Aquino ignores call to quit smoking


President Benigno Aquino III. AFP FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—President Benigno Aquino will not quit smoking despite the country’s top medical body publicly appealing for him to lead by example and kick the habit, his spokesman said Saturday.

The Philippine Medical Association called on Aquino to give up after noticing his frequent coughing, spokesman Edwin Lacierda told government radio.

But Lacierda said that Aquino’s cough, which was first noticed during official visits to Australia and New Zealand late last month, was not related to his smoking but in fact caused by an allergy to pollen.

“Right now, this is one thing that takes away his stress. So let us let the President see how best to cope. He knows what is important,” Lacierda said.

Aquino, 52, cancelled a meeting with visiting International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde due to ill health on November 16, his office said.

He flew to a regional summit in Cambodia the following day while suffering from the flu, Lacierda said.

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  • EdgarEdgar

    If pollens don’t kill him, tobacco will. We the people will be the better for it. The Luisita farmers will be the happier for it. The prisoners of conscience and people Noynoy dislikes will finally be free. Only Noynoy and his KKK oligarchs will not be happy.

    We love you GMA!

    • Tristanism


      • Malik62

         What’s the result of smoking too much?


      • Tristanism

        That and smelly fingers.

      • Ding

        What’s the result of CORRUPTION?  Kahihiyan !!! Karangalang hindi maibangon sa tanong ng mga anak at kaapu-apuhang ipinagpalit sa pilak.

    • Malik62

      His problem is not so much his lungs but his prostate.  He was infected with STD several times now its taking a toll on his prostate.

      • EdgarEdgar

        LOL! I hope they emasculate him. This kowtowing president will be more than welcome to be the eunuch of his Beijing masters.

      • Ding

        Sigarilyo laban sa magnanakaw? @Your_King:disqus  Halatang halata ang epekto ng pilak dito…pag tanong ng anak mo, “Tay, mas mahalaga pala ang pera kaysa sa karangalan? ”  “Siyempre, anak, kasi naniningarilyo ang marangal, magkakakuwarta nman tayo sa magnanakaw”.

      • Ding

        Ikaw rin ang sasagot sa mga nakakahiyang itatanong sa iyo ng mga anak mo at mga anak mo kung ano ang ginawa mo sa panahong kinakilangan ka ng bayan mo…mayro’n naman tayong tatlumpung pirasong pilak, anak.   Pero, Itay, si Hudas nagbigti dahil sa mga pilak na ‘yan…mas grabe ka ba kay Hudas, ‘Tay?

    • Ding

      Ang mga nakakahiyang ginagawa iyo ngay ay pagbabayaran niyo sa sariling lahi…hinabol niyo ang sigarilyo pabor sa nagnakaw sa bahay niyo.

  • $23257130

    yyyyyyyyyyyuuuuccckkkiiiieeeesss kadiri. bad breath na tapos hindi makatapos ng isang sentence na hindi umuubo. bad influence. abnoytard kain tulog yosi yuuuccckkkkkkkkk

    • Francis81

       Hindi lang bad breath ang lumalabas sa bunganga ni Pweenoy kundi bad and useless words pa.

      • Ding

        Ikaw na naman…ni hindi mo malaman kung KAWATAN KA RIN …

    • Ding

       Ubo ang sagot niyo sa lahat ng ito:


      at hindi lang ‘yan..KASAMA ANG LOLA….

      GRANDMOTHER OF ALL SCAMS etc etc etc

      Kitang kita etchuserang palaka, pag nagtanong ang anak mo, hindi mo alam kung saan mo ipapanig ang kapal ng mukha mo, kung marunong kang mahiya.

  • Malik62

    BS Aquino X3 is a certified hypocrite. he is only good at talking but would never walk his talk.  He said that by raising sin taxes people will be discouraged to smoke which is bad for the health. Wow!

    • Ding


  • Malik62

    In a school science class four worms were placed into four separate jars.

    The first worm was put into a jar of alcohol.

    The second worm was put into a jar of cigarette smoke.

    The third worm was put into a jar of sperm.

    The fourth worm was put into a jar of soil.

    After one day, these were the results:

    The first worm in alcohol — dead.

    The second worm in cigarette smoke — dead.

    The third worm in sperm — dead.

    The fourth worm in soil — alive.

    So the science teacher asked the class — “What can you learn from this experiment.”

    Little Noynoy quickly raised his hand and said. “As long as you drink, smoke and have sex, you won’t have worms.” 

    • buttones

      well two out of three is not bad…..

    • Ding

      AT HANGGANG NGAYON, BUHAY KA PA RIN?   Hindi ka ba nakakahalata?

