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FULL TEXT: Duterte’s address on ‘enhanced community quarantine’

12:48 AM March 17, 2020

Presidential Communications Operations Office
Presidential News Desk

I have to address our countrymen because they might minimize iyong contagion. They might just — paano-ano lang, palaboy-laboy lang. And the problem is they continue to go out, when our purpose is really to just maybe secure them in their homes so that they could not go out and transmit the disease.


Mahirap kasi itong COVID-19 is — even the mere contact of the skin and if you do not take the precautionary measures then you will get it and you will die.

Ang ano ko sa mga kababayan ko baka nga minamaliit ninyo ‘yung problema at contact kayo nang contact and suddenly sabay-sabay itong puputok then we will have a problem. Talagang problema ito.


So whether or not it is severe or it is just a minor — maybe not as really as serious as the other medical crisis noon, we are put on notice that it is really dangerous for now. There’s danger.

So kayo, if you want to test the waters and end up getting sick well… Kasi ang sinasabi namin huwag kayong lumabas muna ng bahay. I understand that the workers who are working in Manila or outside, in Manila residing outside but working inside, just the same you continue to spread the disease by saliva, contact and everything. So kung hindi kayo magtulong, medyo mahirapan tayo dito pagka baka sabay-sabay puputok ‘to.

The problem is really economy. Iyong sanang mga malalaking enterprises dito, maybe you can consider paying the 13th month pay or just paying them maski kalahati sa sweldo nila kung walang trabaho as a way of showing your solidarity with the Filipino at this critical time.

Or food. Ito namang food si Rolly will have to go around iyong mga ano siguro, Rol, you utilize all vehicles of government available, just go around and maybe asking if there is somebody starving or in need of food. What I would like to assure you ang ano dito is: saan kami kukuha ng pagkain ‘pag hindi kami lumalabas? Now, it behooves upon the barangay captain. Itong mga barangay captain makinig kayo, this is a mandatory duty, it does not have to have a law because the proclamation itself suggests that there is really a need for you to work with government. And if you violate this, then you can be liable for dereliction of duty or other [regulatory?] measures which you are supposed to do and do not do it and then you violate a law.

The barangay captains should call a number and at least food, rice and some — ano ‘yung ulam pwede ninyong ibigay sana para sa ating mga kababayan.

Now, I have been assured by Ramon Ang mismo of San Miguel and the other food conglomerates that there will be sufficient food, that there will be no hunger in the coming weeks because we have enough supplies. I was assured in a text — I forgot who got. [Sino ‘yung may text sa aide ko?] [Senator Christopher “Bong” Go: Ako, sir.] Ah nandiyan sa iyo? Bong, pakibasa mo na, Bong. I would like to ask Senator Go to read the statement of Ramon Ang. [livestream cut]

I’d like to express my gratitude publicly to Mr. Ramon Ang for his good grasp of the problem. Nakuha niya. It’s not a matter of food, it’s not a matter of getting back your capital, it’s not a matter of business. But it’s a matter of helping one another.


Mukhang — it leaves a bad taste in the mouth but I’d like to mention the big companies ‘yung maalaala ko lang. We have had our… I know that meron tayong undercurrent but that is not a personal one for you and for me, but it’s one for the people. It was an issue of people’s interest.

But I’d like to address ‘yung mga mayayaman like, for example, well, ikaw Pangilinan and the Ayalas and sila Coson sa itong mga big companies, Robinsons, you might be able really to alleviate the situation by just understanding also the plight of the workers who are not working now and lawfully are not really in a position to demand.

But I said kayo na lang umiintindi, and if you try to help, kindly tumulong na lang kayo. I will designate somebody after this meeting because there will be changes in the structure. Hindi naman nagbago — hindi ‘yung structure lang ng Task Force.

So with that, may I be allowed to just read my speech or my talk with the people of the Republic of the Philippines.

My dear countrymen,

As of 9 am, today, the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Philippines has risen to 140, with a death toll of 12. Still low. It is a figure that is rising day by day. Beyond our borders, the whole world has been shaken by the spread of this disease. At first, it was China and the East Asian region, which is still in the midst of the crisis as we speak. But now, according to the World Health Organization, the epicenter has shifted to Europe.

