‘Catholic vote’ nothing but a ‘political myth,’ says Santiago


Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines – The so called “Catholic vote” is nothing but a “political myth,” Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago said Monday.

The Catholic church has been strongly opposed to the Reproductive Health bill fearing it would encourage abortion and promiscuity. The RH Bill is currently in the House of Representatives where its passage has been stalled due to lack of quorum.

Secretary Manuel Mamba, head of the Presidential Legislative Liaison Office, had said that the reason congressmen skipped the sessions was to avoid provoking Catholic priests who possess influence over church-goers.

“The elections are near. You don’t want to create enemies. In local politics, there is a Catholic vote, especially in areas where the clergy are very influential on their flock. If the clergy are popular, they have the pulpit. They can do it every Sunday,” Mamba had said.

However, Santiago said that even if the Catholic church uses its influence against certain politicians, it would not be successful.

“In the past, the Catholic church campaigned against Senator Juan Flavier because as health secretary, he freely distributed condoms. But Flavier won the elections. Thus, the so-called Catholic vote is a political myth,” Santiago said in a statement released Monday.

She also said that some Catholic priests were violating the constitutional principle of separation of church and state by threatening to punish congressmen who would vote in favor of the RH Bill.

She further said that the Catholic church is the only remaining religious sector that is against the RH Bill.

“Of all the major churches in the Philippines, only the Catholic Church is against RH. The rest are pro-RH, namely, Iglesia ni Cristo, Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches, National Council of Churches in the Philippines, Interfaith Partnership for the Promotion of Responsible Parenthood, and the Assembly of Darul-Iftah of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao,” she said.

Surveys have also showed that majority of Filipino are in favor of the RH Bill, she added.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JEMNLLYAP5EA7SM3A6QUOGV62Q Chris

    This time I have to agree with her.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PPUPSBWP2WEBCCPGHRY54UCTOM Anne Torre

    Right! There exist no Catholic vote but there is the “squatters vote” now being heavily courted by the poliltical narcissist through CCT (continuing corruption and turpitude.) Imagine how many jobs could be created by P45 BILLION had the fund been used to fund factories of farm tractors and related farm machines, shipbuilding for modern fishing boats, improved railway system and energy development especially in the brownout-laden Mindanao. the fund is taken from loans with ADB and taxes. At the end of the day, it will be the taxpayers who will feel the brunt of the loreign loans’ payment and not those buying popularity and election with Juan dela Cruz’s money. .

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TCQMRK4HVOSF2IGML46TAGKMXU Benjamin

    I also agree with Miriam on her stand. There is no such Catholic vote per se but there is an Iglesia NI Cristo solid vote though.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/G2UFL7BAIFFUU6TIW4FFAPTVV4 Ghost

      Yes, there is a solid iglesia vote.. BUT haven’t you noticed that Iglesia only release their list at the last minute, long after the surveys are already out. That means they chose only strong candidates and not necessarily the principled ones. They are a classic bandwagon endorser. Maniniwala ako kung maipapanalo nila ang isang kandidatong nangungulelat sa survey.

      Pag may national election tahimik lang muna sila,,pero nakikiramdam lang talaga kung sino ang malamang na mananalo tapos iindorso nila. Ang iindorso lang nila yung malakas na to begin with, kahit immoral basta malakas sa tao, yun din ang pipiliin ng iglesia.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


  • Van Group

    Catholic Vote? Meron pala nun?

    • huseng_batute

       Oo, bumoboto naman ang mga Katoliko.  According to their individual judgement.

  • calixto909


  • Fulpol

    when she ran for Senate, she got her votes from Iglesia ni Cristo, not from Catholics..

    and she believed, a solid vote from Iglesia ni Cristo is a manifestation of people exercising their freedom to choice…

    what an idiot…

  • dickenhead

    i’m a catholic but i will not vote for those reelectionists politicians who are against the RH bill!

    • brunogiordano

      Payag ka ba sa bansag ng mga OBISPO ng CBCP na ikaw ay isang PEKENG katoliko dahil hindi ka sumusunod sa utos nila???

    • dickenhead

      pag hindi ba sumunod sa utos nila ay pekeng  katoliko na? di kaya nman sila ay mga pekeng pari at obispo dahil hindi nila mapasunod ang kanilang mga alagad?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Danny-Tugna/100002505697946 Danny Tugna

    Yes ako rin agree ako. Tumigil na kaya itong mga pare nato eh wala namang naniniwala sa kanila dahil mga corrupt din sila at walanghiya, nasusuhulan din……no doubt kaya kumukunti sumisimba ngayun dahil nawawalan ng respeto sa kanila taong bayan…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BL2GYU35SO6HTJUEAUTXS3QFYM George Lapulapu

    Inday Miriam did not metion she lost to FVR, a Protestant. hehehehe 

    Ibalik si Juan Flavier s Senado!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

    The RC church also campaigned against former Pres. Ramos because he is a protestant yet he still won, of course with allegations of cheating from Sen. Santiago. Then came former Pres. Estrada whom the RC church rabidly campaigned against because he is a womanizer yet he again won handily. These are proofs that Catholic vote is really a big myth, nothing else.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Danny-Tugna/100002505697946 Danny Tugna

    I’m a catholic pero unit unting nawawala respeto ko sa mga yan….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TP6YY66XPT63YFGHDKYTMIO4CM Daniel

    No to RH Bill. Let the couple decides with guidance of their sound conscience. Education and moral high ground must inculcate in the minds of responsible parents.

