it.

    They were abducted during mid day light in the busy street of our financial district, killed and burned in a gruesome manner. Do you believe Filipinos can be that cruel? Is that we all value for human lives being the only Catholic nation in Asia?

    The mastermind/s, planners and executioners all SOON meet their ultimate Judge. Sorry no attorneys allowed, no CA, no SC, no TRO, no MR.

    Bible says: “No one will be excluded from the Judgment. Every person, who has ever lived, currently living, and will live, will stand before the Lord and be judged. We will not know when Judgment Day is coming. “For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ. For it is written ‘As I live says the Lord, every knee shall bow to Me, and every tongue shall confess to God’. So then each of us shall give an account of himself to God” (Romans 14:10-12).

    My thoughts and prayers are for the grieving Dacer and Corbito family. I urge the nation to pray for all victims of injustice…



  • bisdakis

    Mr President, do not just order for the investigation of the escape but also of Lacson’s threat to Mancao’s life.

    • Summerspice

      I agree with you.But Lacson is a friend of Aquino.Kaya nga siya nakabalik sa Pilipinas dahil si Aquino na ang President.

    • Guest

      asa ka pa iinvestigahan si lacson ni pnoy..



  • Summerspice

    Mancao , Aquino and some PAOCTF officers were accused of killing Dacer and Corbito.For what reason will they kill Dacer and Corbito?They can’t do it unless they were told by a higher official/s to do it. Mancao is just imitating what Lacson did that is to escape.

  • Hey_Dudes

    In this regard, if true Panfilo Lacson wanted you dead, you would have been dead long ago. The fact you aren’t dead yet – why would he now want you dead particularly when you are already a captive who just flew the coop? Ngayon ikaw ay nasa labas, di mas lalo kang delikado kung sadyang gusto ka niyang ideposito sa La Loma?

  • punto_lang

    The NBI should be an epitome of good law enforcers as being viewed by majority Filipinos but in reality it’s not. Imagine, a prisoner walking from his cell with his backpack and even have the guts to leave a note for his personal belongings? I think the PNP has a good edge against the NBI only that the former’s personnel wear uniform and easily easily exposed by the over scrutinizing eyes of the public thru the mistakes of a few personnel. The NBI was not and it was rigged by series of scandals among themselves for the past few years to present. Wake up!

  • GMGuerrero

    If the Filipino government is sincere, they should talk to Rodel Rodis, a FilAm lawyer in San Francisco.

  • Freddie73

    Justice in the Philippines sucks! If ever Mancao were involved in the murder he could not have done it without the order from his superiors!

  • novaliches

    Mancao decided to escape when he learned of his impending transfer, ibig sabihin ni hindi niya kailangan planohin ang kanyang pag-takas, or pwede siyang makatakas kung kailan niya gusto, anong klase detention facilities meron tayo?

  • eduardoaz

    That’s how people in the position manipulate the helpless and the innocent. We all knew that Lacson was the head of the then FAOCTF and accused of the killings of DACER-CORBITO as well as the KURATONG BALILING GROUP whom thousands of dollars including pesos were missing from their loot and believded Lacson has pocketed. During his FAOCTF tenure, if he says we will get those carnappers and robbers, he will but then dead and in any instances he never leave them alive including his men. Then Lacson once also a FUGITIVE but because of our rotten judicial system and with “compadres” in the senate, he manage to come back and was cleared from what he has done. Now, he is aspiring again for another term for his POWER and PROTECTION whom he can use for his personal interests and nobody from this administration has looked on what he has done. This man has no RIGHT for an elected position. Gising Pilipinas.

  • farmerpo

    Kaya umalis, hindi tumakas, kasi masikip sa city jail. Yun lang.Subukan ninyong alukin ng room sa St Loots’, magmamadali pa yan bumalik.

    • piskay

      hinde naman nilalagay kung saan saang jail ang mga testigo na under sa WPP.mahigpit ang security sa mga city jail kasi may nababalita ng mga witness na namamatay ng mahiwaga at delikado pa

  • piskay

    sila dumlao,aquino lacson etc.ay kalapit sa admin na ito..sila laya mancao kalapit ng arroyo,,kulong at may kaso pa,,pareha lang naman saysay nila sa kaso,,hinde pa nga sya prime suspect

  • Iyen Dev

    Just a Sec., kung mahal mo yung isang tao at nakakulong, gagawin mo ang lahat para patakasin sya!May relasyon sila ni De lima.

    • legislex

      I have heard about this rumors within the law enforcement agencies (PNP and NBI), but i am not sure if it is really true. Pero kung totoo man, ang lakas naman ng sikmura ni Mancao.



  • jeff justice

    Cowards usually know when they are about to be liquidated.

    ….and now the end is near…….and did it…. my…wwaaaaaayyyyyyy!

  • Brix Villapando

    Titigukin ka talaga ni senator becky..lahat ng natigok mong kasamahan ay si becky ang nagpatigok…matindi magalit ang mga bading..sagad sa buto…kung ako ikaw uunahan ko na…sina becky at Erap na mga masterminds sa dacer-corbito abswelto at si mancao na tauhan lang ang tinuluyan….what a life.

