Loren Legarda accused of hiding wealth



Senator Loren Legarda allegedly failed to declare as part of her assets a posh condominium unit on Park Avenue in New York City for four years, and did so only in 2011 just before she and the other senators convened as an impeachment court to try then Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Businessman Louis Biraogo, a self-styled public interest advocate, made the revelation on Thursday at a hastily called press conference, where he accused Legarda of being “as guilty” as the impeached Corona for not declaring all her assets in her statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN).

Biraogo also accused Legarda of trying to hide her ownership of a multimillion peso mansion at No. 40 Cambridge Circle in the exclusive Forbes Park in Makati City, registered under Loren Legarda and Associates Inc. (LLAI), and of opting to declare her old family home in Malabon City as her official residence.

“I have the smoking gun needed to prove that Legarda does not deserve to stay a minute longer as a senator of the land,” Biraogo said, presenting before the media copies of the documents he said he obtained “just by searching Google,” and with the help of lawyer friends.

Biraogo said the documents proved that the reelectionist senator, who is leading in most surveys in the midterm elections, paid the “princely price” of $700,000 (about P36 million based on the 2006 exchange rate) for the condo unit at 77 Park Avenue.

He described the location as a “very expensive area in New York City where the Rockefellers and Trumps also have properties.”

Documents provided by Biraogo showed that Legarda bought the 708-square foot single-residential condominium unit 10-B from a certain Frank Feinberg of Wall Street, Seattle, Washington, on May 9, 2006, for $700,000.

But the SALN she filed in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 did not include the lot under her real property assets.

In all four filings, an item in Annex A for real, personal and other property showed her “equity in real property (co-owned with brothers, etc.)” of P7.175 million.

In 2011, however, an item under “Real Property-USA,” appeared in her SALN with the acquisition cost of P28.7 million.

Biraogo said if this was the same Park Avenue property, then Legarda might have undervalued the condominium unit by using the 2011 exchange rate, instead of the 2006 rate.

“Using the peso-exchange rate in 2011 instead of the prevailing rate in 2006 may be another clue that Legarda was already frazzled, dazed and confused even, when she declared that acquisition cost of P27,800,000 (sic),” he said in a press statement.

“What made Legarda declare a piece of US property in her 2011 SALN? Was it because she became very, very afraid that she would be in the same boat as Corona—that her hidden condo unit at 77 Park Avenue would be found out?” Biraogo said.

“Let’s not forget that she filed her 2011 SALN at about the time when the impeachment trial of Corona was already at fever pitch,” he said.

Responding to Legarda’s defense that she listed the US property under Annex A of her SALN in 2007, Biraogo said this was not true.



“Annex A is the very instrument of Senator Legarda’s deceit and her circumvention of the strict SALN requirement that all properties must be declared as to their location, acquisition cost and fair market value,” he said.

“Where in Legarda’s SALNs from 2007 to 2011, or in any of their annexes can the words #77 Park Avenue, NYC, be found? The answer is ‘NOWHERE’ because Legarda has never declared the same in the strict manner prescribed by the law.”

At the press conference, Biraogo said he was not singling out Legarda. “It so happened that we only have evidence against her. If we get evidence against other candidates, we will run after them, too.”

He acknowledged that he was connected to a failed movement to convince former Vice President Noli de Castro to run for president in the 2004 elections, but said the public should not jump to conclusions.

“How can there be any connections when Noli has terminated his political career already? And if Noli de Castro is doing this out of vendetta, he should have done it long ago,” Biraogo said.


‘Citizen Barok’

Biraogo, 52, said he has a trucking business, T. Biraogo Trucking Corp. based in Biñan, Laguna province, and also engages in the buy-and-sell business. He heads a newly formed “public interest advocacy group” called Citizen Barok that “keeps a watchful eye on government.”

He said he would file graft and corruption, money laundering and perjury charges against Legarda in the Ombudsman to make her accountable for her nondisclosure of the condo unit in the US and a mansion at Forbes Park in Makati.

“Legarda’s propensity to have properties in the neighborhoods of the ultra-rich is also reflected in her being a resident of a mansion at No. 40 Cambridge Circle in Forbes Park, Makati,” he said.

He cited a lifestyle article written by Joanne Rae Ramirez, in which Legarda purportedly confirmed her ownership of the Forbes Park mansion and described it as her “dream home.”

PR firm

“But on paper, the Forbes mansion is owned by Legarda’s PR firm Loren Legarda and Associates Inc. (LLAI), a company which has no real assets, income or known activities related to PR.

“But is it really owned by LLAI?” asked Biraogo. “Loren Legarda owns 99 percent of LLAI, so she is for all intent and purposes the owner of the mansion at No. 40 Cambridge Circle, Forbes Park. Has she declared ownership of the Forbes mansion? Nope,” Biraogo said.

He said LLAI may prove to be Legarda’s own version of the Basa-Guidote Enterprise used by impeached Chief Justice Corona to defend questionable acquisition of properties.

“Will Loren also call on her father and two brothers to testify to save her?” the businessman asked.

Records showed that as early as 2006, LLAI was the registered owner of the mansion in Forbes Park, Biraogo said.

But even though LLAI indicated its ownership of the property in its 2006 tax declaration, Legarda acquired it as early as 2002, he said.

Despite taking actual residence in Forbes Park, Biraogo said Legarda continued to use her family home as her official residence at 48 Dunwoody Street, University Hills, Malabon City.

Cases at SC

Biraogo said he had been a public interest advocate since 1984 when, as a sophomore student at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City, where he finished a philosophy degree, he sued then UP President Edgardo Angara all the way to the Supreme Court for hiking tuition and other fees.

He said he filed another suit in the Supreme Court in December 1985 questioning the validity of the snap presidential elections.

Biraogo said he also questioned the election of aliens to Congress (Biraogo vs Nograles), the power of the House of Representatives to propose amendments to the Constitution independently of the Senate (Biraogo vs House of Representatives) and the inaction of the government on the Philippine claim to Sabah (Biraogo vs Del Rosario, G.R. No. 206323), among others.

He said he was also a lead petitioner in the court fight against the anticybercrime law, which Congress passed in 2012.

Biraogo also headed the Kabayan for President Movement.