    • KpTUL

      Are you for real ? You are the one who impose stupidi*ty and martial law to the couples. Of course the couple decides for themselves and the RH bill gives them all the choices. Go back to the dark ages you hyp*crite perver*td monk!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/TP6YY66XPT63YFGHDKYTMIO4CM Daniel

        I’m for real but I’m not a Catholic, Your personal attack and your rage has blinded you. Stick to the issue! I’m a Christian and I would like to say, God bless you and your family.

  • staad

    if you vote No to the RH bill you will be excommunicated, and have the destiny of eternal torment… only if u r a roman catholic.

  • KpTUL

    There is no such thing as Catholic vote because the Catholics are already using condom since time eternity. They just dont admit it. In fact many priests use condom as well. Moreover, Catholics are no saints, practicing advanced form of sexual adventurism. In short, condom is no brainer. 

  • weeshfulThinker

    I’m Catholic, but I really disagree with the Catholic Church with regards to this issue. The Church keeps on using the mass as a way to express their anti-RH idealogy. And yet all they can do is to malign the true essence of the bill which is to help the Filipino – specially the poor. What have they done so far to help the Filipinos? Pray for us?

  • dodong1

    if you vote no to the RH bill you will not go the heaven..allah said

  • Guest

    I remember that in 2010 BSCA III didn’t have the big support from the Roman Catholic Church. Logically, BSCA III got one of the best results since 1986.

  • wakeupbayan

    Of course Filipinos (the intelligent ones) are pro RH bill.  Maybe,,, I said maybe,,,,,,in a small percentage, it might slow down unwanted pregnancy, which is the main reason of scandalous massive over population of this country. Control population,,,,,,,, economy would thrive faster, less unwanted pregnancy, less babies in the bin and toilets, better education, more food to be provided to the poor and the best is there would gradually be less criminals on the street. Most  criminals are hunger driven criminals, all of us see them on TV nationwide, but despite of those reality, CBCP maintain their stance.  I respect their views of course, they belong to a religious sector.  For once and for now,  lets remedy the huge future economical disaster brought by overpopulation,  vote for the RH Bill. I salute you madam Santiago.

    • vendetta07

       I want the RH bill to pass but I definitely do not believe in population control.  For many families a lot of children is a blessing.  But there are also families who want a smaller family, so I think they should be assisted and empowered to choose their family size. 

      • panhase

        Wit the RH-bill evry family can choose the size of the family it wants.

      • wakeupbayan

        @vendetta07: I totally agree with you that some family loves a bigger family, and should be left to decide regarding the family planning. My comment is mainly focused to hundreds of thousand filipinos below and well below the poverty line whom I am sure many or some would like to stop on one or two children and unable to do so due to either illiteracy about reproductive health. I have witness dozens of family with 12 children and still getting pregnant. Why ? I am sure you are educated enough to answer why. We can achieve to become a tiger in economy along side other ASEAN neighbors if only we shall start from the root of the problem. We must accept that we are too overpopulated and many NEGATIVE ILL effect this contribute to our economy. Good economy, good earners, good business, more employers, more employees, lessening the unemployed. Less unemployed less criminals on the street and so on and so on and on.! It is a simple logical mathematics. Religiously and some moral values are affected, but which are we going to chose ? If we do not educate the population now,,,, sorry my friend,,,, we shall never recover. Maybe there will be martal law again as criminals will soon dominate the nation. Maybe,,,,, I said maybe, that could be the solution. Dont get me wrong I am against that regime.

  • Guest

    Maybe it’s like this: Whenever the RCC campains against a candidate, the voters think, if the RCC is against him, then he must be good. What irks the RCC can only be good to the nation, some are tempted to think (which is not always the case, see Estrada example).

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/G2UFL7BAIFFUU6TIW4FFAPTVV4 Ghost

    While there is such a thing as a solid Iglesia vote, its effect on candidate winnability is only an illusion. Why? Because Iglesia only chose those that are strong in the surveys to begin with. They waited for clear winner/s before declaring their blessing. Kahit kilalang immoral susuportahan nila basta malakas sa survey. If they are really after the candidate’s principle, they wont wait for survey result, or kahit kulelat sa survey susuportahan nila. Tawag sa style ng iglesia ay bandwagon.

  • brunogiordano

    Sang ayon pa ang mga pro-RH na katoliko ay mga PEKENG katoliko(bansag ng mga OBISPO ng CBCP)???

    Kaya kayo ay hindi kabilang sa catholic votes.

    • magiting78

      Mga di sang-ayon n catholic mga hypocrite…kontra daw sa RH-Bill pero makita mo gumagamit ng pills at condoms para mag family planning…

      • bugoybanggers

        Talaga naman, WALA naman talagang KATOLIKO. Bakit ba pinagdidiinan kasi. Mas naniniwala ako na ang mga KATOLIKO ay talagang mga ATHEIST. Kunyari lang sa papel ang pagka KATOLIKO pero hindi naman talaga naniniwala ang mga iyan. Kahit ano pa ang sinsabi ng Pari, hanggang pandinig lang iyan.

