Nancy Binay says she’s a victim of cyberbullying



United Nationalist Alliance’s senatorial bet Nancy Binay. file photo

MANILA, Philippines—If they think they can bully her into quitting the race for the Senate, they are mistaken.

Now in the third and fourth places in the preelection polls, Nancy Binay is not falling back no matter what they say about her.

But she has one plea to her detractors: Keep her family out of it.

The eldest daughter of Vice President Jejomar Binay calls the memes and mocking stories about her floating in social media “cyberbullying.”

They are all about her supposed lack of qualifications to run for senator, particularly her perceived lack of intelligence to serve in a debating club like the Senate.

One reason for that is her refusal to debate election issues with her rivals.

One meme going around on Facebook is about a mock debate between Binay and her son, where she freezes at the first question.

A widely shared blog item has her securing a “temporary protection order” against “any kind of discussion, debate or any form of public appearance where she will make herself look dumb.”

Binay on Wednesday admitted she was concerned about the negative campaign against her on social media.

“I know it’s all part of the game, but I hope they keep my children and my family out of it,” she told the Inquirer by phone.

“I think I’m a victim of cyberbullying. The attacks on social media are vicious. And unlike before when you knew who your enemy was, I’m not sure where the attacks are coming from. So I think it’s better to just stay quiet about it,” she said.

But Binay is worried that voters may not get the joke in the attacks against her. In the case of the supposed TRO, she said a friend called her to ask if it was true.

“Hello? You should know better that it was satirical,” she said.

“But that’s really a problem. People tend to believe these jokes, especially if they don’t read the entire thing. Even the Inquirer fell for something like that. So what’s more with ordinary people?” she added, referring to the fake Time magazine cover mistakenly published by the Inquirer last Saturday.

Binay insisted that she is not afraid to face other senatorial candidates in a debate.

“It’s not that I’m afraid. It’s just that I have no time right now,” she said.

She said she entered the senatorial race relatively late. By that time, she said, other candidates had already gone around and informed the public that they were running.

Binay insisted that voters prefer to see her in the flesh to sort of “validate the person they see on TV.”

She said her going around the country, instead of appearing frequently in televised debates, was a major reason she landed in the third and fourth places in the latest Social Weather Stations poll.

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  • ernievictory

    nancy hinahamon ka ng debate ni sen lito lapid ! palagay ko , ok yan sa ‘yo. match na match ang IQ ninyong dalawa ! …

    • bryanbrian

      She is the only candidate who did not even reply to the invitation of Harapan debate in abs-cbn.

      Sya mismo walang tiwala sa sarili. Halatang walang alam. Pangalan lang talaga ang dala sa pagtakbo.

      • gryzyxwoz

        She will become a major issue in 2016 when her father runs for prez.

      • prince_janus

        Ayaw nga seguro niya talaga ng debate. Gusto niya talaga taga-linis at taga-timpla lang ng kape sa senado.

      • 12JEM

        She will be an outstanding Senator from 2013 to 2019.

      • jgl414567

        Kaya nga Nanay de pamilya gusto niyang papel sa senado kasi mga gawain lang ng nanay sa bahay ang kaya niyang gawin!

      • duviz7533

        pangalan na walang moral pa,cyberbullying daw ang tatay niya cyberbaluga

    • gryzyxwoz

      Mananalo si Lito

    • $44479964

      At least Mr. Lapid was honest about his intellectual capacity. This girl pretends to be what she is not.

    • ruben_bush

      isama mo na si tito sotto ng wanbol university….bagay silang tatlo, puros cabisote ang utak.

  • $42337655

    it is called democratic freedoms, Nancy. We should all be thankful we have this.

    • gryzyxwoz

      Yes, we all have the God-given right to make perfect fools of ourselves.

      • $42337655

        even that, yes.

    • jcsantos

      Nancy: “Not when my daddy becomes president! Daddy will protect me! You’ll see!”

  • martial_law_baby

    Truth be told Nancy, the Filipino people is your family’s bullying victim. Hindi naman kami mga tanga pero ginagawa ninyo kaming mga tanga. Sinasamantala ninyo ang mga mangmang na botante na alam nyong mas marami kaysa sa mga amin na nag iisip. Kung magsalita ka feeling mo aping api ka na. You deserve it because you are applying for a position you dont deserve. We can say all our pieces in the internet and you can claim that the netizens are bullying you. But at the end of the day, your family will still have so much power. So sino ngayon ang nang bubully at nananamantala? Mabait talaga ang Diyos. I know you have a purpose in life. Dahil sa kawalang karapatan mong maging Senador na tanggap ko nang mangyayari, ikaw ang magbubukas ng pinto para bumagsak ang tatay mo. Dahil sa araw araw hindi ka namin titigilan dahil alam ko papalpak ka sa Senado, babaho din ang pangalan ng tatay mo. You will be worse than Tito Sotto. This will save the Philippines from a Binay Presidency in 2016. Hari Nawa!

    • prince_janus

      Exactly! Natumbok mo.

      • $42337655

        third the motion ! you got it.

      • AntiAko

        i 4th the motion. sana may mag 5th hanggang sa may mag 100th…..hehehe

      • Drahcir Go

        5th in motion………. pag nangyari ito, wawa we…..

    • gryzyxwoz

      She’s only part of their plan for 2016. That’s when our really big problems are going to start!

      • justjarred

        We better start with her. RIGHT NOW!!

      • Concur_Dissent

        I have been doing the rounds asking relatives, neighbors, friends, officeworkers what they think of nancy’s chances, but I still have to meet someone who said SERIOUSLY that he or she will vote for Nancy… WHERE THE HECK DID SWS FIND THOSE VOTERS FOR NANCY IN THEIR SURVEYS….

      • generalproblem

        nagpapaniwala ka naman sa survey. ito lang ang dapat mong paniwalaan. una – statistic is not science it is manipulation. panagalawa – yung mga survey company ay yumayaman kahit tanungin mo si mar mangahas ang number one surveyor sa pinas. pangatlo – kung sino nagbayad yun ang mataas sa survey.

      • Katuwiran lang

        Good question. But not hard to answer. You can buy the survey esp if your party commissions it. The media can be paid too to write good things about her.


        marami ba kayong binabayaran dito ni ROXAS AT HONTIVEROS?

      • Concur_Dissent

        bakit ka nagtatanong? Hindi ka na kasi binabayaran ng UNA kasi wala na daw silang campaign funds?? Ingat ka dyan, dapat maka singil ka bago matapos ang election kungdi sayang ang pagod mo sa pagblog…

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        its called name recall. You have 12 names to vote for. Where will you know the 12 names? From the advertisement. The top 10 in the surveys all had multimillion advertisements.

      • bgc

        I despise the Binays. But I’m afraid the SWS survey results are robust. A lot of the voters are not from the educated and “floater” group. By floater I mean no affinity with these corrupt dynasties. While the Binay/Erap supporters are mostly coming from the “masa”, a god number of those who campaign for the Binays are actually intellectually above par. But, because of interests, they exhaust considerable amount of resources for these cockroaches to win electoral posts. Nancy is a tourism graduate of UP Diliman herself although she really did not get a formal employment because the Makati government can pay her more than any other form of formal employment available with her skills and experience.

        More work is needed to make sure Nancy parasitic Binay does not get elected.

      • Simplify1

        “In the case of the supposed TRO, she said a friend called her to ask if it was true”

        Pano na yan? Pati mga kaibigan nya mga bobo talaga!!


        CONFIRMED! ANG BLOGGER na ito binabayaran ito ni ROXAS AT HoNTIVEROS?

      • Simplify1

        Bakit si Hontiveros? hmm… di kaya kasi ikaw talaga ang bayaran? Bagong account nanaman etong handle mo, bakit? Bilasang bilasa na ba yung dati? aanim pa lang ang komentaryo mo dito, lahat pa laban lang kay Hontiveros!! Panindigan mo tayo mo sa discussion… wag ka magpalit ng handle porket walang nag “like” sa mga tirada mo! hehehehe

      • ohmypinas

        victim of cyber bullying…. itong si inday hindi pa nae-elect sa senado nag-aala- SOTTO na…..

      • Concur_Dissent

        at least si sotto may comidic contribution sa senado…etong si nancy ala talagaeh

      • Yxon

        huwag sana. please each one do its own part of informing the uninformed. we had already the starting momentum, kapag nakapasok ang maitim na ulap by 2016 ewan ko lang ko saan na naman tayo dadamputin.

    • $42337655

      ang nakakatakot niyan ay ito…there is a patten of 2nd generations
      running for positions, now. Mga Marcoses, mga Enriles, mga Estradas, mga
      Singsons, mga Binays. They might just be in position in the coming,
      very near, future. 2016 is a very worrisome year.

      it is very likely they are targetting the Presidency, what do we see ?
      something really to worry about. In Pinas, nothing changes.

      your vision into the near future is very sharp too.

      • kabaliktaran

        pakidagdag ang Aquino.

      • Voice Combo

        bakit naman kasali pa pnoy.

      • dodong1

        kaya hindi magbabago ang situation sa Pinas kung ganyan…kawawa ang mga Pilipino..maging mas marami pa ang maghihirap…dahil sa kakurapan ng mga family dinasours na to..

