Aquino cites labor gains, opens luxury bag factory



President Benigno S. Aquino III gestures during the inauguration of D' LUXE Bags Philippines, Inc. in Barangay. Sta. Rosa, Concepcion, Tarlac. EDWIN BACASMAS

CONCEPCION, Tarlac—President Benigno Aquino III spent Monday, the start of the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona, inaugurating a 10-month-old luxury bag factory and giving his perspective about the economy for which he received a failing grade from a predecessor and former teacher.

While “doing what is right is the fundamental thing to do,” such as exacting accountability from public officials, the President said his administration was able to generate 2.1 million jobs in 2011 despite the global economic slowdown.

Mr. Aquino also highlighted the growing number of tourists coming to the Philippines. He said tourist arrivals, which increased from 3 million to 4 million last year, would jump to 10 million in 2016 when his term ended.

In a paper she released last week, detained former President and now Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo chastised Mr. Aquino, her former student in economics, for the supposedly lackluster performance of the economy.

Taking off from the number of tourist arrivals and jobs created, Mr. Aquino assured D’Luxe Bags Philippines and the Luen Thai Group that they made the right decision by bringing their investments to the country.

The President arrived here with his economic team composed of Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz, Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima, Trade Secretary Gregory Domingo and Transportation and Communications Secretary Manuel Roxas II.

“Their presence here empowers them to open up opportunities for our people that had been lacking for such a long time,” Mr. Aquino said.

Shifting to Kapampangan, he told Tarlac residents: “I can open  doors for you and when I do, it is all up to you if you will keep it open.”

D’Luxe Bag Philippines is one of three investments promised to Mr. Aquino by the Luen Thai Group during his official visit to the United States last year. Employing 1,200 workers, the Tarlac factory produces Coach, a luxury brand.

The first investment of the Luen Thai Group was an Adidas factory, which was inaugurated in Mactan, Cebu province, in August 2011. The third investment is being set up at the Clark Freeport.

William Tan, Luen Thai chief executive officer, said the Tarlac factory’s expansion plan would increase the workforce by 500 this March. By 2014, the factory is expected to employ 5,000 workers.

In its first nine months of operation, the Tarlac factory was able to produce 220,000 bags, which Martyn James, vice president of Coach International, described as unprecedented.

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  • yesyesyo

    God bless the Philippines.

  • BAKIT2011

    Whattan IRONY!  SO, PNoy wants the Pinoys to mimic Kris to buy luxurious bags?  Luxurious bags in the midst of poverty?  PNoy if you want to exact public accountability from public officials start off with yourself!  Why are you still giving PORK BARRELS to tongressmen?  You know PNoy? it is obvious that you are only using CORRUPTION as an issue to cover up your MISDEEDS!  you are a crazy immature despot trying to crack down those people who are opposing you! 

    • teknokrat101

      Ikaw naman oo, lahat sa yo puro neg comments, what we are talking about here is jobs, legit jobs, tell Pnoy keep on doing the right thing, period….

    • exterminator1

      fyi, bags and other luxury items produced here are not sold here but are exported. and the cdf or pork barrel is included in the GAA every year so the president cannot withold it because he would be breaking the law

    • ztirfps

      BAKIT2011….  wala  na naman  sa hulog  ang comment mo.. o   baka  hindi  mo  naintindihan   ang  article…..

      nag open  ng  luxury bag  factory sa  pinas  hindi para hikayating  bumili  ang pinoy  ng  mamahaling  bag  kundi  ang  mabigyan  sila  ng trabaho sa pamamagitan  ng  pag empleyo sa factory….

      hahaha… mag cocomment ka lang  lihis  na  lihis  naman  sa topic  ng pinag kokomentuhan mo… naku  naman.. ARROYO  zombies talaga.. napaghahalatang   napupudpod na  ang  mga utak  LOL!

    • filipinaskoh

      In reply to “Bakit2011″,
      The bags are never intended for local market. What we are talking here is “it generate jobs” to help alleviate poverty in our country.  Your comment describe you, crazy and immature. 