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  • cato_the_younger

    Park and Fifth Avenue in New York City are among the poshest places in the world to live. The Rockefellers, the Zilkhas, the Basses, and many other billionaires from around the world have apartments there. So Loren Sinta lives amongst them eh? You really get to wonder how many of RP’s elected politicians really honestly declare their assets. If you earned the money to buy those assets fair and square, why the shame and secrecy?

  • farmerpo

    I do hope that Businessman Louis Biraogo, is sincere and steadfast in his Quixotic quest. No politician of note, all the way down to mayors are declaring their true worth. That is a sad fact of life in the Philippines. More power to you Sir, hope to hear/read from you during non election time. Even the best of intention smacks of ‘gimme or else ‘ during election time. If Citizen Barok can google financial documents of individuals, they are not exactly hidden, are they?

  • Marcos5

    Disgust……….why do Philippine Politicians feel entitled for stealing peoples very own money? 77 Park Avenue NYC why pay tax when the Politicians steals em?

    The world is imbalance due to human Greed. Anyway an asteroid is coming to planet Earth size of a 6 football field an impact will trigger a massive earthquake in the whole world at the same time and create a tsunami in various places.

  • Miguel37

    Naku lumabas na ang baho ni Loren. Sabi na nga ba yan pagpapa cute niya sa tele may tinatagong madilim na secret. Hay naku nakaka wlanag gana na talaga manirahan sa Pilipinas. Ipagkakatiwala mo ang boto mo sa isang tao na sa sariling palagay mo matino yun pala MAGNANAKAW din. $700,000 ? My good lord paano siya nagkaroon ng ganun kalaking halaga? Im sure marami pang nakatago yan. Nakakapanlumo……


      well said


    alll crooks……….. top to bottome……………. hopless nation run by crooks………… loren no shame whore like ur killer husband

  • Brix Villapando

    is that new? All government officials are doing thaT SINCE TIME IMMEMORIAL…All of them have hidden wealth. How can you show in public your 200million pork barrel every year.? You must hide it somewhere including the perks and privileges from billionaire tycoons….

    To lessen that, pork barrel must be scrapped. Pork is the only reason why they run during elections. No other reasons. Public service? Tell that to the marines…

  • JamesCarag

    sounds like a cheap black propaganda trick for the last few days of elections. I wonder what this Biraogo guy gets out of this?

    • JohnBernabe

      it does look like a cheap trick. I heard of Biraogo before, this is apparently not his first time throwing accusations out of thin air. he also accused chief Justice puno with documents left to him by an unknown source…

  • Brix Villapando

    Corrupt lahat yan..walang hindi corrupt sa Pinas!

  • calixto909

    If all your insinuations factual then file the case at the right court and not flaunting it in the Tri Media. You’ll be idolized more if you do it in action not merely political ads. Non filing of the case oozes out a notion that it’s politically motivated considering the timing of your press release bereft of the deemed court case

  • abbaj

    dineklara kaya nya ang kinamkam niyang fortune island sa batangas noong asawa pa nya ang land grabber na si leviste?

  • MarieUntalan

    if he has true documents of hiding wealth and not including in her SALN, then show actual proof in from of everybody? saying its evidence found by just googling is the same thing as saying “I’m telling you, I really did see a monster eating a dog”. the whole thing is fishy and obviously done to benefit someone…

    • speaksoftlylove

      Magsasampa na nga ng kaso laban kay Legarda sa Lunes.

      Ano sa tingin mo, magsasampa ng kaso na walang ebidensya? Ano, PNoy style din si Biraogo?

  • StephenHalili

    ung iniisip ko, bakit ginawa ni Biraogo neto bigla? ano? nag research lang sya bigla tapos nakita nya?? may reason yan, at yan ang tanong ngayon kasi hindi ko kilala ng pangalan na yan..

  • speaksoftlylove

    Ang payo ko sa hitad ay magbakasyon muna siya sa condo niya sa New York para lumamig ang isyu total wala naman siyang Hold Departure Order. Makipagsosyalan muna siya sa mg bilyonaryo doon. Hayaan na lang niya yang election total ayos na siya sa hocus PCOS.

  • leodegardompruna

    Good thing the country still have people with moral sense like Mr. Biraogo. God bless the Philippines.

    • jpmd88

      Moral sense? You are so naive sir.

  • jpmd88

    demolition job kase number 1 sa surveys. Why is he ganging up on Loren? I believe 99% of all lawmakers did not file a complete SALN prior to the impeachment trial. Is he going to run after them? How did he get all that data? I did not know that the trucking or buy and sell business also has access to intelligence activities. This guy must be really well connected or was given the “right” information to divulge.This stinks of black propaganda.

    This is normal news pag may election.

    • http://twitter.com/ZALZANZIBAR ALBERTO ZALAZAR

      NO…! This is not NORMAL…!
      ….Abangan natin ang susunod na kabanata…! ha ha ha !

    • maria marino

      normal news pag may election? Oo nga pero maigi na lumabas na yan para mapag isipan pa ng taumbayan kung sino ang mas karapat dapat nilang ishade sa kanilang balota.

  • Anna Marie Rosario

    SALN nga lang hindi siya naging tapat, what more pa kaya sa taong bayan?!

  • Anna Marie Rosario

    buti na lang hangga’t maaga ay nalaman na ang ganyang katiwalian ni Legarda! isa s’yang mapanlinlang na senador.

    • http://twitter.com/ZALZANZIBAR ALBERTO ZALAZAR

      Buong pamilya ko at lahat ng kaibigan at kapitbahay at boboto pa naman sa kanya….!…
      Buti nalang na nalaman natin ang buong katiwalian niya…!
      …sa lugar ng pamilya ko ay isang libong tao ay wala ng tiwala sa kanya…!
      Manigas siya ngayon…! ha ha ha !
      noon na kami kay…”……….” sa isang independent Senator candidate…!

  • maria marino

    labas labas din ng baho pag may time . at ito ang tamang oras na lumabas yan ! hindi na niya maloloko ang taumbayan ! paiyak iyak pa sa presscon kahapon , Ms. Legarda hindi ka po ba kinilabutan .

