Recto betrayed us with his version of sin tax bill, says BIR chief

Senator’s P15-B sin tax way below P60-B target



RECTO: In economics, it’s called equilibrium JOSEPH VIDAL/CONTRIBUTOR

Et tu, Brute?

The last words of Julius Ceasar to his friend Marcus Brutus as he confronted his assassins on the Ides of March reflected the sentiment of finance and health officials a day after Sen. Ralph Recto reported out the Senate version of the sin tax reform bill.

The bill proposed by Recto’s ways and means committee envisioned increased revenues reaching P15 billion in new tax rates for tobacco and alcoholic drinks—way below the projected P60 billion targeted by the departments of finance and health.

Internal Revenue Commissioner Kim Henares said that officials of the two departments had given Recto’s panel “cooperation, assistance and all the data” he needed.

“They put in hours of work, till the wee hours of the morning,” Henares said in a news conference at the Department of Justice Thursday.  “A lot of them felt betrayed.”

Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, one of the authors of the measure,  called on students and social media users to register their protest against what she called the “death star bill.”

“I am gobsmacked—speechless with amazement—at the committee report. It bears no recognizable resemblance to my bill. It is an abject surrender to the very rich and very powerful tobacco and alcohol lobby,” Santiago said in a statement.

“Under the Santiago bill, government will raise P60 billion for the first year. By contrast, the Recto bill will earn only P15 billion. The foregone revenue could go to universal health care, such as more hospitals, rural health units, and barangay health stations,” she said.

She said she shared the disappointment of Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima and Health Secretary Enrique Ona as well as the antismoking groups.

Henares said administration officials had expected the Senate to improve on the House version of the bill that projected an income of P31 billion.

She stressed that it should be regarded as a “health measure,” rejecting Recto’s explanation that he could not propose hefty taxes on tobacco, beer and other alcoholic drinks because this would discourage people from buying these and thus, would mean less revenues.

For universal health coverage

While the government collects P45 billion from tobacco taxes, it spends P144 billion to treat the four major ailments caused by smoking, Henares said. “So if no one is smoking, then the government will be saving P144 billion.”

Sin tax revenues will go to universal health coverage and the upgrade of government hospitals and other facilities, she said.

Asked to comment on reports of a strong tobacco industry lobby against the measure, she said taxes in accordance with law should be followed. “What we are trying to take care of is the health and the right of the many.”

Justice Assistant  Secretary for Legislative Affairs Zabedin Azis said in the same news conference: “We will need assistance from all concerned, those who believe sin taxes are for the benefit of the country. We have to work together to convey to our senators there is really a need to adopt this.”

In an interview with reporters on Wednesday, Recto insisted that his report represented  “an equilibrium” and its final form and shape was up to his colleagues.

“There will always be those who’d criticize.  There are those who want to raise the tax.  There are those who want to bring it down.  What we came up with is in the middle.  In economics, it’s called equilibrium.  We’re neither to the left nor to the right.”

Unitary tax system

The Philippines already has one of the lowest prices of cigarettes and alcohol in Southeast Asia, Santiago said. “When cigarettes and liquor are cheap, more people will use them…. That’s why for every hour, 10 Filipinos die from tobacco use. Smoking causes 240 deaths every single day,” she said.

Santiago said the tax on tobacco should be 70 percent of the price of the product according to an international convention on tobacco control.  This is why her bill imposes a tax of P30 per pack of cigarettes by 2015, she said.

“My bill imposes a unitary tax system, as recommended by the World Health Organization. The Recto bill uses a three-tier tax rate for tobacco and alcohol products, making them cheaper and thereby encouraging their use,” Santiago said.

Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr., who hails from the tobacco-producing Ilocos region, supported Recto.

“The increase in taxation is no longer as burdensome,” Marcos told reporters. “Producers on the tobacco side are happy because at least Senator Recto understands the complicated issue of taxation.”

Viable investment hub

In a speech at the 38th Philippine Business Conference and Expo at the Manila Hotel, President Benigno Aquino called on lawmakers to craft a sin tax bill that would generate more revenues to give the public more access to health services.

To make the country a viable investment destination, the President said the government was investing not only in infrastructure but in human capital, by granting conditional cash transfer to the poor and expanding the coverage of the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. program.

“We are also counting on the solidarity of our legislators in the sin tax bill, which can only improve our fiscal situation. With the bulk of tax revenues generated from this proposed measure going to universal healthcare, we will be able to widen access to, and improve health services for all,” he said.

Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda declined to say if Malacañang was dismayed by the Recto bill.

Health issue

“We will leave it with Senator Recto. We have already laid out the reasons why we are pushing for our sin tax measure. We have already laid out that this is a health issue; that the revenues that we’re going to collect will be able to fund sufficiently our universal health care coverage as well as the various health centers that we proposed,” he said.

Lacierda said there were “safety nets” that would address the concerns of the tobacco farmers.

On Recto’s claims that his version was more practical, Lacierda pointed to the experience of other Southeast Asian countries where companies still enjoyed high revenues despite high government taxes.

“For instance in Singapore, even if the sin taxes are high, they still enjoyed high revenues,” he said.

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  • JK1000

    Ralph came from a family who stood by with dictator Marcos, it’s no surprise that he’s doing this to favor big companies and mostly Marcos crony like NO SHAME Danding Cojuangco.

    • Betz Chui

      The question should not be how much can we raise from sin taxes.. Merriam wants 30 pesos per pack, other departments says, ohh we want more… tax it 100 pesos per pack because that is how much is in Singapore etc.Pilipinas ito, people here are poorer .  The question should be what is reasonable, realistic, affordable based on Philippines situation and data; and based on consultation. I am in favor of taxing alcohol to as much as 1000 pesos per liter, but should we? Recto only showed the middle ground, the sober, the realistic – and now people.. ahh OK… let us attack him for being so. Remember VAT that he proposed? VAT is the major reason we have a good economy today. It was also the rate that was realistic and practical…this law was passed to raise revenue and that is only the amount that can be squeezed from it based on studies, consultations, and reports. But we want more….Solution? Tax cosmetics, tax politician, tax text messages etc.

      • damuhoka

        Are you Nuts?!

        the eVAT was not the reason why we have a good economy now.  FYI, it was the stable peso resulting in keeping more dollar RESERVES and the good old trusted REMITTANCES.  that is why some financial news agencies call it the R&R of the Phils.

        Everybody can see that at least half of all consumer goods sold on markets does not impose VAT.  They don’t even pay taxes.  These are the tinderas and sidewalk vendors where the 90% of the population buys their dailys.

        Who benefits from the eVAT? The international banks.  Because they have to see that this country can still PAY for what it wants to borrow. and why do we have to borrow? You know the answer to that…

      • Concerned Citizen

        Those sold on the sidewalks are the smuggled goods in container vans paid at P150k +/- rate per container to corrupt Customs officials.  The smuggling of those goods makes the subsequent sales transactions (importer-distributor-wholesaler-retailer-end-user) difficult for BIR to trace.

      • Betz Chui

         there are many reasons – evat is one of them, in fact a major factor – ask any respectable economist and post here what they say…

      • UPLB-2008-3****

        so talagang concerned ka pa sa affordability ng cigarettes? kung pwede nga lang dapat i-total ban na yan – wala ka namang napapalang matino diyan, puro biological destruction, even in tiny amounts. Unlike wine, when taken in right amounts, works wonders.

      • Betz Chui

         We are a democracy..its a persons prerogative to smoke or not. Fine tax it 1 billion percent – but is this the right thing to do? It is just a report, a committee report based on data and facts…because a Senator soberly interpreted it – masama na sya? Hay naku..

      • rightist

        The goal is two fold: temporary increase in revenues to offset public healthcare costs due to smoking and alcohol consumption and to discourage people from consuming tobacco and alcohol products. Kaya kailangan mataas ang tax sa tobacco at liquor products because ultimately we want its consumption to be lessened. Importante na ang mga teenager ngayon ay mahirapan bumili ng yosi dahil sobrang mahal. Ayaw nating maging laging affordable ang tobacco and liquor products.

      • Betz Chui

         correct, but by how much? rectos says it could start with an increase of 15billion, merriam says they want 80 billion…ano ba basihan dapat…same price as singapore?

      • rightist

        6 pesos per pack is too low. 30 pesos is also low but this is better if prevention of smoking is the main goal. 30 pesos will deter some teenagers from starting to smoke. This is a good starting point. Then increase the tax every couple of years.

      • Concerned Citizen

        The revenue option has always been to create new taxes.  This has always
        been the easiest way for  BIR to increase collection.  They always tend to squeeze taxes from those who are already diligently paying taxes rather than go after the non-paying businesses.  Stop corruption at the BIR. Stop the practice of settlement by walang bukasan ng libro.  Replace all the RDOs.

  • Aryong

    I hope the sons of this senator will never be dependent on the vices he could have stop. The more people have access to it the more it add to deteriorate the society.

    • wyl5326

      There are ways to stop vices aside from taxing it to death, like social pressure. China have lots of smokers, including a HK cousin, but he quit after wife urged him to quit for son’s health condition !

      • Boy Dalius

        Stopping is not the only issue here, but also discouraging the use

  • tonyoks

    “For instance in Singapore, even if the sin taxes are high, they still enjoyed high revenues,” he said.
    its because they can afford it…
    sa pinas wala na ngang ipandoktor, sige pa rin hithit buga…
    at kung ipagpatuloy pa ng mga grupong ito ang pagsuporta sa mga bigtime tobacco monopolist,
    buti na lang mag tanim ng damo sa likuran ng bahay ko…

    may  pakinabang na libre pa….

  • drunken_master

    As my handle suggests, I LOVE TO DRINK ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES.. I also smoke..

    However, I am in favor of giving high sin taxes.. this will also discourage minors to have vices.. and hopefully, there will be less alcohol-related violence and tobacco-related illnesses.. and so on and so forth… But I will still find ways to indulge in my vices (Hey, I spend my own money :) and I wont mind spending more on things that I consider stress-relievers).

    Also, let us not forget that it was this same senator Recto who have given the Filipinos the heavy 12%+ VAT. Now, if he is a real statesman, I think that the best compromise that would make a lot more sense is to give a very high sin tax, and lower the VAT for all commodities to about, say, 5% (I think this could be acceptable). This may result in a lower than expected revenue bottomline, but more people will benefit from this… and maybe then, I would not puke on the thought of Ralph Recto saying that he is also a Batangueno.

  • wyl5326

    Perhaps we should be careful in raising taxes and not kill an industry that might only exacerbate unemployment if the business can’t sustain the tax burden. 

    • maria

      Can you kill the powerful tobacco and alcohol industries? Do you understand what you are talking about? It would take more than taxes to kill them! Lucio Tan peddles unhealthy substances and vices, you want him protected? You must be out of your mind!

      • wyl5326

        It is not Lucio who need protection when industry is killed, but the employees who will be out of job and no other means of livelihood. That is why killing an industry might create unintended consequences that must be also addressed.

      • txtman


        BY THE WAY

             DIET & VICES









      • FilipinaRules

        txtman, you are right on!

        The government, especially incompetent and corrupt ones, won’t mention any names… :)

        Always use FUD as a strategy (Fear, Uncertainly and Deception – FUD) with people…

        Hey, how about a sin tax on Philippines Airlines for horrible service and delays… :) Oh, sin tax on Cebu Pacific too, for no leg room too, this certainly causes mental health issues..

        Wait a minute, got to have a sin tax on all products “Made in China”, for obvious reasons!!!

        OMG, need to work on a list of sin tax, wow, we’ll make billions!!!!

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      why not ….tobacco kills my uncle and dad…lung cancer…i rather they die too….

      • wyl5326

        I’.m in favor of raising sin taxes but not to the point where an entire industry will be killed and caused more harm and social dislocation. However, I want to discourage consumption when we can find substitute/alternate source of income for those people being supported by the industry in a transition. Transition happens in all society like how I remember overnight sea travel was replaced when bus and road network made them obsolete to my town where I grew up. Just like how smoking was looked down by younger generations and then some of then tried to go into cigar smoking like some big celebrities do who go to cigar clubs !

  • Klein Mo

    Economics? I am quite certain that no middle ground economist would support this Recto Morris report. Monsod already aired her piece in her BusinessWorld column today.

    • txtman





      • magcalasL


      • jameS

         romney is a job creator in china hehehehe

  • John


    • txtman


      TELL ME





      • jameS

         si rectom

  • mabyrik

    THis is the reason why libel in cybercrime law  must be excluded. When a senator, like Recto or a top government betrayed us, social media will be there to expose that betrayal.

    Recto, how much did Philip Morris pay you to betray the people, your fellow senators?


    • txtman





      • mabyrik

        Oh Yeah? Txtman. I used to smoke 1.5 pack a day for +25 years while in the Philippines. After I immigrated to US several years ago and every time I went to store to buy marlboro, I hesitated in buying because of the the very expensive price of cigarette, which cost around $6.5/pack. But I have to cave-in because of craving, even if I felt heaviness in my breast due to smoking and the drains in my pocket. Then finally, with firm determination, I stopped because i knew that the savings derived from buying cigarettes can be diverted instead in paying my Direct TV, utilities and internet and more importantly, because of the dangers posed by smoking in my health. 
        Now, I feel good, no more heaviness in my breast and I was able to save at least $290 a month.
        I agree about your comment on businesses are creator of jobs. But there are other jobs that can be created other than jobs that produce killer products. The taxes that can be derived from sin tax can trigger job creation.
        FYI, sin tax in US has long been in existence and is still the main factor why smoking in US is not so prevalent among adults.  
        Txtman, are you really taxman or spokesperson of Lucio Tan?

      • jameS

         romney, job creator sa china hehehehehe

      • txtman





      • GustoKoHappyKa

        magtrabaho ka na din..kanina ka pa nag Sotto and Paste..paulit ulit lang…

  • Isaganilla Gella

    ”Wag kang patalo Comissioner…”it’s a big deal”

    • txtman






      • jameS


      • txtman

        ASK PENOY








  • Kristoffer Atienza

    SO DISAPPOINTED TOO, MR. SENATOR. Why are you seemingly working for THEM and not US?

    • txtman






      • cato_the_younger

        Whatever jobs are created by the tobacco industry are negated by the corresponding healthcare expenses associated with smoking. Sometimes, we need to use our minds a bit before we parrot slogans.

      • jameS

         yup, drug dealers creates job heheheheh

      • txtman

        OO, ISA KA NA DOON

        HINDI BA?


  • George

    “Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr., who hails from the tobacco-producing Ilocos region, supported Recto. ”

    I wish lord, this family and the whole province will disappear, gone, buried, amen

    • felipe

      the region is not all marcos, beg your ignorance

      • Mamerto

        True, the region is not all Marcos.
        BUT the region will vote for Any MARCOS in each and every election.
        So…, what’s the difference…?

    • txtman






      • jameS

         ano bang maaasahan mong tama kay bongbong marcos?????????

      • txtman







    • Anamarija

      Iranian mind .

  • maria

    Perhaps we should remind the kind senators that they represent the people and the people’s interest. They are in the lower and upper houses of congress to make laws that would benefit the greater majority of the people and not vested interests, the rich and the powerful. 

    Let us put to shame lawmakers who betray the people!

    • jameS

       They have strong lobbyist…tobacco industries.

      • Mamerto

        Are Lobbyists ANOTHER NAME for “vote-buying”…?
        Hindi ba…, bawal ang mga iyan.

  • 444mangyan888

    I have been consistent with you Sen Recto, at least, in deference to your name.  Now, you’ve just lost a vote.

  • Garo Ungaro

    thats why they are to protect the interest of the business….and in return the businesses rewarded them…poor citizenry…


    Recto might be the only winner to his bill, for it is clear that he is on the side of the tobacco companies and for sure he has made much much money in it.  Here in the US the pack of cigarettes cost an average of 4.25 dollars if you convert it to pesos value @ 41 its cost 175 pesos and it really help in minimizing usage by individuals.

    • Noel

       Obviously, this brainless Recto fell victim to the tobacco lobbyists.  Tycoon Lucio Tan through his side kick Atty. Mendoza know how to manipulate politicians.  Tan is among the biggest political donors.

      • Frank

        Lucio Tan is the biggest “corruptor” in the Philippines!

      • drunken_master

        Lucio Tan sounds like “Lusutan”.. hehehehe

    • drunken_master

      agree… and the tobacco industry in the US still thrives.. Does Recto know the term “Case Study”? or he just chooses to ignore reason and common sense for………………….

      • anton kinuton

        for money???

      • drunken_master

        pre may libel clause na sa Cybercrime Law e.. so ang masasabi ko na lang e “no comment”… nyahahahahah

    • bel

      In rome, it cost 4.50 euro, euro zone around 4:50 to 5

  • Mickey Hiss

    Sen Recto & Sen Enrile asked a question some weeks ago that seemed logical:  how realistic is it that tobacco companies will shell out an additional P60 billion for the sin tax?   For all the so-called work up to the “wee hours” mentioned by Ms Henares, the government and BIR offered no satisfactory reply.

    • Frank

      The tobacco companies do not pay the taxes from their own pockets, they collect it from their customers! Wow, that’s so elementary!

    • drunken_master

      The companies are not the ones who will shell out more money for the sin tax.. the consumers will… DUH? the issue that these companies are sooooo concerned about is gross sales…

      F#$@ Recto! go miriam!

  • Isang Pilipino

    I agree with all the bloggers that it is only in the Philippines that the tobacco and alcohol industries are favored rather than the people.

    Lucio Tan can buy the media, the congressmen, the senators, generals, judges, justices but he cannot buy netizens. Maybe he can plant his own bloggers. But legitimate netizens will carry a fight against Lucio Tan the biggest peddler of vices and corruption in the Philippines!

