Thanks to Lagman, the young now confess ‘RH’ sins



Thank you, Edcel Lagman.

They may have lost the battle over the reproductive health (RH) law, but Catholic prelates say they have reason to thank the principal author of the law, as more and more young Catholics have become  aware of the sin of artificial contraception and they  are being driven to confession by their guilt.

Fr. Melvin Castro, executive secretary of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines-Episcopal Commission on Family and Life, said many priests had noticed a “general trend” among young Catholics to seek forgiveness through confession for using artificial contraceptives.

“There is now an awareness, thank God. If only for that, thank you to Lagman,” Castro said.

“They now know the doctrine of the Church. So, that’s good,” he said.

According to Castro, many priests have been seeing this trend in the confessional. He said people now seemed to be more aware that using artificial contraceptives, going into “live-in” relationships and engaging in premarital sex are sins.

“They go to confession. It’s a good sign among the young, and I’m glad about it,” he said.


Castro attributes this “reawakening” to the Church’s campaign at the height of the debates on the RH bill to inform the faithful that using artificial contraceptives is wrong.

“[The RH law] is a tragedy, humanly speaking, but thank God that it has become a means for people to go back to God. It is more important that individual souls get closer to God,” he said.

“Deep inside, people yearn to do what is right,” Castro said.


Mostly women

He said many of those who have sought absolution through confession for using contraceptives were young women.

“Women are very religious. You can see that in the proportion of those who go to church [to attend Mass]. There are more women in church,” he said.

Castro said there were also women who sought forgiveness for having an abortion.

“They thought that since it was just a few months old, it would only be blood. They were not aware that it involved a baby,” he said.

Castro stressed he and his fellow priests took care not to violate the “seal of confession” (or of the confessional) when they discuss these matters. Priests have the absolute duty not to disclose to anyone anything that they learn from penitents during confession, even under threat of their own death or that of others.

Preach more

Castro urged the Catholic priests to preach more often against artificial contraception. He said some prolife advocates had complained during the congressional debates over the RH bill that the Filipino clergy was not speaking out enough against the bill.

“We need more teachers who will bear witness to the faith and live it. This has to be preached despite our personal feelings,” he said.

However, he said not all priests had the authority to grant absolution to those responsible for an abortion because it is considered a very “grave sin,” similar to physically attacking the Pope, or desecrating the consecrated host and wine, which Catholics believe are the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

“Because of the gravity of the sin of abortion, only bishops can give absolution. What the bishops do is choose priests and give them the faculty to absolve this sin. It is very limited,” Castro said.

“For example, I can only absolve up to 10 cases. After 10 cases of abortion, I have to inform my bishop. In that way, the diocese can also monitor the extent of abortion [cases],” he said.

Healing process

Castro said priests should be very sensitive when hearing the confession of women who have had an abortion.

“It is not only the guilty feeling. There is a phenomenon that they go to confession again and again. It’s a worldwide phenomenon. In the case of abortion, they feel the gravity and they feel the need to make reparation,” he said.

“It is good because this becomes a healing process when they admit it, and then they are blessed,” he said.

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  • Jane Tan

    Not really an advocate of contraceptives but, in terms of educating the masses and providing free family planning, I’m a huge supporter.

    • boldyak

      you mean free condoms, family planning is always free, what are you providing?

      • Crazy_horse101010

        where never heard of it here in the boonies .i asked my wifes family in the mountains about free condoms and they said what are you talking about you can see the family planning with 13 and 14 year old girls carrying babies some of whom are my neighbors maybe manila has them things but not here.i wish some of you would come to where the poor are and see the real phipippines. see what i see every day

      • Crazy_horse101010

        now resort to your insults and name calling

      • frudo

        ganyan mga panatiko bulag sila di nila makikita yun

      • Crazy_horse101010

        yes that happens

      • Jane Tan

        I sympathize. I have friends in Singapore who visit the Philippines and they asked me – Why is it that everywhere I look, I see a pregnant woman? Even in the slums area where people have dismal living conditions, how can there still be this many pregnant women?

      • Crazy_horse101010

        i lost a couple of maids my wifes cousins because of texting they would text some guy disapper and show later pregnant. i read in he paper a school in the mountains 90 percent of the girls were pregnant. i see young couples 15 years or so old carrying a baby and the girl is pregnant with another. it used to be many kids took care of their parents but not anymore among my wifes family. grandpa is driving a tricycle while 10 or so children and grandchildren are at home because of no jobs. drugs is now the only escape for many of them

      • Crazy_horse101010

        did you know our rabid friend has a heretic list now you and i and 4 or five others on it representing all kinds of beliefs he is getting desperate. im sure we will see more of it. its funny your more catholic than he is.

      • foreignerph

        Because they use the “natural” method of birth control which means buying a calibrated thermometer correct to at least 0.1 degrees, plotting the morning baseline temperature of the woman on a graph paper every day, and then perform a complicated regression analysis. That’s perfectly “natural” of course .

      • Jane Tan

        Where is there free family-planning? If you’re talking about the priest that interviews the couple before their marriage, that’s not family planning. I know plenty of my colleague office workers who, despite these interviews that were meant to determine the couple’s situation and future, were allowed to marry complete bums. And, when I say bums, I mean guys (majority) who haven’t had a single paying job in more than 6 months. And when these couples consummate their marriage, what then? A woman supporting a bum and a child? 1 year later, a woman supporting a bum and two children?

        If there was free family planning, that is ACTUALLY family planning and is mandatory, we wouldn’t have this many street-children.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        in many cases its just the wife and kids the husband has left them for another woman who isnt wore out from having kids, a week ago i was talking to a coastie who was bragging having 3 wives and 15 kids how can someone in the coast guard support that many.and how can someone who has never been married do family planning its like a car saleman doing operations.

  • Danilo Navarro

    ano na naman kabalbalan ang pinalalabas ninyo kuh ayaw ninyong talagang patalo..he he he..sasabihin ninyo madaming kabataan nangungumpisal sa nag papalaglag o gumagamit ng condom he he he wala na kayong maisip na bago ehh yung mga tean tatay nangumpisal din ba sa obispo na may anak sila

  • Observer18

    Priests are not supposed to divulge any information about anyone else’s sins told to them in private confession. But, CBCP is going out of its way telling the public the kind of “sins” people are committing nowadays as if they themselves are clean of any sins. It’s a shame they are violating their own vows and betraying trust of the faithfuls just to promote their self-interested political agenda.

    • diamond_digger

      You are very correct, Observer18. These priests and bishops are just exposing their own unparalleled hypocrisy.

      The reported trend in the confessional may be right, but what about
      the priest and bishops who impregnate and sire children and sexually
      abuse and or victimize the young and gullible teeners. Have they
      confessed and or truly repented? Or do they believe they possess the
      power to absolve their own sins? That’s like baking their cakes and
      eating it, too.

      • Pepe Alas

        You are correct. However, that is not the issue in this news article. =)

      • Guest

        You are correct, the issue here are the priests.

      • Pepe Alas

        No. The issue here is… man, the headline says it all. =)

      • gikiness

        No, you didn’t get it, you were obviously mislead by the priests. They’ve been doing it for centuries now.

      • Pepe Alas

        No, kid. You’re the one who’s not comprehending things. Look, it is this simple: the issue here is not about the purity or guilt of priests. It is about this news article, about the young ones confessing their RH sins.

