Senate OK’s ‘Marcosian’ gun law


The Senate has approved on third and final reading a proposed comprehensive law on guns and ammunition, authored by Sen. Panfilo

Lacson, that imposes Marcosian penalties such as at least 30 years’ imprisonment for illegal possession of firearms.

Sen. Gregorio Honasan, chairman of the committee on public order who sponsored Senate Bill No. 3397 on the floor, expressed confidence that the measure would pass Congress before the official start of the campaign period next week.

The Senate worked on the comprehensive gun control bill during its tight three-week, nine-session schedule after the senators returned from their Christmas break and before another recess that starts Feb. 9 for the election campaign.

Not knee-jerk reaction

The proposal for stiffer penalties on illegal acquisition and possession of guns and ammunition was made in the wake of gun-related incidents such as the stray bullet killing of children in the cities of Navotas and Mandaluyong in Metro Manila during the New Year’s Eve celebrations, the Kawit, Cavite, rampage that killed eight, and the Atimonan massacre.

“This is not a knee-jerk reaction to the recent incidents. This is a proactive measure with long-term implications,” Honasan said.

“We are hoping that this will be a deterrent and so it will rely on strong public support,” he added.

In 1997, Congress enacted a law that brought down the penalties for illegal possession of firearms.

Lacson, a former policeman, said it is about time the penalties are brought up.

“The penalties should be made harsher because many crimes are attributed to the use of firearms and the use of guns, the display of guns and the commission of crimes using guns have become too blatant,” he told reporters.

“But more than that, the reason why [the proposed bill] is comprehensive is that even the safety features of how to use and how to possess guns are provided. For instance, having a vault [for keeping the gun] at home. It also mentions who are authorized to possess and carry firearms,” Lacson said.

Honasan said that a recent public hearing on the proposed measure found out that there are an estimated 600,000 to 800,000 registered firearms in the Philippines. He said there are about the same number of unlicensed guns across the country.

Aside from the stiffer penalties on illegal acquisition and possession of guns, Honasan said the bill also targets illegal distributors and manufacturers of firearms.

“It’s like [our strategy] in the Dangerous Drugs Law. We intend to hit the source and go for supply reduction and, at the same time, demand reduction,” he said.


Under the proposed bill, illegal possession of a small firearm is punishable with prision mayor (six years and one day to 12 years in prison) in its medium period; illegal possession of three or more small arms, reclusion temporal (12 years and one day to 20 years) to reclusion perpetua (at least 30 years); illegal possession of a Class A light weapon, prision mayor in its maximum period; and illegal possession of a Class B light weapon, reclusion perpetua.

The penalties imposed will move one degree higher if the firearms illegally possessed were under any or a combination of the following conditions: loaded with ammunition or inserted with a loaded magazine; fitted or mounted with laser or any gadget used to guide the shooter hit the target such as a thermal weapon sight and the like; fitted with sniper scopes, firearm muffler or firearm silencer; accompanied with an extra barrel; and converted to be fired semiautomatic or full automatic.

The bill passed on final reading in the Senate provides that only small arms may be registered by licensed citizens of licensed juridical entities for ownership, possession and concealed carry.

It also provides that a light weapon may be lawfully acquired or possessed only by the Armed Forces, the PNP and other law-enforcement agencies authorized by the President. However, those private individuals with licenses for Class A light weapons when the law comes into effect may continue to hold on to them and renew their licenses for these weapons.

Arms smuggling and the unlawful manufacture, importation, sale or disposition of firearms and ammunition are also proposed to be punished by as much as 30 years in prison.

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  • bisdakis

    The problem is not the law, but the implementation. This would be another tool for abuse by crook policemen like LACSON himself during his time in the force.

    • banditpogi

      Sabi nga, ang magnanakaw ay galit sa kapwa magnanakaw. Itong si Lacson kung magsalita akala mo napakatinong tao. 

  • felipe

    well & good, but the enforcement is the key no matter how good the law is…..!!!!!

  • rodben

    Magandang batas ito pero nasa para sa lahat hindi lang doon sa mga di kayang magbayad ng mamahaling abogado, o baka naman maging pabor na naman sa mga gov’t officials? Remember Llmas?

  • mangtom

    Kailangan ding mai-disband ang mga armed goons of the politicians.

  • scconcern

    What about stiffer penalty for police/military men on off duties and retired. Also, limit possesion of guns to non automatic…
    License gun should/can be renewed by mail to avoid beaucracy and corruption. This is the current problem of legal license gun holder. USA and Canada send renewal by mail.

