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Reproductive health bill: Senate score even so far


The battle lines are drawn and so far, the score is pretty even.

More than a month into the plenary debates, a good number of senators are still keeping their cards close to their chests on the issue of reproductive health.

Sen. Joker Arroyo, a senior member of chamber, said the number of “undecided” senators—himself included—remained significant enough to determine the fate of Senate Bill No. 2865.

“We don’t know what will be the voting because nobody is talking, but everybody is listening,” he told the Inquirer in an interview.

Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III agreed that the senators favoring the bill and those against it were even so far.

But Sen. Gregorio Honasan on Saturday warned his colleagues against “accelerating or railroading the process.” He said he had a decision at present, but would prefer to further listen to the discussions.

“It is better to have a prolonged and exhaustive debate, one that is rigorous and deliberate,” he said on the phone.

So far, SB 2865 enjoys the support of at least five senators. It was cosponsored by Senators Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Pia Cayetano and Panfilo Lacson. Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. had also announced on the floor that he was in favor of the bill. So was Sen. Francis Pangilinan, who revealed his stand to the Inquirer on Saturday.

“I will support with amendments,” he said. “I am still deciding on a number of amendments, but it will be clearer after the end of the period of interpellation.”

Arroyo said the Liberal Party bloc at the Senate—save for Sen. Ralph Recto—would most likely support the bill since their party-mate, President Aquino, had included SB 2865 in his administration’s list of priority measures.

But Drilon on Saturday said he was still “undecided.” Recto, who ran in the 2010 elections on a platform promoting family values, had questioned key provisions in the bill, such as the projected distribution of contraceptives even to nonmarried couples and minors.

Sen. Loren Legarda said she would “continue to listen to the debates” and would announce her “enlightened decision” in due time.

Those against SB 2865 are Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, Senate President Pro Tempore  Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, Sen. Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III, and Sotto. Arroyo said Sen. Manuel Villar, a member of the Catholic group Couples for Christ, was also likely to vote against the bill.

“(I am) against (it) from the start,” Pimentel said in a text message. “Why spend billions for condoms, etc.? We should be spending on education, jobs, real medicines that cure illnesses. Fertility is not an illness.”

Sotto said the RH bill could pass only via majority vote of senators present in a quorum.

Honasan said he was carefully studying the measure, considering its impact on society for years to come.

“The effects will not be felt tomorrow or next year,” he said. “They will be felt a generation from now. Remember that Europe is now depopulated. Singapore is now reviewing its population management program.”

Should the RH bill survive after the plenary debates, Arroyo said the battle would shift to the period of amendments.

“That is where it will be very interesting,” he said. “Senators would vote for every amendment. Somebody will introduce an amendment and, of course, we would want a division of the house.”

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GUZISWUMVDD5QJUC7GBJKEM7XA prangka

    “(I am) against (it) from the start,” Pimentel said in a text message. “Why spend billions for condoms, etc.? We should be spending on education, jobs, real medicines that cure illnesses. Fertility is not an illness.” Of course Senator it is not an illness. But you know being a man yourself, you can’t easily control urge especially with your wife/kabit around giving you that erotic look. Unless your testosterone level is low enough and find your urge on same sex.  Do you honestly believe spending billions on education and jobs can address the poverty? Hey, in case you are not aware the government has been doing these already but the resources are mere cosmetics of an ugly truth. Population is growing fast and our resources are very limited. Do your math please….

    • Anonymous

      Have those “mere cosmetics” been enough, were purposeful and sustained, addressed to the right problem, not the subject of graft and corruption, coordinated with other programs, not haphazard, quick fixes only, not having a lasting and significant effect, done with little conviction only because it is a program of this or that administration, not really the right solution, after all, that is internalized and truly needed?

      Oh, I get it!  After all, those were “mere cosmetics.”  So, adopt sound policies and implement them with effective economic management, transparent, sustained and truly responsive to needs, free from corruption and the meanderings of politics.  If it is education and information that is needed, not contraceptive pills, condoms, artificial contraceptive methods and procedures, give it to people impartially, not disparaging modern Natural Family Planning Methods which after all, compared with artificial methods and procedures of birth control (mechanical, surgical/medical, chemical), are less expensive, safer and more reliable.  Support Natural Family Planning Methods to respect the natural order and good natural design put by the Creator on sex, love, marriage and the family so that our country could have better self and national discipline so necessary to achieve in truth and in fact genuine freedom and independence, shown by the character of its people.

