Aquino wants 5 kids if he gets married



He’s 52 and he wants five.

With the reproductive health (RH) bill, which he certified as urgent, already passed by Congress, how many children does President Aquino want to have?

“The last time I answered that question, I said that for the woman that I will be proposing marriage to, if there is such a lady, if I were to say honestly what’s on my mind … I really want a family the same size as the family that I grew up with,” Mr. Aquino said when asked the question at yesterday’s Bulong Pulungan forum at Hotel Sofitel in Pasay City.

“There seems to be a balance with five,” he said. “But five will be too much now for any woman that I’ll be courting at this point. So can I just answer that that number is negotiable, especially for the person who will be bearing the children.”

The President’s love life has been a favorite subject of the media since he took office in June 2010.

Time to move on

Mr. Aquino said he had long decided that he wanted to settle down and get married. In fact, his mother, the late President Corazon Aquino, had already bought the fabric for the gown the bride would use at the wedding.

It used to be white, her only son said, but has turned yellow with time.

“It’s not for lack of trying,” the President said, eliciting laughter.

On a more serious note, Mr. Aquino expressed hope that, with the “divisive” RH debates over, everybody would find closure.

“When it becomes a law, let us move on … to ensure that all the positive attributes of the bill really are what happens. Let us not [consider] people who have divergent opinions as the enemy,” he said.

No victors, no losers

Mr. Aquino said  Filipinos, regardless of how contentious the RH issue had been, should not be adversarial toward each other. Instead, they should think of themselves as being “united by so many ways, amongst them [belonging] to the same race.”

“Of those who agree with me, I’ve been asking, ‘Look, this is not a battle [where] there are victors and losers. This is a battle where the country can be, especially the women and the children, victors.’ We have to work to ensure that everybody’s committed to doing that.”

In certifying the RH bill as urgent, the President said he only “assisted” in seeing the passage of the measure.

3-day break

“Let’s give credit where credit is due,” he said. “It was Congress who decided, the members of Congress who went really through tremendous pressure … All I can say is I assisted because I really believe in the objectives of the measure. But to claim any credit for it is, I think, presumptuous and improper on my part.”

In the meantime, Mr. Aquino is looking forward to a three-day break during the holidays, when he can probably catch up on his reading, listen to his CDs, and bond with his family.

“I might have three days off this Christmas break,” he said. “It was supposed to be four days but they took one day already.”

Time to pause

But a three-day break is fine by him. After all,  he’s the President of all Filipinos, including close to 10 million working and living overseas—which means that anything can happen.

“If there’s a Somali pirate attack we’re involved. Arab Spring, regardless of the country, we’re involved. A Korean peninsula flare-up, we’re involved. The world economy is bad, we’re involved,” he said.

Mr. Aquino admitted being so fixated about effecting “transformational changes that will stick” that he hardly has time to relax.

But every day, he makes it a point to listen for an hour to his stereo equipment, and reads magazines on military history, stereo equipment, cars and guns to entertain himself. On weekends, he goes target-shooting with members of the Presidential Security Group, which is also part of their training.

These are things that “give me a pause” from other concerns, he said.

Not a machine

Owing to his busy schedule, the President often gets reminders from his Cabinet, especially from Health Secretary Enrique Ona, to take some time off.

“Some members of my Cabinet, like Secretary Ona, keep reminding me, `We are all with you but you are not a machine and even machines tend to have preventive maintenance,’” Mr. Aquino said.

Otherwise, he said, a day off on weekends is sufficient for him.

“So long as I get about a day off in a week, it’s enough to recharge,” he said.

Mr. Aquino was presented by the Bulong Pulungan core group with the “People’s Choice Award” for maintaining his trust rating among the Filipinos halfway into his six-year term.

The group is composed mostly of veteran female journalists who worked with his mother, and is led by the late President’s spokesperson, DeeDee Siytangco.

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  • pinoy_astig

    bwahahaha…………di nga makabuo ng isa lima pa…hahahahha..

    • turbogirl9

      supot pa yata……….

      • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

         pag tinuli daw kc kalahati na lang matitira

  • Albert Einstien

    if this the reason by pro-rh …i will be NOW in favor of RH….mahihirapan magpa- youtube video challenge si carmen pedrosa nyan… pnoy pa nga lang AYAW ng tugunan ang youtube  challenge nya …maging ANIM pa kaya sila….lol 

  • $20722540

    ano limang…ni wala ka ngang gf paano kang magkakaanak…paano iniwasan ng babae pagnakadate na niya…baka malambot kasi?

