UP president: Reforms under way after coed’s tragedy



FAREWELL, KRISTEL Christopher Tejada, father of the UP Manila student who committed suicide on Friday reportedly for lack of tuition money, approaches her coffin together with another child during the wake on Saturday at Sanctuary Funeral Homes in Sta. Cruz, Manila. RODEL ROTONI

In death, Kristel Pilar Mariz Tejada has definitely grabbed her school’s attention.

A day after the student’s suicide put the University of the Philippines and its student support system under scrutiny, UP president Alfredo Pascual on Saturday said the state-run institution “can turn the tragedy into a greater resolve to act and make UP accessible to the poor.”

In a statement addressed to the UP community and alumni, Pascual said he was deeply saddened by the death of the 16-year-old Behavioral Sciences freshman from UP Manila, who took her own life on Friday reportedly after being forced to put her studies on hold for lack of tuition money.

It was also revealed that a day before the suicide, Pascual met with the various UP chancellors and issued a directive that could have made Tejada change her mind about ending her life.

“To think that it happened a day after I instructed the chancellors at our council meeting held last Thursday that we should not deny access to qualified students who cannot enroll because of financial constraints,” he said.

“To think also that the reforms I am pushing to simplify the Socialized Tuition Assistance Program application process and increase the financial aid for poor students are already planned for the Board of Regents’ action next month.”

“It is unfortunate it takes time to implement change,” Pascual said. “We can easily be overtaken, as we have been, by a sudden turn of events. But I am confident we can turn the tragedy into a greater resolve to act and make UP accessible to the poor.”

Since 1989, the country’s premier state university has been implementing a socialized tuition scheme wherein well-to-do students pay higher tuition while those from low-income families pay minimal or no tuition.

Students are categorized according to their capacity to pay under five brackets, with Bracket A paying P1,500 per unit and Bracket E paying no tuition. Tejada, daughter of a taxi driver and the eldest of five children, was categorized under Bracket D wherein she had to pay P300 per unit.

A report by the UP Manila student publication, Manila Collegian, said the student was forced Wednesday last week to file a leave of absence from her studies following appeals for an extension of the payment period for her tuition loan.


A day after her leave was granted, she committed suicide by drinking a silver cleaning solution at her Tayuman, Manila, residence.

News of her death drew strong reactions in the social media, largely from UP alumni who called for a review of the tuition assistance program. On Saturday, UP graduates among the senatorial candidates in the May elections also weighed in.

“We have to review our scholarship programs and even UP itself. Although they have a socialized scholarship program, it looks like they have to temper this with more humanity,” said reelectionist Sen. Aquilino Pimentel III.

“It’s very depressing that an incident like this has to happen, more so that it happened in UP. The government and state universities should show more compassion and leeway especially to students who come from poor families and are experiencing financial constraints,” added Aurora Rep. Juan Edgardo Angara.

Pimentel and Angara are both products of the UP College of Law and are now running under the administration’s senatorial ticket.

Angara, who chairs the House committee on higher and technical education, was one of the authors of a bill establishing a student financial assistance system that would harmonize all government scholarship and grant-in-aid programs.

Makabayan Coalition senatorial candidate Teddy Casiño said Tejada’s suicide was a wake-up call for the government to increase support for state colleges and universities (SUCs) “instead of passing the burden to students and their families.”

“It is really sad that this happened in UP and to an ‘Iskolar ng Bayan’ (people’s scholar). Our students should not suffer like this,” said Casiño, a sociology graduate at UP Los Baños.

Casiño said UP professors who had talked to the student’s family told him that she had taken a student loan in the first semester of the current academic year but was not able to pay and was thus denied another loan for the second semester.

“The parents had tried to reason with the administration but were not accommodated. Because of this, the student was not able to enroll and was forced to file a leave of absence,” Casiño said.

Casiño noted that some organizations at UP Manila had already been opposing the “no late payment” policy that was implemented this school year.

A memorandum released by the university stated that “students who do not pay on the deadline for registration will, by default, not be allowed to enter their classes despite having already acquired subjects.” With reports from Norman Bordadora and DJ Yap

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  • Islaslolo

    This is an outrage. If we want to have a better Philippines, an educated population and better future for our citizens, we have to invest in our students no matter what their station in life. To become truly democratic as a nation each child should have the opportunity and be given the resources to a good education up to their aptitude and desire to learn. This is not compassion but the right thing to do.

    We have been talking about why the other southeast Asian countries are more porsperous than us. Even Vietnam who just came out of a brutal civil war is progressing faster than we do. Look at their educational systems and their emphasis on the next generation.