    • Frank

      If Lucio Tan was able to buy thief justice Corona to reverse its previous ruling on PAL strikers, what else Ralph Recto who is a lot cheaper!

    • jdelacruz13

      there is a pilipino saying … lagay is my guy … madulas kung may padulas . everything can be bought in the philippines ….

  • Noel

    Recto only knows how to talk with nothing in his brain.  He would not have been in politics if not for celebrity wife Vilma.  Ask Sen. Serge Osmena what he thinks of this baba-less Recto and Osmena’s going to spit in disgust.

  • txtman















    • jameS

       More jobs available. baka naman unemployable ka? And you trust romney? iba sinasabi sa debate iba sa campaign. hehehhe

      • txtman















      • GustoKoHappyKa

        hahaha foxnews…ayun naman pala…..pitiful

  • scconcern

    Remember Evat Law of Recto….Now manipulation of Sin tax. Another screw up.

  • AllaMo

    Would be interesting to learn how the “sin companies” will reward their stooge.

  • agecee

    We deserve it. We voted for  Tito Sotto and Recto because of name recall.

     Unless we mature as voters. Walang patutunguhan ang bansa natin

  • pepengkabayo

    That’s why for every hour, 10 Filipinos die from tobacco use. Smoking causes 240 deaths every single day,” Santiago said.

    Si Senator exaggerated. 10 filipinos die every hour. Well, there is no statistics to show nor we don’t have monitor agency, all speculation and exaggeration.
    This sin tax bill is anti poor, only cigarette is the joy of poor filipinos, one puff of one stick is thousand times happiness.
    Now, they will tax this cigarette, then no more money, no more cigarette.
    Enough of this Sin Tax Bill, most of the Legislators are sinners and not the Poor to be burdened by this more taxes.

    • lex

      Halatang wala kang alam, ” 10 Filipinos die in every hour from tobacco use. Smoking causes 240 deaths every single day,” Santiago said.”   Hindi exaggeration yan ,TOTOO YAN!  Magandang ma approve ang batas na ito. Ma miminimised ang smoking ng mga estudyante at ng mahihirap. Instead na sa sigarilyo, pang allowance at pangkain na ito. Walang naidudulot na maganda sa katawan ang sigarilyo, psychological satisfaction lang yan.

      • pepengkabayo

         Mas lalo kang walang alam.
        Di ipagbawal na lang paninigarilyo lalong lalo na sa mga estudiante.
        Tunggak!!!! Akala mo kung sino kang matalino.

        Buti nga mayroon psychological satisfaction ang paninigarilyo, yan ang munting kaligayahan ng mahihirap wala silang material satisfaction dahil sa hirap sa buhay, walang pambili….Ungas, walang alam.

      • lex

        Utak kabayo ka talaga! Ang isa bang mahirap ay mamamatay kung di makapagsigarilyo? Maliligtas pa nga sya sa sakit di ba? Hindi tumpak na idea na mahirap ka na nga, kulang na nga sa pambili ng pagkain, makakabili ka pa ng sigarilyo

        Kung may sapat na pera ka , ok lang na makabili ka ng sigarilyo, previllage mo yan kasi nga marami kang pera. kung magka cancer ka, may pampagamot. Kaya nga maganda na maisabatas ang sin tax bill para yong kulang ang pera, ma discourage na magsigarilyo at yong maraming pera na di mapigilan na magsigarilyo, makakatulong pa sa gobyerno dahil sa naibibigay nilang tax.

        Now , kung puro salita ka pa rin ng UNGAS, TUNGGAK,,,,  abay di kita pipigilan, humarap ka sa salamin at sigawan mo ang sarili mo kahit buong maghapon, sampalin mo na rin ang mukha mo….. hehehehe..

      • pepengkabayo

         Tunggak !!!! kanser agad ang nasa isip mo. Kahit isang sigarilyo, nakakaraos kahit walang pagkain ang mahirap, tataasan mo pa ng tax.
        Kanser….wala ka ngang research kanser agad, di ka naman Doctor o scientist…
        Tunggak ka na Ungas Pa….pretending to be knowledgeabel, kulang naman….Squatter !!!!

      • GustoKoHappyKa

        squatter at wala na nga silang pera bibili pa ng sigarilyo..pwe.. ang tax din namin ang gagamitin nila pag nagpunta sila sa PGH…

      • lex

        More than 4000 compounds created once you burn cigarettes and among of these compounds, 60 are proven for being cause of cancer.

        kung taga saan ka man, bat ba kung magsalita ka dito para kang taga …. ewan, ikaw ang nagsabi. Tapos spelling mo , mali pa,  Wag mong hamakin ang mga taga squatter kasi di nila gustong maging ganon. Pero dahil sinimulan mo na, sinu kaya sa atin ang tagaroon?  Ang pinag uusapan dito ay sin tax, bat napunta sa squatter?

         Kahit di ka scientist or doktor or anu pa man, kapag nakatapos ka ng kahit elementary, dapat alam mo yang bad effect ng cigarettes sa health natin. O baka naman under grad ka ng Primary 1, joke.. jokes…

  • jdelacruz13

    TAX…TAX …TAX .. diyan sila magaling . wala akong nakikita kung saan napupunta ang mga taxes … hmm guess where ,, sa mga bulsa ng mga hinyupak ng mga politicos na iyan !!!

  • gusm

    I think we all know that there are rewards for the lawmakers from the tobacco and alcohol companies if they go easy on taxing both these products.

  • Garo Ungaro

    the problem is there are always  paid…bloggers who will confuse the citizenry about issues…thats why…its up to citizenry…be vigilant…its business 

  • Handiong

    Sen, Ralph Recto has been captured by the tobacco industry. Philip Morris is located in Batangas. Need I say more?

  • Mike Moreno


  • txtman

















    • Al

      Talaga naman si Ms. Sotto hanggang dito nangangamote sa pag-iisip!  Eat Bulaga ka na lang..!..hahaha

      • txtman







  • yesyesyo

    Wassup ralph?!

  • pilosopo4

    Lack of political will for the welfare of many..smoking cigarettes, excessive alcohol drinking are the menace of society. Senator Recto’s reasoning of equilibrium run counter to the issue of providing additional revenues to care for  sick and discourage these vices.

  • jayoliver

    Equilibrium sa imong mata!  You missed the point entirely Mr. Vi.  Isa ka pa bweeset ka, binaboy na nga ni bigote yan Senate lalo mo pang inilublob sa kahihiyan.  Halata ka naman masyado tsong may equilibrium ka pang sinasabi.  Kunyari ka pa natapalan ka lang ng pang kampanya mo.  The wisdom of the law is such that the youth will be discouraged to try smoking due to the prohibitive prices and to encourage smokers to lessen if not quit smoking tapos sasabihin mo walang bibili?  Yun na nga yun eh, para walang bumili.  Goodness gracious naman senator, isoli mo na ibinayad sau.

    • spearheads

      Your comment betrays your nonsensical position without even being aware of it. Analyze your following post and answer my succeeding question.

      “The wisdom of the law is such that the youth will be discouraged to try smoking due to the prohibitive prices and to encourage smokers to lessen if not quit smoking tapos sasabihin mo walang bibili? Yun na nga yun eh, para walang bumili.”
      Kung wala ng bibili, ano pa ita-tax mo, Newton? Ano pang “60 billion collectible revenues” na ipinangalandakan ng mga critics ni Recto kung wala ng bibili ng sigarilyo at alak dahil abot langit na ang presyo at mamatay ng kusa yang mga alcohol and tobacco industries? “Wisdom of the law” sa imong mata!

      • omangat

        “While the government collects P45 billion from tobacco taxes, it spends P144 billion to treat the four major ailments caused by smoking, Henares said. “So if no one is smoking, then the government will be saving P144 billion.” 
        Wala ka nakolektang tax pero naka save ka naman ng lampas doble.

      • GustoKoHappyKa

        kung wala ng bibili.. wala ng magkakasakit…hindi na gagastos pa ang gobyerno para sa sakit nila.. nakuha mo ba yon???

  • Mike Moreno


    • TonTon

       exactly!!! its all about money!!! its all about their pockets!

      • Mamerto

        That is another reason why Medicines in the Philippines are 
        the MOST EXPENSIVE in our Region and probably Asia.

  • Mike Moreno

    When Filipinos don’t buy cigarettes and liquor, they will spend the money buying something else. That something else gets taxed by the government too. The money saved on medical bills will be spent on other goods and services. Those get taxed too. Let us obey what GOD wants.. that we live a healthy life, then GOD will bless us and prosper us. Disobey GOD and we are cursed with problems.

    • jr

      Let us tax the churches. That’s one place to get revenue.

      • Mamerto

        Not in this lifetime.

        Our Legislature have the mistaken belief that 
        GOD will get angry if Churches are taxed.

  • maylah1969

    Create regional board of equalization that will regulate consumer taxes where voters will approve or disapprove the measure and the rate of tax impose upon them. A national tax is not the way to approach this type of burden, people from various region in our country varies in their use of these taxable consumer items, hence, the less users will vote for the measure and the frequent users will reject the bill. The revenues realized will be utilized by the region where there are heavy users, because they paid the tax, public is well served when they have the final say on any taxes imposed upon them.

  • Commentator

    I think they should nationalize the selling of alcohol and tobacco business. That way the congress don’t have to write a law to increase the tax every year or every new term of congress and the government gets the profit.

  • Mamerto

    If there is any “BETRAYAL” here…., it should ONLY be against the Filipino People.

    Why call it a Betrayal against a person or a Department of Government…?
    Its neither the involvement of monies of a person nor a governmental department.

    Something is very wrong here…, just by this alone.

  • Kent Tu

    Hindi marunong ng arithmetic. Kapag itinaas mo ang presyo ng sigarilyo dahil tumaas ang tax, maraming hihinto sa pagbili dahil tumaas ang presyo, marami rin ang mawawalan ng trabaho kasi nga wala nang bumibili, yung mga addict gagawa ng ibang paraan para masunod lang ang hilig. Kaya ano ang pinagsasabi ni Brenda na P60 billion? Para na rin niyang sinabi na may pambili pa rin itong mga pobre. Gusto lang niya ng attention.

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      Sa thailand nag sara ba ang mga company ng tobacco? hindi!… nakapag pagawa pa sila ng MRT nila courtesy of SIN TAX…

  • PureBloodedPinoy247

    Ang sigarilyo at alak ay mas matindi pa sa Jueteng. Isa pang paalala eh napakalaki ng ginugugol ng mga Cigarette/Liquor Companies para sa mga lobbyists nila sa Tongreso/Senatong. Dagdag pa rito ang graft and corruption na sobrang talamak sa ating bansa, ano pa ba ang maaasahan natin kungdi ipagdasal na sana naman ay maisip nila ang kapakanan ng nakakarami.

  • spearheads

    Wala namang problema yang mga komapanya ng mga sigarilyo at alak dahil kahit patawan mo pa ng libolibong buwis ang mga yan ay ipapasa lang naman sa mga mamayang bumibili ng alak at sigarilyo. Ang problema ay kung mabibili pa ba ang kanilang produkto? Kung hindi ay magsasara ang mga yan ng negosyo sa Pilipinas at lilipat ng ibang bansa. Sino ngayon ang tatamaan sa bandang huli kundi Pilipinas din unang una na ang idustriya ng tabako.

    Kahit patawan mo pa ng sangkaterbang tax yang mga kompanya wa epek sa kanila yan. Tingnan mo yang Fortune Tobacco. Tanungin mo si Lucio Tan kung umubra ba ang Pilipinas sa pangongolekta sa kanya dahil sa tax evasion. Ayon, kakosa pa si PNoy kasama pa sa pagpunta abroad. Campaign donor pa. Patawa itong mga kritiko ni Recto, naku mga tinamaan ng magagaling.

  • FilipinaRules

    Repost from a similar article:

    Adding a Tax to anything to change a behavior has not worked anywhere in the world. I’m surprised these politicians are not educated to understand this. I’m an American, married to Filipina, love the Philippines, the people deserve better than this.Also, the same with alcohol, certainly looks like old “protectionism” practice to favour  San Miguel against imported products. The Philippines got in trouble with this behavior already, the World Trade Organization (WTO) had to use the court to stop unfair taxation on imported products. Raising the tax on anything just hurts others, for example, let’s say a person is shopping somewhere, paying more for cigarettes will just mean not buying something else, like clothes, food, services, etc., why punish businesses. And, of course, the cigarette smugglers are hoping for higher tax too :)I wish no one would smoke, using education, starting young has been the way most societies win the battle…When will the politicians start working on opportunities for the people, the whole world already knows how hard working the Filipino’s are! Added:So will the added revenues from sin tax go back to benefit victims, or will it go elsewhere… 

    • omangat

      Just go back to your own country, white trash. We don’t need you here. You are against it because you are either alcoholic or chain smoker or most probably both and you want to enjoy your vices with minimal cost.

      • FilipinaRules

        Ah, wrong on both counts, but who cares..

        White trash, why you need to be hateful for a point, the government has your number…

        So, what is it that really upsets you?

        Cheers :)

      • omangat

        Everybody knows you only like PI because everything there is cheap. Now that the gov’t wants to impose sin tax to help the people and the country you complain about it and try to convince other people that you are right.

      • FilipinaRules

        No, I’ve lived in Norway too, where they tax items like sin tax, 200 to 500 percent!!! Norway is one of the richest countries in the world. they even have a sin tax on gasoline, to discourage driving, but it just creates hardship for many..
        Also, here in the US, they tried the same thing sin tax way, but it has not reduced the cigarette use with the youth. They will find ways to get it, usually will sacrifice something else. And this will increase the smuggling of cigarettes, so adding tax just hurts innocent people.

        Finally, the Philippine government has enormous issues with corruption, so any revenues from sin tax will not contribute to well being of anyone.

        Look, I would just outlaw and stop selling of cigarettes period, it kills people…

      • angtangamo

         Hi FilipinaRules. Omangat is the typical filipino village idiot. I’m sure you’ve met a lot of them.

      • txtman








        READ & READ & READ




      • omangat

        Be well inform? Baka “be well informed.” Pathetic

  • barada69

    for sure Recto received some form of inducement from the tobacco and alcohol beverage manufacturers/producers…..

  • dennis

    Discussions by using a “Hot” word BETRAYAL will end to nothing! I don´t see any betrayal and my interpretation about this matter is that the one who wrote this article simply overstretched himself interpreting by reading it “in between the lines!”
    …Para sa akin,i suggest that sin tax must be push thru BUT which one? Let´s be detailed!
    HIGHER TAXES for INTERNATIONAL BRAND NAMES and STABLE BUT REASONABLE TAXES FOR DOMESTIC BRAND NAMES!…Anu-ano ba ang mga local or Philippine brand name cigarettes sa Pilipinas? Champion?…More?…Anything?
    And for those local made Alcohol like San Miguel Beer,which was the only local brand to be included in rising it´s tax due to it´s international recognition brand.Dapat eh itaas din at ipantay sa pagtaas ng tax! At yung mga local brand alcohol like Tanduay,Manila Rum etc eh dapat ay mababa lang but reasonable.The point is,kung hindi na makaya ng consumers ang mga kilalang brand names like Marlboro…Johnny Walker…Fundador…Carlos Uno,then they will look for a lesser but satisfying alternatives like Philippine owned products.So,sa Pilipinas pa din ang kikitain na revenues?…Just my 2 cents of opinion.

    • Donnie

      put*%g !n0 mo dennis.. kulang yang binabayad sayo ng mga tobacco lobbyists na yan para maing propagandista at ipagtanggol ang interes nila..wag lang naman sana sarili ang isipin mo!..

      • dennis

        Huwag kang magmura! Kung hindi ka sang-ayon eh turuan mong mag-inom at manigarilyo ang mga anak mo para magkasakit! Tutal yun naman ang mura sa bilihin! Isipin mo? Mahal ang magpa-ospital…ang mga gamot…at saan pwedeng makuha ang sakit? Duon din sa taong mahina ang resistensiya dala ng bisyo! My point is NOT TO INCREASE TAX sa normal food and water in exchange to sin tax!

    • KapitanBagwis

      Hindi mo yata naiintindihan kung bakit gustong itaas ng gobyerno ang “sin tax” Ang dahilan ay para maging mahal ang produkto at  mabawasan ang mga bumibili at mabawasan ang mga nagkakasakit ng cancer sa paninigarilyo at paglalasing na sumisira sa buhay ng maraming pamilya.

      • dennis

        Exactly my point! Mas gugustuhin mo bang ang anak mo eh ang piliin ay manigarilyo,at uminom ng alak kesa ang isipin eh kinabukasan? Or ang pagkain at tubig? Isipin mo Sir? In my strategy,i´m pointing like “Itaas mo ang tax sa Alcohol and Cigarettes BUT HINDI TATAAS SA PAGKAIN AT TUBIG!”…At yan naman ang ipaglalaban ko!

      • KapitanBagwis

        If that is your stand, then I agree with you.

  • joshua kings

    ibinenta na naman ng senador na ito ang bayan, para mapaboran yung mga vested/special interest groups and lobbyists.
    isa kang taksil sa bayan at sa mga mamamayan, senador; dapat kang i-reject sa susunod na halalang kakandidato ka.
    anong equilibrium ang sinasabi niya kung P15 bilyun lamang ang kokolektahin laban sa plano ng Finance/BIR na P60 bilyon? di ba dapat kung tutusin ay P30 bilyun yan?
    inuna pa ang kapakanan ng mga special interest groups na ito kesa kapakanan ng bansa….

  • TonTon

    as always Mr. Senator! we still remember your VAT! and we hate to see that on every receipt.

    why dont you create a bill that will lessen our income taxes… for sure filipinos will love you.

    ease our burden sir!