Wala rin tayong magawa. Alam mo we want to do business, we want to make money, we want to move but there is no interaction now and there is no trade to speak of and there are no flights going out, in, and for you to do business. In other words, if you go there, you are alone and please understand that we are talking to you honestly and in good faith.

To address this crisis, I placed the entire country under a State of Public Health Emergency.

And that is why mayors now can go ahead and issue ordina — not really ordinances but executive orders to make the environment of their municipality more conducive to a healing process.

Hindi mo na kailangan nang mag-convene ka pa ng government, mga city council because with this public health emergency, you can ask the mayor responsible to execute the laws of the land, the ordinance plus the — the laws of the national government.

So hindi mo na kailangan dito na mag-ano pa, maghingi pa kayo, maghintay pa kayo ng… Because I’ve — I have read somewhere or maybe I’ve heard it in — over the ra — TV, radio, na ‘yung ibang munisipyo naghihintay pa. With this emergency, hindi na po kailangan.

Just go ahead and the mayor will do it for us para walang is… Tsk. Tawag nito? Let me… Para wala masyadong ruckus, walang debate, isa lang — one line lang ngayon, mayor lang muna. And he can come up with any measure to protect public health, public interest, public order, public safety and whatever is needed to make life more livable in your place.

As long as you are in good faith, sa akin ho hindi na kailangan. I don’t know sa some… There is always a smart aleck in this country.

Just for example, meron dalawa kaagad sinasabi — they go to the opposite side by saying, “ah ‘yung mga pulis hindi kayo pwedeng mang-aresto kasi ganun ganun.”

You know, you do not have to say that. Eh ano mo lang you’d encourage people to ‘yang to assert something na kaunting bahay lang, makipag-away sa pulis. Correct, you cannot be arrested if you are out. But if you are advised to go home, and you grapple with the police with words and ultimately it comes to — dalhin ka sa istasyon for a public disturbance or pub — disobedience to a lawful authority, pwede ka talagang dalhin sa istasyon. At kung lumaban ka sa pulis, it is a direct assault.

But itong may — may mga dalawa kasing… Para marinig lang. Sabi na hindi — hindi kayo dapat na hulihin ng pulis. Ang problema because you are confronted. In our ordinary times, there is really no need to be talking about it publicly just to be — to be heard. Para lang marinig ka ng tao, makisawsaw ka. Eh ayaw mo magpaiwan sa mga issue, so gusto mong sumali rin para marinig ka, “Oh meron akong contribution, ito ‘yan ha.”

Huwag mong ganunin ang tao. Just say: obey. Kay kung sabihin mo hindi ka pwedeng hulihin, hindi ka pwedeng anuhin. And then you are advised and you become — become a hothead, makipag-tulakan ka sa pulis kung sabihan ka, “Dito ka magdaan. Dito ka, huwag kang pumunta diyan because you are not allowed. There is now a ban.”

Eh tapos upon the advice of this… Ewan ko ba. May mga tao talaga na ayaw magpahuli. Alam ng mga tao bright kayo. At alam ninyo bright kayo. Mga tao lang pati kayo. Hindi kami kasali.

You — you seem to give a side comment that is not good. Instead of saying na hindi ang pulis, sabihin mo, “Sumunod kayo sa mga pulis because ang pulis kumukuha ng order dito sa itaas.”

Kami naman, ako sa itaas ayaw ko. I hate it. Ayaw ko makipag-ano sa kapwa ko tao but the problem is there is a crisis, so you have to obey. Eh hindi naman sila eh. Hindi naman sila maging presidente. Hindi naman sila sinabi sa batas na sila ang magdala ng laro dito pagka panahon ng ganito. It’s the Executive department. So better…

If you give an order, make it milder and more acceptable and not cause a — parang a bit of a… Naiirita ‘yung mga police pati military na sabihin mo na ganun. But hindi naman kayo. It’s not you. It is the military commanders that they will obey.

Remember, this is an emergency. And during an emergency, tumabi kayong lahat and give it to the people who are responsible for protecting the country, alleviating the suffering and enforcing public order.

Starting… To address this crisis, I placed the entire country under a State of Public Health Emergency.