      Sex is natural and it has a good natural order and design that man should not unduly meddle in or artificially intervene to feed his selfishness and passion.  During the reproductive age of a woman, she has a fertile and infertile period.  As Sen Pimentel said, “fertility is not a disease,” so the rule is clear: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”  God had given man the power to dominate the earth; but in those matters He already ordained, let us not succumb to the serpent’s wily invitation “to be like gods.”  Chastity and purity are still values, if you do not call them Christian virtues in the world today; but, the example of the lives of modern day saints (Like St. Maria Goretti, etc.) prove that it is not impossible to practice.  Christian life needs some heroes today.  Maybe, it could be you. 

      • Anonymous

        Until you mention GOD and the Church I was thinking this was an interllectual comment. Then you spoiled it.Stop with the religious bullshit and look at the problem. The Church nor god have any solutions to a ballooning population and ignorance.

      • bgc4vrbtravels

        The plague in the world, especially in the intellectual world, is to push aside God and the Church as if they are non entities.  The problem, even without the consideration of God and the Church, fortunately leads us to conclude that by mere human powers, adequate solution evades the problem. If man respects the greatest gift of God to man, the latter will discover ways to solve the same without sacrificing life, human dignity and his full human development.  We have to think more objectively, not fit in a solution that may not be apropos this delicate problem.

      • Anonymous

        Let’s just be practical. The church’s natural method of birth control did not and doesn’t work. The Church has been mouthing it for decades and look where it took us – population explosion and mass poverty. Did the Church take in those “extra” poor people and provide them food, shelter, and livelihood? Natural and artificial methods of contraception must go hand in hand to effectively address the problem. Look, even Spain who forced unto us the Catholic religion have their own version of RH law. So with Portugal, Italy (where Rome is), and others.  It didn’t make them less Christians than the Philippines and definitely they have a better standard of living than us.

    • anony mous

      Very well said! Need not to add more… 

      2 thumbs UP!

    • Anonymous

      Sen. Koko talks like a bishop, using the Church’s line of twisted reasoning and ignoring the facts. I will vote for Sen. Zubiri if he runs again.

  • Anonymous

    what a contrast Senator Zubiri is to koko pimentel. Pimentel has no plans for the future of the country, nor can he see the surrounding problems caused by poverty and unwanted children. Senator Zubiri, run again, please.

    • Anonymous

      Is using condoms and artificial contraceptive methods and procedures the only way to fight poverty and unwanted children?  Have we ever subjected the social phenomenon in poor communities of “unwanted children” ACCORDING TO YOU despite their poverty to scientific scrutiny so that we can formulate the appropriate solutions, not just prescribe a solution canned and “forced” on us in exchange for aid by international institutions, organizations and foundations obviously with their own commercial agenda?  Have we reflected on why this solution has been formulated by advanced countries and the targets have always been third world and developing countries in Asia, Africa and South America?  The just and Christian solution, according to the papal teachings, particularly the updated “Caritas in Veritate,” celebrating the social teaching of the Church, is the full and complete human development of man.  The state should help all its constituents achieve this status so that they will grow with responsibility, not snuff out life for its many potentials to human society in favor of the selfishness of the living.   

      • Anonymous

        Hey, this is a democracy.  Give the people a choice whether it’s natural or artificial method of contraception.

    • Anonymous

      I’m very disappointed with Sen. Koko Pimentel. I had really wished for him to win that contested senate seat because the previous occupier was tarnished by misdeeds of the past administration. I didn’t expect that he would be influenced by his religious belief in his political decisions.  If he votes no to the RH Bill then come next election I will not vote for him and I hope Sen. Zubiri will come back because now I see him more principled than Koko.

  • Anonymous

    I am happy that the members of the Senate who carry the emblem of the republic and the Filipino people are after all  still gallantly holding their own.For a while, with Sotto and Enrile on the rampage against the RH Bill, I had  thought they have been routed by the formidable forces of Rome in the chamber.