  • dennis

    Pwede naman na hindi gamitin ang word “Betrayal” dito sa halip na gumamit something a “journalistic terminology or words” eh medyo matutuwa pa ang mga magbabasa at impression sa PDI….Kasi paano kung tama si Recto at mali naman si Santiago? Do we mean Santiago betrayed us?…How about that?

    • Jury

      Bai di nmann PDI ang gumamit ng “betrayal”. NIreport lng nila ang sinabi ni Henares. Basa muna, bai.

    • KapitanBagwis

      Hindi mo ba masabi kung sino ang tama? Maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw na mali si Recto.

  • Populovich

    Sin Taxes?  I think we should also tax other sins and sinners such as ivory tusk smuggling and fencing, government corruptions, kotong and kotongeros, mga corrupt justices, maraming asawa, mapagsamantalang government officials, etc. etc. etc. They are all sins anyway.

    • Jury

      walang utak tong nagcommment nito. Ang tax ay sa mga legal products and services lang. Paano mo papagbibuwisin ang mga sinabi ko kung di naman legal ang trabaho nila? Ipakulong mo na lang bro..

      • Populovich

        Sige nga kung mautak ka ipaliwanag mo kung anong mabuti sa paninigarilyo at paginom?  At ipapaliwanag ko kung bakit kasintulad sila ng ibang sins???  Nagagagaling-galingan ka kapos naman.

    • angtangamo

       Butas butas comment mo bro. You would have to legalize it first in order to tax it. And if you legalize it then that means you condone it. Tama si Jury, ipakulong na lang.


    >>>Recto betrayed us with his version of sin tax bill, says BIR chief<<<

    PARA namang bago-ng-bago kayo sa modus operandi ng mga seneytors at KungGreaseMen…..kung action speaks louder than words….$alaping pera moves mountains. Ano ba naman ang isang bilyon sa potential na 60 billion?  1/60 is nothing!  Kahit na gawin pang 2 B, bale wala pa din.  At sinong hindi mag-aalay ng kahit na ano sa buhay nya, dangal o reputasyon, sa halagang 1 bilyon?  Reminds me of that guy from Mandaluyong…."Sen, may 1B ka dito".

  • mawalanggalangpo

    Tobacco and alcohol cause a lot of damages on the society. Would some people from the academe provide us with the statistics on suicide as caused by depression an effect of alcoholism, failed marriages, murder, etc.. How many get sick of cancer because of second-hand smoke? How many children are born with psycho-motor, mental and other deficiencies because of pregnant mothers who smoke or drink alcohol products? Where are the preventive measures, are there any? DepEd, Health, Tourism and other cabinet departments should all work together in making a healthy and educated society. It is not always about money, saving humanity must always be a number one priority.

  • indiots

    kung si arroyo ang presidente, baka gawin pang 120 billion ang buwis na makokolekta sa ginawa ni recto. kita mo expanded value added tax 12%. kaya puro mantika ang mga nguso n nakaraan administrasyon. binuwisan kuno ang mga abogado at mga doctor yon pala sa kliyente at pasyente kukunin ang tax na yon…. madali lang talagang makalimot ang mga botante.

  • farmerpo

     ‘She stressed that it should be regarded as a “health measure,” rejecting
    Recto’s explanation that he could not propose hefty taxes on tobacco,
    beer and other alcoholic drinks because this would discourage people
    from buying these and thus, would mean less revenues’

    The true point of the bill is to discourage people from buying these items, Sen Recto. Can it be that you are an honorary doctorate degree holder of WanBol U?

  • ghe

    ‘ Recto’s explanation that he could not propose hefty taxes on tobacco,
    beer and other alcoholic drinks because this would discourage people
    from buying these and thus, would mean less revenues.’  
    ___This is the purpose of this tax.hay naku ba? mukhang nakakalimot na to si Recto.

    • txtman










      • Johnny Blazed

        Check your facts strait, tax is not only for income but also for regulation purposes sir try to read up on taxation 1 sir so you could be enlightened and not base your arguements on foreign debates :)

      • angtangamo

         Agree with you too Johnny. Tax is for revenue and regulation.

      • angtangamo

         Uhhm… I actually agree with your point on this one.

  • w33k3nd3r

    So, how much did the tobacco industry pay to feed your greed, Recto? What balance are you talking about? Smoking kills. You’ve been a human being for far too long not to know that. Can’t you see further than your own wants and needs? Can’t you remember yourself when you were making promises for the progress of this nation? Oh, sorry– AM I DISTURBING YOU WHILE YOU’RE COUNTING YOUR PAYOLA??

  • Carlos_Iho

    is henares with the DOH?  how can she say that the govt spends 144B to treat ailments from smoking? gobyernong ito basta malakas ka sa taas pwede kang bumida

    • Barak_O

      sa gobyernong ito basta may internet connection ka pwede kang magkalat ng kabobohan

      • Carlos_Iho

        nag umpisa na!

    • yesyesyo

       Katangahan ang comment na to. Henares belongs to the financial team who supported the proposal. they supplied the data to recto. magbasa ka carlos.

      • Carlos_Iho

        katangahan din ang di pagkaintindi ng kahulugan ng komento…mag isip ka yesyo…

  • txtman








    • JK1000

      Puro ka study ng ganito, study ng ganyan !   Bakit hindi muna ikaw ang mag study ng utak mo ? para maganda naman mga ma isulat mo dito.

      • txtman













  • hanep

    His grandfather, the Great Claro  M. Recto  must  be turning  in  his grave  because
    he too felt  betrayed.

    What do you expect  from  somebody  who  justifies  saddling burdensome  taxes
    on  Juan  dela Cruz ?

  • txtman















    • against_discrimination

       Not accurate! where did u get that? show?

      • txtman


        GOOGLE MO



      • against_discrimination

         so google is reliable source? accurate? scientific?

    • JK1000

      You’re an idiot ! How can you be that dumb by believeing that notion ? Doctors, Engineers, etc smokes everyday because they’re addictive to nicotine.

      • txtman


        WHAT DID I SAID?






        THAT IS FACT








        NOW, WHO IS DUMB?

        I’M SURE IT’S NOT ME

        100% IKAW YAN!






  • txtman







  • txtman


    4-5 EURO PER HOUR?



    SA US?







    • duhconsul

      obviously a troll.


      • txtman



        AYAN TULOY



      • duhconsul


    • JK1000

      Go troll !

  • Bengatibo

    Everybody has his own price!!! Only question is How Much??? 

  • oh_noh

    hmmmn… ilang bilyon kaya ang kinita dito ni recto???

  • Anamarija

    Wala na ba makurakot ang mga pulitiko at kailangan ng mas malaking tax? Mas mahalaga ba ang bulsa ng iilan kesa sa mga taong nakikinabang na nabibigyan ng hanapbuhay ng produktong ito. May alternatibo na ba ang gobyerno para sa mga maaring mawalan ng trabaho kapag tuluyang humina na ang bentahan ang sigarilyo at alak? Kawawa naman ang maga yosi boys sa lansangan na maapektuhan sakaling humina ang bentahan maging ang mga nagtataninm ng tabako. baka imbes na makabuti ito sa atin mas makasama pa dahil madagdagan ang kriminal sa lansangan kung sobrahan ang pagpataw ng tax. Ang mga yosi boys sa lansangan ay maging snatcher at kawatan n lng.

    • against_discrimination

       hahaha are you lasing?

    • Brad Pete

      i respect your opinion. pero sana mag isip ka muna kahit konti bago ka mag post…pag mataas ang krimen di ba dapat kumilos ang mga pulis at mamayan para bumaba ang krimen o tuluyan nang mawala? iisipin mo pa ba na “paano na ang mga magnanakaw, isnatser, kidnaper at holdaper baka mawalan sila ng kita?”. dapat ang isipin natin ang ikabubuti ng nakararami – the common good. ang pagdagdag sa buwis ng yosi at alak ay para sa ikabubuti ng nakararami…makakasama lang ito sa mga bilyonaryong nasa tobacco industry…

  • Nic Legaspi

    So Recto rejected the idea of raising sin taxes too much because it would dissuade people from consuming these products? Parang mali…

    Here is what I think of the original bill: The taxes levied on these products is high, and could net the government 60B, assuming consumption roughly stays the same. If not, then the government will still save billions due to the decrease in health-related risks when consuming alcohol and tobacco. It’s supposed to be a win for the government either way.

    But from the looks of it, Recto is only concerned with helping the big tobacco and alcohol companies to NOT lose sales by allowing Filipinos to keep smoking and drinking.

  • Jake Lopez

    Nobody is forcing smokers not to smoke. What the gov’t wants is to amass enough health care resources because eventually, these smokers will wind up in a government hospital for treatment of smoking related diseases. Ilang porsyento ba ng smokers ang kayang gumastos sa ospital? Majority ng smokers mahihirap, the uneducated. And since tataas ang presyo ng yosi, yung mga teenager na gustong magpa-macho ay hindi na magsisimulang magyosi kase mauubos yung baon nila sa yosi pa lang.

    • rightist

      Sa bagong sin tax law , 6 pesos lang ang tax sa pinakamurang sa isang pack ng yosi. Ang tax na makukuha ng gobyerno sa buhay ng isang smoker (assuming 1 pack a day) ay 6 pesos x 365 days x 40 years = Php 87600.00. Kapag nag ka lung cancer ang taong ito, magkano sa tingin ninyo ang gagastusin ng gobyerno sa pagpapagamot sa kanya? Sapat na ba ang 87600.00???

  • prangka

    The Philippines already has one of the lowest prices of cigarettes and alcohol in Southeast Asia AND THE HIGHEST ELECTRICITY RATE NEXT TO JAPAN.  Bakit ganun?
    Would have been better: The Philippines already has one of the highest prices of cigarettes and alcohol in Southeast Asia and the lowest electricity rate in the world.  Sana ganun.

  • ddano

    Look who are the people financing Ralph’s and Vilma’s campaign, past  and future.

  • kulittwit

    Magkano kaya?

  • yesyesyo

    May katangahan din ang senador na to. ngayon, dalawang panig na ang galit sa kanya. ang ayaw sa pagtaas ng tax at ang gustong itaas ang tax. 

    Kung sinunod mo lang ang proposal ng DOH, DOF, at lower house, sana naka score ka pa sa mga supporters ng tax increase. ENGOT!

  • antiqueno1127

    If no one will smoke the Phils. will save 144 Million Pesos.  Kahit mahalan mo iyan, may bibili pa rin.  So tax it so that the Phils. will have something to spend for keeping the health care system alive.

    Make sure doon talaga mapupunta.  I tax ninyo hanggang 100%, wala akong pakialam.  Hindi naman ako naninigarilyo.  Hindi ako affected.

  • DarkJustice

    Pera pera lang yan, di ba?????

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    “an equilibrium” 

    Recto, you are crafting a law to increase sin taxes to its maximum not to please the lobbyists……”equilibrium” You are a lawmaker not mediator!

  • hustlergalore

    Paano naman kasi si Ralph Recto ay tuta ni Lucio Tan.
    Ganyan din naman ang ginawa niya dati.
    Mareng Winnie wrote about him in her column.
    and we get the same reason as before.
    because of the watered down version,
    he introduced new E-BAK, este E-VAT to us.

    He did not win the re-election at that time because of that.
    But on the recent national election, he won because pinoys forgot about this.
    Now, it is happening again!

    Di na (tayo) natuto!


    • 12JEM

       What is wrong with the present E-Vat? What is the alternative to have a sound fiscal policy.  Abolish the E-Vat? Tell that to PNoy and his allies and let us see what you will get.  Kahit nga hilingin lang natin na bawasan kahit konti vat sa gasoline ay hindi tayo pinapakinggan.

      Which only means that E-Vat Law is fine. Otherwise there will be clamor for its repeal.

      Recto lost the elections of 2007 because he was made the lightning rod for what turned out to be a good law. If there was no E-vat where would have happened to the Philippines during the world financial crisis of 2008-2009?  At anong level ng budget deficit tayo ngayon kung walang E-vat?  Anyway, Recto was just the sponsor of the law in the Senate. It was passed after a democratic process and was duly signed by the President.
      Ang mga kasamang bumoto sa E-vat nag-suffer ba sa elections? No. Pinag-initan lang si Recto.

      Anyway, he was vendicated in the elections of 2010.
      Recto is one of the sharpest minds that we have in the Senate. He knows practical, call it pragmatic, economics.

  • Micashan

    Shame on us! We elected a Senator Recto!

    • Sarkasmos

       I never did. He is not his grandfather.

  • den

    Tinapatan siya ng pera? Nalagyan? Money changed hands?  Politico!

  • Sarkasmos

    Shame on you Ralph Recto. And to think you are the grandson of the late, great Claro M. Recto. Suffice to say, you are one Recto who is not Claro… Claro?!

  • superpilipinas

    Mababawasan ang shopping money ni misis.

    I smell corruption. DoF and DoJ intel agents should check.

    I never liked this person.

  • boyod

    mga migs pwde paki bura yung mga komments ni txt man dyan sa baba, wala nang word na masabi kung hindi pitiful parang PARROT, hunghang akala nya ok na xa 

    • joeybg

      pasensiyahan mo na si txtman dahil may ADHD yan , tingnan mo na lang kung paano magsulat ng comment niya lahat capital letters at wala naman sa lugar lahat ang comment niya at kapag wala ng masabi pang iba yan mumurahin ka, hindi naman sa Pinas nakatira yan nakikisabit lang sa mga comment dito at graduate din ng wanbol university.

    • angtangamo

      Alam mo kasi bago naging mag-asawa ang mga magulang ni txtman ay magkapatid muna sila. Nung dumating na sa tamang edad ay ang dalawang magkapatid ay nagpakasal. Ang resulta ay ang anak nila na si txtman na isang inbred at semi retarded. Hayaan mo na sya.

  • KenjiHimura

    Sen. Recto, what’s the use of getting those data from the different agencies (DOF DOH BIR etc) when in the final canto, these data or pieces of information will not be used and rendered useless as you envisioned in your version of the Sin Tax Reform Bill? I think Sen. Santiago’s is right when she called it the “death star bill”. 

    “It is an abject surrender to the very rich and very powerful tobacco and alcohol lobby,” Santiago said in a statement.” – It seems so indeed. 

  • Rommel Jason

    Well, Philip Morris (of Carabuena infamy) just happens to have established its manufacturing facility in Recto’s Batangas (definitely unrelated at all to Recto’s stand on the sin tax, no siree!). Philip Morris needs to be able to keep paying him his mind-numbing salary to afford him to abuse poor MMDA officers (I am referring to Carabuena here of course, you are being malicious!!)

  • Betz Chui

    Rectos VAT is one major reasons why the Philippines is strong today! Sin taxes, if you really want to stop these vices tax it 1 billion percent period.  Spend the earnings on it controlling smugling of cigs and alcohol, the jobs loses it would create, etc.etc. Prices is not the best tool to contain vices – the poor will get poorer, and the divide will get bigger and bigger. The best tool is education, show them the effects of these vices!! The sane, sober and realistic price increase is what is proposed by Recto, imo!! Do not look at it black and white – pera pera, kita ng gobyerno lamang as the reason of passing these laws. lets look at other implications etc. bago tayo tira ng tira..

    • Rommel Jason

      Yung education na pinagsasabi mo is an integral part of the health care system that needs to be financed by the sin tax. Yung pag control sa smuggling is totally a different activity and has to be resolved separately, lets not muddle the issue because the issue is really black and white. Squid tactic, or more appropriately smokescreen yan ng mga kumpanya ng sigarilyo.

  • SojuSaki

    Inday Miriam, next time, can you simply use the word shocked or dumbfounded instead of gobsmacked? 

    You are always leaving more than half of your colleagues in the senate especially the SLR boys in a confused state with your choice of words.

  • GMMTC11

    Thank you Ralph at least di namamayani ang kagustuhan ng iilan lang, paano naman kaming nakakarami na gusto noong mga bagay na yon. This is a democratic country kaya walang sapilitan. Ito na nga lang ang stress reliever ng mga maralita sa hirap ng buhay e kukunin nyo pa. Kung bisyo na lang ang pag uusapan di putulin na rin yong world slasher cup na sumasali ang Mister ni Tita Mirriam nananalo pa naman yong Dan Gray ni Toto Jun ang gagaling dapat may sin tax din na malaki yon.

  • Michael A

    Sen. Recto has a very interesting interpretation of the dismal science. Anong equilibrium??

  • speedstream2

    When will we ever learn? Are politicians to be trusted” Are they really public servants? Isn’t expediency the name of the game?

  • Chloroform

    “Smoking causes 240 deaths every single day”… at the (wiki July 2011) reported 5 deaths per 1000 population, that is almost half of our death rate… why don’t we just declare cigarettes and alcohol an illegal substance? 

  • joeybg

    Ayan ang napapala ng mga Tangang Bobo-tante sa Pinas na mahilig sa mga celebrity na puro baluktot ang katwiran…… maawa kayo sa Pinas .

  • 010609

    GO TXTMAN!!! hehe

  • Homer Guo

    dati na namang hudas si recto. basta pagdating sa tax, hudas sya. wag ng iboto yan kahit kelan.

  • kismaytami

    For universal health coverage kuno, pero ang PhilHealth NAGTAAS NG SINGIL!

  • padrefaura

    i-gas chamber si recto. gamiting usok ay buga ng phillip morris. 

  • otoling

    Puro kayo arte sa senado.  Unahin muna ninyo ang divorce law at FOI law bago yang sin taxes na yan, sintax sintaksss.  Walang kuenta yan.

  • isidro c. valencia

    Hail, hail, the sons and daughters of ” Marcos Gang” are here. 
    Dictator Marcos’ DNAs are alive. Who has that Marcos’ DNAs?  Villar, Recto, Drilon, Enrile,Estrada, Escudero, Zubiri, at marami pang iba.
    The Marcos DNA cells are preserved for a long time and are being activated now. Beware Filipinos. They come in many faces like Satan or Lucifer beaming lights (in the form of money) to attract victims. 

