Jovito Salonga’s son laments LP snub



Steve Salonga, an independent candidate for governor of Rizal in next month’s elections, is pretty much on his own.

He laments that the Liberal Party (LP) has abandoned him.

Steve’s father, former Sen. Jovito Salonga, had been one of the leading lights of the party for over a half century.

But at the age of 92, and suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, the elder Salonga is no longer there as the son takes on Rebecca “Nini” Ynares, the LP candidate in the gubernatorial race in Rizal.

How did this happen?

Salonga, a 64-year-old lawyer, points to what he calls the reality of traditional and patronage politics.

In principle, the LP should be against political dynasties and warlords, but on the ground, there are many compromises and alliances that work against this, according to Salonga.

Rizal is a case in point, he says.

Ynares is part of a family whose members hold five elective positions in the province.

‘Tuwid na daan’

“I am aware and understand why my own party did not endorse my candidacy. Maybe they think I am much of an idealist and the type who do not compromise, and maybe they think, the dynasties which idealists should be fighting are the ones with the more chances of winning. I get that and I understand that but my point is, that is not tuwid na daan (straight path),” he told the Inquirer in a recent interview.

“Tuwid na daan may be true in the elective posts on the national level, but not on the local level,” he said.

Salonga was quick to say that he did not think President Aquino was aware of the compromises on the ground, but insisted that this was a reality he had to contend with in next month’s elections.

The “disturbing and aggressive alliances” with dynasties, warlords and traditional politicians began during the 2010 elections, he said.

Salonga said at that time, his father questioned such deals but got nowhere. He said that his father’s letters and phone calls were ignored.  “He was very disappointed,” said the son.

Salonga explained that Aquino’s tuwid na daan principle must be carried out down to the grass roots.

“I have stayed in the background during most of the elections in the country to know that alliances even with enemies and those with opposing views and principles are ingredients of victory. However, this is not the Liberal Party as we know it and this is not tuwid na daan.”

Roxas drive

As early as October last year, Salonga said, Interior Secretary Mar Roxas has been telling party members that he is running for president in 2016. That is why in the balloting next month, Roxas expects victory on all fronts of his allies, whether LP or non-LP politicians, he said.

Salonga said that in Rizal, Roxas made that announcement at Ynares Coliseum.

“Don’t get me wrong. Mar Roxas, as my father put it in 2010, was the preferred candidate for president at that time. Not that he disliked Noynoy. No. He just felt that Mar had reached a level of maturity then that made him fit to become president. But when my father saw the clamor for Noynoy, he did not oppose it and simply supported the direction taken by the Liberal Party,” Salonga said.

In the 2010 polling, Salonga ran for vice governor of Rizal and lost. Still, he said he was surprised that he got 400,000 plus votes although he barely received support from his own party.

“I am against a dynasty and the party that my father and I served through the years, the old Liberal Party, if I must say, stands on this principle of idealists against patronage and traditional politics of evil compromises,” Salonga said.

Victory or defeat, the younger Salonga said, he would be happy knowing that he did not make any compromises to the kind of principled leadership his father had taught him by example.

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  • Leo Capurictan

    400,000 votes and you lost? Rizal had a voting population of 1 .2 million, you could had won. given that only 75% volts cast.

  • AntiAko

    Ayaw mo ng dynasty? Di mo ba nakikita sarili mo sa salamin?! Di ba political family din kayo?

    • gmaisthebestpresident

      alam mo ba ibig sabihin ng political dynasty??????

      • AntiAko

        hehehe, has the supreme court or congress even defined “political dynasty”? If so, kindly share. mukhang mas may alam ka pa kesa sa supreme court ah…

      • gmaisthebestpresident

        IKAW ang nagumpisang bumanat ng “political dynasty” tapos sasabihin mo wala pang definition ang SC. labo mo pre.

