Aquino signs law penalizing cable TV, Internet tapping


President Aquino. AP FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—If you’ve been freeloading on cable TV or cable Internet with illegal connection, you could now end up in the slammer.

President Aquino has enacted Republic Act No. 10515 penalizing tapping of cable TV or cable Internet with up to five years behind bars and P100,000 in fines.

“This act aims to protect the cable television and cable Internet industries from cable pilferage,” said RA 10515, which the President signed on April 17.

The Anti-Cable Television and Cable Internet Tapping Act of 2013 prohibits any person from intercepting any signal over cable TV or cable Internet by tapping into this without any authority from the service provider.

It further prohibits the recording, reproduction, distribution, importation and sale of such intercepted signal for commercial purposes without the go-signal from the service providers.

It also penalizes persons who wantonly damage, destroy or remove cable TV or cable Internet facilities and accessories of authorized service providers.

The law imposes the penalty of imprisonment from two years to five years,or a fine from P50,000 to P100,000.

If the violator is a corporation or association, the president, manager, managing partner or any officer would be held liable, according to the law.

Theft of cable services across the country has increasingly become a trend.

In 2010, local cable TV operators pushed for tougher measures against illegal connections that had been costing the industry billions of pesos in losses.

The Philippine Cable TV Association said then that there was one illegal cable connection for every legal subscription in the country, translating into some P6.3 billion in losses annually for the industry.

The association said that a future law should criminalize cable theft and at the same time, allow service providers to recover losses from subscribers damage to equipment due to cable theft.

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  • BoyBakal

    This is again an Anti Poor Law…in favor of multi billion corporation.
    Because this internet and cable are too expensive,
    Poor’s only way to internet or cable is….jumper and tapping connection….it will do no harm to billion cable industries.

    • Joey Sanchez

      How is this different from Meralco; power pilferage? Meralco should charge the people doing the stealing and not charge the whole power lost to all its consumers. This is not reasonable; bias to the consumers; not justifiable; not just fair!

      If cable companies can charge illegal connections, why not
      Meralco does it the same and not charge the whole amount to all the consumers. This is unfair to good consumers to pay the charges they did not consume.

      Worst, Meralco got being paid of the power loses from the consumers and at the same time charged the individual caught in the power pilferage! This is double compensation! It’s either Meralco refunds what they collected from the consumers or not charge the person from the pilferage!

      This action of Meralco is a grave deception with the intent extract profit unfairly from the consumers!

      Where is your wisdom Mr. President? If you are fair on your right hand, you should be fair on your left hand too!

    • jcsantos

      Then they should work harder and think out of the box. Their mentality is “to move amongst the sheep” and thus will do what everyone does while expecting something great in return. All rags-to-riches people (I’ll exclude politicians) dared to think differently, left the flock to do it their own way and managed to climb out of their own respective holes, so why can’t others do the same?

    • boy22ban

      Of course it does harm to the cable company! It certainly didn’t intend for the service to be free.

      Being poor is not a license to commit crime.

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      It will affect other consumers as the bandwith is decreased and the signal to the legitimate subscriber suffers and becomes fuzzy for Cable TV and the data transmission speed for the Internet slows down..

  • $18209031

    Hehehehe, hala mga magnanakaws on notice kayong lahat—- just for the sake of makalibre makapanuod ng Pacquiao fights.

  • go88

    More expensive electricity at least for us in Mindanao, now this law about penalizing cable TV and internet tapping. We may call him inutil but no doubt he isn’t for the 40 robber famillies who plunder this country.

    HOY ABNOY! Did you EVER pay a single cable TV, internet or electricity bill from money you earned from your sweat? I don’t think so, you don’t know what working means, all you have comes from your parents, you were even voted into the presidency because of your mother. You’re an haciendero who was born into a life of luxury and laziness and don’t know how hard life is for the ordinary filipino.

    • acaldejr

      OMG! Cable TV or internet tapping is illegal. That is stealing. Yan ang ituturo mo sa mga anak or pamilya mo? Dapat lang na makulong ang magnanakaw, kung hindi dapat bitayin. If you can not afford to pay, huwag kang mag cable or mag internet. Nakakahiya ka!

      • boldyak

        if i open my internet and there is available wifi that has no password, and i will use it, is it my fault?

      • 33Sam

        Dont use WIFI it is sterilizing you..

      • Platypus09

        I have been using wifi and is not sterilizing me. I produce babies.

        Where did you get all these negative publicities and fake studies?

      • 1GeorgeTolentino2

        Help me out here, did he say that he was illegally tapping TV or internet signals?