  • regie

    grabe tlaga na pnoy….masama ang tuwid na daan,,,,yung mga principally charged ay nakalaya tapos yung nagwiwitness againstthem eh siyang ikukulong sa manila city jail pa…ano na nangyari duon sa sinasabing principals, accomplice at accessory principle ng article 16 ng revised penal code. mawala ng principal tapos nakulong ang accessory….katakatakatakataka. …tinalo niyo pa ang logic noong mga nakaupo sa justice department ni gloria…..

  • $20926843

    This is the sorry state of Mancao by being the collateral damage of the toxic politics practiced by the present sitting inutile and autistic president in malacanang. If you are identified with the previous administration, then your goose is cooked!

    • regd

      Your warden is ringing the bell, you need to leave your cell breakfast is ready.

  • randyaltarejos

    Just let fairness of our justice system reach out for Mancao. While others are enjoying their liberty outside of the cell, Mancao remains in the NBI custody. Why?

  • Almighty

    Hayyyyy NBI! Magkano nga ba budget nitong agency na ito sa “intelligence”?

    • penoy2012

      Kahit P1B ang budget, kung zero ang intelligence, nokya din. P x 0 = 0.


        dalhin na lang sa pampanga yang 1B pagawa natin ng bridge ha ha ha ha

  • Danny Bravo

    sadyang tipo ng terminator si lacson dahil ang code ay 11 ,,or killer

  • wawa2172

    The lower court should not have ordered the transfer of Mancao at Manila City jail where 21 police officers are also jailed. He should remain at the NBI even though no longer a state witness because he provided all the informations he have to give justice to Dacer and Corbito murder case. His life is in danger and decided to escape. Lacson is the main man who could plan to struck fear in mind, heart and soul of Mancao and that include grimly death. Parang naging si Kamatayan sa Ping, somehow he is known in doing it but escape the justice every time because of his connection much so with the current government where he is untouchable. My guess is the NBI let him escape knowing what is store for their inmate and many of the insider believes him. Its the end of the chapter of another state witness whose life is now disorganized and in danger. Dito mawawasak ang nga state witness like Mancao na ibinigay ang buhay but in the end siya rin ang hahabulin nang batas. We know the limitation of Mancao escape, Ping knows better how to get the person. Ping is now the hunter no longer the hunted and he is more scarier now than before because he remains a powerful man even when his term as senator is about to end. He is well protected by his kabaro in the palace and any decision of Ping on Mancao need no blessing from the top. Ping was given a blanket authority of what he wishes to do with Mancao, like throwing him out of the helicopter and his body will never be seen again. Takbo Mancao, hinahabol ka na nang gumigiwang na kalokang si Kamatayan.

    • Jerry Parajas Visperas

      di mo ba nabasa ang reason kung bakit siya na dismiss as state witness?

      In February 2011, the court’s sixth division threw out Mancao’s affidavit after finding inconsistencies in his testimony that, the court said, made him unfit as a state witness.

      Ibig sabihin gawa gawa lang ang pagdawit niya kay lacson ..sumugal siya nagpagamit siya sa mga arroyo ..malas niya natalo siya.

    • paulapaula

      Untouchable talaga si Ping. Imagine, naging Wanted na sya nun, nagtago
      ng matagal, tapos pagbalik ng Pinas, parang wala lang… tumakbo pa as
      Senator at nanalo. Yung paggamit lang nya ng fake passport kaso na yun
      eh pero malakas talaga eh… Tsk. Anyway, God knows everything…..

    • sanjuan683

      Para napanuog ko sa pelikula ganyan-gayan ang story. May plano tepokin si Mancao at alam ng Malakanyang yan. hehehehehe

    • otire

      Don’t run Mancao, you’ll Only Die Tired!

  • Nathan Antonio

    Hmmmm, let me guess. He’ll come out sometime in the future, run for public office and wins.

    • regd

      Bingo gringo!

  • XY ZEE

    Nananawagan sa lahat ng mga kriminal noong panahon ni GMA……panahon nyo na ngayong kumita sa gobyerno, kahit anong bigat pa ng kaso nyo.

  • david

    tatakas lang naninisi pa ng iba.

  • est

    killer lacson

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Magpatayan na lang silang dalawa. Wala sanang matira.

    • sanjuan683

      Tatlo sila diba isama muna si Erap. hehehehehe

  • Albert Einstien

    kung totoo ang sinasabi ni mancao..WALA na KWENTA HUSTISYA sa pilipinas…di ba i-AAPOINT pa ni GNOY2 si lacson…je je …kurapsyon , kriminalidad, kahirapan (KKK ) …banana republic na tayo……..WILD WILD WEST na sa RP… : > )

    • gibreel farishta

      that’d be ‘wild wild (south) east’.. c:

      • siegfeil


  • siegfeil

    Parehong demonyo takot sa bawat isa. Ika nga weather weather lang yan. baka sa 2016 magbago ang panahon. Sinong matinong tao susuko kay De Lima? Hindi nga niya maayos ang DOJ.

    • Cheryl Joy Estrada-Lumapas

      may maayos ba ngayon sa pinas?

  • bongarroyo

    di niyo lang alam si mancao ay nasa bahay ni lacson ngayon…

    drama lang nila iyang mga away-away na

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    government protection program depends on who sits in malacanang so there you are Mancao..learn how to cook just like your boss..rp is a safe haven for wrong doers kaya wag masyadong matakot

  • david

    kung gusto kang ipapatay, matagal ka na sanang natumba. binibigyan mo lang ng dahilan ang pagtakas mo.