    There are a lot of ways to help our students and our state schools. One that is not given importance is the desire of alumni to contribute to their alma mater. I have many friends who graduated from UP Diliman and wanted to do so but there is no simple way to do it. We are not talking here of million-peso donations which are always given press coverage but alumni who wants to contribute say 4,000 pesos a month or even a year. If this is done on a sustaining basis, it will be a lot of money to aid our deserving students.

    It really bothers me when our politicians go to Las Vegas to see a Pacquiao fight then go sightseeing and shopping afterwards. Can they just pass by the US schools and universities to learn how they come up with the resources and funds to manage their schools and schools programs?

    • http://twitter.com/wadjitzain coty

      and it’s even bothersome when they tell us; “they are spending their own money”! our money!

    • es

      Your friends could try to coordinate with student orgs. I’ve heard that UP Med alumni have been matched with and been able to sponsor students that way.

  • LALA88

    to the senators and congressmen who has a say on this issue yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah… you people are all talk you people get so much from taxpayers money to line your pockets, this tragedy is your fault. some of mayor lim’s intelligent fund should go to public schools too hundred plus million for intelligence is still too much. no wonder people fight each other to get a seat in government. there is just too much money up for grabs in politics.

  • regie

    in Japan, a thing a kin to this tragedy, resignation is the least that the head of the school will do, in the philippines put the blame back to poor victim..only in the philippines and you are telling us that we are so cynical…tell me about it…

    • reddfrog

      In Japan, such a thing wouldn’t have happened in the first place. Filipino life is cheap.

  • wowalive

    One of the guiding principles of Up Charter says, “We will breakdown bureaucratic walls and make our administration accessible and responsive to our stakeholders”. A UP poor student is not considered stakeholder kaya patay kang bata ka. UP rich student share your blessings to the poor classmates pati na rin ang mga nasa congress that recommends the annual budget to the President of the Republic of the Philippines. Puede bang ipublish nio ang statistic ng mga no.of UP poor students na nakatapos at hindi compared sa mga rich?

    • jack_bagbaga2011

      maybe these UP rich students should transfer to Ateneo or DSLU and give their slots to deserving poor students. UP students comprise of 90% from well-to-do families and 10% come from poor families

      • FernandoBusi

        Wag naman I never bothered to apply for STFAP when I went there even though my Family isnt rich. But there should be higher tuition requirements for the rich. Dapat binabayaran nilang tuition eh ka level na ng Ateneo/DLSU.

      • es

        As I understand it, even the full paying students are still governement subsidized (would be interested to know by how much) so maybe they should have those students pay for the actual cost plus a little extra instead. I think it would be too much to charge ADMU/DLSU prices though.

      • FernandoBusi

        UP always measures the subsidy in comparison to ADMU/DLSU prices. So the assumption is whatever ADMU per unit is deduct what your paying and thats your subsidy. In my day that amounted to about 45K per student per semester with a 21 unit load.

      • es

        I find that strange though because I would think that ADMU/DLSU would be spending more on facilities, equipment, salary, etc. which would make the actual cost of an ADMU/DLSU unit higher than that of a UP unit.

      • FernandoBusi

        In my day the gap was around 45-50K but now I’m sure its much wider just think of what their spending in their athletics program.

    • FernandoBusi

      Yes raise the tuition on the rich students. My golly some of those guys go to class in brand new cars or BMWs.

    • wawa2172

      Who says UP is for the poor but deserving students. Hindi na po, basta may pera ka at matalino pasok ka sa UP. Matalino ka at poor, you still have to pay tuition fees kahit anak ka nang part time taxi driver and housekeeper. Well, aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na si Kristel.

  • Sober_One

    This tragic incident is really revolting and really made me so mad! The UP Manila Chancellor should immediately resign. If the reports are true that the mother knelt on her knees to plead for her daughter’s case and got a negative response, then something is really very wrong here, both the policies and the heart of the UP Manila administration. As a UP Alumnus, I’ll do my share and help set up a scholarship facility to prevent this kind of tragedy.

    • Islaslolo

      When Dr. Sergio Cao was the UP Diliman chancellor, I heard from a friend of mine and also his friend that he went out of his way to help UP students who were in their final year. The financial aid, at that time and I don’t know now, was not adjusted for inflation so over the course of three or four years the amount of aid is insufficient and there were cases when the students in their final year decided to quit because of lack of funds. So Dr. Cao tried to solicit funds from his friends to aid these students.