    • snow

      go 88 Mas abnoy ka pa kay ni Pnoy 101 percent.. kahit na di pa natikman sa pinakamahirap na mga kababayan natin pero nagsimula ng may pinagbago ang ekonomiya sa Pilipinas yun ang nakita sa karamihan na mga pilipino . Di mo nakita at nadinig kasi BULAG PIPI at BINGI ka!!… Pre magpamasahe ako sa yo pre dadaan ako sa bahay nyu pagud katawan ko magaling ka magmasahi ehh.. Pag bulag magaling pag pipi malakas pag bingi maayus magmasahe kayat di mo nakita ang unting unting pagbabago sa Pilipinas.

    • Platypus09

      He is the President.

      Let us be fair. He deserves lots of perks for taking care thousands of country’s issues every day.

      He might not be that perfect but he tries to be the best.

      Stop being negative.

      Negativity is our Filipino trait. It is a bad culture. It is not helping our country. It discourages lots of people, making them LAZY and LAZY CRITIQUES, just like what we have in this forum.

  • divictes

    Those who have less in life usually get the harsh end of the law___ and more.

  • kismaytami

    Eh yung pangloloko ng mga ISP sa mga consumer (1mbps na talo pa ng 56K modem), kelan magkakaroon ng ganung batas??? Puro na lang mga oligarkiya ang nakikinabang sa abnoy na gobyerno!!!

  • hu_yu

    what about penalizing telco companies
    smart and globe are no.1 na magnanakaw ng load charges
    meron pang kasinungalingan na “Unlimited Internet” kuno tapos pag umabot na ng 800mb ba yun, biglang wala ka ng connection.
    nakaka buwisit ang mga ganon. napa ka mapaglinlang!

  • acaldejr

    I can’t believe why there is a lot of resistance for this law. Illegal cable TV or internet tapping is stealing. Stealing is a sin. If you can’t afford to pay, then don’t dream of watching cable TV or having an internet connection. Ano ba naman kayo? Huwag kasi tayong mamuhay sa buhay na di natin afford.

    • tenyearsafter

      stealing from whom? this is a problem of the rich telco. they can easily solve this.

      how about making a law that will jail those who don’t pay when riding public vehicles….

      • disqus_EWrSdjV1nv

        ikulong ang walang cedula.
        ikulong ang walang ginawa sa senado. ilang batas ang pinasa ni noy2 sa senado? kung di kapantay ni Miriam, eh di nagnakaw din yan.
        ilang oras naninigarilyo during office hours si noy2? eh di nagnanakaw din yan.
        pinakulong nyo ba? pinakasuhan nyo ba?

        weather weather lang yan.

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      The general perception of the Public is; the Government is quick to enact laws that will impact on crimes mostly perpetuated by the poor while white collar excesses by Big business like false adverts for bandwith speeds, overloading of cable tv ads, oversubscription of cellular bandwiths causing dropped calls and service stoppage are never challenged and addressed by the Authorities.

  • Keith_P

    Bring down the cost of cable and internet connection. Kung 1:1 pala ang ratio ng mga legal na subscribers at mga “nagnanakaw” ng signal, at milyon-milyon pa rin ang kinikita ng mga cable providers at telcos, then there’s no reason why they can’t bring down their prices (except for greed of course) and convert these “thieves” into actual paying customers.

    In this day and age, information is as important as the most basic necessities. And the internet and cable TV have the greatest power to democratize information and knowledge. That is what the government should pursue. Not penalize those who “steal” knowledge.

    • Joey Sanchez

      destiny, skycable, meralco – one owner. They might apply same scheme to the cable as what meralco is doing to its consumers. Losses are charged to the consumers!

  • jcsantos

    You can’t even go after squatters who have illegally-connected electricity and you expect to be able to run after people who steal cable TV and internet?

    • disqus_EWrSdjV1nv

      squatters… no building permit, no sanitary permit, no falar. and di pa rin kinukulong ng local government.
      ubusin nyo muna ang squatter.

  • GProf007

    I agree with this new law. Now how about a stronger law on consumer protection… especially from false ads from these companies (ISP’s, Food Centers, etc.) which also includes quality service.

  • Loggnat

    When the cable company catches up with the totally digital and encrypted signals, this law will be obsolete. If a competitor cable company can provide this state of the art broadband cable and computer system, it will break the monopoly of the current cable company.

  • boldyak

    di mo nga maparusahan ang King of wire taps, gawin mo pang cabinet member mo…susss ginoo

  • boldyak

    how about penalizing these cable TV provider whom i am subscribing and yet the time for commercials are longer than the featured movies?…am i paying to see the commercials?

    • 33Sam

      Hehehe. good point…

    • Platypus09

      You can switch to better cable provider.