    • raptor_d_lonewolf

      political family – yes!!! political dynasty – NO!!!!
      ikaw nagsalamin ka ba? ay suskupoooooooooo….ang apo ko pagkat@ng@ ng tanong mo. mag isip ka muna bago mag comment

      • AntiAko

        Tuesday, March 5, 2013 (Sun Star)

        MANILA — Justices of the Supreme Court junked Tuesday appeals of two groups to compel the Senate and the House of Representatives to pass a law that would define “political dynasties,” which under the Constitution are prohibited from participating in elections.

        Ayan ha, clearly, hindi pa defined hanggang ngayon ng congress at maging ng supreme court ang definition ng “political dynasty”. Kaya naman bilib na bilib ako sa yo at mukhang mas magaling ka pa sa mga kongresista mo.

      • raptor_d_lonewolf

        ay suskopooooooooooooooo………..dapat ka pa bang maghintay ng definition ng political dynasty mula sa SC. nde SC ang magbigay ng definiton nyan, sila lamang ang mg interpret ng batas tungkol sa definiton ng pol-dyn. ang mga senatong at tongressman ang syang magbigay ng definiton ng political dynasty para maipagbawal na yun…….kung gagawin nilang batas na bawal na ang political dynasty?!?!?!?! ang apo ko……………gamitin mo naman ang kapirangot mong utak, kahit wag ka na tumingin sa dictionary or wikipedia. alam mo sa loob mo ang ibig sabihin ng political dynasty. or nagt@-t@nga-t@ng@han ka lamang? at talaga namang naghanap pa ng source para maipagmalaki na nag research huh!!!!! ay singa!!!! pero ingat at baka sa pag siga mo ih makasama yang kapirangot mong utak! ahihihihhihihi

      • AntiAko

        at nagsalita ang may utak. hahahaha, if it makes you happy to put down other people, di kita kokontrahin. I just find it so amusing that you can think so highly of yourself. hinay-hinay sa pananalita, panlalait at panghuhusga dahil wala kang ka ide-ideya kung sino ang kinakausap mo….

        but if it makes you happy, sige ikaw na ang pinakamautak sa buong mundo! anyway, i am in the mood to make a fool feel like a genius this evening….

      • raptor_d_lonewolf

        well, well, well, now i know who you are!!!!, your comments speaks highly of yourself!!!!! ahihihihihhihihhi

      • AntiAko

        Pare, comments “speak”, hindi “speaks”. Mali grammar mo.

      • raptor_d_lonewolf

        sensya na at bobo yung nagamit ko na keyboard. ahihihihhihihihhi

    • Noor_Lucman

      Let us not hallucinate. Political Dynasty? From Aparri to Jolo. you have political dynasties, perpetuated by old ancient families. Ninoy himself told me that only a genuine civil war can change the political landscape in our long suffering country. Can you suggest a better idea?

  • jeff justice

    You should lament your fathers shameful vote against the retention of US Bases.

    Now we’ve lost an entire generation of a safe, secured and dignified future without kneeling to the slinky chinese.

    Better kneel to the US than to the chinese…. reason why your father is so eloquent and expressive in English while fooling the entrire country about his patriotism.

    He even sought refuge and went to school in CONUS only to turn around and exploded his bombastic anger against the US in a manner akin to the ungrateful Boston marathon bomber.

    Is your father Jovito Salonga also reading the Koran in his freetime?

    • gmaisthebestpresident

      why is it better kneel to the US than to the chinese?

    • Pio Pusli

      so the “barely educated” dude is saying that “if you’re against the US, you’re a muslim and a terrorist.” what a moron.

    • $44479964

      A product of miseducation. Always think that without the US, this country is doomed.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        That is a misconception.

        Nobody is doubting that the RP can survive without the US Bases.

        Think of it as a business opportunity. Think of it as a steady flow of income from a rental, which, could be used to do more. Think of the good you can do with the income you can generate.

      • Isagani Gatmaitan

        …steady flow of… STD, toxic waste, Amerasians (consented to and not), increased geopolitical risks…

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        …and not any of these ‘steady flow’ happens when the bases moved out….right?

        I mean no new increase STD cases, since the news of the higher incidence of STD from call center employees never did happen, right?