Ito nga po. Kasali na ang mga mayor dito. No need of an ordinance. Go ahead and enforce the laws that are laid down by the national government and the laws that are already in the penal statutes, in the books.

I made a pronouncement last Thursday approving the placement of the National Capital Region under Community Quarantine.

Itong other countries, because of the sensitivity of the Filipinos, eh maraming ano kasi, hindi magkaintindihan ang Task Force. They wanted it more acceptable — sa libro lang man. But actually in other contract — in other towns, countries, it’s really a lockdown.

So dito muna tayo. Papaano natin mapigilan ang contagion kung sige kayo labas nang labas tapos you mingle with the others? Nakita mo naman the crowded queues that are being created by ‘yung gustong sumakay.

Whether — whether you like it or not you have to be near people and there have — there will be contact sa — as a consequence. So you cannot avoid people-to-people contact, the very thing that we are not allowing because it will spread the disease.

Kung maaari lang po stay home. And for the businesses, pagka lumala ito… Sabagay day-to-day ang conference. Tingnan natin. ‘Pag lumalala ito, you better close down your business. That’s an order because you will also help in propagating the disease instead of helping. ‘Yan ang order ko sa inyo.

Starting yesterday, what has been in effect has been a general quarantine, which allows a substantial freedom of movement within NCR, and even allows the transit of people to and from NCR for purposes of work and other essential services.

Kaya ngayon, pupunta ka doon sa trabaho mo, eh mag — halos mag… Whether you like it or not, it’s a working place. You are there. ‘Pag humatsing ka, makuha ng lumilipad ‘yung — the virus. Sabi nila the vi — ‘yung virus. Kino-correct ako. I would like to pronounce it the virus kasi galit ako. Sabi ko, ‘Saan itong virus na ito?’

So ganun na lang. Ang tawag ko sa kanya kasi galit ako, virus. Well, lumilipad ‘yan everywhere especially in cramped and not well-ventilated places. So you run the risk of going home, giving it to your children, and then your children the next day will play with other children.

We cannot really control the contagion perfectly. We want it to be perfect. But there will be the downsides. Food ‘yung isa. ‘Yung isa naman ‘yung sweldo ninyo. Kaya ako nakikiusap sa malalaking negosyo, magtulong na lang kayo.

At ‘yung mga suppliers dito sa mga sari-sari na manggaling sa inyo, kindly help so that there is at least an economy working around if this can be done by your skeletal force. Huwag ‘yung lahat na mag-assign lang kayo ng mga tao na kakaunti to minimize. At least kung iilan lang ang lalabas, with the social distancing, eh baka mapababaan natin itong delikado na sitwasyon.

Ang isa naman, we have the DSWD under General Bautista. Siya ‘yung mag-iikot through the barangay captains. Barangay captains, you have a — mabigat itong trabaho ninyo ngayon, pareho tayo. I am not saying that you should work also.

No, you are mandated to work. So dito, ang para isang linya lang, General Bautista — si Secretary Bautista… Nag-retire na ito. Pagkakilala ko kasi si general, matagal na kasi dito ‘yan. Si General Bautista will have his people go around and look for people who are hungry.

And that is the job of the mayor kasi ikaw ‘yung mayor ng barangay mo, ikaw ang maghanap para isang tumbok lang ang gobyerno and we can give the help necessary. I hope that I have my — made myself clear on this.

However, upon further study of worldwide trends and measures, and the need for extreme caution during such a time as this, I have come to the conclusion that stricter measures are necessary.

For this reason, pursuant to my powers as President under the Constitution and Republic Act No. 11332, I am placing the entire mainland of Luzon under [Community] Quarantine until April 12, 2020, coinciding with the entire end of Holy Week.

So pati na ang Luzon kasi sa ibang lugar may pumuputok na. And since we cannot — we do not have the luxury of time of waiting whether or not it is really true or validating that this is real — there is really such a connection or a contagion somewhere, hindi ako pwedeng mag-ano mag — I cannot go into a guessing game. See? I have to… I have to act and better maski na kung wala ‘di walang mangyari. Now if there are already — or there is already a contagion and there are cases which need to be attended to, then government can move faster.