      When I heard about this, I immediately emailed the Office of Student Affairs to ask how I could sponsor a student or two who were in their final year and in similar circumstances. The email address was full and it took me three days to get through with the help of Dr. Cao’s assistant.

      But there should be better way. And parents and students do not need to humiliate themselves to ask for aid. We know that a lot of students need financial aid and not just for tuition but for board and lodging and pocket money. UP students are the best and brightest in our country and they need our support. It would be instructive for UP officials to study how the top US universities raise funds through their alumni and other donors and how financial aid is doled out to deserving students. They will be surprised that the best and brightest US students and also foreign students can go through college and up to doctorate and post-doctorate studies without worrying about how they will finance their education – a mark of a great nation.

      • regie

        actually those who succeed abroad who are alumni of UP should contribute to pay forward for what UP has given them. this contribution then should be used for students who are in dire financial situation and please if only they can appoint official who are sensitive to the issues of the poor and finally I wish the legislators who allocated that evil, vile and corruption package “pork barrel” will have an epiphany and shall scrapped it so that it can be used by the needy….WALANG PAGBABAGO!!!

  • Zosimo Sulabar Jr.

    di na rin mabubuhay siya tapos ngayon lang bibigyan ng attention,,,,,,,,,,,,, dapat dati pa

  • i_am_filipino

    Utterly disgusting policies. Who ever is in charge of the school must be hanged too. Intelligent people always think of fairness, equality, low profile. No wonder why there are a lot of corrupt officials who graduated from UP. HYPOCRITES!!!!

  • frudo

    kung tangalin na mga pork ng senador at congresman at ilagay nalang sa budget ng education baka sakaling wala ng tuition fee na babayaran si Kristel(rip) dahil kaya ng tustusan ng UP, kaso sa imbes sa education at iba pang sangay ng gobyerno mapunta ang milliones na nasa kamay ngayon ng mga magnanakaw na Pulitiko,ginagamit pa nila ito sa gastusin sa sarili nilang kumpanya, ginisa sa sariling mantika ang mga kawawang Pilipino.

    • regie

      i totally agree with yo sir. the problem is that they are callous and oblivious to the desire and aspiration of the people for them to stop their corrupt ways…..

      • reddfrog

        But they still get voted into office every single time until they die or retire. Why is that?

      • frudo

        dahil nga sa dami ng masa na mahihirap sa Pinas nababayaran sila ng pera ng galing din sa taong bayan para iboto ang mga magnanakaw na mga pulitiko na to. kaya lagi sila nananalo. sana nman mabago na mga sistemang bulok

      • frudo

        ang problema kasi daming dupang swapang ng pulitiko sa Pinas, imbes na public service ang iibigay, mga nagaasal hari, at ginawang negosyo ang pulitika, sana mabago na ang sistema, maparusahan ang mga magnanakaw at sumibol ang bagong leader na may totoong makabayan at may malasakit sa Bansang Pililipinas

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QHGUJ3OJZAOIMBYYWTABNV2EEM Ai

      Totally agree to you sir…tanggalin ang pork barrel sa kongreso!

      • frudo

        uu nga imagin makikita mo kung gaano sila kayaman, 200million per year sa bawat senador, 70million per year sa bawat congressman, paki tama ako kung mali, imagine kung gaano kalaking pera yan, kung ilalagay lang yan sa budget ng education, baka walang shortage ng mga teacher at classroom. at baka walang nagbuwis ng buhay dahil sa walang pang bayad ng tuition, sayang na bata, samantalalang ako gusto ko magaral sa UP di lang kaya ng utak ko.

    • reddfrog

      Tanggalin ang pork? That will never happen. The politicians have enough voters brainwashed that they can do anything they want without consequences. That’s the beauty of American “democratic”-style brainwashing — it’s so subtle and sophisticated. At least in China you know you are being fed bullcrap. Over here (patterned after Uncle Sam’s), propaganda is nicely gift-wrapped.

  • i_am_filipino

    UP alumni must immediately support the victims family and her small brother and grant a full scholarship program until completion so he can help his poor parents.

    • David_vs_G10

      Why pass the burden of government to the UP Alumni? So that the kleptocracy will have more money to steal?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OOARJX3G3HKHGF34B6UVMZIIYY markus32

    As it was told before.. UP is not a state U anymore.. true State U is PUP…

    • FernandoBusi

      UP still has the highest concentration of brain power in the country but the Alumin’s must be encourage to provide assistance directly to the poorer students.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marlon-Morales/100001471051512 Marlon Morales

    UP should have a hotline on Allumni who are able or willing to lend a hand fast to a student like Kristel. This is the easiest way to save lives and futures of poor but deserving students of UP. Paging UP Administration and UP Allumni Association!!