      • magiting78

        hndi naman lahat meron din naman talagang devoted n catholic, parang sa isang grupo lng ng kakalalakihan yan kala mo maton lahat pero may bading….lolz

    • ShineMother

      tama lang yon.

      ~~pekeng deboto para sa pekeng relihiyon! nyahahaha!

      • bugoybanggers

        Yung abuloy mo sa PASTOR mo sinisingil na. Ilagay mo sa puting sobre na mabango okay? kailangan malutong ang papel,,, hindi po pwedeng bababa sa 500PHP. Mag time in kana rin baka ma absent ka, may penalty iyan, dadag ABULOY> 10% buwan-buwan. Walang mintis okay?

      • ShineMother

        ay sir. hindi ho ako protestante, inc o ano pa man. :) 

  • MonMayuga

    Another lucid statement from Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mauli.champ Mauli Champ

    ok lang, sila sila kami kami, hehe hehe.

  • opinyonlangpo

    The catholic votes whoever they want and not what their parish priest wants. They are actually helpless against the politicians, in some places they can’t even say anything against a politician. They use the mass and other catholic media to disseminate anti-RH ideologies, people who are tired listening to it just stops going to church. 

  • Fulpol

    there is no “catholic vote”.. but there is a “catholic force”.. that force was seen in EDSA 1 and 2.

    that force can be used to protect the faith, morality and the nation…. why not a solid vote? due to respect of individual’s freedom to choice.. and not to protect the religion from gov’t and political persecution, and as safe haven of members from oppressive forces outside the religion or used that as leverage for asking political and economic favor for selfish gain ..

    • totan

      Katolico ba si RAMOS? He was at EDSA.

      • Fulpol

        he might be dead without the Catholic force..

    • Paliwaweng

      I beg to disagree. We go to Edsa not because of the Catholic Church’s making. Though Cardinal Sin called on people to march in Edsa, it is not because of Catholic faith nor showing support for the church as a faithful. 
      The fact is almost every Filipino at that time were tired and sick of Marcos. Almost every Filipino are crying for change.
      We go there for change, not because of the Catholic Church.

  • bugoybanggers

    Ano ba itong mga POLITIKO na ito. Wala naman talagang CATHOLIC VOTE, ang mga Katoliko po ay maykanya kanyang pag iisip at higit salahat aminin na kasi! MATIGAS po ang ulo ng mga KATOLIKO kung ihahambing sa ibang KULTO. Mas naniniwala pa ako na may INC Collective VOTES o MUSLIM Vote, dahil sa grupong ito pag sinabi ng tagapagLIGTAS nila na yuko, yuko agad lahat, ganyan sila. Kaya kayong mga INC o EVANGELIST o PRotestante, wag na kayong umasta. Ang KATOLIKO po ay malaya at maluwag pa sa sinturon ni lolo ninyo. Iyang mga POLITIKO na nagdadhilan sa mga ganito ay mga dakilang SIRA. At dapat SIRAAN pa para hindi na manalo sa RE-ELEKSYON.

    • magiting78

      Tama khit ano pa ang sabihin ng mga obispo at mga pari malaya ang mga member n pumili kung sino iboboto, walang pag tiwalag pag hnd sumunod…Ang may malaking problema d2 ay ang mga politiko n personal interest ang itinataguyod nila…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GYYFBINDMTZHM6TDHPB667452M agustin


    • magiting78

      Hnd simbahan ang problema bakit hnd tau umuunlad…tao ang dahilan…sino ba ang bumubuo ng simbahan? mga tao… Cno ba ang gumagawa ng policies? di ba mga tao so ang problema wala s simbahan nasa tao…personal agenda ang umiiral at pagka greedy s kapangyarihan…khit ano pa ang posisyon ng simbahan at ng mga pari kung ang politiko ay ang top priority is yung ikabubuti ng economy at ng sambayanan hnd sila makikinig kahit ano pa sabihin ng mga pari…
      Bakit marami ang nakatira sa skwater? simbahan din ba ang may pakana? Tao ang may problema marami ang tamad, walang alam gawin kundi mag hintay ng ambon…

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GYYFBINDMTZHM6TDHPB667452M agustin

         I did not mention about the church.but the leaders of the catholic groups which are very active in mingling the policies of the state.

      • magiting78

        Ok I get it, but sometimes there were wrong impression when you say catholic church, it pertains to whole church..As you can see not all priest are making any statement against RH Bill some of them are in favor, but they cannot speak, same as military they have a protocol they cannot speaking contrary to the statement of their high ranking officer.

    • Paliwaweng

      who says that the Catholic church can do salvation? it is subjective, and remains to be seen. There is no such thing as hell and salvation.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GYYFBINDMTZHM6TDHPB667452M agustin

         that is according to their teaching and preaching,salvation is at their hands.I don’t question their teachings, I made a reference only.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D7D7XNSNF4WDYX6OGRZT3USRXY Garix

    Of all sects in Christian religion only  the Catholics has the freest position in thinking, that is why our bishops are afraid.   

    • bugoybanggers

      OO nga naman, ano ba itong dinadakdak ng mga PROTESTANTE, INC o EVANGELIST? Malay natin sa kanila. Ako nga ano ngayon kung mapunta ako sa ibaba o sa itaas? Kagustuhan ko ito, wala silang pakialam. Ang KATOLIKO ang tunay na MALAYA.