  • Pulis Na Pogi

    yang ra 8294 kasi ang legacy ni tandang ramon revilla.  pinababa ang penalty ng pd 1866 para makalabas si robin padilla na nakulong dahil sa kayabangan!

  • Fred

    Sana maging batas na !

  • Joey

    gosh, nakakatakot… pero i think this is a move in the right direction… wag lang sana abusuhin ng mga pulis at ibang tao na may kapangyarihan.

  • Nik Matik

    Tama yan. I am a licensed gun(s)-owner & gun enthusiast & I support that. Yung dating batas kasi ni Marcos na stiif ang penalties pinalitan nila at pinagaan just to accommodatw Robin Padilla.

    At para di abusuhin ng mga pulis, simple lang.  Have your guns licensed & be responisble gun owners.

    • branstark


      i give the senators a star for this. good job! :)

    • banditpogi

      Papaano yung mga mahihirap na nangangailangan din nang proteksyon pero walang perang pambili nang baril at pambayad sa licensia, wala ba silang karapatang mag armas?

  • wehd1nga

    dapat lang 50 years in jail for illegal posession ng firearms, matapang pa sa demonyo ang mga animal na gun owners pag may hawak na baril. kawawa ang mga simpleng mama mayan na binu-bully at basta na lang tinu tu-tukan ng baril.

  • kontra_boohaya

    Samantala, ang penalty sa posession of drugs ay…?  Magandang deterrent eto.  Magpi fiesta nanaman ang mga parak sa “pagtatanim”.  Dapat isali din na ipagbawal magsukbit o magdala ng baril yung mga “off-duty” na parak o sundalo- unless of course, de completo papeles sila.  Ilang MILF, MNLF, NPA o mga body guards ng mga pulitiko kaya ang masasampolan neto?

  • Alberto

    The title of the article implies a negative connotation to the amendments. Why? You guys want lax gun laws and penalties?

    • banditpogi

      We want reasonable Gun Control not a law crafted, of all people, by the 3 stooges!!!

  • tra6Gpeche

    Once this Senate bill no. 3397 becomes a law, peaceful
    and law abiding Filipinos will have a little peace of mind. No one should be
    occupied thinking and worrying of their safety for 24 hours a day, seven days a
    week in our country.

    • ben

      I believed that no matter what laws imposed on the all the citizens of the republic it does not matter as long as there is poverty. Still there will be lot of people who will carry guns for sinister purposes like hold-up, bank robbery to earn money. What I am afraid of is once these bad people are caught red handed  they will never surrender to the authorities but fight to the last drop of their blood instead of rooting in jail. Jailing a person for 30 years because of illegal position of firearms will never rehabilitate him to be acceptable again to society. So if he is caught red handed better for him to shoot it out to the authorities coz he may have a change of escaping and live free even for a borrowed time instead of rotting in jail without any rehabilitation. Believe it or not because of this draconian law there will more unnecessary killings.

      • tra6Gpeche

        Kabayan, at least, if these lawless and savages Filipinos fight back, there is a good chance that they would be killed and that would be the end of them. To me, this law will help improve the peace and order. But as you know, only time will tell especially in the Philippines.

    • banditpogi

      How will this law protect you if I (as an example) intend to do harm to your family in you own house tonight?

      Will the thought of going to jail for 30 years because of this law deter a criminal from doing harm to you?

      • tra6Gpeche

        With this law, I would assume that soon to be criminal like
        you (example only) would think twice in owning deadly weapon that would kill
        me. If you, as a criminal, are not deterred by said law, then there is nothing
        anyone can do. As I said, I will have peace of mind knowing that there is law
        that might serve as deterrent for the savage and lawless element of the
        society. Nothing will save our life if someone is determined to end it! So the
        best way is just enjoy while we are still alive and healthy! Have a great day,

  • Rovingmoron

    Again, some of us will complain that I’m using a scenario in the United States. Why not? This is just to give our law enforcers a chance to think about it for a while. For example in Los Angeles, any police officer can pull over any vehicle if he is suspicious of the driver in the car. Or the police officer can stop any bicycle-or motorcycle-riding man if the police officer is suspicious of the man. Or the L.A. mobile patrol can just cordone off a bunch of guys loitering in a certain place and start inspecting their pockets for whatever stuffs the police can find. Why can’t we do it in Metro Manila or other parts of the country for that matter? If the L.A. police are not accused of human rights violations, why would the Pinas police be accused of human rights violations? If the Pinas cops can employ what the L.A. police can do, we will have a better and safe Metro Manila because the bad elements will always have a second thought every time they come out to conduct their sinister wishes in the streets. I think PNP Chief Alan Purisima and Leonardo Espina can think about it. All they have to do is to come up with a Memorandum ordering all cops to stop or pull over suspicious-looking persons. But the cops must be honest in their dealings with the public. For all I knew, some cops use the practice of planting illegal stuffs inside one’s pockets. Then, export money from that person. They should never do this in order to gain the respect of the public. I challenge the PNP hierarchy to do this in Metro Manila and we will see the results.