    • Anonymous

      The issue is not Rome, my friend, but whether the rh bill is necessary or can be scrapped as unnecessary for its dire impacts on the economy and the longer consequences on the population situation in the country.  It is a test whether secularism will prevail over the rich cultural heritage, values and traditions of the Filipinos (values, aspirations, laws, mores, practices, traditions) that define us as a people.  It is a choice to be swept under a culture of contraception and ultra rightist tendencies against the objective foundation of what is human, natural and objective, not relative or changing to be mere “gaya-gaya.”  Not passing the bill means that the Senators have their hearts in the proper places, not giving in to the vociferous chant to abandon priorities by spending the money of taxpayers for much needed programs that would raise the quality of life of Filipinos, promote their full human development, including social justice, widen the scope of opportunities for gainful employment and livelihood, promote productivity and education, as the forces of balance of nature and human ingenuity bring us nearer to the ideal population rate that the country needs (not too much nor too little) WITHOUT SPLURGING ON THE WILD PURCHASES OF CONDOMS AND ARTIFICIAL CONTRACEPTIVES AND PROCEDURES. 

      As an issue, even without bringing in religion, it is clear that we should “look before we speak” as a precipitous step might plunge us to the bottom, difficult whence to extricate ourselves as a people, only because of pet peeves of some senators with only one solution in mind.  We love life, we value life; it is not a sin to be generous.  Help those in need to achieve their full potentials as human beings.  If the unfortunate scenario happens (that the bill becomes a law), the real winners are the corruptors, the contraceptive drug companies, those ardently for it (“free naman, eh, legal pa”); the so-called “beneficiaries” are only pawns here.  Whereas, by directly attacking poverty, finding out how those poor among the poorest can be the best according to their human potentials (providing the womenfolk livelihood to augment the family income is one of them), you really come to grips directly with the problem.  The unfounded fear that the poorest of the poor will multiply or continue to multiply like rabbits is not a valid one.  FIND OUT FIRST WHY THIS PROBLEM IS THERE AND FORMULATE THE PROPER SOLUTION; NOT IMMEDIATELY PONTIFFICATE THAT THE ONE AND ONLY SOLUTION IS BIRTH CONTROL USING CONDOMS, ARTIFICIAL CONTRACEPTIVE METHODS AND PROCEDURES!  

      Who really benefits?  It is a good thing that most senators are sober and not obsessed by a suspicious agenda.   The bill should not be allowed to proceed to the period on amendments. The options are clear. NO TO THE RH BILL!

      • http://twitter.com/kingvince041483 VINCE LUBRINN

        very well said

      • Anonymous

        There would be no end to arguments on the HR Bill. Let ‘s just cut this short. The legislators sponsoring the RH Bill and other government officials  who believe  in the bill are willing to take responsibility for whatever the result of its passage would be otherwise they would not have
        fought for it for several years now. Are the legislators  and the clergymen who oppose it willing to
        take responsibility for the result of their opposition? Will they together with
        their supporters ensure that Children Numbers 6-12 of couples who could only
        feed, shelter, discipline and send to school five have a  passable future and life in this world?  

        “The unfounded fear that the poorest of the poor will multiply or continue
        to multiply like rabbits is not a valid one.”  You  sound very positive  of the correctness of this statement.  Are you taking responsibility for  it?  

        If your church, the legislators championing its dogmas, and you their supporters cannot take responsibility for the effects of continuing absence of an RH law in this country, then just shut
        up. Except for barangays governed by zealots in this country, we still have to hear of any responsible government in the world  outlawing contraceptives.  The debate on  the morality of contraceptives  has not yet ended which means it is premature for you to claim that  you stand on solid ground.  On the other hand,  only the blind  and  insane would deny  that so much misery in this country has  resulted and is resulting from the thoughtless act of  bringing  more people into the world than one could take
        care of.

      • bgc4vrbtravels

        If your side is willing to take responsibility for whatever result the bill would have if passed into law, how could they take responsibility for results that could turn awry in the future if the scenarios sober lawmakers are posing would come to pass in the future? How could they reverse the ill effects of a badly conceived and precipitous solution if the population levels up or if the population reaches negative growth? I cannot imagine whether taking this responsibility would make them heroes.  On the other hand, why blame the opposition and the clergy for children of couples numbering 6-12? First, just because a couple have that much number of children does not mean that they are irresponsible.  If the couple can afford to rear and educate their children well, where is the issue?  The late Felix Bautista of the University of Santo Tomas had 12 children and they were adequately educated and have since then become productive members of society!  There are other families where the children over the number that you advocate achieve well in life and have achieved.  Take the case of the Magalona children.  They are more than 6, and yet the entertainment world are blessed with such adorable children in show business. The clergy and the opposition are not advocating irresponsibility; if you think  we are, you’re missing the point!  The Church is advocating respect for life and rejects contraception and insists on moral responsibility for action.  She states the moral guidelines based on the very nature of man and the objective norms of the Natural Law. She warns against liberalism, modernism and the temptation for men to forget God in their relationships with each other.  She holds high the values of sex, love, marriage and the family.  On the other hand, due to limited resources and the insufficiency of tax collections, it would be good to spend the money on human development and economic management to bring constituents to a better quality of life, prosperity, productivity, with jobs to perform, livelihood to get family income from, education to provide opportunities for growth, among others, NOT PUBLIC FUNDS TO SPLURGE AFTER CONDOMS AND ARTIFICIAL CONTRACEPTIVE METHODS AND PROCEDURES.  Please refocus your lenses.   