      Why continue subscribing for that cable provider if it is giving you bad services?

    • Darth2D2

      aren’t the tv stations to blame for that, not the cable provider?

  • Monsi Serrano

    Another favorable law for the Lopez group. shall we also penalize the provider that doesn’t give quality service and squelched competitor’s signal? That will posit a win-win situation.

  • Vlad D. Impaler

    another rich man’s law. and no one in government is complaining that we have one of the highest electricity rates in the world, which benefits another rich man.

    • 33Sam

      Good one Count D..

  • KurakotNaPinoy

    walang kwentang batas… encryption lang defeated na nag tapping…

    dapat ang unahin ay yung foi at consumer protection bills…

    ang mga consumer lang lagi ang kawawa sa kawawang bansang ito..

    walang kwenta ang magbayad ng taxes dito, sa ibang bansa na lang ako magbabayad kung saan matino ang serbisyo ng gobyerno…

    • 33Sam

      Taxes for this and internet is a spy tool beside robbery.

  • 33Sam

    Now someone should pass a bill that penalizes cable companies for using a cable box with a spy camera installed. Big Brother is on cable…

  • Benigno the Turd

    Really pro-poor law that Noynoy ABnoy signed. Congrats yellowtards!

  • ryan andres

    Now how about signing a law that penalizes cable companies who provide really SHlTTY SERVICE? Afraid to go against the Lopezes?

  • Rolly257

    I would like to think that this Law is aimed primarily to businesses (internet café halimbawa) who illegally tapped to cable TV, which incidentally can also be used for internet connection.

  • tenyearsafter

    napakadaling sugpuin ang illegal connection….maglagay ng cable box.
    sabagay dapat talagang ipagtanggol ni pnoy ang interes ng kapwa niya mayaman…
    sigurado puro mahihirap ang makakasuhan dito.

    baka sunod ipakukulong yung hindi magbayad sa PUJ

  • disqusted0fu

    Pnoy is so quick in signing such bills with minimal impact to the country. What would have been praise worthy is if he certified the FOI bill as urgent and signed it immediately, just like what he promised during his campaign in 2010. But typical Pnoy, his promises are made to be broken.

  • disqus_EWrSdjV1nv

    sustained internet speed? isinama ba? when they say up to 12mbps, isang Segundo lang yun sa buong araw. the rest of the day, 12kbps to 500kbps lang.
    something is wrong. this is a one sided law.

  • $14971196

    How about penalizing those cable TV operators for putting adverts despite the public paying for their services. They should also penalize them for promising high quality HD signals when all we are receiving were pesky poor blocky digital signal.

  • BoyBakal

    All bills signed by Pnoy are all anti poor.
    RH Bill bawal mag anak
    Sin Tax Bill taas presyo cigarillo at alak
    TV internet cable tapping.
    Kawawang mahirap, lahat ng konting kaligayahan ipinagbawal.

  • 1GeorgeTolentino2

    At squatters area beside NIA road, near the BIR at Agham road, at Payatas, near the Northbay bld. in manila; hundreds of thousands of families have illegal water, electrical and Cable TV connections and all of these are in full view of the Public. Heck even the Bgy. halls have illegal connections. However, not a single person has been successfully convicted for any crime committed. People produce votes and this makes the authorities look the other way. It would be more convenient for big business instead to increase charges to accommodate “system losses” and penalize the poor law abiding client who dutifully pays all of his utility bills on time!

  • KapampangangMangyan

    karamihan ng mga illegal cable tv connections e dahil din sa mga technicians na nagooffer ng illegal connection for a one-time lagay na 500-1000 pesos. :|

  • marco antonio perez

    ipasa na rin ang DEATH PENALTY against corrupt government officials para patas naman.

  • etomacq

    Sana maging patas ka Noynoy.. gumawa ka rin ng batas para mapigilan ang panloloko ng mga telecom na yan sa mga consumers. hirap sayo lagi mo pinapaboran ang mga kaalyado mong negosyante.

  • Diepor

    so many stupid comments that this is an anti poor law. Is it a human wright to steal cable tv?

  • Arvin De la Cruz

    Wow, ito pa talaga inuna mo Abnoy ha? Pakyu Pnoy trenta.

  • delpillar

    Kaya ipinatupad at ipapatupad na ang batas na ito ay dahil may kakayahan na ngayon ang mga CATV companies to pinpoint who the thieves are. They lobbied to the congress then to the executive to penalize thieves, …. now that they have the ability to pin-point the location of the thieves, anytime at faster response time by just looking at modern equipments like upstream (feedback) reverse-path monitoring systems coupled with the 1990’s leakage-signal finder technology .

