BIR still going after Pacquiao


Sarangani Representative Manny Pacquiao

GENERAL SANTOS CITY—The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) in Central Mindanao says it is not giving up on its case against world boxing champion and Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao for his failure to answer the agency’s summonses and submit his 2010 tax documents.

Although the city prosecutor dismissed the case against Pacquiao on Oct. 12 citing the BIR’s failure to personally serve its summonses, the tax agency has filed an appeal.

Regional Director Rozil Lozares said the agency would “exhaust all legal remedies available just to overturn the decision of the City Prosecutor’s Office in Koronadal City.”

In his motion for reconsideration, Eric Diesto, chief of the legal division of BIR Region XII, assailed the prosecutor’s resolution, saying BIR representatives failed to personally serve the subpoena on Pacquiao because access to him was very limited. All matters regarding BIR transactions were being handled by the boxer’s accountants.

The subpoena was served twice but Pacquiao was not around, Diesto said.

Diesto admitted that in February, Pacquiao sent two lawyers and two accountants to clear up his problem with the BIR.

The BIR said the case it filed in March was not a tax evasion case but simply one of a “failure to obey summonses.”

But Arnold D. Cruz, officer in charge of the Prosecutor’s Office in Koronadal City, threw out the BIR’s case, saying it was “absurd to hold the respondent liable for neglecting to obey a subpoena which he did not receive at all in the first place.” Aquiles Z. Zonio, Inquirer Mindanao

Originally posted: 8:42 pm | Sunday, November 25th, 2012

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  • Bengatibo

    Go ahead, and destroy his concentration in the forthcoming fight. What would you gained by these??? The case was already dismissed. This is harassment. You are barking in the wrong tree. 

    • robrano

       But it looks that you want to protect the wrng tree. What his next fight to do with his tax case? Following the laws as a lawmaker would have spared him the problem. Sometimes arrogance is not paying.

    • dodong1

      did you mean barking at the wrong tree???

      • chingnarciso

        arrrfff arrrfff  aaarrrrfff, oh sorry it’s  a wrong treee!!!!!

      • dodong1

        kasi sabi in the wrong tree..arrrrffff arrrrffff aaaaarrrffffff….Lol

    • IsipPinoy

      It was dismissed not because Pacquiao was right but because of technicality. He was good at evading to receive the summon from the BIR. But that’s not the end of it because the BIR can issue another summon. Pacquiao brought the problem unto himself and he cannot blame anyone but himself. And by the way, the BIR is barking at the right tree.

  • i_am_filipino

    If no one is above the law, then so be it.

  • Kamoteng_Dilaw


  • vir_a

    It is easy to file a case against Pacquio since he is not in the graces of the Aquino administration. I would believe the sincerity of the BIR if it files a tax case against any of the biggest businesses like the taipans, which I am sure have many tax issues but are too big to fight with. The BIR is running only after the small rats instead of the big fishes. Have the BIR not read the $39b smuggling article, the difference between what China reported as exports to the Philippines and Philippines report of imports from China. The source is reliable since the data came from the IMF. There’s a lot of taxes lost in smuggling but it does not alarm them. On the contrary, they are hot against small-timers.

    • Luthmar

      Excuse me, you consider Pacquaio a small rat?  He is a billionaire trying to avoid the proper tax on his income.

      • Alvin

        Billionaire sa papel lang ‘yan pre. Nababasa kasi natin kikita si Pacquiao ng $25 milyon kaya convert tayo agad – wow isang bilyon! Hindi na natin kinonsider and taxes sa America, ang share ni Freddie Roach, share ni Boboy Fernandez, Share ni Alex Ariza. At bakit si Pacquiao lang ang dapat tamang-tama talaga ang tax? Imposible namang mas mayaman si Pacquiao sa kanilang lahat sa kongreso. Sana may imbestigahan jan for not declaring correct income.

      • IsipPinoy

         You cannot compare if you don’t know the facts. Have you seen the income tax returns of the people you mentioned?

  • wawa2172

    The violation on the part of Manny maybe true but exception could be given on his status as a national icon who have given the country honors and something to be proud of. The timing of the pursuant of the case is questionable since he has an upcoming fight. Manny did not defraud the country by not paying his tax. He is being tax twice by the US and the Philippines. The regional office is hell bent in pressuring the Pacman to submit documents but it do not do the same to Pnoy’s KKK. Manny paid millions of pesos to the government but it cannot be said in all honesty to businessmen in the country. The BIR is also short of collection and Manny is an easy target.

    • robrano

      Are you crazy? As a “national icon” (and a box champion who is afraid of blood tests to prove doping or not), and as a member of the lawmaking congress, he should be angood example of being correct and law abiding. Hopefully, the judge will not go at cash penalty which really would just be a laugh to the billionaire, but put him in jail. Anyway Noy will immediately pardon him.

      • wawa2172

         If you are looking for a perfect and good lawmaker then you wont find it at the lower house. Manny may not fit a congressman who draft a law but he fit as lawmaker who uses his pork into good use. His the only congressman of Sarangani who pursued in constructing a hospital for his constituents. None has ever done it before. He made history of being the highest paying tax payer in the country once that many of our our top businessmen was not able to do. It is because he paid the BIR millions of pesos at one time that they want to collect same from him annually. Put him in jail for non submission of taxable documents, I guess the BIR people has gone crazy and desperate in missing their targets. Tanong ko lang bakit si Manny lang? As a national icon he is not personally perfect but he has an extra-ordinary talent that make us proud to be a Filipino. Again, if Padaca bail was paid for by the president when she is not a national icon but a political party mate of Pnoy then why not such an exception be accorded to Manny who rose from  being a poor guy to riches because of his talent. Does our goverment officials from pay their taxes honestly and so our businessmen. Poor Manny, the BIR thinks you are that stupid to bow on their whims. Whose afraid of blood test? I guess Manny is not that fool to let a bucket of blood out his veins, Floyd wont fight him even if he does.

      • IsipPinoy

         Giving to charity is a noble thing to do and we commend Pacquiao for that but he cannot use that as an excuse to break the law. Pacman may have already paid millions in taxes and for ordinary folks like us that’s a lot of money. But the issue here is the accuracy of the amount of tax he paid.

      • wawa2172

        Paying the taxes accurately? Well only fixed income earner does it in this country as their income are tax withheld  automatically. But for businessmen and professional practitioners (such as lawyers, doctors, architect, etc.) sure many of them are tax cheat. We are in a country where fixed income earner pays taxes than business profiteers. There are only few american companies in this country but it pays more taxes than the majority filipino-chinese owned businesses. So where the Pacman stand as far as taxes is concern. He exceeded himself at one time that being boastful he paid his taxes with honesty once. Now that he is paying much lower the BIR wants to squeezed more from him. Manny’s tax lawyer and accountants would be better off to determine how much taxes will he pay from his income. The Pacman, should knows his addition and subtractions of his income from fight and endorsement but still it his lawyers and accountants who will do the the computing of how much he has to pay. It is sure that the his income from fight is automatically withheld by the US tax agency and for sure his income will be tax again in the country as the BIR collection is bellow target. 