It’s better to assume that it is true because what you would need only is the validation at makagalaw na kaagad tayo. But let me make this clear. This is not martial law. Under the Constitution, martial law is declared when there is invasion, rebellion, or public safety requires it.

Alam mo, ‘yung itong mga ganito, the freedom of movement is sometimes curtailed, ang sabihin ng mga tao martial law. This is not a martial law. Martial law is ‘yung rebellion, may away, at public safety requires it. Ngayon, kung may invasion, ganun rin. Martial law.

But wala dito. Walang invasion, walang rebellion, and public safety does not — public safety requires it. Itong… Itong but — and kasi. So hindi ito kailangan natin. Hindi ito martial law. Huwag kayong matakot, walang magdi-display ng baril diyan except ‘yung mga members ng Armed Forces or police.

Ang kalaban natin ‘pag martial law ay ang mga tao na sumasalakay at naghihimagsik. Pero sa panahong ito, ang kalaban natin ay tayo at ang sakit na COVID.

But let us make no mistake. We are in the fight for the lives. We are at war against a vicious and invisible enemy, one that cannot be seen by the naked eye. In this extraordinary war, we are all soldiers.

Lahat po tayo ay sundalo sa digmaang ito. Bata man o matanda, lalaki o babae, bawat Pilipino, anumang estado sa buhay, ay maituturing na sundalo sa digmaan na ito. Of course, the formalities of our doctors, health professionals and health workers, to whom we will forever be thankful.

In due time, we shall express to them our gratitude in a more tangible way, when this crisis is over. In the meantime, I have directed the DBM and DOH to find a way to best compensate our health workers.

You know, the last time I saw — we had a meeting and I saw Andrea Domingo sa PAGCOR. Sinabi ko sa kanya kung may pera siya, at sinabi ko na ibuhos mo ang pera nito kasi kailangan natin. So PAGCOR alone donated two billion for — naibigay sa Task Force for the fight against COVID. Iyon pwera ‘yung nasa line agencies na nasa kanila na, nandiyan na ‘yon. Ito pang dagdag.

I hope na may pera pa tayo. I’m sure we have. We have the money. Kasi ngayon sa administrasyon ko ‘to, sinasabi ko sa iyo may pera tayo. We’ve been able to save and we have been very sparing in our ‘yung mga gastos-gastos natin. Wala tayong — we do not have any expenses in government that are unnecessary or ‘yung mga nakikita ko na projects which are bound to fail, talagang kina-cut ko na. Sinasabi ko na ‘wag ‘yan. Maybe because sa — without being really maghambog ako. Hindi naman ako ma — dahil matagal kasi akong mayor at nakikita ko ang takbo ng isang bagay na kung hindi karapat-dapat para sa gobyerno, pinuputol ko na kaagad.

(Senator Go: Excuse me, Mr. President. Na-miss lang nimo ning isa ka kuan. Kani pagbasa nimo na-miss nimo ning naka-encircle. Pakibasa na lang.)

(President Duterte: Wala man dito.)

(Senator Go: ‘Di, naa diri. Nilaktaw — diri nilaktaw ka. Pakibasa lang aning kana.)

Ah si Senator Go, maano ma — he has very sharp eyes. And kailangan basahin ko ‘to, nakaligtaan ko raw. It will be an enhanced quarantine, during which the movement of everyone will be significantly limited. Work in public and private sectors shall be limited to a work-at-home arrangement. If such an arrangement is not feasible… Kung pwede mong matrabaho ito tingi-tingi sa bahay mo, okay. Pero kung wala na, if they have no choice, you have to stay home.

We have to contribute to the fight. Lahat tayo may contribution, ako, ikaw. Lahat tayo magbigay ng kanya-kanyang ano — well, gift to the government and that is by obeying the laws, obeying the regulations.

Everyone will stay at their homes, leaving their houses only to buy food, medicine and other basic necessary for survival in the coming days. Only such establishments that provide these basic necessities and services will be open.

