South Korean student molested in India—police



KOLKATA, India—Three men chased and allegedly molested a South Korean student on a bus in eastern India, police said Monday, in the latest incident to raise fears over women’s safety in the country.

The 20-year-old college student was attempting to board a crowded bus in Kolkata early Monday when three men tried to drag her out of the vehicle, police official Subhendu Barik told AFP.

“She managed to get into the bus. The youths also boarded the bus and stood behind her” and then allegedly “grabbed her buttocks and breasts”, he said.

The computer science student jumped off the bus with the men in pursuit and she ran towards a traffic official who helped catch one of the three and brought him to a nearby police station where she filed a complaint.

Female commuters in India face daily sexual harassment in the country’s congested buses and trains, where men easily outnumber women.

The fatal gang-rape of a 23-year-old student by six men on a moving bus in the Indian capital New Delhi last December highlighted a lack of safe transport for women in the country of 1.2 billion people.

Police said they were searching for the two other men accused of molesting the South Korean woman who is studying in the city.

The arrested man later appeared in court and was remanded in police custody until April 2, Kolkata deputy police chief Sumanjit Roy told AFP.

Monday’s incident comes just days after a British tourist jumped off a hotel balcony in the Taj Mahal city of Agra in a bid to escape an alleged sexual assault.

Earlier this month, a Swiss cyclist was gang-raped in Madhya Pradesh while a South Korean tourist was allegedly drugged and raped in the same state in January by the son of the owner of a hotel where she was staying.

Nationwide protests over the deadly attack in New Delhi put pressure on Indian authorities to pass a tough new anti-rape law last week which also includes a maximum three-year jail term for sexual groping.

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  • hu_yu

    an lilib0g ng mga indiano

    • Noel

      Di ba tayo din mga Pilipino at isama pa natin ang mga manyakis na Pari.

    • rambe66

      oo nga, at ang babaho pa. pwe!

  • kipbuts

    Some men in India has level of libido and act like sex-thirsty animals. Maybe castration removing one testicle will solve the problem.

    • Noel

      It’s not limited to one particular race. Many men from many other countries are as maniac and pervert.

  • david

    bakit daming maniac sa india? dahil sa maanghang na food nila? hahahaha

    • Noel

      Ibig sabihin ganyan din ang mga Bicolano?

      • rambe66

        at least ang mga bicolano ay di kasim baho nila.

      • david

        wrong concept yan sa mga bicolano. sa parteng naga at legazpi ang talagang super like ang sili. sa ibang parte ng bicol, hindi.

      • Noel

        Hindi wrong concept. Bicolana ang ex ko. Kaya kami naghiwalay ay di ko matiis ang lasa niya kapag sumisisid ako.

  • jinx

    Overpopulation, poverty, plus a culture that regards men as superior to women are the very ingredients of rape. The first two factors however, always go together.

    • Johnny Deaf

      What’s the connection of poverty in rape?

      • Rogers Nelson Uy

        Free sex tanga! di kayang magbayad ng pokpok! bobo!

      • Johnny Deaf

        sorry, i don’t entertain rude people. hindi ka siguro nakaka-sex ng libre, puro ka pokpok. lol bye!

      • Rogers Nelson Uy

        Di ako entertain mga tangang tao tulad mo bobo, bye! lol!

  • DarkM

    Ngayon pa kayo nagtaka. Tignan nyo population nila. Dapat turukan yang mga yan ng pampa-enhance ng sense of smell para matauhan.

    • Noel

      Ganyan din naman tayo sa Pilipinas. Araw-araw may balitang patayan, gahasa at mga karumal-dumal na krimen.

      • lucidlynx

        Araw-araw? Sige nga, anong balita kahapon na tungkol sa karumal-dumal na krimen?

      • Noel

        May isang limang taon na batang babae ang ginahasa, pinatay, inilagay sa plastic bag at itinapon sa ilalim ng tulay. Baka gusto mong gahasain ang bunganga mo.

      • Ayumi Water

        Ang pinagkaiba, mga manyak dito kinukuyog. Doon sumasali pa ung iba eh. Tingnan mo na lang ung namatay sa bus. Parang 3 klaseng tao lang sa kultura ng pangmamanyak doon, mga manyak, mga kunsintodor, mga babae.