      • Anonymous

        How we are going to take responsibility is not your problem. That is our problem. And I am confident that we are not going to have a problem at all because all the scenarios you are talking about exist only in your imagination. The question posed to you is will you take responsibility for the children who will be born to misery and will live in misery all their lives because they are not given a chance to make something of themselves on account of their being too many in the brood sharing in the meager resources of the family? Just like last time, you did not read my post carefully again. I was not talking about all families with many children but only of families who have more than the number of children than they could possibly take care of. I have no problem with people have 12 children provided the couples can take care of the needs of their brood and if they can’t, they have a church who will do it for them. IS YOUR CHURCH WILLING TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CATHOLIC CHILDREN WHO WILL HAVE A SHORTAGE OF EVERYTHING AND WHOSE FUTURE WILL BE IN GRAVE DOUBT SIMPLY BECAUSE THEIR PARENTS PROCREATED MORE THAN THEY COULD HANDLE? IS IT GOING TO GATHER ALL THE STREET CHILDREN AND GIVE THEM A HOME? REPEAT: ARE YOU WILLING TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OPPOSITION TO THE RH BILL?

        By the way, this time, read my post carefully so you will not babble nonsense.

      • anony mous

        quirinomayer, dude its pointless to argue with this guys. They are implacably blinded by their faith/church to see the truth. If you see their arguments, that is of a grade school student. Thus you can not persuade a person that has a matured brain of grade five, its just impossible. :)

      • Anonymous

        Nobel Prize winner and nuclear physicist Werner Heisenberg said “The
        first swallow from the cup of the natural sciences makes atheists – but
        at the bottom of the cup God is waiting.” 

      • Anonymous

        Man, it’s insulting to grade 5 students being compared to these guys, hehehe. Children are more open minded.

      • Anonymous

        I think it is you who are babbling nonsense.  I posed a question to you and you came back without answering me. If you say that it is your responsibility how to take care of the problem, I don’t see that capacity for you or your group to do it after the fact.  That is why I believe that you are not credible in this respect. In the same way, it would be foolish to answer your question with a lie, as the responsibility you are asking is vague and impossible.  Your statement has been very absolute and absolute premises do not take exception.  You should have in the beginning already qualified your sweeping statement by limiting it to only those who do not responsibly procreate.  The two examples that I gave logically prove that not all need your canned solution.  Also, when you assume to undertake a responsibility, see to it that it is realistic, rather than find later an excuse by saying that that is your problem and the Filipino people has nothing to do with it.  Of course, the Filipino people would be affected and to assume a responsibility far greater than you can handle is hogwash! 

      • Anonymous

        MY QUESTION: “Will they together with their supporters ensure that Children Numbers 6-12 of couples who could only feed, shelter, discipline and send to school five have a  passable future and life in this world?”  

        YOUR ANSWER:  “On the other hand, why blame the opposition and the clergy for children of couples numbering 6-12? First, just because a couple have that much number of children
        does not mean that they are irresponsible.  If the couple can afford to rear and educate their children well, where is the issue?  The late Felix Bautista of the University of Santo Tomas had 12 children and they were adequately educated and have since then become productive members of society!  There are other families where the children over the number that you advocate achieve well in life and have achieved.  Take the case of the Magalona children.”

        In a later post, you refer to the above  exchange  as follows: “You should have in the beginning
        already qualified your sweeping statement by limiting it to only those who do not responsibly procreate.  The two examples that I gave logically prove that not all need your canned solution.”

