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If I were a student again . . .


The other night I had a bad dream. I was back in high school and was running in the dark hallway looking for my locker. “Where is it?” I started to panic. “Gosh! I’m late. Where are my books? Are there exams today?”

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For the mind to grow, allow it space to play


Children all over the world love to play. Even in places of wars and disasters, while journalists are reporting on TV the grim situation, you can see children playing in the mud or among the ruins in the background. Playing is a survival instinct.

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What are students reading these days, if at all?


Teaching is not always exciting and stimulating in class, with great intellectual ideas and perspectives bouncing back and forth. There are times when a professor can be quite exasperated at having to face the reality that many students, even graduate students, simply do not read.

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Meeting Obama’s ‘friend’ and listening to learn

ASSEMBLING the parts of a brain at Japan’s  Miraikan

(Second of two parts)   Had I been traveling alone, I would have shied away from Miraikan (Wei-lai-guan in Chinese, meaning, museum of the future), the national museum of emerging science and innovation in Koto, Tokyo. It took us quite a while, via train and monorail, to reach this destination. But was I glad my […]

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Lifelong learning in museums and music halls


If I were to describe myself in two words, “lifelong learner” would probably come to mind instantly.

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