    • fuctore

      Kaya nga ba nakakawalang ganang bumoto sa Pinas e,
      Magkaroon ka ba namang ganitong uri ng mga kandidatong
      kwestyunable ang motibo at kakayanan.
      At ito pa ang mas nakakasulasok…number 3 pa sa survey.
      Haysuuss..Juan Dela Cruz!!…

      • 12JEM

        She has a statistical and actual chances of being No. 1. Who would have thought that VP Binay would be capable of beating either and/or both Legarda and Roxas in 2010? So it is not impossible for Nancy to beat both Loren and Alan Peter in 2013.

      • mamer2

        Wanna bet…?

      • potchi25

        I share the same sentiments, fuctore. Nakakawalang-gana talaga.

      • resortman

        dont worry kabayan, surveys are paid hacks..all hoaxes…!

      • themask celestial

        Erap vs Lim, nakakasuka. I stopped voting after graduating college.

      • noyab

        ganyan na ba kababa in IQ ng mga Pinoy, wala na ba talagang pwedeng pagpilian……

      • Flow Sales Ii

        all the more reason to vote, to keep the likes of her from sitting in the senate… kapag yan nakapasok sa senado at number 12 pa tapos ang lamang nya sa number 13 is 1million votes tapos mahigit isang milyon kayong nawalan ng gana na bumoto, sino ang may kasalanan? edi kayong mga hindi bumoto…

    • 12JEM

      Kayo lang ang nag-iisip at ang mga boboto kay Nancy ay nabu-bully at hindi nag-iisip?

      Remember 2010? Who would have thought that VP Binay could beat either or both of Legarda and/or Roxas? Would it be far-fetched to entertain the idea that Nancy could beat either or both Loren and/or Alan Peter?

      • southDUDE

        Naku ser, wala namang question na magiging number 1 si nancy kase maraming gullible voters sa bansa natin. Peace

    • ohmypinas

      some people compare nancy binay to cory dahil pareho silang unexperience….. tumpak, pero si cory ang hinawakan executive position, implimentor ng batas,,,, itong si inday tumatakbo sa legislative position, gagawa ng batas..

      kung naging city counselor man lang si inday baka pepwede….. pero isang lang “DA” as in ‘dakilang alalay’ ni MOM at ni DAD….

    • joboni96

      stop dynastic bullying by the binays
      of the pilipinos

      instead vote jun magsaysay and jamby madrigal
      mga tuwid na daan

    • $19543087

      Now, cyberspace is getting into her nerves!

    • potchi25

      Hiyang-hiya naman kami sa yo Nancy Binay! Aping-api ka na nyan???

      • Voice Combo

        sya ang mahiya tayo ang naa-pi di ba

    • Ariel Molina

      Taong my matinong pag iisip ang nagssalita nagbibigay ng opinion . Walang kandidato Dito kami , mga masang naghahangad na matapos na ang pagnanakaw ng AMA ,INa. At pamelya mo. Nancy it’s not a cyber bullying its a believes or opinion of people. Tao na Hindi mangmang na Hindi ma uuto ng AMA at mga hari ninyo. Kapalanan ng masang Filipino ang nais namin. Hindi pa ba sapat na AMA mo ang maglingkod ang kapated mo na mayor ang kapated mong congresswoman . Maari kang maglingkod sa ibang paraan . Kung nais mong mang lingkod sa taong Bayan . Maari mong Gawin NASA power ang pamelya mo. interest sa PEra ang dahilan ng pag pilit ng AMA mo na tumakbo ka bilang senador. Blame your father Dahil Kung mahal ka nya bilang anak Hindi ka nya linagày sa bagay na Ito. . Ask your dad why? Maari kang maglingkod sa Tao sa ibang paraan. Kung tumakbo ka man Lang sanang city councillor then ipinakita mo sa masang Filipino na my ginawa ka. Wow maniwala ang Tao sayo. Pero ang tanong bakit senador agad Dahil ba Ito sa 200milyon na PDAF na pwedi authorisation na Lang sa receipt .? Ibalik mo ang tanong sa AMA mo sa INA mo simple. Mom,DAD bakit tayo ginaganito simple ang sagot . Anomalyang transaction, Hindi mapaliwanag na yaman. Simple

    • Christian Harvey

      Spot on sir! very well said!

    • Batang Altura

      tama makakapal ang mukha ng mga Binay na yan , ewan ko lang kung bakit nasa top 10 yan sa survey, baka sa Makati ginawa survey. bakit kaya may mga taong tanga ..

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      One word: GREED

    • Spidekick

      Hehehe…may worse pa ba kay plagiarist with incredible hubris??

      Ms Binay doesn’t seem to be showing any pretenses about her intellectual capacity (she’s under the tutelage of his father: manalo muna at pag nariyan na sa senado, sa kanila ang huling halakhak…yung pang malignong buwahahaha!).

      Sotto is worse because he tries so hard to come across as having anything sensible to say. But we all know what’s there underneath his pang-GQ porma and fake demeanor (acting statesmanly and all).


    • bayankopdi



      CONFIRMED! ANG BLOGGER na ito binabayaran ito ni ROXAS AT HoNTIVEROS?



      CONFIRMED! ANG BLOGGER na ito binabayaran ito ni ROXAS AT HoNTIVEROS?
      binay pa rin………………………………….

    • the44martyrs

      well said, babe!

    • $44843778

      spot on! I will share your comments on my FB wall.

    • candice dale gonzalez

      congrats! agree with everything that you said.

  • Political Jaywalker

    Tanga talaga, hehehe. People that’s affected or complains about cyber bullying are minors that can’t handle it but not adults and more so when one is even running for a senate cheat este seat, hehehe.

    • $44843778

      let’s request na makipagdebate siya with Lito Lapid. Let’s see who is more tanga.

      • Political Jaywalker

        What if she says we will have to wait until she gets elected because Leon Guerrero is not up for election yet? And then heaven forbid once she gets elected into the pork barrel este senate she and Lapid really has nothing to debate much less talk about because they knew squat, hehehe.

      • $44843778

        to be expected yan. Riza Hontiveros asked for a debate with her and she gave this excuse about being busy on the campaign trail. Blah..blah. But if we ask the networks to request Lito Lapid and Nancy to appear together in a debate, Nancy might say yes. haha

  • padrefaura

    it does not matter. she will win anyway. she will get the last laugh.

    • magsasakasanayon

      of course. and the joke is on the filipino people.

      • padrefaura

        the joke will be on the minority who “cyber bullied” nancy binay. this is a democratic country, if she wins, it is the choice of the majority, not the minority who think they are the brilliant or intelligent ones. the problem is this, these noisy “cyber bullies” should have STFU and talk less about nancy, the more “cyber bullying” (if that is what it is), the more she is placed in the spotlight, the more publicity for her, the better. so, whose fault it is now? the majority who will most likely support her, or the minority who openly malign her, thus, giving her free publicity?

      • reddfrog

        Unggoy ka

      • $42337655

        bingo ! you got it right.

        who knows, this bullying and being put down may just be the project of consultants working for the Binays.

        it is no different from the Nora Aunor syndrome. Pinoys will always side with the perceived underdog, rightly or wrongly. Estrada won this way.

      • padrefaura

        if only these self-proclaimed intelligent voters realize that. im not saying that i am supporting nancy binay, what i am saying that these so-called intelligent voters are actually helping her (nancy binay) cause. in the end, nancy wins thanks to the help of these intelligent voters kuno.

      • $42337655

        got you.
        our culture sides with the api, all the time, rightly or wrongly.
        it is possibly their strategy.

      • sondo1968

        SO YOU MEAN, hindi kailangan ipaalam sa ibang bobong botante na wala talagang alam si nancy? ganon ba ang ibig mo sabihin….kung tatahimik ang ilan para hindi malaman ng nakakarami, sa tingin mo mas may mangyayari?

      • padrefaura

        ewan ko kung sino ang bobo at sino ang matalino. wala naman batayan dyan. ang batayan naman talaga ay yung gusto ng nakakarami. hindi ba yan ang ipinaglaban ni tita cory nung edsa? kung gusto mo, ipabago mo ang saligang batas, IQ na lang ang batayan ng pagpili ng mga pinuno ng bansa.

      • $42337655

        hindi tayo magkakaaway pare. ang ibig sabihin lang niya ay ay papel na kalalabasan ni Nancy ay victim dahil tinitira siya. her dynasty will capitalize on that with the majority voters who always side with the api. and that will make her win, which is actually what we do not want to happen.

        the real solution here is to educate the poor and uneducated masses to vote wisely.

        these masses have been the target group of corrupt politicians since time immemorial dahil mahina magsisi-isip sila, unfortunately dahil pinabayaan sila ng gobierno (poor ed. system), bad economy, walang pera pambili ng basic necessities, hindi makapag-aral.

        itong masses na ito ang madaling manipulatin ng corrupt politicians kung kaya’t hindi makaahon-ahon ang Pilipinas; it is a cycle that has got to be corrected.

      • magsasakasanayon

        haha. compared to nancy binay, a chimpanzee is more brilliant or intelligent. there is no cyberbullying. netizens are just showing what she really is: a yes-woman to her parents orders. it’s still the fault of the majority if she becomes, god forbid, a senator. i mean, what are her struggles? what is her platform? if she wins, she’ll be the senator of the entire philippines, not just of the idiotic majority. so, like i said, the joke is on the filipino people.

  • Corrupt_Jerk

    Why don’t you accept that the Filipino people won’t vote for you—> we don’t need dynasty politics on our country besides we know already what kind of politicians you are.
    If I were you I’d rather quit now than regret in the future.