  • rickysgreyes

    PNoy you might want to revive the Philippine shoe industry. As a backgrounder, there were two promising industries in the 70s and early 80s, these were the furniture and shoe industries. The furniture industry has developed into a world class industry but the shoe industry collapsed. Why? The furniture industry moved into design – -the shoe industry did not and just relied on labor alone as a value added factor for its exports. as a consequence, with the rise of China as a manufacturing hub, buyers shifted their orders to China thereby collapsing the industry.BUT the good news is this: 1) we have the best designers of shoes in Marikina; and 2) the RP population has since increased since then to have a stable domestic market. Therefore, PNoy, you may want to get your bright boys at DTI (DesignCenter, BOI, CITEM and BETP), Marikina LGU, TESDA, BSP (for financing) and revice this once promising industry. It starts in Marikina.

  • Diesel

    mag open naman kayo ng factory sa mindanao…like in Davao, Cagayan de Oro and Tagum…salamat po…

  • lilee26

    Go Pnoy go- Mabuhay ka- people should realized that though no one is perfect except God so far Pnoy is the perfect guy for leading the country- lets help him stop the core of poverty which is “corruption”. Lets help him that no Filiipinos  would go without having 3 meals a day nor not having education and medical treatment. Litzie

  • kulittwit

    Go PNoy!!! We support you all the way!

  • tolits31

    HUwag kang maniniwala sa mga nailalabas ni gloriang magnanakaw,,,pirmis kalang at trabahoi lang ng trabaho at the same time dapat ng maikulong si gloria at mike,,,, 

  • andoybarrios

    sana man lang ay mabigyan ng magandang sahod ang mga manggagawa ng coach bag dahil hindi mura ang bag na yan (sumasakit ang ulo ko pag bumibili ang mrs. ko niyan)….wag sana mapagsamantalahan ang mga kababayan natin na parang sweat shop ang dating…..kailangan ay parehas ang magiging suweldo nila at ibang benefits dahil quality ang gawa ng pinoy…….

  • Ommm

    Love the irony of him  inaugurating a “bag” factory and talking about Gloria in the same breath.

    Our Prez is a funny guy…

  • J_Tartan

    Wake up people !!!!! Pres. Aquino just used P2.1- billion in pork Barrel Funds to BRIBE THE SENATORS to ensure the conviction of Mr. Corona. Many Filipinos believe this is a criminal act and constitute PLUNDER. Looks like GMA will have a cell mate pretty soon huh… The President cannot squander for BRIBES the resources of the country just to have an ENDGAME where his family will solely benefit from it.
    We, the FILIPINO people need to stand up to this INSANITY !!!! This is INSANE… If Corona will be convicted, it is because of the rule of law of the Republic. Not because our President bribed them. Are we not ashamed anymore?

    • iskurokutoy

      Wish lang ni J_Tartan!

    • lintangbedol

      another conspiracy theorist!

  • J_Tartan


    JUST A REMINDER to the Philippine PRESS. You are to stand neutral in your case reporting. Accepting bribes could result you being convicted in the court of law and thrown to jail. The P2.1- Billion in the news is too much and too tempting to ignore, right? It made the P200-million GMA fertilizer scam appear like a little girl’s scam.

  • Fulpol

    ang partner ng bag manufacturer siguro ay ang Cojuangco…


  • Fulpol

    gumanda ang infrastructure dahil kay Gloria Arroyo…

    Noynoy is just benefiting from the works of Arroyo…


  • Night

    luxury bag factory tapos nag magaling ka ng labor gains??? INUTIL KANG PENOY KA…. sa 3.2% anong labor gains nagawa mo??? hayop taena mo puro ka yabang at dakdak sa press   Q3 2011 GDP growth rate:

    Indonesia = 6.5%
    Vietnam = 6.11%
    Singapore = 6.1%
    Malaysia = 5.8%
    Thailand = 3.5%
    Philippines = 3.2%

  • Night

    Q3 2011 GDP growth rate:
    Indonesia = 6.5%
    Vietnam = 6.11%
    Singapore = 6.1%
    Malaysia = 5.8%
    Thailand = 3.5%
    Philippines = 3.2%Labor gains? Accountability? Fundamentals? U L O L MO!!!!!!! TAENA MO!!!!!!!!!!

  • Albin

    Hey, hulaan ninyo sino ang exclusive endorser ng mga bags nito?

  • bong

    So many idiotic comments here.   The Coach bags being manufactured in Tarlac are for export, not for local market. 

    The investments created jobs for the people,  contributed to our GDP (export value) and enhanced PH competitiveness since the country was chosen over others with cheaper labor. 
    It shows that our manufacturing industry is alive.