  • klepto

    Not only Loren is lying about her wealth. Everyone of our politicians are lying, even Biraogo himself will also lie if he was a politician.

    This is the true situation in Pinas. Politicians are not in public office to serve the people who pay for their salary. They are there to steal, nothing else.

    Being corrupt is part of the Filipino culture.

  • http://twitter.com/Abegailravago abegail Ravago

    tama lang nangyari yung ganyan atleast malalaman kung sino ang nagsisinungaling!

  • martial_law_baby

    Naloko na. Read the last line of the article. Kabayan for President Movement. While I laud Mr. Biraogo for coming out with this, sablay naman yung association nya with Noli De Castro. Mas nuknukan naman ng corrupt yang si Kabayan. Call a spade a spade. Pag magnanakaw, magnanakaw. Hindi yung magbubulag bulagan ka dun sa kaharap mo tapos tutuligsain mo yung nasa likod mo, pero parehas lang sila. Mr. Biraogo, tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are. Pare pareho lang kayo.

  • Guest

    Si Alan Peter as Sen Kuryente ang nasa likod ng black ops laban kay loren legarda. walang kaduda-duda dahil talagang gusto niyang ibagsak si Loren.

    • Juan Dela Cruz

      Walang kaduda duda dahil gustong ibagsak si Loren? Ser, marami pong wala pa sa ranking ayon sa surveys. Kung gagamitin po ang “logic” ng sinasabi niyo (kung meron man), marami pong gustong magbagsak kay Loren at hindi lang si Alan Peter.

      • Guest

        si Sen. alan cayetano gustong mag #1 sa election kce may balak syang tumakbo ng masmataas na pwesto sa 2016 isipin mo kasama mo sa isang team sisirain ka parang sinabi mo na sa mga tao walang kwenta yung team nyo kce kayo nga hindi maayos..

  • kolin borrek

    Kinuha ni Alan Peter Cayetano ang masibang PR na si Will Fernandez para durugin si Loren. Nagsanib ang mga demonyo.

    • Elfie Soriano

      Hindi lang kasi si loren ang pinupuntiria ng tambalang Cayetano-Willie F. target din nila si Chiz at Grace Poe.

    • speaksoftlylove

      Ok we got it.

      Despise the “demonyo” but vote for the corrupt. Satisfied, dogyot?

  • http://twitter.com/JaimeOdeVera Jaime O. de Vera

    The issue here is why Loren Legarda WILLFULLY not declared her mansion at
    Makati Forbes Park (worth multi-million pesos) & condo at Park Avenue, New
    York City (worth multi-million dollars) in her 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010 SALN. If
    the report is verified true & correct, she should resign & withdraw her senate bid
    because she lacks moral ascendancy anymore. Remember, when they impeached
    CJ Corona, one of the basis was Corona’s defective SALN. In the same manner,
    the “standards” they used against the CJ should also be applied to them. To the
    senators/congressmen, there is a saying, “For in the same way you judge others,
    you’ll be judged & the same measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

    • speaksoftlylove

      Maiba ako. Ang hina pala ni Noli de Castro. Vice President pero walang condo sa New York? Si VP Binay may condo ba sa New York> Wala din yata. Mabuti pa pala magsenador na lang at malakas pa ang kita, di ba?

  • enchong

    Kung totoo yang paratang na yan, aba e kung ako kay Loren, magbabalot na ako kaysa abutin ko pa ang nangyaring tulad ng kay Corona. Huwag ng magmatigas pa Loren, bakwet na!

  • Princess Almon

    Loren Legarda was one of 5 senators in 1999 who did not sign the expulsion of Rene Cayetano by the etihics committee even though the evidence against Companero in the BW scam was overwhelming. Pimentel, Jaworski, Sotto and Ople wanted Cayetano kicked out for bringing shame to the Senate. Legarda was the swing vote. Goes to show walang utang na loob ang mga Cayetano.

    • Juan Dela Cruz

      Kung ako ang tatanungin, at alam kong hindi mo ako tatanungin so sasagot na rin ako nonetheless.

      Mas mabuti nang wag magkaroon ng utang na loob kasi yun ang sumisira sa gobyerno. Ang utang na loob ang nagsisimula ng corruption kasi hindi nagagampanan ng mga opisyal natin ang tungkulin nila dahil lang sa utang na loob.

      Pero maiba tayo, so ibig sabihin nung vote ni Legarda, hindi siya naniniwala dun sa pagiging malinis ni Rene Cayetano kundi nagtatanim lang siya ng utang na loob?

  • Karabkatab

    Assuming the asset is declared in her SALN, although late, the next question is, how was the acquisition of the asset funded?

    • http://www.facebook.com/cherry.flores.18062 Cherry Flores

      At saka declared ba ang FORBES MANSION niya? At least P200 million yan!

      • Karabkatab

        If the mansion in forbes is indeed her property and she missed it in her SALN, then she is in trouble. If declared, then she must be able to substantiate the fund source. Ibig sabihin, dapat meron syang ganon kalaking liquid asset to pay for 200M. Kun inutang naman, dapat reflected din as liability sa SALN. Masalimoot at complicado ang SALN kung ang may ari ay mag sisinungaling…

  • Guest

    Ang tsismis P10 M ang binayad ni Alan Peter Cayetano kay Willie F every month para umangat ang rating niya sa surveys. Daming datung ni Alan.

    • cheng Aniong

      Sobrang corrupt nitong si Alan Peter. Involved siya sa nawawalang p145
      milyong pondo ng taguig city goverment.

  • miiimiiiiiing

    …….Alam naman nating di totoo yung mga accusations na yan at puro pannira lang ginagawa nung iba…miiiimmmmiiing!

    • Juan Dela Cruz

      Onga eh. Pero ansarap kasi patulan nung iba na nakakatawa lang ang mga sinasabi. Hindi nag-iisip. Haha!

  • mewo_meow

    Sige magsiraan kayong mga pulitiko para sumingaw mga baho niyo. Gatasan lang ng mga ungas na ito ang pwesto nila. Dapat wag na sila pahawakin ng pork barrel para magfocus sila sa law making.

  • Killua Sandokk

    Dating PR ni Loren si Willie F. Sinibak dahil ibinulsa lang ang pondo para sa PR ni Loren.