    We should totally ban cigarettes  because “smoking is dangerous and has proven to be detrimental to people’s health.”  People safety and health should be the paramount consideration.   

    • Jerome Caayao Serrano

      i want that DNA to be activated in me……..   atleast marcos had the vision….

      • KenKhoy


  • ah_ok_fine12

    hay nako– Recto again.
    pano ba yan nanalo eh hindi naman yan makabayan. kainis, nakakinit ng ulo!

    Go tiyay Mirriam- ipagtanggol ang Pinas!!

  • $23257130

    recto resign. pppppppwwwweeehhh. kadiri

    • ern

      hindi ba siya rin si vatman?

  • Chris P Pnono

    paki usap lng sa mga kababayan ko ..isama si ralp  recto sa mga hindi iboboto sa senado kasama mga artistang kandidato……mag pakatino kayo.hwag padadala sa mga pamilya ng mga artista.

  • abbaj

    obvious na yang si ralph recto santos ay nasa payroll ni lucio tan at philip morris. alam ng lahat na kaya lang na elect yan ay dahil kay vilma. alam ng lahat sa lipa na isang yagit lang yang si recto bago naging asawa ni santos. matakaw sa pera yan walang kahihiyan. yung kapatid nyan nagtatago pa rin dahil sa pag tanim ng bomba sa hummer ni gov sanchez noon. kung magaling ang pagkatao ni ralph santos dapat isunuko niya ang kapatid nya.

  • Mattino2011

    Recto corrupt…nagtagumpay lobbyist…magkano kaya?

  • el_latigo

    The question, Hon. Ralph Recto,  is a SOL (screaming out loud): How much? Never ever leave everything to politicians. Chances are you will not only be Sottomized and  quislinged in the end you will also get gobsmacked as well.

  • miiron


  • Betz Chui

    30 pesos tax per pack of cigarette is too much..poor smokers will suffer, lolz. The government should not be too greedy, 10 to 15 pesos is enough! Let all be reasonable. However, for beer and alcohol as they are the ones that makes people crazy when drunk, the government should tax it 100 pesos per liter – effects? It will promote local industries of beverages from tuba, lambanog, tipay, and various other wines. IMO, Rectos proposal is more sober and practical.

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    This is Recto’s way of controlling population growth. He wants to increase the number of poor people who die from alcohol and cigarette induced sickness by keeping them affordable.

  • 12JEM

    Gawing 500 pesos ang isang kaha ng Yosi

    1. Para mataas ang Revenue…..Henares

    2. Para mabawasan ang naninigarilyo para healthy ang Filipino

    Where is the Logic? 1. 500 pesos per pack…walang bibili…walang collection…No revenue si Henares.  Pero healthy naman dahil wala nang naninigarilyo? No way, because smugging will become rampant. people will be smoking just the same but not paying any tax to the government.

    Santiago, Henares, Ona…is 60 Billion the OPTIMUM?  Patunayan ninyo iyan sa Senado sa Monday.

    Huwag agad kayong Putak nang Putak…Nagtrabaho rin ang committee ni Recto at sa palagay ng Ways and Means Committee ay ang OPTIMUM ay tax intake of 15Billion.


    • NickS

      Walang bibili, walang maninigarilyo. Healthy lahat   If there will be smuggling.  Hulihin ang smugglers and let them pay a hefty fine enough for them not to do business anymore. 

      • remyr

        Tama ka, and put a higher oenalty or parusa to those smugglers para magisip mabuti.

      • 12JEM

        Easier said than done especially in a country like the Philippines where anti-smuggling authorities become easy prey to those who will employ bribery.

    • Yxon

      an option is to not use government services for smoking related sicknesses..he he

  • Andrew

    who the hell is TXTMAN??? he is such a f#@$%^ idiot. I can tell he does not reside in the Philippines. I’ll try my tagalog for you…mali mali grammar mo…at mayabang ka. of course the taxes here in the USA are astronomical…what the F&$# are you talking about? It’s by state to state and the reason behind it is health!…why should the federal government pay for dying patients who abused their lives for years when they could have easily avoided these toxic substances. Sin taxes are meant to curb people from the abuses of these products. it’s as simple as that..stop eluding the filipino folks from believing the real don’t even have to mention hourly salary. cos again, they vary by state….and it has nothing to do with my purchasing power…it’s a personal choice. your government is right…that lady senator is right…other senator just better off quit!

    • angtangamo

      Alam mo kasi bago naging mag-asawa ang mga magulang ni txtman ay
      magkapatid muna sila. Nung dumating na sa tamang edad ay ang dalawang
      magkapatid ay nagpakasal. Ang resulta ay ang anak nila na si txtman na
      isang inbred at semi retarded. Hayaan mo na sya.

  • superpilipinas

    While you’re at it you might as well legalize marijuana. Never mind the effects to most people just to earn some tax money.

    And oh … you could also earn from the drug lords. It’s no difference to tobacco lobbyist money. Sell your soul for a trip to hell.

  • Onofre

    Definitely, Recto is paid a billion from the sin companies.  It is cheaper to pay a corrupt senator than to pay the tax.  He is lawyering for them as you can see.

    • divictes

      The Arithmetic is clear: 60 billion to 15 billion, now let’s split the difference. Tunga ‘ta laban imo.

  • bert / teddy

    Classic case of senator for sale strikes again. hirap na hirap e connect ang report nya sa reality. Kaya nga gustong taasan ang presyo para mabawasan ang maninigarilyo,at the same time kumita ang gobyerno, bakit para kay Recto ay mas importante ang buwis kesa sa kalusugan ng mga Filipino? talaga palang nakakabulag ang lobby money…..

  • 12JEM


    Who is afraid of the Senate  Ways and Committe Report on Sin Tax? Who is afraid of Recto?

    Why are you afraid? 
    Defend your position in the Senate..Henares and Santiago…Huwag muna kayo PUTAK NANG PUTAK.

  • jpmd88

    Is he not the same guy that authored the oil deregulation law??

  • 88Cindy

    tsk tsk. magkano kaya ang ipinangakong papasko ng philip morris.

  • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

    Henares said. “So if no one is smoking, then the government will be saving P144 billion.”

    So would be if no one were driving cars, from car related issues both directly (accident) and indirectly (pollutants).

    So would be if all knives and guns and other ‘weapons’ would be disallowed.

    So would be if we reduce the number of people in our country

    GO RH Bill….


  • remyr

    Ang bisyo ay bisyo. Kahit na anong gawin mong pagbawal, gagawin at gagawin pa rin. The Sin Tax, kahit i-implement iyan, the manufacturers and companies will still prosper. Sa US mataas ang tax ng cigarettes and liquor, but still ang lakas pa rin ng business na ito and there are still people willing buy. In the Philippines, this will be good, of all the taxes to impose to citizens, ito ang maganda, you put higher taxes to the movie industries, sa sine, food, etc, kahit na nagrereklamo na ang mga tao, pero may nanunuod pa rin, ito pa kayang bisyo na nakakakapamak sa kalusugan ng tao, hindi magawa? Tsk, tsk.

    • KenKhoy

      bro. puede rin ba na tawagin ang pagnakaw sa kaban ng bayan na bisyo….peace

      • reddfrog

        We should tax that.

      • remyr

        Naku, lalong hindi bibigyan ng tax iyan!

  • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

    On one hand, there is truth in taxing something to death, which would mean the >30B would be a long shot.

    On the other, it is sin tax. Taxes for those considered vices that later affect the community and the people as a whole, particular expenses on trying to cure chronic addicts.

    Its like a chronic alcohol abuser with liver failure getting on top of liver transplant recipient list, when others on the line are more worthy.


    • marionics

      baka maging mala 1920s style prohibition sa amerka noon

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        hehehhe reminiscing the old days? lol

        baka di borderline ang sinasayaw mo nun, baga ragtime.


      • marionics

        pinapalabas na kasi new season ng boardwalk empire e. tantya ko diyan pag nag mahal masyado ang yosi at alak e magkaka smuggling na yan gaya nung prohibition in some such form or another. yung mga mahirap talaga malamang lambanog tuba o moonshine o kaya mga fake na na alak etc

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        gin bulag, here we come

      • marionics

        if worse comes to worst ok na rin lambanog at tuba

  • Rolly257

    Malakas maglagay ang mga tobacco companies…hindi kaya nalagyan yang si Recto. Wala yatang namana sa kanyang lolo…lahat yata sa tatay?

  • damuhoka

    And this is the guy who also sponsored the E-Vat Law!
    Bottomline of the law: minimize tobacco use! = kumonti ang namamatay sa cancer and tuberclsis.
    therefore: He is PRO tobacco farmers and MONEY vs cancer patients and detriment of health for this country!

    • 12JEM

      What is wrong with the E-Vat Law?

      Why is there no move on the part of the administration of PNoy to abolish the E-Vat Law altogether?

      The truth is that the E-Vat Law is the one measure that has contributed much to our acceptable fiscal policy.

      • damuhoka

        The e-vat is the govt ‘compromise’ to a stagnant economy.  look abroad, we have one of the highest VAT rates.

        I dont think a person who earns a minimum, who also deserves some form of comfort in life doesnt need to pay an additional 3Pesos for a 25Pesos hamburger?

  • Wilfredo

    don’t expect to win on the next election

  • Tamakana

    Isa pang issue sa paninigarilyo ay yung basurang ididudulot nito. Imagine yung filter na di nasusunog at non-biodegradable – san ba nila ito itinatapon – if one is to gather all of these I bet tinotolada ang maiipon everyday !

  • reddfrog

    Let the smokers smoke until they die of lung cancer. Let the drunkards drink until their liver gives out. It’s nature’s way of weeding out the inferior among us.

    • divictes

      Well,except that what they smoke, we inhale; when they had too much drink, they cause alarm and scandal and when they drive drunk… God help us.

  • Marcos5

    Yan ang  utak- pera pera si recto.

    • justjarred

       pera pera lang talaga si recto. sya din ang may pakana ng 12% vat .

  • ThudOthwacker

    Why kill the goose that lays the golden egg? 
    Why prevent people for an affordable luxuries? 

    Sin tax?

    So is it morally right to squeeze people for more revenue to balance the budget? I have a crazier idea. Why not trim down on excessive expenses? Oh like the barrel of PORK provision annually.

    Everything that is more than enough is bad. Same thing with the sin tax, greediness is one of the deadly sins. The gibberish lady senator I assumed knew that too. 

    • NiJuSan

      You are missing the point..

      • ThudOthwacker

        What “missing the point”? 

        Run those companies to the ground….. Steal extra dough for small luxuries. 
        If no one buys then no tax income for the government, get it?

      • SoulEdge

        I think you really missed the point. The government is spending 114 billion for for treating four major ailments due to smoking, as Com Henares said in this article. Abonado pa ang gobyerno sa kinikita sa buwis ngayon sa tobacco.

      • ThudOthwacker

        Aside from the sin tax. They also collect e-vat, estate tax, capital gain tax. income tax, inheritance tax, road tax etc.. The gross collection of taxes are in multi-trillion pesos. 

        You noobs are the reason why government gets away easily when cornered.

    • psychosomatic

      Why kill the goose that lays the golden egg?
         — the tobacco and alcohol industry is not the golden egg of Philippine economy.  To date, the “golden egg” that manages/sustains Philippine economy are: (a) dollar remittances from OFWs; and (b) electronic manufacturing, to name a few.  Definitely not the tobacco and alcohol industry.  So your rhetoric question is misleading.  Probably its the golden egg for the privileged few, particularly the owners of the companies in those industries.  
       Why prevent people for an affordable luxuries? 
      —  Again, a misnomer.  “Luxury” means that the product is expensive that only a few can afford.  Cigarettes/Alcohol are cheap that’s why the poor people can easily buy them.  
      Sin tax?
      So is it morally right to squeeze people for more revenue to balance the budget? I have a crazier idea. Why not trim down on excessive expenses? Oh like the barrel of PORK provision annually.
      —  In business, increasing revenues and minimizing costs always go hand in hand.  So why not do both right? 
      Everything that is more than enough is bad. Same thing with the sin tax, greediness is one of the deadly sins.
      — You’re right.  Same principle applies to the business owners.  The added cost can always be passed to the end consumers.  So why are they lobbying hard against the sin tax bill?  Greediness.  They don’t want their present profitability (which is probably in the millions or billions) to go down.  Plain and simple.

      • ThudOthwacker

        You have taken everything out of context. The sins tax are passed on to the consumers once it shipped out of the factory. The corporations pays their annual corporate tax and other duties, its apart from the sins tax. Every sectors that the government earns from are nesting geese. 

        Misnomer!? Really LOL

        Another definition of luxury is “a pleasure out of the ordinary allowed to oneself”. A weekly habit of sundae choco mcdip is the same manner as a habitual addiction of smokers and drinkers.

        “In business, increasing revenues and minimizing costs always go hand in hand.  So why not do both right? ” ~psychosomatic

        Don’t compare business sectors with the government. Business needs capitalisation to function. While the government create new edict and forcefully impose with threats.

        Government invent every form of taxes to extort legally. If you knew your Economics 101. All taxes are output taxes. 

        “The added cost can always be passed to the end consumers.  So why are they lobbying hard against the sin tax bill?  Greediness.  They don’t want their present profitability (which is probably in the millions or billions) to go down.  Plain and simple.” ~psychosomatic

        Because it will make their products expensive. DUH!? Business small or large invest money. They are the one taking the risk not the government. Whether they break even or not. The government only cares for the tax they collect.

  • jseesus

    basta politico asawa artista cgurado mga corrupt…

  • Commentator

    I think the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes should be controlled. And one way to this is to let the government control the selling and distribution of alcohol and cigarettes all over the country. The idea of financing health care from sin taxes seems weird since it is like getting the cure fund  from the consumption that led to sickness.

  • dragon27

    “Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, one of the authors of the measure, 
    called on students and social media users to register their protest
    against what she called the ‘death star bill.'”

    Coming from Sen. Santiago at that, it is an admission that: (1) Our
    political leaders (executive and legislative) or at least their family
    and staff who give them feedback, read the forums in cyberspace, such as this one in the
    internet; (2) Despite their stoic or “do not care” attitude, they are in
    fact deeply affected by the general sentiment of the people, even if
    only 3 out of 10 (says another study) Filipinos have access to internet;
    (3) we can affect government actions and policy.

    This is an affirmation of the power of the cyberspace and the growing voice of the citizens/netizens thru the internet! If EDSA 2 was facilitated by media and the cellphone (text messaging), another revolution, this time a subtler, but more powerful change is coming to bring us out of our stupor thru the cyberspace. We do have a voice, and we have to harness it responsibly.

    I believe it started with the impeachment trial of CJ Corona, where raw
    comments in this and other forums showed the Senators the loss of trust
    of the majority of the population and voted accordingly. Subsequently, there is the resignation of Puno, the
    Sotto fiasco where the Senator seems to have lost his cool, the
    snowballing of the move to amend or scrap the cyber law act, even the
    rift between Enrile and Trillanes where, although initially damaged by
    the attack of Enrile, Trillanes seems to have emerged as favored the
    underdog, with the tide changing in his favor.

    I might be hoping too much, but I see the possibility of the internet being used in the legislative process not only in the way Senator Guingona was proposing in his bill, but in a more direct way, like, citizens directly voting for bills into laws, and amending, inserting or removing provisions of a bill or law. Why not give every voter an internet account where they could log in to vote for a bill. It can be as secure as the e-banking by commercial banks. in time, legislation may be owned by the direct participation of the people, and not only thru (or even removing) voting a person to represent a group of people. Internet now makes more possible the provision in the constitution allowing for passage of legislation by the people.

    There’s no way but up for our country!


      I strongly agree with you Dragon27! The public opinion of Filipinos can and should be harnessed to serve as an effective “people participation” in our country’s legislation process. Our unified voices and votes are the emerging affirmation of Filipino empowerment toward political maturity. MABUHAY ANG PILIPINAS AT MASANG PILPINO!

  • Don Aldac

    Ipag bawal na ang sigarilyo kasi matagal nanag napatunayan na masama sa tao yan!

  • RyanE

    What is the difference between Sen. Sotto’s cyber crime law and Sen. Recto’s sin tax bill? Sen. Sotto inserted the libel provision to protect his hide while Sen. Recto proposed a lower tax to protect Lucio Tan et al, and perhaps receive a big fat envelop.

  • AgapitoBagumbayan

    Recto is a crook. Simple as that.


    matagal pa ang mahal na araw , bakit ang aga ipinagkalulo ni hudas este VATMAN ang taong bayan.

  • carlorocci

    She (Henares) stressed that it should be regarded as a “health measure,” rejecting Recto’s explanation that he could not propose hefty taxes on tobacco, beer and other alcoholic drinks because this would discourage people from buying these and thus, would mean less revenues.
    Hindi alam ni Senatong Vatman Recto ang dahilan ng pagpataw ng SIN TAXES, ito ay para maitaas ang presyo ng mga pambisyong produkto para kaunti na lang ang bumili…..

    VATMAN RECTO allowed full implementation of 12% VAT to basic services and commodities.  

    Ngayon kalahati lang ang pinataw nya para sa mga pambisyo na produkto…..



    Bakit parang tobacco products lang ang pinag-uusapan nila??? how about liquors??? marami din ang nadadale sa alak…how many accidents happen everyday in the country because of alcohol???

  • rosamistika16

    i can’t imagine recto’s justification for his version of sin tax bill!  i would say it is not equilibrium bcuz you do not look at the welfare of the poor who is the prime consumer of tobacco and liquor.  recto might be one of smokers and a drunkard that is why he is afraid to raise the cost of it.