  • kishbuff


  • http://www.facebook.com/bel.puncia Bel Puncia

    sino ang sabi na walang catholic vote di subukan natin sa election para matuto kayo

    • ben

      Sa amin walang catholic vote only catholic buying votes.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BL2GYU35SO6HTJUEAUTXS3QFYM George Lapulapu

      ang yabang a. how do explain ng hindi nakakuha ng 1% na boto ang kandidato ng Catoliko na si De Los Reyes noong nakaraang Presdential election?

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    There is no “catholic vote” because majority of Filipino voters are Catholics who are  poor and needy.  Hence, during elections they vote as pagans, choosing this idol or  that idol, depending usually on an idol’s ability to respond to their prayers on or before election day. 

  • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

     OOOOPS…. CBCP is relocating to Vatican?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LLPTRPFUTYJXKI3KJS4B2UO4LI Jim De Garman

    who would believe to these padre damaso’s they’re threatening politicians for a catholic votes..panakot na ang ginagawa ng mga paring katoliko akala nila’y sila ang may control ng boto ng buong katoliko hanggang salita lang wala naman naniniwala sa mga pari dahil abuso at nakikialam sa buhay politiko.

  • Rodrigo_Tisoy

    ang yabang mo ate mir… may matutunan ka rin sa huli.

  • quirinomayer

    One resounding proof that there is no Catholic vote is Senator Juan Flavier. In 2001 when he run for reelection, the Catholic hierarchy unleashed on him the full might of their church  due to his staunch advocacy of artificial family planning and he still landed as No.2.

    Catholic vote???? Hahahahahaha. It’s something that does not exist. 

    • superpilipinas

      He-he-he. If that is your resounding proof, then why is RH always thrown to the garbage can for the last 14 years.

      He advocated and that’s all.

      He-he-he, there is no such thing as “full might”. The Church is not mighty. The Church just teaches. A great many believe the teachings and that is why RH stayed in the garbage can in the last 14 years and it will be in the next 14 years.

  • speedstream2

    This is a challenge as good as any. Is the Catholic Church up to it? Only one way to find out if the ‘Catholic vote’ is indeed a myth: come May 13, 2013, the day of reckoning will come to pass.

  • Ronald Diaz

    Sen. Miriam the truth shall prevails…

    • superpilipinas

      The truth is ….something she could not accept. That she has dropped herself out from the Catholic faith.

  • Diepor

    RH Bill = PRO Life.   Catholic Church = Money & Power

    • superpilipinas

      You’re confused

      RH Bill = Pharma Lobby Money + Contraceptives Commission = 3 Billion Pesos budget every year = Money for elections & Power

      Catholic Church = Pro Life = Anti-abortion = Anti-promiscuity = Anti-immorality

      • Diepor

        And who cares for the women, to be able to choose when to get preagnant, to protect themself after they can not feed and raise more kids. NOT YOU. Hiding behind being so very moral. There is nothing immoral or promiscious about birth control.Its allowed and supported in most of the educated world, but in Philippines we have the church to keep us down.

      • Guest

         Catholic Church = Pro Life = Anti-abortion = Anti-promiscuity = Anti-immorality

        You meant

        Catholic Church = pro life in poverty for the rest and pro life in luxury for the clergy  = anti-abortion only for the poor and close your eyes before abortion among the wealthy ones = anti-promiscuity which does not cover child abuse = anti-immorality except that in own backyard

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ilMx7k7mso What, Me worry?

    Separation of church and state = progress.

    RIP Catholicism

    • superpilipinas

      The church and state are separate ans will always be.

      Catholicism is growing every year.

      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ilMx7k7mso What, Me worry?


      • Guest

         Catholicism is growing every year desperate.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BL2GYU35SO6HTJUEAUTXS3QFYM George Lapulapu

    Banal na aso. santong kabayo. Natatawa ako. Hihihihi.


  • Rap88

    All Pro RH leaders of major churches in the Phils. come out and expose your selves on tri media, likewise, all Pro RH congressmen must be counted and be exposed in the tri media,  DO THEY HAVE THE GUTS,, PASSION AND INTENSITY OF THEIR BELIEF the way the Catholic has?

    • superpilipinas

      They don’t have the guts. Which is why they prefer to be absent.

  • superpilipinas


    A good example of a person pretending to be a Catholic. They want the glory of the Catholic Chruch but do not follow its teachings when it is incovenient. They have basically made themselves  Protestants. For their own reasons, they still want to be identified as Catholics and are in denial. They form such nonsensical groups like “progressive Catholics”  or “Catholics for choice” as if Catholicsm has many flavors like Protestants.

    Catholics follows Catholic doctrines entirely. At least they acknowledge them and try to abide. But those who oppose any of the teachings have already dropped themselves out.

    It’s either you are a Catholic or you are not.

    If you are a Catholic, your vote is a Catholic Vote. Your vote is based on Catholic teachings. Plain and simple. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BL2GYU35SO6HTJUEAUTXS3QFYM George Lapulapu

      If we have a catholic vote in the country, is GMA a product of catholic vote?

      or those who did not vote for GMA are pekeng catholic as well…

      just wondering…

      • superpilipinas

        He-he-he. It’s of no significance. At that time she was running for president, the issues were more political than moral.  But what I believe is that Catholics did not vote for Teodoro because Cory was against his endorser, GMA. 