    • Elfie Soriano

      Si PR man, WIllie Fernandez ay mas kilala sa tawag ng PR patola. madalas nambubukol sa mga special operation nyo.

    • samuel marlon

      Si Willie F tumangay ng P25 M kay Sen. Villar noong 2010 elections pero di naipanalo. Kasi binukol lang niya an pondo.

    • Princess Almon

      Client ni Willy F pareho si Alan Cayetano at si Jack Enrile. magkalaban ang mga kliyente niya. talagang masiba sa PR.

    • Rose LIsba

      dating media turned PR itong si Willy F. Yumaman ito dahil sa pambubukol sa media.

  • mongolloyd cruz

    Sa sobrang dami ng PR ni Willie F baka matulad ito kay Bubby Dacer na iniligpat noon dahil sa kasibaan sa pera at sa mga black ops.

    • samuel marlon

      Bagay ang tambalang Alan Peter cayetano at willie fernandez, pareho
      silang masiba sa pera. Mga mukhang pera!

  • Guest

    Loren Legarda was one of 5 senators in 1999 who did not sign the expulsion of Rene Cayetano by the etihics committee even though the evidence against Companero in the BW scam was overwhelming. Pimentel, Jaworski, Sotto and Ople wanted Cayetano kicked out for bringing shame to the Senate. Legarda was the swing vote. Goes to show walang utang na loob ang mga Cayetano.

  • MJ Yansi

    Patay gutom itong si Willie F. Padded ang mga singil sa PR sa mga
    kliyente. Matakaw talaga sa pera.

  • http://twitter.com/AAlmacen Alice Almacen

    During the 2004 campaign, he (Alan) and his sister (Pia) came to me saying:’Tito we have no money anymore, not even money for watchers.’ When I gave him the money, he said, ‘That’s not enough.’ So I even added more – personal funds,” said First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo (based on article by Aries Rufo in Rappler)

    • Juan Dela Cruz

      Parang mali po atang gamitin niyo ang mga salita ng taong kilala bilang nangungurakot at gumagamit ng kahit anong paraan para makatakas sa batas.

      Mahirap pong paniwalaan eh.

    • http://twitter.com/mulan_star mulan


  • http://twitter.com/glen_ruiz Glen Ruiz

    Pia Cayetano is on record for admitting she and her brother received campaign funds from FG in 2004 (GMA News Sept 8, 2006). Alan Cayetano denied taking any money from FG. Now who is lying?

  • reyzel Lasdi

    Kakutsaba ni Sen. Alan peter cayetan ang wife niyang si Mayor Lani sa pagnanakaw ng pondo ng Taguig. Ang mag-asawang kawatan bow!

    • http://twitter.com/ellen_zzz ELLEN

      Not surprised Alan Cayetano and wife are richer now after years in govt. Natuto kay GMA at Mike Arroyo kung paano magnakaw

      • m1ghtym0use


  • Roger Jalandoni

    In 2006, the talented Mr. Cayetano exposed the German bank accounts in the House of Representatives. First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo came up with certification he had no Deposits in Germany, the motherland of the Cayetano matriach. #boykuryente

    • http://twitter.com/ellen_zzz ELLEN

      Alan Cayetano is full of s…t. Why cant he run a clean campaign?

  • http://twitter.com/marinagirlalu Marina Santiago

    Wala akong kakilala na taga Ateneo na gumagamit ng “Topak” sa pananalita nya. Si Alan Cayetano lang na itinatanggi ng mga Jesuit priests. He is not a ‘Man for Others’ he is only out for himself.

    • Juan Dela Cruz

      Ano ang kinalaman po ng paggamit ng salitang “topak” at pagiging “man for others”?

      Kayo po ata ang pinakamakitid na taga-Ateneo ever eh. Dahil lang wala kayong kilala na ganun, kung anu-ano na po ang sinasabi ninyo. Relax lang ma’am.

      Hinay hinay lang po. Ang blood pressure po ninyo, baka magshoot up.

  • http://twitter.com/ellen_zzz ELLEN

    Alan Cayetano is Boy Kuryente. He leaked fake psych report of PNOY in 2010, now he’s behind fake SALN vs Loren. Who will be his next victim?

    • http://twitter.com/ellen_zzz ELLEN

      Warning to other Team PNOY candidates. Power-hungry Alan Cayetano may launch black prop against you like what he did to Loren

      • http://twitter.com/PinkyLee12 Pinky Lee

        Throwing baseless accusations against alan cayetano just proves how desperate his opponents are. :) Iba talaga ang candidatong malinis at may integredad, wala nang magawa ang mga kalaban kundi manira ng walang kabasebasehan.

    • m1ghtym0use


    • piskay

      bat si cayetano na ang topic dito?sagutin muna ni loren ng maayos ang reklamo..dapat si barok ang atakihin kasi sya ang naglabas nito

  • http://twitter.com/almafigueras alma figueras

    Poimpeyo Pedroche: the whiteness and smoothness of Alan Cayetano’s face are the exact opposite of the blackness and the spines in his two-pronged tongue. I haven’t heard this man say some pleasant words in the hall of Congress because he’s more at hime with venomous, sarcastic, insulting words.

    • Juan Dela Cruz

      Ate, hindi po talaga kayo makakarinig ng kahit anong words diyan sa hall of Congress dahil nasa Senado po si Alan Cayetano.

      • Juan Dela Cruz

        Tsaka po sa pagkakaalam ko, maayos naman siya magsalita sa Senado. Mahilig kasi akong manood ng TV at pag napapanood ko siya okay naman siya. Medyo mahaba lang minsan at minsan mahirap maintindihan dahil malalim siyang magsalita pero hindi naman kulang ng “pleasant words.”

        May pinaghuhugutan po ba kayo, ate?

  • http://twitter.com/Pinay_Mel Mel Sanchez

    Sa pananaw ni Boy Kuryente, sya na ang pinakamagaling na senador sa bansa. Ano ba ginawqa nya? 6 na batas sa 6 na taon nya sa Senado. 15 expose ni isa walang tumama dahil pang shakedown lang. Nagimbente ng “Topak Report” laban kay Pnoy na peke pala, Tinira si JPE sa cash gift dahil kiulang pa daw binigay sa kanilang magkapatid. Ngayon, sisiraan si Loren, Grace at Chiz dahil gustong tumakbong president katambal si JV Ejercito sa 2016. Manang mana sa tulisan na ama.