    • beerhunters

      can no longer prim and straighten up by itself!!

  • where_I_stand

    The first problem of BS Aquino is to find a woman.

  • dodong1

    meron na siyang Limang anak yung mga daliri sa kanang kamay yun ang ginagamit nya gabi gabi sa pag baba

  • vince_bugaboo

    kung magka-anak ang magiging partner n’ya. e kung s’ya ang manganak?

  • jun

    kawawang pilipinas, madadagdagan na naman ng 5 abnoy

  • arao_liwanag

    I have a cousin whose spouse most physical attributes have similarities with the President, except that he is not bald and don’t walk like Japanese kamikaze (sakang). For  30 years after marriage  and until now they did not have a child. Finally, last year we had a very honest conversation with Her and asked  why they had not been able to conceived at least one? We asked further If they had consulted a Dr. or if they had danced in Obando, like what Donya Pia Alva did, so she could conceive Maria Clara? She was so gracious and honest enough to confide to us that no Dr. could help them, not even a dance in Obando. Tearfully, she claimed she still a virgin, His spouse has penis like pygmy shrimp (hipong urong) and can’t be brought to at least stand up.

    Now, if the President wants five kids, he rather be sure that his is not a pygmy shrimp. Good luck to the prospective lady.

    • Simon Ward

      Thanks for the laugh :D Is this metaphor widely used? I think my little boy has a hipong urong. I, of course, am a sugpo!

    • Braincleaner


  • Ramon Mayuga

    Mas okay po yun, Ginoong Pangulo kung naging dilaw na ang gown. Total, dilaw din  naman ang paboritong kulay ninyo.

  • Ronald

    Hindi ho nag kaka anak pag parehong haba.

    • walangbolahan

      you know that from experience, i’m sure.

  • pokpok22

    Paano magkaka anak eh lalake ang gusto. baka nga sya manganak na puro dwende sa kubeta.

  • d2yan

    NICE TALK, Mr President..

    YOU created the division, in the first place, when YOU forced the issue.  YOUR railroading did not heal the division, it cracked it wide open…

    Now you PERSONALLY want (pala) 5 children.  Your support to the RH bill encourages ordinary Filipinos to have LESS children, while you personally want MORE..


  • boomvilla

    ayan ka na naman puro pr e kapwa espada gusto mo. tama na satsat, wala ka na mabobola. ladlad na, kurutin ko etet mo diyan e.

  • pedrongbata

    Ang daming satsat!!!! You walk the talk!!!!! Baka maging Piolo Pascual na yong dating mo pre!!!!

    • yonoh

       di pinoy gandang hari wahehehehehehe……………

  • Pancho Pasamba

    e torpe yata e

  • Pancho Pasamba

    sa tinagal tagal ng panahon ganyan ka pa rin hindi ba nagiinit ang katawan mo o syoke ka 

  • sl1

    Hurry up Mr. President time is running out!

  • tra6Gpeche

    Kahit na dalwampung anak ay kaya mong pakainin ng masasarap, bigyan ng tigi-tigisang bahay, papag-aralin sa sikat na paaralan at tigi-tigisang toilet sa isang bahay. Ang tanong ay kung mayruon ka pang ibubuga?

    • PepingCo

      Meron pang ibubuga si PNoy….. Usok ng sigarilyo! Bwahaha

      • beerhunters

        carcinogen second hand smoke!!!

      • tra6Gpeche

        Nalimutan ko, sobrang manigarilyo nga pala si Ginoong Aquino. Malamang ay wala na nga! Masama ang sigarilyo sa katawan!

  • PepingCo

    This is a cryptic message from PNoy. Since he is not married to a woman, he is in fact just married to his job as a President. He already has 2 kids in fact: first is a new CJ after removing Corona, and second is the RH bill. Next kids are: the Divorce law, P5 billion payment for Hacienda Luisita under CARP and the last is preventing VP Binay from being the next president. Bwahahaha

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    magpakalalaki ka muna, tas manligaw ka tas pag sinagot ka, papakasal kayo tapos saka kayo mag honeymoon tapos pag nabuntis 4 na lang…cge na po, start na d pa huli lahat

    • turbogirl9

      titi gas pa ba?

  • Kamoteng_Dilaw


  • jojo webmail

    public officials without wife and kids are more idealistic. therefore, they are less corrupt than those with families.