    • don alto

      Alumni not Allumni …

  • Komen To

    Very typical Filipino, unfortunately for UP, it lost its foresight. Reform will now happen but after the incident. And gosh, the candidates are pitching in. What bills have they filed in congress/senate to reform the educational system? Did K12 prevent this? Did the Christmas bonus of the legislators help in any way? If this happened in Japan, the next item in the news we will find is resignation

  • Vic Usi

    Frustration tolerance is the key to success of some very successful people. They just got up every time they went down no matter how painful.

    • wowalive

      Success is not built on success. Its built on failure.It’s built on frustration. Sometimes it’s built on catastrophe (Sumner Redstone). Lady Kristel Tejada is a catastrophe. The responsibility of tolerance lies with those who have the wider vision (George Elliot). UP have the wider vision.

  • dummier

    Sana me maparusahan or mag suicide na rin yung nag turn down kay Kristel. Kung wala pa rin, magkaron sana ng massive protest ang lahat ng univs sa pinas, just to be heard.


    That is what I have been telling since the last four years that UP is not for the poor but schollarly students anymore but for those who can afford it and at the same time brilliant. I have my immediate relatives that could attest for what I say.

    Maybe the poor student (May she rest in peace) was subjected to humiliation by not being able to take exams because of having failed to pay her tuition. This could not have happened if only the robbers in our government did not do the robbing of our government coffers.

    There should be a fund for bright students where they can apply for a loan and not relying on the subsidies of higher tuition fee paying students. The latter could be the solution if the tuition they would be paying could equal those fees of La Salle and Ateneo but the reality is it is not. And yes some UP students could afford the tuitions of La Salle and Ateneo. Make them pay that high to subsidize the needy among them. Me subsidy plan nga but very low pa rin.

  • bisayagid

    Isipin mo na lang yung Christmas Bonus ng mga senatong milyon-milyon tapos etong student 10000 pesos lang di nila mapag bigyan……………..

  • wawa2172

    Nakakasama nang loob at nakakaiyak. The UP Manila Chancellor should step down in refusing Kristel and nag lumuhod na parents niya to attend classes dahil sa di nakabayad nang tuition fee. UP is no longer a state university for poor but deserving students because the government want it to generate funds dahil kulang na raw ang budget nang gobyerno. What’s with millions of pork barrel, additional MOOE, bonuses and honoraria in the senate? Di ba maraming taga UP ang nasa senado natin and that includes the senate president Enrile, Drillon, Pemintel, Angara at iba pa?

  • pedronimo

    The only way that poor Tejada did not die in vain is for the concerned UP official(s) who denied her pleadings to resign, RESIGN! RESIGN! RESIGN!!

  • Reign

    tangna, kumilos lang kayo nung may namatay na?

  • Komen To

    I wonder what the legislators who are fruits of UP, doing with their pork barrels. Aside from the reported bogus NGO, where else? We are talking here of only P8,000, about $200 only, the cost of the life of a UP Iskolar ng Bayan. Bwisit

  • david

    as usual, always reactive ang mga administrador.

  • http://twitter.com/wadjitzain coty

    what for?!

    When it’s your own fault, things hurt worse than when someone else is to blame.
    — Malcolm Forbes

  • kilabot

    P17B for condoms and other form of perversions,
    and they could not allow another loan to a struggling student.
    perhaps if she had joined naked runs around the campus,
    they might have noticed and allowed her loan.
    nobody’s sane anymore. no not one. in school or in govt.
    perversion is getting to be normal.
    abnoying state of mind.

  • hustlergalore

    aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_B3W4NXWIRRPYUAMLYY4Q3RELBE augusto z.a

    That #@%*&# UP Manila Chancellor should resign for being callous and insensitive with the plight of the poor UP students and their families. I’m sure that Chancellor has his/her discretionary power to accommodate Tejada and her mother despite the latter’s desperate ‘Hail Mary’ attempt to change the institution’s policy. This “Scholar Ng Bayan” is nothing but a joke if a poor student like Tejada and countless Tejadas enrolled in UP commit such a desperate act. Where are the pork barrels of the politicians? Is it because there are no 25% in tuition fees?