      • IsipPinoy

         I’m not a tax expert but yes, the BIR will tax again Pacman’s income but he can claim tax credit on account of the tax he already paid in the US – that I think is the rule. So it’s not like Pacman hasn’t paid any taxes in any jurisdiction at all in the eyes of the BIR. When the BIR is below their tax collection target they don’t change the rule but instead do a more diligent collection effort. Only Congress can change the law. Some people (not you) think the BIR can do anything even beyond the bounds of the law to harass a particular taxpayer. And that is not right.

    • Alvin

       Tama ka wawa. Marami kasi hindi mapakali kasi kinunan daw sila ng tax dapat daw si Pacquiao din. Nagbabayad naman ng tax si Pacquiao hindi lang kuntento ang BIR. Ang iba dito akala mo kay babait kung mag-comment kasi nagbabayad daw sila ng tax eh ang iba naman dito nagbabayad lang dahil employed sila at hindi talaga naranasan ang pagbabayad bilang negosyante.

  • mangtom

    This tax suit will not prosper. Why? Eh may mga regalong reloj ang mga lawmakers-he-he-he.

    Bakit dapat magbayad ng income tax ang simpleng employee samantalang ang billionaire ay hindi? Kung ibinayad niya yong halaga ng reloj na pinamigay niya sa fellow lawmakers niya, baka malaki ang bawas sa income tax due niya.

    Lastly, it will be a MIRACLE if this case succeeds in the courts. 

  • happypants2

    pati si manny pacquiao law breaker na ngayon? sayang kasi many people look up to him. pastor pa yata sya diba? what’s wrong people. can the BIR really do what its supposed to do? and what about the courts? are they too scared to even send someone their warrants/summons? o nababayaran din sila?

    • Alvin

       Kung papipiliin lang naman ako kay Pacquiao at sa maniningil ng buwis. Kay Pacquiao na ako. Hindi naman ibig sabihin na legal ang ginagawa ng gobyerno ay marangal na.

      • IsipPinoy

         I would choose both. I want Pacquiao to win and I want the govt to collect the tax from him.

      • IsipPinoy

        I would choose both. I want Pacquiao to win and I want the govt to collect the tax from him.

      • IsipPinoy

        What do you mean na hindi komo legal ang ginagawa ng govt ay marangal na? Are you suggesting that people start breaking the law by not paying their taxes because it is more marangal thing to do?

    • IsipPinoy

       Maraming Pilipino kasi mga idol worshippers kaya mga panatiko at bulag.

  • alisdyan

    If he, Paquiao, nothing to hide or if he is not breaking the law, why not comply with the BIR requested documents?

  • Jon

    Manny, mag apply ka na kasi para maging KKK.
    Tiyak abswelto ka pag sinali ka.

    • Alvin

       Hahahah tama!

  • Josemakabayan

    Mr. Diesto said mr. Pacquiao sent four representatives to settle his problem with the BIR, isn’t it enough mr. Diesto to ask him to pay his deficincy and settle the case ??? Or are you using mr. Pacquiao to gain publicity ??? Or you and your bosses have an ax to grind against the CHAMP ?????

    • KenjiHimura

      There can be no deficiency tax when there is no assessment. There is no assessment because pacquiao and his people do not want to submit the documents required by the BIR. That is the purpose of the subpoena duces tecum issued to mr pacquiao which he and his people did not comply. A taxpayer cannot and should not pay and settle his tax case if there is no assessment but should be held liable for non-compliance with a validly issued subpoena.  

      • Jehan

        AGREE!! why a lot people just going reactive NOT knowing exactly what is the issue..

      • Sir Val


  • JosephNess

    ang hirap talagang maging mayaman sa legal na paraan maraming hahabol sa’yo kesa doon sa biglang yumaman na pulitiko sa di alam kung saan nanggaling ang di maipaliwanag na kayamanan, mahirap habulin ito at kadalasan di  na nga mahabol at makulong ang mga pulitikong ito…  may nalaman na ba kayong nakulong na pulitikong naging mayaman sa ganitong di malaman na paraan?… itong kay pacquiao, ang tagal na nitong kasong ito, sumabay pa nga ito sa impeachment ni CJ,  lulubog lilitaw sa kung anong dahilan, anu kaya ang dahilan?

    • deadlyshooter

      mga pulitikong pulpol na ang mga kamay laging nakadukot sa kaban ng bayan, imbes na tapat na maglingkod at magbayad ng buwes, sila pa ang kumukurakot nito binabayad sa gobyerno ng mga naghihrap magtrabahong mamamayan…yan ang mga pulitikong dapat ikulong, laging mahirap ang isinasaalang alang para makapagsamantalan makapagkurakot ng yaman na dapat sa mga mahihirap na ito mapunta…

  • Batz61

    eh di kasuhan ninyo ng totohanan… dami niyo pang dakdak.

  • boybakal

    Pacquiao’s income came from the hard way…Basagan ng mukha.
    Politicians income come easy way from saliva, laway. Ganda ng mukha.
    I have not read any news politicians being targeted by the BIR.
    Manny’s money came from the US while politicians money coming from taxpayers’ money, pera ng bayan.
    Manny’s income is taxed by the IRS, so why he is being taxed in the Philippines…that is double taxation based on tax treaty.

    Manny gave the country Honor, while this country gave him Dishonor.
    Manny should elect to be US citizen and forget about his born country.

    • straightalks

      By all means let Manny acquire US citizenship.

      • Alvin

         Mahirap din maging US citizen pre. Ang mga bilyonaryong Amerikano na iniwan na ang pagiging American citizen dahil sa tax.

        Ang hirap lang sa Pilipinas kolekta ng kolekta ng tax wala namang binabalik sa tao. Binawasan pa ang coverage ng Philhealth. Hindi ka rin tatratuhin ng mabuti sa mga government offices kung hindi ka mukhang mayaman.


    • German Entila

       “Manny gave the country Honor, while this country gave him Dishonor.” Please…  I’ve never heard the Philippines “gave” dishonor to its citizens. And, I believe Mr. Pacquiao never thinks his country gives him dishonor. Introspectively speaking, the amount of trash one throws is twice the amount that’s hurled against him.

    • tilney

      Pacquiao earnings are the per per view outside of USA.. Per per View in Middle East , Asia ,and Europe are under Manny Promotions not under his promoter.The amount are in Millions of Pesos which has not been accounted. Plus his earnings on his various advertisements..