Do not be scared about this. ‘Wag kayong matakot na ganito. Pwede man kayong lumabas, isa, magbili ng pagkain. And if the eateries and the — the mga restaurants, mga carinderia are able to operate, so by all means…

Well, ang ano dito is the — ‘wag kayong magisa-isa. Eh tutal ‘yun namang luto mantika ‘yan eh. Kung may mantika ka diyan na bumubula, pakibuhos na lang ‘yung virus diyan sa…

P**** na — kaya nga I’m not changing the — galit ako sa virus na ‘yan. My fellow Filipinos, I fully understand the apprehension that — that you feel. And I know it will be difficult for many of us in the next few days while in this quarantine — while this quarantine is in effect.

‘Wag kayong matakot. Ako na ang nagsasabi sa iyo, ‘wag kayong matakot. At kung ‘yung barangay captain ninyo ay tatamad-tamaran, siya ang puntahan ko. Remember, if there is a barangay captain who does not fulfill his duty in going around and trying to find out how the citizens are faring, if you are afraid to die of COVID-19, then you have no business being a barangay captain.

Kami naman dito and the military which are in the coming days sila rin — kung lala in — kung maglala ito, then kami together with the rest of the military and the police, kung mamatay kami, kung pwede magdasal kayo, magdasal kayo sa amin.

‘Pag ayaw mo rin, eh ‘di ‘wag na lang. Okay lang. ‘Yung — ‘yung mga kaibigan namin sa kabila — tutal magkita man tayo sa impiyerno balang araw.

My fellow Filipinos… (Senator Go: Resume na ka balik. Kini ra kay diri na kutob.) Ah okay. Dito na naman. Mukhang — this come in chapters.

All we have — all have is a responsibility to fight this disease and prevent it from spreading to our fellowmen. These social distancing measures — ‘yung pag-distansiya mo. Kanina nga pagdating ko gusto kong mag — makipaglamano kay Secretary Guevarra, tinanggihan niya ako. [laughter] Tinago niya ‘yung kamay niya sa dibdib niya, so ibig sabihin ayaw niya. Ah ‘di o sige. Ayaw niyang mahawa ‘di…

But you know ulitin ko ha? Baka sabihin ninyo ito para sa lahat. Ang gobyerno — ang taga-gobyerno — unahin ko na ‘yung na-assign diyan sa frontline sa COVID, if you are there assigned and if you feel that you are not ready to maybe have the problems of being sick, you — you can tell your superior. We will have ano…

Pagka wala na kasing iba, kung takot na lahat, ang papasok ang Armed Forces pati ang police. Sila ‘yung magdala and sabi ko nga eh kung mamatay sila, I would also like to join them para walang masabi ang tao. But kami lalabas rin. Ako lalabas ako. I — I — you will see me. Ay lalabas ako. Hindi ako maniwala niyang — kasi ako may ibang doctrine ako sa buhay eh. And that is kung panahon ko na, panahon ko na either COVID, bala, crash o anuman.

Kung hindi ako mag-survive ng COVID, eh hindi ako karapat-dapat maging mayor dito sa Pilipinas.

We all have a responsibility to fight this disease and prevent it from spreading to our fellowmen. These social distancing measures are necessary to kill the adversary.

‘Yung ‘wag kayong masyadong mag-ano. Tama man — tama si — I congratulate Secretary Guevarra for being ever conscious of the danger. Actually, it’s danger — you pass… Uuwi ‘yan siya sa bahay maya, tapos sa mga anak niya. So bantay kayo kasi pag-uwi ninyo, kung saan kayo nadikit-dikit ‘yung mga pawis ninyo, ‘yun na pipila kayo.

Kayong mga may negosyante, slow down. Tone down your business or, if possible, entirely stop — cessation muna sa operations. Tutal ilang ilang araw na ito. Kasi ‘yung incubation is 14 days eh. So itong 14 days malaman na natin kung ilan pa ang madagdag. Mag-ano lang kayo, cooperate. Tutal para ito sa ating lahat.

Our response therefore, is to not leave any quarter to our enemy, by preventing close contact. The only way to ensure this effectively, at this time, is to put in effect the enhanced quarantine that I have described, to last until April 12 or earlier, once we acquire further information warranting the relaxation of these measures.

Titingnan… Kaya sabi ko every day… ‘Nung sinabi ko every day, ano sila, medyo nakasimangot. Sabi ko lahat ng Cabinet members. Si Bello medyo sad face kasi ewan ko kung saan siya maglakad.