    • Night

      bobo the point is a luxury bag factory will not solve the 10 million unemployed morons who voted for Penoy like you….

      With a 3.2% economic growth, with 2% population growth……….. we are only uplifting by 1.2% our economic capacity…. naintindihan mo na??? 


      • magsasakasanayon

        who says the luxury bag factory will solve the unemployment problem? get real, dude. kung di ka satisfied sa president, next election, kumandidato ka.

    • ret

      pinaka IDIOT ka kasi! “Shifting to Kapampangan, he told Tarlac residents: “I can open  doors for you and when I do, it is all up to you if you will keep it open.”” ito pa isang comment na galing sa idiot… parang ang dating may utang na loob pa ang taga-Tarlac sa kanya.. Hoy! ABNOY mandated yan sa posisyon mo.. opposition or not you should always keep your doors open if you want good governance..

      • susan

        ret, obviously you didn’t understand what this statement meant. Means that Noynoy as a president will search for opportunities or investors (as what happened) in a locality, then the people in that area should do their part in working so that the opportunities or investments made for businesses in their area can be maximized and turned into income-generating activities.

      • ret

        susan, i respect your interpretation but for me ang yabang ng dating nya. maraming interpretation ang phrase nya. wag kalang mag salita o mag yabang regarding kitid utak or no breed sa comment ng iba.. dahil kahit ang may BREED na tao hindi perfecto. tingnan mo nalang ang may mga breed sa gobyerno natin… kaya kung ako sayo wag mong kitidin ang utak sa pagunawa at baka mapahiya ang “BREED” mo!


    magtrabaho ka na talaga para sa bayan ang resulta ng pagbagsak ng economiya ay nasa panahon ng iyong pamamalakad sa loob ng isang taon  ano pa ba ang gusto mo katibayan work harder para sa bayan kilos na mr president pnoy

  • Night


    Q3 2011 GDP growth rate:Indonesia = 6.5%Vietnam = 6.11%Singapore = 6.1%Malaysia = 5.8%Thailand = 3.5%Philippines = 3.2% 

    • tristanism

      Awat na, Quota ka na e. Magkano na din yan.

      • Night

        konti pa, mahal ang bagong BMW kasi

      • brench duke




  • halabira

    cheap labor ang hangad hindi para mabigyan ng pangmatagalan at kapakinabang na trabaho.katulad ng mga ginawang pangalipin sa HLI nagkaroon tuloy ng bagong labanan ng mga alipin.aliping ng HLI o alipin ng concepcion ?

    • noel

      ang labo mo hindi ko maintindihan kung makabayan ka ba talaga o ayaw mo mabigyan ng trabaho ang mga ordinaryong manggagawa

  • susan

    ang daming nagmumura sa comments nila. shows how kitid their utak is and no breeding at all.

  • pugadlawin21

    Wala pa namang maipagmamalaking ginawa si Penoy mula ng pumasok sa public service. Walang ginawa sa congress at senate kundi magpunas ng kanyang tulo laway. Daming uto uto sa Pilipinas, dahil lang namatay ang nanay na isa pa ring walang nagawa nung nakaupo itinulak magkandidato kahit bobo at walang alam. Yan ang napapala ng pinaiiral ang emotion sa pagpili ng leader hindi utak. Mga bobong Pinoys na hangga ngayon sumosuporta sa inutil na ito na puppet ng mga tiyo.

  • Freemind_03

    I can’t seem to match up PNoy’s claim of  2.1M jobs created and more tourists visited us in 2011.  Based on the stats in this article alone, one factory employed around 1,200 employees.  Which make make me think more jobs means more businesses opened in our country and should  translate to growth.  More tourists should have provided stability to the tourism industry as such contributing to the country’s funds.  But how come we grew only by 3% last year?  If other asian countries experience the same effects of the financial crisis in Europe and US, how come Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore grew twice as much as we did?  I’m not an economist but something tells me there’s flaw in PNoy’s stats.

