Vico Sotto frets getting photos of ‘butt vaccination’ from Pasig dwellers

MANILA, Philippines — Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto has lauded constituents who have received vaccines against the deadly COVID-19. But he fretted over those who may have shared “TMI” (read: too much information) to show proof: photos of butt vaccinations.

On Monday, Sotto made a simple request for people to stop sending pictures of their buttocks after getting the coronavirus shot.

In a live video, Sotto said he is happy to see people getting vaccinated against COVID-19, adding that he sees no problem with them sending him photos of their arms or shoulders to prove that they have received the jabs.

But, he also said, there were instances when some people send him pictures of their tush as they were injected in that area for being ineligible to get the shot through their arms.

“Nabanggit ko nga kanina may mga nagse-end sa akin ng picture pero alam niyo, nagpapasalamat ako doon ‘no.  (Pero) minsan kasi pagka may tattoo, bawal magpa-turok sa braso, hindi pwede sa tattoo site ‘yong injection eh,” Sotto explained during his Facebook live.

(As I mentioned earlier, some people are sending me pictures of them being vaccinated, which you know, I am thankful for that. But sometimes — because if you have tattoos, you cannot be injected through the arms, or on the site where the tattoo is.)

“So, minsan may nagpapadala sa akin, parang naka-dalawa na yata ano, picture nila, binabakunahan sila sa pwet. Ngayon, okay lang naman na mabakunahan sa pwet, normal ‘yan, medikal naman ang usapan pero pakiusap ‘wag niyo na po isend sa akin,” he pleaded.

(So, sometimes there are those who send me photos, I think twice already, when they are being vaccinated on their butts. Now, it’s okay to be vaccinated through the buttocks, that’s normal, and we’re talking medical here, but please just do not send it to me.)

The local chief executive also jokingly said he already has a lot of things to think about and he does not want to include other people’s butt in the list.

“Ang dami ko na pong iniisip, ‘wag niyo na po idagdag ‘yong pwet ninyo sa iniisip ko ano. ‘Pag sa braso okay lang, isend niyo sa akin. Pero mga iba, kung sa pwet, ‘wag niyo na po isend,” Sotto said.

(I am already thinking of so many things, please do not add your butt to the list. Injections on shoulders and arms are okay, but other injections like those on the buttocks, please do not send it anymore.)

Pasig City is one of the cities in Metro Manila that has been affected by a resurgence of COVID-19 cases, thus, vaccination of its residents against the respiratory disease is deemed very important.

Pasig City’s Public Information Office said that as of Monday, April 12, the locality has 3,455 active COVID-19 infections.

Nationwide, however, the Department of Health (DOH) said COVID-19 active cases are at 157,451.