      • Noel

        Mga manyak dito kinukuyog? Tutoo? Eh ano iyong laging balita natin na isang grupong kabataan ang gumahasa at pumatay ng batang paslit?

      • Ayumi Water

        Subukan nila sa bus iyon o sa MRT?

      • Noel

        Di ba madalas na nababalitaan natin ang hold up sa loob ng bus? Di ba kasing sama ang hold up sa manyak sa loob ng bus?

      • Ayumi Water

        People here don’t just stand and watch people molest others unlike over there. That’s the difference. Ang layo rin tinakbo ng babaeng to, walang tumulong na civilian? Walang umawat? Sabihin mo nga kung ganyan ka-manhid mga Pilipino. Snatcher nga eh pinagtutulungan.

        Wag mo ilihis yung punto na merong kulang sa ugali nila, yung pakikipagkapwa tao pagdating sa pang-aapi sa mga babae dahil mga babae doon hindi nirerespeto tulad sa ibang lugar. Kapanganganak pa lang na babaeng sanggol, pinapatay at tinatapon. Mga misis binubuhusan ng kerosene at sinusunog bilang parusa. Sabihin mo nga na pareho lang status ng mga babae dun sa mga babae dito.

        Pinaguusapan dito ugat ng problema nila at bakit paulit ulit na lang me mga balitang ganito.

      • Noel

        Kung sa bagay, may punto ko. Mababa ang tingin ng mga Bombay kahit na mga Chinese sa mga anak na babae. Lalo na ang panganay dapat lalaki. Tungkol sa pagpatay ng sanggol na babae, noon iyon. Iba na ngayon at medyo pumapantay na ang mga babae sa lalaki.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Ironic how Gandhi’s teachings on non-violence can be taken to such extreme — make love, not war. Even foreign women must now make love with Indian men.

    Or maybe Gandhi’s non-violence is one of history’s revisionism perpetrated by the west in order to encourage postcolonial countries not to be vindictive or vengeful at their former colonial masters.

    • lucidlynx

      Paano naging taken to extreme ang teachings ni Gandhi? Kabaligtaran nga ang nangyari.

      • Kamoteng Baging

        Hina mo naman eh.

        Make love, Not war daw. Sabi ni weded-weder lang (wwl), yung mga indian men ay masyadong dinidib (taken to extreme) yung make love part. Yun ang explanation ni wwl, jokingly of course, sa mga pang gagahasa na madalas na nagaganap sa India.

        The joke is not as funny if it I had to explain it to you. Sus.

  • yourmama

    The problem of india is indian.

  • $18209031

    Hindi crxxpers are doing it again !! Warning to the uninformed especially to white skinned women tourists —- whether you be Jap, Chinese, Aussies and Euros. Hindi Men are craving to rape foreign women ,for it s their dream of a lifetime to have sex with fairskinned women. By doing so , they will achieve nirvana the state of total heavenly peace in the Hindi Religion. It is the prequisite to reincarnation in the afterlife.

    • Noel

      Hinduism is just a religion. Not all Indians are Hindi. Some are Sikhs and Muslims. Let’s separate between religion and one’s actions.

      • $18209031

        Just as Pino Nation is multi religious nation but known a s the only catholic nation in SE Asia.

      • Noel

        Yes, majority of Indians are Hindi. But how many practicing Hindi is the question. How many practicing Catholics do we have? Just by name. They only go to mass on Easter, Christmas and other important occasions.

  • $18209031

    I have also known a Hindi cardiologist who was caught shoplifting. Now what in the world would caused a health professional that is highly regarded to steal ? Its unbelievable .

    The man was a kleptomaniac. He shoplifted a woman’s satin panty . When questioned by the cops , he said i love the smell of panty and imagine a white woman wearing it. I love to masturbate like a teen Hindi BOy.

    • Noel

      Kleptomaniacs and perverts are not limited to Indians and Hindis. Even Holywood celebrities and priests are.

      • $18209031

        Thank you for adding those two.

      • anu12345

        “The Indians not only smell bad but are sex maniacs.”

        You easily forget

      • Noel

        No, I don’t forget. I meant what I said.