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      What are talking about? She has cracked the top 3-4 positions. She has been gaining momentum precisely because of people like you who think that your ideas represent the majority of the people and in the meantime while you and your kind are keeping smug and falsely confident, you do nothing as the likes of Nancy Binay slowly creep behind the Filipino people and laugh their way to the Senate!

      • $42337655

        what you speak, sadly, has a lot of truth in it, a lot.

  • Hulabaloo

    madadagdagan na naman ang mga bopol sa senate pag nagkataon. someone said: the quality of a people in a nation can be judged by the quality of the leaders they elect. Filipinos please!!!! vote wisely, we have our children who will suffer becuase of our stupidity


      mebe we spik tagalog. nancy can anderstan.

    • $42337655

      bopol or not, they all have the same quality – greed.

      that is a scary thought. even scarier is that they get in.

  • SMEjhong

    if she’ll be elected to the Senate, which i think will come true (kasi naman milyon-milyon parin ang mga BOBONG botante). i doubt if she will even engage in a debate, pag sasali man sa argumento ito ay para lang kay Lito Lapid (can we speak in tagalog? Hello? )!


      neber the mine my englis becos my pader wil hellp me. it is nat the posesion dat i wan it is the manny. sori ha?

      ma. lourdes s. binay aka nancy anak ni vice

      • SMEjhong

        masyadong busy c vice…alam na natin kung kanino xa hihingi ng tulong sa ANAK!..

  • Hellomr

    Kapal ng mukha ang track record mo…. Iyan ba dikta ng iyong budhi? Na tumakbo.

  • Jose Guevarra

    This no joke… The Binay family is simply after self-perpetuation in Philippine politics! From Jejomar down to Nancy! What a bunch of bullies, cyber- or otherwise!!!

    • $42337655

      ser, ang nakakatakot niyan ay ito…there is a patten of 2nd generations running for positions, now. Mga Marcoses, mga Enriles, mga Estradas, mga Singsons, mga Binays. They might just be in position in the coming, very near, future.

      it is very likely they are targetting the Presidency, what do we see ? something really to worry about. In Pinas, nothing changes.

  • Jose Guevarra

    nakakalungkot talagang isipin na ang milyong bobotante sa Pinas ay papayagan mahalal sa Senado ang Nancy Binay na iyan. Sana na lang yung natitirang 11 na mananalo ay yung matitino naman!

    • Jerome delos Reyes

      bawasan mo pa ng isa … si Villar walang leeg.

  • $53950194

    i hope and i pray she wont win this election as this family is no good to all. how could she run for a senator when even as a purok leader she wasnt even one! So what qualities (if she has) that she IS SO PROUD that she considered running for a Senator of this country? WALA. Kasi Sabi ng TATAY nya!!! na si Bise Presidente Jejomar Binay!!!!

    DI BA KASAKIMAN ITO ng Pamilya?????

  • Hahaha

    Bakit ang tawag ngayon ng mga pulitiko sa criticism ng publiko, cyberbullying? She’s running for public office – intense media scrutiny is part of the process, and di maiiwasang may mga negative na lalabas. Can’t take the heat? Get out of the proverbial kitchen, Nancy.

    • $42337655

      they might just have the last laugh. they know Pinoys side with the underdog.

      never underestimate those who have a lot of money, they can pay for good consultants ; I’ll bet the Erap jokes were specifically tailored for him to win.

      the more inaapakan, the more kaaawaan, just what they need to get voted in.

      • southDUDE

        The more kawawa ang bansa natin ser, anu ho?

    • $42337655

      “Bakit ang tawag ngayon ng mga pulitiko sa criticism ng publiko, cyberbullying?”

      strategy pare ko ang tawag diyan. heto ang process “victim ako ng bullying” – – – – “kawawa naman ako” – – – – “kawawa naman siya, iboto natin.” simple but effective, only in da Pilipins, ika nga.

      Erap has proven it works (fact is, he is still at it !). I will not be surprised if others do this technique in one form or another.

    • Jay Alvin Madrigal

      SO agree to this.

    • 12JEM

      She is not going to follow your advice. She may end up number one on May 13, 2016.

    • jcsantos

      Have you heard of Mikey Arroyo filing libel cases against journalists for calling him “fat”?

  • BoyBakal

    I agree.
    Nancy Binay is the victim of some cyber bully.
    But they are only few, nothing to worry about, Nancy.
    Most filipinos don’t have cyber or computer, they go the old fashion way of voting by seeing.
    And Nancy is seen by millions of filipinos up close and personal.

    Vote for Nancy….the victim bully.

    • 33Sambuang2

      yeah right. stupid and ignorant voters will vote for her. kampon ng magnanakaw.

      • $42337655

        i understand your feelings but pare, these “stupid and ignorant voters” ang nakakarami sa Pinas. Kelangan ay bigyan sila ng guidance.

        alam ng mga politicos ito kung kaya’t ang target nila ay lagi sa probinsya kung saan marami ang nauuto nila.

        hangga’t hindi tayo nakakahon sa economia at education, malabo talaga.
        dahil ang karamihan ay kulang sa pagiisip at madaling lokohin.

    • joeybg


  • Tommy

    The fact that people like this are probably going to win office just says so much about what is wrong with the Philippines.

    • $42337655

      look no farther, the second generation trapos, children of the oldies, are now making a beeline for positions (note: Senate). Who will be the most ambitious and greedy to aim for the top position ?
      they have found a gem by the roadside, it’s called “dynasty”.
      They have lorded it over for decades, they will lord it over for centuries ?
      They are slowly but surely setting the stage.
      The cronies are back they must be salivating.

  • tulfotumbong

    hoy nancy marunong ka bang mag bukas ng computer? baka ni hindi mo ma-define ang cyber bullying. yan ang hirap sa mga taong katulad mo na di alam ang pinapasok na trabaho.

  • Yet Jua

    there are millions of ignorant Filipinos that’s why…so for that sector alone in our society Nancy Binay will surely win…..

    • gryzyxwoz


  • Iyen Dev

    Lito Lapid, Bong Revilla, Tito Sotto, Jinggoy Unggoy and the rest are waiting!The dark ages of Philippine Senate.Kaya nakakawalan na rin ng paggalang ang sambayanan.Civil disobedience are mounting up!

  • cry_freedom

    Nancy says that the Inquirer falls for something like jokes about her.

    Lady, you should know better than that. The Inquirer does not fall for ‘something like that’. If you still don’t know by now, that’s what we call vibrant freedom of speech, and of the press.

    Your opinion such as this one gives more weight to your ‘unqualified-ness’.

    You entered the dirty arena of politics, live with it. Otherwise, leave it!

    • $42337655

      beware of looks. her act of looking and acting like an underdog may be planned.
      they have the resources to pay for good advisors and consultants.

      Pinoys (majority of, especially in the provinces) will always side with the “api”.

      the Erap jokes of the past where he was put down, made him win. it was planned and properly executed.

  • joeybg


  • ApoLapullapu

    Nancy should not worry about the bullying. It’s now pushing her up in the surveys because extreme bullying is giving her an underdog image that the sentimental Filipino voters tend to sympathize with. Remember all the humiliation that Erap had in 1998? It brought him to the Presidency.

    • $42337655

      right on !

      she is actually doing her homework “She said her going around the country, instead of appearing frequently in televised debates,…….”

      she is being with the people in the provinces, outside of MM. yan ang susuporta sa underdog. she knows her priorities.

      the so called smart and smug thinkers in the city are doing the legwork for her in the city by putting her down, bad idea. Naive Pinoys, unfortunately, poorly educated, will always side with the underdog, rightly or wrongly.

      if people think she is unqualified, at this stage, the best thing to do is not to put her down or just ignore. but I think it maybe too late.

      they (Binay dynasty) might just have the last laugh.

  • brunogiordano

    “They are all about her supposed lack of qualifications to run for
    senator, particularly her perceived lack of intelligence to serve in a
    debating club like the Senate.”




    OK, pag nanalong senador gawin SENATE PRESIDENT.

    magaling daw siya eh.

  • Gerry los banos

    “Binay insisted that she is not afraid to face other senatorial candidates in a debate.

    “It’s not that I’m afraid. It’s just that I have no time right now,” she said.”

    Wala kang oras patunayan sa mga Pilipino na mey laman ang utak mo, pero andami mong oras sumayaw at magsalita kung saan-saan?

  • gryzyxwoz

    Her so-called “popularity” is reflective of the immaturity and gullibility of a large segment of the Philippine electorate. Until this can be corrected, we will continue to be plagued by many of our problems. God help this country.

    • dmz

      Concerned groups should push for voter’s education (and education in general). If you have an informed electorate, the election season should feature more debates and public forums and less of the brainless campaign jingles.

      Sadly, our education system is in shambles and trapos use this to their advantage. Conditioning strategies everywhere and the uneducated poor get all the blame for “being idiots.”

    • jcsantos

      I’m actually hoping her “popularity” is just a result of a fixed survey. That being said, continue to support your politicians REGARDLESS of surveys from now on, maybe even with more effort if they’re “falling behind” in surveys or so it says.

    • AntonioPeYangIII

      Sometimes I wish that we had mandatory IQ tests for potential voters. Those with less common sense than a jar of mayonaise shouldn’t even be allowed to look at a ballot sheet.

  • lolo_Jose

    AMININ mo sa sarili mo HINDI MO KAYA!! Pinagpilitan ka lang ng ama mong ulikba na mapasok ka sa UNA!!!
    ULIKBA ang ama, Ulikba ang anak ala pang alam, ampota pag minamalas talaga….

