UN approves PH territorial claim to Benham Rise



Benham Rise belongs to the Philippines.

The United Nations has approved the Philippines’ territorial claim to Benham Rise, an undersea landmass in the Pacific Ocean potentially rich in mineral and natural gas deposits, Environment Secretary Ramon Paje said.

“We own Benham Rise now,” Paje said in a media interview. “This is for future Filipinos,” he added, noting that the 13-million-hectare area off the coast of Aurora province has been shown to have rich mineral deposits.

Paje said the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (Unclos) sent the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) a letter last week informing the agency that the landmass is part of the country’s continental shelf and territory.

Benham Rise, a seismically active region facing Luzon’s eastern seaboard, is rising slowly to the surface of the Pacific Ocean, Paje said. Perhaps, in a million years—a blink in the planet’s geological time—it will be habitable, he said.

Larger than Luzon

The plateau is a massive formation of basalt, a common volcanic rock, and is within coordinates 119°30’E to 132°00’E and 12°10’N to 20°30’N latitude.

Paje said Benham Rise, named after an American surveyor, is larger in area than Luzon. It has been shown to have natural gas deposits and manganese nodules, vital in the production of steel, he added.

Despite Benham’s proximity to the Philippines and its location within the country’s exclusive economic zone, the government did not claim it until 2008. Then, the next year, the government submitted a formal claim to the United Nations Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf. The Philippine submission noted that the country reserves the right to submit further claims in the area.

The Philippines is the sole claimant of Benham Rise. The country is currently embroiled in territorial disputes over several islands in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

China and the Philippines are feuding over Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal, 220 kilometers (124 nautical miles) west of Zambales province.

The Philippines and some of its Southeast Asian neighbors are also disputing with China and Taiwan ownership of parts of Spratly Islands in the West Philippine Sea.

The Spratlys are believed to be sitting on vast deposits of minerals and natural gas, in an area spanned by sea lanes vital to global trade.


BENHAM RISE is a 13-million-hectare undersea region that lies east of Luzon and off the provinces of Isabela and Aurora.

Also known as Benham Plateau, it is a massive formation of basalt, a common volcanic rock, and is described in a study as a thickened portion of the Philippine sea plate’s oceanic crust.

The formation lies within the continental shelf of the Philippines as defined by the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (Unclos), under which a coastal state’s exclusive economic zone extends 370 kilometers (200 nautical miles) from its continental shelf, while its extended continental shelf extends for another 278 km (150 nautical miles).

Benham Rise is not subject to any maritime boundary disputes and claims.

Studies conducted by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) have indicated large deposits of methane in solid form in the area.

In August last year, Environment Secretary Ramon Paje announced that the Philippines will gain additional territory should the United Nations approve the country’s claim to Benham, which the country submitted to the UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf in New York on April 8, 2009.

According to Paje, an American geologist, Andrew Benham, discovered the area, which was between 40 meters and 2,000 meters below the waterline, in 1933. Paje said gas deposits in the area would enable the country to achieve energy sufficiency.  Source: Inquirer Archives

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  • dgboy

    Congratulations to each one of us Filipinos

  • Docbis

    Ayos!!! Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, and…..Benham Rise?!!! Huwaaattttt!
    Seriously, this is great hope for all the Filipino people, lets not FU@# this up!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Elroy-Ampuller/100000287998302 Elroy Ampuller

       LuzViMindaBen na !!!!! awoooooooooooooooo

  • Philcor

    Sige ibulgar niyo pa, mamaya nandyan na ang China na mag ke-claim na kanila na naman daw yan…ang pangalan daw ay “tsing tsong tsai rise”….kung mag-timing talaga kayo sa impormasyon, as if you are saying: “Hey China, we still have larger oil-mineral deposits right here oh, Come get it”.

    • John_Kovac

       LOL “tsing tsong tsai rise”

  • birol

    Congratulations! Philippines.
    Ipa-bid na iyan para sa explorations

  • 100% freedom of navigation

    Tulo laway lalo yang chekwa niyan. Baka sabihin na naman nila kanila nag Luzon at kabilang dagat sa Aurora.