  • Panot

    What do you expect from P’Abnoy? It was in September last year when local companies are experiencing an anemic sales an indication of an economic slowdown but what P’Abnoy did is just to hold on to government funds instead of using it to pump-prime the economy. Upon realizing this mistake ( thanks to Senator Juan Ponce Enrile and Ed Angara for lecturing Sec. Purisima during a budget hearing)… the Aquino Administration fast-tracked the release of billion peso funds for infrastructure projects, which has a multiplier effects on the economy, and the benefit from this move will only be felt in the third quarter of 2012… too late… the labor sector has been hit by this idiotic, indecisiveness of P’Abnoy…. yes P’Abnoy is popular but popularity alone cannot be translated to a strong economy you need also brain which P’Abnoy lacks….Hay naku naman!!!

  • brench duke




    • magsasakasanayon

      easy lang, brad. masyadong mainit ang ulo mo. next time, tumakbo kang presidente para hindi ka naha-high blood.

  • brench duke



    • Marjorie Santiago

      Hey dudes ! You are so arrogant ! If I will call u asss h what will you feel? and smells some sort of asss, how do you smell it. Please Pnoy generates more jobs and implement an iron Fist to curb criminalities. Atleast we are no longer importing rice just like before and many farmers are gaining from it. Who are you to call our President a moroon.

  • amado_guerero

    Great job Mr. President…continue what you are doing…the majority of the people are behind you!!! I think as of now you are the greatest president that this country can have…

    • justonebyte

      mukhang bayaran ka ser ah… san galing yung 2.1M jobs figure ng 2011? I only wish Noynoy the best but as of now… He is a mess… How I wish it was Gibo Teodoro…

      • amado_guerero

        kanina ako maniniwala sa demonyong gloria? GIBO???? sino sya? natalo sya kulelat kaya live by the presence…tanga…

  • Atlason

    Itong mga luxury item shop (tulad ng luxury item Porshe na kotse ni P-noy) ang mga type puntahan ni P-noy, hindi yung mga disaster area kung saan maraning mga Pilipinong mahihirap na namatay – ayaw niya daw puntahan ang mga ito at baka makasagabal pa siya sa mga rescue efforts – hello! Yan ang daang matuwid ni P-noy, punong puno ng hipokrisya.

  • brench duke


  • brench duke



  • brench duke





    • Diablo_III

      O siyempre naman kinakain at NAKAKAIN ang mga 5,000 na empleyado dahil sa bag na yan. At we are very proud kasi ang bag na eto dito sa America $300 or more pa. Ikaw may nabigay ka ba para makakain ang isang tao? Baka ikaw walang kain. Ungas ka. bago ka mag comment tingnan mo muna sarili mo. Ampotah……LOL…

    • ztirfps

      brench duke  patawa ka!  hahaha!   hindi  ba  makuha  ng   utak  mo  ang simpleng  logic  ng pagbubukas  ng  factory  ay malaking  bagay  para  mapataas  ng konti  ang klase  ng pamumuhay  ng  kababayan mo?

      puro ka fraud  fraud  eh  simpleng economics  yata  ay hindi  mo pa  ma gets!  hahaha!

    • magsasakasanayon

      subukan mong kainin ang luxury bags na yan. haha. sa liit ng utak mo, simpleng analysis hindi mo magawa. it’s not about the luxury bags, or the product, for that matter. it’s about the business that generates jobs and, eventually, money. simpleng idea hindi mo makuha. critics talaga ng government napakahina ng utak at argument. kaya mataas pa rin ang ratings ni PNoy hanggang ngayon, eh.

  • Marjorie Santiago

    Dapat Pnoy to ang gawin mo ang magproduce ng maraming trabaho at higpitan ang batas lalo na sa mga holdup at mga riding in tandem. Police visibility at dapat din wala ng piyansa ang holdup at gawing 15 years ang pagkakakulong para di dumami ang masamang loob sa atin at to produce more tourism and jobs to our country.

  • Don Dee

    Ang tanga naman ng nag-co-comment dito. “luxury bag, nakakain ba ito?” Syempre HINDE! Tanga. Pagawaan ng luxury bag = trabaho = sweldo = pagkain. TANGA. And it is “moron” hindi “moroon”.

    • Marjorie Santiago

      mas bopols ka Don Dee “moroon”  talaga ang nilagay ko spelling  para di ba block  ang comment ko, idiot ! sino ba may sabing nakakain ang bag di ba ikaw, sino mas tanga sa atin. sinabi kasi ng kaalyado mo na food for the table, may kaugnayan ang NFA rice sa comment ko. Nagiging stable ang rice natin kasi di na tayo nag-iimport at ang factory ng luxury bag ay  isang patunay na may nalilikhang trabaho para sa mga kababayan natin para may MAKAIN  sila. Kung sa spelling lang baka mahirapan ka sa akin Don Dee, nobody is perfect moron !

