Gazmin calls for formal protest of Chinese naval patrol of disputed territories



Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said Friday the Philippines should formally protest China’s reported new policy on patrolling the South China Sea as security experts viewed as a serious concern China’s threat to board and expel vessels that enter areas it claims to be part of its territory.

“That’s not a good statement from China. We will just have to see what we can do to avoid this situation where they will be boarding our ships. Maybe at this point we need to file right away a protest. Let’s do the diplomatic and legal action on this,” Gazmin told reporters following the rites commemorating the 149th birth anniversary of Andres Bonifacio at the Philippine Army’s headquarters at Fort Bonifacio.

Defense spokesperson Peter Paul Galvez said Gazmin’s recommendation would be “the action once (the new border patrol rule) is made official” by a statement from the Chinese government itself.

On Thursday, China’s state-run media reported that China will allow its police in the southern Chinese province of Hainan to board, seize control, or expel foreign ships that “illegally enter” Chinese waters.

The reports said the new rule would take effect on Jan. 1.

As of late Friday afternoon, Galvez said the Department of National Defense continued to “gather more information” regarding China’s reported new border patrol rule.

“We are waiting for an official statement from the Chinese government. That will be something that the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) will clarify,” Galvez said.

For security experts, however, China’s aggressive moves to assert its sovereignty over disputed territories are taking shape as a national security concern for the Philippines but it would not spell war between the two countries.

Before China’s state-run media reported the new border patrol rule, China issued new passports bearing a map of China that includes disputed islands in the South China Sea as part of its territory.

“It will create a national security problem because China is already adamant in pursuing its interests,” Prof. Chester Cabalza of the National Defense College of the Philippines  told the Inquirer by phone, when asked about the national security implications on the Philippines of China’s new border patrol rule.

In a separate interview, Dr. Gloria Jumamil-Mercado, a former senior adviser to the National Security Adviser, said she shared Cabalza’s view that China’s new border patrol rule was a national security issue.

Mercado, currently the dean of the graduate school of the Development Academy of the Philippines, is a trustee of several non-government organizations focusing on development and security.

“In the context of the definition of national security, it is about the security of the state and human security. We are talking about territorial integrity of the state and its impact on the welfare of the people,” Mercado told the Inquirer by phone.

But both Mercado and Cabalza, who have studied China extensively, said China would not go to war with the Philippines.

“I don’t believe China will go to war for the West Philippine Sea. China would not do something to risk their economic gains,” said Mercado, who has a doctorate degree in Mainland China Studies.

Instead, Cabalza said, what is developing is a battle of strategies, with China making sure that it leaves the other claimants “in awe” of what it does.

“It greatly impacts on us because the Philippines’ strategy is to use international legal instruments. It’s all we can do. We cannot contain China’s maritime strength,” said Cabalza, a fellow in China’s National Defense University.

To put things in context, Mercado said the latest developments in the West Philippine Sea should also be viewed from how China has dealt with its Cross-Straits relations with Taiwan.

When Taiwain’s democratic movement was gaining ground, China issued white papers, petitions, and even conducted a test-missile exercise in the Taiwan Strait, she said.

It has always been China’s strategy to flex its muscles even when dealing with Taiwan, Mercado said.

Defense spokesperson Galvez said he “cannot define” the situation as a national security concern just yet.

“I might be reacting too much. This (border patrol rule) might be a speculation by a Chinese official. We haven’t heard from Chinese government itself,” Galvez said.

Nonetheless, Galvez said the Philippine government would continue to “enforce our maritime policies in our own UNCLOS (UN Convention on the Law of the Sea) defined territory.”

“Any country has a right to protect their own territorial waters and the DND continues to do the same together with the Philippine Coast Guard,” Galvez said.

Galvez also appealed to the claimant-countries in the disputed territories to be more circumspect in issuing statements “as responsible members of the international community and should avoid aggravating the situation.”

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  • joboni96

    ang mga intsik switik
    matagal ang praktis nila sa militar

    kaya una lahat
    astig na pro pilipino mindset

    iwaksi na ang kolonisadong utak at

    mag aral sa mga strategy tactics ng
    intsik switik mismo

    asymmetric ang laban dito
    david versus goliath
    robin hood versus the rapacious sheriff

    not to attack tsina
    para sa imperyalistang u.s. yan

    only to defend our kalayaan and eez
    with our neigboring allies

  • chiefsiop

    china = bully = arrogant = greedy. stop buying communist chinese products. pati pagkuha ng visa sa chinese embassy e hinihigpitan nila. iwasan na natin pumunta s china or hong kong.

  • Alan

    economic and military might yan ang panindak ng tsina at ang masakit nito hanggang protesta lang magagawa natin.kung sana nuon pa eh tinutukan natin ang external defense tsk.tsk…puro asa na lang kasi kay uncle sam eh.kung suntukan lang sana ang laban eh walang problema.

  • Esther Suson

    We must cement our relationships with the rest of the ASEAN. Do not underestimate the power of ten :)

    • Marx Louis Wang

       May asungot na isa roon at nagsisimula sa letter C.

  • hopeless_na

    GO, GO, GO Sec. Gazmin. Kapag napalayas mo ang mga tsekwa sa west phil sea, baka ikaw na ang susunod na pangulo ng pilipinas sa 2016. VP mo si DFA Sec. hehe…

  • Opel

    send ships full of crap let them board and inspect it

  • j1u2a3n

    The West is hesitant to help because of sheer greed. China’s cheap labor and  domestic market are just too difficult to let go.

    • Marx Louis Wang

       Tama, the west particularly countries who cares a lot about getting more profit. But what is the effect of this to their economy. Bagsak din at di naiwasan ang recession. In China, there is no labor union, no benefits of whatever. Like big companies in PH owned by tsinoys. So the result is few rich individuals and many suffering poor people kaya wala ring mangyayari like most countries in the west.

  • RyanE

    Perhaps, ASEAN except Cambodia should first recognize Taiwan as a sovereign state to divide the attention of Communist China. Then PHL, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei should form a military alliance. Pool their military resources to confront this Chinese bully. Perhaps, Japan, Australia and even India could provide assistance in terms of weapons and armaments.

    • Marx Louis Wang

       did you read? sinabi na ang China might not consider risking their economic gains. We don’t want to provoke trouble here. Can you imagine the horrors of war. Kaya nga may international law to prevent destructive war. China has a humongous problem within itself. Kukulangin na sila sa potable water to drink. Very polluted na ang China. Ginawa nilang basurahan ng industries ang bansa nila dahil sa cheap labor. Gusto nila ng psycho war. Natural lang na manakot sila. Para silang isang malaking lobo na nasa hugis dambuhala na kapag tinusukan mo ng karayom bilang manlulupos dahil puro hangin ang laman ng loob.