    • ofwme2807

      lugi na mga tsekwa dami kasi tao wala na sila oil and other resources hahaha  its now time to build up philippine military to preserve and defend these teritories

  • tagahuron

    China will add another 9 dash-lines to their current 9-dash map, and will encircle the Benham Rise. Watch out! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ily-Neems/100000211025856 Ily Neems

    Great news! We can now use this as a precedent to our claim in the West Philippine Sea. Pareho lang naman ang kaliwa at kanan.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3TWVIBNBHJIBKXLUC5IT2JYM5E Harry

    How many Filipinos would sit and do nothing, waiting and hoping for Benham Rise to emerge from the waters?

  • Russell Ariola

    O dapat bantayan na yan. Dapat mey P-3 tayo na umiikot lagi baka mamya mey Chinese vessel na naman dyan na nag-iisquat.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Glen-Villanueva/100001445601527 Glen Villanueva


    • roxycheeks

       barb wire na rin for fence haha.

  • ExpatSteve

    OK, what you going to do with it now? Nothing as usual

  • http://twitter.com/akonroan akon roan

    Yes indeed,the Philippine government should pursue any development in the said area before China could again claim it by just saying that their fishermen had been fishing there headed by fictitious characters like Lou ko Lou Ko, Aqui Na Tou and so on and so forth….

  • GungGung

    Naglalaway ang CHINA.. BOOOO!

  • http://survey.boxpinoy.com/corona.php Rare Earthling

    Mayaman talaga Pilipinas, Kaya dito nagpupuntahan sa atin ang mga ganid para lalong magpayaman.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Will-Gozum-David/1463044512 Will Gozum David

    Arise more Benham rise really really fast.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYXTXAZ2FRQ6YMK5SFNH2NS7AU dyan

    Nasaan na kaya ako in a million years?  Isa ng alikabok.

  • For_knowledge_economy

    Thank you to those who prepared and filed the claim. Keep up the good work. 

  • cooldoods


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GUZISWUMVDD5QJUC7GBJKEM7XA prangka

    Watch out China. They would probably show old maps again owning Benham rise by three steps.  1st they would claim shoal, 2nd they would claim  mindanao, follow by claiming visaya and luzon. then 3rd they would claim  benham rise.

    • ofwme2807

      to philippine navy and coast guard maybe chinese ships and subs are in the area now….hehehe malulunod sila sa lalim nyan…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FEI7WO2OWG6CE7QUMJ4PSKMQIQ jetski


  • nappa1

    but of course, this benham rise, like the malampaya, like the 500$ billion deuterium deposit in mindanao, like the 500$ oil deposit in mindanao (i’m not even including other minerals like copper because i have no data on them), like the massive gold reserve in benguet,
    the minerals in benham rise will be reserved to be exploited and profited from by white multinationals. filipinos will see no benefit from that, just as they derive no benefits from malampaya.

    long live white people! they’re gods!

    • Pinoy_Reich

       Gutom lang yan parekoy. Do you know who is the boss of Manny Pangilinan whose First Pacific company is managing the exploration and drilling in Recto Bank- an Indonesian-Chines energy tycoon.

  • jaime24 deguzman

    Bakit ayaw pa nila i drill para mkakuha n ng langis para hindi na makinabang ang mga chekwa!
    ASAP sana ma drill n yan para makatipid sa kuryente!

    • to0

      He he he! Let us plant our flag in the undersea just like what Russia did planting their flag at the sea bed of bearing sea, near the north pole which is now accessible due to global warming. It too is potentially rich in minerals and oil deposit. Just to make it clear, the subject matter hear which is known to be larger than Luzon is EAST OF Isabela, and not the shoals in the South Philippine Sea.

    • rosamistika16

      para kang nag-uutos kay inday nyan…

      “Inday, heto ang piso, bili ka ng asin sa kanto at malapit ng maluto ang espesyal na kaldereta ko wala pang asin.  bilisan mo at darating na ang mga epokrita kong kaibigan bka malaman pa nila na naghihirap na tayo!” 

      naman….hindi yan magic ang pagmina ano???! mas mabuti pa kamong bilisan ang paghabol sa mga korap muna bago ang pagmina at uubusin din nila eto pagnagkataon at hindi ka rin makikinabang!

  • tyronenorth

     Sa China din daw ang Benham Rise… kasi jan din daw naglalaba dati yung mga ancestors ng mga Chinese “since ancient times”..

    Jan din daw nagpopo, umihi at nagtambak ng ebak ang mga ancestors ng mga Chinese kaya daw unti-unti nang umaangat ang Benham..