  • Noel

    First of all, why is the South Korean studying in India instead of other countries like Manila where English and educational standards are better? Maybe she also likes Indian foods which as spicy like Kimchi. The Indians not only smell bad but are sex maniacs.

    • Reptilian

      First of all, what made you automatically assume that she was there to study English? It could very well be IT, which India is a world leader in, or medicine, of which India is 2nd in Asia. You Filipinos also smell terrible. Just go through your public transport systems and enjoy the scent of eau d’rush hour

      • Noel

        Don’t talk to me and Filipinos like a reptile. The student was there to study computer science which is available in Manila and other countries. It’s her preference to be in India and she got it for being a victim. This is not to say that there’s no crime in other places. That was not my point.

        Don’t you dare say Filipinos smell terrible. Filipinos especially the women are among the cleanest in the world. Even the poor take bath everyday not just once but twice. On the other hand, Indians like you no matter how you wash and clean yourselves still smell a dead rat.

      • Shernanigan

        If you give criticisms and racists comments like what you just did, expect to receive some. Our country is not the best place to live in too.

      • lucidlynx

        Racist comments? He was just speaking the truth. I’ve been to India and the Middle East and frankly speaking, Indians do smell. I am not racist but I am not a liar either.

      • desi derata

        In order to ascertain, for argument sake, who really stinks, go to Canada. When someone stinks on the bus or the subway train, it is an Indian, Bangladeshi or Pakistani.

      • Shernanigan

        Does one need to be a liar in order to be qualified as a racist?

        I’m not saying that he was not telling the truth. Like you, I know some of them really smell bad.

        I was just reacting to his defensive stance as soon as he was attacked about being a Filipino (read: “Don’t you dare say Filipinos…”).

        How can he say that when he just “dare” said some offensive things about Indians too? You got what I mean? That’s what my comment is all about.

        He was even saying things like the poor take a bath twice a day. Really… In the filthy Pasig maybe.

      • Reptilian

        Oh wow, you’re now blaming the S.Korean girl for being victimized (“she got it for being a victim”). I can see your IQ there, so no reason to waste time debating you after this.

        Her preference of country is none of anyone’s business. India’s a great place to study computers. In case you do not know, the US Immigration and Naturalization Service allots 50% of H1-B visa quotas SPECIFICALLY to Indians, to attract talented Indian programmers to work in Silicon Valley. If the Philippines has such a high degree of computer proficiency, then why is it so hard for Filipinos to get into the United States?

        Secondly, you assume that just because I criticized the rush hour smell in Manila, I’m Indian. No I’m not. You just can’t handle criticism, and deflect it by attacking me. Poor you.

      • Noel

        Between your alleged bad smell in Manila and the smelling Indians, I pick the former.

      • Reptilian

        Who asked you about your preference for stinks? Intelligent people would prefer NOT to smell at all. Feel so sorry for your flat brown nose liking your rush hour eau d’ toilet.

      • Noel

        My nose is not flat. I’m not pure Filipino but I’m one in heart, mind and soul. If your nose is not flat, I’m gonna make it flat with a punch. Idiot.

      • Reptilian

        Wooo…I’m sc-sc-scared! You’re great for party laughs, flat-nosed chimp. But I wouldn’t be caught dead wasting more time debating with your typical juvenile Filipino argumentation.

      • desi derata

        It is unfortunate that the Filipinos do not fancy working with computers the way the Indians do. And there is false notion in the Philippines that computer is x86 and OS is Windows. I have been trying to convey to fellow Filipinos, to start seriously in UNIX, AIX and Linux.

        I was glad when I read that the Cabinet members decided to get Macs instead of x86/x64 or AMD.

        Now, it is not about battle between Indians and the Filipinos, the Chinese are all over in the data centers. They have been exposed to and using SunOs or Solaris even when computer makers were banned from exporting to China. Sun Microsystems was able to equip the Chinese as early as the 70’s. Like the Indians, the Chinese do advanced study computer science courses in the US.

        I have been working in AIX and Linux for more than 5 years and I have to meet a fellow Filipino in the workplace. When I apply for a contract job and the technical interviewers happen to be either Indian or Chinese, 99% of the time, I would not be able to get the job. I am very successful when the interview is via telephone or by Webex. The Indians and the Chinese have the nasty character of monopolizing the computer jobs for themselves. They refuse to accept that a Filipino speaks the computer language and terminologies.

