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Computer arrives at Kalinga school

CLOSE ENCOUNTER WITH A COMPUTER Pupils and teachers at Luplupa Elementary School in Tinglayan town, Kalinga province, get to see for the first time a real computer. It is one of the units that the INQUIRER-based outreach group Awtdor Klub has donated to the school. RADING DE JESUS

It’s finally real this time. The computers that Kalinga teachers and students have imagined are now right in front of them—a small breakthrough for those who have never seen or used a real computer before.

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Take it from ‘Batch ’81’ writer: ‘Frats never learn’

FOR “BROTHERHOOD”  Scenes from the acclaimed film “Batch ’81” lift the heavy veil on violent fraternity rituals and ordeals. The Mike de Leon classic starred Mark Gil (left photo), with the screenplay based on interviews with “informants’’ from the UP-based Upsilon Sigma Phi, according to Clodualdo del Mundo Jr., one of the writers. YOUTUBE VIDEO GRABS

More than three decades ago, “Batch ’81” unsettled local moviegoers and later international audiences with its unflinching depiction of campus fraternity violence. Directed by Mike de Leon and with Mark Gil leading the cast, the film followed the initiation of seven neophytes into the “brotherhood” of Alpha Kappa Omega (AKO).

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Read-along for kids, even in quake-hit Bohol

Teacher Maria Lea Anosa inspects the makeshift tent made of tarpaulin, wood and sticks that serves as a temporary classroom in quake-hit Sagbayan town in Bohol. FILE PHOTO

We found love in a seemingly hopeless place.

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Days of toil, nights of hope: ‘DH’ shines at La Salle Green Hills

Pura’s medals and certificates from the LSGH Adult Night School

There’s a poem near the end of this story. But first, the woman who wrote it recalls how, as a young child, she staved off hunger by “selling sand and stones.”

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La Salle tanker keeps hope afloat for rescued animals

HANNA Sanchez makes a splash for the campaign against animal cruelty at the YMCA pool in Binondo, Manila, on Saturday. EDWIN BELLOSILLO

It was not a typical day in the pool for 23-year-old triathlete Hanna Sanchez. The former member of the De La Salle University Green Tankers varsity team on Saturday did not swim for gold—but for the welfare of hundreds of abandoned dogs and cats who would otherwise end up starving, maimed or dead.

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