    • Mamang Pulis

      lolo ang puso mo….trabaho ni MP ang pagmumura dito

      • lolo_Jose

        pasensiya na, nakakalimot ako…inang mahabagin ano ba nangyayari sa pinas.


    may bagong payaso na naman ang senado

  • ingbilat

    “It’s not that I’m afraid. It’s just that I have no time right now,” she said.

    hey Lady, this it the time to show us what you’ve got! tell you what, this is the time to speak up so we will know if you have anything at all between your ears!

    • Mamang Pulis

      meron ba nun?–yun between the ears? –alam ko meron–mata–ilong–bibig–ngipin–nuong malapad–buhok na kulot–maliban doon—


  • sondo1968

    So aminado sya na pag ordinaryong pilipino, mapapaniwala mo sa mga bagay na kahit kasinungalingan eh ipapalabas mo na totoo….. MGA PILIPINO !!! SABI NYA ANG DALI NYO DAW MAPANIWALA !!!!

  • jpmd88

    In fairness to Nancy, there is a double standard that’s going on here. Bam Aquino is in my opinion much worse because he not only is riding on the family name, he has also tried very hard to look like Ninoy with the glasses and the hairstyle in order to cash in on his family’s fame. Bata pa lang trapong trapo na. Wala din siyang qualifications other than he has a famous namesake. At least Nancy is not trying to pass herself off as someone that she is not.

    • Mamang Pulis

      ah si bum—yun naka package na paran tutpeys o sabon sabi ng asawa nya…kaso ang tutpeys puro tisa ang sabon puro bula—yun ‘package’–yun ang magastos.

      magastos ang panlilinlang ng tao

      • $42337655

        lol, oo nga ano. kitang-kita na sa gupit, sa eyeglasses, sa ngiti, sa kilos (pati crossed-arms) e, gayang-gaya talaga si Ninoy.

        siguro ang Misis nito ay marketing expert at talagang pinag-aralan ang image ng asawa. eh, yang mahihilig gumamit ng salitang “package” ay marketing ang kinuha sa escuelahan.

        pati ba yung rapidong pagsasalita ni Ninoy ay kuhang-kuha ?

        teka, baka si Willie Nepomuceno ito a. hahaha.

    • Anton Bautista

      not voting for Bam either for the same reason as I’m not voting for Binay, or Jack Enrile. Outside of a very popular (or unpopular) surname, their qualifications are zilch. Willingness to serve ba kamo? Try desire for power. Desire is too tame a word. Naked Ambition.

  • ingbilat

    ha ha who knows you might be such a pretty nice Lady, Nancy! problem is the name “Binay” sucks!

  • sondo1968




  • Mamang Pulis

    kulang pa yan—

    kulang ka pa sa pamimigay ng glutha

    :D ho ho ho

  • Mamang Pulis

    indah—hindi kita mahanap sa stage noong nasa Plaza Pershing, ZC kayo nila tingting at lolong jalosjos—mabuti na lang matyaga yun nag mamando ng spot light

    naispatan ka

  • dexter

    Cyber bullying?!! My eye!! I wish more Filipinos will be educated, so that none will be exploited. You are not qualified period.

  • otepau68

    Don’t cry now Nancy. You should know better. From the time you have thrown your nerve into the ring you turned to a punching bag. It happens to everyone intending political position. It is the name of the game. My problem with you is not having any convincing qualification to make a better legislature. You are merely depending on your apilyedo, the Binay factor! The senate is already a crowd of clowns unfortunately. What makes you different in case you make it? Pity the Philippines!!!

  • justjarred

    Cyberbullying ba kamo? Mag file ka ng kaso laban sa netizen!

  • buttones

    On this issue of Ms Binay being ‘qualified’ to run for a seat in the Senate well she IS- she is of a certain age, she is a Filipino and presumably can read and write- those are the
    rules, in fact she doesn’t even have to be able to SPEAK.
    “I think I’m a victim of cyberbullying” I don’t think that’s the case, it’s just the usual thing that
    goes on in politics is all- it’s all a bit tame really. If it is the case that
    Ms Binay is high in the ratings it maybe just the fact people remember her
    name, same with Aquino, many voters are not able to carry more than one or two
    names in their heads anyway, that’s where marketing and spinning comes in.
    I won’t vote for her simply from the point of view I don’t vote for the dynastical class on principle, but to each his own…

  • johnlordphilip

    It is in debates that people will see more of the candidate’s platforms, abilities, and true personality. Nancy is avoiding it and instead capitalizes on her name’s popularity and political machinery. Smart people have all the reasons to question her on all fronts. Crying cyberbullying does not even show her smart but may gather sympathy from people… another POLITICAL strategy to win the race.

  • duhconsul

    Fighting stance masyado mukha ni “Iron Lady” a.k.a plantsadora sa article haha. But on a serious note, Nancy, the only reason you will win (yes you will win) is that majority of the electorate are uneducated. You know this! You had no desire to run whatsoever, napuwersa ka lang ng iyong gahaman na ama.

  • 56del_11

    pdi khit man lng s pic, hanap k nman ng mgandang kuha ni nancy prang apin api ah, bka makauto p yan ng boto,awww>no to binays, estradas,no to UNA!

  • Jose Guevarra

    call me an intellectual elitist. but there is only one word fit for all of Nancy Binay’s voters: BOBOTANTE! may you all one day wake up and realize the havoc Nancy, her father Jejomar, and the rest of their family will wreak over our country if you even given them a chance!

    • $42337655

      “BOBOTANTE! may you all one day wake up and realize the havoc Nancy, her father Jejomar, and the rest of their family will wreak…”

      Joe, I understand your sentiments fully. But the problem is, these “bobotantes” are the majority. The trapos know this all too well and their priority is to work on these, our uneducated brethren. They will move heaven and earth to touch skin with them in the outlying areas, singing, dancing, making skits, giving free food just to get their votes.

      The solution ? It is a big homework : teach the uneducated how to vote wisely for the good of all. this is the only way until the Philippines progresses enough to give good education to the majority.

      To have a massive base of poor, hungry and poorly educated people who are easily manipulated is a crooked politician’s dream come true.

  • $26606290

    Lahat ng walang ITR, high school diploma, di dapat puedeng bumoto.

    At Nancy, Ang pangiiiiiit mooooo!

  • tyopaeng

    Wala ka naman talagang ipagmalaki eh kundi naging anak ni binay!!!

    • jgl414567

      Di naman maipagmalaki ang maging isang anak ng corrupt na mayor ng makati mula ng 1986 at halos di na bitawan ang posisyon ng pamilya nila. Ang kakapal ng mukha, maiitim na budhi pati hitsura parang mga maligno, pweh!

  • Jose Guevarra

    I beg of all of you. WRITE TWELVE NAMES ON YOUR BALLOTS! Even if you think in your heart of hearts that only one candidate really deserves your vote. Keep in mind that at the end of it all, the COMELEC WILL PROCLAIM TWELVE WINNERS. The only way we have any hope of diminishing Nancy Binay’s and Jackie Enrile’s chances of winning, however large those chances are, is to make sure someone else benefits from the fact that you are NOT writing their names down. That means, let the vote you are denying from Binay to actually count by writing down someone else’s name.

  • Manga Gamud

    Oh sige na nga Nancy ibubuto kita………..pero promise ha pag senador ka na magpaconsulta ka kay Dr. Belo par a maging kasingputi ka ni Riza.

  • imongredneck

    Binay should know that cyber bullying is nothing compared to what she will be subjected to if she gets elected. So, stop playing the victim card.

  • Jay Alvin Madrigal

    like the old adage goes, “if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen”

    no time for debates??? tulad nga ng sabi ni loydie sa the mistress, “pag gusto may paraan, pag ayaw may dahilan…” i think it’s high time to prove yourself on the intellectual debates and conversations. talking about your plans and projects in sorties can only be heard by people attending those sorties. what about the general public who has yet to hear you speak live and debate with your fellow candidates? with the way you’re answering and facing issues right now, i definitely think you’ll be another WHINER in the senate. and that’s just a complete waste of a powerful seat in public office

  • $44843778

    My late mom used to work for the Makati public school system for many years. She would always tell my dad about Jojo Binay’s graft and corruption practices (when they talk about this in the kitchen, I would normally eavesdrop). The whole Binay family is into corruption. Walang-wala ang pamilya bago naupo si Jojo Binay bilang Mayor ng Makati. Yumaman na noong siya’y nanungkulan na. Bakit hindi niyo ipagtanong ang mga real estate developers sa Makati? Kaya noon 2010, bago ako bumoto, sinabi ko na ipaghihiganti ko ang aking namayapang Inay at HINDI KO bobotohin si Binay. Nancy, you are as corrupt as your Dad, Mom and brother. I didn’t vote for your dad in 2010 and won’t vote for you too. Enough of your brand of corruption. Enough of the Binays. You guys don’t own Makati or the country! Tse!

    • jgl414567

      Tama ka kaya dapat tulong2x tayo para matalo si Nancy at sa 2016 presidential election kahit gumastos ako in my own small way i will do my share to campaign against Jojo Binay the up and coming Marcos. Let us all help prevent it!!!!

  • Noriel Bernabe

    people lambasting nancy for being brown skinned is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. like most pinoys, brown in the outside but white in the inside. our being brown skinned is one asset some of us will never learn to appreciate.

    do we hate her for having dark complexion or do we hate our own color?

