Legarda accused of not declaring New York condo in assets statement for 4 years


Senatorial candidate Loren Legarda. Noy Morcoso lll/INQUIRER.net

MANILA, Philippines — Senator Loren Legarda allegedly failed to declare as part of her assets a posh condominium unit on Park Avenue in New York for four years, and did so only in 2011 just before she and the other senators convened as an impeachment court to try then Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Businessman Louis Biraogo, a self-styled public interest advocate, made the revelation on Thursday at a hastily called press conference, in which he accused Legarda of being “as guilty” as the impeached Corona for not declaring all her assets in her statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN).

Biraogo also accused Legarda of trying to hide her ownership of a multimillion peso mansion at No. 40 Cambridge Circle in the exclusive Forbes Park in Makati City, registered under Loren Legarda and Associates (LLA), and of opting to declare her old family home in Malabon City as her official residence.

“I have the smoking gun needed to prove that Legarda does not deserve to stay a minute longer as a senator of the land,” Biraogo said, presenting before the media copies of the documents he said he obtained “just by searching Google,” and with the help of lawyer friends.

Biraogo said the documents proved that the re-electionist senator, who is leading in most surveys in the midterm elections, paid the “princely price” of $700,000 (about P36 million based on the 2006 exchange rate) for the condo unit at 77 Park Avenue.

He described the location as a “very expensive area in New York where the Rockefellers and Trumps also have properties.”

Documents provided by Biraogo showed that Legarda bought the 708-square-foot single-residential condominium unit 10-B from a certain Frank Feinberg of Wall Street, Seattle, Washington, on May 9, 2006, for $700,000.

But the SALN she filed in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 did not include the lot under her real property assets.

In all four filings, an item in Annex A for real, personal and other property showed her “equity in real property (co-owned with brothers, etc.)” of P7.175 million.

In 2011, however, an item under “Real Property-USA,” appeared in her SALN with the acquisition cost of P28.7 million.

Biraogo said if this was the same Park Avenue property, then Legarda might have undervalued the condominium unit by using the 2011 exchange rate, instead of the 2006 rate.

“Using the peso-exchange rate in 2011 instead of the prevailing rate in 2006 may be another clue that Legarda was already frazzled, dazed and confused even, when she declared that acquisition cost of P27,800,000 (sic),” he said in a press statement.

“What made Legarda declare a US property in her 2011 SALN? Was it because she became very, very afraid that she would be in the same boat as Corona — that her hidden condo unit at 77 Park Avenue would be found?” Biraogo said.

“Let’s not forget that she filed her 2011 SALN at about the time when the impeachment trial of Corona was already at fever pitch,” he said.

Responding to Legarda’s defense that she listed the US property under Annex A of her SALN in 2007, Biraogo said this was not true.

“Annex A is the very instrument of Senator Legarda’s deceit and her circumvention of the strict SALN requirement that all properties must be declared as to their location, acquisition cost and fair market value,” he said.

“Where in Legarda’s SALNs from 2007 to 2011, or in any of their annexes can the word #77 Park Avenue, NYC, be found? The answer is ‘nowhere’ because Legarda has never declared the same in the strict manner prescribed by the law.”

At the press conference, Biraogo said he was not singling out Legarda. “It so happened that we only have evidence against her. If we get evidence against other candidates, we will run after them, too.”

He acknowledged that he was connected to a failed movement to convince former Vice President Noli de Castro to run for president in the 2010 elections, but said the public should not jump to conclusion.

“How can there be any connections when Noli has terminated his political career already? And if Noli de Castro is doing this out of vendetta, he should have done it a long time ago,” Biraogo said.

Biraogo, 52, lists as his sources of livelihood his trucking business, T. Biraogo Trucking Corp. based in Biñan, Laguna, and buy-and-sell. He heads a newly formed “public interest advocacy group” called Citizen Barok that “keeps a watchful eye on government.”

He said he would file graft and corruption, money laundering and perjury charges against Legarda in the Ombudsman to make her accountable for her non-disclosure of the US condo unit and a mansion at Forbes Park in Makati.