        So whether or not Catholic priests are evil or not, that is not the case right now. I was merely reacting to KianFF’s comment/suggestion which I deem is more appropriate in another thread because it has nothing to do with the news at hand.

        Nápacasimpleng intindihín.

      • KianFF

        We don’t know if those abusive priest have already repented, their own conscience will kill them in the future. As a lay person, those who went to confess these sins were amazing, they followed their own conscience. I just pray that the Lord will guide those aspiring priests and priests to hold on their vow till their death. May the congregation also do their part to remind and protect their pastors, and show them that the community needs a dedicated pastors in their parish. A loving and inspiring community can create great priests forever. May God bless us all, those who are serving and those who are being served.

      • Leilani Macatangay Bautista

        did the priest divulge the identities of the penants? or did they give any information about the penants, outside of the sin they confessed, that would give away the identity of the penants?

    • brunogiordano

      Hindi pala totoo na may secrecy sa confession.

      Mga SINUGALING talaga ang mga pari at OBISPO.

      Talagang hindi mapagkakatiwalaan.

    • siJuanDalandan

      I agree with you. Confessions should be kept secret, but the leaders of the Philippine Catholic Church appear to have violated this rule. The claim is also misleading. It would be impossible to generalize because the Philippine Catholic Church does not systematically collect data on the people who do confessions. So it is likely that such assertion is based on mere impression by some priests, which may or may not be true. And because the CBCP has a clear agenda on this issue, statements like this suffer from lack of credibility.

      • blowcoldblowhot

        Read the article again, did any of the priests gave the identity of the confessors ( like name, age, address etc)?. They only gave examples of the sin of artificial contraception and abortion committed by young women.
        This is how I look at you because of your comment,:At a circus in a nearby
        town I saw you stood looking at the camels. Then you picked up a straw, placed it on the camel’s back and waited. After a while you mutters “wrong
        straw” and walks away. Got it?

      • siJuanDalandan


        I did read the article in its entirety before I made my comment. The secrecy of confession applies not only to the identify of those who confess but also to the content of the confessions. Priests who serve as confessors are not supposed to discuss these things outside the confessional because doing so betrays the trust given to them by the faithful. What is worse is that, in this case, it is being used to buttress a political agenda.

        Also, how is it possible for the CBCP to make such generalization? The Philippine Catholic Church does not systematically collect data on confessions. So it is likely that such assertion is based on mere impression by some priests (which may or may not be true). So the CBCP’s statement is very misleading.

        No, I’m not looking for the straw that will break the camel’s back. I’m just calling things as they are. In other words — because you seem to be fond of cliches — I’m calling a spade a spade.

    • farmerpo

      Confessions are the ties that bound a slave to the master. It is an age old behavioral dictum. In modern times, it is called ‘blackmail’. Even a criminal will be meek as a lamb to the confessor, be it a priest or a police officer, once he confesses his crime(sins). Thru the sins confessed, sexual slaves of the confessional are born.

    • Bernardo R. Benedicto IV

      Remember how the Katipunan got dicovered? :

      • Hurtlocker1

        i am interested on this. please can u tell me? thanks.

      • frudo

        may babaeng di naka tiis at nagconfess sa pari about katipunan, binulgar ang samahan sa pari, ganyan sila kalupit nuong araw, mananakop mangaalipin up to now feeling nila ganun parin sila pakialamero sa gobyerno

    • El_Gran_Capitan

      wala kang magagawa kasi mga tismoso ang mga pari ngayon, yun ngang paghingi ng SUV eh ginagawa pa ng REQUEST LETTER, E DI MGA TSISMOSO

    • Jane Tan

      Bad case of “foot-in-mouth” disease, which is common to CBCP these past few months. Bad time to be a Catholic, especially since I am one. Not inclined to go to confession now.

      • rouelcalzita

        Don’t take it bad for such religion.
        There is no religion in this world w/c is free from any sort of scandals.
        Regardless, of any religion/sect you belong.
        Religion is an organized collection of belief systems, cultural systems, and
        world views that relate humanity to spiritually and, sometimes, to moral

      • foreignerph

        Correct, and no religion or non-religious world view has any claims of “truth” towards any other.

      • concern_pinoy_citizen

        Eat your words at the end times.

      • Leilani Macatangay Bautista

        speak for yourself and others of the same mindset. for me, i find that these are the best times to be Catholic. the Catholic faithful in the Philippines will not change their views just because a certain Jane Tan decided that she is not inclined to go to confession anymore.

    • Sultan Kirat

      Great point. Confession is supposed to be a personal experience between the penitent and God, with the priest serving only as intermediary. There is a seal on the confessional, which none are supposed to break. That the CBCP is releasing this kind of thing to the media implies that this seal is broken regularly, and the bishops even have some sort of informal database on the types of sins people are confessing. Maybe the bishops need to confess that. :-P

    • John Y

      While I believe there are already significantly less people going to confession as compared to before, I expect even less to go now that some will know that priests have given themselves the right to violate the secrecy of this reconciliation.

    • frudo

      kya nga dapat di mag confess sa Pari dahil din sa confession na yan ay nabulgar ang secretong paghihimaksik ng mga Pilipino laban sa kastila, pde naman dumerektang humingi ng tawad sa Dios,

      • KianFF

        If you confess your sins to a priest, you do not only confess it to God but also to the community whom you have sinned. (*Since the pastors are the heads of our community (Church), we confess it to them. In return, they advise us to correct these mistakes and enlighten us to what was really right according to the Gospel.) We are also aware of the past history during the Spanish time, may God forgive those friars if they have sinned. No one here on earth is perfect, as today’s Gospel says, “Whoever does not sin, may throw a stone to the woman.”

      • frudo

        kung nagkasala ka humingi ka ng tawad sa Dios, para di na matsismis pa ang kaslanan ginawa mo, yun lang, patatawarin ka nman ng Dios, at patawarin mo rin ang nagkasala sayo, simple land di ba?

    • Garth Colin Whelan

      I don’t think they did share someone elses sins. They never mentioned anyone’s name, and if there are a lot of abortions being confessed to, then that is something that we need to be aware of, because it reveals a growing trend towards godlessness. It’s good for us to know, so the rest of us can be more zealous about warning people of the sins of immorality. The tendency of many people caught in sin, is when a consequence of that sin appears, then they try to cover it up with an even greater sin.

      However, only God can forgive sins. A priest or bishop or even the pope cannot take anyone’s sins away. The only thing they can do, is to guide and counsel people. They can guide them in a prayer so they can ask God for forgiveness for the sin, and if need be, allow them to ask God into their hearts, so God through the Holy Spirit can revive that person’s conscience, purify it, then they will feel danger whenever the temptations come again, and deal accordingly with the temptation. But a priest cannot take away any sin. Jesus did that at the cross of Calvary, once and for all.

      • foreignerph

        Your god is not my god. Our common ground should be the human rights, something your Church seems to have serious problems with. Don’t stuff your imaginary god through my throat please. If you seriously think that condoms are a sin, well don’t use them. Simple, huh?

    • foreignerph

      Apart from that (a +like), what news value has this article, let alone that what the Church reports cannot be corroborated by second sources? Where are the journalism standards here? By its track record of brainwashing, lying and hypocrisy, the Church may very well be lying here too to advance a pure political agenda of psychological dictatorship.