  • nopyi123

    “But that’s really a problem. People tend to believe these jokes” – For the first time u r correct Nancy, People tend to believe in jokes – and that’s what u are – a joke… goodluck PHL

  • Descarte5E

    Com’ on! The name of the game is name recall, by becoming the talk of the town she is now number 3 on the survey. While people talk about her lacking of experience, people are also talking that the Senate needs new and fresh faces. She may put more fuel into the fire and become number 1 come election time. Yes people, play her game, she is benefiting from it. Ridicule her, belittle her, throw everything to her including the kitchen sink, make her the talk of the town… On 14 May 2013, she will be Senator Nancy Binay.

    Still, I will not vote for her….

  • Dimas Burado

    Ganun talaga. Pa-underdog effect. Para mukhang aping-api. Yan ang strategy nya.

  • pedronimo

    Hey Ms. Nancy Binay, you are victim of your own family’s greed, gluttonous, and dynastic culture. Sugapa sa kapangyarihan ang iyong Mom and Dad. Don’t fault us Netizens, we are not “bullying” you Nancy. This is our only venue to express our disgust over your ambitious candidacy. It is our only access to justice which is not possible under your empire. Na Mu!

  • felix1959

    Anong gagawin sa senado ni nancy binay, another lito lapid in the making, pero baka mas maige pa si lapid kahit ganun eh may sariling paninindigan. si nancy binay baka kung ano sabihin ng tatay nya yun na ang desisyon nya. kay rizza honteviros ako!

  • impending_raptor

    Don’t ever think its cyberbullying, nagsasabi lang po ng totoo ang taong bayan. Tama na po, sawang sawa na kami sa gaya nyong mga tao na walang inisip kung hindi ang pangsarili lamang, maawa naman po kayo sa bayan natin. You know in your heart you have no qualification whatsoever, you know in your heart you don’t deserve to be a senator, let alone your dad don’t deserve to be a president of this country.

  • Sandy Bulet

    haaay…alang kwentang balita! pati ba naman mga gantong issue pinapatulan natin? wala syang time para sa debate pero may time syang magpainterview? ewan!

  • Janch

    Wow, you’re as prickly as Tito Sotto. Imagine what you’ll be if you’re already in the Senate.

  • DC


  • Simon Ward

    Nancy, please stop playing the “don’t attack my family” card. That card should only be used when a politician’s family is not in politics. In your case, you are perceived as being not an individual, but part of a political team: Team Binay. It is your team that is under attack. I’ve not heard anyone so far attacking your kids.

    But of course you know this already. You’re just doing it because it gives you something to talk about with the media.

  • GustoKoHappyKa

    Magpapa inom ako sa sino man hindi boboto kay Nancy Binay!!! basta may picture kayo ng balota nyo!!! Samahan ko na din ng Crispy Pata!!!

    • $44843778


  • felix1959

    Pera pera talaga ang labanan ng eleksyon sa pilipinas, sa dami ng tangang Pilipino na sinasamantala ng mga corrupt at mga mamamatay taong politiko

  • $44479964

    Tatay for president and daughter for VP in 2016.

  • Hellomr

    We as a people being victimized by undeserving people like you . We definitely want someone who had the integrety .

    • Guest

      Ang tapang ng apog ni Nancy maski walang alam. Onli in the Pilipins talaga na susuelduhan niya ng napakalaki maski unitil. Di pa kasama doon ang pork barrel.

    • mucho_cheapo

      Ipakita mo naman ang kakayahan mo Nancy. Susuelduhan na ng napakalaki at may kasama pang Pork Barrell pero lugi ang mga taong boboto sa’yo dahil mukhang BOPOL ka. Tapang naman ng Apog mo.

  • Guest

    Miss Binay… In case you haven’t understood well, I will explain it again to you: YOU are THE Joke. But the sad part is that you are a dangerous joke, including your relatives. Do you or your relatives have any other thing in mind then taking all the power and to enrich yourself? Do you have a realistic party-program or concrete ideas how you and your relatives are gonna fix the problems in the country, including smuggling, overpopulation, crime, poverty, environmental issues, lack of education, separation of church and state, poverty etc? If you have, I would gladly like to hear from you..Until you convince me of the “good intentions” that you have to serve our country and US, the voters, you and your dynasty-members are just a bunch of political vulptures that have to be kept far away from any kind of governmental power. It’s up to you. Accept challenges for debates and show us your qualifications!! THINK TWICE.. VOTE WISE…NO TO DYNASTIES!!!!

  • pnoyjudge

    I think dapat any news na lumabas tungkol kay Nancy is dapat hindi pansinin e.

    Kahit puro negative comments, publicity pa rin sa kanya kaya lalo lang nagiging matunog pangalan nya. Strategy din cgro nla na mag kunwaring naaapi para maawa mga mangmang na botante

  • Simoun Magaalahas

    Dapat lang malaman ng mga tao na ang mga BInay ay mga oppurtunista, hindi sila ang dahilan ng pag unlad ng makati kundi ang mga developer na kagaya ng mga Ayala, tsaka sampid lang ang mga binay sa makati para magsabi na sila ang nagpaunlad

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    If you are a victim of cyber bullying, we are also a victim of political dynasties..let me reiterate that when your survey rating soared, my tear also fell…think of this, reciprocated ang effect nyo sa pinas..pag tumaas kayo, baba ang marami kaya dapat bumaba na kayo para umangat naman kami

    • koolkid_inthehouse



    You opted to join the game for which there are no gentle rules of playing it. Get away with that underdog or bullied talks! If you feel you are bullied, fight back in a manner you can be measured up as worthy of public trust.

  • RossSpazio

    Nancy Binay, it’s not how true or not the rumors about you are BUT HOW BELIEVABLE they have become because people know nothing about what you have done to deserve a senate seat. Cyberbullying pala ha? Dapat nga syo at sa pamilya mo cyber-lynching na eh. MGA ABUSADO!

  • Elnore

    Kasi naman dapat mag barangay captain ka muna bago ka tumalon ng Senado. We do not know you from Adam kundi lang sa tatay mong bonay bonay! The nerve!

  • Elnore

    Mag barangay captain ka muna, Ms. Binay bago ka mag Senado, nagmamadali ka! At hindi ka yata bagay sa Senado katulad ng Revilla at Lapid na yan

  • Putakte Naman

    Pa effect ka pa kunwari kawawa ka. Nakow! family affair yang ginagawa niyo. Nasusuka na ako sa inyo, ikaw hindi? Tingnan mo naman, tatay mo vice-president, tapos gusto mo pang umeksena. Naku naman kaawaan ang Pilipinas. Hirap na hirap na ang mga kababayan natin, ni tatay mo walang magawa ikaw pa! Dagdag hirap lang ang mga mahal kong kababayan. Tama na! Pwede umatras ka na! Please naman. Kapal muks na yang ginagawa niyo ano ba naman.

  • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

    Hoy Beenay pinapantay lang namin ang laban. Mga kandidato na mas magaling sa yo kuleleat dahil wala silang pambayad sa TV ad. Kayo saan nyo ba kinuha yaman nyo? Bigla kayong yaman habang ang simpleng mamamayan lalong naghihirap.

  • Elnore

    Sa dami ng negative reactions dito, it is such a wonder why she is in the Top 10. Maski dito mag survey, talo siya. Hay talaga naman ang nagagawa ng pera. Mga Binays, makakapal ang mukha ninyo. Mayaman na kayo tumigil na kayo at sa init ng panahon ngayon, hindi refreshing pagmasdan ang pagmumukha ninyong mag-ama! Kung manalo itong Nancy Binay na ito sa Senado at makikit ko araw araw sa TV, sus ginoo, nakakawalang gana! Lalo kang ma hi-heat stroke! Kapal muks talaga ang mga Binay na ito.

  • Putakte Naman

    HEh! Mukha pa lang ayo ko nang iboto. Kayo?

  • prince_janus

    Daming bulag at bingi sa Pilipinas ang dahilan kung bakit nananalo ang mga walang kwentang kandidato na katulad nito! Paging all LGU executives, huwag nyo na suportahan ang kadidatang ito! Di dahil may utang na loob kayo kay Jejomar ay ikakampanya nyo na ang anak nya na di man lang naging purok leader.

  • Elnore

    Mga kababayan, mas gusto nyo bang iboto si Nancy Binay kesa kay Risa Hontiveros? Walang comparison. Mas mautak naman si Risa kesa dito. Tingnan ninyo, hinahamon ng debate, umayaw na agad. At mas kaaya aya ang mukha ni Risa kesa dito sa Nancy na ito na parang kabute na bigla na lang sumulpot sa politics. Executive assistant ng tatay tapos magse Senado, wtf!

    • jgl414567


  • fernandoridiculo

    “you should know better that it was satirical”… baka sarcastic ang ibig nya sabihin.

    • john_constantine

      tama po yung satirical. the TPO article that’s spreading in social media is satire.

  • Lolo Basyong PH

    You deserve all the flak you’re getting, hija. Hehehehehehehe… Kung di ka ba naman opurtunista, tatakbo ka ba gayong alam mong wala kang alam? At ang tatay mo deserves equal derision for egging you on to run under the circumstances.

  • maysayako

    magandang panooring nagdedebate– nancy binay, lito lapid at bong revilla…

    • Pulokoy


  • Oscar Diaz

    Lagot kayo, gaganti yan pag nanalo sa senado! The more not to vote for Nancy!