“Legarda’s propensity to have properties in the neighborhoods of the ultra-rich is also reflected in her being a resident of a mansion at No. 40 Cambridge Circle in Forbes Park, Makati,” he said.

He cited a lifestyle article written by Joanne Rae Ramirez, in which Legarda purportedly confirmed her ownership of the Forbes Park mansion and described it as her “dream home.”

“But on paper, the Forbes mansion is owned by Legarda’s PR firm Loren Legarda and Associates Inc. (LLA Inc.), a company which has no real assets, income or known activities related to PR.

“But is it really owned by LLA, Inc.?” asked Biraogo. “Loren Legarda owns 99 percent of LLA, so she is for all intent and purposes the owner of the mansion at No.40 Cambridge Circle, Forbes Park. Has she declared ownership of the Forbes Mansion? Nope,” Biraogo said.

He said LLA Inc. may prove to be Legarda’s own version of the Basa Guidote Enterprise used by impeached Chief Justice Corona to defend questionable acquisition of properties.

“Will Loren also call on her father and two brothers to testify to save her?” the businessman asked.

Records showed that as early as 2006, LLA was the registered owner of the mansion in Forbes Park, Biraogo said.

But even though LLA indicated its ownership of the property in its 2006 tax declaration, Legarda acquired it as early as 2002, he said.

Despite taking actual residence in Forbes Park, Biraogo said Legarda continued to use her family home as her official residence at 48 Dunwoody Street, University Hills, Malabon City.

Biraogo said he had been a public interest advocate since 1984 when, as a sophomore student at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, where he finished philosophy, he sued then UP President Edgardo Angara all the way to the Supreme Court for hiking tuition and other fees.

He said he filed another suit in the Supreme Court in December 1985 questioning the validity of the snap presidential elections.

Biraogo said he also questioned the election of aliens to Congress (Biraogo vs Nograles), the power of the House of Representatives to propose amendments to the Constitution independently of the Senate (Biraogo vs House of Representatives), and the inaction of the government on the Philippine claim to Sabah (Biraogo vs Del Rosario, G.R. No. 206323), among others.

He said he was also a lead petitioner in the court fight against the anti-cybercrime law, which Congress passed in 2012.

Biraogo also headed the unsuccessful Kabayan for President Movement.

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  • Miguel37

    Marumi rin pala etong babaeng eto. Marumi pa sa kriminal. Kadiri! Pwe!

    • mapicchu

      why else does she want to stay on in the senate?

  • Miguel37

    Magaling ang defense ni legarda. Pag nag search ka sa you tube di lalabas yung video.. damage control. Bow ako sa yo bossing legarda. Pwe! Umalingasaw na baho mo!

  • commentator

    I don’t know why she is number 1 in the survey anyway? Maybe because of her pretty face?

  • ravindrama

    kahit sino sa mga politiko hindi kayang itakwil ang EVIL sa buhay nila……

  • Guest

    Palatandaan ng TRAPO: nag smuggle at nagtatago ng kayamanan sa abroad! Para pagkatapos nilang babuyin ang bayan, sa abroad sila magretiro.
    At dahil sa mga uri ng ibinoboto niyo at kawaln niyo ng malasakit sa bayan, kung mahirap pa rin kayo next year, buti nga sa inyo!

  • brunogiordano

    very impressive ang dami ng kaso na naisampa ni Biraogo sa korte.

    ilan ang nag prosper at na ipanalo niya????

    • Mulat_Ako

      Wala po. As in ZERO!

  • http://www.facebook.com/erick.labandia Erick Labandia


  • Truth_Matters

    If all of these allegations are true, then shame to you, Ms Loren. Now, the question is: where did she get the money to procure these properties ? How much does a senator earn in wages ? Can the Christmas Bonus given last December be counted as part of her earnings ? So many things need to be answered. So many, so many, so so many…


      Pok bariles..or chaired chairmanship in some committees!