    Kaya wag daw muna tayo magdiwang na mga Pilipino… sa mga susunod na araw, magpapadala daw ng mga submarines at warships ang China para protektahan ang historical claim ng China sa Benham Rise..

    • ofwme2807

      hahaha very good and funny

    • http://www.facebook.com/babinski.tero Babinski R Tero

      Tama, diyan iniyot ang mga insick….hehhee

  • ofwme2807

    to the philippine government this is now the perfect time to increase the defense budget and modernize the philippine military in order to protect and defend our resources teritories and our oil and gas reserves….go Philippines we dont want these tsekwas bully us again….buy and procure air force and naval assets now….open up the source the US is not the only one we can rely to buy and purchase arms…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Eric-Nicolas/536542309 Eric Nicolas

    I hope this would not turn the government to cool down our claims on “karburo”…

  • leroyroyal

    Inquirer, pls do some deeper research on the coordinates. If we project the lines vertically and horizontally from these coordinates as mentioned in this article, it will cover the whole island of Luzon up to 630 nautical miles to the east. The area is much bigger than the entire Phil.  Are you sure about this???

  • http://www.facebook.com/babinski.tero Babinski R Tero

    sa china raw yan, diyan tumae ang mga insick dati. hehehe

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UBIJJNCF74GJ3GNHZRL3TGQEYA Wan

    YES.. ganyan dapat aksyon ng gobyerno.. mabilis! Congratulations po sa mga mabilis na umaksyon na mga opisyales natin. Sana maprotektahan ng ating military ang atin. Baka claim na naman po ng ibang bansa yan?

  • redpula

    God does not want our country to be poor, but the politicians are, for them the more we are fragmented the easiest they can employ their vicious scheme of depriving us a decent life.  Let us be awaken these politicians are not serving our interest but of their own vested interest, 2013 is another election year, let us give a cold shoulder to those who are notoriously trapo,AFP is in a mess because of excessive politics, scarborough and spratlys are wake up call for us filipino to be more discerning in choosing leaders who has guts to defend for what is ours.

    • ♕ Denis (Dan) Somoso

      Great News!

      • redpula

        no where in my writing did i say anything about noynoy, you are jumping the gun on me… With due respect, who ever the president may be and even past presidents, this problem was discussed but not taken great consideration.  The Scarborough and Spratlys as i’ve said are eye-opener.  As a Filipino, to blame all the past presidents in their failure will not alter the situation at hand.  It has something to do with our political and party system we have here in the country, Yes, we don’t have the capacity to fight with our antiquated weaponry.

        You have taken my statement out of context, if you are a big fun of the President, i mean no offense, but first before you write a lengthy reply, temper your emotions because my statement in this forum speaks in general.  I dare, can you prove that i made a statement contesting the stand of the president in my article?.

        I never contest the validity of our sovereignty in the areas stated.You added a conclusion in my statement and hastily generalize that i am saying noynoy is not acting right on the issue.  Please re-read my statement.  It squarely deal on how rotten our political system and politicians are, if you think noynoy belongs to that group, well it is your interpretation, not mine, and Noynoy is not the only political leader we have inspite that he is the president of the country.

        Further, can you direct me, where in my statement did i say i am angry with the president. Let us not add something that a person never stated nor even propounded, it is quite unfair to paint a picture that is not the intention of the writer.

        The article i wrote is plain and simple to comprehend, i did not touch on issues you discuss in reply to my writing.

      • http://profiles.google.com/rtmaramba riiyo nakajima

        Masyado ka naman kung makapag-interpret. Nasaan jan ang pag-atake niya kay P-Noy? Pwede pakituro, hindi ko kasi nakita.

        By the way, pwede kang mag-Tagalog kung tinatamad kang mag-grammar check. Hindi ako naiimpress ng ingles mo.

  • http://twitter.com/chrisfox057 christopher cutayan

    Philippines is rich in naturally but poorly we use..

  • john clark

    Benham Rise NOW
    Scarborough Shoal TOMORROW!

    • http://on.fb.me/16z14Nv Angel Divera

      Ang Spratly?