    • Jehan

      This is just merely a simple rule of LAW where you need to follow. PAC is a boxer and he choses that.. A lot people do it other way around and yet also by hardwork.. Let us NOT too reactive and miss the point!! Everyone must pay TAX fairly. End of day whatever those “karangalans” don’t matter at all if you by urself break the LAW.

  • noli chu

    Yan ang hirap…kung sino mabait n tao at nag hirap sa pag yaman nya..sya pa sisitahin nyo…wala ba kayung mga bayag para yung mga magnanakaw ng pera ng bayan ay sila sitahin nyo.? nakakahiya n kyo

    • Alvin

       Tama yan. Nagbabayad naman ng tax si Pacquiao hindi nga lang kasing laki ng gusto nila. Hindi rin siguro nilagyan ang ni Pacquiao ang BIR kaya gnayan.

      Hindi naman ako naniniwalang mas mayaman si Pacquiao sa lahat ng kongresman pero sya ang may pinakamalaking tax. Bakit kaya walang imbestigasyon sa mga politko kung may ginagawa silang misdeceleration?

      • IsipPinoy

         Unless you are privy to the tax records of the people you mentioned, you don’t have the facts and you are just speculating.

      • simondj

        basahin ang Matthew 17:24-28,,, the king and his children do not pay tribute or tax, kasama na siguro diyan sinumang alipores ng king,,, ano po ang masasabi mo?

      • IsipPinoy

         If you claim you are a child of the king and therefore exempt from paying taxes then you are not paying your fair share of the tax to the govt. The BIR should go after you. What is your TIN?

      • simondj

        sablay ata ang pagkabasa mo,,, okay, ibig pong sabihin ay iyong mga bumubuo ng gobyerno (the kings) at saka mga anak nila ang hindi nagbabayad ng tamang tax.
        2000 years ago alam na po iyan.
        did you read, i said i am the child of the king? wala hindi ba?

      • IsipPinoy

         OK, what’s your point? At ano ang connection nyang sinasabi mo sa issue ni Pacman? Remember  you are living in the 21st century and not in the middle ages.

      • simondj

        my point of view is,,, the people in authority and their children are the one who do not pay tax correctly,, so the BIR should go after them.

      • IsipPinoy

        Mas matindi ka pala. Ang BIR nag issue lang ng summon kay Pacquiao to get an explanation regarding his income, ikaw inakusahan mo na agad directly as tax cheats yung Presidente at iba pang public officials ng walang due process.

      • simondj

        kung susundan mo ang blog ko,,, ang biblia po ang nagsasabi na sa mga tao lamang kumukuha ng tax ang mga kings, at ang mga kings of the earth pati na mga anak nila ay exempted,,, ano po ba ang mali dito? ikaw ba hindi naniniwala dito? ngayon kung ikaw ayaw maniwala okay lang.
        pero teka muna, nanuod kaba ng impeachment trial ni Corona? si Corona po ngayon nahaharap sa tax evasion, si Corona dating tagasunod ng dating admistrasyon,, at naniniwala ako hindi nagbayad ng tamang buwis iyan,, pero darating nag panahon, at dumating na nga nagbabayad din iyan,, ano po ba mahirap intindihin dito? o baka malabo lang mata mo.
        ako mahirap na tao at wala akong kaso dahil bayad ako ng tamang buwis, pero si Corona na dating kasangga ng lumang administrasyon may kaso,,, kaya nga tama ang biblia,, at huwag mo nang labanan ang biblia dahil maraming na po ang bumagsak na kaharian dahil mga tao lumaban sa hari dahil ayaw nila ng ganoon. magbasa ka.

      • IsipPinoy

         Hindi malabo ang mga mata ko kaya nga nababasa ko ang mga sinulat mo. Ang malabo ay yung mga comments mo. Ang issue lamang ay kung tama ba ang halaga ng buwis na binabayad ni Pacquiao at dahil diyan pinagpapaliwanag siya ng BIR na binabalewala naman nya. Kung saan saan na napunta ang mga comments mo, may mga kings and children pa at may Bible pa. Huwag mong ihalo ang religion sa issue para hindi magulo. Dapat isang standard lang ang basehan ng ating discussion at iyan ay ang batas tungkol sa tax.

      • simondj

        who am i to know if Pacman is paying his tax properly or not, i am just a blogger, i have my work to earn a living for my family. my reason/logic was base only on history, current events and the bible

      • simondj

        already answered,,,

  • buttones

    This will be interesting…

  • Simon Jaring

    pwede ba,,, iyang issue na iyan pagkatapos na ng laban, hayaan mona nating makapag concentrate si Pacman sa kanyang laban.

    • Alvin

       Hindi kasi makapagpigil ang mga crabs.

      • IsipPinoy

         Hindi mapigil kasi akala untouchable.

    • IsipPinoy

       Or you can say pwede ba… iyang laban na yan kay Marquez pagkatapos na ng laban sa BIR, hayaan mona nating makapag concentrate si Pacman sa kanyang taxes. That is the right order.

      • Simon Jaring

        if he can give his money to the poor and to the expansion of the word of God, why he cant pay his taxes well? as I have said in my previous commend,, spiritual man judges all things but he himself is to be judged by no one. o baka naman sabihin mo walang tao na nag aalay ng kanyang buhay at resouces sa church.

      • IsipPinoy

         Huwag nating ihalo ang religion sa issue ni Pacquiao dahil sa ating consgtitution sinasabi ang paghihiwalay ng church at estado at kung iyong masusing babasahin ang Bible mo malalaman mo na mismo doon sinasabi na kung may obligation ka sa church meron ka ring obligation sa gobyerno. Luke 12:17 “Give unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s.” Maliwanag?

      • Simon Jaring

        separation of church and state was the principle used by the rebels in Europe because during that time, the government or the king and the church joined forces to oppress the poor people, that is why, when they migrated in the US they create no king.
        it is hard to believe Pacman will not pay his due properly because Jesus Christ himself encourage it and pay his tax to Cesar,,, and Pacman is a follower of  Christ. 

      • IsipPinoy

         That’s better. The principle of separation of Church and State did not come from whoever rebels you were talking about but from Jesus (“Give unto Caesar’s….”) By the way, the verse is Mark 12:17 not Luke 12:17. Taking from what you mentioned, the govt and church joining forces is always bad. So dapat talaga hindi nakikialam ang church sa affairs ng government.

  • jerico

    Sana naman ngaun na makadiyos na sya honest sya sa pagbabayad ng tamang buwis sa bayan…Kung tutuusin kaya nyang magbayad … kya lang maraming demonyo at corrupt na tao na nakapaligid sa kanya..tulad ng mga abogado na mukhang pera, namomorsyento kasi parang mga aso na nakasunod kay pacman. Aayusin kuno yung babayaran nya..maliit ang babayaran Nya kapalit ng porsyento nila.