    • Perry_Rhinitis

      So you’d rather there’s a hive mind than people thinking for themselves. This country is a secular democracy. Catholics aren’t the only people living in this country. Just think about this: what if Catholics aren’t the majority but the Muslims? Do you want the government to cater only to the Muslim majority? The only way for different religious groups to coexist in a country is to have a secular government.

      • superpilipinas

        Nope. You’re confused. I’m saying who ARE and who ARE NOT Catholics. I am also saying that there is a Catholic Vote. It is the vote of the Catholics.

        In the comment you replied to, I didn’t say anything about how all people should think, what the country is, and what the government should be. I think you are replying to the wrong comment.

    • Ganymede

      Blind obedience… God shouldn’t have given us the power to think and to reason if He intends us to just follow everything what the bishops would say.

    • abner

       dapat nga ba nagsisimba pa si mirriam sa catholic church..hehehe dapat umalis na lang siya sa pagkakatoliko…eh tutal wala naman siyang kwenta.

  • Rap88

    Meriam, pls address congress to pass RH bill and let all pro RH congressmen be counted, NOW. then wait for the result of the 2013 election AND THEN that will be the barometer if  catholic vote is a myth,

  • Olibo

    Miriam is a dignified senator.Practical too.She was not intimidated by this anti-RH Catholic groups (not all Catholics are against the bill). Ang mga paring walang kamuwang-muwang kung paano magpamilya ang siyang no.1 na kontra sa Bill.Mabuhay ka Senator Miriam! Thumbs Up.

  • firmelilia_12LAF

    When it comes to the issue of morals, the Catholic Church will not flinch. Admittedly, the religious representing the Church are not sinless and it’s perfectly all right to bombard them with criticism. But when it comes to defending what they profess to be divinely instituted moral laws,  the martyrs of the Church through the centuries (do we have a count of them?)  have proved they were willing to die for them, the moral laws, I mean.  I have some qualms about attacking the moral principles the religious are fighting for.  To my mind, it’s the author of these moral laws that is, in effect, directly accosted. Ok, so there’s no such thing as Catholic votes, but certainly there is such a thing as morality votes.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/NV25ZPWMBDYFXEYR3AWQ43ZS5E Hein S

      Excuse me  but the church has made many U-Turns in its history.  Cremation, Geo-centrism, Evolution, Selling of Indulgences, Inquisitions and many more.

  • Paliwaweng

    Ang simbahang Katoliko ay dapat lumingon sa kasaysayan. Mula pa noon hanggang ngayon, ang daming kasinungalingan ang itinatanim nila sa isipan ng mga tao. Ginagamit nila ang anilay Dyos para takutin at makapagsamantala.

    • superpilipinas

      He-he-he. Lumang tugtugin na yan.

      Lahat ng tao may sariling pag-iisip at paniniwala.

      Pinaaalalahanan ng simbahan ang mga Katoliko.

      Kung ikaw ay naniniwala sa turo ng Katoliko, dapat lang na ikaw ay matakot lumabag.

      Kung hindi ka naniwala, he-he-he, “huwag mo”! eh bahala ka sa buhay mo….di ba?

      free will!

      Labing-apat na taon na binasura ang RH. Ibig sabihin, naniniwala ang mga mambabatas na marami pa ring Katoliko.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LY2B6FRILBKCZQJIOXQ7QG4CKU Joe

        may nag like sa sinabi nya, sa sinabi mo wala.

  • lapasan

    Santiago again is right. There is no Catholic vote. If there is, then what is the difference between the Catholic and a certain sect which endorses candidates during an election? Does the Catholic Church already stooped down to that level of endorsing candidates during the election? What a shame! The right of suffrage is I think material and and not spiritual things.

  • arn_arn

    Ok sana yung RH Bill, Ok yung mga Condoms at Contraceptives.

    ehh kasu may nakalagay na ABORTION sa RH Bill.

    Wag po sana tayong mang2x, basahin nyu po muna yung nakalagay sa RH Bill bago tayo mag-desisyon. Maraming nakatago sa RH Bill na batas pero ang inilalabas lang nila ay ang paggamit ng Contraceptives at Condoms.

    Iwas pusoy ang mga POLITIKONG Pro-RH Bill sa pag-discuss sa ABORTION.

    Ewan ko lang hah kung ok ba yung ABORTION..

    Ano sa tingin nyu gagawin natin dito?

    Burahin nalang kaya natin yung “Thou shalt not kill” sa Ten Commandments na nasa Bible para maipasa na yung RH Bill at maging 9 Commandments nalang?

    Or lumipat nalang tayo ng ibang RELIHIYON na hindi Kristiyano na Legal yung Abortion?

    Nakakatawa ito.

    Dito natin malalaman kung TOTOO ba talagang SUMUSUNOD yung mga Protestanteng Kristiyano sa Bible. Palagi pa naman nilang binabanggit ang BIBLE.

    Palagi niyong BINIBIGKAS yung BIBLE at at palagi nyu ring pino-POST yung mga Chapters at Verses ng Bible.

    Tingnan natin yung reaction ng mga Protestanteng Kristiyano dito.