        Toxic wastes stopped altogether when the US moved out, we NEVER imported PCB’s and other byproducts from different asian countries, or produced and dumped it ourselves…right?

        No Amerasians, or any other half breeds ever existed after the US left. Not true there are Half Japanese, Half-Koreans, or even Half-Americans born nowadays…right?

        No increased geopolitical risks.. right? No threat from the north like China, no conflict in the south like Malaysia….

        Or perhaps those problems exists whether or not the US is here.

    • Spidekick

      dignified future?
      we’ve unshackled ourselves from dependency. our security is our responsibility.
      what kind of patriotism did you learn in school, boy?

    • Fulpol

      say the magic word: muska muska, i’m doggy aw aw aw..


    • AntiAko

      That vote was a shining moment for the sovereignty of our country. Why do you want to be somebody’s wh0re?

  • Noor_Lucman

    This is the height of party treason and abandonment of the time-honored principles and party cohesion that launched Noynoy Aquino’s candidacy in 2009. LP has joined the ranks of immoral politics that is bound to suffer Karma in 2016, Long Live the genuine Liberal Party!

    • desi derata

      I heard that Karma is for the Hindus and the Budhhists.

    • AntiAko

      Why, has there ever been moral politics in this country? All political parties have f*cked up this country for so long we are practically in the gutter.


        He can not wait for his turn. In politics, timing is also important.

    • leomar101

      Pre that is reality. Kapag may silbe pa at puedeng magamit at puedeng mapakinabangan ay okey pa pero kapag wala ng gamit ay puede ng itapon sa basurahan. hahaha.

  • wawa2172

    The political empire will stay forever in Philippine politics. Check on Marcoses, Binay, Enrile, Angara, Cayetano, Villar, Belmonte, Aquino-Cojuangco among others. Politics is a big family business with big investments. Its their way of life and generation will come, presidency to councilors position will always be held by dynasties. The Aquino-Cojuangco empire is just to big to ignore, they are positioned in the opposition and with the current administration, Peping on one side, Noy and Danding on the other side. With Cory and Ninoy on the post, the empire will live a long time in Philippine politics as the Marcoses in Ilocos region. Ito ang Pilipipinas and dynasty in politics ay nakataga na sa bato.

  • Jaime O. de Vera

    As long as majority of the electorate are less educated (worst no read & no write),

    could hardly have one meal a day, twisted priorities, & does not know what is morally

    wrong from morally right, political dynasty will continue to expand. Is that good or

    bad? Who is to be blamed for the mess we are in – the politicians, us (the electorate),

    the gov’t electoral system or all of the above?

  • ernievictory

    hmmm. baka dahil may bahid ng katiwalian ang ‘salonga’ name after the stint of the elder salonga sa PCGG .

  • Natx Bacalzo

    the right term “Daang Matuwad” which in Cebuano means inverted road. Atty Salonga is not alone. In Cebu City, LP supports a corrupt dynastic but useless former mayor as its mayoralty candidate and left out a long time party stalwart and incumbent Mayor Rama precisely for the same reasons as cited by atty Salonga.

  • Fulpol

    according to Pete Wallace, BS Aquino-Makapili III is only a political savvy, not trapo and not an unprincipled politician..

    in 2010 election campaign, he went with Kris in Ilocos Norte to campaign, the balwarte of Marcos, the archenemy of their parents Ninoy and Cory..

    alas, they betrayed their own parents just to seek the votes of Ilocanos..

    they can betray their own parents, why can’t they betray you, Mr Salonga… idiot..


  • John Smith

    As long as there is Pork Barrel, SOP for projects and other legalized plundering of government money there will be no end to political dynasty.

  • mekeni62

    that’s what you get for not becoming a lapdog. better “lick” next time.

  • desi derata

    Jovito Salonga was perceived to be a good man. He is a good man, alright, in his own terms.

    When Sen Aquino was in a solitary confinement, Mrs Aquino approached him for any help he can give. Sen Salonga just shook his head and smiled wryly, adding that he cannot help Mrs Aquino.