      If Catholics don’t want to use condoms because they think it’s a “sin”, well nobody forces them to. Why can’t they just let other people alone and letting them do what they think is right and proper?

    • white scorpion

      yes you’re right!! one piece of unsolicited advice. STOP TALKING (priest).

      many talk, many mistake.

    • disqus_EWrSdjV1nv

      violation of a vow. way to be silent.

      may i know if cbcp presented the number of relationships and number of children sired by their priests?

      please lang. pakiuna ang inyong bakod bago nyo gamitin ang sagradong kumpisal sa PR nyo. tnx.

  • pepito gwaps

    Ano ba yan dahil sa ” RH” na yan yong mga kababaihan ay nasubukan na ang hindi dapat nasubukan. Malalalakas na ang loob gumawa ng premarital Sex kasi me protection o ayan dumami tuloy yong nangumpisal.

    • ajca82

      RH wasn’t a law when they did those things. RH can actually help people live based on catholic morality by giving them information.

      Some people only know about sex after doing the deed. Of they know about this through sex ed, they’d know enough to avoid it.

    • Jane Tan

      Ang baba ng tingin mo sa mga babae. They won’t have sex just to “try” it. Majority of the one’s saying that will still be guys.

      • pepito gwaps

        he.he.he. kung wala non papayag kaya yong gf na magtabi sila..O ayan na nga sinabi na nga ng pari na marami ang nangumpisal? In every boy there is a girl involve or vise versa. Ano ka ba o bias ka lang talaga mag-isip…..think about it.???

      • Jane Tan

        Hello… The Philippines is a sex-tourist spot. Tanungin mo yung mga “escorts” kung may anak na sila and you’ll get a better picture. Yung mga high-end na escorts like FHM will probably not do it without a condom, but that doesn’t mean they do it just to “try it out”.

        Biased? Statistically, there are still going to be more drunken outbursts by men than by women. And what is the favorite pastime of the working class man after a long day…? It’s reality, not statistics.

      • frudo

        eh bakit mo isisisi sa rh, ang rh ay di lang sa teeager para din sa mga magasawang gusto magplano ng pamilya, eh di sabihin mo sa mga pari na ipagbawal din sa kabataan ang pagamit ng internet, kasi dahil sa internet nakakapanood sila ng sex movies, nakikipag chat at naliligawan, sa ganun nagkakasala na sila diba, internet laganap na.

      • pepito gwaps

        ang issue dito ay dumami ang nag-premarital sex…kung mag asawa yan hindi na nila kelangan mangumpisal..san ka ba?

    • frudo

      di yun kasalanan ng rh kasalanan yun ng tao, eh kung pag bawal sayo ng pari ang internet dahil pde ka magka acccess sa panonood ng malaswa at magkakasala ka, papayag ka ba? lahat ng pwedeng pagmulan ng kasalanan nandito sa mundo. at katungkulan ng mga religious leader na pangaralan ang kanilang myembro,

  • diamond_digger

    The reported trend in the confessional may be right, but what about
    the priest and bishops who impregnate and sire children and sexually
    abuse and or victimize the young and gullible teeners. Have they
    confessed and or truly repented? Or do they believe they possess the
    power to absolve their own sins? That’s like baking their cakes and
    eating it, too.

    • KianFF

      Priests are required to confess their sins to other priests. If they have not repented, let God and their conscience frighten them

  • tadasolo

    I think the good bishop is celebrating prematurely and it is in bad taste to note the confessions of people. Is the bishop not in violation of canon law and very improper to survey the confessions of the FLOCK and say it publicly?? I think some of the bishops are running amok and in total denial. The bishops are extremely concern about their diminishing influence in an increasingly secular world. Sometime in the distant future the fear of god and eternal suffering will be replaced by secular humanism where we value not only LIFE but the impact of our behavior within the planet earth.

  • brunogiordano

    “According to Roman Catholicism, a venial sin (meaning “forgivable” sin) is a lesser sin that does not result in a complete separation from God and eternal damnation in Hell.[1][2] A venial sin involves a “partial loss of grace” from God. They do not break one’s friendship with God, but injure it.[3]”

    Ang pedophile sin at pagkakaroon ng anak sa LABAS ng pari at obispo ay VENIAL sin lang naman daw.

    Subalit ang pagamit ng contraceptives ay isang MORTAL sin.

    “Mortal sins ((Latin) peccata mortalia) are in the theology of some, but not all, Christian denominations wrongful acts that condemn a person to Hell after death if unforgiven.”

    • GKLer

      Jesus kept it simple.

      “14 For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.” – Matthew 6

      • AntonioPeYangIII

        As the USMC say about terrorists: “We believe that forgiveness is between a person and God. It is our duty to arrange their meeting.”

      • tarikan

        So if I were God pala ganito sasabihin ko sa mga pari na nanggahasa ng sacristan o naka-anak dun sa choir member. O hwag ka nang manggahasa sa susunod ha? Si Ms. Santos iyak ng iyak eh bubugbugin sya ng tatay nya pagnalaman na ikaw ang nakabuntis. Please don’t do it anymore.

      • GKLer

        Fortunately you aren’t God.

        Isaiah 55
        “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.”

        Matthew 16
        “23 Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.”

      • tarikan

        Fortunately I weren’t God otherwise I’ll give those erring priests some lashing they won’t forget even in their second lifetime. Kaya pala dumarami ang masasamang tao (killers, mandarambong sa gobyerno or privado, drug lords, drug users, hold-uppers, kidnappers, carnappers, etc) kasi sobrang maawain si God mo. Madaling magpatawad. Papano na lang ang biktima?

      • GKLer

        Fortunately you aren’t God. You are also not aware of God’s Laws, Plans and Salvation found in the Bible.

        Start with this: Galatians 5:19-23, Romans 12:19-21.

        Romans 12
        19 Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,”[a] says the Lord. 20 On the contrary: “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.”[b] 21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

        Galatians 5
        19 The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; 20 idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions 21 and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.

        Luke 3 (a prophecy)
        and all humanity will see the salvation of God.'”

        Revelation 21 (a prophecy)
        He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

      • Grace R Santos

        But in the Bible, Jesus also tells his apostles, “Receive the Holy Spirit. Whose sins you shall forgive, they shall be forgiven. Whose sins you hold bound, they shall be held bound…” (Joh 20:22-23)

      • GKLer

        1. From Matthew 6:14-15. Read Matthew 6:1-14 then continue to read Matthew 18:21-35 (Parable of the Unmerciful servant).

        2. It is identical to the teaching here:

        Mark 11:25 (Jesus speaks)
        And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.”

        3. Which is also identical to the teaching here:

        Luke 11 (Jesus speaks) also in Matthew 6:1-14
        11 One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him, “Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples.” 2 He said to them, “When you pray, say:
        “‘Father,[a] hallowed be your name, your kingdom come.[b]
        3 Give us each day our daily bread. 4 Forgive us our sins,
        for we also forgive everyone who sins against us.[c]
        And lead us not into temptation.[d]’”

        4. However, in John there is a difference:

        From John 20:22-23 read the “prequel” in John 7:38-39. The disciples are clearly blessed with Holy Spirit in John 20. That’s the difference. Note also who Jesus is addressing here.

        5. If you and I were blessed with Holy Spirit, likely we would be speaking in tongues and performing biblical miracles

        Acts 2:4 “All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.