      Takot mo ang anak mo kung may anak ka kung hindi siya nahihiya na naging tatay ka niya…o kaya ng nanay mo kung hindi siya nag-u-umiyak kung bakit ka nagkaganyan? 

  • disqusted0fu

    fine, dont quit smoking. who gives a crap. it would be better if you quit the presidency instead. that would be the wisest decision he could ever make.

    • buttones

      Exactly , who give’s a hoot? He can smoke all he likes, he can even spend his time shooting holes into bits of paper as well, not only that, my President said he was not ‘afraid’ of cancer anyway- this is one cool dude………..

      • Ding

        Sana naman hindi isang diversionary tactic ang ginagawa niyong paghahanap ng maisusumbat sa isang malinis na Presidente, kahit ang kaniyang paninigarilyo, para matabunan ang kapal ng mga asuntong kinakaharap ng nagkabit ng tanikala sa leeg.

  • Francis81

    Pagbigyan na natin si Pweenoy sa konting bisyo niya. Kawawa naman yung tao, wala na ngang asawa, tapos stressed pa palagi sa trabaho niya. Ang paninigarilyo lang ang nakakatanggal ng stress niya. Hirap na hirap na siya sa paglutas sa mga problema ng bansa, mamaya pag hindi siya nag yosi baka hindi siya makapag concentrate kung pano malutas ang problema ng bansa.

    • Ding



  • 100345roselia

    If Abnoy cannnot impose discipline upon himself to stop smoking inspite of doctors’ advice & its ill effect on one’s health – he has no MORAL RIGHT to tell us to follow his “matuwid na daan” slogan.  His addiction to smoking is a glaring example of his “baluktot na daan.”  Being the leader of the nation & elected at that, it is incumbent upon himself TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE.  As the saying goes, “you cannot share something which you don’t have.”

    Nakakahiya na kasi na palaging mayroon sakit si Abnoy when meeting foreign dignitaries. Example: sa Australia/New Zealand visit mayroon bum stomach siya, sa Malacanang he cancelled his meeting with the IMF chief director due to coughs/colds/flu, & recently in Cambodia he is sick again of nasal airways inflammation. 

    These series of sakit are already signals to quit smoking before it gets over you.  Lastly for the sake of our people & country, you need to ACT NOW.  FAST.

  • speedstream2

    Nothing and no one will be able to convince an inveterate smoker to quit this filthy habit that is smoking. The smoker will quit on his own time, and hopefully, while there’s still time. Whatever happens in the transition period is anybody’s guess, but all the scientific and medical evidence point to one thing: smoking is bad for the health. Still, it’s all a matter of choice.

  • Simon

    smoking doesn’t necessary turns into cancer…

    some people who dont even smoke develops lung cancer… 

    some people who smokes doesn’t develop cancer…

    • buttones

      Actually that is quite true, living in some filthy polluted third word environment, as an example MM will indeed produce the same result…………..

    • jadejones2012

      Galing ng rationale mo.

      Siguro ikaw ang adviser ng sira ulong presidente.

      Bakit hindi mo ito ipa-public service para alam ng kabataan na hindi naman pala nakaka-cancer ang sigarilyo.

      Tanggalin na rin natin ang warning sa mga pakete.

      • Ding

        Mas gusto mo pala ang magnanakaw kaysa naninigarilyo? 

  • agustin

    cigarette smoking is a peace maker, it can turn your mind into sharpness and alertness especially if you are in the field of playing computer games. why should one quit smoking. depriving one’s pleasure is like subjecting him to punishment. go ahead and enjoy.

    • Ding

      Cigarette smoking relieves the smoker of some stress…but, that”s temporary…ngayon, kung dinadaan mo sa paninigarilyo ang paglalaro ng computer games, dapat panigarilyuhin mo rin ang computer, para patas ang laban.

  • malek_abdul

    Pnoy must quit smoking. Nakaka-irita at nakakahiya na panoorin ang walang habas na pag-ubo niya lalo na pag nagdedeliver siya ng kanyang speech sa harap ng mga tao national or international man.

    • Ding

      Hindi ba mas lalong nakakahiya ang itakbo mo ang perang ipinagkatiwala sa iyo…hindi ba laking kahihiyan kung hindi mo maipagmalaki sa iyong mga anak ang mga ginawa sa panahong kaiangang kailangan ka ng iyong bayan? 

      • malek_abdul

        We’re not discussing about stealing peoples money here. We must stick to the topic which is on Pnoy ignores call to quit smoking. If you are abreast with the status of the sin tax bill, Pnoy is lobbying the immediate passage of the bill because he is an advocate of the anti-smoking campaign. Pnoy is acting like “do what I say and do not do what I do”. He wants the smokers to quit smoking while he himself won’t quit.