  • josh_alexei

    The Plot is getting thicker, but the fact remains, Mancao is an Escapee, a Fugitive, he first must give himself up, tell his story and maybe somebody will listen to him, especially Lacson, another of the Greatest “escapee”

    • tarikan

      Let’s see the other side of the coin. Siempre ngitngit laang nila Lacson, Mancao, Dumalo Michael Ray Aquino dahil yung isa diyan ay pa-easy-easy laang at kumakandidato pa eh siya itong pinagmulan ng lahat. Sino ba ang nag-away sa Malacanang? Tapos 2 days after dinukot na ang isa. Kahit si Jude masusolb ang mystery na ito.

    • sanjuan683

      Hayaan mo lang magpatayan para mabawasan ang mga ulupong sa gobierno ni Abnoy.

  • cowboys2

    “My rights have been violated,” he said….excuse me!! How about the dead people that you guys killed.

  • Pulis Na Pogi

    when you work for a man,
    in heavens name, work for him.
    speak well of him,
    and stand by the institution he represents…

    alam mo ang mga kasunod na lines nito ces?
    at ang dulo?

    the first high winds will carry you away,
    and you will never understand why…

  • Lamiyth Alim

    Dapat sa lalong madaling panahon mahuli ang puganteng c Cesar Mancao, kc lalabas na kahiya-hiya ang NBI at PNP na cyang may hawak s kanya. . . pangalawa para hindi maging kaduda-duda ang kanyang pagtakas kc ang NBI ay under ng DOJ na pinamumunuan ni Sec. De Lima, na npbalita na may kaugnayan dati kay Col Mancao.

  • tugakbatan

    I still believe that Erap and Ping masterminded the murder.

    • juan_luisjr

      Yes yes yes , I believe so too !!

    • tarikan

      And the million others also believe what you believe. Nagturuan na nga kaya laang ang bobong press hindi na-follow-up. Si Jinggoy at si Pinky nagduruan na di ba? In fairness ky Pinky wala naman siyang galit kay Dacer. Sino ba ang nag-away sa Malacanang? Then 2 days after dinukot nga ang isa (si Mawee Corbito eh colateral damage laang). My 5th grader can easily deduce this thing. Pero sa court of law (lalo na sa CA na mahilig sa “insufficient evidence”, “no probable cause” kahit glaring na) kailangan talagang pag-igihan dahil kung ilang layer (hanggang lima) yang utos. Bago makarating sa mastermind ang bintang kulong na muna ang mga sa baba or patay na muna sila. Di ba marami nang namatay na sangkot sa kaso. Dead people tell no tales — the best ever defense strategy used by the Mafia and other underworld organization.

  • noypisiTED

    Ngayon natatakot ka na mangyari sa ‘yo ang mga pinaggagawa ninyo nuong “peace time”?

  • dxdaistar

    they will again blame GMA!


      baki na namn ako?

      • dxdaistar

        sorry po, kasi lahat ng palpak nila sa iyo naka-blame.

  • BatangSingapore

    si GMA ang humili kay Mancao at pinalaya naman ng abnoy na presidente hahhahahahaha. BOBOtante ka talaga kapag hindi ka pa nagising.

    ngayon naman binibigyan pa ng dahilan ni abnoy na kesyo tumawag kay de lima after nitong mag escaped hahahahahhaha. hindi nyo maloloko ang mga filipino. HINDING HINDI NA IBOBOTO ANG TEAM ABNOY aka TEAM PATAY. NO TO BUM AQUINO.


      wala akong kinalaman dyan!

    • joshmale2004

      Ano naman ang mapapala ni Pnoy kung pakakawalan niya si Mancao. Mukhang wala kang logic.

      • Pio Pusli

        walang logic o walang utak (p.s. may diploma ‘yan, but barely educatred)?

    • tarikan

      Mandurukot ka sa Lucky Plaza. Pagnahuli ka ng Singapore Police, masaya kaming mag-aabuloy sa iyo.

    • expanding man

      si gma ang bumili hindi humuli kay mancao…kasama si raul gonzalez…eh sila ba namang tinuturing na diyos dati…lahat pwede nilang gawin….ayun nakarma ngayon ..pati mga nabayaran kagaya ni mancao karma na rin…hehehe..sori ka na lang …tapos na maliligayang araw niyong naliligo sa kwartaaaa…bwahaaaa..

      • Pio Gante

        at sino naman ang kasalukuyang diyos ngayon?

      • Guest

        Naka kulong ang kaslukuyang diyos nyo. yun di pinaniwalaan nang hukuman ang liko-likong statement ni MadCow . LoL

      • Pio Gante

        tumahimik ka ! sabat ka pa nang sabat dyan, hindi naman ikaw tinatanong ko. marahil account mo rin yan ano?

        wala akong paki-alam kung paano sambahin ang diyos mo!