        So, don’t pat yourself in the back. Show some tolerance, what you see is not the reality, the situation is borne partly by Indian/Chinese nastiness.

        By the way, that HB1 visa was the machination of Bill Gates who thinks that 50,000 visas should be allocated to Indians yearly. How can you applaud injustice and the denial of a level playing field?

        And we are digressing here, the issue here is the rape cases that are committed in India against women who at the time were defenseless.

      • Reptilian

        Your first sentence explains my point: “Filipinos do not fancy working with computers the way Indians do” ergo, the talent pool of the Philippines in the IT industry is much, much smaller than that of China or India. Your being discriminated against in job hiring notwithstanding, it won’t explain the skills gap that the big software/data companies already know: there is not enough of a talent pool for them to invest in Filipino talent.

        The Philippines can have the BPO side of things, but when it comes to coding, systems admin, etc, the talent pool in China and India is bigger, cheaper, and more talented. Am most decidedly not “patting myself on the back” I just stated plain facts that are hard for most Filipinos to accept as truth. They see a few BPO centers and think the Philippines should be on the same breadth as China and India already.

        Re: Bill Gates, he’s a businessman, and he’s looking to increase the competitiveness of Microsoft and the US as a whole. His responsibility is to maintain US strategic advantage. Who are you to question his decisions? Gates’ responsibility is NOT to Filipinos or any other ethnicity. If that means hiring more Indians over any other ethnicity, then so be it. Fault the Philippine educational system for not being as productive as other countries. A report released by your Dep of Education 2 weeks ago revealed that only 20% and 25% of Filipino male and female high school graduates respectively go on to finish college. You wanna blame Bill Gates for that too?

      • $39764945

        Hey snake with a pea brain that is if you even have one How in the hell can you compare the small number of IT industries of the Philippines whose population is around 90 million to the population of Mao China and India whose combine population is about 3 billion people.Of course you will have more talented people to extract from the huge number of people from both countries.It is just plain common sense.

      • Reptilian

        cincobobo: The debate between me and desi derata centered on the quality of education that has resulted in a disparity of graduates well-versed in computers. Singapore and Taiwan both are much, much smaller than the Philippines, yet has many more IT experts overall. They are able to create their own computer and mobile appliance brands. The Philippines has a population of 100 million, give or take.

        You’re trying to make yourself feel better by merely pointing out the difference in population size? THAT takes the cake for stupidity. I cannot possibly debate you smartly, because you’re leagues behind my intellectual level. Fukk you, and fukk your mother for giving birth to a tremendously retarded kid like you.

      • $44479964

        You may have a high intellectual whatever, but your parents and schools obviously failed to instill in you good manners.

      • desi derata

        It is not what you insist about “skill gap”. In every occasion that non-Indian or Chinese do the interview, I get the job. “..big software/data companies ALREADY KNOW that there is not enough of a talent pool to invest in Filipino talent”. Knowing the past is not enough of a basis to determine the present.

        Bill Gates was fooled by the old notion. The world is ever-changing.

        I blame the old Dept of Education. And I blame the country. Why are so many Indians in Manila? They are not computer folks but loan sharks victimizing the small vendors in the public markets. The rest of them who live peacefully are not molested at all. Before I left the Philippines, I remember that there was a big temple in Pandacan for Indian worshippers. You should appreciate the culture of the Filipinos who are tolerant and generally speaking, respect their fellowmen.

      • $44479964

        Di daw xa Indian. Bombay siguro.

      • Cyndmark Penaso

        yep you are right,,,, philippine education system is way far behind all other countries in asia,,,

      • lucidlynx

        Then why is it Filipinos, laborers and professionals, are in-demand worldwide? They must possess some skills and knowledge to be in that situation.

      • Mr. Skeptic

        It’s because they are good in English which makes it easy for their bosses and peers to communicate with them.

      • Ayumi Water

        They are skilled, too. They don’t just pick some random person off the street for the job.

      • Mr. Skeptic

        If two persons have about the same or equal skills, you usually choose the one who’s better in English. That’s why Filipino workers are in demand worldwide. But I agree with the original premise that the Philippine education system is far behind other Asian countries. Our students score poorly in math and science subjects compared with other Asian students.