        Acts 2:43 “43 Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles.”

  • Just_JT

    I find the article disturbing in the sense that I grew up believing that there is secrecy in the Sacrament of Confession. Why are the priests now divulging that many of the youngs are confessing their use of contraceptives?

  • superpilipinas

    Yes. Catholics expected this to happen. It is a natural effect.

    • frudo

      tagal na nangyayari yan wala pa rh kaya nga dami ng tao sa pinas diba? bitter lang kya now lang binunyag ng mga pari.

  • brunogiordano

    ““Because of the gravity of the sin of abortion, only bishops can give absolution. What the bishops do is choose priests and give them the faculty to absolve this sin. It is very limited,” Castro said.”

    Ibig sabihin mahal na INDULGENCIA ang DAPAT bilhin kay JOHANN TETZEL.

    “In 1517, in order to finish the construction of St. Peter’s Basilica, the church began selling the faithful first-class tickets to heaven: A contribution, they were told, would get them an “indulgence,” an official document that, according to one of the church’s salesmen, would buy “a divine and immortal soul.””

    Ang pangalan ng church’s salesman ay JOHANN TETZEL.

    Ang come on niya ay kahit mang rape ka ng “VIRGIN” forgiven ang kasalanan mo at hindi ka dadaan sa PURGATORIO pag bumili ka ng INDULGENCIA.

    • boldyak

      another make-up stories from anti-RCC…kulang na ba ang ikapo na binabayad nyo para sa pastor nyo at kailangan kumbisihin ang mga katoliko na lumipat sa sekta nyo….kulang siguro kita ng pastor nyo, dahil magpapatayo na naman ng negosyo at tatakbo sa halalan…dagdagan nyo na lanag ikapo nyo, gawin nyomng 15% para magpakasasa sa pinaghirapan nyo ang pastor nyo…

      • frudo

        walang kinukumbinsi, rh bill ang usapan at hindi relihiyon, at nagkataon na mga iilan bishop at pari ng cbcp ang nakikialam sa usapin ng rh kaya sila nadadamay, pero hindi nman porke against kami sa iilang bishop at pari ay anti- rcc na, nabababoy tuloy or nadadamay ang relihiyon dahil sa pakikialam ng ilan.

  • bongarroyo

    ayaw talagang tumigil ang team tatay…
    kaya tuloy nawawala na ang respeto sa inyo..

    • boldyak

      which you have lost a long time ago…

  • mangtom

    Yong taong nagkumpesal, is that the right word?, ay the SAME person making the kumpesal over and over again-binayaran ni Fidel, sorry, Melvin Castro siya-ha,ha,ha.
    Gaya ng botante na magvote by manipulating his identity-ever heard of flying voters gaya ng aswang?

    These priests are really screwed up. Ngek!

  • mangtom

    Parang tindahan pala ang confession-may list ng items on sale gaya ng slightly used or overstocked items.
    Where in the Bible shows that there are these categories of sins? This shenanigan is perpetrated by the cone headed CBCP to fulfill their personal agenda. Only a fool, like MangTebs, will say, yes, sir, that is the absolute truth because Father, meaning tatay, said so. Ang anyone who argues with MangTebs is bound to go to he11. I want to go to heaven with MangTebs kaya no more arguing with him.

    Again, what did the farmer say to the dead horse? Answer: No more sh1t out of you. Paging MangTebs and his colleagues at the CBCP. You are the dead horses.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    That’s the Roman Church in heightened propaganda mode. Far from believing Mr. Fr. Melvin Castro’s gratuitous allegations and easily-mouthed claims, we should instead dare the CBCP to install CCTVs inside confessional booths. On the priest’s side, at least. It won’t be legally feasible to install them inside hotel and motel rooms. Besides, there’s really no need to, in light of what Jay Leno once observed—-

    “Isn’t it crazy with all these church scandals? I’m beginning to understand how all those Bibles ended up in hotel rooms.”

  • Adrian Espiritu

    (1) And we’re supposed to believe Melvin Castro on this? Why don’t
    you back your claim with empirical data. On second thought, why wud
    Melvin Castro even speak of details that transpired in the sacrament of

    (2) My prof (a Dominican priest)
    once rhetorically asked us in our class: “Why is it that some priests
    only highlight the 6th and the 9th commandment?” Indeed , why was it the
    CBCP was deathly silent during the last administration when the
    country’s national coffer was being pillaged by corrupt politicians and a
    fake presidnt?

    • pabloo6293

      Natapalan ng mga SUV ang mga obispo-that’s why.

  • Guest

    So now you know, Melvin Castro and the rest compare notes of what one confessed.
    Over tea, Melvin castro and the others gossip, “Naku si Mrs. Navarre tatlo na anak sa labas. Si Mr. Bacani, kiniliti yong secretary niya.”
    Those going to confession, remember, they talk, and not just among themselves but to the media.

  • rightist

    I think it is the priests in the confessional who ask those who confess if they take contraceptives. Many people do not think this is a sin even after the RH debates.

  • Eugene De Ocampo

    mababawasan kasi ang magpapabinyag at magpapakumpil dahil sa RH malaking halaga ang mawawala sa kanila

    • boldyak

      a s-t-u-p-i-d idea from a m-o-r-o-n

      • Eugene De Ocampo

        “Make Jesus your Lord proud of you by being good citizens. Respect the authorities, whatever their level; they are God’s emissaries for keeping order. It is God’s will that by doing good, you might cure the ignorance of fools… Exercise your freedom by serving God, not by breaking the rules. Treat everyone you meet with dignity. Love your spiritual family. Revere God. Respect the government.” 1 Peter 2:13-17

      • Eugene De Ocampo

        masakit tanggapin ang katotohanan gaano ba kadami ang nagpaparehistro para magpabinyag hindi bat may bayad yun tapos ang seminar ng ninong at ng ninang may bayad parin. kung mababawasan ang isisilang dahil sa RH bill mababawasan din ang magpapabinyag ito ay isang dahilan kung bakit tinututulan nila ang RH bill. stupid idea ba yun na matatawag.
        Sa daming balita sa TV na mga itinatapon na fetus dahil sa hindi paggamit ng condom at hindi handang pagbubuntis ng mga kabataan nag iingay ba ang CBCP sa issue na ito hindi ba mas karumaldumal ang abortion kaysa paggamit ng condom.

      • Eugene De Ocampo

        1 Peter 2:13-17

        King James Version (KJV)

        13 Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake: whether it be to the king, as supreme;

        14 Or unto governors, as unto them that are sent by him for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of them that do well.

        15 For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men:

        16 As free, and not using your liberty for a cloke of maliciousness, but as the servants of God.

        17 Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king.

      • Eugene De Ocampo

        1 Peter 2:13-17

        New International Version (NIV)

        13 Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human authority: whether to the emperor, as the supreme authority,14 or to governors, who are sent by him to punish those who do wrong and to commend those who do right. 15 For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish people. 16 Live as free people, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as God’s slaves.17 Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the emperor.

  • Petwil

    This is a violation of the privacy of privilege communication..Now it is truly said that you can not trust a priest..

    • foreignerph

      Certainly not with your children.

    • KianFF

      Logical error: hasty generalization. :)

    • Leilani Macatangay Bautista

      nope…. the identity of the penitents were not divulged, hence the seal of confession is not broken.