        I declared that our side is willing to take responsibility for whatever the outcome of the RH Bill and had asked you if your church is willing to take responsibility for its opposition to the bill. You came back asking  how we could take the responsibility for the effects of the law without answering if you are willing to stand for whatever the impact of your opposition would be. I told you that that’s
        our problem going on to explain that I believed there would be no problem because all the bugaboos you are using against the bill are just bugaboos.
        I told you  to just shut up if you cannot take responsibility for your opposition and you answer: “Precisely, I don’t shut up because as you yourselve admit, “the debate on the morality of contraceptives has not yet ended” but I deny your proposition that “only the blind and insame would deny, etc., etc.”” You took my demand you shut up out of context which was: If you cannot take responsibility, shut up.

        YOU:  “I think it is you who are babbling nonsense.  I posed a question to you and you came
        back without answering me. If you say that it is your responsibility how to take care of the problem, I don’t see that capacity for you or your group to do it after the fact.  That is why I believe that you are not credible in this respect.”

        And who was the first who asked a question that was not answered? I asked you if you are taking responsibility for your opposition and you asked me how we could take responsibility for the law wasn’t it? Where was  your answer there?

        Then you call me messianic and that I remind you of the one who declared that the Aryan race is superior to all people but who said the following?  “Also, when you assume to undertake a responsibility, see to it that it is realistic, rather than find later an excuse by saying that that is your problem and the Filipino people has nothing to do with it.  Of course, the Filipino people would be affected and to assume a responsibility far greater than you can handle is hogwash!”  

        bycorg, who is playing god here? You believe that the senators and the congressmen of the republic, President Aquino and all the responsible people who support this bill are fools who would push the country into an abyss. You think that it is only the anti-RH Bill advocates who have
        the solutions to the ills of the country. You want the rest of the country to shut up because, just like Padre Damaso, you have the delusion that God has entrusted to you the  exclusive responsibility to think and determine what is right and wrong for us Indios.  Imagine questioning how others could take responsibility when they have already declared they will – AND ON THE OTHER HAND, YOU REFUSE TO DECLARE YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTION?

        If the CBCP and its mouthpieces in Congress share your refusal to take responsibility for your  opposition to the RH Bill, then all of you are just like a man who empregnates a woman but refuses to own the child nor to give it support much less marry the woman. That’s just like you because all you want is for the unborn to be delivered  into the world but the moment they are, then their poor parents can take over never mind if they are already up to their necks trying to find food for their current brood. In the name of your interpretation of what is right and wrong and even invoking God, you  fight the RH Bill as though there is no tomorrow but where is your love for the children? What percent of the income of your church is spent on alleviating the lives of the unfortunate children? How many of your schools are accessible to the people from the depressed areas?  How many of your bishops or priests have gone to the squatters areas and bring to life that illustration of Christ with children on  His knees and around Him?

        To end, here is your non-answer to my original question: “In the same way, it would be foolish to answer your question with a lie, as the responsibility you are asking is vague and impossible.” It is impossible because your church really has no serious program to help children with virtually nil chance of reaching their full potential without external help and it  has no intention of becoming as aggressive in that direction as it is in seeing to it that no law that it does not like is passed by Congress. Vague? No. The problem of the millions of children who desperately need outside help because their parents have more children than they could afford decent care for is so pervasive  and crying for people to do something  only the blind and the insane deny it.


      • bgc4vrbtravels

        How can this guy have a good following if not well funded and coordinated is their campaign? He declares his side is willing to take responsibility for whatever is the outcome of the rh bill!!  Who constitute “his side”? Is he authorized by his side to speak for the group? What “responsibility” is this that he is talking about? What are the outcomes of the rh bill that is the scope of his responsibility, granted that he has?  This is the sickness of this side: claiming more responsibility than he can handle and talking as if he has been authorized to claim all responsibility for the outcome.  Are you not claiming more than you can – ultra vires – and making it appear that you have the numbers?  To demand the other side to do that when you know that tnat is without basis is to assume too much to be realistic.  But, you can dream on and live in your own world….

      • anony mous

        @bgc4vrbtravels, dude you are blind, you are giving such examples of people and family which came from a financially able background. Now tell me, how many people are living below poverty level in this country? In simple mathematics and in reality, we are producing more dumb and uneducated people if we just talk about ratio of between upper/middle class people and lower class. Now if we don’t control the overflowing population in this country then thread will still be the same, more and more people will be living in poverty level thus producing more dumb and unproductive members of the society. Ergo your examples are flawed, it holds nothing but STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE.

        How about those kids on the streets? Have you even consider asking yourself what are their stories? Do you even think if they had been to school? Or taken their meals? And it didn’t struck to ask yourself where are their parents? For me it aches my heart to see those kids. I invite you to come and look the state of the people on depress areas in the country to open that blind eyes/mind of yours. I can not stress more my explanation here, just go and hear their stories.