    • m1ghtym0use


    • Juan Dela Cruz

      So dahil may paninira na lumabas laban kay Loren na hindi naman talaga alam kung san nagmula kundi dahil lang sa sinasabi ninyong “reliable source”, paninira din ang isasagot niyo?

      Medyo weird lang dahil karaniwan, sasabihin talaga kung ano ang totoo kung may hindi naman talaga totoo diba?

      So ano ba ang totoo, mga ser?

    • http://www.facebook.com/cherry.flores.18062 Cherry Flores

      kahit anumang source ang pinanggalingan, tingnan natin ang mga dokumento na galing sa NYC at Senate mismo. Klaro naman sa ga dokumento at sa bibig ni Loren mismo na P7M ang naka-declare. Kaso P36Million ang halaga ng NYC property! anu klaseng saogt ba iyan??

  • BIGButo

    The Philippine government is so corrupt. People need to stop putting these kind of people in office. And the other sad part is that all the anti American senators own property in the USA they should all be ashamed of themselves!

  • Fulpol

    some idiots here are attacking Alan Peter Cayetano…

    why not prove that Loren is not really corrupt, the lady Corona??


    • Juan Dela Cruz

      I agree. Bat hindi na lang patunayan kung totoo o hindi yung allegations dun sa article kesa sa manira.

      Ano yun? Parang crab mentality lang ah. Dahil nahila yung isa, manghihila ng iba.

      • grifter Coal

        But para sa akin bakit ba di nalang tayo bumalik sa pagkilatis ng plataporma ng mga kandidato kaysa sa patulan ang isyu ng mga paratang ng expose sa SALN? Para akin, ano naman ang mapapala ni Cayetano sa panghihimasok sa ganitong uri ng gawain eh, lagi naman siyang nasa top sa surveys? Baka siya ang ginagawan ng reverse black prop?

  • m1ghtym0use


    • http://twitter.com/PinkyLee12 Pinky Lee

      What’s your basis? Alan Cayetano’s record is quite clean. I dont think he would resort to black propaganda just to win.

  • les21reago

    Am following Biraogo and my appreciation of him for his fights through legal proceedings.

    But Biraogo’s connection with the KABAYAN for President movement has given me some thoughts and pondering that Biraogo is NO DIFFERENT to Lito Banayo if given the chance.

    Knock knock who Banayo is ?..The man was an anti corruption advocate and discloses all his tirades against corruption writing in newspaper…Appointed by PNOY to head the NFA, lately accused of getting millions to favored Rice Retailer and then left the NFA…Banayo said to be running for congress in the coming May 2013 election.

  • kilabot

    everyone is hiding something.
    wealth, paramour, sexual orientation, crime…
    everybody’s closet has bones.
    ask noykapon, pinkylacson, enrile, belmonte, sereno, drilon,…
    your fault if you get caught.

    • Juan Dela Cruz

      Sa tingin ko po yan ang bagay na dapat natin iwasan. Wag po tayong mawalan ng pag-asa. Meron pa rin diyang maayos, kahit papaano. Tingin ko po yung mga lumalaban sa corruption ay mga halimbawa.

      Kasi bat naman nila ipaparada ang sarili nila na lumalaban sa kurakot kung hindi sila malinis, diba? Tiwala at pag-asa lang po, babangon din ang bansa natin.

    • rinom

      oy, bakit may ibang tao handa ibigay ang kanilang ariarian pati na buhay sa gawain ng Diyos. o baka sabihin wala, marami,,, ang mag pundo nila mas nauuna pang dumarating sa mga sakuna kaysa sa pundo ng gobyerno.

  • Orod II

    My take on this? For many years Loren is one of those who accepted money from the Senate President in a so-called savings knowing that no accountability whatsoever is required of them but said nothing. She is as corrupt as any of the poltician who accepted the people’s money from their friends in power. She should be investigated and incarcerated if found guilty. That reminds me, she will then join her ex in the new bilibid prison.

  • Juan Dela Cruz

    The comments are really weird. Nagsasama sama yung mga pareparehong tao laban kay Alan Cayetano. Parang ang sagot sa supposed “black propaganda” against Loren ay “black propaganda” rin kay Alan Cayetano.

    People, look at facts. Not rumors. Pampa-stress lang ang mga nanggagaling sa mga posts dito.

    • http://twitter.com/mulan_star mulan

      i agree. killing 2 birds with one stone ang propaganda na ‘to.

  • http://twitter.com/kuyagerry kuyagerry

    Id rather vote for Jamby Madrigal.. tried and tested public service. No corruption record.

  • noel

    I believe the term black propaganda is being misused here. As defined in the Psychological Warfare Course in the JFK Special Warfare Training Center in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, black propaganda does not refer to false accusation. Black propaganda is when Biraogo said that Juan dela Cruz said that Legarda owns a condo unit in New York. It refers to information being attributed to somebody who is not the actual author of the information. Black propaganda is not necessarily false, it could be true. It becomes black when it is attributed to someone else who is not connected with it. And instead of citing black propaganda and gutter politics and her standing in the surveys, Legarda should explain the condo unit in question if she indeed is above board. The burden of proof is clearly on Legarda’s shoulders. If as she says the allegation is untrue, then she must disprove it with substantive proof. Being teary-eyed in a presscon passing herself out as a victim to gain the public’s sympathy is not the way to clear herself.

    • jpmd88

      I fell asleep after the Psychological Warfare Course zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
      seriously?!? you know what? she does not have to explain anything. Somebody out there claims this and that and all of a sudden people are being dragged into this? you have to examine the motives behind these so-called “Exposes” Is it just me or almost all so called whistleblowers/crusaders of justice seem to be nutjobs themselves. They are like those people that file their COCs for national positions and are declared nuisance candidates.

      You expect people to explain themselves because this whoever his name is says so? A lot of people are being taken for a ride. Let’s not be naive. This type of expose happens every time there is an election.