    • Alvin

       Alam mo ba bakit ang mga OFW di kinukunan ng tax ng gobyerno? Kasi kinunan na sila ng tax sa ibang bansa(although walang tax sa middle east). Magiging double taxation kasi yun na pinagbabawal sa Pilipinas. Ang tanong bakit hindi ito applicable kay Pacquiao?

  • Fred

    Anong motibo ng BIR sa paglabas nito? tuwing lalaban ang pambansang kamao taska nila guguluhin? crab mentality to the max!!!!!!errrrr…..

    • Jehan

      It was shown all over media that while he continues to fight and getting more big fights, he was proven to pay less in tax.. This was the simple logical the sense the issue was brought up. It’s merely anyone going for an overtime pay and still getting taxed. So we should NOT be saying crab mentality here.. NO one is above the Law kahit ano pa karangalan mo binigay sa bansa. Kaya nga po super mga certified best accountants hire ng may mga pera.. Of PACMAN, Idol sa idol just pay fairly as we do pay fairly on tax. Check you CPA’s PACMAN … bka sila ang dumadali sau. Its the people around you and I know you’re a good man at heart. Wag ka masyado mag-tiwala sa kanila.

      • Alvin

         Ang hirap lang kasi sa law eh may pinipili. Sa lahat ng politiko ialn ba nag kinasuhan ng BIR? Lahat ba yan nagbabayad ng tamang tax? Magkano kaya binabayad ng Ampatuan sa taxes? Mas mayaman pa ba si Pacquiao kaysa mga Ampatuan, Marcos, Singson, Cojuangco at iba pa.

        Ang mga nagbebenta ng pirated DVD’s na pag pinuntahan mo ang bahay ay 3-story high at ang gagara ng mga SUV’s. totoo ‘yan dito sa Davao pero walang BIR na nag-iimbestiga.

      • IsipPinoy

        Ang sabi mo “Ang hirap lang kasi sa law eh may pinipili” Anong batas ang tinutukoy mo at anong provision sa batas na yun ang may pinipili o pinapaboran? Ang totoo ang batas ay pantay pantay ang trato sa lahat. Ang problema minsan ay sa implementation. At kung sa tingin mo ang isang batas ay defective, call your congressman and point it out para maremedyohan.

  • zafirol

    Pacman is above the law. Nobody has the right to summon , question Pacman . He has done a lot of Good things for the country in return he should never be bothered of anything especially money. This is not the US where you can be a hero today and be a hunted the next day, like General Petraeus. This is the Philippines. We  even voted for an ex-convict to be President again, put back the Marcoses in power. Pacman is a saint compared to these people.It is more fun in the  Philippines.

    • imongredneck

      All these are possible if you can afford the legal battles. Philippine justice is for sale; that is the bottom line.

    • smiley

      iba yong kusang loob na tulong sa bansa, iba naman yong responsibilidad sa bansa as a citizen. yong una, hindi naghihintay ng bayad. yong ikalawa talagang magbabayad ka  accordingly.

    • IsipPinoy

       It’s more weird, not fun.

  • randyaltarejos

    Hintayin ng BIR na manalo si Pacman against Marquez next month. Baka sakali magbayad na sya ng kanyang unpaid taxes. Ayaw kasi ni Pacman mabawasan yung pera nya sa bangko.

  • Hey_Dudes

    If you used to pay hundreds of millions for your share of taxes  then suddenly paying much much less in spite of your earnings going to the roof, who do you think is to blame for inviting the kind of trouble other smarter people could have avoided?

  • imongredneck

    If Pacquiao is able to ward off punches in the ring by himself, how much more with summones, where he has a battery of lawyers to his aid. Legal technicalities are easily crafted by these lawyers. But, does that absolve Pacquiao from his liabilities?

  • Christianie


    • regd

      Sang ayon ako, kung maintindihan ko lang sana sinasabi mo.

      • Luiting

        lol.. natawa ako dun ah.

      • Ivideo

        Sana maintidihan din ng idol mong walang pina- aralan.

    • Jehan

      There can be no deficiency tax when there is no assessment. There is no assessment because pacquiao and his people do not want to submit the documents required by the BIR. That is the purpose of the subpoena duces tecum issued to mr pacquiao which he and his people did not comply.

    • Ivideo

      Anong utak meron Ka?  O baka wala kang utak!  Kahit na sinong Pilipino citizen, kapag kumita dito o sa ibang bansa ay KAILANGAN magbayad ng buwis sa Pilipinas at sa bansang kanyang pinagta-trabauhan.  Basahin mo ang Philippine Taxation Laws bago ka pumutak. kautak mo si Pacquiao.

  • boi skater

    So typical in this country. A “lawmaker” who doesn’t want to follow the law. What a shame.

    • Alvin

       So typical of Filipinos. Criticizing someone for how he spends his money. I remember the story in the bible where a lady poured expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet and Judas said it would have been better to sell the perfume and give the proceeds to the poor.


      Maybe the BIR can find fault in Pacquiao but I’ve never seen any Filipino mech less politicians that gives to the people as Pacquiao does. But no matter how big Pacquiao gives the critics will never stop criticizing.

      • IsipPinoy

         Folks, the issue here is not Pacquiao’s charity work but his taxes.

      • Diepor

        Just pay your tax and there is no problem. I sometmes work in a country where i am taxed 40 % of my salary but I dont complain.

  • $25995786

    Pacman should be an example of good taxpayer. He has more than enough money till he die. Share it with the govt. better than giving it with sipsip around him. Even he is not well educated he can be honorable by paying the right tax than giving expensive watches to his colleagues.

    • Alvin

       Ang galing nating magsabi sa isang tao kung anong dapat nyang gawin sa pera pinaghirapan nya.

      Nagbabayad ng tax ‘yan si Pacquiao pero hindi makontento ang gobyerno.

      Sinong congressman ba ang kinasuhan ng BIR? Hindi ako naniniwalang mahihirap ‘yang mga congressmang ‘yan. Bakit mas mayaman pa si Pacquiao kaysa mga Cojuangco, Marcos, Singson sa congreso?

      Ilang politiko ba ang nagbibigay sa mga tao galing sa sarili nilang pera ng walang resibo kaya hindi mababawas sa tax?

      Si Pacquiao kahit noong hindi pa sya kumikita ng milyon dolyares ay ginagawa na ‘yan. Kini-criticize nga sya noon na mauubos ang pera nya dahil hindi naman ganon karami ang pera nya.

      • IsipPinoy

         How did you know all these. Saan mo nakuha ang mga information na yan tungkol sa kung magkakano ang binayad na buwis ng kung sinong tao. Nakita mo ba lahat ang income tax returns ng mga taong binabanggit mo? If someone from the BIR provided you with that info without authorization – that’s illegal. But of course you don’t have the facts and just making tsismis.