  • hopeless_na

    hindi kaya may bahid politika ito? naku erap mag-ingat ka. nabu-bwusit na si lim sayo. baka nakakalimutan mong dating director ng nbi yun…

  • tarikan

    The 25 policemen are rotting in jail while the mastermind(s) are having a jolly good time…kumakandidato pa nga eh. Yung iba na involved sa Dacer/Corbito murder eh pinatay na rin. Sino kaya ang mahinhin na killer na yan? Sino ba talaga ang may galit kay Dacer? Sabi nga ni Sherlock Holmes…very elementary my dear Watson. Si gen. ladlad napag-utusan laang. Tapos ini-utos din sa mga alipores. Yung mga alipores ini-utos din sa mga pulis patola dun sa Indang, tapos ang mission. Bawi na laang kayo Dacer, Corbito at Bintain. Malapit nang dumating sa lugar nyo yung tao na yun.

  • Beguine

    Hm, how long do we have to wait before Mancao gets

    Don’t tell us after Ping Lacson gets appointed as chief
    of National Security?

  • paulapaula

    Malamang, pinatakas talaga yan dahil alam ng Nbi ang kalakaran, alam nila kung sino talaga ang mastermind at pag nalipat nga si Mancao sa Manila City Jail, papatayin sya dun. Kumbaga, “sige labas ka na ng selda, magpa-interview ka para malaman ng mga tao ang sentimyento mo. Pero di namin sagutin kung mapatay ka sa labas.”

  • $14334231

    mancao…..the sacrificial lamb……need i say more???…..lacson is la(c)son to many who disagrees with him…..mancao’s existence on earth is getting shorter and is about to end….unless help arrives before the bullet hits him “sa pagitan ng dalawang mata”, consider him a “dead duck”….. …..piiing!!!!!….patay kang bata ka!!!!….

    • Concur_Dissent

      pagitan ng dalawang mata? Di ba hawak ni Jackir trono nun?

      • $14334231

        ginamit ko lang ‘yong pamagat ng pelikula ni FPJ noon….si jack-en-poy, itinututok sa pagitan ng dalawang mata…..

      • Concur_Dissent


  • BatangSingapore

    tandaan ninyo si GMA ang humuli diyan kay Mancao at pinalaya naman ng abnoy na presidente. BOBOtante ka kapag hindi ka pa nagising hahahahahha. nakatakas huh, my pwet.

  • madam01

    aba’y kung pader ba naman ang babanggain mo, magtatago ka talaga sa saya ng nanay mo…justice is nonexistence here

  • KenKhoy

    mancao maybe correct in not listening to d 5 to surrender, considering DOJ`s record of handling witnesses …… mostly 6 ft below na……

  • kilabot

    more appropriate is
    “senator wants me licked”.

    mancao’s escape shows that
    noykapon and pinky do not have
    complete control of police, nbi and military.
    there are people in there who
    abhor the noykapon/pinky clique
    and willing to stake their lives and career
    to frustrate the clique’s evil intentions.
    go mancao go!

  • sanjuan683

    Utos ni Abnoy yan sino ba ang nasa power hehehehe alam mo yan abnoy dahil presidente ka ng iilan mamayan pinoy. Walang kawenta-kwenta ang gobierno mo bulok. Sasabihin mo umaangat ang stock, unggoy kung kumita man ako sa stock ako lang mag-isa hindi lahat ng Pinoy wala ka naman trabaho dito sa Pinas. Bumaba ka sa puwesto mo dahil mayroon ka na TB ubo ka ng ubo sa harap ng mamayan Pinoy. Puro kampanya ang ginagawa mo ninanakaw mo ang pera ng taong bayan sa paggamit mo ng government vehicles at eroplano.

  • Isko

    “With Mancao’s testimony, the DOJ brought murder charges against Lacson,
    who fled the country before the court could issue a warrant for his
    arrest.” …”Lacson fought the charges in the Court of Appeals while on the run.” …”Lacson is apparently in the clear concerning the Dacer-Corbito killings.
    He will complete his third term in the Senate in June and will join the
    Cabinet to handle a still unspecified job.”

    “For all intents and purposes, legally and technically speaking, he (Mancao) is now a fugitive from justice,” De Lima said.”

    Analysis: Mancao is now following Senator Lacson’s set example on how to deal with the law in this country.


      The only difference ? Gloria persecuted Lacson and Mancao became a barking dog of Gloria. The Court of Appeals and Supreme Court favored Lacson because Mancao testimony is a full of loopholes. Now you can call it KARMA.

  • Jose EJ Flores

    Mancao is avoiding the transfer to City jail where life could really be very difficult and risky too. Pointing at Lacson, he should have believable story otherwise it could be mistaken as a case of paranoia, common among those hooked on drugs.


      Eh sya naman ang engot eh, nagpagamit kay Gloria pandak na idiin yung amo nya. Anong nangyari, palpak. Sino ngayon ang kakampi nya, si Gloria ? nasa hospital arrest na yun. Si Lacson? ang laki paninira ang ginawa nya sa senador. He should blame himself for being a barking dog of Gloria.

  • Guest

    Yan ang tuwid na daan ni Pnoy..protecting a criminal…in the senate

    • piskay

      kaibigan kasi sila ni pnoy,,kumakain pa sila ng chicharon doon sa malakanyang habang nag meet

      • Concur_Dissent

        Mag bisaya ka na lang dong! Masama masiyado tagalog mo…wag mong pilitin

      • piskay

        wala ka nabang masabing iba dyan?