      • Juan Dela Cruz

        Actually, she does. The public has the right to know. There’s evidence being mentioned here. If it’s just a random rumor WITHOUT any evidence, then I’d agree with you.

      • noel

        If you are an elected public official, and once again courting the people’s approval to secure their votes and again remain in public office, you need to explain any allegation of dishonesty. Uminom ka ng kape para di ka makatulog. Certain things need to be placed in the proper perspective. Kung hindi mo matawag na puti ang puti, pabayaan mo na si Legardang maging Senador muli.

    • http://www.facebook.com/iyen.dev Iyen Dev

      Ang baho ng arte!

    • Concur_Dissent

      Why I will give legarda the benefit of the doubt:

      1. She was already a millionaire before coming a senator, this fact therefore trashes the accusation that she stole money to purchase the property

      2. Her ex husband is very rich on his own… this will give credence that he can very well contribute to the purchase of said property

      3. having stated that she is part owner of the property with 3 others, could very well be 1/4 each for her ex and her two teenagers….

      4. Having the property only in her name can easily be assumed that their family did this for simplicity…

      5. prior to 2011 SALN filings, this property could very well have been lumped together in “other investments”. this property was given its own line item in 2011 SALN to make clearer that she has this property…. people should note that while this property was identified specifically, her “other assets” were reduced by the same amount to reflect the deduction in other assets…

      6. Finally, will I believe Loren who has a relatively clean record for as long as I can remember, or believe someone named “barok”, who consistently turns out “far out news” every once in a while that couldn’t be confirmed let alone believed!!

      • speaksoftlylove

        Ok, get a copy from abs cbn because they are publishing a copy of Legarda’s Deed of Sale of her New York condo and making it their banner story, showing SOLE ownership. Then go to the toilet and use the copy of the Deed of Sale for obvious purpose habang nagmumunimuni ka ng iyong “benefit of doubt.”

      • Concur_Dissent

        I already saw the deed of sale and if you know how to read, checkout my item 3 & 4…. Maraming tao sa US na naka pangalan lang sa isa for simplicity….alam mo ba yun? Sabagay walang laman yang utak mo! BTW, baka hindi mo pa alam na ang S&P nag issue na ng investment grade for the philippines…

        yan, mag lumupasay ka sa sama ng loob kasi pati international na kikitang umuunlad na pinas…at di lang nakikita ng mga talangkang tulad mo!!

    • Concur_Dissent

      The burden of proof always lies with the accuser and never with the accused. Don’t you even know that much?? Surely, how can the accused explain something that the accuser himself can not prove!! Sa tagalog pano patutunayan ni Loren ang isang paratang na hindi totoo na mismo yung umaakusa hindi kayang patunayan ang paratang!!

  • sheilababes

    Saw few of her interviews on this issue and courageously said that she proof that this issue is not true. Well, dun palang na convince na ko na hindi totoo mga ito. :) I’ll vote for her pa din naman.

    • piskay

      hinde totoo na hinde nya ito sinali sa saln sa 2007 to 2010?ang gma may kopya sa saln nya ,,hinde nakalagay ito sa mga taon na yon

    • brutsador

      Ha kaya hindi umaasenso ang Pilipinas dahil sa mga botante katulad mo, paulit ulit nyo hinahalal ang mag taong katulad ni legarda , dapat alisin na ang pork barrel ito ang number source ng corruption sa goberyno, 30 to 40 % ng pork barrel funds napupunta sa mga bulsa ng mga corrupt na politicians. do the math 200 million a yr ang pork barrel ng senador x 6 yrs. kung meron syang delicadeza dapat mag resign na sya , yan ang kinaso kay corona hindi nag declare ng mga ariarian sa SALN.

    • rinom

      ilang taon ka na??? 2000 years ago, nakasulat sa biblia na ang mga namumuno hindi bayad ng buwis, hindi na bago iyan.

  • Pedro Maylasa

    The important thing to do when voting is to do your homework and study the candidates. Nakakatawa sa issue na ito, the people involved in are all going to win. Kung iisipin mo mas maganda pa nga na nangyayari to e. kasi at least mas kilala na natin ang mga kandidato natin. Sabi nnga nila, the truth shall set us free. Let us vote with the future of our country in mind. Matatalino naman ang mga Pilipino e. Alam nila kung ano tama at mali

  • rinom

    kaya nga mga politico tinatago mga kayamanan nila dahil unexplain kasi, kaya naman ayaw bumayad ng buwis dahil hindi galing sa sariling pawis. they accumuilate treasures on earth because they are being deceived by the devil. they keep on deceiving because they are being deceived by the devil.
    kung lingkod ng Diyos and kandidato ayaw nating iboto,, pag may dumating na kandidato na hindi bumabayad ng buwis iyon ang binoboto natin,,, saan kaya pupulutin and bansang pilipinas? is the philippines road to perdition and destruction?

  • http://twitter.com/Joe_The_Kano Joe Kano

    Make sure she’s not hiding any frozen pangolin.

  • Brix Villapando

    This is not new. All Filipino politicians are corrupt. They just run for election to get and taste pork barrel. ALL of them. Kung matino sila tatanggalin nila ang pork barrel (PB) o kaya ay moratorium muna sa release. Kawawa na ang bayan, puro magnanakaw ang mga pulitiko at yung mga tumatakbo sure na pork barrel din ang nasa utak.

    ALisin ang PB o kaya every 6 yrs ang release…o kaya gunawin na lang ang RP para tapos na ang lahat ng ito……

  • http://www.facebook.com/iyen.dev Iyen Dev

    She’s a Senator who demands 40% cut on her PDAF.She is a ‘Political Prostitute’ in order to survive!May pulitiko ba na malinis?

  • DocNairobi

    legarda has voted to impeached corona because of doctored SALN, she must know the meaning of lying to the people she is serving.
    her dirty linen at panlilinlang sa bayan dapat matapos na.. huwag iboto si Legarda

  • tolelot

    wala talagang mapipiling politiko sa pilipinas na hindi kawatan, mababae at malalaki puro kawatan.Ang akala ko c legarda ay matino,lalo pang malaki ang ninakaw kay sa iba.hindi lang nila niloko ang filipino pati na rin ang panginoon,ang galing magdasal ng mga ito..