      • kimo211

        marlou wang,,,umaayon  ba  ang  tsengwa  sa  international  law….hannga   ako  sa  research  mo,,,pero   kompleto  ba  yan?

      • Mita

        tumbok ni Marlou.  2 taon n ksi pbgsak eknmia nla

      • rezli

        China always engages in a psychological warfare tactics by propagating a scare tactics…

      • rezli

        If chinese police enforce their law agains any ship passing in west philippine sea, then war break out, UNCLE SAM for sure will lead the assault in all tiny islet that occupied by china, all chinese in that island will die of thirst if there is naval blockage by US navy. the chinese people will have it badly, just like the japanese and german people back in ww2, they will pay for their government aggression..

    • kimo211

      Bro,,,,tama  ka   kailangan  sa  ngayon  ng  pinas,,ang   mga  kapitbahay,,,,,,pero  kailangan  naman  ng  pinas   ang  magsariling  kusa,,,,kaya   naman,natin,,,,bawasan  lang   ang  yabang ng  mga  kababayan   natin,,,patriotism   at  sipag,,,,honesty   at  tapang  ang  kailangan  ng  ating  kapatirang   kapilipinuhan…..

      • Moon Raul

        Kimo, ang gagawin ng pilipino mag pa inlist na sela lahat sa AFP, preparation for war agains china, this is end up war  :) 

  • $15469930

    Sunugin lahat ng produkto ng china cherry car, cherry mobile phone, lahat ng electronic na Gawa sa tinamaan na lintek na china huwag nating bilhin…..Sa attitude na pinakikita ng china sa atin tanging magagawa natin as an individual ay iboycottin ang lahat ng china products…

    • Moon Raul

      @ mannager, hinde lang yan,lahat chinese sa pinas tangalin na sela pa uwiin sa china, manloloko yan sela lahat,hinde mo ba alam na ang philippine economic, handle by chinal lahat business people in the philippines is chinese.

  • dikoy321

    STOP buying communist China’s products !!!

    Forward Pilipinas !!!

  • Isa

    The Philippines and the whole ASEAN must now realize their  total dependence on the military might of the United States for their survival as independent nations. For all its “free enterprise economy” China is still governed by a COMMUNIST PARTY whose ideology is still world domination! 

  • dennis

    The best solution for South China Sea is for United Nation to declare it as a “Demilitarize Zone” sending UN Troops at the sea to maintain stability in that area! Only UN Troops are allowed to patrol it! None of any citizen belongs from the claimant are allowed to patrol!

  • Your_King

    Philippine relations with China keep getting worse and worse. There seems to be no end in sight. Aquino is too busy attacking the media and blaming his predecessor for everything but he hasn’t done much to alleviate tension with China…in fact, he somewhat contributed to escalating bad relations. 

    • niceguy60

      Exactly. That’s why we sometimes thinks who’s the real beneficiary of the actions this fellow is doing. A true blooded local Filipino should have been in that position in the likes of Andres Bonifacio for example with the white KKK flag. But then this thing happens. Hope it doesn’t get worse.

      • Your_King

        The actions that this fellow Aquino is doing benefits only himself and his family and his KKK crew. He seems to not have the best interests of the Philippines. He keeps talking and talking promising this and that but the follow-through is non-existent. They are essential empty promises and at this rate things can only get worse.

  • kimo211

    gazmin,mercado,cabalsa  and  galvez,,,,ang  gagaling  naman  ng  mga  pinagaralan  ninyo,,,hannga   ako  sa  inyo,,,,medyo  kunin  po  naman   natin  ang  mga  idea   ng  mga  enlisted  men  ng  AFP   at  mga  mga   istambay  nating  mga  kabayan,,,,kahit  po  sa  barberohan,,,,ay  strong  defense   ang  kailangan  natin  para sa   ating  nation  defense,,,,paso  na  po  ang  mga  diplomatic  laway   at  bunganga protest…..defense,,,defense  ,,,at    ang  panghuli  ay  defense,,,,defense  lang  po   hindi  naman  po  offense,,,,,,remember   taiwan  (formosa),,,,defense   lang  sila,,,started  with  small  naval  forces,,,with    patriotics,,,and  hardworking (walang  mayabang) na  taiwanese…hindi  sila  makanti  ng tsengwa…..suggestion  lang po…..Purihin si  Gat  Andres Bonifacio.

  • dennis

    Actually,President Aquino can ask United Nation to send Surveillance Ship that can patrol West Philippine Sea or areas which belong to EEZ as it was stated in the Laws of Sea.

  • Isa

    There is no way that the United States will ever allow China to devour the whole ASEAN region with its natural resources and markets. The Japanese in the 1940s tried doing just that and got nuked by the United States!

    The nations of the world can live for years without Chinese products as they did before, but it is doubtful whether the Communist Party can keep its population in check without being able to sell China’s industrial products for a year or so.

  • dennis

    Will the Chinese patrol boat going to fire their bullet at our fisherman who are doing nothing harm but to catch fish?…Of course not!…If they do then go to much higher level! Make this issue INTERNATIONAL!

  • jadejones2012

    Ang buhay nga naman.

    Kung kailan pa kinakailangan ng Pilipinas ang isang magaling na presidente at lider, sira ulo pa ang ipinag-kaloob sa atin ng Maykapal!

    Kawawang Pilipinas.

    • isbuk02

      at sino gusto mo yung amo mong mandarambong na ibinenta pati west philippine sea sa mga intsik? lakas ng tama mo parekoy!

      • niceguy60

        Ang balita eh baligtad who sold who.

    • Jay

      i did not exercise my right to suffrage during the 2010 philippine presidential elections, neither selected my bet for presidential race. But no matter how, there must be selected one. Do you think these more than 15 million filipinos who voted for Aquino as philippine president are crazy?

      It’s the choice of majority and not a choice of yours. It’s a choice of God, not of anyone else. In everything, you have to give thanks to the Lord.

      If you still cannot accept Aquino’s leadership, you better self-exile!

    • Vj Sin

       Nawa’y alam ni Ms. jadejones2012 ang sinasabi nya…Kalooy’

      • Michael Gonzales

        BOGO na cya uy

  • Grin Olsson

     The DFA is in fantasy land if they do not send troops to occupy Scarborough Shoals and monitor the shoals with helicopters 24/7
    or just give the shoals to China and stop wasting the government’s
    money on something that China will never agree to without a show of

  • Alexalbert Mistisma

    Time to stand on our feet. There are hundreds of thousands of Filipino Professionals and engineer/scientist to help the military in MODERN Defense.