    Kung Pro-RH Bill sila meaning Ok sila sa ABORTION at binabaliwala nila yung “THOU SHALT NOT KILL” sa Bible.

    Ano pa ang sense ng ating pagiging CHRISTIAN kung hindi tayo susunod sa mga Utos ng ating Panginuon na nakalagay sa Bible?

    Yang Contraceptives at Condoms nuon pa yan, luma na yan, kahit walang RH Bill namimigay na ang DOH ng mga Contraceptives, Pills at Condoms sa mga barangay sa Pilipinas..

    Ang Main Topic ng RH BILL ay ang ABORTION hindi ang Contraceptives, Condoms at ano pa…

    Kaya bago kayu mag-desisyon, BASAHIN nyu muna yung BUONG PAPEL ng RH BILL bago kayu mag-desisyon..

    Yun kasi ang sakit nating mga PINOY….

    • Perry_Rhinitis

      The Bill did not say anything about promoting abortion. But it did have a provision to give women who have had harmful abortion cases access to medical care. That is different from promoting abortion.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SJPSJUYQBGPOPBEDRK5SMNBTJI francis

      wow… look who’s MANGMANG.. Abortion sa RH bill? sigurado kang nabasa mo ung provitions ng RH bill? wtf ikaw ang magbasa MANGMANG

    • louie

      as far as i’m concerned, the senate bill (i have no idea what’s in the version of the lower house) doesn’t legalize abortion. it only mentioned that doctors and hospitals should treat women, who are suffering from post-abortion medical conditions, with respect, without condescension. The RH bill is still on amendments and i have no idea if this provision was neither accepted nor deleted.

      P.S. don’t generalize abortion. there are medical conditions where it must be performed. the catholic church is allergic to this topic because it kills people and i understand that. but the more it’s not discussed, the more women will be uneducated about the consequences of abortion. sa totoo lang mas maraming namamatay dahil sa kamangmangan.

    • GProf007

      I believe the Biblical translation should mean… “shall not Murder”… rather than “shall not Kill”. That is if we use the Hebrew word… besides the Bible actually allows “Justified Killings”… particularly for crimes (punishment – that’s why I believe that government should implement the death penalty again)… wars… or even defending ones home (right to protect oneself). It’s all in the Bible… interpreting that commandment to an all encompassing “kill” rather than “murder” will then conflict with the different laws (punishment for crimes) in Deuteronomy… as well as all the events (wars) in the Bible.

      Besides the RH Bill is not about Abortion.

      By the way, a great example of when it is “justified to abort” – what happened to Savita Halappanavar. She was having a miscarriage and septicaemia in the hospital. The couple really wanted a child of their own… so the decision was difficult… but they requested that the pregnancy be terminated (it was the only way to save Savita)… but the doctors didn’t want to… until the fetus is dead since Ireland is a Catholic country.

      Of course, the doctors immediately removed the dead fetus. But it was too late for Savita, she died a day after. Catch is nether of the couple were Catholics nor from Ireland. The doctors knew that the only way to help Savita was to terminate the pregnancy and then focus on restoring Savita’s health.

      • Ganymede

        Stu-pid doctors!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OOARJX3G3HKHGF34B6UVMZIIYY markus32

      Hope alam mo pinagsasasabi mo arn_arn.. and ABORTION meaning in medical term is not bad. Naincorporate lang yan sa pinoy lingo na “palaglag”. The term should be “Illegal” Abortion which is not RH bill’s aim.

    • Ganymede

      May nabasa ka lang na “Abortion” inisip mo na agad na pinapayagan ng RH Bill ang abortion. Basahin at intindihin mong mabuti. Kung tutuusin pinagbabawal, opo, pinagbabawal ng RH Bill ang abortion.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NV25ZPWMBDYFXEYR3AWQ43ZS5E Hein S

    Do not listen to those IMAMS, este priests.

    We are not a TALIBAN state.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VY25ZOHU3FJFFX6CYSH5W4AX3I sugbu

    kabilogan ng buwan……


    There is no Catholic vote. RH bill must be decided according to its merits and demerits. It is a common knowledge that RH pills will cause cancer and Freak accidental child. Let the lawmakers conscience decide. Vote now !

    • adikaios

      and so does smoking, and drinking.

      • ARIKUTIK

        There is no law promoting smoking and drinking. On the contrary, there will soon to be Sin Tax to combat smoking and drinking because smokers mouth smells bad for kissing and drunk men is of no use for ladies in heat. Good health is the govt. policy. The RH bill is Free cancer pills for the eradication of poor Filipinos. Cancer out of RH pills is not healthy at all.

      • adikaios

        Exactly. Good health is a gov’t policy. Go figure.

        … and while we’re at it, then we also should probably write laws to combat the use of mobile phones, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, detergent, bras, eating grilled and processed food, and even going out on broad daylight. Nice job.

      • ARIKUTIK

        How on earth that bras figure out in unhealthy outfits. It supports a babies delight so that it can not be snatch by any adult man. The cancer causing RH pills is genocide againts bra wearing poor mothers and the baby to be turned into Freak humans through accidental pregnancy.

      • adikaios

        lol. Well, of course, there’s always a conspiracy behind everything. I didn’t get that bit about pills being genocide, mutant-causing agents. Sorry for my passive ignorance.