    • Lakan Kildap

       I’m sure you will have a smile on your face when you are stopped by a cop just because he is suspicious of you.

      • banditpogi

        What if the drunk cop just want to get familiar with you pretty wife, daughter or girlfriend?

  • farmerpo

    Blatant use of guns? only on the part of those authorized to carry and use firearms. E,G. Atimonan.. the guns used were not loose firearms but issued and sanctioned by the PNP. Bae used a licensed firearm also. It is not a knee jerk reaction. Indeed, if  the most stringent gun laws are implemented religiously , there will still be incidents of crimes where guns will  used.  It is our law enforcement that should be beefed up, with qualified, educated personnel. Not with political proteges. Good law enforcement will deter crimes. Case in point, the Cebu incident where John Pope killed his quarry right in a court room. The court room is a no gun zone. No one should have been allowed inside without frisking. Law enforcement FAILED miserably in this case, and no news on what happened to the responsible parties and  I don’t mean John Pope. Not a knee jerk reaction, indeed.

  • Joaquin Fernandez

    How would you impose the law on the lawless who carry those unlicensed firearms?  It is good to declare amnesty first to flush out some unlicensed guns and be strict in license application taking into very serious account the mental capability and history of use and abuse of illegal drugs. What would be left are the ones in the hands of criminals, hoodlums and hooligans. 

  • KonsensyaNgBayan

    This is a good topic about Gun Control this is what we need to do and practice…Surf and read this topic “Even gangsters live in fear of Japan’s gun laws” By JAKE ADELSTEIN, Japan Times. How and Why even the Yakuza’s are afraid of the Japan Gun Law. Local Individuals can own certain kind of rifles or hunting guns, but a report of an outburst or even cursing words of the gun owner can be a reason for the authority to confiscate the gun and worst put the owner in jail.

  • Night

    tama yan!

  • ben

    I believed that no matter what laws imposed on all citizens of the republic it does not matter as long as there is poverty. Still there will be lot of people who will carry guns for sinister purposes like hold-up, bank robbery to earn money. What I am afraid of is once these bad people are caught red handed they will never surrender to the authorities but fight to the last drop of their blood instead of rooting in jail. Jailing a person for 30 years because of illegal position of firearms will never rehabilitate him to be acceptable again to society. So if he is caught red handed better for him to shoot it out to the authorities coz he may have a change of escaping and live free even for a borrowed time instead of rotting in jail without any rehabilitation. Believe it or not because of this draconian law there will more unnecessary killings.

    • tukmoldinako

      i liked your interpretation at siguradong patay nalang kesa mahuli this time, sigurado ring mas marami ang madadamay sa mga criminal na ito.

  • salomeahmad

    This is probably enforceable in the capital & urban setting but the rural & countryside areas like central Mindanao, Basilan & Sulu, forget it,  wah effect to.

  • Jazzeroo

    Who is going to be entrusted to enforce this law? The uniformed petty thieves, extortionists, guns for hire escorts and thieving opportunists we know as the police?
    This is the Philippines and its law-abiding citizens fear the police more than the fear of breaking any law.

  • $19543087

    Is there a provision on this law that prohibits ex-rebels or surrenderees be allowed to retain their firearms as self-protection or as a condition of their surrender.  There are a lot of intances in Mindanao especially areas with muslim populations, ex-muslim rebels roaming around in public streets & establishments in full view, firearms tuck-in in their waists in the presence of military & police officers & nothing is being done about it.  Is the government still allowing this  practice?

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Gagamitin din ito ng mga hulidap na mga pulis para makapag gatas sa mga inosente may mga pera…..droga at ngayon baril ang itatanim…yan lang ang mga tinatanim na hindi kailangan ng tubig para diligan!