    • jadejones2012


      Ang walang kwenta at sira ulong presidente, pwedeng-pwedeng ibala sa kanyon.

      At least, may pakinabang.

      • isbuk02

        lupit magsalita nitong gung gung nato! sa comment mo, ikaw ang lumalabas na sira ang ulo! BOBO!

      • Vj Sin

         Its not easy to be a President of a Country Ms. jadejones2012,..

      • Michael Gonzales


      • Vj Sin

        hey Michael Gonzales’

    • opinyonlangpo

      True. What is lacking is poltical initiative and leadership. Well, they are busy protecting their own personal interests such as keeping their positions and fattening their bank accounts. Anyway, if there is money in it for them they might as well do it.

  • dennis

    Sending our Military forces to counter China´s Patrol police is a BAD MOVE! It will only worsen and will ignite WAR!…Just ask UN to place South China Sea in a Demilitarize Zone are the best solution! If Patrol police of China will see a UN Flag in a ship,they will go away because it´s the right of UN peacekeeping ship to maintain stability of disputed waters.

  • dennis

    PROTEST?…Mr Defense Sec.,Put that protest in writing and don´t just bark it! Implementation will come by solving it in a diplomatic way!

  • tower_of_power

    Saan na ang masipag nating DFA Sec? Pumunta raw sa Iraq sa Libya paramagtrabaho … eto ang dapat niyang tinatrabaho … hindi yung pagpapauwi ng mga ofw … hindi ba kaya gawin yan ng mga alipores niya? Dito siya dapat tumutok … hindi yung paghahati hati ng Recto Banks kung saan pwede magdrill ng oil. Dito siya magpakita ng galeng niya … hindi sa pagpamigay ng sweldo niya!!!

  • JEO

    Then what? Build or buy ships now and put it on our waters! Always just talking these officials but act very slow and very complacent while this f*****g country are trying to steal our country! Also how will the international community respect us on our call if we ourselves don’t even respect our country! So these must be accountable for neglect to defend our country!

    We are in a very sorry state now! Someone will take advantage to our weaknesses.

  • VerticalPropulsion

    Modernize the NAVY. Acquire more ships for the AFP so that CHINA will think twice before messing up with our territory and people. We may lost the battle with their modern ships, but we will win the war with the support and sentiment that we can get from other countries. These countries will condemn CHINA for using excessive force./might to a small and ill equipped navy just for the sake of grabbing territories from the Philippines.

    • opinyonlangpo

      Typical hand-to-mouth Filipino thinking.  They should have upgraded the armed forces on a regular basis in the past to be able to defend its territories. By the time the navy is upgraded there will already be Hong Kong like populated cities in the South China Sea islands.

  • dennis

    “China’s state-run media reported that China will allow its police in the southern Chinese province of Hainan to board, seize control, or expel foreign ships that “illegally enter” Chinese waters.
    The reports said the new rule would take effect on Jan. 1.”
    Ok,mga kababayan starting January 1,all we need is a video camera with a very powerful lense,a paparazzi like lenses that can take their actual movement! All we need to do is to post it in “YOU TUBE”…make it viral! This will expose the bad side of China if they rule the world in economy! Or make a LIVE STREAMING SITE for the world to show it!

  • dennis

    If only Google Earth or Google Sea can get their satelites even lower,then MUCH BETTER!

  • angogay

    It is very unfortunate that the China’s newly gained status as the second biggest economy is being used to bully its poor neighbors.  I know that Japan was was the second biggest economy but it used its wealth to help its developing and poor neighbors.  

  • Moon Raul

    chinese people in the philippines shoul be deported send back home, sela nag begay nang bad enfluece sa pinoy, (corruption) kaya philippines end up third world country..

    • $18209031

       You are kayumanggi right  ? you better move back to your Borneon ancestry or in some Indo Malayo jungle redoubt and live the life of a headhunter. Your forefathers brought fear and kriminal activities to these islands and killed many local Aetas so you can establish your anak anakan society. Much better if you return to Indonesya and get converted back to islam and be more peaceful . Pray facing Mecca six times a day that wil surely make you a better person .

  • maniniyot kho

    Spokesman Galves ano ba ang dahilan nyo bakit hin pa  pabalikin ang ating coast guard doon sa scarborough shoals? Sa enero pa daw ipapatupad yong plano ng mga insect, o baka  ngayon palang ay naiihi na kayo sa takot. Kung nbubuhay pa ang ating bayaning Gat. Andres Bonifacio baka pinagtatadyakan na kayo dyan sa DND at DFA ang duduwag nyo hindi kayo dapat  sa mga departamentong yan, ang kailangan dyan ay may bayag makabayan, ang mamatay ng dahil sayo.. sabi sa LUPANG HINIRANG..MABUHAY ANG KATIPUNAN !!!!

    • akongednamzug

      Ang galing mo, MR. VIRGILIO CORTADO UTAK MO ! ! !

  • ofw_888

    wala man lang akong makitang matatag na paninindigan ng ating mga lider. puro dadalhin sa UNCLOS, puro pag-aralan ang sitwasyon, puro press release pero walang aksyon. Manindigan naman kayo. pag sinabing dadalhin sa UNCLOS ang protesta dapat aksyon agad.

  • To_Be_Continued


    to my family boycotting china-made grocery and food items, our monthly budget for groceries alone is $900.oo. We did an audit of what we have been purchasing and realized that 80% of our monthly grocery budget goes to purchase china-made products. Meaning, I spent $720 A MONTH supporting china’s economy, which in turn feeds its military to bully my country. That $720 is now spread to similar or alternative products made in the Philippines and ASEAN suppliers–CHINA EXCLUDED. How much is that is one year? $8,640. Imagine if even just one million out of 20 million overseas Filipinos will do the same thing. That’s $8.64 Billion a year. We are talking of grocery and food items alone. Imaging if we add up expenses on clothing, shoes, small appliances, kitchen wares and accesories. Look around us. There is so much non-china made and more superior quality products. It is a matter of taking this matter seriously in order for us to notice these alternative products.


    • $18209031

      You mentioned in dollars, so that means you are living in Whte Man’s world. Okey, tell us what foods in America are made in China ? Isnt it America produce their own hi standard US foods? They do not import CHinese foodstuff bec they  dont meet US standards , right ? SO why are you bs hitting about Chinese made food products ?