    • Klepto

      Mali ka Pening. Walang pera ang gobyerno hindi dahil kulang ang binabayad ng mga taxpayer kundi dahil lahat nasa gobyerno ay magnanakaw. Ang alam lang ng mga tao sa gobyerno Pening ay iyot at tsupa ng uten.

      • IsipPinoy

         You should have think first before you said that. Lahat kamo ng nasa gobyerno magnanakaw so that means pati si Pacquiao. Baka ka makasuhan ni Pacquiao nyan.

  • regd

    Pag matalo si Manny ngayon Dec 8, Uupakan ko etong Rozil Lozares na ito! 

  • Broy

    no need to overturn the decision. just send him another summon.

  • Simon Jaring

    the bible is telling us,,, spiritual man judges all things but he himself is to be judged by no one.

  • chit g

    mas malaki kasi ang kita ng BIR kay pacman eh ;) kaya go na go sila sa kanya! he he he

    • IsipPinoy

       Of course! Kung malaki ang kita mo, malaki rin ang babayaran mong tax!

  • Alvin

    Ang gobyerno talaga. Gustong gustong kunin ang napakalaking share nila mula sa kita ng mamamayan pero wala namang nakikitang development. Sinong gaganahang magbayad ng tax eh aside sa walang development ang babastos pa ng mga government employees. Instead na magserbisyo ay akala mo pa sila ay mas mataas na uri ng nilalang.

    Pag pumunta ka ng BIR ang tataray ng mga empleyado. Magtatanong ka ng maayos sasagutin ka ng pabalang. Minsan ‘yung kakailala naming mag-ina pumunta doon para kumuha ng proof na wala silang trabaho kasi kaylangan nila dahil nag-apply ng scholarship ang bata para makapag-aral ng college dahil talaga namang mahirap lang sila. Hindi na sila inentertain ng taga BIR at sinabihan pa ang mag-ina ng: “Ang lalaki ng katawan nyo wala kayong trabaho.”

    Pag pumunta ka naman ng NBI parang kung sino rin kung umasta ang mga empleyado. Akala mo kung sinong mga intelihente eh mga bobo rin naman. Nakalagay n a nga sa application nag purpose na “for board exam” nagtanong pa kung PRC. Feeling nya smart sya eh wala namang ibang ahensya ng gobyerno sa Pilipinas na nagbibigay ng board exam. Magtatanong ka kung anong dapat gawin kasi bago na pala ang sistema sasabihin lang sa ‘yo: “diretso ka na dun.” Wala man lang guidnace kung saa unang pumunta. Hindi ka na rin gaganahang magtanong dahil mga nakasimangot at ang porma akala mo sinong matatalino.

    Gayon din sa city hall. Mga empleyado akala mo kung sino. Paghihintayin ka pa. Wala namang ginagawa kundi nakikipagkwentohan lang sa isang kasama nya. May mga empleyado naman na pag alas kwatro na ay hindi ka na e-entertain-nin kasi nagme-makeup na. May nga department din na grabe ang korapsyon gaya ng City Health Office na kung gusto mong mapadali ay magbigay ka ng 500 at ‘pag sinumbong pa sa mas mataas ay wala namang ginawa. Malakas din sa mayor ang walanghiya.

    Paano ka ngayon gaganahang magbayad ng tax? Oo mapipilitan kang magbayad dahil kakasuhan ka ng mga walanghiya.

    Lahat ng ito ay nangyayari sa Davao City.

    • IsipPinoy

       Nakikiramay ako sa iyong frustrations sa mga tao sa gobyerno pero hindi yan dahilan para labagin ang batas at huwag magbayad ng tamang buwis. Sabi mo “Paano ka ngayon gaganahan magbayad ng tax.” Ibig ba sabihin nyan wala ka na ngayong ganang magbayad ng tax?

  • Alejandro Canda

    Kasohan na nila si Pacquiao para naman makita kong ano talaga ang pagkukulang nya sa gobyerno dahil palagay may mga tax deficiencies talaga si Pacquiao na dapat nyang bayaran.

    • Marcus

      Bwsit ka! Crab mentality ka. Wag ka Na makialam Alejandro!

      • Ivideo

        Karapatan mong humanga kay Manny, pero ang isara mo ang mata mo sa kanyang pagkukulang bilang isang tax payer lalo na at isa syang kongresman ay isa ng katangahan at kagagu han.  

  • Philcruz

    Pacquiao is too busy to even read the papers that he has summonses? All he reads now is his Bible and his billions? And giving each Congressman P30,000 watches is taking up a lot of his time. What in heaven’s name was that for, anyway? In preparation for what? Running for President someday?

    • cane-juice

      What Pacquiao does with his own money is his own business.

      • IsipPinoy

         And it’s the BIR’s business to summon him regarding his taxes.

      • simondj

        ginawa na rin iyan ng mga tax collector kay Jesus,,, nagbabayad ba ng tax iyang teacher (Jesus) ninyo? opo nagbabayad po sagot ni Pedro.
        Matthew 17:24-28, tanong lang po? hindi ba harrashment ito?

      • IsipPinoy

         See! Even Jesus recognized the authority of government and paid his taxes. Papano naging harassment ang implementation ng batas ng ginawa ng mga tao through their elected legislators.

      • simondj

        pure harasment po iyon, dahil si Jesus walang income ( foxes have holes and birds have nest but the son of man have no where to lay down his head),,, but any way, have you not read? so that the tax collector will not be offended, Jesus pay his taxes and the taxes of his disciples,,, because it is righteous to do that.

      • IsipPinoy

        Are u trying to say na implementing the law is harassment? Let us not mix religion with government at yan din ang sinasabi ng Bible mo. So do you always feel harassed everyime you pay your taxes? Or maybe you are not paying based on your line of thinking. Do not compare the taxation system today with the one in the medieval period where tax was a tribute to the person in power and not for the welfare of the citizenry.

      • simondj

        harasment po iyon dahil, una walang income si Jesus, pangalawa may mga record iyan kung sino ang bumayad na at hindi pa. kagaya nga ng sabi, dapat sabihin agad ano ang kaso at ilan ang penalty upang hindi mapagkamalang pure harasmant. sa US, makatatanggap ka ng sulat, sasabihin ang kaso mo at magkano penalty, pwede mo ring etong i contest sa court dahil alam mo hanggang saan ang kaso mo.
        hindi mo ba nabasa? si Jesus bumayad ng buwis para hindi ma offend iyong collector, at hindi siya kumuha sa abuloy, bagkos sa bibig ng isda, sapagkat pati mangingisda noon ay nagbabayad ng buwis,,, and that is righteousness.
        dapat si Pacman maybayad din ng tamang buwis okay ako diyan, pero dapat sabihin agad saan galing kaso niya (sa indorsement ba, sa boxing, o sa congress) at sabihin na rin magkano,,, katulad ng US kompleto detalye.