  • bugoybanggers

    Nice girl, she was true to her hearth. Hindi siya nagpaTUKSO para kumita sa ilegal na paraan. Ika nga matatag at matibay ang kanyang prinsipyo. Alam naman natin na sa Manila maraming mga kababaihang estudyanteng nagiging POKPOK para lang makapag aral pero siya..She’s not to temptation.
    Sayang, she could be the best to be POLITICIAN.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MLD4OKCRPD4PLQOEWMYBRELWG4 Cola

    Hoy, Pimentel and Angara, ngak ngak kayo ng ngak ngak diyan. The trend in the budget system of this Government which you are supposed to serve is that, Education budget is the LEAST of priorities and that has not changed even with you around. Action speaks better than words. So, as members of Congress, you must see to it that the budget of UP and other State Universities and Colleges and the DEP-ED are increased to a meaningful level to prepare our youth for the challenges that are before them.

    Sa UP naman, do not only look at the parent/s as a taxi driver. Also, consider the fact that he has 6 children. So, with that situation, dapat hindi na pinagbayad ng P300 per unit. It should be income divided by the dependents to see if there is still income left for the tuition fee.

  • feargo

    the ‘no late payment’ rule is immoral, even illegal. lenders – usurers included – tolerate late payments. those who rent are not evicted from the house, dorm, apartment etc. the delinquent is given room to solve the problem. remove this rule now. and whoever put it in or asked for its application should be fired.
    that said, however, a up education is not worth dying for.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BL2GYU35SO6HTJUEAUTXS3QFYM George Lapulapu

    Nasaan na ang Makatao at Makabayang Pamanatasan ng Pilipinas?!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OGNBATQP6PD7MV7P6GPSPW7PSQ Tommy

    Nakakainit ng ulo ang ginawa ng Chancellor na ito kung totoo man ang report na lumuhod pa sa kanya ang mother nung bata pero hindi pinagbigyan. Demonyo kang Chancellor ka wala kang puso.

    Bakit hindi ginawan ng paraan!. magkano lang naman yun. Mga demontres na mga opisyales na to ng gobyerno ang lalaki ng mga sahod, ke gaganda ng mga bahay at ke gagara ng mga damit tuition lang nung bata hindi magawan ng paraan.

    Ngayon punuin mo man ng milyones ang ataul nung bata wala na ring mangyayari bagabagin sana kayo ng konsiyensya nyo habangbuhay mga gunggong kayo!!! Nakakangitngit at hindi ko rin mapigilan ang aking luha para kay Kristel.

    Kung nagkataon na ako ang Chancellor malamang inabonohan ko muna hindi ko ipaghihirap ang halagang iyon… kaya lang pasensya ka na Kristel hindi ako ang Chancellor

  • Camilo_Cienfuegos

    ramdam ko ang bigat nang damdamin ng isang istudyante na hindi sapat ang pinansial na suporta ng magulang sa kanyang pag-aaral. I personnaly experienced this, when I was student of Philippine College of Commerce (PCC) in the 70’s. Sa baba na nga nang tuition namin noon, bilang eskolar nang gobyernong eskwelahan, hirap pa rin matustusan ang panganga-ilangan para mai-taguyod at mai-rahos ang isang semestre. Subalit, sa tulong noon sa amin ni G. Nemesio Prudente, isa ako sa naka-tapos nang pag-aaral sa isang gobyernong eskwelahan.
    kailangan ba namin muli mag-dala nang plakard sa kalsada para ipa-alam at ipakita sa mga namumuno diyan sa UP na ang sistema na kanilang pinaiiral ay may pag-kukulang at siya ang dahilan na kumitil sa buhay at maliwang sanang buhay ni kristel.
    sana magaya nila ang legasiya na ipinakita sa amin noon ni g. nemesio prudente!!

  • Rengab

    This tragedy should start the evolution of UP into a genuine University of the People. As it is a people’s tax supported institution, the enrollment profile should reflect the population profile of the graduating high school population. Meaning more should come from graduates of public schools catering to the less financially endowed.

    UP should also implement low-cost capable solutions for university education and skew from extravagant spending to be able to provide lower cost quality education for the less financially endowed.

    As of now as in the past, UP has become the University of the Pesorich. Even the XDS of the 70’s was removed. More budget from the government, more efficiency and effectivity. more cost cutting,

  • FernandoBusi

    I hope UP establishes some sort of system where Alumini’s will be able to channel monetary assistance to deserving students. May be they could make information available to alumini’s of those in the lower brackets of STFAP or create a system with a double blind where a student can air their problem and an Alumni may chose to step in and help. Just be sure its a double blind to keep cradle robbers and pedo’s away.

    • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

      Alumni is already the plural form. Alumnus is singular.

      • FernandoBusi

        I stand corrected feel free to remove apostrophe s.