  • valsore

    Well, that is still in a million years.  But right now, let’s not lose the Scarborough shoal and the Spratlys.  Let’s rent one of the islands there to the Americans to build bases that will revert to Philippine owner ship after 50 years, like Build-To-Own deal.  That way we hit two birds with one stone.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

       YES RENT PANATAG TO THE US NAVY FOR THEIR BASE IN WEST PHILIPPINE SEA  – recruit also 4000 suicide filipinos and fit 3000 jet skis with 200lbs torpedo bombs against 950 COMMUNIST NAVY SHIP – AM A TSINOY AND I HATED RED COMMUNIST CHINA

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WT5ZX5O7ZBC6Z3LXFA4UIQZC3I emajega

    hahaha maraming mga tsinoy dito sa atin, malamang nabulungan na nila ang mga kapwa intsik nila para pag-aralan kung pano maangkin ang Benham Rise hehe

  • neverwint3r

    good job, but we should have been this proactive with the panatag shoal, the spratlys, mischief reef and finally, sabah. we should have been claiming those in the 50’s or 60s when everyone else was weak and the philippines then was the strongest country in asia next to japan.

    we’ve lost hundreds of thousands of kilometers of territory and billions of dollars of potential resources due to lack of foresight and planning. i hope this is a lesson for us. daig ng maagap ang masipag as the saying goes. walang maidudulot ang ang ningas-kugon at kung makupad.

  • Pining_Garcia

    I explore na kaagad yan at magamit ang God given resources na yan ng sa gayon ay makalikom ng funds at gamitin sa modernization ng ating armed forces so this time around no one will ever dare to encroach on our territorial waters ever again. I just hope the political leaders of our country will learn from a lesson about this Phil- China row thing and be patriotic enough to put the nations interest first before themselves…STOP CORRUPTION !!!! and build a better Pilippines a nation that we and our future sons and daughters will be proud of…

  • Meow Ming

    Aangkinin ng Taiwan yan kasi dati daw nilang fishing ground yan kaso yung Taiwan is territory ng China so aangkinin din ng China yan. LOL

  • http://www.facebook.com/oustcorona ILL_HIT_YOUR_FACE

    Nice… Good Job! 

    Now, Lets just not complacent about it… China can claim everything under absurd claims. 

  • CyberPinoy

    Thumbs up to 
    Secretary Ramon Paje. Mabuhay po kayo!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UXM6DGZUBIW6F7BUPBZOKATPAQ mrp

    sana totoo na maraming langis diyan.. papatayin natin sa inggit yan mga instek na yan.
    at sa wakas magiging oil producing country tayo. kahit man lang ospital ma e libre sana ng Gobyerno, tapos ang pera gamitin upang e pagawa ng classroom at ma e taas ang sahod ng Titser, Doctor, Nurse at mga Pulis at sundalo natin.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VDMUJ6NKKCLWRMVMJRLJFI633I Rene V

    we really are blessed with natural resources. sana alagaan natin ang natitira sa ating bansa. dito sa ating bagong lupain (sa ilalim ng dagat) dapat mas maganda ang usapan ng hatian ng kita sa kung ano mang kayamanan na maaaring minahin… dapat lang para sa mga anak natin!

  • keijhae

    may bagong aangkinin at aagawin nanaman ang china sa pinas pag mlaman yan nyahahah .. iyak tawa nanaman c juan .. haha

  • Bjdc

    Wala kayang historical rights ang china dyan? Baka angkinin na naman eh. Dapat bantayan ng National Government ang mga lokal officials sa lugar na iyan at baka may magbenta niyan sa china.

  • http://twitter.com/erncastillo ern

    wait for china to claim the entire philippines. Meron silang basis dahil maraming pilipino na may dugong intsik. Ibig sabihin nandito na sila noon pa. nyaaakkkkk!

    Pati yung buwan, sila ang mas naunang nakakita nun dahil mas una pa sila naging bansa bago america kaya kanila rin yun!!!

    Pero impyerno wala silang kaagaw, sariling sarili nila yun.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AFDQQH2M3OD6ZGBJNJ34UZHIV4 Enrico

    Minahin na agad habang wla pang nang aagaw!