  • ruthieem7

    Dacer-Corbito will continually haunt Lacson until this case be given proper closure. Kaloka lang si PNoy. Selective daang matuwid? Lacson evaded justice tapos magkakaroon pa ng cabinet post?! Wake up!!

    • Jojo Griffin

      Sorry pero this case will not haunt Lacson.pinagtatawanan lang ni Lacson ang justice system sa pilipinas.Lacson manages to evade arrest nakapagtago siya then isasapelikula pa yun nagyari sa kanya.

      • gentrytown

        iba na talaga kapag kabaro nung nasa palasyo

      • ruthieem7

        He may laugh now but justice has its ways. It will still haunt Lacson. 2001 pa nga nangyari ito pero nadadawit parin siya. 12 years na!

      • D_BystandeR

        Lacson has first made his daring success for getting off-the-hook when he was acquitted in the Kuratong-Baleleng Massacre as head of the defunct PAOCTF. Then it was followed by the Edcel Bentain’s murder case where the poor guy disappeared in the vicinity of a casino in Manila believed to be kidnapped by Lacson’s men. That guy’s mistake was to give a video copy to Manoling Morato where it was used by Morato in political campaign to show Erap playing inside the casino. Bentain’s dead body was later found after a lengthy and extensive follow-up by investigators inside a drum mixed with concrete cement. That case did not bother Lacson a bit. The Dacer-Corbito murder case could have been a “no-sweat” case for Lacson had it not been for the testimony of one of his trusted men, Cesar Mancao, who many claimed was persuaded by GMA-Mike Arroyo to get back at Lacson for the many exposes that made a serious blow to their credibility with accusations coming from Lacson, to assume the trail like what Judas Escariot did when he betrayed his Master Jesus Christ for a mere 30 pieces of silver. If only Mancao’s memory did not fail him to rely purely on Lacson’s skill to come out victorious in any given case, he would have likely been getting what Michael Ray Aquino is enjoying now, breathing the fresh air of freedom after that unforgettable nightmare where he was extradited back to the Philippines from the US to face criminal charges. Alas, Mancao’s biggest blunder was to betray Lacson and put his trust to GMA and Mike Arroyo.


    WALANG kinalaman dyan si Mike! :)

    • piskay

      isama mo na si glorya,tutal ito namang mga pamilya ang sisihin sa palpak na pamamalakad ngayon!!itodo mo na!

  • virgoyap

    Once Mancao will be gone Lacson will sleep well.

  • Pio Gante

    contrary to what cesar claim, ang tunay na ‘victim of injustice’ dito ay ang pamilya dacer at corbito, wala ng iba pa. as for him, he can always fight another day.

  • sigbinko

    isang napakalaking DRAMA …

  • kentjohn

    this a sad story because the alleged mastermind is free while mancao who are following hte orders is in trouble,what a type of democracy we had .when the previous govt. supporting mncao then after the new admin they are supporting the mastermind,hence everytime we change govt. a previous leader will be behind jail as what erap and gloria happenning now.may be next time another leader will be behind bar again?????

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    shoot to kill Mancao and Mike Arroyo..

  • magarito

    move on guys. malayo yan sa sikmura natin. panahon pa yan ni erap for God sake. isipin nio rin, kung ganito ang naging takbo ng pangyayari, posibleng si mancao talaga ang mastermind kaya sia nagpresinta na state witness. ngaun nabisto na sia kaya binabalikan na. ngaun nagtatawag sia ng media para makuha ang simpatya ng tao.

  • Paulstronghold

    Then who is the culprit? Celebrated case like this one where suspects executed the scheme upon order from powerful and moneyed politicians like erap and lacson allegedly as claimed now by mancao will just turned this decade old case to naught. Pera2x lang talaga ang labanan sa ganitong kaso. I pity mancao for it seems he appeared to be the sacrificial lamb. I sympathize and agree with him true justice is unattainable when you face this kind of people.
    Granting mancao executed dacer and his driver corbito, question is on whose order was it? Malinaw pa sa sikat ng araw kung sino ang parimary suspect/s at nagsasabi ng totoo

  • Mang Teban

    For the past twelve years, the double murder of Bubby Dacer and Alex Corbito has remained unsolved but the suspects had been identified. In that period, principal suspects Ping Lacson and Michael Ray Aquino were set free by our justice system. Former president Erap Estrada was able to parry all accusations that he was involved despite the known fact that former president GMArroyo was also one of the clients of Bubby Dacer. Somehow, even GMA in her long nine years as president was not able to help the daughters of Dacer who sought justice for their father. The real masterminds were as elusive as an eel.

    If the SWS or Pulse Asia makes a survey randomly on the “man on the street” if, in their opinion, Mancao is telling the truth or not, chances are a huge majority of the respondents will say YES.

    Since Dacer was very much active with the media people acting as PR man for high-profile politicians, I believe that the media industry, especially those who were assigned to cover politicians, owes Dacer the much-needed support to publish the facts of the case in the interest of the public. Once media keeps silent on unsolved crimes, including those that involve personalities in its industry, the victims will never attain justice and the perpetrators will walk away freely.

    • GodHelpThePhilippines

      Di mo alam buong istorya bosing. Magbasa-basa ka minsan pag may time, hehehe

  • Laundryman

    This is what happens when a member of the uniformed force allows himself to be PUPPET by the powers that be. By doing such, they not only neglect their sworn duty to the republic and the citizenry. They also become willing tools of the devil. This is “Karma”, Mr. Mancao.