  • FernandoBusi

    Someone ought to lose their job on this. If a students family already begged then that indicates they deserved accommodation. I would understand rejecting someone or kickout someone for not making the Grade Point Average but for financial reasons. This is the stupidest thing ever. Make a hotline or network among the Almuni, many of us can easily step in in cases where financial assistance really needed.

  • wawa2172

    UP president: Reforms under way after coed’s tragedy. If we translate this in tagalog: May mamatay munang UP student para mag karoon nang reporma sa UP. Rest in Peace Kristel.

  • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

    Putang inang hayup kang Chancellor Lechon ka hayup ka!

    Yung taxi driver na tatay ni Kristel umiyak at nagmakaawa na sa ‘yo pero tinanggihan mo. Yung nanay ni Kristel lumuhod na sa yo sa harap ng maraming tao pero tinanggihan mo pa rin.

    Hayup ka talaga. Dapat tanggalin ka nang hayup ka tang ina mo ka!

    Aanhin pa ang damo kung nasa kabaong na si Kristel?

  • kismaytami

    I doubt any reform will happen. But one thing is for sure, UP will continue to collect tuition fees.

  • white scorpion

    the very reason of UP charter is to help the poor citizen of our country ….. those with brains. how do you expect them to pay (may be at times) for their tuition when they are the so called poor. your guidelines ran contrally to the charter of you school. kayong mga tinamaan na lintek na chancellor and president, huwag niyong ipagyabang sa amin ang academic achievements niyo ha. wala namin kayo practicality. these people where not those affordable na nag-enroll sa UP. COMMON SENSE lang naman. sa japan…..HALAKIRI na yan.

    by the way, i’ll check with my sister-in-law regarding this president PASCUAL, kung siya ang (previous) president ng PUP. kung siya nga. eeh! loko yan taong yan. ginawan rin niya ng issue ang sis-in-law ko. sa buwisit, nagresign na lang. at least may utak naman yun tao. nakakita ng mas maayos na trabaho. ddapat IMBISTIGAHAN mabuti ng proper authorities si pascual. make him pay for his intransigence. kung pwede lang. hatawin ng patpat ng 100 times.

  • basang sisiw

    mga panlinis kamay nalang ang mga pinagsasabi ninyo. the victim was right na para matauhan kayo. kahit anong reform pa dyan di na maibabalik ang buhay nya. simply pampalubag loob nalang ang ginagawa ninyo. dapat ipagtayo nyo ng rebolto ang biktima dyan sa campus ninyo na maydalang nakakadenang libro. ang dapat atupagin ninyo ay marecognize at equivalent ang mga produkto ninyo sa ibang mga bansa dahil UP is a state university at negeexport ang pinas ng mga quality graduates, di yong nag crecreate kayo ng bottle neck sa edukasyon.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BL2GYU35SO6HTJUEAUTXS3QFYM George Lapulapu

    ..and there is even a plan to Privatize UP-PGH!!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QHGUJ3OJZAOIMBYYWTABNV2EEM Ai

    A very sad news…kakagigil talaga na kailangan nang tanggalin ang pork barrel sa Kongreso and move these funds to R&D, Agri-related projects and education. Yung CCT ala ding silbi – …

    ..as usual kasalanan ni GMA to. :)

  • Dexter Pajares

    Ayusin kasi ang STFAP. Kung yun ngang mga anak ng faculty konti lang ang bayad dapat yung mga tunay na mahihirap bigyan talaga ng karampatang pinansyal na tulong. Paigtingin din ang mga tulong mula sa mga alumni at tayo na rin mismo ang mag hain sa mga karapat dapat na mga mag aaral. Sila dapat ang mga priority sa mga student jobs sa unibersidad. Hindi na dapat mangyari ito ulit. Por delicadeza, matuto sana tayo na magpakumbaba at umalis sa pwesto ang mga nasa mataas na posisyon sa unibersidad.

  • Alexis_Ferro

    Imbestigasyon kaagad. Pati na yung mga mayayaman na nakakapasok dahil may padrino.

  • reddfrog

    Why didn’t they asked assistance from the Roman Catholic clergy. Surely they would have been very willing to help. Or not.

  • boybakal

    UP president: Reforms under way after coed’s tragedy…
    Too late, one life has been lost.
    Awaken by a dead student.

  • KurakotNaPinoy

    What if kung mga putak nang putak (para makakuha ng additional na boto) sponsor a bright student or students through college instead from their own money and not from our taxes?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4C2SFYIH52Y2KR7QPZPHJO2XQQ sl1

    The school should allow up to a year to settle there obligation and provide remedial or help to student to get out of the present financial difficulties and not just left them with no
    options to solve the problem.

  • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

    Putang inang UP. Ipasok niyo na lang daliri niyo sa puwet niyo.

  • destierro

    Walang pinapalagpas na issue ang superEpal na si Casiño a! Kagagaling lang magpapogi sa DSWD looting.

    Mr. Casiño, you are already a public official. Please create solutions, not media sound bites in aid of election.

  • honorable_guest

    Memo to UPM Chancellor:

    Resign Now.

    From your employer

  • bayankopdi


  • labcu

    the tragedy had been prevented if only the administration of the school offered a sustainable solution to the poor student. why can;t the school provide her a wotking student status in the school for her to earn at least for 18 units and the rest to be born by her parents/father who is a taxi driver. This could be a a truly sustainable/comforting solution to her problem. This young and ambitious poor teen who just want to change the kind of life she have now need more support and compassion. Others like her deserve better treatment and opportunity for them to succeed in life. Both private and public schools must be both a nurturing and caring place for all – rich or poor.

  • Korean_woman

    Dear Kristal

    Your bright young life ended so tragically at 16 years before you had left the age of innocence.
    Your parents had high values were proud of you and had high expectations of you, You Kristel a faithful and diligent daughter was grateful to Nanay and Tatay and you
    appreciated how in their poverty they struggled for you and your four siblings,
    You Manang loved them and did not want to let them down. They were proud of you
    when you were accepted to PSHS and more so when you graduated from PSHS. They
    were proud when you passed the UP entrance exam.
    You Kristal a Nobel Child were not ready for those vain cold hearted bureaucrats of our corrupt and inferior education system that would give you the run around, pull you down over a few thousand pesos, you could not understand why – you with true values who had worked hard and achieved could be “forced to file a leave of absence,”

    You are bright indeed Kristal as only the very brightest students are selected by UP (slick) entrance exam.

    Our country has lost one of its brightest.

    Rest in Peace Dear Kristel Pilar Mariz Tejada, the life you deserved is not here

  • Brownfly

    Well, she’s dead already. Which is the result of man’s uncaring attitude towards the needs of the poor. For me, it’s a transgression to a biblical saying: “Knock and it shall be opened; ask and it shall be given.” The poor 16-year-old knocked and asked but nobody opened. My heart really bleeds as I read this story. I pray that this will never happen again.

  • regie

    this news is revolting , disgusting and apalling….such hypocrisy

  • Populovich

    Imagine, namimigay sila ng bonus sa Senado ng pera mula sa mga mamamayan. Kawawa talaga ang Pinoy. Lalong naghihirap ang mga mahihirap dahil tayo rin ang nagluklok sa mga sakim na mga politicians na ito. Walang mapagpilian sa kanila na tutulong sa ikabubuti nating lahat..

  • wishfull thinking

    Sige nga Enrile, eto yun mga bagay na dapat pinupuntahan ng pera na “savings” nyo na dapat ibinabalik nyo sa kaban ng bayan! Dapat kaysa ibinubulsa inyo tulad ng “bonus” o kaya ibinibigay ninyo sa isang “foundation” na wala naman talaga…bakit hindi nyo na lang ibigay sa UP para may maitulong naman kayo sa mga estudyante na hirap na nga sa exam para makapasok sa UP eh pinahihirapan pa ng UP Administration para mapilitan magbayad kahit wala naman maibabayad. Anu ba kayo dyan sa UP? Kung pahihirapan nyo magbayad ang mga estudyante…eh di mayayaman na lang at may pera maiiwan dyan? Anu din ba ang masasabi ng Presidente dito? Pnoy, asan ka na? Ang nababasa ko sayo sa dyaryo ay tungkol sa prublema mo sa buhok mo eh…pwede ba magsalita ka tungkol sa prublema sa UP?

    • 56del_11

      agree po ako sa mga sinabi nyo sir, tama lahat!!

  • wazgoingon

    Sadly, Kristel’s death will not be the last. Government cannot simply go on subsidizing the tuition fees amid the continuing increase in the cost of almost everything. But government will not be helpless and can and should tap the private sector. My suggestion is for government to allow as deduction from income tax the cost of sponsorship of scholars by the private sector.

  • renatorivera

    So yun. Hindi nakaenroll dahil walang pang tuition.