      • IsipPinoy

        If Manny doesn’t have anything to hide bakit di na lang nya sinagot yung summon. Simple lang di ba? Kaya naman nyang kumuha ng mga magagaling na lawyers and accountants para mag explain para sa kanya. Kaso nagmatigas siya kaya tuloy ibang tao iniisip na baka dahil sa kanyang stature sacred cow ang palagay nya sa kanyang sarili. And by the way, iba ang rules sa US kesa sa Pinas. Kung ikaw Pilipino ang susundin mo ay rules ng Pilipinas.

      • simondj

        it is not good to start you arguments in “if Manny”. you must lay down your reasons.

      • IsipPinoy

        Of course you have to start with something before you reason. Yang sinasabi mo is like putting the cart ahead of the horse – paatras. Hehehe.

  • kimo211

    manny,,,  mag  u. s.  citizen  ka    na  lang,,,wala  ng  magdedlihuisiya   sa  iyo….tahimik  pa  ang  buhay  mo  sa  america…

    • Klepto

      Tama! Kahit kailan hindi mapagkatiwalaan ang gobyerno natin na siyang hahawak sa pera ng bayan. Panay magnanakaw ang naka upo sa gobyerno at ang alam lang nila ay iyot at tsupa ng uten. Tsusupain nila kahit sino basta mapeperahan lang.

  • Klepto

    Kung ako kay Pacquiao, nasa Amerika or Australia na ako. Simple lang.

    • RyanE

      Hehehe.. marami na ako nabalitaan na mga Amerikano na nag palit ng citizenship dahil sa laki ng taxes duon.. mas malaki ang mababayaran ni Manny pag naging American citizen siya..

  • oraman

    laki siguro ng galit ng amo ng BIR kay Pacquiao hindi kasi pumirma sa impeachment ni Merceditas Gutierrez at sa impeachment ni Corona….lagot ka ngayon Pacquiao hindi ka tatantanan ng BIR….LOL

    • Ivideo

      Hindi!  Malaki ang galit nya sa mga magnanakaw tulad ni Corona, Gutierrez, GMA, at sa mga katualad mong T A N G A at Bulag.

      • oraman

        ikaw ang bulag at tanga…LoL ibig mong sabihin ninkaw ni Pacman pera nya inggit ka lang kay Pacman   LOL ano me ebidensiya ka ba baka mga nababasa lang sa dyaryong dilaw ha..LOL

      • Ivideo

        Ang layo ng sagot mo T A N G A!  anong part ng reply ko sayo na sinabi kong ninakaw ni Pacman ang mga pera nya?  Ikaw, may evidence kaba na galit ang amo ni Kim kay Pacman?  Kim is doing her job as a BIR director and she will collect tax irregardless of who you are.  Ano ang ikai-ingit ko kay Pacman? Katulad mo syang pangit, bobo, kulang ng pinag-aralan tulad mo.  PERA?  sapat na ang buhay ko U L O L!

    • Jack

      utos ng amo ni kim na lahat na kumontra sa kanya ay kasuhan at all cost. kapag walang makita kaso, gumawa ng kaso

      • IsipPinoy

         More tismis.

    • IsipPinoy

       Another tsismis.

      • oraman

        isip pinoy….LOL wala isip silipin mo ang voting record ni Pacman tungkol sa dalawang impeachments LOL yang kaso kay Pacman ang tsismis kaya nga lumayas si Pacman sa partidong Liberal LOL

      • IsipPinoy

         Still, that is mere speculation. Ano ba ang mahirap doon na mag comply si Pacman sa summon e kaya naman nyang kumuha ng topnotch lawyers and accountants. The BIR has a job to do. But they cannot require you to pay taxes more than what’s in the law. Kung inasikaso nya kaagad yun hindi na na sensationalize ang kaso.

      • simondj

        alam mo isip pinoy, dito sa US  bago nila ilabas ang summon, alam na nila kung ano ang kaso mo, at ilan ang babayaran mo, bibigyan karin nila pagkakataon upang i contest iyon in court, upang hindi isipin ng mga tao pure harrashment  lang ang issue.
        at saka papaanong aasikasuhin kung hindi alam ang kaso at ang penalty ni Pacquoia.

  • Marcus

    Magsitigil kayo ng Lahat Na mga Bwsit sa pagco-comment ng makakaapekto Kay pacman. Pag natalo si pacman ngayon Kay Marquez, isusumpa ko maghihirap kayo at pati Na ang bong angkan nyo!

    • Ivideo

      Sana matalo si Pacman pati na ikaw . U L O L. 

    • IsipPinoy

       Walang connection ang laban ni Pacquiao kay Marquez sa kanyang tax issues. Kung sinagot kaagad ni Pacman ang summons wala sana yang sinasabi mong makakaapekto sa kanya. May pasumpa sumpa ka pa, ano ka mangkukulam?

  • cane-juice

    Something appears to be “somehow fishy” in what appears to be a simple case into something complicated.
    Why complicated…, only the BIR could explain.

  • nice_boy

    Malaki ang pusta ng taga BIR kay Marquez.  Kaya nila hinahabol para mawala sa focus si Manny at matalo sa laban.

    • IsipPinoy

       Tsismis lang yan.

  • jian_sadako

    I’m not for Pnoy and I did not vote for him. I’m just an accountant and one of our subject is taxation. Not obeying a summon much more so a sub poena can be subjected to administrative case. Administrative lang naman hindi pa siya criminal case (maliit na penalty lang yan na kaya nyang bayaran).

    Kung kami nga sa company where I work, we are scrambling just to give the records to the BIR as soon as possible to avoid penalties provided for in the law. I think no one should be untouchable. Regardless kung saan napupunta ang collection ng BIR, nasa batas po ang pagbabayad ng tax at pag sunod sa rules and regulations ng BIR.

    • jeffrey_01

      nice. the truth is, in the Philippines, it’s different.  If one can afford to bribe, will have a different taxation process.   Crossdressing Pacquiao will never get served with a subpoena.  The delivery person will get a dozen TechMarine watches.

  • LegalJustice

    I hope Mr. Pacquiao need to settle this issue once and for all – If he owes taxes then pay it and get over with.

    Huwag na siyang magpalusot-lusot baka maging Iskul-Bukol na naman siya.

    If ordinary filipino people pay their taxes with there hard-earned money then by all means Mr. Pacquiao need to do the same.

  • azkal futbol

    andaming pros and cons na comment — get right back sa issue, did he disregarded the summon, and let pacquiao show proof na paying citizen sya. andami palusot, ipakita lang na tama ang buwis, tapos na… pinapatagal, dinadaan sa teknikalidad. puro palusot — ikokonekta nyo pa ang boksing at mga pustahan…

    • jeffrey_01

      he’s off the hook because of technicalities serving the subpoenas.  When the BIR personnel delivered the subpoena a crossdressing Pacquiao named Jocelyn received the subpoena.  Later, Pacquiao denied receiving he subpoena from the BIR.  The court thown out the case against Pacquiao because he didn’t receive any letters from the BIR.