  • pedro Bato

    Isa isa na pong nahuhuli ang mga hidden wealth ng mga pulitiko !! Nagigising na kasi ang taong bayan. . . Tama yan, ipagpatuloy natin yan. . .

  • est

    kawatan din pala

  • Rita deDios

    even the Civil Service Commision said that she did NOT comply with the laws on declaration of properties, as to date, values, and exact details. she hid the fact it was in Park AVenue and the actual values of the property (market value, acquisition value). There are legal violations on each item in her declaration

  • hustlergalore

    anong nangyari doon sa certification kuno ng mga lawyers ni loren?

    eto namang si biraogo. maka-noli de castro pala ito. LOL

    pero ganunpaman, loren, magpaliwanag ka sa presinto. at hindi kami nakukuha sa gandang ngiti at iyak-iyak!

  • Floridahhh

    narinig ko na naman yang Biraogo na yan ah. dati may siniraan na yan before.. ano bang problema nya? feeling ko binayaran yan ng isang pulitiko. hmmmmm… smells very fishy ha…

    • BonnieBailey9

      Owww… I heard that guy before,,, he claims to be a lawyer but he’s not… black propaganda lang yan.. sa tinagal tagal ng issue bakit ngaun nya lang nilantad,. grabe ha

      • Floridahhh

        ewan ko jan papansin masyado malapit na kase eleksyon nagawa NA ng paraan mga pulitiko pano magsiraan. pwe!

  • charlie_oscar

    The price of the NY condo aside, it would cost about 250,000 PHP every month for HOA and taxes! Major Major !

    • simondj

      kaya nga eh,,, dito hindi sila bayad tamang tax pero sa ibang bansa doon sila bayad tamang tax,,, hypocrites.

  • HarryK

    An angel with dirty face sitting as judge in an impeachment trial? Corona should cry FOUL.

  • GeorginaBilson

    nonsense.,. just a black propaganda… It always happens when the election is getting near. lol

    • GatasNgCow

      HAHAHA I agree Its just a Black Propaganda. natatawa lang ako

      • GeorginaBilson

        naiinis kasi ako ehh.. etong biraogo na to wala ng ginawa kundi manira. kahit dati may siniraan na yan…

      • GatasNgCow

        feeling ko lang ha. bayad yan.. seryoso

      • simondj

        simula pa kay marcos hanggang kay corona black propaganda? mag isip isip ka nga.

    • simondj

      alam mo ba kung ano ang black propaganda?

    • Lorence Caronggo

      Lahat ng black propaganda kina Chiz,Loren at Grace Poe si Alan Cayetano may pakana.Ganyan pala kadesperado ang bugok na itlog from Pateros

  • Platypus09

    People will be placed under microscope, especially if you are a public figure.

    She should know better.

    She probably knew that somehow, somebody ( whistle blower) will say about things that she was hiding, then she needs to respond, or be investigated.

    People need to learn that no one get around things without people know them.

    She has the right to keep things secretly if she wants to, but the government has the right to investigate if needed or if she violated some laws. That is just her choice.

    She chose to hide them, then she should be investigated if the law says so like everybody else.

    Fair is fair under our laws.

  • simondj

    matagal na iyan, ang mga namumuno sa atin ay,, hindi bumabayad ng tamang buwis, at nag iinvest ang mga iyan sa ibang bansa. wala ng bago diyan,

  • iriga1_city1_boy1

    Inasmuch that Legarda is already on this condo issue,let me ask all commenters here
    if anybody knows any knowledge about this:
    In Nov.2012 sojourn to idyllic Batangas,i went to a PAMANA BEACH in Nasugbu.On the horizon,i had seen a beautiful island ringed with crystalline waters.Commenting how beautiful it was,the beach “caretaker” volunteered a statement that the island belongs to Sen.Legarda.
    Here’s the clinchers: Do you think she bought it,though the “solons” pay is only 75,000 Pesos/month?; Got it as a gift; An inheritance?;If so,was it in divulged in SALN?
    Anybody can educate me and take a stab because i don’t know about this . 100 million poor Filipinos would like to know,too.Is there a veracity to what that “caretaker” told me?

    • alx2k

      hi, i heard the same issue many years back. it is illegal in the philippines to acquire an entire island especially the beaches as we never had any seashores which were declared “alienable and disposable” or A&D lands. all the beach resorts in the philippines are only being occupied through a lease agreement. under existing laws, all government lands can be acquired by private individuals only when they were declared A&D, however, applicants have to get through strict compliance to procedures and they need to submit proof of actual occupation prior to the declaration of the land to being A&D.

      there were words that circulated in a certain government entity responsible for executing original titles that senator legarda (then still married to governor leviste of batangas) employed her power to force that department to issue a title in her name via overnight transaction. she then got the absolute ownership of that island, the bigger problem that is yet to be dug out is that, while she (or her family) already has the exclusive possession of that island via a land title, up to now that island is still yet to be declared as “alienable and disposable”, making the title as good as spurious.

      i hate to say she is way worst than anyone thinks she is.

      • iriga1_city1_boy1

        Thanks alx2k,

        Are we talking now about an island called “fortune island’ which one blogger posted in one website? Maybe it’s Google Time!

  • TheTuth

    Fact is.. these allegations has evidence/s.

    Loren owes the people an explanation. Where did all those money come from? – in great detail. Did she pay the appropriate taxes if she had ever earn it legally?

    If you have no explanation and guilty as alleged, it would be noble to just quit this election coz’ surely.. the truth will haunt you this time.

    • John_Cruz

      Timing is very questionable. Why only now 2 weeks before the election? I am still voting Loren. You The Tuth, mabaho ang utot mu!

  • $20722540

    dapat isama si binay – umaman magmula nong naging mayor ng makati in 1986 – dito sa crusade ni biraogo. yong anak nagkabahay kaagad sa san lorenzo village daw…easily between P30-40M…ang liit na suweldo ng mayor.

  • TinaCarunungan

    pure black propaganda. nothing more, nothing less…

    • Platypus09

      They should investigate her and prosecute her if there is enough evidence.

      It simply teaching our society, all of us, to follow laws, be honest, declare your wealth, and pay your taxes, like any body else.

      We have to teach ourselves very hard lessons.