  • southDUDE

    Oh hello Nancy. No time to debate because you have a few days left for the campaign? Sablay ka na naman day kasi in a televised debate, people will see you on national TV, and it will not cost you anything instead of going around. Hay naku, palusot

  • noynoyingalways

    TOTOO Naman sinasabi About kay Nancy Binay eh! – Hindi Bully yun! – WAG IBOTO!

    Makati City nga eh Ang Lake kumita pero LUBOG SA UTANG SA BIR Hindi Mabayaran ng Makati City Government lahat – Baket? San Napupunta ang PERA???

  • Jay Alvin Madrigal

    alas. whether we like it or not, the girl will win. it’s a reality Filipinos have to face. the saddest part is, those of us who do not vote for her will have to bear the blunt of the tragedy. democracy can sometimes be a pain.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Philippines isn’t a democracy,
      but a medieval inherited Plutocracy, ad nauseam !

      The only Filipino’s democratic citizen right is to starve silently.

  • mamer2

    The more she talks…,
    the more “her slip keep showing…, Bigger & BIGGER”.!

  • jat2x

    It’s not that I’m afraid. It’s just that I have no time right now,” she said.

    – The right time for debate is now! You have no time for it? Then we also have no time to write (or shade) your name in our ballots.

  • $18209031

    Wow, ang tapang ni Nancy . Ang estelo mga tagalegleg na politikos ay nagpapakitang hilas na hindi sila natatakot , at sila ang nananakut. They want to prove they cannot be bullied but they re the ones who can bully. That is Pino Politics since 1946. They have the guns , goons and gold to make it happen.

  • Lucio V. Liwanag

    Why not just face Hontiveros once and for all to end all speculations that you do not know anything or you are just simply afraid to lose everything, according to all survey , you are all way up ahead and chances are , the thing that is stopping you in having a debate is just simply you are not capable of doing so.

  • Tatlong Hari

    M mas karapatan pang maging senador ang labandera namin dahil iyon pag issue pinaguusapan eh nakikpag debate. Salat man sa pinag aralan, wala mang foundation na pinagmamalaki, eh nagbibigay ng kanyang mga opinyon.

  • juan&dona

    pag si nancy binay ay natalo sasabihin nya dinaya siya kasi sa survey ay number 3 na siya….NO TO POLITICAL DYNASTY!!!

  • Le Commentor

    Ang daming sinasabi, napaghahalatang wala talagang alam..

  • Tatlong Hari

    Porket ayaw sa iyo bully na?

  • $19543087

    Let us face it Nancy, we cannot exclude your family from this anomaly. Your family is the very problem of “political dynasty”. Even how much you plead not to include your family in this controversy still they will be dragged into it. They are the source of the problem. Also, not debating is not option. The “no time” alibi is not acceptable.

  • Macario Sakay

    Hindi kita iboboto pero mukhang mananalo ka. 2 bagay lang ang mangyayari sa isyu na ito, either you’ll prove your critics wrong or otherwise. Feeling ko you’ll prove us right pero you’ll try to make it subtle by being quiet in the halls of the Senate…low profile lang kung baga….

  • BoyBakal

    Don’t worry with the cyber bully…..they are bully only in computer other than that, it is nothing.

    They are meek as a lamb or asong bahag ang buntot.
    Besides, these cyberbullies are people na nalipasan na ng gutom sa ka iinternet kaya ang napagbabalingan ay ikaw.
    Just ignore these cyberbullies, they are really bull of sheet.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      manggang hilaw at bagoong lang kaya naming kainin.

  • Ekalam Gnekup

    Okay ka sana kung hindi kalang mukhang TSIMAY….(now that
    is bullying and discriminatory). Do not ever get it confused when people tell
    you that you are just a waste of space in the Senate because you have NO qualifications
    and will NOT be able to contribute to the nation positively? Sad to say that is not bullying
    but the plain truth. You get it, hija?

  • carlorocci

    Nancy Binay, Nanay sa Senado. Kailangan ba Nanay doon? Ay, oo nga pala walang magpapalit ng adult diaper ni Enliar.

  • carlorocci

    Si Nancy Binay, ang Nanay sa Senado. Kailangan ba Nanay doon? Ay, oo nga pala walang magpapalit ng adult diaper ni Enliar.

  • Anton_Agaton

    Manalo sana si Nancy. Nakakahiya sa pamilya nya. Sya na lang sa pamilya nila ang hindi pa nakikinabang sa kabang-yaman ng Pilipinas.

  • Giganteis

    Whew kung baga sa inuman eh masarap na pulutan si Ms. Nancy.
    Fill in the blank: Yong _______ ni Nancy is like a folded black men’s leather wallet.
    P.S. Our tsimay ay mas maganda di hamak kumpara mo kay Ms. Nancy.
    Kahit million negative comments, waepek kasi ang balat are as thick and as black as a kalabaw.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      The looks doesn’t is not an issue, political dynasty of Binays is scary.

  • mangTASYO

    SENATE is the House of Debate.
    If you have no time for debate or don’t know how to debate…
    then it is time for you to ebak-quit!..(evacuate!)

  • Jane Tan

    \The attacks on social media are vicious. And unlike before when you knew who your enemy was, I’m not sure where the attacks are coming from. So I think it’s better to just stay quiet about it,” she said.\

    I don’t think anyone is scared to come out and tell you to your face, that you’re not qualified.

    \Binay insisted that she is not afraid to face other senatorial candidates in a debate.\


    \She said her going around the country, instead of appearing frequently in televised debates, was a major reason she landed in the third and fourth places in the latest Social Weather Stations poll.\

    Labo. She has the longest ad airtime among all the candidates.

  • Boy_Paco

    It’s looming, Nancy is gonna get hired as senator and her position, salary and pork barrel are a boost to Jejomar machinery come 2016 election. Father & daughter know very well that lower class voters prefer to see them in the flesh with gifts like what his family is doing in Makati. Pretty sure her father had already introduced her during his campaign in 2010 to ordinary people, (majority of the voters especially in rural areas) and made fools out of them. God forbid this to happen.

  • $5699914

    Oh syet!

    Mukhang matutuloy na ang pamamaalam ko sa comment section ng PDI…..

  • $23455908

    Don’t vote for all these ulikba family na ito. They’re just making politics as a good source of income. Sobrang suwapang na. Don’t vote for them, period.

  • ThePattern

    BOBOtantes propelled her to the top.

  • pcosmachine



    • jgl414567


  • santamaria_63

    Nancy Binay if elected is an additional member of the silent group of Lito Lapid, Bong Revilla and others. I hope Filipinos should learn kun sino sila at hindi iboboto ang taong tulad nito?

  • pcosmachine



  • pcosmachine



    • jgl414567

      Tama at magEEDSA uli kami laban sa mga Binay, Estrada at Enrile!

  • pcosmachine


  • pcosmachine


  • akoypinoi

    Nakakahiya.. hindi nga makipagdebate na election lang. Paaano na kaya sa senado? Actually, it is her father to be blame for this. Pinatakbo ang anak niya na alam niyang walang kaalam-alam sa public service. Kaya kayong lahat NEVER vote for Nacy Binay.. and NO to Binay on 2016! Ang kakapal ng mukha.. wala namang nagawang maganda puro lang kupit ng pera ng gobterno tapos idagdag pa ang anak. Pareho lang kayo ni Reap.. mga pamilyang corrupt! Pwe!

  • 56del_11

    pdi, wla n bang mas maaliwalas n pic si nancy?kkawalang ganang tignan.NO to binays, estradas,aquinos, enriles ( all political dynasties!)

  • pipsirho

    “But Binay is worried that voters may not get the joke in the attacks
    against her. In the case of the supposed TRO, she said a friend called
    her to ask if it was true”

    Nancy should not worry about the jokes in the attacks against her! Nancy, even if YOU ARE A JOKE , WE, the STUPID, CLUELESS, UNTHINKING, BRAIN-DEAD, MINDLESS Filipino VOTERS will get you ELECTED into the Senate. The Senate is an institution where you fight for your ideas and ideals in DEBATES, but even if you are AFRAID of DEBATES, WE, the STUPID, CLUELESS, UNTHINKING, BRAIN-DEAD, MINDLESS Filipino VOTERS will make you WIN! WE, the STUPID, CLUELESS, UNTHINKING, BRAIN-DEAD, MINDLESS Filipino VOTERS will put the JOKE on the FILIPINO PEOPLE in the end!!!! WE, the STUPID, CLUELESS, UNTHINKING, BRAIN-DEAD, MINDLESS Filipino VOTERS LOVE CORRUPTION, PLUNDER, and POLITICAL DYNASTY!!!

  • Hunter421

    Remove your family name and see what place you get in the polls. This is why you don’t use your married name.

  • jcsantos

    That’s it! I’m calling these surveys FIXED! There is no way people are actually voting for someone as simple-minded as her, with ZERO ACCOMPLISHMENTS in LIFE and not a single concrete plan to give as a senator, unless they’re stupid or bought.

    People please: DO NOT RELY ABSOLUTELY ON SURVEYS. Work hard to influence around you those who DESERVE to be a senator, especially those with CONCRETE ACCOMPLISHMENTS and PLATFORMS. If they are “falling behind” in surveys, WORK EVEN HARDER.

  • Mark Philip Wu

    Tito Sotto and Nancy Binay equating criticism with bullying just removes any meaning from the term bullying. If you’re in public office or you’re running for public office, you better acknowledge that criticism is a part of the job.