    • mangTASYO

      korek ka riyan!  naglalakad ka lang o nagmamaneho…sisitahin ka…sabay planted ng baril…tapos gagatasan ka!  sa bigat ng parusa…di ka maglalagay?…kahit na alam mong  planted lang ang baril.  wowww…big time biz to sa mga hulidap!

      ipatupad ng “mahigpit” ang existing gun law…kung kinakailangan…amend it!

      ilang inosenteng civilians ang namatay sa baril noong 2012? ano ang statistics?
      mayroon din ba tayo ng bilang ng mga parak na hulidaps?  ano ang parusa sa mga ito? 30years din ba o administrative charges lang?

      sa bigat ng parusa lalong dadanak ang dugo. sa halip na pahuhuli ng buhay ang mga kriminal na may hawak na baril…lalaban na lang sila ng patayan…tutal yung illegal possession eh 30 years…talo mo pa ang pumatay!

      ang batas na hinog sa pilit…mapait!

      as elvis said…”Wisemen say, only fools rush in!”


    >>>Sen. Gregorio Honasan, chairman of the committee on public order who sponsored Senate Bill No. 3397 on the floor, expressed confidence that the measure would pass Congress before the official start of the campaign period next week.<<<

    GALING ng chair ng Public Order Commm ng Senate… Honasan, isang batikan at dalubhhasang traydor ng bayan.  At ang kasangkot sa paghubog ng batas tungkol sa paggamit ng baril ay si Lacson, isang kilalang-kilalang matador at professional na pugante.  At ang namumuno ng Senate, si Enrile na mangmang lamang ang hindi nakaka-alam ng nakalipas nito bilang isang birduugoh.  Alam kaya ng GUINNESS ito?  Palagaay ko RECORD ito sa mundo na ang House of Senate ng Pilipinas ay "pinatatakbo" ng mga TNL na kremen nahl.

  • NinjaMan

    “Honasan said that a recent public hearing on the proposed measure found
    out that there are an estimated 600,000 to 800,000 registered firearms
    in the Philippines. He said there are about the same number of
    unlicensed guns across the country. 

    it’s amazing how they just pull figures out of the air.
    if they have the ability to know how many number of unlicensed guns there are, then they can use the same ability to find out who have those guns.
    stupid idiots.

  • Maitum

    Same thing will happen. You can not impose this new law to the lawless elements of our society. Still the same, they will carry unlicensed firearms to ply their trade.


    paki una dun sa Cotabato at Maguindanao.. rami loose firearms dun…

  • Edward Solilap

    The big question is how to catch these illegal gun owners most of them notorious criminals.

  • Lakan Kildap

    what in god’s name is a light weapon?

    • WeAry_Bat

       yung laser sword ni voltes, saber ni luke at darth vader sa starwars.

      pagmakagawa ka ng rail gun, lusot yan kasi hindi light at walang fire.

  • Mario_Garcia

    We have to build more prison facilities and increase the budget for the Bureau of Jail Management, for sure there will be many inmates.

  • limcat

    are the firearms of the mnlf, milf, abu sayaf considered registered and legal? if not kaya nyo bang hulihin ang mga yun? LOL

  • tipay

    naku tambak ang mga baril nyan dalawang yan na mga walang lisensya. unahin silang ikulong lol

  • ApoLapullapu

    This amendments should have been passed long ago.

  • DaniloD2D

    But what about a new law specially criminalizing the so-called “Celebratory Gunfire?”  Presently, the Revised Penal Code only penalizes “Illegal Discharge of Firearms” which, strictly speaking, is different.  IDF is defined by the Code as “shooting at another…”  CG, as we all know, is “shooting into the air in celebration…”  Moreover, IDF merely carries a six months to four years imprisonment (unless it constitutes a worse offense).  Goodness, time and time again we’ve seen the sorry consequences of CG – and in many instances the firearms used are even licensed.  The act alone of CG should now be punished by law in particular and heavily (and heavier if someone gets hurt).  Doesn’t such a law make as much sense?  If so, why the delay in approving it?

  • ThudOthwacker

    LOL We had that law before. And Sen. Ramon Revilla Sr. revised the law to accommodate Robin Padilla’s plight. 

    Because of sila-sila and kami-kami mentality oue growth as a nation stunted for years. 

    After Gloria’s 9 years of unmandated rule. Here we go again with Roxas, Evardone and LP. Same practice nothing change. 