  • Crazy_horse101010

    they must have read josef gobbels book on propaganda. if you say the same big lie over and over again everyone will believe you

  • macmacus

    If this is true the church should be ashamed because they are the who supposed to be the teachers of what the called “life” and “morality”. But they waited the so called “devil” to move first and then thanking him because the world realizes that they have sinned. Why they can’t do how Jesus teach the people and how the 12 disciples make the World up side down to Jesus. Jesus didnt attack the government of the Roman Empire.

    • JOHNCeneza

      While Jesus didn’t attack the government of the Roman Empire. But the Roman Catholic church was create to control the Empire. 2000 years after they still do try to control the government.

  • TheHappyAgnostic

    let us not forget the lessons from history… the katipunan movement was discovered by the spaniards because a wife of a katipunero “confessed” it to a priest. thus, the revolution was prematurely started.

  • sanjuan683

    Kaya pala mayroon Team Tatay, Team father. Aminin na ninyo talo kayo, dinaan na nga sa botohan tigas ng ulo ninyo. Asikasuhin ninyo yan organization ninyo maraming problema tungkol sa mga priest pedophile o homosexual, kaya huag kayo magmalinis mga corruption din ang iba sa inyo. Kayo ang makabago paraseo.

  • Horst Manure

    This is the same bunch of crooks who have paid 23 M Euro’s to buy a building housing the largest gay Sauna in Europe

  • discerningmind

    This is another good reason why people should leave the Philippine Catholic Church. What are you all waiting for ?

    • foreignerph

      For the next preacher that comes along, since Filipinos change religion like underwear. The current religion among the younger is Facebook: they worship it, lose large chunks of their time on it, comment on it and gossip about it. Facebook has become more important than Jesus, and even John Lennon in his heydays ;-)

  • roansanjuan

    looks like the bishops, priests and wow willie have something in common.

  • carlorocci

    “For example, I can only absolve up to 10 cases. After 10 cases of abortion, I have to inform my bishop. In that way, the diocese can also monitor the extent of abortion [cases],” Castro said.

    Confession a way of collecting statistical data for abortion, very ingenious.

  • Vic Usi

    They can’t cite a figure because the CBCP is exaggerating the trend.

  • neo


    • boldyak

      yeah, how can you confess to a priest when you are not a catholic?…

  • Mr Moonlight

    The more reasons i will not go for confessions, what if the priest behind the confession screen is bading pervert homo pedophile child molester maniakis

    • Leilani Macatangay Bautista

      obviously you don’t understand the meaning of “seal of confession”.

  • AntonioPeYangIII

    Congratulations, Fr. Castro.

    You’ve just broken Canon Law.

    //Canon 983.1 of the Code of Canon Law, the Catechism states, “…It is a crime for a confessor in any way to betray a penitent by word or in any other manner or for any reason” (No. 2490). A priest, therefore, cannot break the seal to save his own life, to protect his good name, to refute a false accusation, to save the life of another, to aid the course of justice (like reporting a crime), or to avert a public calamity. He cannot be compelled by law to disclose a person’s confession or be bound by any oath he takes, e.g. as a witness in a court trial. A priest cannot reveal the contents of a confession either directly, by repeating the substance of what has been said, or indirectly, by some sign, suggestion, or action. A Decree from the Holy Office (Nov. 18, 1682) mandated that confessors are forbidden, even where there would be no revelation direct or indirect, to make any use of the knowledge obtained in the confession that would “displease” the penitent or reveal his identity.//

    Really, for somebody who props himself up as a defender of the church’s doctrines, you are doing an awful job.

    Keep up the good work :D

  • Mr Moonlight

    CBCP should change vocations or professions i think they will be more effective and persuasive if they embark in show business, lolit solis christy fermin joey de leon german moreno are getting old, Moviecindustry needs new faces, Pinoy bishops can do the job with ease kasi expert sa tsismisan sila

    • boldyak

      ano gusto mo magpastor na lang sa sekta nyo?….

      • Mr Moonlight

        Hoy pagan shut da f*ck up, krakhead!

  • Ghost

    Thanks to Fr. Melvin Castro, we can now clearly see how hypocrite the catholic church is. Either he is flagrantly lying or the priests do talk among themselves about the ‘sins’ of their flocks which are supposed to be confidential for him to be able to come out with a ‘general’ trend.

    Actually, dapat ng inaabolish ang kumpisalan eh. Ginamit lang yan ng mga kastila nung araw para mangalap ng tsismis at inpormasyon. ganyang ganyan nabuking ang Katipunan.

  • tra6Gpeche

    The young now confess RH sins? Fr. Melvin Castro, are you serious or again full of lies? By the way, as far as I know, RH law has nothing to do with abortion. It is only in the mind of these Catholic leaders in the Philippines. And what is wrong with using condoms and contraceptives? Are we sure that the heterosexual Priests are not using condoms and contraceptives when they make love secretely with the opposite sex? When it comes to sex, it is impossible for these heterosexual Priests not to desire making love with a woman or not to play with their “own” which I don’t think is wrong. It is plain normal not to be abnormal. All these Catholic Bishops need to do is be truthful and don’t be shy to admit it. I wish these hypocrites will respect the RH law and not spread lies. I thank Congressman Edcel C. Lagman for thinking of the welfare of the poor new Filipino couples and their children to be.

  • quirinomayer

    The CBCP is clutching at straws. This truly is desperate – violating the secrecy of the confession to prop up a a lost cause. One more thing, as priests, they know that confession does not necessarily mean stopping the sin. Those young women who confessed to using contraceptives will go on an on using them and the priests like this untrustworthy Melvin know that.

  • Vic Usi

    It is very easy for our beloved bishops to preach to married couples to abstain from sex as a means of birth control. If only they were allowed to get married, only then would they know why unwanted or unplanned pregnancies happen. Unlike married men, a priest has no wife on his side once he goes to bed. On the other hand, married couples, once they go to bed, touch, embrace, kiss each other as expressions of love and they may wind up making love. That is why many couples resort to artificial birth control.

    As a Catholic, it will be improper and disrespectful for me to suggest that a priest should have a bedside companion just to experience the magic of touch and where it could lead to. For those who left priesthood, they know.

    In closing, I wish to commend those who have enough discipline to practice natural birth control. May your tribe increase.

    • Jane Tan

      Problem is… you can’t try “Marriage” =p


    EVEN if it’s sour, having grapes is better than none! UrH6:23

  • mangtom

    Bottom line: after all this lying by these “moral” priests, bishops and archbishops, I am beginning to doubt the credibility of this report by Fidel, oops-Melvin Castro. There is this remote possibility that he made up this report about the confessions. Once a liar, always a liar. There you are-Melv-you are having a hard time to convince me of the credibility of your report. In short, it is nothing but tsismis ng mga baklang pari-liars and cheaters and all.

    Sa tingin ko itong pari-confessor (correct me if I am wrong), lawyer and client, physician and patient-are morally and legally duty bound to keep the confidentiality agreement intact. I am no lawyer. Just plain vanilla Juan dela Cruz.

    Growing up in a Catholic community, although I am NO catholic, I used to view the priests in my hometown with great respect, reverence and dignity. I know that not all priests are these inutile. It can’t be 100%.

    I have been a part of this PDI forum for years and my view of the priesthood is eroded each day due to the unbelievable negative behavior of the members of the Catholic clergy, especially in matters of the separation of church and state.