      • Ayumi Water

        When you look at the average score of our entire student population, yes. When you look at our small number of math and science majors, doctors, engineers, etc, their qualities are comparable to those in countries where the average scores in these subjects are higher.

        I assume your data was based on the performance of students in primary and secondary schools. These indicators do not reflect the quality of our professionals but the quantity. I assure you our engineering schools are not diploma mills.

      • Kamoteng Baging

        Some real life observations.

        – USA pretty much stopped hiring Filipino nurses for Indian nurses.
        – Where I work (Finance), Indians working in IT outnumbers Filipinos. There are more Indian holding middle and senior management positions.

        Cruise ships employ the most Filipino relative to other nationalities. I guess only Filipino can take 12 hour shifts, 6 day per week work schedule.

        In Singapore and Hongkong, Filipino domestic helper outnumber nationalities as well.

      • $39764945

        Read again did the snake or crocodile er i mean the reptilian mentioned the philippine education system? He talks about India being a world leader in medicine etcetera, DUMBO

      • lucidlynx

        Compared to Indians, I think they smell worse.

      • dorky boy

        ahem! xcuse sir but here in SG the term strong smelling is used. because you don’t change shirts, one time someone told me that you just iron the same clothes for the next 5 days and wear it also for the next 5 days…without washing clothes and also no deodorants but you put on perfume….and you always put coconut oil on your head whether or not you bathed….eat currilicous, onionlicious foods….plus gazzillion i ddunno smelling spices sweat…no sir we do not do that here. I’d rather ride the MRT train in PH rather the MRT in SG in the morning. Plus the amount of insense that you light up during the morning and afternoon, some types its okay but not the pungent ones please… it sticks to your clothes plus the smell…go i’d put up with guys not wearing deodorants fine its just one odor but there you could only imagine …oh no!

    • Kamoteng Baging

      She is a Computer Science student. India Institute of Technology produces some of the best students in the world. Standard is far higher than any of the top institution in the Philippines.

  • charlie_oscar

    India is only a Hindu version of Pakistan… Women are 3rd class citizens so ladies be careful there! tThe men are like wild dogs at the sight of a pretty foreigner and they think rape is petty crime as long as the lady is not Indian or from upper caste.

    • Guest

      Charlie, what do you know about Pakistan?
      Before making such stupid comments ,go and read in wikipedia and see, not even a single muslim country is listed their in rape cases.

      Women have respect in Pakistan. What do you mean by hindu version of Pakistan?Pakistan is not typically indian, Pakistan shares its border with Afghanistan and Iran also.

      Also pls check and read the UNDP report and they have said that India is even worse then Pakistan in treatment of women. Inspite of being a conservative country, women are treated much better in Pakistan.

  • ryq24

    The caste system may have something to do with this kind of attitude!

    • Alfa Saclao

      i agree….. this caste system is one of the things that spanish conquerors had remove from our pre-colonial society and one of the few nice results of colonialism. looking at our selves today, who can tell that there was a time when our ancestors buys and sell slaves too.

  • $18209031

    Hooray, India the greatest democrazy nation in the world as dubbed by Western experts.

    When you have a class system in placed for centuries, isnt this the antithesis to a democrazy? Poor dalits of Hinduztan are still marginalized and downtrodden . The same thing the Tagaleglegs of Luzon are doing to Tausugs of Sulu archipelago.

    • desi derata

      Utin mo!

      Are you trying to forment trouble between the Tagalog-speaking people and the Tausugs?

      F___ yourself.

  • $18209031

    For those who are naive of what India is really like, then you are in for a big surprise.

    Its not what you are made to believed, its more than that. Yang gustong pumupunta doon as tourists, as missionaries spreading the gospel , as students , be very very concerned.
    Rather spend your money elsewhere . Good luck.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Savage people. Just came out of their caves and start dragging women by the hair.

  • Marcos5

    My co worker Patel in Manila Always say this: You are Bery Bery
    Charming my Friend…I still wonder if he is Gay ? or just the
    way….Anyway not all Indians smell bad but it’s the food that they eat
    spicy and garlicky stuff comes out of your pores esp. on a Humid Sweaty
    hot tropical weather – You end up smelling like a Champion doing a Full
    Marathon Run in Ayala Avenue. No pun intended but I like Indian food.