  • Komen To

    Will the robbers, carnappers, kidnappers, riding in tandem, holduppers follow this law? Who will defend the public against these lawless elements? Gen. Maratrat and his platoon? This is one lousy law. Catch the lawless elements first

  • 1Fz20

    The provisions are very sweeping. but how for instance can a person, family or business protect themselves in a commonly lawless area in the barrios/mountains for exp, area where there are communists/abusayafs extorting rev tax, burning assets,farms, kidnapping /for ransom, summary executions-due to political ideologies or petty enemies, beheading, etc…or simply a heavily drugged addict or group of addicts on the offensive who act like zombies and the only way to stop them is to disable their arms/hands…or what/how can you protect an approaching suicide bomber or mentally disturbed mass murderer w/an automatic weapon…or simply a wild ruthless animal about to eat humans…or for some reason, a cult about to annihilate a tribe/race.and other unexpected abhorrent atrocities, like alien invasion. The people(including you and me) have a right to protect themselves, protect their lives and property in an instance.Weigh things out. which is more prevalent? dont over react just because of new year shooting revelry. we can suspend firearms license after paraffin test to those zeroed-in as likely suspects. Also like in the usa, there’s a big difference between possessing at home and possessing outside the home.

  • disqus_EWrSdjV1nv

    what about the penalties for erring politician and pilicement? will they be caged for 30 years?

    • magiting78

      nope they will not, but they should be firing squad…



    • magiting78

      Hoyyyy Binay…papadukot ko s abusayafff c Nancy at pagagahasa ko….kaya wag mo n sya patakbuhin kung ayaw mo magahasa sya…lolz

  • disqus_EWrSdjV1nv


  • Francis Raymund de la Cruz

    The current law is better compared to this supposed law, the only problem with the current is a correct implementation….period.  The only provisions that they should add on the current law is the one that was erased on the previous as proposed by Sen. Lacson.

    Senate Bill 2993 SEC. 4. Declaration of Statutory Right of Filipinos to Own Firearms.- It is hereby declared that under this law, any qualified Filipino citizen has the right to own firearms for self defense and other legitimate purposes.

  • tower_of_power

    So many laws … yung lowly lang ang tinatamaan … mas labigat na parusa … mas malaking lagay … mas malaking kita!!! Pero kungf titingnan natin … sino ba talaga ang may mga ilegal na firearms? Hindi ba mga masasamang tao lang? Hindi ba mga pulis at mga taga militar na handang handa palagi mag lagay ng fake na ebidensya kung sila ay nakabaril ng mga wala namang kasalanan?

  • WeAry_Bat

    Mey lawyer ba dito?  Paki-check ng definition item L, Firearm.

    Kasi pag idugtong ko na ganito:
    ‘any handheld or portable weapon designed to expel any projectile, or any similar instrument or implement’

    Aba, kahit tirador ay pwedeng firearm.

    • magiting78

      Hehehehe parang masyadong malalim ang depenisyon mo…sa aking pagkakaintindi s firearm lahat ng armas n pumuputok ay firearm..kung ang tirador ay lalagyan mo ng bala n pumuputok firearm n rin yun pero pano mo gagamitin yun hawak mo palang yung bala sa lalagyan ng bala s tirador ay puputok na..baka maputol kamay mo hehehe…

      • WeAry_Bat

         Eto naman po, same item: ‘any projectile, which is discharged by means of expansive force of gases’

        Pano kung umutot ang senator sabay laman at namatay sa tawa ang katabi niya…

        Hindi talaga malabo ang mga definition sa HB 3397 para maging unconstitutional?

  • max xxxx

    ayos,ang may baril na lang na matitira yung mga criminal,milf,mnlf,,komunista at mga buwaya sa gobyerno.mahal ang lisensyado may kotong pa para makakuha.Dapat sana armasan ang taong bayan…dahil kung armado ang isang bayan kahit sinong rebelde  kriminal at buwaya magdadalawang isip.

    • magiting78

      Tama yan balik tau sa nakaaraan yung mga tulisan lahat balik sa pagiging tribu tribu matira nga lang high tech na dati sibat, pana, gulok at itak ang armas ngaun baril na…

  • jocken

    BRAVO – AT LAST MAY MATINO DIN KAYONG NAIPALABAS SA SENADO.  that should have been passed long time ago…

  • Lawrence

    Di na naman nagbabasa ang iba.

    Tama lang to. Yung illegal possession lang naman ang puntirya nila. Kung may lisensya ka, bat ka matatakot?

  • mulanay

    What is the Inquirer’s purpose of labeling this good measure “Marcosian”? Will the Inquirer Ombudsman give the writer or editors behind this nonsense a little sermon because it unnecessarily gives a black mark to something good for the public. It’s no different from the “red” label being used by anti-communists against liberal thinkers.