  • tipay

    ” P144 billion is spent to treat the four major ailments caused by smoking and collects P45 billion from taxes of tobacco” so the government will be saving P99 billion  annually. That’s. a lot of money. Then why not just kill this industry and use the P99 billion on any generating income industry that will hire the dislodge employees of these  companies and  financial support for an alternative farming for the farmers. 
    P99 billion can almost hire 400,000 workers 

  • johnlordphilip

    Recto and Marcos are just showing their REAL colors… PRO-RICH!!! Protectors of big companies!

  • Rap88

    Simple lang, pera pera lang sa senado, do not trust any goddam senators we have, pinapaikot lang tayo ng mga walanghiya na ‘yan, sorry but just expressing my true emotion and feeling.

  • John TWT

    If only Recto could see for himself the thousands of students, even those in the elementary grades, who smoke nonchalantly, because they could afford stuff like Fortune, which costs less than a peso…
    Yes, it’s a health measure more than anything else.
    What equilibrium is he talking about? This economic theory is immaterial.
    Besides, equilibrium is a function of market forces in a free economy, and not one that is determined by government.
    Government intervention in this case should not be equated with equilibrium. This is a matter of policy, driven by the need to meet specific desired results.

  • Sumintao

    ito dapat ang prioridad na ipinaglalaban ng cbcp kesa rh bill… mas maraming pinapatay to!!!

    • hustlergalore

      there is no sex involved. so they wouldnt care. LOL

      • peach black

        tama. reak lang mga pari kapag sex ang involved. they’re annoyed they can’T HAVE “LEGAL” sex with boys or girls kaya dapat kayo rin. inggit ba?


    Kung sa eleksyon ay may dagdag-bawas na sistema ng pandaraya ng mga politiko, mga lobiyista naman ang kumakasangkapan sa mga Senador at Kongresista ( hindi ko naman nilalahat ) para gumawa ng batas na nakakabuti lang sa interes ng nag-haring uri.

  • AngelMananquil

    Dr. Mananquil asked: 
    Do you mean Sen. Ralph Recto committed a “Sin” on his version of “Sin Tax


    My Prayer: Forgive them Father for he doesn’t know what he’s
    doing, Amen.

  • Branch_Warren

    I hope this is the start of your downfall, Recto.
    The Sin tax is NOT just to get tax and still encourage people to smoke and drink. IT is two ways.
    We are trying to cut down expenses on health care for those with lung cancer and drinking related disease and here you go favoring Philip Morris which is situated in Tanauan, Batangas (coincidental??).

    I say, place very high tax on cigarattes and alcoholic drinks. Let those that really want to smoke and drink buy and waste excessive money on those.

    Change the EVAT to make sure it only covers “luxury” items. The EVAT is originally intended for luxury. The more you buy, the more will be taxed on you.

  • Mananandata69

    Tama lang yan ginawa ni Recto.They have to meet halfways. If you increase cigarette tax, price would increase also. The effect, few people would enjoy cigarette smoking. If it happens, cigarette manufacturers would close business. Many workers would be jobless.

  • LucianoChing

    I believe a lot of our politicians are again grandstanding on the issue of the sin tax bill…What is there to fear about regarding Rectos’ proposal?You mean to say that Recto can defeat what the gov’t.would like to happen on this bill,e.i. collect bigger tax?We have a popular gov’t as what the survey says, yet looks like the gov’t can’t win this one?Before Pnoys’ time, even unpopular bills became laws..The present gov’t would be inutile if Rectos’ ways and means committe will prevail over what amount gov’t. would like to collect in the sin tax bill….If bad laws were passed during the bad gov’t.time,I don’t see no reason why good laws will not pass during these good gov’t. time….Nakakasira ulo talaga ang mga pulitikong Pinoy…Kailan kau magbabago?To the technocrats in the Aquino gov’t. better resign your positions and let high school graduates fill-up the vacancies…OMG!WTF!

  • argz

    Diyos ko, mag-isip muna kayo!!!

    Okay, tinaas ang taxes ng alcohol at tobacco. Ano mangyayari? Smuggling!!!! ang dali-dali magpasok sa backdoor natin. Bulag pa ang taga-customs pag nalagyan na. Sino ang kumita? Dayuhang tobacco at alcohol producers. Bago natin itaas ang ‘sin taxes’, siguruhin natin na mapipigilan natin ang pagdagsa ng illegal (at walang buwis) na smuggled cigarettes at alcohol.

    Mas malaki ang mawawala sa gobyerno, at malaki din ang mawawalan ng trabajo kapag kumalat na ang smuggled goods at nagbawas ng produksyon ang local na tobacco at alcohol. Mula sa mga nagtatanim, sa nagbi-viaje, nagma-manufacture and dealers and retailers ay babagsak ang kita pag pumasok ang smuggling. Mababawasan din ang buwis na makukuha ng gobyerno dahil bababa ang benta ng local na produkto.

    Isip muna, bago ibukas ang bigbig (o pumindot sa keyboard).

    • damatannapo

      Marlboro isang kaha: Pilipinas 35 petot, Thailand 100 petot, Singapore 350 petot at sa NYC US$11 x 43 ang isang kaha

      • sonic99363

        aus P600 = 1 kaha

      • agzabat

        Sa Malaysia at Indonesia ay magiging mas mura kapag nagtaas tayo ng taxes, at pag nangyari yan ay smuggling ang mangyayari. Sa US iyan ang naging problema. Datihindi nakakabili ang minors, ngayon walang pinipili ang smugglers.

        Mas malaki kita kaysa sa droga, hindi pa grabe ang parusa, kaya maraming nag smuggle ng cigarettes.

    • isabelaboy

      IMHO, saka na lang isipin yang sa mga backdoors at smuggling.  kasi lalong walang mangyayari kapag pagsasabayin lahat na isipin ang mga problema. and besides, may ibang government agencies to tackle those problems sa smuggling.  concentrate muna sa lawmaking, imho

  • Janch

    Do we really have to protect the tobacco industry?  Shouldn’t the local and national leaders from the north be doing something to shift to a more lucrative and healthier industry for their constituents?  E the farmers don’t really earn much, it’s the companies who are benefiting from tobacco farming.

    And Recto is defending this bill like its a simple revenue generating legislation.  It isn’t.  It’s a health and welfare legislation as well.  He thinks tobacco and alcohol products should be kept affordable to encourage people to buy them and provide continuous source of income for the government in the form of taxes when what government should be do is discourage the public from starting the habit of smoking and drinking.

  • Lifeisfull

    Aanhin pa ang “damo” kung mura pa ring lalabas ang presyo ng sigarilyo? Kawawa naman ang mga tobacco farmers ng Ilocos? Bakit? tabako lang ba ang pwedeng tumubo sa lupa ng Ilocos? Hindi naman lihim na kahit masamang damo, pwedeng tumubo kahit saan. Maski rin sa Senado. And what is equilibrium? What particular balance are we talking about and what standards or comparables? Who sets the parameters? All we know, is that this vice is dangerous and very expensive, far more expensive than the suit Sen. Recto wears. Cutting taxes on tobacco is very un-Filipino. This senator deserves some lashings!

  • psychosomatic

    I agree, there’s nothing wrong with the E-Vat Law.  I just had a problem when Recto tampered with it.  Initially, power/electricity producers could not pass the VAT to end-consumers in order to spare the Filipino people from the financial burden of paying a high electricity bill.  Thus, as far as electricity is concerned, it’s the power producers who will shoulder the VAT (much like an end-consumer). But when Recto came into the picture, he suddenly removed this provision, effectively making us ordinary folk responsible for paying VAT for electricity.  That’s why I never (and will never) vote for Recto.  Recto crafts bills/laws that are always in favor of big business.  His claim of trying to reach “equilibrium” between big business and the ordinary Pinoy is all bullshit.

  • ben311

    tangalin na yan si recto !

  • rudy_boy

    RECTO is no different
    from other legislators of this country.

    Everybody is
    aware that a lobbyist will allocate millions to billions of pesos just to
    opposed/modify a Bill purely BENEFICIAL to the people, but DETRIMENTAL  to their business.

    That’s the
    Recto’s way…and that’s most Legislators ways.

    It’s not in
    equilibrium, Mr. Senator.

    He tilted
    the Bill to favor the rich businessmen ( aka;  Lobbyist).  Obviously, he won’t do it without personal
    reason$….GARAPAL!  Remember, the era
    of  GMA is over ( the very reason why the
    Senator abandoned her).

    Senator Marcos
    is a Senator representing only the Region of Ilocos, not of the entire nation.
    It’s basic, a bill should be beneficial to many, not to few. Hence, to favor a
    few is not an equilibrium, dito mi-tama si Recto.

    KUDOS to the
    straight forward government executives (DOF, BIR in particular) in exposing this
    issue to public.


  • romeo solina

    Mention of Singapore is irrelevant. It does not produce/plant tobacco.

  • samuel

    Bat pa kasi Binoto,, Dahil ba kay Vilama Santos…Tsk. Tsk. Tsk, kontrabida ka Tuloy.

  • NinjaMan

    jesus christ… if that’s the problem, then ban smoking! stupid stupid stupid idiots!!!!

  • michael

    ganda sana kung talagang babalik rin sa mga tao ang tax ng bill na ito….eh alam nyo naman ang daming kurakot dito sa pinas…pwede ba gumawa rin sila ng deadly sin tax bill para sa mga kurakot???

  • samuel

    Those taxes will help not to increase other taxes like Evat. Professional Taxes and will cover the lost of tax perks given by foreign Company.

  • Boy Dalius

    Smoking is the greatest insult to the intelligence of man.

    Everyone knows everything about smoking is bad – yet its openly and widely allowed.

    P.S. Yung smuggling di dapat gawing scapegoat yun. Problema na ng law enforcement yun. Style nyo bulok.

  • Albin

    P144Billion to treat smoking ailments? E, di ipagbawal ang paninigarilyo – starting sa malacanang.

  • juniorjuan

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest! These law makers and bureaucrats are unbelievably too ignorant and with no other way to generate extra revenue to finance the healthcare system. How about start by outlawing tobacco, be the first!   

  • yatot

    Dami nyo pang sinasabi, presyohan na yang sigarilyo ng 150/pack!

    Huwag iboto ang politikong ayaw sa mataas na presyo ng sigarilyo!

    • EOJ

      Katangahang comment. meron na bang bansa na nag total ban sa smoking?

  • 12JEM

     Okay, hintayin natin ang debate sa Senate. The Ways and Means Committee Report will be presented by Recto. The report is a Recommendation.

    Everyone against the report will have all the time and opportunity  to present their own version.

    Okay, Debate Na.      Handa kayong lahat. Ipakita ninyo ang inyong galing sa paglalahad ng kung ano ang ibig ninyo. Be cool. Huwag HYSTERICS agad.

    Ang hindi maganda kung anu-ano nang accusations agad.

  • Ferdinand Poe

    RECTO betrayed us not only once but twice, remember EVAT?  Now SIN TAXES? Who will be culprit and who will benefit or shall I say twice who was/were benefited? Every time we speak of taxes the ultimate “CULPRIT” definitely are US CONSUMERS!!!!

    • iduniq

      EVAT I think was a good law.  The rich are more affected with it than the poor.  Why?  It is the rich who buys more (also more expensive products) so they will be taxed more.  The tax generated is an additional revenue for the government; funds for government services.

  • noynoyingalways

    HEHE Grabe si Sen. Recto!~!!! =) NagTaka pa sila bakit nagiba bigla si Sen. Recto =) LOL Wag na kasi IBOTO LOL

    Tama si PNOY Dapat Start na mag STOP ng Smoking LOOOOL Lakas nyan manigarilyo  LOL

  • Boy Dalius

    No to smoking. PERIOD.

  • disqusted0fu

    is this a trend now? revising the bill last minute and see if they can get away with it? just like the cybercrime law.

  • damatannapo

    Health > revenues. May kasabihan aanhin mo ang maraming pera kung may sakit ka naman

  • kapatad

    may interpellation and debate pa yan sa plenary ng Senate. Kung magaling at puedeng itumba yung proposal ni Recto, bakit ba hindi, masyado kayong nababahala kay Recto eh iisa lang ang boto ni Recto diyan sa bill na iyan,.

    • agustin

       that is what you think, Trillanes have publicly announced that he is not in favor of big tax for these companies, so is also Enrile and his loyal dogs.

  • Jean

    it’s clear Sen. Recto is working for the tobacco and alcohol industry and not for the Filipino people who voted him to office. the future deaths of many Filipinos due to diseases caused by tobacco and alcohol, will be upon him and other lawmakers supporting this watered-down bill. 

  • Brox Jolly Be


  • loweh74

    Taasan sin tax.. tanggalin EVAT!

  • NiJuSan

    ..itaas na ang tax nyan.. para mahirap na manigarilyo. pati yung mga hindi naninigarilyo nadadamay. tinatamaan ng second hand smoke..

  • agustin

    Sen.( VAT) Recto is a traitor to the filipino people.he master minded the additional tax burden the VAT to us. He now protects the interest of big companies (tobacco & wine) by cutting 45 billion pesos from the original of 60 billion pesos to only 15 billion pesos.he seems to received big amount of money out from the lobbying of these giant corporation. I did not say he is corrupt,but do you think so ?

    • Juan Tamadachij

      Yes, I most definitely  think so too.. 

  • Albin

    Sa show no kris aquino, sinabihan ng utol ni penoy si chiz escudero na tumigil na sa paninigarilyo.
    sagot ni chiz, “kapag tumigil na si penoy”.
    Nagmukang eng eng si kris.

    • sanjuan683

      Di bali tumutunga naman siya ng Pantene. hehehehehehe

  • Benjamin

    palpak na naman si VATman…

  • Robert Tomas

    Madam Miriam, time to retaliate!!!

  • Pablo Juan

    It’s complicated = Money

  • dor


    • sanjuan683

      heheheheh welfare ng bulsa niya at pabor mula kay Luciofer. huaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Arthur Arevalo

    i don’t think Senator Recto betrayed the Filipino people… why? we should understand simple economics before judging him… maybe we can start by asking Are taxes fair or unfair? we all knew that taxes are used by the government for its operations.. my answer to the question is “It depends” on the tax burden or the distribution of the payment of tax between the consumers & producers.. 

    If the burden of tax are to be taken to an extreme and hurt producers and firms, who actually imploys factors of production including labor of poor households.. what do you think will happen? are they going to produce the goods and services? or simply close shop?

    and what is equilibrium? It is simply a state where the quantity that the sellers are willing & able to produce or sell is EQUAL to the quantity that buyers are willing and able to buy at the same and one and only price… please take not the word “Willing and Able”. 

    The key is .. there should always be a BALANCE…


    • Descarte

      We don’t need balance here.  We are after making people quit smoking and drinking and not after the revenue.  Revenue can come from other sources but not from sin.

    • sanjuan683

      Ano balance ba ang pinagsasabi mo mas maraming nagkakasakit dahil sa mabaho hininga (mo) dulot ng usok ng sigarilyo. Sakit na TB dulot sa pagiging sugapa sa yosi. Sa tingin ko wala sila karapatan pausukin ang kapaligiran dahil sa cigarette. Ano pa hangin sariwa ang masasagap. Ikaw kaya pausukan ng usok ng sigarilyo sa maghapon sigurado lawit ang dila mo. hehehehehehehe

    • dor


  • prince_janus

    Bitayin si Recto na pumapabor sa malalaking kompanya ng tabako. Malaki na ang ginagastos ng gobyerno sa mga nagkakasakit dulot ng paninigarilyo. Gawing hindi abot ng mamamayan ang presyo nito para hihinto na ang lahat sa bisyo at makakatipid ang gobyerno at di madamay ang ibang tao walang kamuwangmuwang sa paninigarilyo. Ship Recto to Panatag Shoal as soon as possible. We don’t need his explanation anymore. Pahirap talaga siya sa taumbayan. Noon EVAT at ngayon ay SIN TAX na naman. Talagang nababayaran ang senatong na ito.

    • prince_janus


      • Descarte

        Bakit kaya hindi ilipat ang Senado sa Panatag Shoal?  Ano sa palagay nyo?

    • sanjuan683

      Dinadaan lang tayo sa tawa ng gugu senaor na ito.

  • itsmorefuninthephilippines

    pahirap talaga itong taong to sa mamayang pilipino…mabuti sana kung nagbabayad talaga ng tamang buwis ang mga negosyanteng mayayaman at naibabalik ng tama kay juan dela cruz…eh hindi naman =P

    • sanjuan683

      Sigurado kulang dahil binayad sa lobby sa daan patungo Recto Manila. hehehehe

  • lucidlynx

    Yung sa mga hindi nakakaintindi, mas bumaba ang taxes on cigarettes and alcohol. P15B lang instead of the proposed target na P60B. Eh ang Pilipino maraming nagsisigarilyo at umiinom.

    Kaya lang, mas nakinabang ang mga tobacco and alcohol businesses. 
    So, magbasa muna kayo ng mabuti mga bobo! 

    Ako dapat ang mag-reklamo kasi I am for higher taxes on tobacco and alcohol products because I don’t smoke and only drink little.

    • sanjuan683

      Hindi ka nga naninigarilyo pareho tayo kaso yun hangin na binuga nila na galing sa katawan nila may sakit (TB) sigurado masisinghot natin kailangan magsuot tayo mask with oxygen para safe. hehehehehehehehe

  • lucidlynx

    anong pahirap? mas mababa nga ang proposed duties sa alcohol and tobacco. basahin mong mabuti.

  • EOJ

    Magkano ba ralph?

  • Kakashi

    “”hefty taxes on tobacco, beer and other alcoholic drinks because this would discourage people from buying these and thus, would mean less revenues.””
    ang point nga para wlng bumili,kc nga masama sa kalusugan.ung revenue,additional income lng un kung sakali.ang problema kc,mas maraming disadvantage sa bisyo n ito.