    ON a lighter side, si Mancao……tao na, baka pa! :)

  • regd

    Di ba may madcao disease?

  • Ako_Hiking

    What a shady incident involving even more shady characters. It’s a terrible blow for the government and their agency’s that someone can escape just like. These types of things have been happening a while now under the Aquino Administration with inmates and high-profile individuals in custody can easily escape. Even convicts in jail roam in and out of prison. Even worse in all this…one of the main characters Lacson is actually one of President’s Aquino trusted men. So not daan matuwid.

  • aldhins

    Walang pinagkaiba si Mancao at Lozada sila ang nag bunyag ng katiwalian sila pa ang kinakawawa ? may mag lalakas loob ba na mag witness if ganyan ang sasapitin.

  • Avida Red

    tsk tsk tsk – nagpagamit kasi kay GMA. Court of Appeals ruled na mali mali kasi ang ang mga affidavit mo iho…you are not a legitimate witness.


      Tama ka yan ang napapala na sumasama sa nga masasamang tao. Ngayon nakakarma sya katulad ni Gloria pandak.

      Pinahirapan si Lacson ni Gloria na katagal na panahon, ngayon gusto nya ng areglo. Wala syang credibilty.

  • nano

    Who were the real culprit ? of the Dacer -Corbeto`s murder ? only the real murderers know . People who think they can make criminal activities without caught in the future must ponder many times before doing it , even if your godfather assurred you for protection .
    Before , Lacson was hiding now the tides turn to Mancao . My question is , is it really worth to take the life of others ? Is that the only solution a civilized person can think

    of ?

  • Rathbumo

    Taena Coll. Mancao, up to now ba naman e nagtatahi-tahi ka pa din ng istorya? Tigil na Sir, at hindi na papatulan ng tao yan. Wala na ngang interest sa iyo si Sen. Ping Lacson e. Pati yung abogado mong si Atty. Topacio e pinasusuko ka na. Sabi ko naman sa iyo, do yourself a favor, sabihin mo na ang buong katotohanan dahil hindi mo naman talaga alam ang operasyon na yan. At wala din alam ang dati mong Hepe na si Sen. Ping Lacson. Isiwalat mo na sa taumbayan ang mga personalidad na may kinalaman sa operasyon laban kay Bubby Dacer. Kilala mo naman sila. At sabihin mo na din na nagpagamit ka kay former President GMA at sa kanyang asawang si MIke Arroyo. Ikaw ang gumagawa ng kapalaran mo tapos ibibintang mo kung kani-kanino. Gumawa ka ng multo, tapos ikaw din ang natatakot ngayon. Kung meron kang dapat katakutan, sila ay walang iba kundi ang mga dati mong handler. May kasabihang Dead Men Tell no Tales.

  • sigena

    nagtago yan kung saan nagtago date si lacson

  • edm365f31

    Subordinate officers will not act by themselves; especially when you are talking about eliminating somebody; Dacer-Corbito case should be tied up with Lacson at the least because of chain of command responsibility.
    Obvious that justice in the Philippines can be bought; the 2 principals Lacson and Aquino are scott free while Mancao becomes the fall guy.
    Can’t imagine how the family of Dacer and Corbito feels about these events.

  • est

    napakalaking injustice talaga set him free


      Anong injustice ? nagpagamit sya kay Gloria para idiin si Senator Lacson,
      mismong Court of Appeals at Supreme Court ang nagsabi hindi sya reliable
      witness. Tumakbo pa nga ito pag ka Congressman sa tulong ni Gloria pandak. Natalo. Ngayon sino ang hihingan nya ng tulong.

    • GodHelpThePhilippines

      Alam mo ba ang buong istorya nitong Dacer-Corbito “muder” case? Eto makinig kayo.

      Ang ebidensya, ganito ang takbo. Si Bubby Dacer, di yan ginagalang sa media kahit kanino niyong ace reporter itanong. Paano, kolekta kay Erap para magpe-“praise” release, kokolekta rin siya kay Tabako para banatan si Erap. Lagareng Hapon. Nung araw na “nawala” si Bubby. May meeting sila ni Tabako sa Manila Hotel, kung saan nag-oopisina si Bubby. Wala pang isang oras na late si Bubby nasa radyo na si Tabako at “missing” na agad raw si Dacer. Nung panahong yon wala nang kita si Dacer dahil nga bistado na siya na Lagareng Hapon kaya pinalayas na siya ng Manila Hotel dahil di na nagbabayad ng upa.

      Bago ito, bumiyahe silang mag-ama papuntang Malacanang, inaanak ni Erap yung Bunso niya. Humingi ng dispensa si Dacer at nakipag-ayos kay Erap. Sabi ni Sabina, walang sama ng loob si Erap kaya okey na daw sila uli ng ninong niya.

      Kung bati na sila ni Erap paano naman si Tabako, ang mortal na kaaway ni Bigote? Yan ngayon ang sagutin ninyo. Itutuloy ko ang kwento. mamaya lang.