  • GKid

    A luxury bag factory is good for the Philippines, its better than nothing. I just wonder if the President’s Family benefited from the luxury bag factory. If the factory was built on the Hacienda Luisita, then that might be a serious conflict of interest for the President.

    • Felix Evangelista


      interesting comments from Pnoy ” I can open doors for you and when i do, it will up to you if you keep it open”, is this statement directed to the hacienda farmers?

  • Diablo_III

    Mga tanga talaga tol. hahaha. Napaka-ungas, “luxury bag, nakakain ba ito?” At least yung mga empleyado makakain dahil sa factory na eto at may mapapalamon sila sa pamilya nila. Grabe talaga napaka-ungas….
    Pasensyahan mo nalang tol, kasi nasa row 4 ng section 44 at nakaupo pa sa broombox malapit sa kasilyas tong mga bobong ito…..

    • rosamistika16

      @KatokGagoBuang:disqus : ang name mo dito bagay sayo! mag-aral ka nga at dami mo dapat pag-aralan. base sa mga isinusulat mo kailangan mo ng major major subjects. sabi nga ng amo mo, it’s economics, student.

      • Diablo_III

        napaka ungas mo rin. Hindi mo naiintindihan ang ibig kong sabihin. gaga…kinampihan ko ba si Pandakekoks. intindihin mo muna ang post ko bago ka mag comment. Ungas..

      • rosamistika16

        lahat na post mo d2 ay intinding-intindi ko kya nga madami nagre-react sa post mo eh! gusto mo ba ng libreng pagkain sa mesa? punta ka kaya sa simbahan ng pasig meron dun ng libreng pakain kpag sabado.

        kaloka ka!

  • Diablo_III

    “IT’S FOOD IN EVERY TABLE,  MOROON!” Hahahahahaha. ROFL….

  • Don Dee

    Buti na lang hindi nag-comment dun sa push ng government para paunlarin ang turismo sa bansa, kung hindi ang tanong ay “turista, nakakain ba ito?”. lol.

    • Marjorie Santiago

       hindi nga  nakakain ang turista, but  it helps the govt in generating jobs. When there are jobs they have ability to buy their foods and  other necessity. Don Dee you are dim-witted. no need to argue  non-sense.

      • Don Dee

        You are reacting to comments I made for SOMEONE ELSE. Unfortunately, my reply came immediately after yours (and not that someone who was posting in ALL CAPS). Back read ka bago ka mag over-react.

  • boymanok

    labor gains? ayos yan. at sana naman magtuloy-tuloy na … walang kokontra at baka ma-impeach

  • susanchi2

    Good, at least bumalik na ang confidence ng foreign investors sa country natin.

  • chaecer

    labor gains sa sweat shop???? factory ng luxury bags..ano yan turo ni kris aquino. this country needs more than that..angmasasabi ko lang dapat maimpeach yang si PnoY na wala naman alam.

    • susan

      ano chaecer? sweat shop? patawa ka? nauubusan na talaga ng sasabihin ang mga gustong manira sa gobyerno. hihihih.

    • filipinaskoh

      Generating jobs is what this government is aiming. It never encourage the Filipinos to buy luxury bags.
      Those who are Against PNOY you kept on saying ” generate JOBS” Now jobs are being generated you’re still complaining. It only means one thing ” IT’S YOU WHO ARE MENTALLY ILL and NEEDS a PSYCHIATRIST.

  • picker_blend

    does this factory employ contractuals? what we need are jobs that offer security and where workers are treated fairly. why give it your best when you know after 6 months, “endo” (end of contract) ka na?

  • Francis81

    Noooooooooooy…. Pinaslubongan  mo ba ng ladies handbag si Mareng Mar? Aws!

  • g219h

    hahahaha….how about make-up factories, breast implants at iba pang kosmetics?
    Bading mo talaga Mr Aquino….mag bukas ka rin ng parlor sa buong kapuluan.

