LRMC to mobilize country’s first smart locker system in LRT-1 stations

MANILA, Philippines – Receiving packages will soon become more convenient as the Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) on Tuesday announced the launch of the country’s first smart locker system in Light Rail Transit Line 1 (LRT-1) stations in February.

According to LRMC in a statement, the smart lockers will be installed in all 20 LRT-1 stations to provide efficient contactless delivery service for commuters who want to utilize LRT-1 stations as their pick-up locations for items.

This came after the LRMC signed an agreement with Airspeed Group of Companies on Jan. 30 to procure PopBox. This smart locker system enables consumers to collect their products more easily and is also used in other cities in Indonesia and Malaysia.

The LRMC said Airspeed would also act as its official logistics partner in providing its customers  — including e-commerce platforms and small and medium-sized businesses — with this new fulfillment alternative.

The LRMC President and CEO Juan Alfonso said that the acquisition of PopBox is in line with the LRMC’s goal to enhance the commuter experience.

“The LRMC team is passionate about innovation. Driven by our shared mission to enhance the commuter experience and make it truly world-class, we want to make commuters feel like they are in a station that they might go to in other countries,” said Alfonso.

“We aim to give our passengers a glimpse into our future, and we’re glad to partner with the Airspeed Group in making part of this vision happen,” he added.

Meanwhile, Airspeed Group Chairperson Rosemarie Rafael, for his part, vowed to commit to creating a better and faster online shopping experience for Filipinos by addressing different fulfillment issues.

Kimberly D. Albaño, intern


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