      • Ding

        OK, payag, I am with you, he shouldn’t at least ignore calls for him to ignore smoking, let’s confine to that request to the President,

  • jadejones2012

    Kasama ba ang bisyo sa tuwid na daan?

    • Ding

      At maipagmmalaki mo ba sa anak mo na ikuwento na dahil ayaw mo siyang matutong manigarilyo ay kinampihan mo ang magnanakaw sa bahay niyo?

  • jadejones2012

    Filipinos, let us all pray na sana mamatay na si PNoy.

    • Ding

      Kung matino ka, kahit gaano kasama ang isang tao, hindi mo gugustuhing mamatay siya…ipinakita mo lang kung ano’ng uri kayong nilalang na naghahangad ng kamatayan ng ibang tao.

      • Ding

        Dimonyo lang ang  matutuwa sa inyo…kung sa palagay mo, maipagmamalaki ang sinasabi mo sa ngayon, ipakita mo sa anak mo, JADEJONES2012, sa nanay mo o sa anak mo kung maipagmamalaki ka nila, p maipagmamalaki mo ang anak mo na katulad mong maghahangad ng kamatayan ng ibang tao.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    At this point, the only remaining question is:

    Will P-Noy die with a cigarette hanging from his mouth?

    …………………….. OR …………………………

    Will P-Noy die with a penis hanging from his mouth?

    • jadejones2012

      He can have them both.

      A cigarette hanging from his mouth…

      And a penis sticking in his    a s s.

      • Ding

        And, your own grandchilldren will curse you the way you ignored the call of your country and countrymen, at the time when they needed you most. KAHIT ANG SARILI MONG NANAY IKAHIHIYA ANG BAWAT SALITANG BINITIWAN MO SA POST MO NGAYON, malamang pati sa sarili mong anak hindi mo gustong ipakita ang sinasabi mo ngayon.

    • Ding

      You may die with your own conscience making use of your penis to choke you, 

  • Your_King

    Aquino has ignored the Maguindanao massacre case, the over 12 million unemployed filipinos, and the poor so him ignoring another thing is no surprise. The President should stop smoking not only to set a good example but also for his health…he is the leader of the Philippines. Yet someway somehow he remains stubborn and puts his interests before the countries’.

    • Ding

      I hope he does overcome the challenge.

  • boybakal

    Aquino’s cough was not related to smoking but pollen…Lacierda said.

    I agree on this.
    Pnoy resides along Pasig river where all kinds of dirt, garbage, trash,carcass of dead rats,salvaged he inhales everyday.
    In short, he is already immune to any kind of disease particularly lung disease.
    He is not the typical Sunog Baga Filipino.
    He became some sort of Bionic Man…. which is good for a leader for long lasting ruling.

    But for the sake of million filipinos who don’ smoke but inhales the second hand smoke, stop smoking.
    As they say second hand smoke kills….and Pnoy is killing us.

    • Ding

      You came up with something sensible this time…I am with you.  He should stop smoking…I used to smoke for almost 30 years…during my quitting years, whenever placed in a situation where I had to decide, my cigarette was my best friend…this is what the President is now undergoing.   mahirap, but in the privacy of your ownself, while evaluating everything that you have to decide on, when you were in the state where you to concentrate with no onre to influence you, your cigarette is the best companion..EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER…those who used to smoke will understand this…but those who used to pick from another’s pocket, even if they do understand this, they will use it to divert the attention of those seeking redress for the wrong done to them.

  • pepengkabayo

    If smoking makes Pnoy happy, that’s fine.
    Who cares about his smoking. We don’t even care about his health.
    But we care of our health, our children’s health.
    As they say second hand smoke kills.

    Not only that, he coughs often, for sure millions of bacteria and virus are airborne especially in closed building and classrooms
    That is what we are concerned about….the virus, bacteria that comes out from his mouth when he talks and coughs and we inhale what he exhales.
    So please, spare us….Wag magdamay.

  • 12JEM

    It seems our good President has a death wish. Just hope he is able to finish his term.

    What he is saying to his countrymen at this time is DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO, as regards smoking.

  • imongredneck

    Lacierda might be the President’s spokes person, but he should refrain from commenting on clinical conditions because he is bound to be wrong. A person who smokes a pack or more a day, which is what a nicotine addict’s minimum requirement is, has a significant lung damage, that New Zealand cough is no “ordinary cough”. Mr. President we know it is difficult to quit, but it’s time to do something. Ang Daang Matuwid requires a lot of Oxygen.

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