  • Fulpol

    Biraogo also headed the unsuccessful Kabayan for President Movement


    I thought this man is intelligent and principled, idiot pala.. he supported Noli De Castro supposedly to run for President? what an idiot!


  • hopeless_na

    philippine politics sucks… instead of legarda, VOTE BIRAOGO FOR SENATOR… hehehe

  • Fulpol

    Loren should cry more in TV.. she need to act to gain sympathy..

    sympathy means, votes.. they won’t abandoned her…

    what is common between Angara and Loren Legarda.???


  • speedstream2

    Can we expect straightforward answers? Or will the allegations be branded simply as black propaganda or part of a demolition job?

  • regd

    Hand it over to the lower house and if found to be true start the impeachment. Then let the party begin. The last impeachment was awesome! Let’s keep it moving.

    • Guest

      Palpak ang expose ni Alan Cayetano laban kay Legarda.Yan ang napapala ng mga sakim at mayayabang. boykuryente


      I doubt a senator is not belong to impeachable officers!they have immunity from suit at the same time they can be ousted thru resignation and election only!do some research first,not everybody in the govt is impeachable!

  • Jason Vorhees

    Yan ang mga pulitiko!! me bago pa ba? dapat me magawa na tayong paraan para mahinto ang ganyan kalokohan!

    • rinom

      matagal na iyan, ang mga hari hindi bumabayad ng tax. hindi naman kasi sinungaling ang biblia, Matthew 17:24-27 basahin mo.

    • Guest

      Sa susunod na mag-expose ng anomalya si Cayetano, sana mag-research muna siya at alamin ang totoo para di niya napapahiya

  • Ramil Abalon

    Biraogo talaga.. galing mo brad..tama ka sana pero mali ang timing kasi kung hindi mo election sinabi maniwala sana ako syo….ha ha ha eh ano kung up ka galing wala rin kwenta yang kwento mo kasi pampulitika lang dapat hinintay mo na matapos and election o bago mag file ng candidacy yan na ang ok pero dahil sinsabi ko syo kanino interest yan kay binay? ha ha ha naku ang hayop na tao parang hayop talaga…he he he

    • Guest

      Si Loren Legarda naman ang sinisiraan ngayon ni Alan Cayetano.Grabe talaga sa pagkadesperado ni Alan sa buhay niya

    • rinom

      oy, 2000 years ago, alam na ni peter na ang mga politico hindi bumabayad ng tamang tax. basahin mo sa biblia,, Matthew 17:24-27.

  • BoyBakal

    Dami palang property in Loren.

    Kawawa naman yon mga Pilipinong naghuhugas ng pwet ng mga puti, nagtitiis di makabili man lang ng bahay sa US o sa Pinas.
    Tapos, si Loren salita lang, yaman agad.

    US and Forbes properties….papaano kaya maging senador.

  • http://twitter.com/JaimeOdeVera Jaime O. de Vera

    The ISSUE here is Loren Legarda’s SALN in 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010 wherein
    she did not include her multi-million peso mansion at Makati’s Forbes Park & her
    multi-million dollars condo at Park Avenue, New York City. If she is guilty (like
    former SC CJ Corona) out of delicadeza she should resign & immediately withdraw
    her senate’s candidacy. She is BEREFT of any moral ascendancy. As the saying
    goes, “For in the same way you judge others, you’ll be judged & the same measure
    you use, it will be measured to you.” This quotation is also addressed to everybody.

  • rinom

    Jesus ask Peter,,, Peter what do you think, to where do the kings get taxes? from the people or from their children? from the people, Peter replied. Jesus said, so the king and their children are exempted? 2000 YEARS AGO, THE PEOPLE KNEW, THE POLITICIANS do not pay proper tax,,, what is new. nagmamalinis lang iyan. eh si CORONA nga, chief ng mga judges hindi rin bumabayad ng tamang taxes, hindi ba?