      WHite s and Blacks buy love their American sweet stuff , meat and what not—-all made in America. Again, dont BS about your monthly budget of buying Chinese foods. If you live in America you buy American , right? You are just spreading BS as not all things are made in China. Exaggerated lang mga BS mo !

      Kung bibili ka ng manok pang bbq mo , diba pinalaki yan sa Oklahoma or in your own state? Then that is US made. If you buy fish, then those are likely harvested from the oil polluted Gulf of Mexico courtesy of the BP Oil Spilll two years ago. If you develop stomach cancer , then you have to blame America and not China, right ?
      if you develop lung cancer from inhaling smog in America, you are going to blame Pres Obama and not China , right ?

      • To_Be_Continued

        Thank you for ypur nonsense speech. Please stop pretending you are pinoy because everyone here knows what (not who) you are.

      • To_Be_Continued

        Thank you for informing everyone how inutile you are about grocery items in america.

  • Rio Legaspi

    Puro kayo daldal, may nangyayari ba sa mga pinagsasabi ninyo! Ang maingay ay mababaw and tahimik mapanganib. Haay naku mga tsong, may balls ba kayo?

  • opinyonlangpo

    Very predictable. Thats the only option of the Philippines  – PROTEST.

  • Rio Legaspi

    Para hindi ka binubuska lumaban a ng sabayan matira matibay. ang tanong kaya mo ba? Nothing is fair in this planet, the strong one eat the weak. You got two choices,run away or face-off! Pick your choice, and don’t wait for international help whatsoever, they will never bother you crooked and corrupt complainer!!!

  • Magsasaka

    hangang protesta lang tayo kasi ang sandatahang lakas natin ay pinamumunuan ng mga magnanakaw na heneral at euro generals na myembro ng philippine magnanakaw association hehehe

  • edm365f31

    china will not go to war against Philippines is an understatement;  why should they when they can just show their military assets and assert their dominance.  Also China don’t flex their muscle against Taiwan because Taiwan have the military hardware to do damage to China.  We on the other hand don’t have anything.  
    Military modernization is very important at this point.

    • opinyonlangpo

      Taiwan is China and the people in Taiwan knows this too. The Chinese can wait till the people themselves or their government wants to return to the mainland fold. Its not that bad otherwise Hong Kong and Macau should have been in turmoil by now. Chinese understand the Chinese, same people.

  • $18209031

    Theres a lot of illegal activity happening in and around the SOuth China Sea most especially illegal dumping of toxic waste in pristine fish breeding grounds . A lot of illegal fishing and movements of contrabands of all sorts.are done by Kayus, Vietgooks and Malayos are plying these waters with no regard to its ecology . Its about time the Chinese Maritime Surveillance intercept these movements of contrabands and illegal activities and catch these people. THe world should know this is to ensure safe passage and put a lid on criminals. THose who are doing legal activities should not be concerned.

    • Raul

      Illegal activities from China like smuggling, shabu selling, poaching, illegal fishing. China is the No.1 on these kinds of activities, Hentai and Homosexuals PLA was activated to patrol and Chupa those Chinese who caught in the act.

      • $18209031

        China Maritime Surveillance will capture all illegal activities no matter who they are, even if they are Chinese  or Americans. WIth the recent dumping by a Malayo tender of American shzt water in South China Sea, this has caused a concern . This is a response to these developments as China has been lenient in stopping and checking ships that have suspicious activities.  Bec of this  China is increasing its tempo to ensure no more violations and destruction of ecology happens.
        The Kayus bringing in the US Navy ships is just bringing in more pollution and toxic dumping in South China Sea. China knows these people dont have any inclination to protect its ecosystem bec to them these waters are not theirs. If they can lay waste to Vietnam with cancerous DDTs and heavy herbicides and pesticides  during Agent Orange days  , then how much more today. Polluting these waters is one of their ways to irk China and they know China knows it.  So its about right China inspect suspicious vessels plying these waters .

      • Raul

        Every week 3 U.S warship passing West Philippine Sea to East Sea. China should start boarding U.S warship and start Chupaping U.S marines with big dicks. U.S marines would be happy by that.

    • nennen12345

      but who is doing the illegal activities in the area, isn’t it the chinese?  who have shabu laboratories in the Philippines, isn’t it the chinese? who are the credit card scammers, isn’t it the chinese?  who is stealing U.S. secrets, isn’t it the chinese?  the fact that china is a communist country, they can manipulate anything they want.

  • tots kahitsino

    Mas maganda ito kasi dito natin masusubukan kung tapat ba tayo at handang lumaban sa inang bayan. “Aming ligaya na pag may mang-aapi ang mamatay nang dahil sa ‘yo”.

  • patriot2008

    We should send a peace flotilla of ships on January 1, 2013 to challenge China’s policy and prepare for all out conflict when they plan to board our ships. ACTION NA NGAUN!!!

  • inside

    why would China not be Ok to patrol her own water and territory, while PH and any other countries do just the same ??

    hypocrite !!

    • Michael Gonzales

      Go home to China

      • akongednamzug

        I think you’re right, he’s from China. His English grammar is Made in China.

  • inside

    Why are there so many war heads in PH ??

    UN should intervene to investigate if PH violates weapons control treaty !!

  • Mr Senti

    Put 1 US aircraft carrier in the disputed water then China would surely back off!!!
    Pinas, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Japan & US should combine to form a treaty that if one of them is attacked by China with regards to these sea dispute they would all jointly attack china! This would minimize the arrogance of China. If they don’t this bullying would continue.  

  • Michael Gonzales

    China wont go to war? Theres 1 way to find out. Send our ships back to scarborough and from there we can calculate. Our leaders are too afraid of the Chinese and the Chinese know it. Thats why they keep bullying us because what we can do is just nothing…
    They cant do that to Japan.

  • Raul

    When U.S Air craft Carrier passing how could Chinese checked the warship when their balls was located inside their ANUS? I wonder how Idiot this publication without the approval of Kalburo Party I mean Politburo communist Party. It is Psywar like Gen. Yuan and Hu Hentai pronouncement?NO VALUE! 

  • Michael Gonzales

    Sandatahang lakas ng Pilipinas ay nagpapalaki lang ng bayag. Mga barko ng navy nasa pantalan lang imbes magpatrol sa scarborough at spratly. Malaki pa naman mga sahod… iba tlga mga pinoy, puro salita lang. 

  • inside

    why are some officers paid so much for doing so little ?

    and some are corrupted inside out, yes, inside and out, not only shamelessly claim things not belong to them domestically, also internationally ??