    • abner

       PULOS dakdak…di niyo maipapasa ang rh bill.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OHOD5EA75DBBUH53UKLRXRK764 Mang Teban

    There is no Catholic vote. There never was and there will never be.

    Sen. Miriam is the myth. She keeps saying that the Catholic clergy has been interfering with the affairs of the State and, therefore, the Catholic Church is violating the Constitutional doctrine of “Separation of Church and State”. The Constitution does not prevent the exercise of faith and, therefore, the opposition of the RH bill is in defense of faith. The Catholic faith is defending the teachings of the Church to preserve the sanctity of life even the life of the unborn. Why should that be called violating the doctrine of separation of Church and State when it is expressly enshrined that every Filipino has the right to speak and the right to exercise one’s faith?

    Sen. Miriam is the myth. She keeps saying that there is no Catholic vote. She is hallucinating. The Catholic Church does not order her members to vote straight on a list provided by the higher authorities. It must be another religious organization she has mistaken to be the Catholic Church.  By sheer number in our census, Catholic voters outnumber any other group of voters who are non-Catholic. By sheer common sense, any majority vote in this country is easy to be interpreted as the majority of votes from Catholic voters. Yet, the Catholics do not consider themselves as one bloc of voters. A single Catholic bloc voting simply does not exist.

    Sen. Miriam is the myth. Former Health Secretary and former senator Juan Flavier is not a Catholic, as far as I can remember he is a Protestant just like Fidel Ramos. Regardless if he was a baptized Catholic or not, the opposition of the Catholic Church on Flavier’s wanton distribution of condoms at that time was that he displayed arrogance and open defiance as he refused to listen to the pleas of the Catholic clergy not to make condoms as ordinary as candy as it is still being done nowadays by some RH bill sympathizers distributing condoms in public in wide view of everybody including the school children. For a medical doctor who was expected to conduct himself dignified and level-headed, Flavier used his popularity and wit for humor for the propaganda of contraception even if it meant to being insensitive to the sensibilities of the majority of Filipino parents horrified to see a Health Secretary promoting contraception like the only way to a healthy life is a promiscuous sex life promising single individuals safe sex without the risks of “unintended pregnancy.” Flavier and Sen. Miriam share the same frayed logic.

    Sen. Miriam is the myth. She flaunts everything she self-proclaims as the “educated way” including favoring contraception over spacing births through scientifically-proven natural methods of waiting for the infertile periods of the woman for unhampered lovemaking without risk of pregnancy. Contraception is outright way to enjoy sex anytime with anyone from puberty age as the RH bill proposes to teach from Grade 5 so that unguarded moments of the youth who indulge in sex-dates are assured of safe sex.

    Sen. Miriam is the myth. She keeps saying that surveys point out majority of Filipinos favor the RH bill. And, that the Catholic Church is the only religious organization against the RH bill. Really? This strategy to claim that there is a bandwagon momentum for the RH bill to win is the same technique used to condition the minds of the Filipino people that this candidate is the only choice, whether he or she belongs to a political family dynasty. Same is being applied to condition people that contraception is the only way to improve our economic standing of poor Filipino families. Overpopulation is a myth. Overcrowding in human settlements or when five or six squatter families are packed like sardines is the reality. Not comparable at all to overpopulation.

    • superpilipinas

      There is no Catholic Bloc Vote. That doesn’t exist. Catholic Church has no control over Catholics. The Church only guides and endorses but it does not have any means to force Catholics. A Catholic can choose to remain one or break away.

      There is a Catholic Vote. It is the vote of Catholics. The reps acknowledge it and are afraid of it.


      Which wife can gulp down contraceptive pills every day for the next 30 years of her fertile married life ? 5 years of gulping down RH pills is more than enough to make the poor wife disabled with cancer thrown away by the husband with the children not knowing what had happened to once loving family. It was all because the wife was enticed by the government to take RH pills everyday.

      • Guest

         Which wife, who just has 3000 peso budget per month can feed 12 children?

    • Guest

       Mang Teban, you are a myth or why sometimes these posts out of reality.

    • Guest

       “Sen. Miriam is the myth. She keeps saying that surveys point out
      majority of Filipinos favor the RH bill. And, that the Catholic Church
      is the only religious organization against the RH bill. Really? This
      strategy to claim that there is a bandwagon momentum for the RH bill to
      win is the same technique used to condition the minds of the Filipino
      people that this candidate is the only choice, whether he or she belongs
      to a political family dynasty. Same is being applied to condition
      people that contraception is the only way to improve our economic
      standing of poor Filipino families. Overpopulation is a myth.
      Overcrowding in human settlements or when five or six squatter families
      are packed like sardines is the reality. Not comparable at all to

      I just wait until you can come with a counter survey stating otherwise. Just saying the survey is false because the result is not in your favor is just cheap (and in some way childish).

  • superpilipinas

    Why use government money so people can fffck around? If they are itching to fffck and can’t wait. Let them pay for themselves. Ano sila sinuswerte? If they don’t have money, let them discipline themselves and wait for the right time. He-he-he. NO TO FREE CONTRACEPTIVES.
    Teach children as young as 13 about sex and contraceptives? That is exactly what is being done in liberal countries. It has not reduced the problem any bit. It introduces them to the idea of casual sex. Then mix that with their huge problem with peer pressure, bullying, alcohol and drugs and you have children who can’t even think and remember to use condoms! Then what next, rape, abortion, suicide. Recipe for disaster.   

