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The saga of Aringay rail line

RAIL TO NOWHERE  Nestor Ninnuan (left) says the abandoned tunnel of the railway track that would have run from his hometown of Aringay in La Union to Baguio City has fallen prey to treasure hunters and vandals.  PHOTOS BY RAY ZAMBRANO

On top of the entrance to a concrete tunnel in Barangay Poblacion in Aringay town, La Union province, are the Roman numerals MCMXIII.

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In Dasol, villages thrive in salt-making

A WOMAN cooks salt harvested in Dasol. WILLIE LOMIBAO/CONTRIBUTOR

During Biblical times, salt was considered a symbol of stability and permanence as it prevented decay. Biblical stories refer to people eating salt together when covenants were made, “denoting loyalty and fidelity to one another in the covenant relationship.”

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Health exec bans sale of salted eggs in Pangasinan city

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The health officer of San Carlos City on Tuesday banned the sale of salted eggs in that city as the number of food poisoning cases rose to 19 on Monday.

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Beheading, other strange Pangasinan burial rites recalled

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Did you know that the early Pangasinense had to behead a slave or one of their enemies before ending their mourning with a feast?

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Land swap deal behind school campus transfer

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The elementary school transfer that had agitated parents here was part of a land swap deal in 2013 between a businessman and the town government, according to documents obtained by the Inquirer.

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