    Am I the only one who feels this way about the Catholic clergy?

  • rudy serrano

    These priest are hypocrites because they do not read and understand the bible, 99% of their teachings are against the doctrine of God. To name some….Idolatry..Father is not allowed, rosary (repetition of prayer), purgatory …limbo…are not biblical….They are not of Christ because they follow the invented doctrines of the Romans (they are called Holy Roman Catholics). The followers of the doctrines of Jesus Christ are called CHRISTIANS AND NOT ROMAN CATHOLICS. Romans killed our Lord Jesus Christ and millions of Christians. MANY OF THE CATHOLIC PRIEST ARE HYPOCRITES AND MEMBERS OF TEAM TATAY.

    • toeveryfilipino

      so what is allowed at ano ba ang tama mr. protestante??

    • GKLer

      2 Timothy 2:24 (NLT version)
      A servant of the Lord must not quarrel but must be kind to everyone, be able to teach, and be patient with difficult people

    • John Y

      On the contrary, they do read and understand the bible. Teaching them to others, however, is an entirely different story. Historical trend shows how much they “reinterpret” teachings from time to time to suit their immediate needs, whether it be financial, social or political. Such examples include the crusades, the surrendering of gold and properties for forgiveness of sins, and excommunication of great minds like Galileo. Having knowledge on a certain subject does not mean that person will speak the truth about it, but it can give the person more ways to twist its words to make it sound completely different.

      Even CBCP is guilty of “reinterpreting” the words from the Vatican itself. At the rare times when Vatican goes “A is outdated so B is now acceptable,” CBCP will tell the people “What Vatican mean to say is B is NOT acceptable and all should stick to A.”

  • levis2012

    Confession to priests is UNBIBLICAL! Nowhere in the Bible can you find the practice of confessions to priests. The Roman Catholic Church is the Number One violator of the Word of God! And if anyone is guilty of violating the Word of God, he is guilty of sinning against God, and that includes the Roman Catholic Institution.

    The Bible teaches that we confess our sins directly to God in our prayers. (I John 1:9)

    Many people believe in the Roman Catholic Institution because they are ignorant of the Bible. But once they read the Bible and know the truth written in it, only then they will realize and understand that the Roman Catholic Institution is full of lies, totally unbiblical, full of deception and teaches doctrines contrary to the Word of God.

    • GKLer

      Compare 1 John 1 to:

      James 5
      “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”

      Matthew 3
      4 John’s clothes were made of camel’s hair, and he had a leather belt around his waist. His food was locusts and wild honey. 5 People went out to him from Jerusalem and all Judea and the whole region of the Jordan. 6 Confessing their sins, they were baptized by him in the Jordan River.

      Related to the above:
      “14 For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.” – Matthew 6

      Therefore, confessing sins to a priest (or to anyone really) is not un-biblical.

  • toeveryfilipino

    halatado maraming protestante dito

  • bebang

    To all those who are saying that the seal of confession has been broken because of the report they made, please read again. He specifically said that the individuals and particulars are not discussed. They only talked about the ongoing trend. This is probably done to aid in the development of pastoral care.

  • Crazy_horse101010

    todays freeman catholic priest william finnegan was founf quilty of fondling a 17 year old girl in 1999 he married secretly beverly dawson after church services on sunday he would visit then go back to work tuesday. they never lived permantly together but had sex together they used the marriage for his defense to try to show he wasnt fustrated but lost anyway

    • Crazy_horse101010

      oops found

  • elimsqui

    did you hear any priest confessing to the other priest about their sins?

  • elimsqui

    sino pa ba ang mangumpisal sa inyo, eh binulgar na ninyo… kayo nga hindi kayo nangungumpisal sa mga kasalanan ninyo…

  • virgoyap

    Holy Sacrament of Penance is supposedly a very sacred act and it must not to be divulged to anybody. It’s suppose to be between the priest and the penitent only. But now they are beginning to open it to public just to prove their point that they are on the right path. But how about those Catholic countries who have their own RH laws?

  • brunogiordano

    THANKS TO LAGMAN, nabisto ng sambayanan PILIPINO na talaga sinugaling ang mga OBISPO.

    At ang YABANG pa ng kanilang PAG AMIN.

  • eigendik

    “There is now an awareness, thank God. If only for that, thank you to Lagman,” Castro said … isn’t this an admission that they are amiss of their duties? It took something like the RH bill debate to make the flock aware of its sins. Too busy waxing their SUV’s?

  • Ben

    Thank you, Edcel Lagman.

    They may have lost the battle over the reproductive health (RH) law, but
    Catholic prelates say they have reason to thank the principal author of the law,
    as more and more young Catholics have become aware of the sin of artificial
    contraception and they are being driven to confession by their guilt.

    Iyun naman pala eh meron naman palang mabuting magagawa, bakit for 30 years you are blocking the passage of RH bill since before? Marami tuloy ang mga pamilyang naghihikahos?

    • frudo

      bakit kasi nag pa impluensya nagpaalipin sa relihiyon na di nman nakatulong sa pagpapaunlad ng bansa

  • just_anotherperson

    For almighty God. . ., because he is supremely good, would never allow any evil whatsoever to exist in his works if he were not so all-powerful and good as to cause good to emerge from evil itself.

    — St. Augustine, Enchiridion 3, 11

    • AntonioPeYangIII

      In short, god gets a free pass at committing vile atrocities on earth because “he can fix it.”

      Much like a spoiled brat child of a rich man who thinks he can run over people with his expensive sports car because he can pay for the damages and legal fees.

    • GKLer

      Read Genesis 1.

      See 7 verses that whatever God created, “God saw that it was good.”

  • tekateka

    Delusional Nutheads!!!!

  • patrickinca

    The writer of this article is big blasphemous liar! Priest made a vow not to divulge anything about the confessions of the faithful! You should be ashamed.

  • tarikan

    I haven’t seen anyone (women or men) going into the confessional for a long, long time. In fact some confessionals are being taken away, that’s what I noticed. Church goers are participating on communions but rarely going into confessions. If they did they do it direct not through a priest. I heard it’s okay.

  • tarikan

    Were these priests more interested on the details on how the artificial contraceptives are used by these young women? Sino ba talaga ang may contraceptive ikaw o yong partner mo, ha iha? Oh ok isinuot nya, tapos? Baka hindi maayos ang pagsuot dahil sa nagmamadali kayong dalawa? Hmmm, ok, ok, ganun pala. Hindi nyo ba naisip na kasalan sa diyos ang ginagawa nyo? Kasal po kami father. Hindi, yong contraceptive ipinagbabawal namin. Five years pa lang kaming kasal, father, apat na anak namin.

  • Mr Moonlight

    The CBCP of today is despicable pathetic reprehensible disgusting and, at times, clowns. Cardinal Tagle should distance himself fom these supposedly “men of “GOD”

  • enteng

    Is the Inquirer the Church’s official publication? They just can’t stop talking about them.

  • Mr Moonlight

    From now on i shall not make confessions in the church here in the philippines, the sins that i will reveal to the tsismosa and tsismosong priest will go public, ngeeek, kakahiya to death, para palang nakipag usap kay lolit solis, cristy fermin at boy abunda

  • Vincent D. Bautista

    Wow break a sacramental vow for political agenda. Please Melvin explain the full numbers on your so-called study.