  • Lateralus

    mukhang successful ang tobacco lobbyists, palusot na lang ang equilibrium2x na yan. This is essentially a health issue, kaya tinaasan ang tax para madiscourage ang pagsisigarilyo at pag iinom, economic benefits are secondary. pambihira ka, ralph!

    • sanjuan683

      Ganyan talaga ang tanga senador may pa-equilibrium palusot-lusot pa kahit ano sabihin TB/Cancer ang wakas.

  • virgoyap

    The first time Recto also betrayed the Filipino people when he proposed the E-VAT law.

    • Descarte

      Kaya nga di ko sya binoto pero nanalo pa rin.

    • sanjuan683

      Kaya ang tawag sa kanya ay VATMAN alias nikotine.

  • iduniq

    I think the right thing to do is to raise sin tax as much as possible but they have to take into consideration smuggling of these products could become a problem if these products are more expensive compared with other countries.

  • It’s No Time To Doubt Now

    You can’t stop smoking. You can’t stop cigarette smuggling. You can however limit the public places where smokers can smoke. You can further limit the places where tobacco products are sold. You can impose heavier penalties on those who put the lives and health of second-hand smoke victims at risk. You can legislate to deny extra public healthcare coverage to those who are suffering from tobacco-related diseases. You can let low-income smokers who rely on public hospitals for help to die sooner and lessen the burden on the state. It also has the added benefit of lessening the number of poor voters who tend to vote poorly. With lesser burden on the state, you lessen the need to increase tax revenues. Those who can afford to smoke and afford to get treated when they finally fall ill, can spend their way back to recovery out of their own pocket.

    Smoking is a lifestyle choice. Instead of letting Ralph Recto enjoy too much time in bed with the tobacco lobby and make a fool of us, let us decide for ourselves. Let us be responsible and pay for our own life choices. Smoke at your own peril. And leave Ralph Recto’s wife Darna to play the fool if she doesn’t know it yet.

    • D_BystandeR

      Your suggestions on how to treat the problem of some people getting sick because of “smoking, drinking, etc.” is for the government to deny “treatment” if they go to hospitals sounds sadistic but I agree that if only to lessen government expenses it should also include to develop a system where politicians can no longer make money on any of their sponsored projects and that those government officials found receiving huge compensation should be asked to surrender the “excess” to the government to provide added savings for other worthy projects to the poor.

      • It’s No Time To Doubt Now

        I’d like to see such an iron-clad fool-proof system be put in place. Chances are, our officials will never run out of ways to bilk the coffers still.

  • yesyesyo

    May katangahan din ang senador na to. ngayon, dalawang panig na ang galit
    sa kanya. ang ayaw sa pagtaas ng tax at ang gustong itaas ang tax. 

    Kung sinunod mo lang ang proposal ng DOH, DOF, at lower house, sana naka score ka pa sa mga supporters ng sin tax. ENGOT!

  • BawalAngReklamador

    Kung BISYO ang papatawan ng TAX, NARARAPAT lang na sa PINAKAMATAAS na halaga.. HINDI yung kung ano LANG ang KAYANG ibigay ng mga negosyante..

  • Marlon

    tama lang yang 15 billion revenue projection ng tax rate proposal ni Recto kasi REALISTIC.

    yung 60 billion revenue projection ng higher tax rate proposal ni Santiago at ng BIR ay FANTASTIC.

    paano aabot ng 60 billion ang revenue mo sa mas mataas na tax rate kung marami na ang magtitipid o hinde na bibili ng sigarilyo at beer dahil napakamahal na???


    • Allan

      heto ang mas simple. a target of 60 could probably hit 20-30. so a target of 15 could hit 7-10. besides, the bill is not for revenue. if people stopped smoking, they will be more healthy and the visit to the doctor will be less – more on preventative than curative, if any. mali lang ang strategy ng finance because they emphasized the reveneue part, not the health of the people part. nakasilip si recto-morris, kaya ayan…

    • sanjuan683

      Paikot-ikot ka pa ito ang simpleng logic kapag tumaas ang tax ng cigarettes, walang na gaano bibili siyempre magiging smoke free environment ang kapaligiran hindi na madadamay yun mga hindi naninigarilyo sa baho ng hininga (MO) at iwas sakit sa baga. Sa alak ok lang taasan ng tax para wala na hahapay sa daan at kung minsan nanggugulo o kapag may hawak ng baril nagpapaputok na nasa ay tamaan ka ng lingaw na bala.

    • Michael A

      you have a point, pare. but I believe that it is already taken into account during computation. they have stellar economists in the team that did the study on tobacco use and optimal taxation.

    • D_BystandeR

      I agree with the point of Sen. Ralph Recto as it is realistic and reasonable. The P60B expected to be realized by Sen. Mirriam “Benda” in her proposal regarding “sin tax” is devoid of any reality even how much you try to connect the other related factors. At least, Sen. Recto is trying to be practical and reasonable. If the government does not like it, it can impose other forms of restrictions like what the other opinion contributor “Emie” has suggested in her very lengthy but “scholarly written” comment, to make it difficult for the public to continue patronizing the “sin” products, if that’s what they want to sort of “kill” the tobacco industry to avoid those “victims” which they claimed “got sick” and drained so much money from the government in spending for their health care. 

  • Descarte

    I don’t understand??? They are increasing sin taxes so that less people will smoke and drink alcohol and then… they expect revenue to increase.  Get what I mean? Di ba simple economics, although taxes are higher but if sales is reduced then total collection will become lower. But here it seems they are hypothesizing that even if they increased sin taxes there will still be the same volume of sales.  That defeats their purpose of increasing sin taxes and is not realistic.  Increased sin taxes so that less and less people will smoke and drink. Period.  If they extend the purpose of the bill and say that revenue from sin taxes will benefit the government as the collection will be used in building hospitals and providing health care services, etc. there must be something wrong there.  They are expecting 60 billion every year in collection, how can they assume like that?  If sin taxes is increased, how much is the reduction in the incidence of people smoking and drinking alcohol that they expect?  That’s difficult to calculate and nevertheless will still be predictive and not actual if they did so. 
    Then you go down to the tobacco farmer.  There will be less production and less income for them therefore they would have to convert to other crops, and the report is saying that there will be safety nets for them.  How much would it cost converting to other farm crops?  Would that new crop guarantee the same income for the tobacco farmers? I agree that incidence of smoking and drinking must be curbed down for people’s health.  What about the people working in the downstream tobacco and alcohol industry?
    The flaw of the bill that is being attack by sin companies is the intention of the lawmakers.  Are they after the money of the cigarette companies or are they really after forcing people to quit smoking?  If they want to reduce smoking and drinking incidence, do not just increase taxes but regulate the sales as well like ban the sales at the sari-sari stores and sell only at authorized shops making it difficult for people to buy cigarette, don’t mind about killing the tobacco industry if they believe that it will ultimately benefit the people and the government with less expenditure on treating smoking-related illnesses.  Increase the tax to 400 – 500% of the cost, e.g. a pack will cost P200 and people will have to spend like another P100 for transportation in buying a cigarette. Forget about including the money to be collected from sin taxes as source of income, rather put it in Government trust fund to support the other industry that will replace the tobacco industry.  In the beginning of the enforcement of the law, there will be sin taxes collection but over the years when there will too less people smoking, too less sin taxes money will come in.   The problem is that the government is not laying the other alternatives first like an industry that will absorb the lost of the tobacco and the alcohol industry.  That means the sin tax purpose to curb down smoking and drinking is just an alibi and what they are really after is the money from the industry.

  • xmb458

    E ano bang maasahan dito sa RectoMorris na ito… Di ba nabansagan ito noon ng ukay ukay king? Mahilig siya sa mga bagaybagay na gamit na gamit na na pinagsawaan at nilaspag ng iba….

  • agustin

    the purpose of sin tax bill is health and to discourage people to smoke and drink especially the poor. statistics shows that work efficiency of Filipino people is low compared to other countries,one of the factor for this is hang over plus nicotine.this contributes absent from work,accident while working or physically present but mentally absent. secondary smoke emission  causes lung infection, cancer to the innocent non smoker like Vilma Santos.

    • Descarte

      Isang gabi napagawi dati ako sa emergency room ng isang hospital, mga 2 hours ako don, na observe ko mag tatlong case ng motorcycle accident.  Tinanong ko nurse, ganyan ba ka frequent yan motorcycle accident? Nurse said “yes’.  Ask ko bakit?  Nurse: lasing, amoy alak halos lahat ng naaksidente.

      • mrsimpatiko

        wrong notion ang isisi lahat sa alak. isisi natin na mura ang motor kaya dumadami ang motorcycle accident.

  • Isagani Gatmaitan

    Sin taxes are a form of social control. The revenue generated is not as significant as the expected gains from savings in subsidized social services such as health care. Even more important are the reduction in losses in economic productivity from sick leaves, early retirement, etc.

  • whyinthisworld

    Bottom line is to use people’s money to benefit us. What if we were able to collect even billions of pesos and end up on pocket of our good politicians, directors, secretaries etc. then any effort to increase collection in form of taxes, fees etc will prove futile. The problem in this country is too much corruption where billions were wasted and never spent for its intended use. Just the same, our government needs money so better to increase sin taxes, if one can afford to buy then so be it but if you have limited income save your money and spend it with your family.

  • NoWorryBHappy

    Why sin tax is more important than the welfare of the Filipino, I don’t understand.
    Didn’t we vote Recto for senator so that he will safeguard the interests of the Filipino people ?
    What is the guarantee that the multinational corporations will even stand by us thru
    thick and thin ? Didn’t Ford Motors close shop because ‘business dictated’ and the bottom line
    was not being realized ? And what about the Filipino workers they laid off ? They didn’t even mention them. They didn’t care. They just left. Recto should think twice before accepting blood money in exchange for business favors.Geez, the kind of leaders that we elect. Haven’t we had enough of them ? And Mr. Marcos Jr ? Declaring that this will benefit the nation ? He is truly his father’s son. Despicable.


    maganda balita maraming mamatay sa paninigarilyo..di na kailangan na RH bill..para sa family planning..

  • aofosersd

    The very same person who betrayed us w/ his e-VAT law has no balls to take on the Tobacco Industrty……tsk tsk tsk tsk! When people’s health are a risk, there is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED FOR EQUILIBRIUM!!!! There are numerous alternative ways to provide alternative livelihood for farmers in the Tobacco Industry…..unfortunately, Mr. e-VAT took the easy way out for fear that he might lose voters from the Tobacco Industry when he runs again in the future. Tsk tsk tsk tsk!

  • Prec

    The is the formula 

    High Sin tax = decrease of revenue
     Analysis: The price of alcohol and smoking will increase that will lead to decrease of consumer demand and decrease revenue to use for HEALTH MEASURE but then, it will also decrease Cancer rate. 

    Low Sin tax= Incease of revenue 
    Analysis: The price of alcohol and smoking are too affordable by consumer that will lead to increase in demand and increase of revenue to use for HEALTH MEASURE but then, it will increase cancer rate. 

    For politicians: WHAT MATTER TO THEM is the kick back from TABACCO company without thinking the effect to consumer in long term.. WHO CARES!? 

    What is the sense of having High revenue for HEALTH SYSTEM if the main cause of those high revenue are once that making the main cause of cancers? Would you risk high revenue to high cancer rate or Low revenue to low cancer rate?

    well I smell a stinky big crocs from here.

  • warranty_void forever

    Kahit P1 pa isang stick ng yosi, bibili pa rin mga yosi addict. 

    • Descarte

      P3 na isang stick ngayon marami pa rin bumibili.  Dapat P20 isang stick, mag-isip na tao kasi pangkain na yon.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        good example.

        kung walang bibili, patay ang isang malaking sector ng industria, so, as Sen Recto said, probably find an equilibrium.

        pag nag over naman, like 100 pesos per stick at WALA nang bibili, sabi ni Sec Henares na we save 144 B.  Considering that there is a residual amount of people already sick, residual amounts from 144 every year is the savings, not 144B kaagad. And that will take years before the last cigarette /alcohol related victim expires.

        so, might as well tax vices gradually.

  • EOJ


  • jtpa

    OMG! Apparently Recto does not know the rationale behind Sin Tax.  Mr. Recto, let me spell it out for you.  The reason we have sin tax is to discourage the use of a particular item or discourage an activity which may not be illegal but nevertheless causes harm on the society’s well being and in particular the health system.  Any revenue generated from these type of taxes will just compensate the amount it will impose on either the health or social system.  You do not say that the tax will cause a particular item to be unattractive if the purpose of the tax is actually to discourage the usage of it.  Another thing – tax 101 lecture for Senator Recto –  There are two type of tax according to purpose – One is to generate revenue and the other to control the usage of an item or change behaviour towards the consumption of it.  Sin Tax is a type of tax under the later purpose.   Got it? Now, go back to work and revise the law otherwise I will give Cinco as your final grade!

    • jian_sadako

      Agree. Alam ko alam naman ito ni Mr. Recto. This is not just about the tax but more importantly, this is a revenue measure. As I remember it right, Police Power of the State can be exercised through Taxation. So this is actually a police power in the form of taxation. Police power is the power to legislate for the protection and welfare of the society. Hay, sana mas tingnan  ni Sen. Recto ang ultimate purpose ng batas na ito at wag lang ang Revenue or Tax Purpose nito.

  • johnnie r

     …Kinausap kaya ni smoker PNOY si RECTO…

  • jojoandrada

    We like our smokes and booze …. leave us alone DAMMIT !

    • jtpa

      People do not care about whether you smoke and drink or not, so long as tax payers’ money is not going to fund your vices when you get sick.  Since ayaw nyo magpa – awat.  Just think that the sin tax is your health insurance policy pag nagkasakit kayo.

  • Descarte

    Tila yata dumadami na ang Senador na dapat madestino sa Panatag with Sotto as the Commanding General.  Si Enrile and Defence tactician, Trillanes ang leader ng Special forces at si Recto and comptroller…

  • mydel

    kung mas mahal ang alak at sigarilyo sa labas ng pinas…eh sino ang mag-i-smuggle papasok ng pinas? saan manggagaling ang smuggled alak at sigarilyo? the smuggler will not purchase these “expensive” items from singapore and sell it sa murang halaga sa pinas. it’s crazy.
    do you think recto was not approached by Mr Philip Morris? “How Much” time kaya ang na-consumed during the lobby?  pwede kayang i-audit ni heidi mendoza si Mr Philip Morris, para malaman ni Juan de la Krus kung magkano ang nagastos sa business promo, marketing, advertisement and…GIFTS & GRATUITIES given to Tong-ressman at Sena-Tong…kung meron man.

    Mr Rec-Tong…this is the so-called “RIYAL-LISTIC” equilibrium…kamutin mo likod ko…kakamutin ko rin anu mo.

    hay naku…matakot ka sa diyos…huwag kay LUCIO-fer.

  • wakats

    There are two sides of a coin.

    On Recto’s side, if you impose too much taxes on involved manufactures, there’s a likelihood that you’re killing the industry since nobody will buy the expensive products anymore, or the users will seek the cheap, good-quality but tax-free smuggled goods.

    On Mirriam’s & BIR sides, Recto’s version is tantamount to surrender to the powerful and monied Tobacco and Distilled Spirits lobby, and will not discourage smokers, among others, to stop their health-hazarduous habits, aside from the less-than-expected revenues from sin taxes.

    The two sides ,however, can meet at half-way during the bicameral sessions and haggle between them as if they’re in a “palengke” or in Binondo… 

  • neverwint3r

    etong mga useless politicians like recto na obviously e being paid by the tobacco and beer industry should be sent to the panatag shoal.

    di na dapat binoboto yan. he should be investigated by the senate

  • georgeB

    taga saan ba si Recto? saan ba ang factory ng malaking company ng sigarilyo…yan dapat ang tanong…

  • Roberto

    Traydor pala. There is always a way. Alam na ninyo kung sino ang kakampi ng taong bayan.
    Pagdating ng halalan huwag ninyong iboto para malinis ang senado ng mga traydor pala.
    Mabuhay ang mga senador na iniisip ang kapakanan ng sambayanan Pilipino.

    • Bert

      If that is the case, then only a very few are qualified. Remember CYBERCRIMELAW, passed by these senatongs as fast as a bullet train….

      • Roberto

        My way the popular song. Take the risk to vote new faces  Alam mo ng magnanakaw iyong pulitiko binoboto pa ulit.Paghalalan pagbinigyan ka ng pera, ibulsa mo at pagdating sa botohan isipin mo iyong kantang My way at sabihin mo sa sarili mo I do it my way. Iboto mo iyong matino at hindi beterano sa pulitika kasi iyong mga overstayer nageenjoy talaga sa posisyon nila kasi maraming natatanggap na pera.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Only solution left is for BIR to stop its practice of walang bukasan ng libro.   Stop corruption at BIR!!!

  • Hodor Hodor

    If memory serves me right, this senator lose a re-election bid before for punishing ordinary folks with the E-Vat law. I thought that this guy is admirable because he stands on what he believe even at the expense of his political career. Clearly, I was mistaken, when it involves big corporations, Recto will chicken out! 

  • 12JEM

    Senator Ralph Recto continues to be EXCORIATED for the E-VAT Law.

    Did you know that then Senator Roxas was one of the co-authors of the E-VAT law?

    Serge Osmeña and then Senator Noy were also supporters of the bill.

    The bill became the E-VAT Law and the country has since benefited from its passage.

    In fact, nobody dares to even suggest the repeal of the law..Pres Noy does not want it touched
    even when gasoline prices were heading north.

    Saan sana tayo pinulot noong world financial crisis noong 2008-2009. And why do we have a decent fiscal situation at the moment?  Di ba dahil sa E-Vat revenues?