  • hanep

    Tama na ang daldal. Mag – asawa ka na  Pre !!   

    Otherwise,  you’d  have a serious plumbing  problem.

    Then those 5 kids ? They’re gonna be just wishful thinking.

    Get to it ! Before it’s too late.

  • PepingCo

    With the RH bill, di mo na kelangan mag-asawa PNoy. Basta kaya mo magbigay ng ‘satisfying sex’ sa babae, ok na yan. Madali lang 5 kids…. with different women of course! Bwahaha

    • beerhunters

      “That which is crooked cannot be made straight, that which is wanting cannot be numbered” Ecclesiastes 1:15

  • beerhunters

    Elves in the toilet bowl poke at PNoy’s behind every time he positions himself on it!

  • turbogirl9

    at this age ……… need viagra !

    • yonoh

       16 years old dapat ang pakasalan nya para magamit pa nya ang condom……………

  • Roger

    engot ka di penoy. pano ka magkakaanak ng lima eh wala ka pa ngang asawa eh.

  • carmelo

    hahahahahahaha!!!!! wala bang family planning diyan? tira lang ng tira? 

  • ever green


  • ever green

    mag pa preserve na dapat ng sper m.  Maybe science can still help……

  • bobits

    5 kids if he gets married? Owww!..

  • EdgarEdgar

    5 kids? Not with your dysfunction Noynoy. Might as well try artificial insemination. Besides, you’re not really into women as some of your celebrated flings could attest to. You’ve always been into guys, guys like Eulalio Diaz III and Sonny Trillanes. Anyway, here’s what Grace Li has to say a few months after she decided to be just friends with you:

    Grace Li tells all . . .

    Media:  What’s the funniest experience you had with Noy?
    Grace:  At first, I thought he was just tired, so I made him take lots of vitamins.
    Media:  Then what happened?
    Grace:  After a month’s vitamins, he still couldn’t get it up. 
    Media:  Then what?
    Grace:  Then my mom advised me to make him eat lots of korean ginseng and he did.
    Media:  And that did the trick?
    Grace:  Still he couldn’t seem to get it up.  And then Midas appeared on TV, lo and behold!
    Media:  Midas?
    Grace:  Yes, Midas the court jester.  As it turns out, Noy and I are both into guys. 
    Media:  But why do you still hang out together, knowing he’s not the man of your dreams?
    Grace:  Knowing he’s gay and all, that’s when we got even closer.  We could talk all day.

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

       ..and shop. and talk about our hair (or lack of it).. and talk about cooking….and talk about pink unicorns…..

      • EdgarEdgar


  • marco

    hahahahha 5 kids from a fag.bayot hahahha

  • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo


  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Aba kung totoong gusto ni Pnoy magkaroon ng 5 anak, he should watch the sex video of the DOJ lawyers. Sina ex-PAO Atty. Jihan Jacob at Assisant Quezon City Prosecutor Philip R. dela Rosa. Pnoy can learn a lot from their oral foreplay. Matamlay nga lang yung video.

    Siya nga pala Mr. President, mukang pilit na pinagtatakpan at pinatatahimik ng DOJ ang biktima, yung asawa ng piskal. Dahil anak ni LTFRB Chief James Jacob at Court of Appeals Associate Justice Marie Christine Azcarraga-Jacob ang magulang ng kalaguyo ni piskal. Parehong appointees nyo po yung dalawa. Huwag naman po sanang kampi-kampihan. Wag naman po magkampi-kampihan ang DOJ at ang mga appointees mo komo kapwa Bicolano sina de lima at mga jacob. Ang mali ay mali.

    • yonoh

       yaakkkkkkkkkkkkkk nakakasuka……….mga kilalang tao…….tapos ito pa rh bill……….asan ang kahihiyan kung hapon yan nag hara kiri na………..kahit naman sana umalis na sa pwesto…………..

  • billy gunner

    “Aquino wants 5 kids if he gets married”

    now that’s a big IF.

    maybe aquino wants 5 kids (coz he’s “fond” of kids).

  • breakitdown420

    those 5 kids will most likely be through adoption 

  • agustin

    I just pray that Pnoy can have children with no birth defects such as autism, infantile paralytic or special child as what his nephews are.