  • DingGalang

    ndi naman tutoo to.. hahaha grabe na mga tao kasi malapit na yung mga elections.. gotta love the way they try to bring down people with fake issues and fake documents

  • RogerLerma

    more black propaganda? and this time with fake documents! the nerve

  • MarieUntalan

    loren has already come out with a statement. its sad to see our countrymen stoop so low just because she has been constantly topping surveys

  • StephenHalili

    shame shame shame… sino kaya ng bayad kay biraogo? malamang scape goat lang si biraogo at ginamit para lang siraan si legarda. kasi alam naman talaga yung mga gusto na labas to na ndi tutoo! shame for hiding behind a crazy man :)

  • Hey_Dudes

    If these are mere allegation (s), the easy thing to do by Ms. Loren Legarda is refute it by providing B.I.R. and other agencies connected to this kind of government transactions all pertinent copies of documentations and let them announce to the public whether or not you have been truthful to your SALN. Going to the Media is not going to do it for you.

  • Kiro Nazakato

    Member ito si Allan Cayetano ng Team Pinoy- pero iba feeling ko sa kanya. I am very uneasy, to say the least. Halatang halata kc na ambisyoso. Imagine, few weeks ago, he compared himself with Ninoy Aquino, sabi raw ni Cory. Susmaryosep! Ang layo. Kasing layo ng haring araw sa Pluto. Halatang halatang ito na emboldened ng ratings nya, nagkaroon ng idea na tumakbo to higher public office. Nakinabang sya ng husto when he joined Team Pnoy, pero ni minsan di nagsuot ng yellow. Pumapapel na ngaun pa lang. I can feel there is something devious, if not evil about him. Ang layo sa kapatid na c Pia! Soft spoken pero talented at matalino!! Silent operator, as opposed sa kapatid na si Allan. Walang pinagkaiba sa ilog na maingay pero mababaw. Hamunin ako nito ng debate sa Plaza Miranda kahit anong oras, di ko sya uurungan, kahit anong oras!! Kris, mag isip ka maige bago mo endorso tao na ito. Alam ko sya pasimuno ng isyu kay Noy last Presidentail election. Abnoy daw, or autistic!! Alam ni Pnoy yon, at lahat ng tao!!! I challenged Allan Cayetano mag isyu ng denial na inalipusta nya c Pnoy, at hindi sya pasimuno intriga kay Senator Legarda!! I dare him!! Nagsusuot ng maskara itong taong ito!!!

    • Guest

      Cayetano not a team player, only thinks of himself and his ambitions in 2016

  • jeff justice

    that is why I never believed it was only Corona….

  • simondj

    kaya nga noong impeachment ni CORONA,,, do not think that the judges is more righteous than CORONA.

    • Anna Marie Rosario

      natakot kasi may tinatago! hehe :)

  • rjimenez1226

    This is so disgusting, these senatords making so much money and buying high-end properties while many of their countrymen starve

    • Guest

      Liberal Party president si Mar Roxas di ba? Bakit di niya ayusin ang gusot nina Loren at Cayetano?

  • Anna Marie Rosario

    Nyaiks! dishonest siya! paano pa kaya s’ya pagkakatiwalaan ng taong bayan! #malingmali ang ginawa ni Legarda, ay Lady Corona pala hehe :)

    • http://twitter.com/abdul_iwas Abdul Iwas

      Maski ako angulat! GUstong gusto ko si Loren dati, but after ko ma view ang video and s mga news, mas nakakadismaya sya kesa sa mga usaping black propaganda ang lahat ng to.

  • Anna Marie Rosario

    Nyaiks! dishonest siya! paano pa kaya s’ya pagkakatiwalaan ng taong bayan! #malingmali ang ginawa ni Legarda, ay Lady Corona pala hehe :)

    • Elfie Soriano

      Alan Cayetano behind psychiatric report vs PNOY in 2010, now fake SALN report vs Loren Legarda

  • Anna Marie Rosario

    nakakahiya top 1 pa naman si #lorenladycorona :-P

    • Guest

      Baka naman may kapalit ang blessings ni Mar kay Alan re: blacks prop
      kina Chiz and Loren. Baka si Alan ang magiging VP ni Mar sa 2016.