  • sacrebleau

    Fantastic news! Woohooo!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J4CUDKZQERID54CP4PB4BW6GSA Jake

    hndi na nila maangkin yan nsa harap na ng pacific yan nkharap sa GUAM subukan ng intsik at nsa guam nka station mga submarine ng US siama mo pa ang pacific fleet sa hawaii

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZWTTKJTI57YO7TZBJC66GA2OLU dennis


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/I4APVXQLMZORQWVCI6D7AX3ARI jan

      hey dennis … ano role mo sa benham rise? :D

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZWTTKJTI57YO7TZBJC66GA2OLU dennis

    Pwede na bang umpisahan yang research na yan para malaman na kung nasa-saan ang Natural Gas and Oil? Humihirap na ang mundo ng ekonomiya at hindi pwedeng umasa na lang tayo sa ibang bansa!…DAPAT NA MATUTO NA TAYONG MGA PILIPINO NG PARA SA BANSA NATIN!…Kapag yumaman na tayo,wala ng magta-trabaho ng DH…No one can discriminate us…..Nobody can throw us out from other country…..No more OFW! Our kababayan MUST WORK for our country!…..Wala ng mag TNT sa iba´t ibang bansa


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZWTTKJTI57YO7TZBJC66GA2OLU dennis

    Pakiusap lang,Kung kayo eh magdi-drill for oil or any Natural gas exploration,HUWAG NA HUWAG NYO NG IASA PA SA IBANG BANSA!!!….Gusto kong sa future ng mga kababayan natin eh titingalain tayo ng ibang bansa!…Hindi yung ipinakikiusap mo pa na RESPETOHIN KA!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZWTTKJTI57YO7TZBJC66GA2OLU dennis

    Nag-bunga din ang paala-ala ko dito about Benham Rise!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/I4APVXQLMZORQWVCI6D7AX3ARI jan

      ano yung paala-ala mo dennis? :P

  • Bongbong123

    Gagawa nanaman ang mga insikto ng historical map. Haha. .

  • John_Lange

    Do not be so sure that the greedy drooling Communist Chinese do not covet Benham Rise and other resource-rich areas on the continental shelf within Philippine territory. One reason the Chinese are eager to start a shooting incident in the Spratleys, aside from the benefit of reducing Chinese population by a small percent, is for them to create a scenario where they can later  impose a demand for compensation in form of territories they otherwise cannot claim. 

  • redpula

    if China dares to own this one, they are wrong, the UN already declared it is ours, no chinks can deprive us of its use.  Now if it is utilized and exploited for our energy requirement there is no need for us to rely on oil import remember it is 13 million hectare so vast and hopefully resource rich.

    • kingalmond

      Don’t worry about China, worry about your corrupt government and politicians. Baka  Bukas nakarehistro na at me titulo na sa kanila


    SHELL, PETRON, CHEVRON, EXXON, MOBIL sila ang makikinabang dito. Ang sa Pilipinas barya lang.

    • http://on.fb.me/16z14Nv Angel Divera

      Pagkakaalam ko the law on natural resources exploitation gives 30% to the government to all profit it receives.

    • kismaytami

      Isama mo rin yung bulsa ng corrupt govt officials at mga KKK nila sa mga makikinabang.

  • ricardo ricafort

    If UN approves the area based on Unclos, then it is just apparently similar to Scarborough shoal which lay within the 200 mile definition.  I’ve been saying ever since, claim the land and have it presented to UN as soon as possible.  What is our government waiting for?  

    • http://on.fb.me/16z14Nv Angel Divera

      Problem is the other claimant won’t present evidence on its claim and may still not honor the result.

      • ricardo ricafort

        In Benham Rise, we are the only ones claiming it.  
        I researched awhile ago and found out that we did submit a claim in UN about Scarborough.  What we need to do fast is to lodge a complain to UN or that of international court in Germany.  The Chinese have clearly violated international laws- poaching on endangered species and disrespect to Philippine territorial sovereignty.

  • Teamwork-make yourself useful

    What is the Government waiting for before it presents Scarborough claim to UN?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

    Some Philippine Companies will start to RECLAIM LAND in BENHAM RISE – starting from the 50 meters shallow depth like Marina Village and MALL OF ASIA it used to be under 40 meters of water until it was reclaimed and sold the parcel real estate  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy


    • http://www.facebook.com/oustcorona ILL_HIT_YOUR_FACE

      wonder where will we get to fill the shallow waters larger than Luzon? specially on this era  of rising Sea level…

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy

         Lots of mountain rocks and soil to fill the shallow water of BENHAM RISE TERRITORY

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    What’s stopping the Philippines from legally claiming scarborough shoals and spratleys in general? Are there any favors from chinese gov’t for not claiming these islands? NBN-ZTE, North Rail projects? Could you shed some light Mr. Abalos?