  • tuldok

    baka pagkatapos ng sex, give me five ang gusto (high five)

  • Pio Gante

    ” i said that for the  woman that i will be proposing marriage to, IF THERE IS SUCH A LADY”?

    sabi ko na nga ba, sa article title pa lang wala na akong mababasang magandang comment, hindi muna kasi mag-isip ng mabuti bago pumutak itong nuisance president na ito.

  • Pio Gante

    magpatuli ka muna para hindi maging mutain ang mga little abnoys mo.

  • regd

    Naku ay sigurado pwedeng pwede! E si Dolphy nga ang tanda-tanda na abay naka-eskor pa ilang beses. Go PNoy go!

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    Phil Presidents:
    1986-1992 – Corazon Aquino
    1992-1998 – Fidel V. Ramos
    1998-2001 – Sherap
    2001-2010 – Pandak
    2010-2016 – Benigno III
    2058-2064 – Benigno IV
    2064-2070 – Benigno V
    2070-2076 – Benigno VI
    2076-2082 – Benigno  VII
    2082-2088 – Benigno VIII (dito na made-distribute ang hacienda luisita kasi isa n lang buhay n recipient and finally, an anti dysnaty law will be enacted)

  • Vikkala Velo

    Dapat may anak na siya sa labas when he was in his 20s or 30s.  That is the good age for breeding humans.

  • Felix

    ang pagkaintindi ko dito kung hindi magkaanak ang partner niya yun ay dahil ayaw ng partner nya at hindi dahil sa kanya. maaga naman yata masyado ang paliwanag.

  • BenA


    • Edwin Edwin

      Alagad ka ni Damaso no? hahaha

      • chibert jala

        ay, spammer ang yutaness na ‘to, wala ka ng ibang ma-reply teh?

  • neverwint3r

    he needs to get a gf and then a wife first, before talking about kids. and by then will he still be able to get it up? he had a lot of opportunities with pretty ladies before, ano ba preference nya?

  • nparvus1202

    Kailangan mayroon munang magkagusto sa pagmumukha niya bago niya isipin ang magkaanak.

  • Pitbulldog

    Ogag, sa edad mong yan, ipasuri  mo muna ang sperm count mo kung uubra pa yan makabuo, e bugok na itlog mo.  I-encourage mo lang mga binata na magpakatanda, manlalaki (haaa??)  at wag magka- anak na tulad mo para di na kailangan RH bill.

  • duviz7533

    depende sa pakakasaln..he or she

  • Bantay

    wag mo ng naisin magkaanak.dadami pa lahi mo at baka walang babae magka gusto sa iyo. mang hada ka na lang.daming fafah dyan sa tabi-tabi…

    • Edwin Edwin

      hahaha Alagad ni Damaso ka no???

      • chibert jala

        na-miss mo ba bigla yung prayleng nang-molestiya sayo? yihi… reminisce…

  • TheGUM

    Mr. President, one option is to marry a good woman, who’s legally separated and already has kids.  Trust me, it’s a great option.  Good luck on this, Mr. President.  I disagree with your administration on many issues, but on your personal life, I wish you happiness.

  • Mabuhay

    daming inggitero at inggitera sa mundo………..gumagamit ng alyas pero kilala pa rin…sina GMA, mikey, FG, Allan Cayetano, and the gang ang mga nag co comment na ito…..wala ng iba…..umamin na kayo…..

    • Facilitator1

      Korek ka. Puro mali at masama lang ang nakikita. Siguru kailangan din nila ang “day off”  at 14th month incentive (aka sa lagay ba naman) pay…LOL PEACE

  • Crysis_III

    hahaha. Naglabasan ang mga Membro Ng Tirador Ng Malalalambot na BORAT sa forum na ito. Mga kampon ni FG at PANDAK… Accept your defeat SORE LOSER… hahaha.. 

  • Danyale

    Make it quick, Mr. President… na..!!.. Be sure the woman is young and in her prime of “reproductivity” and you are ready to handle her concupiscence (you are 52yo and she is young), the age gap will fall you asleep after round 1…and the reproductive health bill will become stale….^_^

  • etomacq

    Ni rush nya RH Bill sabay 5 anak gusto nya? Kala ko ba dapat ingatan ang mga kababaihan?LOL! Ano ba yan.Sabagay mayaman sya kaya may karapatan sya mag anak ng marami, samantalang ang mahihirap walang karapatan mag anak ng madami dahil salot sila sa lipunan.

    Bakit kaya walang pumapatol kay Noynoy???

    • Edwin Edwin

      Eto ba ang pagkaka-intindi mo sa RH Bill???? naaawa naman ako sa utak mo….