But the problem is I said, bayad tayo ng tao at ipakita natin nagtatrabaho tayo. So we meet every day to assess at magbilang.

As of today, ang patay, dose. At ang — ‘yung 140. Hindi tataas ‘yan ‘pag sumunod kayo. Walang makapitan itong si virus eh. Yawa na ito. Wala siyang makapitan. Kung malayo kayo at a distance mag ubo siya, you just turn around.

In the meantime, I have directed the DSWD, DOLE, DOF and other agencies to put in place, with utmost dispatch and all feasible measures that will ease the burden of the Community Quarantine in our country, especially those who are living on daily wages, and small – medium enterprises. We shall make sure that, during this trying times, all of you will feel government’s concern in your — for your welfare.

Kaya sinabi ko, huwag kayong matakot. We will devise a way that — ‘yun namang malalaki kung makatulong kayo sa maliliit, for example, ‘yung mga sari-sari maubusan sila ng supply, they can go to you, maybe sign a promissory note in the meantime with the government as a guarantee. Ako, I will guarantee that I will pay you. Ako na nagsasabi. Hindi na kailangan ng memorandum ‘yan. All you have to do is to remind me and I am placing it as a matter of my oath of office.

Kung wala, bigyan lang ninyo ‘yung tama lang. The usual orders tapos kung walang — hindi makabayad, ako na ang magbabayad.

Siguraduhin natin na madarama ninyo ang malasakit at pagmamahal sa inyong gobyerno sa panahong ito.

Ang problema, hindi sa lahat nag — hindi lahat nagmamahal ng gobyerno natin ito. Kayo bang mga NPA nagmamahal kayo sa gobyerno? ‘Pag hindi, tumulong kayo. Distancing at huwag na ninyo muna galawin ang mga sundalo. Ano muna tayo, ‘yung ceasefire lang. Ceasefire muna tayo. Ako na ang naghihingi, ceasefire.

Kindly give me that allo — if you really want that we will be at all times on talking terms, in this time of crisis, kindly cooperate and help. Mas mabuti pa tumulong muna kayo. I will repay you with a good heart in the coming days.

To the private sector, I have this appeal: Magbayanihan kayo. No, kailangan basta ang barangay captain. You know, we all have everything that you need. It does not mean to say that when you are sick, when you need medical attention, walang magdala sa iyo. Hindi ‘yan. Hindi sabihin na kung may magwala diyan, walang pulis. Mayroon ngang pulis na nakakalat eh.

And remember what I said: Obey the police and the military. Do not quarrel with them and do not start ruckus that would amount to a violation because you will be arrested and brought to prison — disobedience of authority, o baka nagkamali ako, then acts of public disturbance. You can be arrested. Sumunod lang kayo at wala tayong problema.

To the industry players, business leaders, foundations and the like, I would like to join hands with you and combine our efforts in fighting COVID-19 as one nation, as one people.

While the government is doing its best, we can more effectively contain the spread of the virus if we adopt a united approach.

Maraming pwedeng maitulong ang pribadong sektor para mapagaan ang hirap ng ating kababayan sa ating bayan. Ito lang po ang:

Pag release ng 13th Month Pay: Kahit prorated lang — ‘yung ano divided by mo sa mga buwan — prorated lang tulong na iyan ay ating mga kababayan habang naka-quarantine.

Pagbibigay ng Moratorium on Rental Fees para sa mga renters and tenants: Huwag ninyong bilangin ‘yung araw na hindi makapagtrabaho, hindi makalabas ‘yung ating mga kababayan.

Hindi ko sinasabi batas ito. Hindi ko sinasabi na regulasyon ito. But sinasabi ko, kung ikaw ay Pilipino nagmahal ng kapwa mo tao, baka you know, you can mitigate the hardship.

Wala na nga, nakakulong na nga, wala na nakain, so mag isip pa sila. Ngayon, kung ayaw mo, huwag mong pilitin na magbayad. Patirahin mo muna diyan sa lugar niya, ako ang magbayad. Ganun din. I swear to you upon my oath of office, I will pay kung hindi sila makabayad.