    But the sad fate of Sen Recto is that he continues to  be vilified even when the discussions are on Sin Tax Bill.

    Ang Report ng Ways and Means committee nina Senator Recto ay RECOMMENDATIONS lang.

    Debate pa ang kailangan bago and passage sa Senate.

    No name calling…no mindless accusations….BASTA ANG MGA TUTOL SA RECOMMENDATIONS makipag-debate na lang sa Senate simula sa Monday.

    Maghanda kayo sa inyong ASSJUMPTIONS and FACTS.

    To the detractors of Sen Recto, don’t you worry. In the end it is not the wish, whims and caprices of a senator that will previail.  It willl,  certainly, be Reason.

    • Hodor Hodor

      I agree. But Recto should display the same conviction as he did in authoring the E-Vat law. He cannot be selective. Imposing the Sin tax is long overdue

    • dennis

      Do much research before pointing to us that we survived the financial crises because of E-VAT…for your information we survived the financial crises because of the OFW remittances. See the NEDA’s reports and assessments from 2007-2009 and the Economic review of the same year.
      For your information, ang ginatasan ng E-VAT ay lahat ng Filipino while and gagatasan ng naunang sin tax bill ay ang mga taong naninigarilyo at lasingero.
      For your information we are not the detractors of Sen. Recto, nais lang namin ipamulat sa kanya na yun kanyang rationally na kukunti ang bibili ng mga products na may sin tax ay magpapahina sa mga companya na nagproproduce nito ay very illogical.Those companies are big time and they don’t care kung magkakasakit ang maraming Filipino dahil sa epekto ng kanilang produkto as long as they are having profits. See the World Health Organization report on the effect of smoking para matauhan ka Mr!

    • Descarte

      Pag sa mamamayan, E-VAT, mas mataas na tax, walang magawa ordinaryong tao kaya sunod lang.  Pag businessman, lower taxes, gaya nitong SIN Taxes.  Kaya napuwersa ang gobyerno taasan tax sa ordinaryong Pilipino dahil ayaw nila i-tax malalaking negosyo.  Ang income tax table ng CTRP sa ngayon ay modelo sa developed countries na may maayos na system of government, pati na rin itong E-VAT.  Bago tayo mangopya ng policy ng developed countries ayusin muna dapat sistema ng gobyerno, ibig sabhin, alisin muna corruption.  Habang naniningil ng maraming tax na walang maayos na gobyerno, lalong dumadami ang corruption.  Ang corruption systematize, ang governance hinde! 

  • Gibo

    Magkano kaya ang binayad ano? Sana mawala na yang mga kurakot sa ating bansa. Pooofff mawala na sana kayo!

  • AntiAko

    HAY NAKUNG RECTO KA! Obvious na ikaw ay isang BAYARAN!!!! Magresign ka na lang sa pwesto mo.


  • JC

    I think, this law must be passed together with the FOI and RH Bill…

  • mydel

    brief comment lang about eVAT…yes, para tumakbo ang economy kailangan ang pera…kanino kukunin at saan manggagaling ang pera?…kanino pa, eh di kay Juan de la Krus…ginatasan at kinatas ang hirap-na-hirap na si Juan.  sa magagaling at matatalinong authors ng eVAT…dios mio…wala na kayong maisip kundi “kotongan” at pahirapan si Juan?  hanggan kailan magpapasan ng Krus si Juan de la Krus?

    kung eVAT ang sagot sa kahirapan ng bansa…then legislate more eVATs….(arayy, huwag po!)

  • mrsimpatiko

    ang mga mahihirap lang ang mahihirapan sa sobrang taas ng tax sa cigerette at alcohol. Tataas lang ang gastos nila sa bisyo nila. Most poor folks ways of enjoyment are mostly through vices. 

  • andrew lim

    Philip Morris’ manufacturing facility in the country is in Tanauan Batangas!  Go figure!

    And Im also a student of economics, so dont use the word equilibrium to describe your proposal! 

    Economic equilibrium, market equilibrium all have to do with market supply and demand, prices and quantities.

    It does not describe a middle of the road proposal like the one you put forth! 

  • KonsensyaNgBayan

    Another NUISANCE CANDIDATE who luckily became a SENATOR due to his family name and wealth. COMELEC should have disqualified this moron from running in any government position. It clear that the Tobacco and Alcohol industry just bribed and paid this corrupt maggot to pass this bill. Batanguenos should never vote Vilma Santos as their Governor to show this stupid Rectalhole a lesson.

  • Sarkasmos

     After the stupid plagiarist, Tito the Sottomizer, it’s now the turn of the Recto who is not Claro to face the wrath of Netizens. Time to rectify Recto’s blunder.

  • redx

    Recto authored E-Vat Bill imposing higher taxes on basic necessities.

    Paradoxically, Recto wants lower taxes on Tobacco and Liquor

    Go Figure…

  • redx

    this is even worse than what Sotto did.  Effectively killing the children

  • pabulaka

    I have doubts on Recto’s character when he passed the E VAT. This Sin tax bill left me no doubt about him.

    • 12JEM

       Budsky where in the world did you get the information that it was Sen Recto who passed the EVAT Law?  The Bill was signed into law by then Pres GMA.

      And at present what Sen Recto has done as Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee is to produce a Report making recommendations.

      The Sin Tax Bill will be discussed in the Senate on Monday, Oct 15th. The action will be done by the whole Senate, not by Sen Recto alone.

  • 227th

    MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE in the making!!!

  • Vikka Velo

    To all smokers . . . STOP SMOKING!  Kayo rin ang magbabayad ng cigarette taxes.  kung ayaw ninyo . .. bahala na kayo sa buhay ninyo.

  • tilney

    Recto you are  traitor to your country.You sold yourself to Philip Morris. You have  not done your work but instead adopted Philip Morris version and your staff  just edited it. I remember the last time you have cheated the Filipinos when you authored the EVAT during the time of GMA instead of the govt closing all the loopholes of tax collections you given GMA to spend more without any hard work from BIR. 
    Voters should remember Ralph RECTO act   NOT to VOTE him when he will run for reelection in 2016 for Senator and also do not to vote her wife Vilma SANTOS RECTO for governor of Batangas to show our disgust.   

  • kilabot

    this is genius. you sell unhealthy products and use the revenue to pay for medical expenses of sickness caused by the same products.
    it’s like noykapon chain-smoking and not give a da mn about the health hazard because of his intellectual disability.

  • Edith

    actually this post have got nothing to do with the article, this is about the company of lucio tan, i want the people here to know that there’s a company owned by mr tan who’s building townhouses called 68 roces in quezon city, the property is one block on the streets of roces,sct, reyes, sct chuatoco and sct. santiago. in these areas there are eastments wide enough that previously was occupied by squatters, it means the easement was wide enough for them to build houses in it. when the construction started the squatters were evicted but when the fencing was done the company fenced maybe half or more than half of the easement. i tried to report this to city hall, but i was not entertained by the office of the chief of staff, hence they told me to write my complain and send it to them,i dont have a printer or a typewriter so it’s not possible. in short i want all of you to know that the govt property which is the easement was taken by this lucio tan company. i just dont know if the easement was bought or if cityhall is aware of this some sort of land grabbing, if any of you knows somebody from government, maybe you could help.

    • wakats

      Edith, 68 Roces Townhouses is the latest high-end townhouse project of Eton
      Properties owned by Lucio Tan on a 3.3 has. exclusive, secured and gated residential
      enclave located along Roces Ave.  
      Unit price ranges from P13M to P21M and offers 3 to 4 bedroom luxury residences
      with a redesigned Club House with playground and swimming pools for tenants.
      If the property was once an squatter area and part of an eastment to control water rampage,
      there’re  legal eastments imposed by law to govern and various court rulings on easement right of way.
      I sugeest you revisit the area and find out if there are still vacant and unfenced part of the eastments.

      • Edith

        the squatters before were encroach on the eastment because the property is actually fenced. so when they, were evicted the eastment was unoccupied but when the property was fenced they included part of the eastment almost or maybe half of it. i actually pass this street almost everyday that’s why i can say that part of the eastment was taken, btw im talking about the eastment on sct reyes st

  • tilney

    Simple act we can do : DO NOT VOTE Ralph Recto in 2016 please remember his name in 2016  and also for Batangas voters DO NOT VOTE his wife Vilma Santos Recto for Governor in 2013..
    He is a traitor to his people..Take him out from the senate..

    • Descarte

      I love you Lucky….

  • nebuchadnezzar5

    Recto was being realistic about this issue.  Drinking and smoking has been with us since the ancient and biblical times.  The middle and lower income earners will be the ones who will be hardly hit by the high taxes on tobacco and alcohol.  Never mind to those in the upper and rich class as they can afford these even if they increase the taxes.  This will  give rise to rampant smuggling, criminality and corruption as the raising of taxes will not really be effective in stopping people from drinking or smoking.  They tried it before in the U.S. during the “Prohibition Era”  during the 1920’s and 30’s but did not succeed.  It just gave rise to smugglers and organized crime groups like the mafia (Al Capone).  This sin tax is a stupid, unrealistic law supported by stupid people from this stupid administration like that monkey, moron, mongoloid and KKK Kim Henares.

    • Leonardo Vega

       Masyado kang bengatibo. Cguro chain smoker ka at lasengo

      • nebuchadnezzar5

        You stick to the argument moron.  I dont see where “vindictiveness” comes into the picture.

      • sonic99363


  • artz555

     Here are some of the US experiences on the ‘sin’ taxes.

    For tobacco or smoking, for decades US manufacturers of tobacco have continously denied that ‘nicotine’ in cigarettes is addictive and lobbied for years in congress to protect their business.. A few years ago however, CEO’s of cigarette companies were called by the US congress to testify under oath ( meaning they could be put to jail if they lie) about smoking. Fearing prosecution, all these CEO’s finally admitted that ‘nicotine’ in cigarettes is addictive, which has already been proven addictive in scientific studies, even in  their own funded studies. 
    As a result of these hearings which was witnessed by a lot of people live on TV and thereby gathering the people’s support,, the US government has increased the taxes on cigarettes, such that the prices per pack of cigarettes increased from $ 1.50 to around $ 5.00 now. With the high  taxes, smoking gradually went down, young smokers were discouraged from smoking because of the high prices, smoking has been banned in all public places and the government generated a lot of revenues which help fund the fast increasing healthcare costs on smoking (and second hand smoking) related diseases, like lung and throat cancers and other smoking related diseases.  And the tobacco companies are still making money in the US, but has shifted it’s focus more in areas of the world where smoking is not yet considered a big problem by peoples and governments.
    Taxes on alcohol products which is part of the ‘sin’ taxes were also increased accordingly, which everybody know is like a drug when it comes drug abuse,  which lowers people’s productivity, and causes family problems, absentism, sickness and addiction.  .  

    PH should learn from some of these US experiences on alcohol and tobacco ‘sin’ taxes, in order to avoid very costly and long term mistakes.       

  • anthony

    I think Sen Recto is not the right person to be the Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee in the Senate,there are other Senators who can perform better!!!

  • Mang Teban

    Something is defective in our government system. Why are we being held hostage by one senator?

    Pride is the culprit why Sen. Recto cannot directly reason out for his unusual behavior. If only he had halve the 60 billion forecast, he might have had persuaded some of his colleagues. But, he sliced it to one-fourth, what’s the matter with him? Can we depend on the president to veto this bill just the same to come out with some sensible “sin tax” measure? I would have expected that the “final form and shape” that Sen. Recto is saying can be translated into discernible language and not pass on the blame to others. Bad Filipino habit – nagtuturo ng sariling pagkakamali sa ibang taong walang kamalay-malay.

  • Philcruz

    Incredible Recto. Wasn’t he the one who fought hard to raise revenues for Gloria through the controversial E-VAT? Now here he is fighting to lower revenues for PNoy by lowering taxes for “sin” products? Nice one, Senator.

  • $14170612

    Philip Morris has a 16-billion plant in batangas,it cannot be denied Sen. Recto has to protect the investment of Philip Morris…

  • joboni96

    magkano bigay ni lucio tan
    mr vilma santos

  • Jon

    Gutom na gutom na nga ang taongbayan.
    Kaso. dagdag na pabigat na buwis ang nasa isip lang ng gobyernong iyo.
    Magmalasakit naman kayo sa tao at imbes na taasan ang buwis, mag-isip na lang kayo ng paraan para bawasan ito. 

    • Taong

      Yung lalagyan ng additional tax is YOCI and BILOG!!!

  • alfonso hiponia

    That’s going back to vat, my ghost!

  • dikoy321

    Views from Germany:

    Kick Recto out from any public office!
    Raise the Sin taxes to at least 60%
    Yes, let’s improve health services to the poor, the majority of Filipinos!

    Forward Philippines !


  • $25995786

    I think Recto is right, you tax liquors and cigarettes heavily less people will use it less tax. It will give back the smuggling of cigarettes, wherein ships will drop the cigarettes in the ocean and fishermen will pick it like what happened in Ilocos where 2nd hand scooters TV etc were dropped in the ocean in late 80.

    • Taong

      Less smoker = Less cancer patients = Less subsidy by goverment.
      Less drunkards = maybe Less DUI = maybe Less accidents = Less hospital patients.

      Smuggling is another topic.

      • Gaile Santos

        more drugs..drugs will be cheaper than alcohol / cig

    • agustin

       Don’t worry, comm.biazon plus danilo lim will take charge of this smuggling.all you have to worry is your health and your family and additional information to you. do you know that  crime is related to wine.?

      • Gaile Santos

        darami naman drugs..hahahaha.

    • mydel

      sin items ie liquors and cigarettes are heavily taxed outside the philippines.  there is no sense to buy these expensive items in singapore and smuggled into the philippines to be sold at cheaper price.

      smuggling therefore of liquor and cigarette — unlike other products — is unlikely, it will be a white elephant.

      • boldyak

        lol…kung bibili ka sa singapore na sinasabi mo to smuggle it to philippines, hindi ka smuggler….tange tawag jan….smugglers get their goods before taxes…kaya nga smugglers they avoid taxes..ibig sabihin their products are not yet taxed…anywhere…they have sources..

      • mydel

        hmmm smuggle it to philippines, meaning the smugglers would bring the items to our country but would NOT pay philippine custom duties (yun ang smuggling).  maraming ganito sa mindanao, they would buy rice, etc from malaysia, motorbikes from singapore, then isasakay sa kumpit deretso sa zamboanga at ibang lugar without paying philippine taxes or custom duty. thanks for your comments anyway :)

    • jian_sadako

      Pening, this is not just about the tax. This is actually Police Power (one of the three inherent powers of the State which is to legislate for the protection and welfare of the society) exercised through Taxation (another inherent power of the State). Go figure.

  • Butuan

    This is how RECTo Thinks in a computer algorithm program.  

       If Filipino people were to benefit (i.e. SIN TAX) 
          Then LOWER TAX to be collected
    If Companies to benefits (i.e. VAT / E-VAT)
             Then RAISE TAX to be collected
               RAISE TAX to be collected

    Delete RECTO, it’s a bug!  lol

  • Concerned Citizen

     2 out of 3 products imported are smuggled at our ports of entry.  That is a lot of 12% VAT revenues lost.  There is even a lot more losses if we consider the VAT collections missed from these smuggled goods’ sales from (1)  the importer to wholesaler, (2) from the wholesaler to retailer, and (3) from the retailer to end-user.  And because these are unreceipted sales transactions, naturally income tax returns also do not reflect these transactions AND  government misses collecting again the annual income taxes of those involved in the sales cycle.

     BIR can easily trace these sales transactions if the problem of connivance in the import processing and import releasing is stopped by an independent checker (SGV, PSG, US Customs by special agreement)  that will ensure that the items in the Release documents match with the specifications and quantity of the items that were subjected to VAT input taxes. 

  • marvingaboysantiago

    Its so difficult to comprehend the reasons of Senator Recto that he is only trying to be realistic in terms of how much the government will collect each year from the Sin Tax Bill…. As a lawmaker he should not make speculations on the amount that he think  is realistic enough. Our country is solely different from others , we should try first before we make initial conclusions… The BIR is committed to do whatever it takes to collect and use the money to useful programs…..

  • AmpJr

    Senator Recto  thinking is way off..Who is he protecting????Whatever revenue they can collect will be benefit so many programs..Why cut down the revenue???The bill
    s other aim is to cut down death and related illness from smoking and drinking alcohol…

  • Vincent Patrick Lacson

    Recto: Senator/Lobbyist for Tobacco Companies 

  • elvie

    I think Senator Recto losses the right perspective on the issue.  I am really doubting his sincerity in making analysis.    His reason that nobody will buy the beer and cigarettes hence no taxes. The existing taxes collected from beer and cigarettes cannot even pay the government spending on health problems caused by these.  I will understand that people who are drinkers and smokers will be reacting, but it is understandable as they have not yet experienced the cost when you are sicked with cancer.  I am very frustrated with Mr. Recto.  I though he was very bright.

    • nebuchadnezzar5

      I thought you are also bright as well. You are making a “grand assumption” here.  You are saying that all people who drink and smoke will eventually die of cancer.  Kindly do your research well as there people who are not drinkers nor smokers but become sick with cancer also.  You also tell that to your chain-smoking president.

      • Adarna

        the fact is, smoking is dangerous to your health. PERIOD!