  • Nagagalitna

    Ganoon talaga mga critics kaya nga critics eh kasi utak talangka. Wala rin yan pinagkaiba sa union ng Kompanya eh…gusto mas malaki pa ang kunin kaysa doon sa may ari at pilit pabagsakin ang companya tapos pag wala na trabaho sisihin yong goberno.

  • Guest

    for export yon di ba? di naman kaya ng 95% ng pinoy luxyry. ano tulad ni DIONISIA?1m ang bag…ano laman panga ng tuna????ok 1m p bigay ni boxer. ngayon satisfied ba mga trabador. di ba sila exploited??? sagot lang LACIERDA boy ASAP.

  • Night

    Indonesia = 6.5%
    Vietnam = 6.11%
    Singapore = 6.1%
    Malaysia = 5.8%
    Thailand = 3.5%
    Philippines = 3.2% PALPAK

  • filipinaskoh

    Filipinos are very talented and very industrious, that’s why we are highly favored when it comes to domestic help. Unfortunately, Filipinos are not given proper break to parade their industriousness.

  • pangitbudhiko

    hope the foriegn investor will last. Becase he is facing three taxes coming from the Government, from the New Peoples army taxing them of revolutionary tax, and then the lagay to the government official. Hope maghaba ang Budget ng kumpanya

  • filipinaskoh

    These people who are too negative with the current administration they cannot simply accept the “It’s the economy, student” of GMA is a big Failure. No one even gave a glance nor spend time to comment. In other words “nilangaw” sa basurahan. They cannot accept the current administration is moving ahead in irony of what they are picturing the  Current administration.

  • fix dude

     “I can open  doors for you and when I do, it is all up to you if you will keep it open.” 


    Hanggang dyan ka na lang mag open ng mag open ng doors? Gumawa ka ng concrete improvement sa ekonomiya. Hindi yung mga achievement mo ay mga mangyayari pa lang. Tamo yung statements mo lahat peppered with would, could..

    Nassan ang gain? 

  • markotres

    brench duke ,KatokGagoBuang–ang mga tulad nito ay hindi pinapatulan may mga sayad ang ulo ng mga ito…Mga walang kasiyahan…

  • Tony De Los Santos

    How I wish that factories of more value-added items, such as automobiles or computers, will be given more priority.
    These sectors provide for a much larger work force and also have the benefit of creating attached sub-sectors for more opportunities.

  • Buddha Follower

    Tarlac factory? How much are they “giving” the thieving Cojuangco family for giving them a place in Tarlac? 

    It’s funny that Penoy was saying statistics on economic gains won’t matter if ordinary filipinos are not feeling it. 

    He forgot to say that right now Filipinos aren’t feeling any gains whatsoever while the economy is dying right in their very eyes. Yes, Penoy is busy. Busy with bribing the tongressmen and busy hatcheting plans on how to take over the Supreme Court with the eventual grabbing of Hacienda Luisita as the icing.

    It is also funny that Penoy is using statistics to fool the Filipino masses. 2.1M jobs? Did he mention what jobs are those? When did those companies start putting up businesses? He won’t because obviously majority of them came from the previous government, albeit corrupt like the current one.

    Low poverty rate while intentionally fiddling and manipulating the poverty index measurements to make it appear his government uplifted the lives of poor filipinos?

    This president is turning out to be one of the stupidest presidents in the history of the Philippines.

  • alx2k

    Pnoy is really showing he doesn’t have the grasp of the economy; citing a 1,200 new jobs created is too supercilious considering there are tens of millions of filipinos looking for jobs.

    What an obvious attempt to score accomplishment from a miniscule of effort.

  • Raven

    Anoooooooooooo?!!!! Labor gains? Saan? Lokohin mo tuktok mong panot! Labor pains `kamo!

  • zoiloperez

    Kapag pumasok na ang Kilusang Mayo 1, Bayan, Akbayan, Gabriela, Pamalakaya, Anak Pawis at Amoy Pawis sa picture ng negosyo nitong D’Luxe Bags Philippines and the Luen Thai Group ay siguradong todas ang capital nito.

    Ang magkakamal ng salapi ang mga katulad ni Teddy Casino, Renato Reyes, Mariano, Leila De Lima, Risa Hontiveros, Walde Bello, Ronald Llamas at marami pang iba ng mga komunista.

    Si General Jovito Palparan ang kailangan natin pangsupil sa mga komunistang ito.

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