    Sir Ed, ganyan din ang nangyari sa akin nung nag-aaral ako sa LB. Three and a half years ako doon hanggang maubos na ang alaga naming baka na mag-ina (hiwalay ang aking ama sa Inay). Hindi naman ako scholar kaya 2 sems ko laang nagamit yung grant-in-aid at ako ay napatigil na. I blame no one for me not being able to finish at UP.

    It was so depressing at the time but life don’t just stop there. I knew back then that there are other avenues in life. That is the reason why I am where I am. You don’t just quit life because failure to me is never an option. Life is all about struggles and the more you have them – life is even worth living all the more.

    I have not heard the story but don’t tell me they did everything. If they did, the girl would still be alive today. UP shouldn’t be the quintessential factor or the most important element of end all and be all of success.

    In my case, I went out and look for work otherwise I would be dull and idle. I was young at 21 and don’t know anything about the world. I have nothing but a little smart so I promised my mother that by hook and not by crook, I will do something good out of myself.

    This was the part of my life, or – my story I always love to tell because I have a rich uncle who can help me with my dire situation at the time. But I chose to trek on my own, opening all the doors of opportunity for me wherever I can find them and this is why I am here. I have literally opened another door and went in but I had to get out simply because I have a better option.

    • boybakal

      Well, there are weak and strong and you belong to the latter, a rarity.

      If you have less in life, opportunity is less, that is a fact.

      One should not only be Intelligent but smart. Intelligence is brain, smartness is ability.

      Just blame the system.

      Education should be free especially if it is Public University like UP…

      it is people’s or taxpayers money that runs this University.

  • gerryjoaquin

    put@ng namoo leachon. kahapon lang sinisisi mo ang pamilya ni kristel at
    kanilang kahirapan sa pagkamatay nya. ngayon naman para kang maamong
    tupa. naghuhugas kamay ka na. tamang tama semana santa kelangan ng
    pontio pilato. magdasal ka na di kita makikita sa pgh, isusubsob ko lang
    pagmumukha mo at gagawin kitang lechon.

  • JasonBieber

    Sometimes it takes something drastic for people in power to pay attention to the less fortunate. It would be great if it didn’t have to cost that much for reforms to happen. The only good is that those in power is now paying attention but the sad part aside from the obvious is hopefully they don’t forget after a short time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-Lynel-F-Joven/685946584 Charles Lynel F. Joven

    mag resign na kayo mga insensitive and elitist UP bigwigs!

  • nakatutok

    reactionary….may “GINAGAWA NA DAW”..kasi may nangyari na…..get out of your air conditioned office mr president…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DGYQPEJVAWF4N7DIHPD33DD7LY PHILLIP

    First, Condolence to Kristel’s family.

    Second, I think the system of education should be updated to make certain that those who want to get educated will have the chance to get educated. With the help of the Department of Education, Bureau of Internal Revenue, and our public universities, they could pattern it to Australian’s educational system. Why & How?
    In Australia, highschool students who plan to take college studies could get a loan from the government to be paid when they reached a level of income after graduating. The employers are required to withhold the loan payments from these persons for remittance to the Australian Tax Office, in our case the BIR. If the person prefers not to go to college, he/she may opt to go to TAFE, in our case TLRC and other vocation schools for training.

    If you’re wondering the start-up fund, our senators and congressmen may donate their “pork-barrel”.

  • boybakal

    There are billions and billions of salaries, wages, allowances pork barrel, maintenance fees given to our politicians.

    Yet this government cannot even spare few thousand pesos for the student’s tuition.

    Rich children of politicians should pay tuition as their parents are already paid by taxpayers money.

    UP is run by taxpayers’ money…it should be free to poor but deserving students.

  • Paliwaweng

    You are wrong Mr. Pascual.

    Do not say ‘you’re deeply saddened’.

    You are responsible for her death.

    You are guilty.

    You caused her life to be snapped short.
    Owe the responsibility.


    NAAAAPAKALUNGKOT…..napakalungkot na pangyayari. 16 years old lamang yong bata….punong-puno ng pag-asa at kinabukasan….napilitang tapusin ang lahat dahil sa kawalan ng pera na pang-bayad ng tuition, samanatalang ang mga bilyonaryo sa bayan ay patuloy na dumadami-ng-dumadami at nag-swi-swimming sa pera sa bawat sandali. KUNG nalalaman ko lamang ang pangayayring ito, personal kong sasagutin ang pangangailangna ng batang ito. Ang sakaling mayroong pang mangyaring ganitong pangangailangan, handa akong tumulong sa abot ng aking makakaya tulad ng ginagawa ko para sa iba sa kanilang pangangailangan sa pag-aaral. Napakalungkot ng pangyayari!

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