    When Mrs Aquino decided to face the evil dictator Marcos, still nothing from Sen Salonga who was on an extended vacation in the US. Mrs Aquino was quoted saying that perhaps, Sen Salonga believes that Sen Aquino had something to do with the Plaza Miranda bombing. When the dust had settled, Sen Salonga returned and became the Senate President. In my young mind, it pained me every time that Sen Salonga was being interviewed on camera, that he would address President Cory Aquino as Mrs Aquino.
    Probably, President Noynoy Aquino is aware of the Salongas’ sense of values, For Steve, he should stop his amazement by now.

    • penoy2012

      Jovy Salonga was a victim of the Palza Miranda bombing. He lost an eye, crippled an arm, decreased hearing, and still has fragments in his body.

      • don alto

        So, what does that make out? … Labo naman!

  • Peter Lim

    Come on, wake up! It’s a new ball game now. The new golden rule is, the one who has the Gold, Rule, period!!! Kabiz!!!

  • PnoyMePagasa

    mahirap tibagin ang angkan ni Ynares sa Rizal, deka-dekada na ang kanilang pamumuno at nagpapalitan lang ang kanilang pamilya sa pagupo mula sa ama, sa asawa, sa anak at ngayon sa asawa ulit. maganda sana iba naman ang mamuno sa Rizal para maibalik sa bayan ang mga “ninakaw” ng pamilya Ynares, mula sa ospital, paaralan, palaruan, Ynares Centre sa dating kapitolyo at sa Antipolo, waiting shed, bakod puro nakapangalan na kay Ynares. mula sa pondo ng bayan pero ipinangalan sa angkan. nasaan ang pagbabago at tuwid na daan Pnoy?

    • boypalaban

      siraulo yang mga ynares…yung ginawang covered court na nanggaling sa pondo ng mga homeowners sa amin, inepalan ng pamilyang yan at inilagay ang ynares covered court and multi-purpose center…syempre kasabwat ang ilang mga opisyal na nakikinabang din sa wala sa ayos na pamilyang abnoy ynares na yan…

  • ThudOthwacker

    You as well as your ailing father are part of the traditional and patronage politics too.

    To Mr. Palengke you will never be a president. Your Grandfather was lucky to be one. He knew Mac Arthur personally to save him from the wrath of the people. The old Roxas shunned land reform. Restore the old elites and creates new oligarchies among his inner and outer circles.

    No thank you! Don’t vote LP and Definitely DON’T VOTE MAR in 2016!!

  • gisingpinoy12

    PCGG got haywired when you handled it. Isa ka sa nagpayaman…dipped your dirty finger in “loot jar”

  • Desan

    Liberal Party is indeed a different party now.. It is a party of personal interest not of principle. A party for personal power not for change. A party for personal welfare not for the betterment of the country…Look in Batangas, there is a town near San Pascual and Mabini that the President or the LP have dared to check if He is doing his Job as the town mayor…. Why? the leader became rich but the town became poor…. No basic services but collecting taxes…… The town have not even recieved a SEAL OF GOOD HOUSE KEEPING…… BUT the leader has a SUPPORT from VILMA SANTOS and the Liberals…… Maybe THEIR blind…. You are not alone Mr. Salonga in suffering from the Liberal Party….

  • Desan

    Kahit nga sa Batangas nangyayari yan experience in Mr. Salonga…….Vilma Santos is supporting a mayor candidate who have not received a SEAL OF GOOD HOUSEKEEPING implemented of the late Sec. Robredo a liberal…. A LP mega endorse pa c Candidate Mayor

  • okabato

    Better change your name to Jovito Salonga Jr and you will surely win!

  • henry21

    you just need to be a technical person… not all lines are straight… it can be a curve or crook….

  • boldyak

    kahit magaling ka kasi pag hindi sikat, hindi ka pipiliin…si Erin Tanada nga hindi kinuha…pero kumpara mo sa lahat ng LP senatoriables…mas magaling sana si Erin Tanada…kaso alam ng mga partido, pag sikat panalo…ganyan kababaw ang hangad nila para makaahon sa hirap ang Pinas…

  • Mark

    That’s the political reality in this country, kaya hindi maipasa ang anti-dynasty bill, ung mga Tongressman at Senatong natin ay ang unang tatamaan, kasama na din ang pag abolish ng Pork Barrel.