      • chibert jala

        buti etomacq, may utak…. gusto ko din sana maawa sa utak mo, kaso hindi ko mahagilap utak mo eh… hehehehe

  • buttones

    Well let’s hope the President can find a woman in PH that want’s to subject herself to giving birth to five kids just to please his ego…if it is known that this might be his intention, I suspect many a starlet will give him a very wide berth…..

  • padrefaura

    si kris aquino na lang ang magbibigay sa iyo ng mga anak mo. 

  • Socorro

    Ang galing talagang magsinungaling at manloko, for all you know you are waiting not for the right wife, so how can you have five children besides with the RH bill  that cannot be anymore, kasi papaabort na lang ang baby ok na.  

  • buttones

    ““So long as I get about a day off in a week, it’s enough to recharge,” he said.”

    It was not so long ago I read that Mr Aquino was saying he only got two days off a year- Xmas and Easter, and at the time I thought that was extraordinary that any human being, given his task of ‘running the country’, could actually go for six long years with only twelve days off- remarkable indeed, not only that, I also was simply staggered to learn that out of the 180 or so sovereign leaders on this earth Mr Aquino stands out as being the only one who never takes a vacation. Now, the only conclusion I can draw from this is that either my President is not really working 24/7, 363 days a year as he says he is, and hardly needs time off anyway and he pulling the wool over my eyes, or we are living in the presence of a super human being…I have not quite yet decided which hat fits… [Clearly I am need of help]

    Oh and by the way Mr President, there is no shame in going on vacation to charge your batteries, it is not a sign of weakness- we all do it….


      How can someone knows the meaning of ‘day off’ when the creature is always ‘OFF’ since it came into being. He was sleeping and had not done nothing at all in congress. He even hide in sickbed at the sight of foreign dignitaries who demands a brain of equals.

  • Your_King

    Its ridiculous how Aquino’s Cabinet is trying to portray Aquino as some kind of hard-working man when in reality he’s essentially has had one long vacation ever since taking office. Other than his typical long speeches what good has he done for the Philippines? His claim to fame is his dad and mom are national heroes and that he put FPGMA in jailed but so what? How does any of these help the poor and the hungry and the unemployed and the victim of natural disasters? Aquino and his crew need to stop playing games and trying to fool the public. He needs to buckle down and have some real accomplishments very soon because his fairy tale Presidency vacation will be ending soon.

  • Harry

    At 52, the President has to marry someone 20 years younger, say 32 years old. For his wife to bear 5 children safely she should be less than 40 years of age by the time she gives birth to the last kid.

    Women above 30 years old now need not apply.

  • Pork_Republik

    RH as in religious homosexual ba iyan?

  • wvillaro822

    He wants 5? He will be lucky to have one. First he need a partner, a real woman who is willing to help him.

  • mekeni62

    napakasaklap na biro naman niyan.he he he.

  • breakitdown420

    we will believe pnoy if gets a girlfriend / wife first… and then getting her pregnant.  But announcing FIVE Pnoy Jr’s when his scorecard is still zero…. the reality and the math does not add up

  • artdz

    Pinoy sa edad mo ngayon seguro hindi ka pa nakatikim
    sex sa babae.


    A leader leads by example, so if Pilipinos though 5
    kids is ideal for family what will happen to your RH bill? Iisipin mo naman ang
    sinasabi mo sa susonod.

  • rodben

    Marriage first before having kids, if the President want 5 kids parang may balak pang tumakbo sa election after Malacanang SAME2 ERAP AND GMA pero kailangan magbless muna sa kamay ng mga PARI AT OBISPO mahalaga ang boto..

  • Bert

    mr president, walang nabubuntis sa kaka-ORAL SEX, yon bang puro lang salita….hehe

  • kilabot

    how? noykapon won’t get his wish thru analysex nor thru the toilet bowl.

  • mangTASYO

    “Life without love is lifeless, you need one to resuscitate.” – mangTASYO

  • Adam_d_langgam

    He he he .. Si retard talaga. Hindi nabubuntis ang mga fafa … Hanap ka muna ng babae. At since wala ka naman ibubuga, pa bayani mo na lang. O di kaya ke kristeta na lang. Sawsawan ng bayan

  • beerhunters

    How many times had he been dumped/jettisoned by all of his well publicized supposed girlfriends????

  • beerhunters

    That will remain a dream, so dream on!

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