    • IsipPinoy

      Panay iwas sa summons siguro may tinatago nga. Matagal ng na-resolve yan kung sinagot nya kaaagad ang summons thru his lawyers/accountants.

    • Ernesto

      puro  ka bro mali .ang bir walang kwenta yan daming tsikwa di nagbabayad ng tamang buwis brod.

  • Rossano Simeon

    If Pacquiao already gave grease money to reduce what he owed, paano nya babawiin yun pag nagbayad na sya ng tama?

  • fiveoclock

    binu-BUWISIT lang nila si PAKMAN bago ang laban niya…palagay ko naka pusta ang nam-bu-BUWISIT kay PAKMAN sa KALABAN…..hahahaha……

  • Tax payer Glan

    ang problema pinapalaki pa nang writer na nato ang issue kasi election na…. bayaran kasi itong writer na to… bayaran kasi may binabayaran din na “fafa”.. bading… waaah!!!!

  • Jack

    Central Mindanao Regional Director Rozil Lozares and  Eric Diesto,chief of the legal division of BIR Region XII, are only following orders from their boss kim henares and people of the palace 

    • IsipPinoy

       And boss Kim and the people of the palace are only following orders from the real boss – the people of the Philippines.

      • Jack

        sabi lang niya yon na “kayo ang boss ko”. hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin niya tayo sinusunod sa mga utos natin sa kanya. pang pelikula lang pala yon mga sinabi niya noon.

      • IsipPinoy

         Saang planeta ka ba nakatira ngayon at mukhang nahuhuli ka sa balita.

    • Ernesto

      true sinasabi mo bossing.c pacquiao sa america ya nakuha ang yaman ya di sa pinas .bakit may buhis pa,nagbayad na sya sa america,thats political harassment,daming tsikwa na di tama ang bayad ng taxes nila.

  • tiopaero

    Political Harassment lang yan kasi umalis si pacquiao sa Liberal.

    • azkal futbol

       who needs pacquiao now in the political scene. look at comments in the sports column, wala ng me tiwala sa mga sinasabi nya. he’s not the hero we love before, he is the clown pretending to be a congressman, a singer and an actor. i hope he gets his senses back and return to his boxing glory.

  • Jake Dionisio

    Pwede na pala takasan ang subpoena basta iba ang kumuha tapos hinde lang ibigay sa intended recipient hahaha. Galing talaga ng Pinas.

  • $20733759

    Paging Com. Kim Henarez, its about time you step in a personally to correct the issue and expedite the resolution of this case which from all indications is but a simple, uncomplicated tax collection , muddled by sheer technicality (service of notice) .The people trust your effort and competence to increase tax collection for the government.

  • $20733759

    Meron namang tinatawag sa english na ” substituted service” na syang ginawa ng BIR sa kasong ito.

  • Ernesto

    ang totoo dyan envy lang sila kay manny.kahit anong gawin nyo mayaman na si manny

    • ApoNiLolo

      Ang dahilan kaya hinahabol ng BIR si Pacman ay dahil naiinggit sila?
      Isipin mo ulit. Sablay ‘tong nauna eh! >: D

  • elviraa

    Puede palang maging innocent  ang guilty. Tago lang ng tago  para hindi ma receive ang summons, after  sometime, quits na ang kaso?

    • Butuan

      Sorry nag bible study kasi ako e. hehehehe.

  • Butuan

    Sorry nag bible study kasi ako e. hehehehe.

  • virgoyap

    Pacquiao is good only at boxing but not as a politician, he is not even a good citizen because he is not a good tax payer.

  • basilionisisa

    bakit takot magpa-audit sa BIR itong si Paquiao? if he’s got nothing to hide (or hidden) why is he so worried? kung ang binabayad ba nya sa mga de-kampanilyang lawyer e sa de-kampanilyang accountants na lang nya ibayad e di matututo pa sya for next time. technical law loopholes lang ang makikita ng lawyer samantalang tax deduction loopholes ang ipakikita ng accountants. tsaka sa laki ng kita nya, bale-wala ang magbayad sya ng konting extra kesa sa ibigay nya lagi as ‘lagay’, matutulungan pa nya ang bayan.

    common, Manny, pay your tax fairly and honestly… like ALL of us common-tao do.

  • nparvus1202

    Pag-aralan kais ng BIR kung saan dapat mag-tax si Pacman, sa USA na inaalis na ang tax, o sa Pilipinas na hindi naman niya dito kinita ang pera niya. Parang OFW ang kita ni Pacman. Ngayon kung may mga business si Pacman dito eh iyun ang dapat byaran ng tax.

  • Your_King

    It doesn’t make sense why Aquino is allowing this to happen. We know the BIR is under the Administration. This seems to be another instance where Aquino is focusing his attention on the wrong thing. He keeps going after the wrong person at the wrong times. It would be great if he can get his priority straight at some point.

  • Bunot-Supo

    Why should it require for Pacquiao himself to receive it?  Mine was sent bay mail and I was already summoned.  Then I paid my tax deficiency to clear my name.  My only fault was that I filed my income tax separately from my wife’s, which must be filed jointly.  Expect other tax evaders not to receive BIR summons.  An easy way out.  Or the prosecutor is beholden to Pacquiao, since it appears that he is acting as Pacquiao’s lawyer  

  • noypisiTED

    Let sauce for the goose (Pacquiao, though he’s a VIP now) be also sauce for the gander (ordinary Juan in the street). No more palakasan this time and on. If your earn big you pay big taxes not the other way around.

  • joshmale2004

    Does this mean that due to an error, Pacman no longer needs to pay his back taxes? Di ba dapat i correct lang nila yung technical error and not to acquit or dismiss the case.

  • tarikan

    Abogado ba itong si Arnold D. Cruz ng Koronadal City Prosecutor’s Office? Kung ganun kahit sino hindi tatanggapin personally ang subpoena e di ligtas na sa kaso. Sa office ko: Sir may nagseserve po ng subpoena sa inyo. Me: Hwag papasukin yan. Tawagan nyo sa bahay na magtago sila. Pwede bang gawing example ito Mr./Atty, kuno Arnold D. Cruz?

  • $5699914

    hanep talaga yung batas natin, kapag may kaya or kilala, lusot!
    ‘tangna ninyong mga kurap, noon isang taon na nagkaroon ng deficit sa tax payment ang tatay ko (dahil hindi na-adjust yung tax payment niya after his promotion sa opisina), 2-years ninyong pinahirapan kami sa kakaunting halaga.
    pero itong taragis na mayamang ito, nakakalusot pa kahit na may kakayanan namang magbayad ng tamang buwis! 