    Kapag naging digital na ang mga signal sa cable lines, with OFDM/ISDB-T (ISDB-C), 64/128/256-QAM, wala ng mananakaw ng ganun na lang kadali ang mga unauthorized subscribers pero will cause tremendous damage kahit sa isang illegal connection lang na gagawin along the way.

    Nung panahon ng analog signal, i-connect mo lang ang center ng Coax cable with some grounding from the cable-shields ay OK na. But with QAM-Digital and OFDM/ISDB-T, DOCSIS/Internet signal mixed together going upstream and downstream ay di na pede ang di-pulidong connections.

    SkyCable, Solid-Broadband and other CATV companies are slowly migrating the signal to Digital. Impairments in digital is a very accurate science and highly-sensitive to SIGNAL LOSS due to improper cabling and splitting ng mga MAGNANAKAW. Kapag maraming nagnanakaw ng signal na hindi malinis at hindi standards ang splitters and taps, masyadong affected ang quality ng mga nagbabayd ng legal sa CATV.

    In order to deliver good quality pictures to paying customers (with 32-inches to 65-inches TV monitors), the CATV companies invest a lot of money to the QAM Modulators (Trans-Modulators), splitters/combiners, diplex filters, CMTS, and DOCSIS 2.0/3.0 Servers from the head-ends down to the customers premises.

    Because of QAM *modulation and trans-modulation technologies employed for the delivery of HD video contents and IP/Voice (Telephony and Internet), tedious and highly-skilled techniques are used like load balancing, tilting, signal-compensation. Ingress, Jitter and impairments-detections. Kapag may nag-unauthorized splitting of the cable at nagnakaw ng signal, malaking sakit sa ulo at loss of money sa operators ng caTV.

    Kapag ginamitan na ng DOCSIS 2.0/3.0/3.1 ang internet upstream and downstream ng CATV, demand for clean and untouched (by thieves) cable-lines is indispensable…. in which stealing signal by thieves should be considered as ECONOMIC SABOTAGE. Sa Singapore, USA, and other countries, there are even Armored Personnel Carriers and light tanks guarding CATV companies because of the high-speed internet communications it offers for the economy as backbone and communications backhaul and for the security of the country.

  • hustlergalore

    what about cable tv monopoly? walang ganun?

    e di hindot ninyo. LOL

  • hustlergalore

    naku ha. this is pro-abs-cbn law.


  • delpillar

    80% of CATV companies worldwide do not, or agreed not to service the same areas, except for overlapping streets or boundaries. It is very expensive to maintain CATV business with triple-play (voice, video and internet), otherwise known as MSO os Multi-Service Operations/Operators.

    The survival of CATV depends on the certain number of subscribers in an area so head-to-head competition with other CATV companies within exactly the same areas is being avoided.

    The number one killer of CATV/MSO is Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) and Direct Satellite TV which also cater Triple-Play. So MONOPOLY is not applicable to CATV, the same as power distribution companies like MERALCO.

    It other countries, CATV is paying the owner of the electrical post on the street of about 5 US Dollar per piece every 2 or 3 years and paying TAX at the same time to the government of another 3-5 US Dollars per electrical post use. every 2 or 3 years also.

  • delpillar

    Kung sino man sa inyo ang familiar ng Digital PBX/PSTN Systems na ginagamit ng mga TELCOs (PLDT etc), like Ericcson’s AXE-10 Systems, kahit anong model ng equipments (even Huwei, ZTE, Alcatel Nokia, Motorola) ay may LAWFUL-INTERCEPT functions para irecord at manmanan (eavesdropping) ang sinu mang gumagamit ng telephono at kung anu mismo ang sinasabi.

    Ganun din pagdating sa CATV Voice and Internet (DOCSIS 2.0/3.0/3.1).
    Between the CMTS (sa headend office) and all cable modems are pre-recorded na ang MAC-ADDRESS (IPV4 and IPV6 MAC Address and IP Addresses). Kahit magconnect ka ng illegal ay di basta basta makakuha ng reception at internet connection, kahit pa may PhD ka pa sa engineering and mathematics.

    Between the CATV and Cable Modems sa mga bahay ay may tinatawag na UCD or Upstream Channel Descriptor na alam ng CATV operators kung nasaan ka at kung ilang packet ang ni-a-appload mo at nida-download mo in real-time and in datalogging/history data.

    So in the future, ang batas na ito ay hindi para sa magnanakaw dahil wala na silang mananakaw sa full-digital and full-DOCSIS technology deployment ng CATV. Ito ay protection sa mga naninira ng cable at nagda-download na LEGAL SUBSCRIBERS sa HD Video from CATV at ibebenta ng Illegal angmga na-burn sa DVD disk.

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