      That no one is above the law.

      You may lie, but when you get caught and found guilty, you pay hefty fines, and/or be sent to lock ups.

      Next time, you choose between being a good, law abiding, and tax-paying citizen, or lie the government to the teeth but could be in danger of facing severe violations, jailtime, or be locked up forever when caught.

    • cheng Aniong

      Hindi umubra ang black propaganda ni Alan Cayetano kay Loren
      Legarda.Pahiya much ngayon si Alan BOOM haha :)

    • rinom

      white lang iyan, hindi black.

  • RachelleDomingo

    Biraogo finding info is a bigger question. saan nya kinuha ung info na toh??? tapos sabi nya lawyer pero hindi sya lawyer? bat ang gulo?

    • RamonTuliao

      he’s actually a businessman rin, has a trucking business? gulo nga. I am really wondering about not only his source, but his motive. galing naman ung timing

  • JasperSycip

    Biraogo says he has evidence, then show it? your the only one without any evidence present at the moment…

    • Lolo Basyong PH

      Utoy, maraming dokumentong pinakita si Biraogo sa presscon, ie, deed of sale of the Park avenue property, etc.

  • KateDulce

    hard to believe since this is coming from an unknown source. everything about it rin is fishy e…

  • RyanIlagan

    Biraogo seems to be a guy that just likes lawsuits against other people for without real evidence. fall guy??

  • Concur_Dissent

    I wouldn’t trust anyone named barok… sa totoo lang

    • piskay

      a, alam ko na ,kay loren ka maniwala,hehehe

  • phthlateous

    all politicians love money and power, all politicians are hiding properties and wealth that came from this acquisition of money and power

    they also have a lot of lawyer-friends who help them hide their wealth.

    that is why they desperately want to be voted in. they really do not want to serve the people, they want to serve their own pocketbooks…end of simple story.

    this is how it is done in their profession or career. nothing new.

    • phthlateous

      and this is the simple reason why, in the Philippines, the best way is to vote for the lesser evil.

      they are all crooks; so one must just vote for the lesser evil

      between a Legarda who is happy with a Forbes mansion and a Marcos or Enrile, Estrad, Binay who want the whole Philippines, I will vote for a Legarda. Problem is when greed takes over and the lesser evil becomes more evil (when they are seated already).

      if you can gauge early that a candidate is so greedy (dynasties), then do not vote for that person; because, for sure, he will rob you blind.

      extremely unfortunate that this is the situation in Phil. politics

      • rinom

        tama po iyan

  • Platypus09

    The laws should apply to everyone.

    No one is exempted from them. She knows that already..

    • piskay

      iwan ko lang ,pero sa panahon ngayon,parang ,mahirap lilitisin ang mga yellow,makalimotan lang katagalan….di gaya ng taga kabila na uusigin talaga to the max!

      • Platypus09

        Most of time under the law, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

        That also applies to everyone.

      • piskay

        iba sa atin pati presidente naka influence sa kaso kasi nakiki alam

      • rinom

        we have God who show partiality to no man.

    • rinom

      what law? the law is nothing,,,

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001449126715 Vinson Fernandes

    Nobody, including politicians like Legarda and others, is beyond corruption. Their motives and intentions in vying for seats in the government are twofold: One- to get as filthy rich as they can by stealing the government coffers and, two–to protect what they were able to amass–as in steal– by remaining untouchable while in power.

    Biraogo, whoever he is, is an undisguised blessing to us Filipinos; he serves as an irritant, at least, to those government leaders who otherwise have no compunciton in their uncontrolled personal aggrandizement. Now that legarda is being scrutinized by Biraogo, her ilk will not be so sure that they, too, will not be put in the “hot seat” about their own corruption and looting.
    Go, go Virago!!

    • rinom

      very correct,,, all is corrupt, no one is exempted, together they become unprofitable, all come to politics in his own personal desire. want to see? look around you.

      • Hurtlocker1

        ummm im sure sabihin ni Loren: political propaganda lang yan.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001449126715 Vinson Fernandes

        I appreciate anything and anybody that exposes the thievery of these hyenas in government.

  • kismaytami

    Buking si Legarda.

    • Ulipur

      Sabi kaparte lang siya sa condo sa NY. Yaon pala nasa kanyang lahat na pangalan……Nkadeclare ba ang isang island off Nasugbu…..Alam nina Enrile and Angara kung papaano naa-acquire ni Loren ang Forbes Park Mansion…

      Pero declaradong residence…nasa Malabon.

      Maraming pang hidden…iyang si Loren.

      Pero halos lahat namang mga Senador…maraming hidden….wealth….agenda….etcetera.

      • iriga1_city1_boy1

        Are we talking about that “Fortune island”off Nasugbu,Batangas?It’s nice to know if that is declared or not.But wait!! Let me ask first Sen.Legarda: Maam,do you own an island off Nasugbu?A beach handyman told me that you own that picturesque island.
        I am not affiliated with any party,just a concerned makabayan who loves this country.Not siding with anybody but will go for what’s good for the Filipinos.

      • Hurtlocker1

        ako rin.

        I am for the truth!

        Ms Loren, ayan, lumabas na ung usok. Sana walang sunog ha.

        suskupuuu…masilaw nga ng salapi ung malapit sa Dyos na lagi nagbabasa ng bibliya, eh un pang mga hindi nagbabasa..

        Its really true: MONEY is the root of ALL evil.

  • pedro Bato

    Tama ka Buking na buking talaga !!

  • TT Knew

    I almost believe this until I saw the name of the “public interest advocacy group” called “Citizen Barok “. No self-respecting citizen would ever take this name seriously. I smell a black propaganda in this article.

  • Hurtlocker1

    As the saying goes: if there is smoke, there should be FIRE.

    Ayus ka.

  • Seaflip

    Kleptocracy is alive and well in the Philippines, they’re a dime a dozen, let’s keep electing them!

  • isidro c. valencia

    Should we wait after she got elected so the House could start the impeachment. Pero, teka, kachokarakan nia mga senador-judge, at tatay ng mga senador at malapit na malapit pa sia sa isang senador.

    No need for impeachment, why vote for her on May 13?

    Dapat ang isang public servant, walang bahid ang pangalan.

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