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Doomsday sets off parties worldwide

ENDGAME. Students celebrate their graduation—alive and well—in front of a replica of a Mayan pyramid in Mexico before a countdown ceremony to assure people it is not the end of the world. AFP

Doomsayers hunkered down on Friday to await the coming apocalypse, but most took a lighthearted view of a Mayan “prophecy” of the world’s destruction, laying on stunts and parties to while away the end.

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China arrests nearly 1,000 doomsday ‘cult’ members


China has arrested nearly 1,000 people in a crackdown on a Christian sect that spread doomsday rumors and targeted communist rule, state media said Thursday ahead of the supposedly Mayan-foretold apocalypse.

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Mexico acknowledges 2nd Mayan reference to 2012

Mexico’s archaeology institute downplays theories that the ancient Mayas predicted some sort of apocalypse in 2012, but now acknowledges that a second reference to the date exists on a carved fragment from a ruin site in the country’s south.

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Rapture predictor recovering in nursing home

The California radio preacher who predicted the apocalypse on May 21 has been moved to a nursing home, where he is recovering from a stroke he suffered last month.

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Earthquake shakes US Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO – People across the San Francisco Bay Area felt the rumblings of a small earthquake on Saturday night, but there were no reports of any damages or injuries. The magnitude-3.6 earthquake struck just before 7:05 p.m. and was centered near the city of Hercules at a depth of about 5½ miles, according to […]

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