  • mydel

    ralph, di ka natakot noon na kotongan si juan de la cruz sa pamamagitan ng evat para lang tumakbo ang ekonomiya ng bansa…eh ba’t ngayon bayag ang buntot mo kay philip morris, lucio et al? (di naman kaya photo-sensitive ka ie madaling masilaw?)  

    di rin totoo na dadami ang smugglers…pagkat mas mahal sa ibang bansa ang mga sin items dahil sa taas ng taxes.  ibig mong sabihin, bibilhin mo ng mahal sa singapore, tapos i-smuggle sa pinas at ibebenta sa murang halaga? ha-ha-ha (you’re funny—you cud be a good entertainer!)

    ano ang pagkakaiba ng SARS o birds flu virus sa sin tax reform mo?…let me answer it for you…mas maraming papataying filipinos ang bill mo pag naisa-batas ito kaysa SAR virus.  after your temporary stay in this world…there will be a day of reckoning…where you might be asked kung ilan ang napatay ng sin tax law mo. (paano yan ralph, walang lagay-lagay doon!)you were elected by the people with the ardent hope that you will uplift their aspirations pero…am quite disappointed. 

    erratum: bayag ang buntot…the correct is bahag ang buntot.

  • boybakal

    Wala man lang ka logic logic tong mga nasa gobyerno, Sin Tax Bill…Bill pa lang Betrayed na.
    Be more intelligent in your reasoning please…

    • jian_sadako

      I think they are expecting not just the final law but the bill itself from Recto’s committee to be somehow close to what they are proposing and working on. If this is the bill being proposed, then they somehow feel that they cannot get the support from Recto.

      • boybakal

         Then debate on the merits of the bill and not conclusive on side comments as betrayal.
        Debate and let’s see what bill is beneficial to filipinos and not to the gov’t.

      • jian_sadako

        agree. I like what you said. Ganito ang gusto ko. Yun bang nakikita nila at ng mga tao ang opinions natin both sides. Para hindi na tayo ipolice ng State through cybercrime. Yung makitang responsible tayo. Let’s see. In the end, I am a law-abiding citizen. Hopefully, maipasa siya. Kung hindi, okay lang kasi yan ang sinabi ng majority ng Pilipino through the elected congressmen. Wala tayong sisisihin kung hindi tayo din.

  • Jay Sunrise


  • Concerned Citizen

    Sec Lacierda’s reference of the price-quantity relationship of increase in sin taxes in South East Asia will be the best guide to follow from the economic point of view.  Those are not assumptions but actual sales performance that the Senate can use in deciding what is best for this Sin Tax Bill.

  • im_earth

    ” While the government collects P45 billion from tobacco taxes, it spends
    P144 billion to treat the four major ailments caused by smoking, Henares
    said. “So if no one is smoking, then the government will be saving P144

    — good point!
    — But when high taxes, consumers will decline and it will not reach to P45 billion anyway.
    — And the spending on treatment will be less too.

  • im_earth

    Recto is in Batangas anyway:

    Philip Morris Philippines Manufacturing Incorporated or PMPMI is the local affiliate of Philip Morris International, one of the largest tobacco companies in the world.

    From an initial work force of 65 at the end of 1999, Philip Morris
    Philippines grew to 200 by 2001. And in the same year, a $300 million
    manufacturing facility was set-up by the cigarette company in Tanauan and Sto. Tomas, Batangas eyed to acommodate more than a thousand employees. 

  • legislex

    I do not see consistency in Recto’s stand on taxes. In the past, he authorized the increase in VAT on the basis of the government’s need to raise revenue.  The fact that the Filipino consumer would the burden of VAT was of no moment to him for as long as the needed revenue could be attained.  

    Now, Recto has assumed a contrary view.  He is now against the increase in Sin Taxes.  He argued that higher tax rate would not necessarily result to higher taxes because people would be forced to reduce consumption.

    But is that argument also applicable to eVAT?  Following Recto’s logic, Increasing VAT rate would increase to the prices of consumer products that would likewise reduce consumption.  

    It seems that Recto favors the interest of rich manufacturers over ordinary Filipino consumers.  Recto has totally lost his credibility. 

  • parengtony

    The only way Recto can validly address the strong suspicion that he is out to protect the interest of the Big Tobacco lobby is to declare all instances of meetings, talks, and/or communications with them, directly or indirectly, with the challenge that he would immediately resign as senator should any proof be presented of any omissions made. 

    As in any good governance issue, TRANSPARENCY is key.

    • 12JEM

      When the Senate is crafting any law relevant stakeholders, necessarily, have to be consulted. In the Sin Tax Bill the stakeholders are the producers, manufacturers, consumers, among others.

  • nebuchadnezzar5

    I drink red wine regularly and in moderation cause the say its good for
    the health.  Now, these maggots are gonna tax me more for that?  I’m not
    rich.  Just middle class.   Now, these idiots are saying that the cost
    of liquor and tobacco in the Philippines is one of the lowest in
    southeast asia  but they failed to take into account the per capita
    income of the people in those southeast asian nations.  Take Singapore, 
    the cost of beer there cost about 2 to 3 times than here in the Phils. 
    But the per capita income of Singaporeans are “more than 10 times” the
    per capita of Filipinos!!!  You indiots!  One more thing, the per capita
    income of people in Hongkong are more than 12 times the per capita of
    people here yet the cost of beer there is lower than what it cost here
    in this country full of 90 million imbeciles headed by a retarded

    • jian_sadako

      are you specifically referring to red wine only. I think you don’t understand the purpose of this bill. The purpose is to make the alcohol and cigarettes which is bad for the health as proven by science to be expensive. It’s not about you being able to afford and us being a not so rich country. This is a health measure and not just an economic measure. This is the Police Power (the power to legislate for the protection and welfare of the society) of the State being exercised through taxation. It looks like you are a little bit drunk when you are making this comment.

      • nebuchadnezzar5

        Of course i understand the “real” purpose of this bill which is to make more money available to the government in the form of additional taxes contrary to what you are saying that its purpose is to make alcohol and tobacco more expensive and unavailable to the people for health reasons.  To make it more expensive is quite “discriminatory” to those who earn less as compared to those who earn more and are rich.  Ibig mo sabihin ba nyan eh, “ok, sorry na lang sa inyo na hindi kaya yung bagong presyo ng alak at sigarilyo” says the upper class and rich nouveau. Mag isip ka pa ng malalim bro.  mukhang mababaw ka mag isip at mag analyse.  “Simplistic at naive” yung premise mo. Dont you know what happened during the “Prohibition Era” in the U.S. circa 1920’s and 30’s where they completely banned the sale of liquor but which eventually failed?  At sabihin mo dyan sa presidente mong retarded na tumigil na rin sa paninigarilyo to set as a good example and in the light of this sin tax na pino promote ng administration nya.

      • jian_sadako

        Mr. Nebuchadnezzar,

        If you think my premise is naive and simplistic, it seems it’s you because of name calling. Second, I did not vote for Pnoy (just an FYI) but nevertheless, I will support any measure he will implement if I know it will be good for the Philippines. Magbasa ka ng mga Supreme Court Decisions and you will know that there are police power legislation that are being exercised by the STate through taxation. Search ka lang sa internet makikita mo. I’m just stating a fact that this is a health measure (under the Police Power of the STate) exercised through taxation. And just to take your challenge, yes I’m calling Mr. President to stop smoking. Bawal po ito kahit sa aking relihiyon. So there. Mukhang emotional ka nga at against ka sa Person ni Pnoy hindi sa mga errors or palpak ng administration nya. Maiintindihan pa sana kita kung ang critcism mo is sa errors nya. Your argumentum ad hominem clearly shows you lack a decent education.

      • jian_sadako

        Kung tauhan lang kita, ibabagsak talaga kita sa rating.

      • jian_sadako

        Ang problem sa mahilig magbigay ng argumentum ad hominem (attack on the person not on the merits of what he is saying) is kahit may gawing kapakipakinabang or sabihing maganda ang inaatake, kokontrahin pa din. Kasi nga against sa pagkatao hindi sa ginagawa ng tao. Sana magaral ka. Mukhang may pera ka namang pampaaral kasi Middle Class ka (or baka naman ibig mong sabihin Middle East pero alam ko bawal ang alak dun – Joke baka atakihin ka pa).

    • noriel m

      Bossing gusto po nilang itaas ang sin taxes to discourage more people to buy them..or at least to increase the revenues so that we can modernize our public hospitals.. it’s not about if you can afford or not to buy them.. sa states po if your are not 18 years old you can’t buy tobacco products.. if you are not 21 you can’t buy any alcohol bev/drinks..
      the concern of the government is public health… have you looked around? we have more teens drinking like crazy.. driving while under influence of alcohol.. more accidents happen because of drinking irresponsibly.. I hope the gov’t will not put a lot of taxes on your red wine though..hahaha.

    • nonesense

      ikaw ang retarded, ikaw lang ba tao sa pilipinas?! ang daming bata na nakakapagyosi kasi accessible ang sigarilyo kahit saan, kung tataas ang mas kokonti ang makakabili,   

    • MikeCrisologo

      protecting self interest !! para kang si CYBER BULLY AKO  ah!

  • Balahura

    I agree with Kim

    • nebuchadnezzar5

      Mongoloid ka rin siguro kaya agree ka sa kanya.

      • nonesense

        mas mongoloid ka. 

      • boldyak

        you are nonsense..

  • $20722540

    Henares, your priority is to eliminate corruption on your department rather making comments what congress is doing.  konti trabaho lang…cooperation etc. na felt betrayed…sanay kasing walang trabaho, eh!   the health issue is just being use to raise more taxes.  i think there are other side issues on this new measure to raise revenue for the gov’t.  we can possibly look on how these products are being sold and distributed…why not restrict the distribution channels, so consumers can’t easily buy these products, if indeed a health issue.  the dep’t should implement a program in encouraging people to quit smoking…at no cost to the user, etc.

  • ame mojica

    The only reason why Recto is in the Liberal Party is because of Vilma Santos. Remember what he did during the impeachment of Corona when SC issued a TRO in opening the dollar account of Corona? He was the only member of the Liberal Party who voted not to defy the TRO.  Sana noon pa tapos na yung impeachment Talagan namanag nakakapagduda na talaga itong si Recto . Puwede rin nating tingnan ang SALN niyan. Kaya naman pala ayaw ni Senator Osmena na kasama yan sa Liberal Party ay ganyan nga pala may pagka balimbing at madaling mabili.

    • pinaod_bulacan

      tama….. and remember… sya ang kanang kamay ni gloria dati para maipasa ang VAT…. and the people spoke., he lost the election after that… 

      • boldyak

        patanggal nyo vat kay pnoy, hindi pala maganda ang vat eh, bakit hindi tanggalin ni pinoy?

  • FortCity

    pres Noy should stop smoking! pakita nya na serious yun campaign sa health program. Ibalik si Flavier..

  • Jack Phalaphitac

    Equilibrium. Yes, there is equilibrium between Recto and the Alcohol/Tobacco companies. Recto gave the Alcotob companies what they want and the Alcotob companies gave what Recto wants.  Masama kutob ko dito! 

    • pinaod_bulacan

      ching.. ching…. $$$$$$

    • pinaod_bulacan


  • amado_guerero

    No Recto in real world this is called CORRUPTION!!! You been paid!!! Arse hole….

  • anu12345

    ” Recto’s explanation that he could not propose hefty taxes on tobacco,
    beer and other alcoholic drinks because this would discourage people
    from buying these and thus, would mean less revenues”

    Ito palang si Recto ay tuliro. Iyon nga ang purpose ng sin tax para i-avoid ng tao ang mga bisyo. Gusto pala ni Raplh ay malulong ang mga tao sa bisyo. Dapat kasi nakikibalita siya sa ibang countries kung bakit tinataasan ang ganitong mga taxes.  Gusto pala niyang bumili ng bumili ang mga tao, dapat alisin ng tuluyan ang taxes at bigyan pa ng government subsidy ang mga companies.

  • Guest

    Stop criticizing
    Sen. Recto. Nagmumukha lang kayong mga tanga, halatang mga bayaran kayo ng BAT.

  • Guest

    Kim Henares is the
    second angas cabinet of Aquino government, behind Sec. Mar Roxas. Kung
    makapagsalita ako kung sino magaling. Bugok!

  • Guest

    For plenary debate pa lang, not yet final pa lang ang Recto’s version. Bakit pverreaction sila.
    Yun cybercrime law nga batas na, delayed reaction sila. Hello!

  • noypinga

    Ala eh diga nyo alam na taga batangas arehng si recto??! Maraming tomador at sunog baga dine e?! Bakit ba lagi nalang epal ng epal arehng isang areh! Hala sya magdebate nga kayo nang malaman kung aling pormula ang tama! Senado palang di na magkaisa, tsk tsk tsk . . .

  • pinaod_bulacan

    talaga namang itong balimbing na ito…. magkano recto! magkano????

  • Guest

    Sen. Ralph Recto has not only betrayed the BIR but the public interest as well. I hope we voters are properly guided when Sen. Ralph Recto is up for re-election. This is the only concrete way we can show our displeasure when our elected public officials misbehave.

  • rjimenez1226

    Bigyan ng leksyon si Rectong kawatan.h uiwag iboto sa eleksiyon!

  • rjimenez1226

    Si Enrile at Recto ang nga kotong senators serving  tht are out only to serve the interest of  big tobacco companies. Mga putatcheng ng bayan.

    • gardo_versoza

      kelangan kumita para may pandagdag sa kanilang election funds.

  • Noree

    Mas malaki ang makokolekta ng BIR kung tututukan lang nila ang mga tax evaders gaya ng mga professionals at informal na negosyo, mga contractors, suppliers etc. Kaya lang ayaw ng BIR kasi mabigat na trabaho at pinagkakakitaan din ng mga ibang BIR personnel ang mga eto. Kaya nakatuon sila sa excise tax kasi madaling kolektahin. Tama lang ginawa ni Recto, tiningnan nya lahat ng sector na maaapektuhan, hindi lang kung ano ang gusto ng gobyerno.

  • Noree

    “While the government collects P45 billion from tobacco taxes, it spends
    P144 billion to treat the four major ailments caused by smoking,” Henares
    said. “So if no one is smoking, then the government will be saving P144
    billion.” I WILL CHALLENGE this P144 billion figure at willing kong ipusta lahat ng ari-arian ko kung totoo eto. Halatang propaganda lang eto. Pwede pa P144 billion pero kasama dito ang pagpagawa ng mga hospital, pagbili ng ambulansya at gamit sa ospital at sweldo ng mga health workers. Pero hindi pwedeng P144 billion para gamutin smoking-related diseases. NAPAKA IMPOSIBLE NITO. PROPAGANDA TO THE MAX.

    • agustin

       tatangapin daw ni henaris ang hamon mo. magkano daw ?

    • boldyak

      bakit BIR nagsasabi sa gastos ng government sa health at hindi DOH?…bakit mas concern ang BIR sa gastos sa health?…parang hindi naman yan trabaho ng BIR? baka naman nalipat na si henares sa DOH?…dinahilan pa kasi ang health sa kailangan na pera….

    • My mom

      THE PhP144 billion claimed government spending on smoking related ailments is grossly padded and includes the cash value of productivity losses in the work, which is a DOLE issue, not DOH. Of the claimed PhP144 billion, Government actually spends PhP6-8 billion. Of course, whether lung ailments were really caused by smoking and not air pollution is highly debatable. In the U.S., where smoking rates dropped 85 percent since the eighties, the lung cancer incidence has remained fairly constant in the last 40 years.

  • opinyonlangpo

    I thought this bill is all about health of the people, as in the government actually cares for the people’s health. Finally its all about money money money for pork barrels and politicians. The focus is now in the money, this government is not sincere. The DOH should be the one talking and the BIR just keep quiet, this is about people’s health.

  • josefe38

    Palibhasa di nyo mapigil ang smuggling sa BOC at kurakutan sa BIR idaan nalang sa sin tax dahil ito ang pinakamadaling paraan para sa revenue generation. Inutil!

  • txtman

        ILOCOS SUR




        ILOCOS SUR

  • laudkendaya

    BIR chief felt being betrayed…Filipinos betrayed by BIR

  • My mom

    FINANCE and Health officials want Recto to blindly approve the proposal to set excise tax increases of 1,000 percent for cigarettes and distilled spirits to collect P60 billion in sin taxes. When the Recto committee reviewed revenue scenarios of government tax experts using elasticity tests and industry growth figures, the resulting tax yields were nowhere near the amount quoted by finance officials.
    “In one run, the increment was even forecast at P23 billion, an almost two-third shrinkage from what was originally ballyhooed,” said Recto in his sponsorship speech on Senate Bill 3299.Now, who’s betraying the Filipino people?

  • nakatutok

    c’mon manang Kim….you cant win all the time..porke ba napag-kaisahan nyo si Corona and you had your way, ngayon naman mag-tantrum ka kasi di mo nakuha gusto mo???

    • vokkin

      Corona pala idol mo! Kaya pala panay ang banat mo ng hindi nag-iisip.  
      Go Kim Henares! 

      Do you want to debate the sin tax bill with me?

  • sarahmusker

    It makes more sense to raise more tax from the tobacco industry to finance the health service, particularly lung related illnesses.

  • argz

    BAT pala ang isa sa mga lobby groups na gusto ang DOF/DOH version ng sin Tax law. Ang BAT ay ang British American Tobacco (gumagawa ng Lucky Strike at Camel). Bakit kaya??? Kasi tataas ang presyo ng local cigarettes, kapresyo na ng imported kaya makakabenya sila ng mas malaki at mababawasan ang benta ng local.

    Ibig sabihin, medyo maghihirap lang naman ng konti ang mahihirap ng magsasaka ng tobacco, medyo may mawawalan ng trabajo sa mga pabrika ng sigarillo, dealers, wholesalers at retailers. At dahil ang hilig natin sa imported, baka mamatay ng tuluyan ang tobacco industry na bumubuhay sa milyon din mga tao.

    Ayos di ba? Sige, push through with the DOF/DOH sintax recommendations!!!!

  • saktolang

    nung EVAT ok lang kay recto hehehehehe pero pag dating sa sin tax bill dapat babaan kasi kawawa naman yung mga malalaking company ng sigarilyo at alak.

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