        I’m not saying that the RH bill is the only solution to poverty, it is just one of the many answers to eradicate poverty in the Philippines.

      • Anonymous

        Now you’re talking sense.  Since the rh bill is not the only one among “the many answers to eradicate poverty in the Philippines,” you should instead push for them so that you won’t encounter blind people along the way.  Actually it is you who are acting blindly because knowing that you speak, write and maybe act as if the rh bill were everything, universal and does not admit of other solutions.  Spend the money instead to alleviate the poverty of the poorest of the poor, providing them with opportunities for their full human development and you will see that with social justice, productivity, jobs, livelihood and training, among others to lift the quality of life of Filipinos you won’t see much of poverty that you complain about.  Children will be in school, instead of in the streets, the womenfolk will be gainfully doing work and the poorest of the poor would have very little time, if ever, to procreate irresponsibly.

      • Anonymous

        You sound as if you have a messianic complex! Precisely, I don’t shut up because as you yourselve admit, “the debate on the morality of contraceptives has not yet ended” but I deny your proposition that “only the blind and insame would deny, etc., etc.”  There are many reasons why there is “so much misery in is country, not just the thoughtless act of bringing more people than one could take care of” and that, my friend, are things you can discover before prescribing  a cut and dried solution you have obviously canned from purveyors of contraceptives and condoms.

      • Anonymous

        Simple solution: Submit the RH Bill to the people in a referendum. Let them decide.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steven-Zahl/1670371040 Steven Zahl

    82% of Pinoys want RH Bill to pass!!!

    ITALY, where the catholic church started, had their RH Bill approved in 1970. Spain, France and Ireland all have their Universal RH approved decades ago.

    Wag tayo TRYING HARD catholics.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ykcir.oicangi Ykcir Anorev Oicangi

    Let us invest in education as well as invest in contraceptives…they should go hand in hand. Every start of school year the classroom is overcrowded. Sen. Pimentel should study more on economic management so he would realize that the population affects the quality of education . The senators should not listen to the bishops. They should not be afraid of the Catholic church…vote for the RH BIll…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QSBNZB3TEKHJE5A74STZTTUHC4 ed0408

    Enough of these arguments on the RH Bill. For those who are against RH Bill they can’t just say i am against RH Bill because blah…………………… The best solution is not words but action. Those who are against RH Bill should adopt the children or commit to help poor families who have 3 or more children.

  • Anonymous


    • bgc4vrbtravels

      We don’t have the absolute monopoly for what is good for this country. Condoms and other artificial contraceptive methods and procedures are an easy solution without taking serious consideration for the causes of poverty and too many children.  The problem in fact is not in the number of children, and yet the solution, out of the box is, presto: contraception.  The problem should be properly phrased and stated.  It is responsibility!  Even if I have a dozen children, what is that to you if I can feed, educate and bring them to full maturity, in accordance with their Christian dignity? There may be children out there who are not productive or gainfully employed, perpetually dependent on their parents! 

    • Anonymous

      Virgoyap, I’m on your side but let’s show the anti RH people that we can have a civil discussions of the issues by not using all caps in our comments. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    This is what happens when the contraceptive mentality sinks in.

    Almost 3, Bryan Santana longs to play with toys and run alongside other children. But because he was born without arms and with only one leg, normal toddler games elude him.

    On Friday, a jury awarded his West Palm Beach parents $4.5 million to help them buy prostheses, wheelchairs and other medical services experts say he will need to live any semblance of a normal life.

    After nearly nine hours of deliberation over two days, a jury of four men and two women agreed that a Palm Beach Gardens obstetrician and the clinic where she works were negligent for not detecting the boy’s horrific disabilities before he was born.

    Had Dr. Marie Morel and an ultrasound technician properly administered a sonogram, they would have discovered the abnormalities, the jury found. Had Ana Mejia and Rodolfo Santana known, they said they would have terminated the pregnancy.