  • $18209031

    This spat with China originated by bellicose behavior by Ilocandios and Tagaleglegs govt officials  sa Luzon . RP and CHina Relations has been in good standing since Marcos the Dictator visited China in 1970s. And many Chinese and Pinos in this country have lived in peace for centuries inspite of cultural differences. Now the govt officials in Luzon is drifting away Pinas from China.

    Masasabi ko lang, if you created this problem with the Chinese , then you deal with it. Kaming mga taga Bisayas at Mindanao ay peaceful coexistence kami sa mga intsik at Pinos.  If the Tagalegs and Ilocandios are looking for trouble with China, then you reap the whirlwind.  China is the new powerhouse in Asia and deseres to be respected, and bec you wanted to get the US bases back , now again based in Subic in Zambales, so this is obvious and all falling into place.Do not drag this future war on the whole country as we live in peace here in Visayas and Mindanao.

    • Michael Gonzales

      tinood na pero as a pilipino we rally against china and will fight back if push against the wall. So many chinese citizens in VisMin both illegal and legal living in peace but it would be China`s call if it will remain peaceful. 
      We, the Bisaya, Cebuano,  Ilonggo and other vismin people condemn what China is doing. 

      • $18209031

        The bellicose Luzonians should take care of this problem. THey created and push for it, then they deal with it. They are  physically close to China , the more they should be cognizant of their actions. If they are smart enough and recognize China as their neighbor, then they should have acted more  cautious and prudent.

        If you are bastos to your own neighbor, then you are bastos rin. Good neighbors work together to live in harmony. ANg mga taga Bisayas at Mindanao ay malayo kami sa Tsina and safe in our own inland waters. We have lived in harmony with Chinese people and Kayus for centuries.

        The bulk of these racial spat is between Malayo dominated Luzonian tribos like Taagleglegs and Ilocandios who runned this govt. The reason why many ethnic Chinese changed their name s to Spanish sounding in Luzon was bec of Spanish racism towards Chinese during its days. The ethnic Chinese in Bisayas and Mindanao retained their original CHinese names bec Kachilas were far from our shores.  Luzon was the center and stronghold of dirty racist Kachilas and many chinese were scared of being discriminated and wanted to conformed to Kachilas laws and be accepted. Also they wanted to blend in as local kayumangmangs.

        Again, we in Bisayas and Mindanao dont want to get involved in a war with CHina . We live in relative peace and would rather be left alone . We trade with China through Cebu and Davao and Cagayan and Luzonians have no stranglehold on us. Our waters are clean and full of fish . Life is much better here than trying to find a fight.

      • akongednamzug

        With all your statements, do you consider yourself a Filipino?

      • $18209031

        so do you consider yourself a white azzed kissing Kayu ?

    • rezli

      ako ma musil lang oi…

    • akongednamzug

      It’s peaceful in Mindanao? 

      • $18209031

        In the past Mindanao had a lot muslim tribes coming from Indonesya bec of its proximity. The Kachilas tried to take Mindanao by enlisting tagaleg force mainly Malayo tribesmen.  This was their bid to carry Spanish Inquisition of Moro tribes as ordered by their King.
        They werent entirely successful in taking all of Mindanao. They then started to spread Christianity and move more christianized Luzon tribes into the area.
        Once the American s came they went ahead and tried to take out the Moro tribes  in Mindanao. Those were one of the fierciest battles in Mindanao as muslim s tried to keep their turf.  The Ameican s ended by not really subdueing the entire island.

        Then came Marcos , an Ilocandio, tried to backstab the tausugs by the Jebedah Massacre. Then a fullblown war erupted in Sulu in an attempt to establish christian control over all of Mindanao.

        The rest was history….

  • Michael Gonzales

    China`s fake maps wont stand a chance in any man`s court so they resort to intimidation and bullying. Soon the world will unite against the greedy China!


    Dispute ABC:

    1. The South China Sea Islands were discussed from the 4th century BCE in the Chinese texts Yizhoushu, Classic of Poetry, Zuo Zhuan, and Guoyu, but only implicitly as part of the “Southern Territories” (Chinese: 南州; pinyin: Nán Zhōu) or “South Sea”.

    2. The Republic of China (ROC) named 132 of the South China Sea Islands in 1932 and 1935, mapped over 291 islands, reefs, and banks.

    3. In 1958, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) issued a declaration defining its territorial waters within what is known as the nine-dotted line which encompassed the Spratly Islands. North Vietnam’s prime minister, Phạm Văn Đồng, sent a diplomatic note to Zhou Enlai,
    stating that “The Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam
    respects this decision.”The diplomatic note was written on September 14
    and was publicized on Nhan Dan newspaper (Vietnam) on September 22,

    4. PH claim: on June 11, 1978 President Marcos, by virtue of Presidential Decree
    No.1596, formally annexed the Kalayaan Islands creating a distinct and
    separate Municipality known as “Kalayaan”.

    5. on March 10th, 2009, PH claimed Scarborough Shoal, via RA 9522.

    • Michael Gonzales

      So? obviously it remains disputed. Settle it in International Court as civilized nation. China clearly knows that they wont stand a chance there since history is a very weak claim so they decided to intimidate and bully weak countries..

      • UNCLOS

        No, PH can not claim territory that had already been claimed, it is against UN rules.

         Can China claim Manila ? No for the same reason.

         That is why to China, there is no dispute.

      • Michael Gonzales

        Really?? so what is this fuzz about? 

      • UNCLOS

         use your fingers to calculate who is the first ??

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        Is your calculator made in china? then its full of B–LS–T

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        When was Communist China become of UN? Philippines was a member of UN since its founding? can communist china take such clam? China only made the claim after the US Naval base was removed from Philippines in 1991. You only make a lot of noise after the american was out? if its really part of china as you claim, why not claim it after china become communist in 1949, why wait 50 years later to assert your claim?

        In truth you have no claim, you are claiming only now and you don’t want the american to go back into the picture. If your country is so powerful, why are you afraid of US, in truth if the US Navy come into the picture, china will turn tail like a dog tail behind its ball

      • UNCLOS

         see the time line,

        China, 1935 (actually much earlier );
        PH, 1978.

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        Looser, waiting for 70 years to claim it? And you’re only doing it not only after the american left the area but also after the Republic of the Philippines discovered that there are LNG and potentially oil & gas within the area 

      • UNCLOS

         who is the loser ?

         can’t do arithmetic.

         even US doesn’t side with PH, that speaks in volume ?