    Hindi tayo nandito para maging best friends, kung puro katangahan ang nilalabas mo, wag kang mapikon kung pagtawanan ka ng tao

  • Steven Zahl

    Can’t handle the heat, Binay?

  • N. Mark Castro

    “I think I’m a victim of cyberbullying. The attacks on social media are vicious. And unlike before when you knew who your enemy was, I’m not sure where the attacks are coming from.


    So you’ll know where I am, who I am and what I have to say about you.

  • Yobhtron

    The Filipino nation is a victim of clan BINAY’s political corruption and greed. NO TO BINAYS! NO TO POLITICAL DYNASTY!

  • KabronJames

    Tangna this! it’s not cyberbullying. If she won, what’s next?

  • $14971196

    How can you exclude your family when they are the ones dragging you shamelessly in politics. Even your circle of friends shows how gullible & senseless (dumb is the right word) you are? BE ASHAMED, nobody is leading these attacks in you, it’s the people conscience; which your family do not posses at all.

  • RollenceElloydChiusinco

    To our dear Senatorial Candidate:

    Ma’am, the fact that you handwave clear issues against you as mere “cyberbullying” makes me question your legitimacy as a candidate.

    A politician’s ENTIRE agenda is the appeasement of the public they seek to represent. If any subsegment of that public forms an image of distrust against that politician – the burden is upon that politician to rectify a failure to communicate confidence to that public.

    Ma’am, not even the President is exempt from a fair share of mockery and contempt. We as members of public know at least enough to respect the fact that to live a life built in continuous service to a fickle-minded and foul-mouthed people is a difficult business – but a necessary business. And your inability to handle this setback with maturity is deeply troubling for a nation that desperately needs strength and legitimacy in its leadership.

    Ma’am, as a part of the constituency that you are fighting so hard to represent – PROVE to me that you are unafraid. Get on that podium with your boxing gloves on and show us your insides are more than just your father’s arm.

    Ma’am. You say you do not know who are the ones attacking you. My name is right there above this post. You cannot hide behind anonymity as an excuse for your inability to be held accountable.

  • joseph bautista

    Temporary protection order from what ? public scrutiny, I thought you want to be a public figure then you need to know you already waive your rights to be scrutinized wehter you like it or not you are already a public domain, get ready for an avalance of criticism!!!

  • Ariel Molina

    Hindi nya alam Kung sino ang mga Ito nakalagay po mga pangalan namin kami ang mga taong Hindi mangmang Hindi ma uuto ng iyung magnanakaw na mga magulang. Kung ang ina mo ay my kasong pagnanakaw ang iyung AMA na Hindi maipaliwanag na yaman. Isa Lang akong ordinaryong Tao pero alam ko Kung sino ang nagsasabi Dito. Wala ditong tumatakbo sa mayor ,congressman, or senador. Kami ang mga masang nasusuka na sa ginagawa ng iyung magulang. Ano ba nag mga hari ninyo? Hari ng magnakaw, hari ng hudlom. At hari ng senado na my bagyong Pablo gutom ang Tao pinili pa ang mamigay ng Pera sa kapwa senado.

  • Junnar Cangelus

    Inday yung diap[er ng tatay mong dimonyo umaap[aw na..

  • Guest

    Nancy Binay claimed she is a victim of cyber bullying. Tumatalab ba sa kanya yun?

  • noyab

    tama na, tama na, lalong mag didilim ang kinabukasan namin sa inyo mga kampon ng kadiliman…..

  • alex cruz

    you dont have the time for a debate!?

  • Ginnie

    … I give up. I can’t even with you, Binay.

  • noyab

    number 3 sa survey SI NANCY, PAG PAPATUNAY LANG ITO NG MGA BOBO ANG PILIPINO PERIOD. pwede ka President ng PTA or OFW association….mas bagay ka duon…

  • Uyere

    Kapag nangangampanya naman, wala siyang masabi sa taumbayan na-accomplish niya. Paano na ang Senado kung andiyan si Nancy.

  • zekee lee

    Nancy binay will win at hindi mananalo yang bata nyong sang taon ng pa appear appear sa tv. Gumagamit pa kayo ng spam para lang manira ng ibang tao.

  • Gloria Wheelchairroyo

    Kawawa naman ang Pinas kapag nanalo si Nancy “Alalay” Binay. Walang alam, istambay at anak ng kurakot. Anong gagawin nyan sa Senado? Parami na ng parami mga senador na bobo at kurakot kaya lalo naghihirap ang Pinas kase bobo bumoboto.

  • Yet Jua


  • jgl414567

    Biktima si Nancy ng kabobohan niya! Saan ka ba naman nakakita ng kandidato na gusto maging nanay de pamilya ng senado ibig ba niyang sabihin maglilinis lang siya sa senado, magtimpla ng kape, maglaba at magluto?

    Isusulong din daw niya tulong card para sa mga bata at buntis! Ano ba namang pagiisip yan. Sa DSWD ka na lang magapply! Nakakahiya ka Nancy wala ka namang qualification at track record nagambisyon ka ng maging senador! Ang sabihin mo yun PDAF lang na P200M habol mo ganid, tulad ka din ng ama, ina at kapatid mo!

  • jgl414567

    Mga Binay sugapa sa kapangyarihan at kayamanan ayaw na bumitiw sa posisyon. Ganyan din si Marcos noon ng matapos na last term niya as president nagdeklara ng martial law para siya na habambuhay ang presidente! Yan din ang gagawin ni Binay sa Pilipinas kaya magtulong2x na tayo lahat para pigilan ang mga Binay at ibagsak alang2x sa kapakanan ng Bansa!!!!!

  • TOINKZ_06

    Dalangin ko lagi na MATALO siya sa halalan.

  • tenyearsafter

    Nanny B, bakit di mo na lang sagutin kung ano qualification mo para gumawa ng batas ng Pilipinas…

  • jgl414567


  • $44843778

    Wow! I went through the whole thread here. And one thing is common. We ARE ALL AGAINST NANCY BINAY! Please spread the word. She cannot win! Wag tayo maging BOBOtante. Vote well, please! NO TO NANCY! NO TO KATANGAHAN!

  • AlexanderAmproz

    The main question is “who want a thief daughter as a ruler ? “

    • Yet Jua


  • Yet Jua




  • Anton Bautista

    cyber bully my a***. she is a public figure. all bets are off.

  • maypakialamtayo

    nancy hindi ka biktima, ikaw mismo ang nag-pain kasi wala ka naman talagang alam bakit ka kakandidato, di paba sapat na tatay mo ay bise presidente ang mga kapatid mo ay mambabatas at mayor,? masyado na kayong halata, hayok sa kapangyarihan..

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Your family Binay is a political bully. Why all your family are in politics? To bully Filipinos so you have the advantage at covering up corruptions.

  • imnotstupid

    Who is Nancy Binay???Except for being a daughter of Vice President Binay..Really what are her qualifications??

  • jpastor

    Bakit hindi siya magtaka kung bakit ganun na lang ang mga sinasabi tungkol sa tatay at nanay niya kahit anong blog site mapunta?
    Bakit hindi niya usisain ang magulang niya kung bakit sobra yaman nila?
    Bakit hindi niya tanungin sa sarili kung tama ang ginagawa sa kanya ng kanyang ama?

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      describe the Binay political dynasty: GREED

  • hustlergalore

    naku ha.

    pero kapag sa hatian ng nakaw na yaman. damay-damay naman ang buong pamilya!

    i-cyberbully mo mukha mo! LOL

  • Denis Chanco

    Great another idiot…i have a dog that has a better intelligence than her..

  • AntonioPeYangIII

    Ms. Binay,Y taxes will pay for YOUR term in office. Ergo, that makes me – and the rest of the taxpaying Filipino community, your boss.

    Is it necessarily bullying when your boss tells you you are doing a horrible job, and that we have the evidence to back it up?

  • ITT_Co_Makati

    Cyberspace is good it levels the playing field where things that cannot happen in the physical world can happen in cyberspace. It is where the rich and powerful can be reduced into rubble. So netizens guard our sacred cyberspace do not let the likes of binays , sotto et all have a strong hold on it.

  • duhconsul

    unfortunately the people in this thread are a minority. so lets get down from our elitist high horse and do something concrete. whats needed is the education of millions of bobo voters out there.

  • farmerpo

    “But she has one plea to her detractors: Keep her family out of it.”

    She should have told her dad that. He was the one who put her on the spot when ask what Nancy Binay’s qualifications are. ‘She is my daughter..’
    Akala ko traffic enforcer ang sa picture…ang sama ko ano?

    • Placido_Penitente

      Slight lang naman, he-he-he. Pero tumpak ang iyong tinuran, sinasabi niya na huwag idamay ang kanyang pamilya eh kaya nga siya naging kandidato dahil pinili siya ng tatay niya, kasi iyon ang kanyang kwalipikasyon, anak siya ng tatay niya. Ang bobobo nila ano…ang sama ko ano?

  • mongrel84

    ang maligno sa senado……:)

  • Juan Delacruz

    f4ck her. i wont.

  • disqus_WIkXYUshrh

    Basta and alam kong issue eh sino ba ang pamilya mo noong 1986. Ang Tatay mo ay isang street “parliamentarist kuno” and was appointed OIC mayor ng Mkati by Cory.