  • DonQuixoteDeRizal

    Fr Melvin, Do you have any information on bad things that politicians e.g. GMA did that need forgiveness from God? It will be very helpful for the voters this coming May election. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • mangtom

    Dictionary defines absolution as an ecclesiastical declaration of forgiveness of sins. Tatay Melvin Castro that he can absolve up to ten cases of abortion. Who gave these sinful priests the authority to absolve sins? I know. The Catholic Church. As far as I know, only God can absolve sins.

  • Edgardo Mendoza

    cbcp bishops mas kasalanan yung pag paparami ng batang hubo sa kalye at dumami ang mga isnatcher tingnan ninyo yung simbahan ninyo puno puno ng cctvs camera pati kayo ninanakawan cbcp bishops radical mapia salot sa pilipinas!

  • Edgardo Mendoza

    cbcp bishops mapia radical salot sa pinas gus2 mag parami ng batang hubo!

  • regoberto

    nakakatawa ang article na ito

  • david

    what? young ones confess to using contraceptions but not to premarital sex? mali ata. ang sin ay to engage in sex na walang basbas ng simbahan. naloko na. kung premarital sex nga di kinukumpisal, yun pa kayang paggamit ng contraceptives

  • mavtan

    One big fat lie! Just watch inside the church how many really go to the confessions. You can count them with your fingers. These hypocrite priest need to confess their own sin, time to divulge how many of these priest are the true member of Team Tatay, who receive donations for purchase of SUV, who among them molested kids.

  • $16638896

    san kaya nagcoconfess ung mga paring bakla at may anak? hihihihihhi

  • George Lapulapu

    Roman Catholic Church wants to have a say on public policy, pay your tax first.

  • Nina_W

    “He said people now seemed to be more aware…” Wow, can you get even more concrete than that?

  • antiscam

    They can confess all they like. The mission of RH bill is to promote family planning, prevent unwanted pregnancies and protect women in giving childbirth. The passing of the law is the 1st step in achieving it. Confession comes after the deed is done so no problem even if there is really nothing to confess coz it is not a sin to use contraceptives anyway. But what the heck to each his own concept of sin, ignorance and discernment.

    Its just sad about the church publicizing an otherwise sacred confidentiality of confession. But then what else is new. This has been violated since confession was invented and blatantly too during our revolution against our Spanish Catholic enslavers. Our faithful katipunero secrets are always leaked to the Spanish officials who do not hesitate to use it back against the katipuneros themselves. Bad Catholic bishops and priests!

  • Sanchez Mira

    Sorry I dont believe it to be true..kasi..Mr. Padre you lost the battle now trying to tell us..people are on your side..this is another negative marketing style

  • basilionisisa

    others may miss it but i see this as an ‘admission’ of defeat by the CBCP re RH Bill. they just have to find a ‘way’ to diffuse their humiliation, finally implying ‘if we can’t beat them join them (but in our own way)’! and so, i’m not dropping your deserved tag yet_ CBCP: Bishops from Hell!

  • darkempire007

    Their last ditch to save face..there aint nobody goin to these idiot priest, nothing but wishful thinking…those priest should get out of politics..their just making a fool of themselves…what a pity..

  • Garote

    TEAM PATAY=TEAM PNOY.. Lagman acts like the right-hand man of the anti-christ who savors murdering babies and mothers. He is included in the team patay, but in the congressional slate of P-Noy..

  • frudo

    laha ng bagay na meron ang mundo ay pwedeng pagmulan ng kasalanan kung di gagamitin ng tama, gaya ng mga contraceptives kung ikaw ay teenager at pumasok sa premarital sex na ang dahilan mo ay di naman mabubuntis dahil may access na nga dahil sa rh bill, hindi ito kasalanan ng rh kasalanan ito ng tao, wag isisisi sa batas, gaya rin yan ng internet nakung gagamitin sa panonood ng malaswang panoorin ay magkaksala ka rin, sa mga pari move na kayo, wag na puro kontra at pakikialam, di lahat ng tao sa Pinas ay katoliko marami ng walang religion,

  • nes911

    Why is it a sin to use contraceptives? Ang kitid naman ng mga utak ng pari at obispo natin. Ang dapat pagtuunan ng pansin ng simbahan ay yung mga pari at obispo na pedophiles. Ay yung mga nagsasamantala rin sa kahinaan ng ating mga kababaihan.

  • w33k3nd3r

    Isn’t there supposed to be confidentiality in this? Would you want to confess your sins to people who would blurt it out on national publications?! Have the laymen of the church totally lost it?!

  • just_anotherperson

    God has deemed it better to bring good out of evil than not to permit evil at all.

    — St. Augustine

    • GKLer

      The Bible says this:

      Romans 12
      20 On the contrary: “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.”[b] 21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

      3 John 1:11
      Dear friend, do not imitate what is evil but what is good. Anyone who does what is good is from God. Anyone who does what is evil has not seen God.

      2 Corinthians 6
      14 Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? 15 What harmony is there between Christ and Belial[a]? Or what does a believer have in common with an unbeliever? 16 What agreement is there between the temple of God and idols? For we are the temple of the living God. As God has said: “I will live with them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they will be my people.”[b] 17 Therefore, “Come out from them nd be separate,says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you.”[c] 18 And, “I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.”[d]

  • malek_abdul

    Magaling din pala ng psywar ang mga paring katoliko. Hindi sila nanalo laban sa RH Bill sa psy war naman sila lumalaban at the expense of the people who go to confession. How can a devotee go to confess his/her sin now that he/she knew that the priest will indirectly advertise the “confessed sin” to the media?

  • just_the_guy

    So now people care about confessions? What’s the big deal with confessions? I thought the whole hierarchy of priesthood is now a big joke. So, why do we even care about what the priests say or do? Why is this news? Have we not decided that the whole church and its hierarchy is dead and irrelevant? Stop beating a dead dog! Just put them in the grave and forget them. And let’s all go on our merry way. I am what I am. No god was responsible for my creation. I’m just an accident of a big bang. There’s no hell nor heaven. My morality is what I say and do and no church or religion can compel me or influence me. I can go inside a church, shout on top of my lungs and protest their hypocrisy. It is my right! I don’t have to listen or follow the church. They are all hypocrites, pedophiles, homosexuals, adulterers, gamblers, drunkards, etc. Diba?

    • Jane Tan

      There are still die-hard Catholics, which is expected in a country where random strangers get on a bus to preach the Word of God.

      • just_the_guy

        Let’s eliminate these “random strangers.” Expose them. Oppose them. Shame them. Go Lagman! Go Pia Cayetano! Labanan ang simbahan. Tama kayo. Walang ginawa yang mga paring yan kundi lokohin ang mga tao. Pro-RH all the way!

      • brunogiordano

        At hindi nagbabayad ng pamasahe kasama iyong alalay.

        Mga SCAMMERS.

  • brunogiordano

    THANK YOU MELVIN CASTRO , ngayon inamin mo na hindi pala totoo na may patakaran kayo ng SECRECY OF CONFESSION.

    Ng dahil lang sa RH LAW nataranta na kayo at naisiwalat ang katotohanan ng kumpisal.

    • Miguel

      Fr. Castro did not divulge any names of the penitent and so the seal of confession was not violated.

  • Tristanism

    “For example, I can only absolve up to 10 cases. After 10 cases of abortion, I have to inform my bishop. In that way, the diocese can also monitor the extent of abortion [cases],” he said.