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        Who else, you, waiting for 70 years to claim what belong to others hahahha

      • UNCLOS

         PH claimed illegally in 1978, much later than China’s legal claim in 1935.

        do the math.

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        where are your beloved nation at that time, busy killing its citizen just like the nazi did in WW2.

        You’re living in wulkencuckoosheim

      • PurpleDaisy13

        re; “When was Communist China become of UN?”

        China joined the UN in 1945 and is the 8th largest financial contributor to the United Nations (UN) that goes to pay for the salaries of employees and administration.

        Philippines is poor and still a 3rd world country.

        re: “If your country is so powerful, why are you afraid of US”

        If China has fears over the our US, it is because our US is a superpower and has the 1st most strongest military in the world.

        However, China now has leverage over our US by funding our US economy at well over $1,000,000,000,000 (TRILLION) dollars.  As a result, we owe China and in debt to their gratitude for helping our US economy.

        China is the 3rd most powerful military in the world and probably has achieved 2nd surpassing Russia’s military.  China is also known to being recognized as the next superpower.

        Our US military is not in a position to mess with China. 

        So surely, Philippines is no match against China’s military might and global economic influence.  The only tail that turned between it’s legs and left is when Philippine vessels left Huangyan Island (Scarborough/Panatag) so China could exercise effective occupation and jurisdiction over the island.

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        that’s the dilemma for china, their foreign currency reserves are in dollars, they have a lto of that, if dollar fall, practically china reserve will come to naught

    • El_Gran_Capitan

      If you are really strong and can bully anyone, why don’t your AC sail to the the disputed area 

      • UNCLOS

         good manner, control, managed, unlike the student govt.

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        Your country ambition is not new, in retrospect it is similar to Japan Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere of WW2, except that you will exploit the resources of other nations and enriched yourself. In effect, you’re worse than Japan

      • UNCLOS

         oranges and apples.

         China made the claim through open, fair, legal and peaceful process, meet no objections from international communities for sufficient long period of time.

        that is gold standard of international law.

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        Is that so, really? since when your country become fair? you buys from russia and yet you reverse engineer it without the consent of the russian, the tools that you exported are of poor quality that it easily break down..

      • UNCLOS

         what is reverse engineer ? what is wrong with it ?

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        you see, you don’t even know what is a reverse engineering? how much more about history? unfortunately for you, you’re an amateur in history? I am a historian, but i don’t like chinese history, it’s full of B–LS–T

      • reddfrog

         Don’t forget the beheading.

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        Hey UNCLOS, why don’t you answer my post below, is it the truth, silence means guilt you know, its an open admission of your sinister plan

  • ofw_888

    kahit ang ating defense chief ang sinasabi ay “calls for formal protest” lang. wala bang aksyon na ipadala agad sa UNCLOS ang protest letter. puro salita kulang sa gawa ang ang mga lider ng gobyerno.

    • Michael Gonzales

      Yup ganun nalang talaga. Lahat takot.

      • $18209031

        THis fight is for the Malayo dominated Luzonian tribes against China. Do not include the peaceful people of Visayas and Mindanao. Only thing you brought to Mindanao in the last 40 yrs were troubles and troubles by trying to displace muslim locales . Now you are bringing another problem, a much bigger one and it involves China. Dios ko Santisima, mga tagaleglegs and Ilocandios, what are you thinking ? Am i seeing another teleserye in the making ?

      • im_earth

         LUZON is the face of the Philippines

      • $18209031

        You go f ck faced, just do it. We are not behind you.

      • magcalasL

        You are a coward

      • im_earth

        lechugas! im in the VISAYAS and ur in china… maybe other part of CHINA will said that BEIJING should be demolished and not harm other China towns because of unbasis claims!

      • $18209031

        You re looking for trouble, go for it. Leave us in Bisayas and Mindanao away from your dirty politics. We have enough of tagaleg BS in the news be it print, tv, and internet.

      • im_earth

         kung maka comment ka ng ganyan! ikaw nga panay batikos sa mga pinoy bloggers na against sa china claims. ikaw ang nangutwiran na tama ang mga china.

        tapos sasabihin mo na tahimik ang taga bisayas at mindanao. e taga jan ka diba.


  • Noel

    All it needs is a first shot from either side and hell breaks loose.  

    • UNCLOS

       we need brain, instead of war heads.

    • reddfrog

       The first shot will come from only one side, because the other side – may baril walang bala.



    Existing agreements, traditional fishing rights

    and existing submarine cables

    1. Without prejudice to article 49, an archipelagic
    State shall respect existing agreements with other States and shall
    recognize traditional fishing rights and other legitimate activities of
    the immediately adjacent neighbouring States in certain areas falling
    within archipelagic waters. The terms and conditions for the exercise
    of such rights and activities, including the nature, the extent and the
    areas to which they apply, shall, at the request of any of the States
    concerned, be regulated by bilateral agreements between them. Such
    rights shall not be transferred to or shared with third States or their


    why I quote this ??

    Chinese nine-dashed-line must be respected, according UNCLOS.

    • vendetta07

       those are not archipelagic waters.  china is not immediately adjacent.  you lose.

      • UNCLOS

         nine dashed line claimed China’s territory water, traditional fishing ground and Islands within.

        UNCLOS recognizes these historic rights.

      • vendetta07

        those waters are not archapeliagic waters, that is the only kind of waters where there are traditional fishing rights. you lose.

      • UNCLOS

         you don’t get it, UNCLOS isn’t exclusive to historic rights.

         you can’t use UNCLOS to tramp sovereignty of another country.

         It is so hard to educate lead heads.

      • vendetta07

        just shut up and tell china to go to court.

      • UNCLOS

         you lose.. temper, hehehe

      • vendetta07

        I think your interpretation of UNCLOS is flawed because obviously you do not understand that ‘historic fishing rights’ does not apply to china’s claim. also, it is ironic that you should try to convince laymen about china’s claim through UNCLOS when China absolutely avoids going to court. It is obvious that China’s claims are against international law because of their avoidance of settling it in court. You should re-read UNCLOS because you do not understand it.

      • UNCLOS

         obviously you don’t understand China. China rejection to ITLOS is for other reasons. China’s objection is covered by UNCLOS.

        PH has no right to claim China’s property, either by using UNCLOS or by force.

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        China don’t have the right to claim PH territory.

      • vendetta07

        china is the one unilaterally raising tensions by adhering to the ridiculous nine-dash map, putting disputed maps in their passports, and by announcing that they will board ships in those countries own waters.

        Don’t you think there’s a reason why they want to use UNCLOS and go to court over the senkkaku islands but NOT with Philippines?

