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Racing beyond prejudice: Angkas celebrates riders’ true stories

07:55 PM August 25, 2023

Racing beyond prejudice: Angkas celebrates riders' true stories

In a world brimming with diversity, some people continue to grapple with the inclination to confine others within the limits of their own preconceived notions. Driven by cultural stereotypes, ignorance, insecurities, or even misinformation, these assumptions can be confining and detrimental to personal growth.

For individuals engaged in professions that are often stigmatized as options meant exclusively for those with limited education or ambition, the weight of these stereotypes is not only belittling but also demoralizing. All they strive for is to carve an honest path to sustain themselves and their families.


Championing the battle against such harmful misconceptions and seeking to shine a spotlight on well-deserving individuals, Angkas has unveiled its remarkable “Ako si Angkas” campaign.


The heart of this initiative lies in a compelling interview video  on the social media platforms of the Motorcycle (MC) Taxi service provider. This video, a platform for Angkas’ rider-partners, magnificently takes their stories out of the confines of societal boxes and places them front and center.

Leading the narrative is the journey of Harprit Singh Brar, an Indian national who has spent his life in the Philippines. A true embodiment of the richness of human experiences, Harprit’s tales as an MC Taxi rider resound with a resonance that challenges preconceived notions.

One of his anecdotes recounts an encounter with a passenger whose initial judgments painted him as less educated. Harprit’s propensity for engaging conversations prompted the passenger to inquire about his style of questioning and question his high school education.

As fate would have it, Harprit not only graduated high school but holds a Master’s Degree and a Post Doctorate. The student-passenger, upon discovering that his Angkas rider possessed more knowledge about his own field of study, sought mentorship from Harprit.

Harprit’s response serves as a moral lesson: “You cannot undermine the education of MC Taxi riders. Until you shed your judgmental tendencies, I regret to say that I cannot be your mentor.”

In another striking account, Harprit recalls the time he transported a passenger to a hospital, without charging any fee, to visit a family member. This selfless act was witnessed by another passenger, who later offered to fill Harprit’s gas tank, having overheard the previous conversation.


Regelio’s story is equally captivating, further enriching the tapestry of Angkas’ rider-partners. Through perseverance and unwavering dedication, he has defied the constraints of societal expectations. His narrative unveils itself as a beacon of hope and resilience in the face of adversity.

For Harprit, Angkas represents not only a means of livelihood but a conduit for sharing and acquiring knowledge and experiences. A family man to his core, he candidly discusses the challenges he grapples with daily. Balancing his duties as a parent to a child with disabilities, a person on the Autism spectrum suffering from epilepsy, and managing their necessary medications, his commitment remains unwavering.

His aspirations are intertwined with his spouse’s, focused on their children’s education and aspirations. With determination burning bright, Harprit’s devotion to his family drives him to ensure their well-being and offer a safe passage to the passengers who entrust their lives to him.


As an elder statesman in the realm of MC Taxi riding, Harprit imparts his wisdom to fellow riders: adopting his mindset of persistence and never relinquishing hope, regardless of the adversities that might arise.

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The “Ako si Angkas” campaign transcends the realm of corporate promotion; it stands as a testament to the power of personal stories to erode stereotypes and illuminate the multifaceted lives of those often marginalized by societal bias. Angkas, through this endeavor, reaffirms its commitment not only to the transportation needs of the public but also to the recognition and empowerment of its riders.

For another remarkable tale that resonates with courage and determination, the story of Regelio stands tall. Regelio’s journey serves as a poignant reminder that each rider’s path is a chapter of strength and resilience, adding depth and substance to the “Ako si Angkas” campaign.


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