    Just my 2 Cents** I will have a fabulous Chicken Tika Masala – chicken marinated in yogurt and spices and then served in a tomato cream sauce Yum !

    But seriously Indian Gov. needs to start hanging on the spot megalosex maniacs in the streets of Mumbai.

    • Alfa Saclao

      i like shawarma.. jeje…and pehaps your co worker is really a gay…eeewwww… jaja

      • popeyee

        have you tried paratha? or Chapatti?

      • Alfa Saclao

        not yet, but i’m going to try if i see one. there pictures looks delicious.

      • Kamoteng Baging

        Shawarma is not an Indian dish.

  • Philcruz

    Does India also have a permissive movie industry full of sex and violence? And wasn’t the Kamasutra a product of India?

  • Ayumi Water

    Events like this happen in public and it seems as if the Indian public tolerates it (other people in the bus, pedestrians, etc.) That’s why the more we hear about news like this, the more likely we’ll hear about stereotypical/racist statements too about Indians. And seriously WTF right?

  • Danyel

    Malilibog pala ang Indians…para ding mga Pilipino…..

  • don2011

    Akala sa sa gitnang silangan lang may mga itik na garapal ang pagiging manyak na lalake mapababae o lalake man.

    Anyway, i met some India with a good heart but smells bad (in my perspective).

  • titolim

    ipekto na nayan ng sobrang pag kain ng spicy at curry foods, at saka sa paraan lang na ito sila makatikim ng ************ at medyo mabango. kihali!!!

  • Olibo

    Rape capital of Asia.

  • Yobhtron

    India is fast becoming the Rape Capital of the World. Effects of eating too much Curry?

  • jr18496

    there are a lot of Indians in the Philippines now. Most of them are illegal and engaged in illegal activities. They sell fake medicine to filipinos. Why don’t the filipinos do something about this? If the goverment won’t do anything , then the filipino people has to do it themselves. Send them back to INdia!

  • $16638896

    sobrang kain ng maanghang yan at sibuyas kaya parating maiinit ang mga kupal na bumbay na yan.

    • malek_abdul

      mga hayuk lang talaga sila at mas masahol pa sa hayup….wala sa kinakain.

  • $5699914

    Makes me remember one Filipina scientist during the time of Ramos that was sent to India for a scholarship. She ‘jumped’ from a high building to escape a sexual pervert…but some evidences also pointed that she may have been thrown by her attacker..that Filipina was a daughter of a retired respected judge and a sister to my former dentist in Proj. 8….

    The family tried seeking justice, Ramos and De Venecia tried their best to suppress them…my dentist was even kidnapped (luckily he was able to escape, otherwise he would have been dead by now)….i think it has something to do with Ramos-Shahani and her Indian husband…..

    • Tyrannosaurus Lex

      That was my aunt, Marivic Suller. Even worse, the Philippine and Indian governments ruled it as a suicide when all evidence showed that she was raped and murdered. IMHO, both countries stink when it comes to dealing with rape cases.

      • $5699914

        My sympathies to your family, Lex….

  • Ex-Army

    mahilig kasi kumain ng kilawing sili at sibuyas kaya mga manyakis..yung mga nadakip dapat ang parusa is ibabad yung ari nila sa sili habang nakakulong..LOL

  • patrickinca

    India,… The rape capital of the world!!!

    • Reptilian

      Next to the Philippines

      • patrickinca

        uu nga noh my point ka dun. lol

  • Edgardo Mendoza

    maniac dengerous!

  • randyaltarejos

    Beware of going to India where many maniacs roam the streets! Come and study in the Philippines, instead!

    • Reptilian

      Go to the Philippines and get yourself raped, kidnapped, robbed by thugs, or extorted by immigration officials, and where the level of English is just enough to fool Filipinos that their English is “world-class”

  • Lauro

    Is this worth a square inch of news print???? Rape is happening everywhere … almost like prevalent in the Philippines as well!!!!

  • sasama

    …heheheh mga potsu!…dapat yan tuliin as penalty…gawin leather bag…

  • totoy batobalani

    the rise of nihilism in the third world.

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