    Punta ka saan man panig ng Rizal, makikita mo ang pangalan Ynares sa coliseum, arena, hospital, eskwelahan. etc, hindi ba katigasan ng pagmumukha ito, pera ng taong bayan ang ginamit para ipatayo ito pero ipapangalan ninyo sa walang kwentang pamilya ninyo.

    Napriprito talaga ang taong bayan sa kanilang sariling mantika, pinangalanan na nila ang gusali sa Ynares, may commission pa sila sa lahat ng proyekto, saan ka pa, kaya nagpapatayan sila makapwesto lang dahil pag nakaupo na sila, talo pa nila ang pensyonado sa Good Life at talo pa nila ang businessman sa Net Profits.

    Ramon Magsaysay, Jr.
    (Nagsiwalat ng mga Fertilizer scam at iba pang scam sa panahon ni GMA)

    Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel
    (Hindi Trapo, Totoo ang hangarin tumulong sa mahihirap)

    Bam Aquino
    (Hindi Trapo, boses ng mga kabataan at edukasyon)

    Richard Gordon
    (Hindi Trapo, kilala sa pagtulong sa mahihirap)

    Edward Hagedorn
    (Magaling na mayor ng Puerto Princesa, kailangan natin ang gaya nya sa Senado)

    Jamby Madrigal
    (Lumaban sa C5 scam ni Villar)

    Aquilino Pimentel III
    (May prinsipiyo, umalis sa UNA para hindi makasama ung mandaraya sa eleksyon)

    Grace Poe
    (Hindi Trapo, Maganda magtrabaho noong nasa MTRCB pa sya)

    Alan Cayetano
    (Numero-unong kaaway ni GMA at FG Mike)

    Antonio Trillanes IV
    (Numero-unong kaaway ni matandang Enrile, GMA at FG Mike)

  • Kristoffer Atienza

    “Tuwid na daan may be true in the elective posts on the national level, but not on the local level,” he said. ~ so True. Bakit nga ba hindi pinupuna ang mga lider ng Metro Manila?

  • Mang Teban

    Former Senator Jovito Salonga is a distinguished person of high intelligence and astute leadership in the Senate.

    I don’t know his son, Steve Salonga, if he is of the same mold.
    But, based on his story and disappointments on how the Liberal Party once headed by his father is now being managed, Steve does not need P-Noy and neither Mar Roxas, the president’s favorite askal.

    Steve has to rely on the ordinary voters to make a change for the better. A change to stop family dynasty in Rizal and to reform the political landscape in that province with the election of new and truly independent-minded candidates.

    I am not from his province but I shall pray for God’s blessing and love that Steve needs at the most difficult stage of his life. And, he must forgive and forget the party mates of his dad who had betrayed the tradition of integrity and fairness to all in the Liberal Party. Should Steve win, it is God’s grace to him to lead Rizal province and eradicate dirty politics from this country.

  • kilabot

    salonga should be happy
    he is not indebted to any party;
    nothing to pay back for.
    if he wins, rizal voters have matured;
    if he loses, rizal voters are the same ignorant, immature and illiterate electorates.

  • dikoy321

    Show the way please, GOVERNOR STEVE SALONGA !
    You may be defeated by a corrupt Ynares, but for us, YOU ARE the TRUE WINNER !!!

  • calixto909

    Sour graping so as to drumbeat votes thru sympathy.

  • BoyBakal

    Like Father Like Son is not true in Salonga.
    Steve might be the Salonga but he is not the Jovito.

    Sometimes fake is better than original.
    Look at Erap, the Asyong Salonga the fake Salonga.
    Erap and the sons are all over in politics.

    Vote for Erap….is a vote for Salonga.