    Source: Orlando Sentinel

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jerome-Icarangal/1415220478 Jerome Icarangal

    Maybe, if I’m the president of the Philippines, i will use my power to influence senators to vote in favor of RH Bill…and if it will be passed on me in Malacanang, surely 100% i will sign it to become a law…

  • Josh Reboja

    Again, we don’t need RH bill or FOI bill.  The laws here in the Philippines are not really implemented well.  Mga doble-dobleng batas, puro pa-pogi lang sa taong bayan.  This will be another bogus project.  Hindi na kailangan ng RH bill.  Walang nagbabawal na ilagay sa health care ang pera ng taong bayan, hindi ba?  Ang talagang problema ay kulang sa mga health centers and helath care officers.  I’m sick and tired of these lawmakers.

    Kainis talaga at niloloko lang nila tayo na bago lang ang RH bill.  Pero meron na tayo.  Why not ammend the health care laws?  Palibhasa, mas maraming pera sa ganyan.

  • Anonymous

    “Depopulated” as in there are lesser people now in Europe as compared to 100 years ago? The world is still overpopulated!
    Even with the decline in population growth rate in Europe, Singapore, etc. The Philippines should in particular, with its quality of life should by all means slow down its population growth rate. We simply can not managed it. Perhaps when our government officials and the Catholic bishops have learned not to accept something similar to bribe, we can probably go and multiply!

    • Anonymous

      Chopsuey argument – no rhyme, no reason.

  • Anonymous

    “Wherever God is, there is the future.”

    Oppose the RH Bill!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6GQ752PZJPHPSBIG53P53TGF7Y Nelson

      if filipinos are God-less then philippines has no future…

      no to RH Bill!!!

      • anony mous

        Hey Nelson, Filipinos are so religious/God fearing that is why your politicians have no balls to stand on what is righteous. And that’s why after hundreds of years we are still nothing, dwindling in intelligence, and as dumb as ever (have you ever ask yourself why you are dumb?)! With how the politicians run our country I say Philippines has no future.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not about having a God or not having a God. Our Creator gave us brains to figure out what’s good for us and choosing which birth control method to use is one of them. And by the way, Democracy = Choice.

    • Anonymous

      Can you explain what you mean. Thank you.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6GQ752PZJPHPSBIG53P53TGF7Y Nelson

    what about butchering all the pro-RH Bill supporters so to lessen our present population?

    • Anonymous

      Only 10% of the population will remain if you will have your way. By the way, that’s the same method used by Hitler and Pol Pot of Cambodia to eliminate people who oppose them. Those two guys were real bad people. Do we have our own Hitler in the making in the Philippines right now?

  • anony mous

    Those are COWARD senators! What? felt the effect for future generations for dwindling population? Are you serious? Do this senators been to depressed area like some parts of Tondo? The effect of overpopulation is much grave and serious versus the arguments they are presenting. What are you going to do with so much people without jobs, shelter, food? Oh maybe you coward SENATORS and the CBCP will send those children to school?! Heck what about basic necessity? Those who are supporting this ANTI-RH bill are just positioning themselves because they don’t have BALLS to oppose the all mighty Catholic church!

    In short words, our statemen oh POLITICIANS is what I mean are truly COWARDS! I dare all of you to oppose the church, be a MAN! 

    • Anonymous

      If to stand up to one’s convictions, one has to be a coward, then those who do not go by your dictates are all cowards, according to you.  What a pity.  In this age and under a democracy, only the ones who think like you are the brave ones.  It reminds me of the conviction of one man that the Aryan race is superior to all others in this planet!

  • Anonymous

    “Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man.” – Thomas Jefferson

  • Anonymous

    “Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man.” – Thomas Jefferson

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XPL5UCYSTI6UQXGK4URDP5AMYE Coward_Aquino

    The Govt should focus on penalizing those who commits adultery. If only Erap was faithful to Loi, they will only have 3 children(Jinggoy,Jackie,Jude).. but with his mistresses(Laarni,Guia,Joy Rowena), Erap will produce more children(JV,Jojo,Jerika,Jake,Jacob)… What a Shame, a well known-Politician is the first one to violate the Law.. How about those congressman, Mayors who has mistresses? These unfaithful people causes the booming population.. If only P-noy distributed the vast Hacienda Luisita to the people, If only Manny Villar is not Greedy of Land-conversion.. Maybe there are no Informal Settlers in Cities.. If only the parents guided their children, teens will not perform pre-marital sex thus avoiding unwanted & early pregancy, If only Sen.Miriam Santiago guided her son, Maybe he is still alive..!!

  • Anonymous

    no wonder her son took his own life his mother sen Miriam hates children, now like king Herod she’s eyeing other children but whats worst is she wants to kill them from the mothers womb. God forbid they pass RH Bill.

