Padilla seeks to institutionalize same-sex union

Sen. Robinhood Padilla (Voltaire F. Domingo / Bibo Nueva España/Senate PRIB)

UPDATED Senator Robin Padilla is seeking to institutionalize the civil unions of same sex couples in the country.

Padilla has filed Senate Bill No. 449 or the Civil Unions Act to provide equal rights and recognition for same sex couples.

“It is high time that the Philippines provides equal rights and recognition for couples of the same sex with no prejudice as to sexual relationships are protected and recognized and given access to basic social protection and security,” he stated on his bill’s explanatory note.

“Providing equal rights and privileges for same-sex couples will in no way diminish or trample on the rights granted to married couples,” he continued.

Noting that same-sex marriage or civil unions have been legalized in 31 nations and territories, Padilla lamented that legislative proposals in the country regarding the matter are insufficient.

“The Philippines, however, still lacks legislative measures to afford equal rights and privileges for same-sex couples that is enjoyed by different-sex couples,” Padilla said.

“This proposed measure therefore seeks to recognize the civil union between two (2) persons of the same or opposite sex to be able to enjoy the rights, protection, and privileges afforded in this bill,”  he added.

Under the senator’s bill, the following are the requirements for a civil union:


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