    Me quota pala to? LOL.

  • Miguel

    To all anti-Catholics here who are accusing Fr. Castro, and the other priests and bishops of violating the seal of confession: I’m sorry but you are just displaying your IGNORANCE about the seal of confession. Fr. Castro and the rest of the priests did not divulge any names or give hints that led to the discovery of the specific identity of a penitent and so they did NOT violate the seal of confession. Sinabi na nga sa news na “Castro stressed he and his fellow priests took care not to violate the “seal of confession” (or of the confessional) when they discuss these matters”, ayaw nyo pa rin maniwala. Hay naku oo. Kahit hindi alam ang bagay na pinag-uusapan, comment pa rin ng comment at binabaligtad pa yung sinasabi sa report. Basta lang talaga makahanap ng opportunity na laitin at siraan ang simbahan. O masaya na ba kayo sa paninira nyo?

  • boy_kurimaw

    OWWW really father??? hindi na kayo mapagkatiwalaan gumagawa gawa pa kayo ng kwento… mga bugok na pari kayo diyan sa CBCP.

  • redpula

    is it a sin to possess and use condom, yes if the one using is padre damaso

  • Practice Sprituality

    3 people can keep a secret if 2 are dead!

  • aquaman337

    I have read comments prior to this, and a lot mentioned about the secrecy in confession. What is wrong is that they talk about people who commits the sin, and not sin itself. The secrecy in confession talks about the PEOPLE committing the sin, and not the SIN per se. It is very important that priests and bishops converse about the sins people commit, so they would know how to address these things in order for them to help the congregation. And, I believe that this was mentioned in the article. LET US NOT IMMEDIATELY MAKE JUDGEMENTS NOT UNLESS WE KNOW WHAT THE TRUTH IS.

  • rouelcalzita

    It is a crime for a confessor in any way to betray a penitent by word or in any other manner or for any reason. A priest, therefore, cannot break the seal to save his own life, to protect his good name, to refute a false accusation, to save the life of another, to aid the course of justice (like reporting a crime), or to avert a public calamity. He cannot be compelled by law to disclose a person’s confession or be bound by any oath he takes, e.g. as a witness in a court trial. A priest cannot reveal the contents of a confession either directly, by repeating the substance of what has been said, or indirectly, by some sign, suggestion, or action. It is mandated that confessors are forbidden, even where there would be no revelation direct or indirect, to make any use of the knowledge obtained in the confession that would “displease” the penitent or reveal his identity.

    The Seal of the Confessional: FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

  • Ghost

    With no specific count or statistics regarding confessions, the statement of Fr. Castro is simply not verifiable by any outsider. He can say what he want.
    The same way that the funds and wealth of the church – or any other churches – is not subjected to audits. They can collect or spend as much as they want.


    Beware of bible-toting, bible-quoting CHARLATANS that come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Pagans pretending to be something else by using the bible as a tool to mask their evil schemes. CAVEAT!

    • GKLer

      Beware of FOOLS called atheists who talk about God and the Bible.

  • Harry

    The doctors did not confessed because they believed they done nothing wrong.

  • white scorpion

    yeh. yeh. what a propaganda. you priest want me or rather us to believe peopleS doesn’t know using artificial contraceptives, going into “live-in” relationships and engaging in premarital sex are sins being prohibited religiously. how ignorant are we as if we where born only yesterday. perhaps it’s the other way around. ‘kala niyo walang alam ang madla. ……….KAYO PALA.

  • Alex

    Catholics beware! The damasos on the other side of confessional is taking note of all the daily confessions, and submits them to cbcp for statistics.. =D

  • wawangpenoy

    DREAM ON CBCP!!! Anything God-given is sacred and should be enjoyed. Would you give your child a toy you don’t want him to play?

    Tumahimik na kayo, utang na loob. Bigyan nyo naman ng kahihiyan ang bagong Pope. It’s about time you stop press releases of any sort and concentrate on attending to your flocks. I can assure you, if you stop meddling in politics, the Catholic revival in the Philippines will go a long long way. I myself, might even have a change of heart.

  • Pio Pusli

    as what i thought for so many years, i was living with the biggest scamers and hypocrites.

  • Eugene De Ocampo

    “Make Jesus your Lord proud of you by being good citizens. Respect the authorities, whatever their level; they are God’s emissaries for keeping order. It is God’s will that by doing good, you might cure the ignorance of fools… Exercise your freedom by serving God, not by breaking the rules. Treat everyone you meet with dignity. Love your spiritual family. Revere God. Respect the government.” 1 Peter 2:13-17

  • gikiness

    nag confessed na ba sila sa mga SUV na natanggap nila?

  • Tommy

    n the ’70s i read n one of the leading Catholic journal that absolution can not be granted by anyone even by the Pope dahil it is considered na PINAKAGRABENG KASALANAN.

    Matitinding dahilan kung bakit ang participants sa abortion process kasama na pati mga authors ng RH bill ay siguradong mapupunta sa HELL,

    1. walang malay ang bata at hindi nya kayang ipagtanggol ang sarili. 2. Ang ina ay dapat magtanggol sa bata pero sya pa ang nag-udyok para patayin sya. 3. Ang buhay ay gawa ng Diyos ALL LIFE IS SACRED at morally wrong na ipagkait ito sa mga sanggol, ABORTION IS MURDER, no one can take away life except God.

    Ang mga dahilan para justified ang Abortion katulad ng Rape, Incest Rape, Disable Baby, Mother being mentally unstable ay hindi sapat na dahilan para sa abortion.

    Bago pa man isilang ang bawat sanggol dito sa mundo ay may itinakda ng pangalan ang Diyos Ama para sa kanya, hindi ko po imbento ito nasa Bible po ito, kaya parehong mapunta sa HELL ang mga authors ng abortion related laws pati syempre mga nanay at tatay na nakakaalam ng abortion process pero walang ginawa para mapigilan ang karumal-dumal na gawaing ito.


    • desi derata

      Iyon bang RH Law ay encouraging abortion? Pakibasa mo nga uli iyong batas.

      If wearing condom is a sin, then the priests should emphasize also that for having wet dream makes the young man a sinner. Or that coitus interruptus is crime and surely the man will go to hell.

    • frudo

      mag asawa ka muna bago mo kmi sabihan ng tungkol sa ganyan

  • Albert

    According to Castro, many priests have been seeing this trend in the
    confessional. He said people now seemed to be more aware that using
    artificial contraceptives, going into “live-in” relationships and
    engaging in premarital sex are sins.

    I thought the above was just the confessions of the priests.

  • GustoKoHappyKa

    Impokritong mga pari…kala ko ba sacred yan..bat pinag kakalat nyo yan data nyo sa confession

  • Javaman

    What confession? the young now will play facebook and 98% will not go to confession.

  • concern_pinoy_citizen

    If it’s true that the Catholic Priests are genuinely happy with Cong. Lagman’s RH Bill, then how come they are campaigning against those Senators who approved the said bill?

  • boy_kurimaw

    why confess to a priest who is also a sinner than the confessor hehehe…confess directly to the Lord. that is… Mga Team PAJERO hehehe

  • potchi25

    Hello! Nasan na ang vow of secrecy ng mga pari? Di nila dapat sinisiwalat yung mga kumpisal ng mga tao sa kanila!

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