    • Anonymous

      My guess is that you’re a Catholic and like so many other Catholics do not read the Bible. To paraphrase a verse in the Bible: Do not judge another person as you would also be judged. Your comment about the death of Sen. Santiago’s son was out of line, mean spirited and disgusting. Stick to the issues and if you’re really passionate about your position on the RH Bill maybe you should debate with her.  Some people resort to personal attacks when they run out ideas and you’re one of them.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YK6C7GLO6AMHC7OPDYVM2VNJXE Sherwin

      and i’m sure you love children. you must have adopted the 7th child of your labandera knowing the other 6 siblings are already starving. you must have sponsored scores of bright children whose parents are blue-collar workers who cannot afford to put all their 8 kids to school. you must have spent most of your weekends visiting orphanages.       

  • http://twitter.com/maco_lit Elmer Quanico

    My five cents worth on this issue is that the bill does not answer the pressing problems of overpopulation (if there is one) or the “control” of population. The question that most people should answer is have we educate enough the citizenry on the proper way of keeping a family size appropriate for decent living. I dont think we have. My suggestion runs along the grain of intensive information campaign on the value of life and family and its relation to being productive member of the society instead of spending valuable resources on contraceptives that does not guarantee reduction in birth rate. For mothers that are at risk giving birth, then the government should spend more on giving them proper medical attention.

    • Anonymous

      You must be living in a different planet. The church has been preaching abstinence or rhythm as a birth control method for decades now. It did not, does not and will not work. You don’t have to take it from other people like me but see for yourself and look around you. Is what you see (unless you’re blind) not proof enough that we have a very serious population problem that needs to be addressed with a different approach. Give the people the choice – both natural and artificial birth control methods must be on the table.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Arjun-Sanara/100002704654329 Arjun Sanara

    of course ayaw ni Jinggoy ng RH bill, ayaw nga nila ng taong isa lang asawa ,anak pa kaya? kong may RH noon e baka wala na siya ngayon.he he.Mga kakilala kong couples mga ligated ang asawa tapos ayaw RH mga hypocrites talaga.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brian-Benson-M-See/772007697 Brian Benson M. See

    FYI, please read the RH bill currently pending in Congress. It is not just about condoms and other modern methods of family planning.

  • Anonymous

    Submit RH Bill to the people in a referendum. Let them decide and not the politicians or the religious.

  • Tonypogi

    I understand Senator Honasan’s concern of thinking about the effect of the bill a generation from today. I believe every Senator should think the same rather than voting based on their religious beliefs.

    • Anonymous

      Ano pa ba ang hinihintay ng mga senador na hindi magkapag decision kung susuporta o hindi sa RH Bill. Ilang dekada ng pinaguusapan ang population control at hindi nga lang maisakatuparan dahil sa pagharang ng simbahan. Delaying tactic lang yan ng mga anti para mapaisang tabi na naman ang ganitong panukalang batas. Ang galamay ng simabahan ay tunay na napakahaba abot hanggang sa senado at hawak sa b*y*g kundi man sa leeg ang mga senador na salungat.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YK6C7GLO6AMHC7OPDYVM2VNJXE Sherwin

    Mga gustong kumonti ang pinoy: Cayetano, Miriam, Lacson, Marcos, Pangilinan
    Mga nagpapanggap na malinis : Enrile, Jinggoy, Villar, Pimentel, Sotto
    Naghihintay pa ng lagay:  Drilon, Honasan, Legarda, Arroyo

  • Tonypogi

    All of these harangue about giving value to life and being generous is noble but to find out first why the problem is there is simply wearing a blinder. It has been there all the time staring at you in the face.  Corruption, crime,  unemployment, and poverty are all around us. Programs for promoting human development, social justice, gainful employment and livelihood, productivity, education, etc. will all come to naught if the root cause which is overpopulation is not addressed right now. Postponing to address the problem now is gross irresponsibility on the part of our Lawman-kers.

  • Tonypogi

    Not all people can live like saints. That is why we need the RH bill. I have seen many sanctimonious hypocrites profess so many noble ideas which they themselves cannot follow.

  • Anonymous

    RH Bill is never about reproductive health, RH Bill is all bout money the Bill is about the multi billion $ dollar condom and contraceptive Pharmaceutical companies, Santiago, Cayetano, Lagman and the leftist/communist Akbayad and company dont really care what happens to a mother and the baby in her womb but the million dollar lobby money should RH Bill pass and become a law.

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