  • kismaytami

    Oh baka ibenta na naman yan ng gobyerno sa mga tsekwa, katulad ng spratlys at Scarborough sa pamamagitan ng marine undertaking… Filipinos should be wary of their own government.

  • itsmorefuninthephilippines

    sa tingin nyo makikinabang naman talaga si juan dela cruz dito?…well, madali lang naman malaman…kapag di pa rin na-modernize ang AFP in 2 to 3 years time…you will know na sa kanya-kanya na namang bulsa napunta ang pera na dapat si juan dela cruz lang ang makinabang

  • dontblockme

    if UNCLOS came up with this decision for benham rise why can’t they do the same for scarborough shoal and the spartlys? why did we even have to ask them to grant us ownership of a territory that is practically ours? what is the use of UNCLOS if they cannot settle disputes?

    • indiots

      sabi nila, pag isang side lang ang magrereklamo sa unclos, hindi ‘yon madedesisyunan. kaya ayaw ng china humarap sa unclos.

      • white scorpion

         nag land grab lang kasi kaya ayaw. they know very well wala silang batayan.

      • sasama

        ah expert si Villar jan kung land grabbing pag-uusapan…dapat cya tanungin jan kung anu magagawa laban sa china….

      • white scorpion

        baka sa kanya nga natutu ang china. he.he.he.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/I4APVXQLMZORQWVCI6D7AX3ARI jan

      My humble comment:
      1) Benham rise is a continental shelf (seabed), a feature permanently underwater.
      2) The area claimed is beyond 200M in short outside the sovereignty and sovereign rights of the Ph
      3) For a coastal State to claim an extension of its continental shelf, meaning beyond 200M, you have to present  data and information to support your claim.
      4) These scientific and technical data will go thru the scrutiny of the Commission on the Limits of the COntinental Shelf, an institution created under UNCLOS/LOSC.
      5) If the submission under review has disputes with other States, the CLCS will not act on it and will wait until these coastal States gets to resolve their issues. Alternatively, with an agreement reached that the submission is without prejudice to future delimitation (dispute resolution), then the CLCS may proceed with the consideration of the submission.
      6) If the area is not contested and with sound technical and scientific data to back up a submission, as in the case of Benham Rise, it takes a minimum of 3 years to get the “recommendation” from the CLCS, granting sovereign rights to the area for future exploration and exploitation of whatever resources are attached to it. It should be emphasized that the sovereign rights granted is ONLY on the SEABED and NOT on the WATER COLUMN. Lupa sa ilalim lang ng tubig ng dagat – yung kalupaan doon na may mga resources na oil and gas, minerals like copper, gold etc., pati na mga sedintary species (yung mga gumagapang na living things) na nadiskobreng maging sangkap sa karamihan ng mga mga pharmaceutical products.
      7) Lastly, it will take sometime to really explore and eventually exploit whatever resources are in the Benham Rise. DOE and DENR-MGB needs to make the necessary Plan of Action.
      With these information, needless to say that the Scarborough Shoal (SS) has a different case compared Benham Rise (BR). For one, SS is within the 200M EEZ of Ph while BR is beyond 200M.  Actually madami pa. Bahala na kayo research. PAGOD na ako eh……….lol.

  • Junilo Pagobo

    Mabuti at nasa kabilang side ito ng Luzon, kung nagkataon na nasa West Philippine Sea ito naku po eh baka hindi na rin ito atin

  • white scorpion

    then, it is a must that aquino clean up our scalawagS in UNIFORMS, ROBES, GOV’T OFFICES and specially the PADRINO system. or else, kahit anong laki at dami ng mineral deposit. mapupunta lang sa iilan. mananatili pa rin tayo sa miserable state. firing squad ang hatul sa mahuhuling corrupt official.

  • Juan Miguel Tanjuakio

    Ba’t di nila pangalanan ng Pinoy name? Hindi panglan ng mga foreigners.