  • Noel

    Time has changed. Even the former Yellow followers realize the mistake they did in ousting Marcos. Salonga was among those responsible for it and later became one of Cory’s most trusted people. Maybe Pnoy and his men are upset why the elder Salonga had to admit that it was not Marcos who masterminded the Plaza Miranda bombing. The Aquinos tried to hide the truth until Salonga and Corpus admitted it was the work of Joma Sison’s NPA.

  • duviz7533

    let’s give this young guy a break,baka mas maayos than the ynares

  • BoyBakal

    Steve is too old to start.
    Unlike the Aquinos, Roxas, Enrile, Marcos, Escudero…their fathers started them young in politics.
    That’s why they were able to build a name for themselves and still in the mix.
    It is too late for Steve….few remember who is Jovito Salonga, much more Steve Salonga.

  • The Lighthouse

    Hello to former Sen. Jovito Salonga! To Steve, yes, it hurts to be abandoned by the party you expect to support you.

  • jeff justice

    Otra ….isa ka pa…how much more different and wiser are you….

    Here are the most rotten wiseguys who inhabited this country.
    Joseph Estrada, Juan P. Enrile, Bobby Tanada, Teofisto Guingona, Victor Ziga, Ernesto Maceda, Butz Aquino, Sotero Laurel, Orlando Mercado, Jovito Salonga, Aquilino Pimentel and Rene Saguisag.

    Only thing you can undo your senile fathers misdeed is to beg the Chinese to spare some of our prized islets and atolls in the west Phil sea for our own use. None of the wise guys can undo the damage inflicted upon this country by this rotten few.

    So which one do you prefer, the Chinese at our doorsteps or the US Forces at Clark and Subic? Quit the Lapu-lapu pride, (the illusion of small but terrible), the paquiao phenomenon…..none of those will unseat/stop the Chinese from encroaching even more….there is no such thing as “pinoy pride”,… only OFW’s, drug mules and the ever growing population of tatchings and rotten trapos.

    Wise up people….wise up!

    • Yet Jua

      t’was a good opinion…excellent…

  • chemist45

    Mabuhay ka Steve. Go on with your principles following your father’s. Ikaw ang tunay na Liberal. Sa Leyte ganoon din nangyari. The yellow party adopted all politicians perceived to have the edge no matter what their backgrounds are. Shameful.

    • Adam_d_langgam

      same thing they did in iloilo …. the rigodon buy the tupases and defensors continue. the liberals who supported simeon during the last elections? they’re now candidates of una because the tuwid na daan led to the defensor/tupas clans.

      and people say simeont the nitwit as honest … aquino used his popularity to follow tita cory’s practice. sorry ninoy…. madaling natuto ang asawa at anak mo sa pakapalan. at si kristeta? tatakbo ‘to next election.

  • AllaMo

    Tuwad na daan?

  • $44843778

    Taga Rizal ako and he has my vote. No to political dynasty. No to Ynares

  • akoypinoi

    Yep, the old LP was much much better than what they have now. Halos lahat na national characters ng LP mga astig; ngayon puro mga burluloy.. kahit sino didikitan para lang manalo. Paano ka naman makalakad sa tuwid na daad kung ang lider ninyo ay isang abnoy?

  • jpmd88

    If he runs a well managed grass roots campaign to shun the evils of patronage politics then he may have a fighting chance. Everyone loves the underdog and he is definitely one that can take a swipe against the ruling family at his place.

  • Corabel Diel

    Steve Salonga is suffering for the wrong decisions and choices his father made..Oh, well..ganoon lang –weather lang..

  • Corabel Diel

    Evaluating and judging are my job, being a teacher..I also knew that N. Aquino will fail in all his prognostications..He promised “walang mahirap kung walang corrupt”..a motherhood statement..Sen. Bongbong Marcos will have a better chance of making that possible.

  • frescoedechoes

    You have my vote. The Ynares political dynasty needs to be abolished. They are the most EPAL family EVER. I won’t be surprised if they change the name of Rizal to Ynares! They have done nothing for the province and they don’t deserve to win!

  • Vin


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