  • maria marino

    mabuti na lang lumabas ito bago pa man ang eleksyon sa Mayo 13.! Dapat isipin ng taumbayan kung sino tlga ang karapat dapat!

    • Killua Sandokk

      Vote Alan “Boy Kuryente” Cayetano! Siguradong miserable ang buhay natin kapag nanalosiyang senador

  • maria marino

    #lorenladycorona :p

  • lovely delos Santos

    ♫LOREN LOREN sinta BUKO ang SALN niya…♫ haha =D

    • Guest

      Pahiya si Cayetano.. hindi pala totoo ang SALN expose niya laban kay Loren

  • m1ghtym0use


  • jonescup

    mr, biraogo is so funny. I dont think maraming tao ang maniniwala sa kanya dahil alam naman nila na may sayad lang talaga yan. :) nway, this is clearly just a black propaganda against Senator Loren Legarda.

  • yagit182

    Well, she proved it naman by showing a certification that she declared this naman pala last 2007 so the crazy guy’s accusations aint true. Case Closed.

    • Guest

      Sana makuntento si Cayetano na pasok siya sa Magic 12. Di kailangan siraan si Grace Poe, Escudero at Loren Legarda

  • Guest

    Huwag na mangarap ng bagong termino si Alan Cayetano sa senado.Sawa na mga tao sa kanya dahil puro paninira at pakikipag-away lang alam niya

  • Guest

    Parang bula na naglaho ang magkapatid na Cayetano noong may imbestigasyon ng smuggling sa senado.Kase pala kaibigan nila si Boy Valenzuela,yung nagmagic ng 2,200 container vans

  • $14334231

    sige, labas mo kung ano pa ang alam mo….basta ako, wala sa listahan ko si alan cayeta-as-no-o….teka, teka…ikaw din ba si willie fu@k…….gutayin mo rin si alan -g-alam at bibilib ang mga botante sa’yo…….otherwise, shut your friggin’ mouth, bira-ugok!!!!!…..

  • Guest

    Alam naman ng kampo ni Loren at Chiz na si Alan cayetano, also known as
    Boy Kuryente ang nasa likod ng black propagandan laban sa kanila.

  • Guest

    Hindi lang mar roxas ang nagmamanipulate ng SWS and Pulse Asia surveys,
    andiyan din sina Abad, Drilon and Osmena.

  • harri dolena

    Alan Cayetano nasa likod ng black propaganda laban kina Loren, Grace Poe at Escudero. Kapal ng mukha. Traydor!

  • Guest

    Dismayed at Cayetano for attacking fellow Team PNoy candidates like Loren. Wont vote for this greedy man

    • Hatutubo

      Walang amor si Mar Roxas sa Team PNoy. Mas inaatupag niya ambisyong maging presidente sa 2016

  • jelina samuel

    Cayetano now desperate to win in polls, used fake SALN report to attack Loren Legarda. what the..

    • fm_gatmaitan

      Mar Roxas couldn’t care less if Cayetano is attacking Loren. He prefers to focus on 2016 presidential polls

  • Lorence Caronggo

    Hindi na nakakagulat si Alan ” Boy Kuryente” Cayetano sa paninira kay Loren. Siya rin nasa likod ng fake psych report vs PNoy noon

    • Steffany_apple

      Di titigil ang black propaganda ni Cayetano kay Loren kung may basbas ito ni Mar Roxas

  • Dyyan Majistrado

    Cracks in Team PNoy. And Mar Roxas just ignoring the scuffle within the admin coalition

  • Guest

    Cant believe Mar
    Roxas allowed Cayetano to attack Legarda and other Team PNOY bets

    • Patotz

      Of course he will, and even if this were true, Roxas has only the balls to say something when he has a scapegoat. This time, it’s Cayetano.

  • disqusted0fu

    Being a candidate under team pnoy, let’s see if Legarda will face prosecution because of this and suffer the consequence. Because no allies of Pnoy deserve prosecution, they only deserve the absolution of Pnoy himself.