    • PHtaxpayer

      who cares?  talagang ganyan.  Even America was named after a foreigner – Italian Amerigo.   I hate it when people change names, their names, street names, city names…the original names are the ones remembered.  when you discover a new species, the discoverer gets to name the new species. same wil new planets, etc.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QNY75VSKM4I35WA2R6Q7B7TZGE RubenC

    I hope our government can use this new found wealth to acquire modern weapons to defend our country from bullies like China and get the assurance of the U.S. that an attack against us will be considered an attack against her.

  • sasama

    …yes! mayaman na tayu after 1 million year!!!…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3J3IHTI75VVG6EXQ5G3GEUYMLQ Tsinoy Texas Boy


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5STEU22AD7YRHQSB6RE56ZDSYA J

    Sana gayahin din ng China kung paano nakuha ng PH ang Benham rise. Utak ang ginamit. 
    Hindi yung dinadaan sa maton na pamamaraan… :o)

  • http://twitter.com/rossaden rossano l. jacela

    I hope this will be a precedent for the other claims.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KNCRPDU3VZZ3HAOL53SO3UZ3NU Juan

    Aangkinin din ng Tsina yan, pagnalaman nila na maraming resources d’yan, Buti nga, nawala si Pandak kung hindi pinagbili na yan ni Pandak, sasabihin na joint cooperation.  . 

  • rosamistika16

    Philippines is very rich in natural resources it is just that our people do know how to use it becuase we have no means (money) to use it on its own.  So what we did is to get the services of other countries and let them exploit it with only a very small return to our country.  Unfortunately, our country is full of crocodiles and leeches that this small return could not even go to the government coffers but only up to their pockets!

    what happened to malampaya? do we feel the impact of this energy exploration? why r we still in chaos that we could not even buy a new military aircraft? i only knew TWO answers and those are because of CORRUPTION and IGNORANCE!

  • ningcho

    Benham Rise has been shown to have rich mineral and natural gas deposits and manganese nodules which is VITAL in the production of steel. Pag nalaman ito ng mga chinese sigurado aangkinin na naman nila ito. kya dapat wag tayo padala sa pananakot nila dyan sa Scarborough Shoal otherwise pati itong Benham Rise eh kukunin din nila.

  • ningcho


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KXHYZNR5NUYG3T7XQQ67PERPJI Jinju

    I hope our government would utilize our own investors for oil explorations as soon as possible. We have business tycoon Manny Pangilinan and other willing Filipino investors. In fact the Philex Mining Corp has already started in the area being disputed by China. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6ODLDBBLVPVJCOODC6Y4CKJTVA lex

    MAGANDANG BALITA ito!  Sana magamit ito ng PILIPINAS at all CAUSE. Para maiangat natin ang EKONOMIYA ng bansa at magkaroon din tayo ng MODERNONG ARMAS na mas HIGIT pa sa SWAPANG na intsik!

    Ang YAMAN talaga ng PILIPINAS, kailangan na lang ay MAAYOS at MATAPANG na pinuno para maubos na ang mga CORRUPT na nagpapahirap sa BAYAN.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_A625ARJVZM3APMLB2XWC5SE73U markito

    Edukasyon, trabaho at depensa sa tingin ko ang dapat priority …

  • donsupremo


  • mencioalba

    China might take the plateau and change its name to BEHO RISE. 

  • 123_pampanggo_farmer

    After the Panatag, maybe the government can spend some time to claim back SABAH, it is rich in every conceivable resources. That’s where we found the KIKEH field and it is now the Malaysians enjoying its resources, remember they are still paying the rent to the Sultan of Sulu.

  • 123_pampanggo_farmer

    Diosdado Macapagal has initiated the claim to Sabah and MArcos tried but failed to send an Army to retake the territory (Jabida Massacre) was the result.
    The British rented the place from the Sultan of Sulu and when they left Malaysia, they did not bother returning the place to The Sultan, hence, the Malaysian government up to this time is still
    renting the place and pay a rental fee of sevral thousand pesos only.
    The Government should exercise its right to claim the land for our Children.

  • Menyet

    Guys dont be too happy on this news. As you know i am in Oil & Gas business for so many years. Benham rise having solid methane meaning under neath the sea it has around 13 kilometers thick of solid ice then you can found a large deposit of Gas. Up to this time their is no technology that can recover Gas in this stage. IF YOU CAN BUILT A BIG UMBRELLA and recover it. Not soon they can discover maybe another 20 years. First of a kind this Benham Rise.

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