    • GodHelpThePhilippines

      So ganun na nga ang naging balita, kesyo may mga unipormadong pulis na nakamobile pa ang humuli sa dalawang lalaki at tinangay pati ang Revo na kulay puti. Mahusay! Yung mga papatay kay Dacer naksakay pa ng may markang sasakyan. Hahaha. Ang galing, kahit sinong bobo hindi gagawin na madaling matukoy kung gagawa ng krimen, yan pang mga de-ranggong pulis? Okey sige, tanga siguro LAHAT yung 25 na pulis, hahaha.

      Ang susunod na nangyari ayon sa korte meron daw witness na inutusan ang kung sinong pulis para sunugin ang “bangkay.” Kaya sa loob ng ilang oras, sinunog nila sa isang dram ang mga “bangkay” at itinapon sa di kalayuan ang Revo. Hahaha uli. Yung nawawalang Revo dun lang “itinago” sa malapit sa dram na may mga bangkay na sinunog.

      Malapit na akong kabagan kakatawa sa pinagtahi-tahing kalokohan na ito. So ayun nga, natagpuan yung nawawalang Revo, Siyempre iikutin yung area ng SOCO, imbestigador ng NBI, etc. Akalain mo bang matapos ang isang linggong imbestigasyon, pinuntahan nitong anak na babae yung lugar ng Revo at wow, siya mismo nakakita ng alahas, pustiso, pati sapatos ni Dacer at Corbito! Kengkoy talaga! Kahit grade one hindi ganito kababaw ang script. Okey, pagpasensyahan na natin. Ayun at dahil nga nalaman na kila Dacer yung mga gamit, derpor, sila nga ang pinatay. Kaya napaamin tuloy yung witness kuno at itinuro yung dram sa sinunog.

      Susunod ang analysis ko.

    • GodHelpThePhilippines

      continuation again…

      Base sa ginawang pag-aaral ni Dr. Raquel Fortun na kilalang FORENSIC PATHOLOGIST sa sinasabing mga butong sunog sa loob ng dram, wala raw makuhang “human DNA”. Ibig sabihin, yung sinunog na buto hindi sa tao. Not a man, maybe a cow. MAN or COW? MAN…COW? hahaha. (Sorry po G. Mancao.)

      Eto pa, sa tagal nilang sinuyod yung area ng Revo, bakit si Sabina pa ang nakakita ng mga pustiso at gamit nung mag-among Dacer at Corbito matapos ang isang linggo? Dahil ba planted yung ebidensya? Ang daming tanong pero walang maisagot na matino.

      Halimbawa, bakit kinidnap ng mga pulis si Dacer ng naka-uniporme at naka mobile pa na may numero? hehehe siguro para madaling makabit sa kung sinong gustong gawing fallguy nung tunay na kriminal. Saka bakit pa hhuhubaran ng alahas pati pustiso at sapatos yung mga bangkay bago sinunog? Para madaling ma-identify? Bulag ba lahat ng imbestigador at yung anak pa ni Dacer ang nakakita ng ebidensya sa crime scene? O nilagay lang doon talaga para may makakitang iba?

      Bakit inanunsyo agad ni Tabako na missing si Dacer matapos pa lang ng isang oras, di ba uso trapik sa Maynila? hahaha! Tapos bakit may kopya si Joe Almonte na kanang kamay ni Ramos ng sulat kuno ni Dacer na malaki daw ang galit ni Lacson kay Dacer? Ang alam ng mga taga-media, kung lumakad si Dacer, dala lahat ng papeles niya kasi nga lagareng hapon siya at di lang praise-release kunde meron ding negatib na propaganda kaya laging daladal niya yung attache case niya. Di ba’t sabi ni Dumlao ang misyon niya ay kunin yung mga papeles sa opisina, o nakawin yung bag. Paanong nagkakopya si Almonte nung sulat? Siya ba ang nagpadukot kay Dacer at isinet-up yung PAOCTF para sila ang masisi?

      Sino ba talagang pumatay?


      Me pinatay nga ba? Bakit hanggang ngayon walang ebidensya na pinatay nga yung dalawa, maliban sa statement nung nagsunog kuno. Ako di naniniwala na tao ng yung sinunog. Una, sana merong nakuhang human DNA kahit pa abo mate-trace yun. ANg galing naman nila magsunog, naubos pati buto at ipin (assuming na hindi lahat ng ipin nung dalawa e kasama sa pustisong nadiskubre ni Sabina) Yung tatay ko tatlong oras na-cremate sa high pressure oven, marami pang buto na naiwan kaya idinaan sa grinder para mapulbos ng husto. E itong dalawang bangkay kuno, panggatong lang na uling sa loob lang ng ilang oras wala ng makitang buto, at yung butong nakita, buto yata ng baka? Di kaya buhay pa sila Dacer Corbito sa kung saang lugar at tinatamasa ang malaking perang kabayaran nila nung tuluyang maitumba si Erap sa pwesto at maisangkot pati si Lacson? Anong pakinabang ni Lacson kung mapatay si Dacer? Hindi naman sila magkaaway.

      Ang tunay na suspect dito yung mag-among Almonte at Tabako kung napatay nga yung dalawa, Pero sa tingin ko hindi talaga napatay e.

  • HarryK

    Whoever planned the killing of Dacer and Corbito our government and its justice system simply don’t care. Not a finger is lifted to find out the real masterminds.

    There is absolutely no motive to tie Mancao to Dacer.