  • boybakal

    Bad publicity for Manny. From National Treasure to National Junk.
    Manny as a Congressman should receive money from government as Pork Barrel.
    But the government wants to get money from Manny as he looks like fat Pork lechon.
    The BIR is short of collection target, for sure they are like hyena looking for big fat prey to devour. Manny is like a pig mabilis matulin at mataba.

    Solution….give these BIR employees, round trip ticket from Manila to Las Vegas to watch your fight .Book them in MGM, Mandalay, Wynn expenses free, Give them sirloin, Tbone steaks with red wine dinner time and watch beautiful girls dancing in pole.
    Voila…no more BIR, no more collection.

    • IsipPinoy

       Do you know there is such a thing called bribery?

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    From public prosecutor naging private defense lawyer ni pacman! talaga naman oo! pinoy has a price! 

  • boybakal

    If the summon was not received and denied on appeal, then the BIR should send another summons.
    The issuing agency is not precluded from sending another summon as summon is different from one another.

  • Garote

    The BIR is the collecting agent of the IMF and WB that are controlled by the global bankers. We have to pay heavy taxes to pay our heavy debts that were fraudulently contracted by our politicians who secretly worked for the bankers.

  • Mannix251

    While a Filipino is bringing honor and money to the Philippines earning his income abroad, here is BIR trying to get as much as they can from one of our national herhey areo, Manny Pacquiao. Crab mentality! They are giving Manny a problem prior to his fight. Kakainis kayo, mga Swapang! Hinay hinay lang kayo, hindi niya kinita ito sa Pinas, sa abroad po! Isa rin siyang OFW na pinaghihirapan ang kita sa abroad para gastusin sa Pinas. We, OFW in the Middle East are free to pay taxes. Dapat yung kinita ni Manny sa abroad ay dapat libre din sa tax! Mahiya naman kayo!

  • Simon Jaring

    I do not understand why a bible believing (give to cesar what is to cesar and to God what is to God) Manny not pay his taxes properly. Manny gives alms to the poor and pay tribute to the church with his own hard earn money,,, why in taxes cant he?  

    • scconcern

      I believe he has to pay taxes, even the money is earned out of Pinas. His case is different from OFW, who stays years sweating outside and earn minimal wages.
      In USA and Canada, your earning outside is taxable.
      Manny is a congress man, he is expected to be patriotic, unless he is a plutocrat now.

      • Simon Jaring

        scconcern, tell me, is giving alms to the poor not patriotic?  in the US, they will cite your case and tell how much is the penalty, they will encourage you to depend yourself in court to show it is not a harassment.

  • dennis

    Manny Pacquiao,Now you know that it is impossible to serve 2 Masters! “God and Politics”…You really have to choose one! God gave you name,honor and a beautiful family,but if you will insist that something is missing which is what a typical human do then things will slowly fade away!…As what God said,”It is YOU who choose your destiny!”

  • Hunter421

    He should be disqualified for running for re-election. How can he serve as a lawmaker when he doesn’t follow even the simplest laws followed by the rest of the country?

  • opinyonlangpo

    Of course the BIR will go after the smell of money, thats where accountants and lawyers come in to have their share too. There are people who are good in hiding the money . . . . Corona. . . and the rest of the pack.

  • anu12345

     But Arnold D. Cruz, officer in charge of the Prosecutor’s Office in
    Koronadal City, threw out the BIR’s case, saying it was “absurd to hold
    the respondent liable for neglecting to obey a subpoena which he did not
    receive at all in the first place.”

    They gave an idea to the bad guys how to evade prosecution. Just make themselves invisible so that the subpoena could not be delivered.

  • diamond_digger

    These BIR people should be the ones to be investigated instead. I do not want to insinuate something but the timing of the renewed “attack” is highly suspicious. As if they are saying “Please do not forget our balato after your fight with Marquez.” Mahiya naman kayo mga buwaya! Kayong, mga miyembro ng pamilya nitong mga buwayang eto, pakisabi naman na dapat na silang tumonton sa tuwil na daan. Tsaka, di maganda na kumain ng galing sa nakaw at corruption?

  • simondj

    After Jesus and his disciples arrived in Capernaum, the collectors of the  tax came to Peter and asked, “Doesn’t your teacher pay the temple tax?” “Yes, he does,” he replied.
    When Peter came into the house, Jesus was the first to speak. “What do you think, Simon?” he asked. “From whom do the kings of the earth collect duty and taxes—from their own children or from others?”
     “From others,” Peter answered.
    “Then the children are exempt,” Jesus said to him.  “But so that we may not cause offense, go to the lake and throw out your line. Take the first fish you catch; open its mouth and you will find a four-drachma coin. Take it and give it to them for my tax and yours.” Matthew 17:24 to 28.
    2000 years ago, the people knew, the king and their children are tax evaders,,, only the poor people pay taxes, Pacquioa was a poor boy before he entered boxing. i do not comprehend why he is not paying his tax well,,, it is very hard to believe that Pacquiao who started as a poor boy will not pay his tax.

    • joshua kings

      gusto mong malaman kung bakit may kaso siya sa BIR? itanong mo kay chabeet seengsoong, hehehe…mga posibleng dahlan:
      1. sabi ni manni, bayaran ang dapat tamang bayaran; nag-cash advance itong mga accountats niya; nagamit o ibinulsa; ayos!
      2. sabi ni manni: sayang yung mahigit na isangdaang milyong bayad ng buwis: 10% na lang sa dapat bayaran ang ibigay sa byuroo; at mag nagka-kaso, gamitin yung natira para ayusin, hehe.
      3. hiniram ni aling dyoneesya yung pambayad para mag triple bertsdei selebreysyon…
      tawa ka naman dyan; wala kang sens of hyumore.

    • IsipPinoy

      simondj, I don’t understand your position regarding the tax issue of Pacquiao. Are you on his side of not? Please take a position and defend it. In the first part you seemed to be defending him then on the second you were having doubts about his honesty on his taxes. Ano ba yan!

      • simondj

        my position is clear,,, Pacman as a poor boy will pay his tax properly
                        Pacman as a congressman has a chance of not paying properly.
                    Pacman as follower of Christ will pay his tax properly.

      • IsipPinoy

        I have to ask you this. Are you Pacman’s lawyer or accountant? If not then you wouldn’t know if Pacquiao paid taxes nor you wouldn’t know the amount if he did pay his taxes. Have you seen any of his income tax returns? Religion has nothing to do with Pacman’s tax issue with the BIR. Not all persons who professed to be Christians or able to cite a verse from the Bible are morally upright or can be relied upon to tell the truth. You know that so stop injecting religion in the discussions.

  • prangka

    Tuwing may laban si Pacquiao sumasabay ang BIR sa pagpasok ng media.  Parang gusto nilang i sabotahe ang concentration ni Manny sa laban.

    • Jack

      nakapusta sila kay marquez

  • Jack

    mahirap pala maging “pambansang kamao” dito sa atin

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