    Gaano na ba kayaman ang mga Binay ngayon at lahat ng Binays maliban nga sa iyo ay nakapuwesto na. At tatakbo pa na Presidente sa 2016 ang tatay mo? Gastos sa ambisyong ito ay billions na hindi lang millions. Wow, billiones na pala ang pera ninyo.

    Mahirap bang maintindihan ang issue na ito? Come on!!

  • stupid chink

    Nancy, what is 7×8? 1. 2. 3.

  • est

    hayop binay ginawa ninyo business ang politics

  • KapampangangMangyan

    To Ms. Binay: You want the netizens to shut up and stop this “cyberbullying”? Then prove us wrong! That is, if you can… :|

  • cabcog

    Based on her paid TV advertisement, it was said that she assumed the role of her mother after she died and nothing was said about her qualifications that should sway us (the prudent electorate) to vote her as senator. It is really funny that the Binays’ think that most Filipino voters will buy this (sadly; its not impossible). Those unqualified sons and daughters of politicians are just there to ride on their surnames to win votes, get a pie of the wealth from stealing gov’t funds and ensures that the family’s power they enjoy stays for an indefinite time.

    Nancy that’s what we call freedom of speech and not cyber bullying (i.e. as long as its not a personal tirade). We are here to evaluate your qualifications, experience and abilities since you are applying for a position in our gov’t (just like a company hiring a staff). Bear in mind that being a senator is huge responsibility and thus requires wisdom, experience, charisma, independence, knowledge of law and governance, …
    She is another Lito Lapid in the making.

    Do not vote these unqualified relatives (i.e. Aquino, Binay, Cojuanco, Enrile, Estrada and the rest). They should better serve the country by helping their relatives in power push for better economy and enhanced quality of gov’t service. NO TO POLITICAL DYSNASTY…

  • georgerawz

    Baka sunburn victim!

  • Albert Einstien

    apple does not fall far from the tree…

    but SIN is personal…….

  • Canoto Reyes

    dagdagan nyo pa ba ng walang alam ang senado???

  • Patrick Constance

    “it’s not that I’m afraid, it’s just i have no time right now” yep, you are afraid.
    she doesn’t know a thing about cyberbullying, and if she did she’d hide in a dark corner. Ms Nancy, you are just hiding from the fact that you can’t debate even if your life depends on it. This country is run by oligarchic bastards and you are trying to be one of them.

  • Katuwiran lang

    Oh so questioning a candidate’s qualification and stating the fact that she lacks the brain to be in the senate is cyber bullying? Naku po! Ano ba yan? Walang time sa debate? Palusot. She would have a bigger audience in a televised debate with Risa than going to provincial sorties. That would be the most effective campaign in fact. She has to prove her detractors wrong. Palusot lang talaga.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Its more difficult for Papa to buy debates than votes. lol

  • deborah.shalom

    The Nancy Binay Phenomenon is indicator of our flawed Political System–her ascendancy in the polls reflect the power of name recall, and money politics. What we need is to regionalise senatorial elections. Time to for CHange in our Political System.we need to press for parliamentary form of government, through regionalise representation–not by ‘handpick’, arbitrary selection. So what to do with the Nacy B phenomenon?actively campaign against her, JV Ejercito et. al., and VOTE for alternative candidates like Eddie Villanueva.

  • teraytaray

    I agree, people tend to believe jokes, that’s why you will win.

  • firmelilia_12LAF

    Bakit hindi masasali ang pamilya mo, Nancy, e, boung pamilya kayong nagsisiksikan sa matataas na position sa gobierno. Kayo na yata ang pinakakapalmuks na political dynasty sa Pinas. Masahol pa kayo sa linta na kapag daw nabusog sa dugo ay kusang tumitigil sa pagsipsip. Pamilya ninyo abysmal ang avarice. Hindi pa kayo kuntento sa nakamal daw ninyong unexplained wealth. Sa senado nga naman may naghihintay na 120 million pesong pork barrel. Ang swapang sa pagkain ay sumasakit ang tiyan at dibdib (heart burn) at naduduwal, ang swapang kaya sa pera at kapangyarihan anong sakit ang nakabuntot? OMG! May gana pa kayong mag-akusa ng cyber bullying ng netizen e, kayo itong wala nang karespe-respeto sa popular sentiments ng mga Pinoy na isinusuka na ang dynasty ninyo sa pulitika. Heaven forbid, huwag sanang maging presidente ang iyong ama after PNoy! Maawa kayo Lord sa mga Pinoy!


    insecure si hontiveros,,


    CONFIRMED! ANG BLOGGER na ito binabayaran ito ni ROXAS AT HoNTIVEROS?
    binay pa rin………………………………………………………………………………………….

  • Ncarreonjr

    The Filipino people are the victim here, from your father who is the usual corrupt politician and you, when god heavens you win a seat. It is a vicious cycle where majority are too poor to choose the right leaders and these corrupt politicians perpetuate the dysfuntional system so that they will always be in power.

  • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

    welcome to the new world Nancy. Sino ka ba para maging exempted sa cyberbullying. Wala pang cybercrime law dito so anyone can be cyber bullied.

  • carlbenedict

    Nabalewala na ang paglaban ni Binay sa Edsa 1.



    BANTAD ANG PAG NANAKAW NI MR. ONE UNIT sa bawat gagawing condo sa Makati.

    Haaayyy, wag ng paloko ang kabataan, maski i-research nyo. Totoo yan.

    Kawawa ang mga OFW na naloloko ni BINAY.

    • Yet Jua

      correct ka dyan…kapalmukhapamilyabinay….

  • Komen To

    I don’t trust surveys and obviously this candidates. If you want to stop the father from stepping into the palace, for the sake of the poor Pinoys, stop this kid now

  • Michael Jade Ignacio

    Keep her family out of this? Her family’s the first and only reason she’s here in the first place.

  • Brix Villapando

    Nancy maawa ka naman sa bayan ! Yang pork na inaasam mo 200million taon taon marami kau niyan, Di mo na kelanagn tumakbo at manalo para magkapera ng 200million taon taon. Dami nyo na pera, ginatasan na ng pamilya nyo ang Makati, kulang pa ba yun?

  • Brix Villapando

    magunaw na sana ang mundong ito pag nanalo itong si Nancy at sina Jackie Enrile(boy ratrat), JV(boy laway), Cyntia Villar (swapang family), Chiz (boy pekpek), Trillanes(boy tulala), Honasan(boy tago), Gordon (pabor sa term esxtension at dynasty)

  • Willy Vergara

    Iboboto ko si Nanay Nancy kasi tahimik at buo ang pamilya…di tulad nina Miriam, Allan Peter at Chiz na sobrang maingay talo pa ang showbiz…….at sina Pia, Loren, Riza at Chiz din na puro hiwalay sa asawa

  • shane oy

    it’s not bullying it’s the truth Nancy. We’re hurling truths in your face yet you them as trash.

  • Hardkorero

    Nandito pala c Mikay…Maligno ….

  • etomacq

    bobo daw si nancy? well, mananalo yan. tignan nyo si Erap at Noynoy… mga bopols daw pero landslide ang panalo. mas gusto talaga ng nakararaming Pilipino na bopols ang nasa gobyerno.. kaya ayan lalong nalulugmok sa putikan ang ating bayan.

    Erap bopols at kurap daw… GMA korap daw… Noynoy bopols daw…

    diba kundi bopols kurap ang nananalo? Ano na ba nagyayari sa mga Pilipino?

  • $8705409

    I am sorry Nancy. I see you as a recipient of family political greed.

  • Rolly257

    Si Nancy para palang si Sotto na binira ng mag netizen dahil sa pilit niyang pag-depensa sa kanyang plagiarism at sinabing sina-cyberbully daw siya.

  • jeff

    i will not vote for binay. if she wins the election, my number one suspect is the hocos pcos machine.

  • candice dale gonzalez

    it’s funny how your stupidity reflects on your face.

  • ayupayupan77

    If you love our country……..pls do not vote for Binay….estrada and enrile

  • blowcoldblowhot

    I have wondered when Nancy Binay would try to sue some of the posters. I think it is interesting and
    would imagine that there are more than a few posters on this site getting a
    little nervous if Nancy will be successful in getting the real names and wins the
    case. Some posters think because they have fake names they cannot be located,
    we will see.

    DISQUS is not responsible if posters elude them and end up posting libel or
    slander and certainly does not provide any lawyer-like privilege, and your IP
    address is encoded

    • dorky boy

      see this just demonstrates what greed and power can do to ordinary net citizens….bring it on punk…gusto ko kita tayo suntukan na lang cberbullying
      ka din

      • blowcoldblowhot

        Your comment kinda reminds me of one of the best graffiti I’ve
        seen. While sitting on a public toilet I saw very small writing near the bottom of the door. I had to lean forward to read it—->”You are now sh*tting at a 45 degree angle”.

  • mewo_meow

    If Nancy will win, the Binay family will be 200 million richer a year (even more maybe).

  • arnold capiztrano

    gogogo nancy..

  • punto_lang

    That survey is just a mind conditioning tool for electoral manipulation.

  • dorky boy

    pagnapikon=cyberbullying daw hepppp msgsusumbong na yan sa 50 cent army nya ngayon pa lang asar talo na eh di lalo pag nasa senado ka na it just shows your inexperience.. …. dali takbo nake dadi….parang bata eh sabay mananakot mga 50 cent army mo

  • dorky boy

    o asaan. na yung mga naambunan ng kotong. kotong dahil pera namin yancomment na 50 cent army ng mga binay. kala ko tsina lang meron nito

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