        Also, tell me one other country that recognizes china’s 9-dash map.

  • Jonathan Maravilla


    • reddfrog


      ====> Find out how this entire thing started in the first place. You’ll learn something.


    If China insist on taking military action against the Philippines, the Philippines should send ships.  PLA, back off the aggression or this leads to conflict. You are treading in troubled waters.

    • UNCLOS

       before you ask other side back off, you have to define where they are not supposed to be.

      Can PLA ask Manila policemen back off so they can patrol on the street ?

    • reddfrog



    the best policy is

    1. don’t invade;
    2. don’t harass;
    3. don’t be a bit ch.

    • El_Gran_Capitan

      The fact is your beloved nation has all the opposite quality of what you are mentioning

      • UNCLOS

         my beloved nation is PH.

      • reddfrog


      • El_Gran_Capitan

        Really, who are you fooling? What a pathetic alibi, looser, if your nation is PH, why rile against PH, what a B–LS–T

      • UNCLOS

        True patriotism hates injustice in its own land more than anywhere else.
        —Clarence Darrow

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        don’t give me that piece of crap, the truth is, you’re imperialistic as Japan was in WW2. 

        As Winston Spencer Churchill Said, “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel”

        Maybe you’re such kind of person, amateur moron

      • UNCLOS

         down with imperialism from within,
         down with Japan,
         down with moron,
         down with imperialist associates.

         how about that.

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        then down with China hahaha

        WHAT A LOOSER YOU ARE,  changing tune after loosing a debate on history, it only means you don’t know what you are talking. GO TO DAVY JONES LOCKER IF YOU WANT AND DON’T GO OUT

      • UNCLOS

         fooled and confused, looser, hahaha..

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        you cannot think of anything anymore that is why you are copying, that is the #1 talent of chinese product copying hahahaha

      • UNCLOS


        A looser is a loser who can’t spell “loser”.

        you are a looser, of all time.

  • i_am_filipino


    • UNCLOS

       only if you have magic fingers…

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        Show your teeth, why don’t you put your newly commission aircraft carrier and see what will happen next

      • UNCLOS

         that is not the way to treat neighbours, unless the neighbour went crazy.

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        who bullied thy neighbors, is it PH or China? as i said, you are living in wulkencuckoosheim

      • UNCLOS

         PH invaded China in 1978 and 2009,twice.

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        since when does PH invade china? the only time PH troops and Red chinese troop met was in Korea.

        China fought India in 1962 in himalayas and Vietnam in 1978 and what a humiliating fiasco it was hahahha

        Who is the agressor?

        Read your history first looser

      • UNCLOS

        on June 11, 1978 President Marcos, by virtue of Presidential Decree
        No.1596, formally annexed the Kalayaan Islands creating a distinct and
        separate Municipality known as “Kalayaan”.

        read dispute ABC by UNCLOS.

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        why don’t you file the case then? its just like crying after everything is gone, what a pathetic alibi moron

      • UNCLOS

        who is moron ??

         China had protested.

         you have learned a lot from me, hahaha..

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        Protected? protected you said, from what?

        Maybe your claim of rape of nanking didn’t really happened after all

      • $18209031

         China is not looking to confront US Navy bec they are more powerful. Yes, they can sink as many ships they want but China can take them out as well. China has nuke subs and new ramjets intended for taking out carriers. If it does come to war, it can take out those carriers. They are big targets .  Pinos cramped in those decks will have no other choice but to go down with the ship. You dont want that to happen , right?

    • $18209031

      Remember , use your  right hand  in eating your botcha and left hand in  cleaning your dirty azz. ANd Not the other way around like you re doing now , or you get food poisoning.

  • Danny Garcia

    The experts predict no war based on their doctorates and “extensive China studies”, but that is one of the core principles in the Art of War – be unpredictable. 

  • Raul

    china should try to board the Japanese navies going to Vietnam and Indonesia. Passing those area. If they have balls try to set fire crackers off and bring media so that no beheading would be occur.

    • $18209031

       Consider Diaoyu as part of China, not to your hentai loving boytoys.

  • Jude Fawley

    China’s strategy is not very good. By entering its neighbors ship, it is inviting battle. No other foreign Navy will let China board its ship. Chinese ships would be fired at and in turn Chinese Navy would fire back. Now the US would have a reason to get involved and totally crash Chinese Naval power.
    The US is just waiting for a chance to have reason to attack China. We have to understand the politics here.
    China knows that it will never get the whole 9-dash line. The Politburo knows that. The US, NATO, Australia, Japan and other claimants in the region will oppose it. In the end China will bargain and make itself part of any economic gain in the seabed of West Philippine Sea.
    The US, on the other hand, is now working its way to contain China. That is why it’s pivoting towards Asia. China becomes a serious matter now to US security due to the country’s increasing military. The economic, political and ideological war between China and the US is already starting. When China had its Naval exercise in the pacific just recently, the US responded by sending two of its aircraft carriers in the region, one in Okinawa, the other in Manila. On top of that the US sent several of its Navy destroyers and nuclear-armed submarines in the South China Sea. This is a clear message to China that the US is more willing to engage China militarily and it will do so once it finds a reason.

    • $18209031

      US needs China more than anything else. THey are in fiscal cliff. The more they spend money in maintaining their military to keep their edge, the better. Maintaining their huge military is a losing proposition.  Just like former USSR, it collapsed bec it cannot sustain what is not sustainable. 

      China’s first aircraft carrier is just a training ship . China is taking its time to master naval air operations to ensure peace and prosperity in and around the South China Sea.   It has no global ambitions the likes we ve seen in the last 100 plus years from Western powers.
      Now they are coming back to pollute these Chinese waters , and bring their bully tactics again . The Kayus , Vietgooks and Japos are heading these fronts for these dirties.

      • chingnarciso

        U.S. don’t need China,  U.S. is using china only, What China do if U.S. will default her  debt to China,!! Chinese government cannot repossess USA,USA is bigger economies than China..The U.S. $ is back by the people of this country not gold,that’s the reason why US will not buckle to the pressure of your communist Chinese Government..When it comes to war,US will use all the diplomatic means before  they will engage in war..What peace  and prosperity you are talking about!? The Chines  are encroaching  the territories of other nations,thats bully to me..Parang mga Pilipino na kapag walang armas ang kaaway ay lalong tatakutin…

  • PurpleDaisy13

    re: “Maybe at this point we need to file right away a protest.”

    Does Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin realize where Hainan is?

    China has every right to…“police in the southern Chinese province of Hainan to board, seize
    control, or expel foreign ships that “illegally enter” Chinese waters.”