    • kuracha

      What are you talking about? Prosecution? They don’t even have evidence to even proceed with a trial! This is ridiculous. It was clearly established that the people behind this were doing it to only smear the name of Loren Legarda. She has done nothing of the sort. Get your facts straight.

  • bantaybulee

    I don’t get why people get so easily swayed by stupid news like this. It’s stupid. It’s been declared in her SALN for the past 4 years.

    Clearly people right now don’t really care for the truth but rather just go for what’s fun to talk about. Shame on the people who keep on accusing Loren Legarda of this, and most especially, shame on the PNOY candidate who solicited this information to the media. It’s iresponsible and unbecoming of a senator.

    |Yeah, I’m pointing at you, CAYETANO.

    • kuracha

      What’s new? Cayetano has always played dirty politics since, well, forever.
      He can’t win otherwise. And now he wants to sucker punch Loren Legarda just because he’s hungry to be the next Vice President? Give me a break. I wouldn’t vote for him even he was the last person on earth.

      • http://twitter.com/abdul_iwas Abdul Iwas

        Bakit mo nasabi yan? Na he always played dirty politics? Kasama mo ba sya araw araw para masabi mo how he play? Madaming candidates sila silipin mo.

  • Richard Padua

    Teka sino nagsabi si cayetano nasa likod Ng paninira? Ah si Loren, sya rin nagsabing 1/4 Lang Ng condo pagmamayari Nya pero sa reports may titulo na at sya Lang Ang nagmamayari. Bakit tayo maniniwala sa babaeng yan?

  • http://www.facebook.com/leah.deleon.796 Leah De Leon

    Sumasawsaw nanaman si TT mr toby tianco palibasa campaign manager sya ng mga talunan, ilan na nga ba pumapasok sa una? 3 out of 12?

  • JohnBernabe

    she has declared na this, why is it an issue? she brought evidence if this but the one who accuses her hasn’t? how does that work????

  • DingGalang

    this accusation is crazy. they should check their facts because she did cover that in her SALN. Biraogo should own up and admit he’s being used to throw lies as a last minute ditch effort..

    • StephenHalili

      I really want to know how Biraogo got insight about this info. what? he just googled it and hit the jackpot? please.

  • RogerLerma

    wild accusations without much proof, is this how it goes na talaga sa pinas? pag ano lang totoo na?

  • JenicaLee

    she has shown evidence so we should look at the bigger picture in this. we should ask who gains from this lie. chiz? cayetano?

  • RobertVelez

    politics can be dirty talaga. black propaganda shouldnt be taken serioulsy with only days ahead. this feels like a ditch effort to get an advantage lang…

  • http://twitter.com/abdul_iwas Abdul Iwas

    Pag Black Propaganda ba talaga? Alan Cayetano na agad?, Gaya ng sabi ng iba nasa Magic 12 na, pasok sya, diba natin pwede natin isipin na ibang candidates o kaya palabas lng ni Loren yung ngyari may mapag usapan lang at lalo syang maging top 1.. Isip Isip din.

  • lapazbatchoy

    I dont understand this Biraogo guy? maybe he’s been paid by some senatoriables, and he just came with a timing.. obviously, its a black propaganda

    • denisethemanace

      Ganyan talaga malapit na eleksyon eh hehe. siraan na yan…..

    • papaberns

      Im sure meron nasa likod nyan,. kikilos ba yan sa nalalapit na election kung walang gusto sumira. pulitika nga naman oh

  • Sirena101

    all he has are empty accusations, his intention is nice but he has no credible source to back him up.


    Ooops somethings fishy is going on with this biragao…

  • http://www.facebook.com/juanangelo.antonio Juan Angelo Antonio

    Hay, Bakit kaya ganun? Ng si Legarda Ang tinira sabi Nya may certification sa
    mula sa abogado Nya, Puede ba yun? Abogado Nya mag abswelto sa kanya? E
    ganun din ginawa ni corona, nagpakita Ng certification mula sa kompanya
    Nya pero guilty Ang hatol ni Legarda at Ng Tao sa kanya

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