    • Offshore10

      Maybe because it was Former Pres. Marcos who imposed a very stiff penalty for illegal possession of firearms as part of his Martial law tactics back then and was carried out well into the 90’s (1997).  The rationale  is no different from the new term “Imeldific”.

  • doublecross

    aba’y pati mga bata ng poltiko…..gun control din.

  • magiting78

    Madali lang ma solve yan..wag n kau magbigay ng lisensya e-reboke lahat ng lisensya n naissue na…para ang may dala lng baril yung police, melitary at gwardya..pag hnd cla kaanib s mga ito illegal owner sya ng baril at dapat dakpin….

  • Guest

    Taob na ang karapatan ng kaawa-awang aping mamamayan kapag naging batas itong panukala ng mga walanghiyang galamay ng kasamaang nasa matataas na tungkulin sa pamahalaan. Lacson(pwe!), Honasan(pwe!), Enrile(pwe!) — halimaw na hudas na puro dugo ang mga traydor na kamay. Panoorin  sa youtube ang – “Gun control WorldWide, Innocents Betrayed”. Huwag na huwag maniniwala sa mga demonyong sakim-salot sa kapangyarihang sinangsangkalan ang hindi susunuring batas ng kriminal para kuno sa kabutihan natin.

  • banditpogi

    This is a Draconian law that will impose a very sever penalty to citizens in possession of unlicensed firearms. 

    This law place and treats  owners of unlicensed firearms  almost at the same level as rapist, murderers, bank robbers, etc. 

    Under this law, if you are dirt poor and cannot afford to legally purchase a gun to protect your family in your own house, you better think twice.  

  • Jun Lee

    Oh goody, now to wait for Sen Revilla lower the penalties again in case one of his actor buddies gets caught for the crime.

  • garcia677

    In order to mitigate the sentence of Robin Padilla more than two decades ago, senate then came out with an amendment to the law on illegal possession of firearms thus padilla after just a few years was freed. Now Lacson with his flair and flambouyance as a had been killer of alleged criminals authored this Marcosian law meant to increase the penalty  of illegal possession of firearms. But when another Robin Padilla in the making is put behind bars for same offense then another senator would pop into the scene to bla bla and bla. 

  • jhunderc

    this is the best way to defeat the communist insurgence dito sa pilipinas.kaht mahuli mo cla na may baril hindi puedeng rebellion ang ikaso dahil maabsuelto rin..walang magawa ang gobyerno kundi illegal possesn of firearms ang ikaso na napakagaan ang kaso para lang magprosper ang kaso..after that magbail ang mga communista, aun balik sa bundol, manakot nanaman ng tao.ngaun sana kaht pistol lang yan dapat non bailablle para di makabalik sa bundok..problema kc sa mambabatas natn e may halong communista na kaya protektado ang mga alagad ng china na nagpapanggap na pro-poor…lahat ng nagcocomment ng negative dito ay mga kommunista na nakatago sa gobyerno ng demokrasya…kung c teddy casino, satur ocampu, lisa masa etc ay pupunta sa harapan ng chinese embassy at magwelga..bilib ako sa kanila!!! pero di nila gagawin yan dahil……….????

  • hustlergalore

    30 YEARS!?!?!?!


    tapos senado nagpababa. remember ROBIN PADILLA?

    tapos ngayon 30 years na!

    ang jail time sa pilipinas, ang tatagal.. ha!

  • hustlergalore

    hoy honasan, guilty ka rin. illegal possession of firearms. 

    walang nakakalimot ng kudeta mo no.


  • Pedro

    Senator  Lacson Sir, sana isama  nyo na rin sa parurusahan at makukulong ay  yung  mga  corrupt  na opisyales  ng PNP  na  magbibigay  ng  lisensya  ng baril at permit to carry firearms  sa  mga hindi  qualified  na  gun holders  at  sa mga kriminal  na  kayang  magsuhol  ng  malalaking  halaga     . . .

  • dodo

    sana may batas din sa illegal poseesion of itak, karit atbp na gamit pang saka. hehe.
    balak ko pa man ding bumili nang baril. Daming batas na pinapasa hindi naman natutupad,mga pulitiko lang ba ang pedeng magdala nang baril?  sila pa din ang pasimuno batas sa kangkungan lang yan.

  • vir_a

    Violators should also be held without bail especially if caught while committing acts of crime. The longer the years they are in jail, the better chances of less people possessing unlicensed firearms

  • vir_a

    Gun shops also in Central Visayas should be raided and closed for lack of control in the distribution of their products.

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