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LY2B6FRILBKCZQJIOXQ7QG4CKU Joe

      blah blah blah! walang katapusang ka-ek ekan. pag bumibili ba ng armas ang gobyerno para pumatay ng mga kalaban nagrereklamo ka?

  • boybakal

    ‘Catholic vote’ nothing but a ‘political myth,’ says Santiago

    Does it mean to say that Bible and God is a myth too.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LY2B6FRILBKCZQJIOXQ7QG4CKU Joe

      more than myth, those are man-made nonsense.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/OXPMZYDPXXEPXHXT4MH54HVFEU jason07

      boybakal, your argument is invalid. your comparison has nothing to do with the other. Think before you click.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/7AYDAXNUCKIBR2S6PO7CE3UP3Y Jorge

      Mr Boybakal,

      Kung iyong susuriin ang Bibliya malilirip mo sitenta 70 percent niyan village folklore laluna ang Old Testament. Ang natitirang trenta porsiyento ay hula at haka haka at guniguni at panakot ng maaring mangyari pero sa loob ng dalawang libo taon ay di nangyari. Ilang libong taon pa kaya bago mangyari ang sinasabi ng Bibliya laluna ang ipinapanakot na Huling Paghuhukom at pagkagunaw ng mundo
      Sapagkat matalino na ngayon ang mga tao di tulad nuong una tao na mga tuta ni Padre Damaso kapanipaniwala nga kaya ang Catholic vote? Sapagkat wala na pa sa kasaysayan ang Catholic vote maituturing na ang Catholic vote is a myth and wishful thinking ng mga bishops.

    • boyod

      brod catholic is all but romanos crucifying the believer or followers of Jesus Christ and Jesus is the Son of GOD, what do you think in your line of thinking or clarification. I will tell you, to be honest, i am a christian but not a roman catholic whose leaders are in ruby  red robes with a funny looking hats who do not tire passing the mass box  donation, to quote Hey_Dudes and he is right

    • Guest

       How arrogant to equate yourselves with bible and god.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_POBZSV5PGTGUS3YA2KR2NZI3HA Alex

    How I wish the Catholic Church indeed endorse their Pro-RH candidates  come 2013…. Tingnan lang natin kung me Catholic vote nga. 

  • Hey_Dudes

    More like the best candidates who can shell out 2 kilos of rice, cans of sardines, corned beef and ramen noodles pack for every poor Filipino catholics will surely  get the votes.

    As for these men in ruby red robes and funny looking hats who doesn’t tire passing mass baskets donation nagbubunganga lang ang mga yan.

  • boyod

    a catholic vote is all but romanos who crucify the followers/believers of Jesus Christ. I am not a catholic but a christian in spirit, a true believer of Jesus Christ, who is the Son of GOD. And who are these leaders in  ruby red robes with funny looking hats who doesn’t tire passing mass basket donation, to quote Hey_Dudes. And because of this RH bill issue they went to the tune of “The Joker went Wild” and to the title of the movie “God forgives, I don’t”.

    To the Pro-RH bill let’s go on, there is no “Catholic Votes” it’s a myth, and i vow with this pronouncement of Sen Santiago     


    THE truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  So, help you fairy tale aficionados.



    Visitor (CB)—-   0

  • otoling

    CBCP puro kagagohan eh puro korrrrrapt din naman tulad ng nanghihingi ng limos na SUVs, nanghihingi ng bayad sa bendisyun sa patay, atbp.

  • Arnell Bamba

     why would I believe in the Catholic Chruch being the most corrupt institution in the world…?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NV25ZPWMBDYFXEYR3AWQ43ZS5E Hein S

    The IMAMS, este priests, are trying to cointrol the country.Should we rename PH to KATOLIKISTAN?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GYYFBINDMTZHM6TDHPB667452M agustin

    When Eddie Villanueva run for president he told the public that he is assured of 5million votes by his JIL members. He lost the election and his 5million votes were not delivered. Well Ed did not know that his JIL members are beholden to their immediate boss,not to him(Ed Villanueva). so is also same with the catholic church, the members are beholden to their immediate boss. their boss dictates them  who to vote. catholic’s bishops and priests instruction are not really followed.

  • daniboy2012

    evrything about catholicism is myth…or on todays languages ….bulllsheeeettt!!!!

  • jorgii0550

    mahihilig kasi sa bata itong mnga pedophiliang pari na ito kaya gusto nilang lalong dumami ang mga bata sa parokya nila.

  • jorgii0550

    dapat i abolish narin lahat ng relihiyon sa pinas ehh puro lang naman racket ang mga iyan, parang pyramide scam……..una sasabihin sa iyong tutulungan ka nila na iligtas ang kaluluwa mo ng libre tapos papaniniwalain ka nila na naligtas na nila yung kaluluwa mo then tatakutin ka na nila na kailangan ibigay mo sa kanila ang 10% ng kita mo para mapanatiling ligtas yung kaluluwa mo dahil kung hinde masusunog ka sa impyerno nang habang panahon…….. ang hindi ko maintindihan eh kung bakit hangang ngayun legal parin ang raket na ito (religion) at ang dami paring nagpapaloko.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


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