    • boldyak

      si lacson nga noon tinuro na si Erap at si Erpa naman tinuro si lacson…hahaha….ang problema ang government ayaw na halungkatin dahil ang mastermind na alam na rin ng government may hawak din na makakasama sa mga opisyal na pedeng magpa-imbistiga…iba na pag may hawak ka na alas…..mhmmm…ano pakinabang ng mga wiretapping machines noon under PAOCTF?….hahaha

  • Elnore

    Gaya gaya lang sya kay Lacson.

  • GodHelpThePhilippines

    Bakit hindi nila interbyuhin si Fr, Baldostamon sa Linkoping, Sweden na dating parish priest ng mga Dacer sa Sun Valley? Diba sinabi nung pari sa diyaryo na sinabi ni Almante sa harap niya kung saan naroon ang mga anak ni Dacer na alam nila kung nasaan si Dacer at pakikiusapan nila na Ibigay sa kanila at itatago sa US?

    Hanapin ninyo sa internet yung kumpleto. Eto yung clip nung balita.



    “Manila, April 9, 2001 – The family of public relations man Salvador “Bubby” Dacer was asked yesterday to comment on the statements of a Parañaque priest over the possible knowledge of former President Ramos and his national security adviser Jose Almonte in Dacer’s disappearance.

    The opposition Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino said yesterday: “We appeal to the Dacer family to come out and confirm or deny Fr. (Gabriel) Baldostamon’s statement. We understand the pain they must feel at the continued disappearance of their father, but they must come out in order to help shed light on this matter. Don’t be afraid of Ramos and Almonte.”

    Fr. Baldostamon is the parish priest of the Our Lady of the Holy Rosary church in Sun Valley Subd. where the Dacer family lives.

    He claimed to have heard Almonte “consoling” the Dacer family that should they recover or “arrange” for Dacer’s release, they would spirit him out to the United States and make it appear that he was still missing.

    Baldostamon said Almonte made the statement in a breakfast meeting with the Dacer family about 10 days after his disappearance.

    “Did Almonte really say that?” the LDP asked. “If he did, he must explain his intentions for doing so and why did he sound as if he had contact with Dacer’s abductors?”

    The LDP said it is a “surprise” that Almonte has not even reacted to Baldostamon’s claims.

    Almonte earlier came out with a letter in which Dacer wrote apprehensions over drawing the ire of Joseph Estrada and former PNP chief Panfilo Lacson.

    The LDP said the parish priest had no reason to lie when he bared his story, which was first brought public by Bishop Teodoro Bacani in his Today newspaper column last Thursday. The following day, Baldostamon confirmed the contents of Bacani’s column.

    It was also Bacani who first questioned Almonte’s motive for coming up such statements before the Dacer family. Bacani also asked probers looking into the Dacer case to dig deeper into Baldostamon’s statements”.

    Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi
    © Copyright, 2001
    All rights reserved

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    another stage or probably approved by higher up? NBI is a drive thru escape prison?
    Inside job of course, nobody can explain it.

  • GodHelpThePhilippines

    In the final analysis, alam na alam nitong bobong si Mancao kung ano ang pinasok niya nung pumayag siyang maging witness laban kay Lacson at sasakyan niya ang script na di papasa sa grade one man lang yung umisip. Kaya wala siya dapat sisihin. Nakinabang naman siya, Binayaran siya at dinala pa sa Singapore yung pamilya niya. Kaya lang akala niya yung lakas ng kapit ni Pandak hindi siya bibitiwan.

    Wala siyang dapat ikatakot kay Lacson o kay Michael Ray. Kung gusto siyang itumba noon pa sana. Dapat siyang matakot dun sa gustong ipagpatuloy yung pekeng istoryang pinatay kuno si Dacer at drayber nya. Hangga’t hindi patestiguhin si Fr. Baldostamon (at si Almonte mismo) na alam ni Almonte kung sinong may hawak, di ako kumbinsidong patay na nga yung dalawa.

    Kaya, Cesar Mancao, mas mabuti siguro kung aminin mo na na hindi mo talaga alam yung istorya dahil Sept 2000 ka pa wala sa PAOCTF e Nobyembre nawala sila Dacer. Paano nangyaring inutusan ka e hindi ka na miyembro noon?

    Cesar, muli, The Truth Shall Set You Free.

  • Nisky Ocsave

    Mancao did not see all the angle he thinks that he is safe outside as a fugitive, but then again he will never be safe inside too, that is what you get when you make a deal with the devil (Lacson). I will say this to Mancao you just have make amends to the Lord and pray hard, I mean very hard.

  • julieboy

    Spy versus spy telenovela.We will never know what the truth on this issue.Its sad how things turn out in celebrated cases,its never solved and we never know what really happened.No one is convicted and most likely never go to jail.For us ordinary Filipinos,we just rely on the news and opinions but never get the truth.So in all honesty who really cares,i just pity the victims who will not rest in peace.

  • AkoayPinoy

    Papano nakatakas. NBI (Nagka Bigayan Investigation) madalas mangyari yan

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Rub out rub out rub out.

  • eight_log

    What a STUPID MANCAO!!!! Hindi niya naisip na maraming galit kay Pinky. Lahat ng mga yun ay gagawa ng paraan para makaganti kay Pinky. Kung mapatay kaya si Mancao … sino kaya ang sisisihin?

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