    Hainan is China’s territory right next to Hong Kong….NOT next to Philippines.

    How incompetent can supposed “leaders” be?

  • Jude Fawley

    The crisis in the South China Sea is deeper than territorial dispute. It all comes down to battle of power between two opposing camps, pro US global hegemony vs anti-US global hegemony. China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, Venezuela, Cuba, and Syria, these are some of the countries which are against the hegemonic rule of the US in the global stage and they are continuously fighting to remove the US as the global leader. The most powerful of this anti-US camp happened to be China.

  • simondj

    lumalabas sa mga blog dito,, na ang china lumakas lang ang loob dahil wala na ang mga US military base ng Amerika,. dapat pala tawagin at tanungin iyong lahat ng mga senador na bumuto upang palayasin ang US MILITARY BASES sa ating bansa,, upang malaman natin ano ang masasabi nila, kung mayroon man.
    i think those senators  who voted to remove the US military base did not factor this scenario in their decission.

    • reddfrog

      By your reasoning we might as well become the 51st state of the USA. Let’s blame all of those who demanded and fought for independence from the USA.

      • salomeahmad

        At present, there are US bases in South Korea & Japan & they are not a state of another country.

    • salomeahmad

      That’s because they don’t have a sincere & realistic vision of the welfare & security of the country but their own agenda of political grandstanding/ pogi points & ironically people buy it.

  • tilney

    It is time to ask USA to sell us some of the Oliver Hazard Perry Frigates that are slated for decommissioning .For 2012-2013, there 5 nos for decommissioning.If we want to have the muscle to counter the chinese police ships. The govt can assign the said frigates to Philippine Coast Guard.Also we should push the Japanese offer to supply 12 ships to our coast guard.

    • UNCLOS

       best thermal war head is made in PH, as hot as 2000 degrees, Celsius.

  • salomeahmad

    Grandstanding comments of some Mag 12 senators (Sept 16/2011)on the 20th anniversary re vote to reject the US bases. The long- term consequence of w/c is now the current issue with China. 

     Quezon Representative Lorenzo Tanada III, son of former senator Wigberto Tanada, said the bases treaty gave US forces 500 hectares of what had been hunting grounds of the indigenous Aetas of Zambales  
    Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, one of the senators who voted against extending a treaty allowing the US to maintain military bases in the Philippines, called the decision struck a blow for national sovereignty.”We collectively echoed the sentiment of the Filipino people to unshackle themselves,” he said at a lunch commemorating the junking of the treaty.
    Former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada called the vote “our finest hour,” while former senator Victor Ziga said it was “one of my proudest moments” because the Senate had been able to resist “fancy rhetoric and cheap propaganda.”

    Aquino said he had to go against Malacanang, which had been pushing for ratification, because “I love my country more than I love my President.”Former senator Aquilino Pimentel Jr., who was unable to attend the lunch but whose speech explaining his vote in 1991 was read to the crowd, said he voted against the bill even though it would have left the Philippines weaker militarily. “Go ahead. Do your worst and we shall do our best,” he said then.Former senator Wigberto Tanada said the treaty had to be junked
    because “national freedom cannot be postponed and the dignity and honor of the Filipino people cannot continue to be trampled.”Former senator Orlando Mercado, who served as Defense secretary under Estrada, said “today, we have only ourselves to blame and to praise.”Representative Tanada, quoting his father on what the Philippines was expected to do when the Americans left, said, “the plan is that we will stand on our own.”The Magnificent 12 comprised then senators Agapito Aquino, Sotero
    Laurel II, Ernesto Maceda Jr., Orlando Mercado, Aquilino Pimentel Jr.,
    Rene Saguisag, Jovito Salonga, Wigberto Tanada, and Victor Ziga.Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, former President Joseph Estrada, and former Vice President Teofisto Guingona III are also part of theMagnificent 12. (Sunnex)

  • mabyrik

    Our false pride did it in. Our false hope that since the Philippines has no known enemy, we will never be attacked; we will never be bullied; we will always be treated with TLC by our neighbors. How wrong we were.

    Before the advent of the dismantling of US military bases circa early 90’s, no one from the senators, led by the convicted plunderer Erap and chief implementor of ML, who kicked the bases out ever thought that there was a sleeping giant ready to mangle anyone who will not kow-tow to their wishes. 

    Then, China was still having political problems but was slowly showing economic potentials to be the greatest in the world. It was making friends with anyone whom it thought would help bring the country into what it is today. And it did, successfully. Look where it is now, economically, militarily. It is now one of the most powerful and influential countries in the universe.

    Now, the true colors of China is emerging. It is making enemy with his neighbors in Asean, Japan and most specially, the Philippines.

    China is very careful in dealing with Japan because Japan is also a very powerful country, both militarily and economically. But with the Philippines, it’s like a big bully who will cross the paths of a small boy whom he is trying to scare and intimidate. This small boy has no big brother to rely on for help when he needs it.

    Let’s admit it, we are a very small nation with very meager resources and we are in big trouble. There is nothing we can do now except to cry “help” but not sure if someone will come to our succor. The bigger nations including our biggest brother USA, have their own problems to solve and are not obligated to help us. We can only pray someone would help.

    Meanwhile those senators who voted the bases out, including erap and enrile, don’t care. they are not saying anything that will help pnoy solves the biggest problem he is facing as the president. Erap continues to make boladas to make him mayor of manila after having been convicted as a plun-derer. he is still the same asiong salonga who acts like asiong. enrile is still laughing his way to the banks while trying to make his son jackie his succesor in the senate. 

    The sad thing is, erap and jackie may win and our problems with our neighbor continue.



    Rights, jurisdiction and duties of the coastal State in the exclusive economic zone

    2. In exercising its rights and performing its duties under this
    Convention in the exclusive economic zone, the coastal State shall have
    due regard to the rights and duties of other States and shall act in a
    manner compatible with the provisions of this Convention.


    why do I quote this ?

    PH shall has due regard to the rights of China, defined by the nine dashed line.

    EEZ is not basis for any claim against China.

  • Jon

    Padala ninyo si Trillianing.
    Walang problema na di kayang solusyonan ni Kapitan Simangot.

  • Klepto

    Ipadala si Gazmin para mag hunger strike. LOL
    O di ba si Trillianes para tsutsupa sa uten ng mga intsik.

    Kawawang Pilipinas, panay na lang protesta at iyak. Mga bobo, duwag, at tanga kasi mga lider natin. Walang mga alam liban kung paano ma re-elect at paano magnakaw ng pera.

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