Pagbibigay ng one month reprieve sa bills payments ng Basic Utility Providers. Gawan po natin ng paraan na mapagaan ang gastusin ng ating mga kababayan sa panahong ito at para maiwasan pa rin ang paglabas — ang paglabas ng mga tao.

Well, anyway, I have said my — I do not… My facility for the Tagalog dialect is quite terrible pero I hope that you can understand my language.

Pagtulong ng Big Business sa mga Small and Medium Scale Enterprises: Tulungan din na — tulungan din sana ng malaking kumpanya ang mga maliliit na negosyante para hindi mamatay ang kabuhayan nila.

I urge our business leaders to find ways to help small businesses and ease the burden which is felt by the ordinary citizen right now.

In relation to this, I would happy that several big businesses and companies have already expressed their willingness to partner with the government in this time of crisis.

I have mentioned a little while ago, the businesses that I think are already into the activity of helping our medium scale businessmen.

So, I hope — I’ll go around so I hope that I will be able to see one of this act of a big business helping the small ones.

Ngayon pa lang magpapasalamat na po ako sa inyong tulong. Maraming, maraming salamat galing po sa puso ko.

My countrymen, again we discuss our most potent weapons in this war against COVID-19 are not bullets or ammunition, but our compassion and consideration for our Filipinos in the next few weeks.

Ito, hindi ito giyera. Ang — ang problema nito, ‘yung bala ng sakit. ‘Yung ma — mag-hatsing, mag-ubo tapos mag… Whatever that will pass. ‘Yung iba naman maghawak.

Ito, hindi ako nagpapatawa ha at hindi ako nagbabastos ng tao. Kasi may mga Pilipino ganon eh. Pagka [blows his nose] sikma ganon, iganun lang sa kamay tapos kung sa ano ‘yung pinakamalapit, kahoy o upuan, iganun sa kamay. Marami ‘yan. Marami akong nakikita na ganun.

‘Yung minsan ‘yung ganun lang tapos iganun tapos iiwan. If that person is already positive for investigation na ano, lalala talaga ang sitwasyon natin. So those… You — you… For those who are really into something like that, kindly avoid. Iyang bastos na gawin. Walang iba ‘yan. But… Bisaya ‘yan binastos. Hindi mo naman dapat gawain ‘yan. And those are things that you should do para hindi mag-ano ang…

Our countrymen, our most potent weapons in this war against COVID-19… Ah wala naman ‘to.

As I have said before, they are not our enemy. They are simply to ensure the movement of every person during the next few weeks will be consistent and we will not derail our collective efforts against the disease.

Again, do not fear. Wala kayong dapat katakutan sa military pati police. They are just there to execute order. Hindi naman nila order. Order dito sa itaas ‘yan, dito sa amin.

So inuulit-ulit kasi ‘yung reminder. You should love your military men. Namamatay na nga ‘yan sa giyera. Kita mo uuwi doon sa kanila kabaong na lang. You should — you should feel for your soldiers and policemen. They are not your enemies. Although sometimes you — if you are a criminal or if you do something, I said, which is not — inconsonance with pub — the public good, masita ka.

But I said those are the things that can happen in a democracy. There’s always a police. Maski anong klase, autocratic, diktador ka, kailangan mo ang pulis. Dito, we are a democracy, and we try to really act as one. If you are doing nothing wrong and if you do not quarrel with them, please do not.

Pero hindi ka naman sabihin mo may baril ‘yan, gagamitin ‘yan. Depende lang kung may baril ka rin. Pero kung mag-sigaw-sigaw ka lang diyan, naturally, I said that is a disturbance of the public order. And that is the time that you are — you can be arrested for disobedience. Otherwise, the police and the military do not have any business at all interfering with your lives.

Dito na lang, mag-shortcut na lang. Ang haba eh.

As I end, I solemnly urge everyone to pray to the Almighty God, who has the power to defeat every enemy, visible or invisible. Pray for all doctors and health professionals and workers, pray for your government, pray for the country.

Even as we maintain physical distance from each other, let us remain [strongly] united in spirit to fight this dreaded disease. And with our unity and the blessing of God, we shall overcome.

Maraming salamat po.

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