Release of 12 Chinese sought

Tubbataha, defense execs snub Chinese intentions



PUERTO PRINCESA CITY—Let them go. Forgive and forget. This was the gist of what two ranking officials of the Chinese Embassy in Manila on Thursday were asking in trying to secure the immediate release of 12 Chinese fishermen accused of poaching in the Tubbataha Reef in the Sulu Sea.

But they were snubbed by marine park and defense officials.

Instead of listening to Consul General Shen Zicheng and Third Secretary Li Jian, officials of the Tubbataha Management Office proceeded to file bribery charges against the 12 Chinese fishermen, who were arraigned in a court here on Wednesday on charges of poaching.

Shen and Li arrived here on Tuesday and sought a meeting with marine park supervisor Angelique Songco, but were “quietly turned down,” according to a member of the Tubbataha Management Board.

The two Chinese diplomats refused to talk to reporters and returned to Manila on Thursday, said the board member, who requested anonymity for not having authorization to discuss the matter with journalists.

An official at the military’s Western Command (Wescom) here said the two Chinese officials tried to convince local defense authorities in a meeting on Wednesday to pardon the fishermen because their presence in Tubbataha, a protected marine sanctuary, was “unintentional.”

“They tried to convince us that this was all an accident and they did not intend to be there,” the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said.

The fishermen have been in detention here since their arrest by park rangers who found their vessel, the 48-meter Ming Long Yu, jammed onto the northern atoll of the world-famous marine sanctuary, 1,600 kilometers from China’s nearest major landmass.

“We will seek to quickly prosecute and resolve this case,” Alen Ross Rodriguez, chief prosecutor of Palawan province, which has jurisdiction over Tubbataha, said.

“No one can just enter our waters and willfully destroy our marine life,” Rodriguez said.

Second case

Like the marine park officials, the security officials refused to listen to Shen and Li, the Wescom official said.

Lawyer Adel Villena of the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development, who assisted the marine park authorities in bringing the bribery charges, said the second case involved the Chinese fishermen’s offering park rangers $2,400 to let them go after their boat ran aground on the northern atoll of Tubbataha Reefs, a UN World Heritage-listed site, on Monday night.

“The second case was for violation of Article No. 212 of the Revised Penal Code concerning bribery of public officials,” Villena said.

“Possibly we are also going to file an additional case for judicial determination of fines,” he added.

The Chinese fishermen—Che Li Yong, Fon Lenl Yie, Zuan Ven Fe, Wang Yu Zhen, Lizhong Shen, Lizhi Ming, Liu Cheng Tie, Liu Wen Jie, Tung Zhue We, Tang Hai Ling, Wen Hong Min and Qi Vixn—face up to 12 years in jail in the Philippines on conviction.

No Beijing role

Despite the Chinese Embassy’s intervention, Malacañang on Thursday dismissed insinuations that Beijing was behind the unauthorized entry of the Ming Long Yu into Tubbataha.

“At this point, we’re treating it the way it looks, it’s a Chinese fishing vessel, not government-owned, and that it ran aground by accident,” Communications Secretary Ricky Carandang told reporters in the Palace.

“At this point, we have no reason to believe otherwise,” he added.

The filing of charges against the Chinese fishermen followed President Aquino’s promise of swift legal action to quickly resolve the violations of Philippine environmental and maritime security laws.

US Navy case

The Ming Long Yu is the second foreign vessel to run aground on Tubbataha Reefs this year.

On Jan. 17, the US Navy’s minesweeper, the USS Guardian, ran aground on the south atoll of Tubbataha, damaging over 2,000 square meters of coral reef in the sanctuary.

The Guardian had to be dismmantled piece by piece to prevent further damage to the reef, in a salvage operation that took 10 weeks.

The damage would cost the US Navy $1.4 million in fines, which environmentalists and some lawmakers find too small. They want the government to press the investigation to determine further US liability for the damage to the reef.

Responding to criticism of the government’s speedy legal action against the Chinese fishermen and its kid glove handling of the US Navy in the Guardian incident, Carandang said: “Those are two separate incidents. They are not apples to apples. One is a military ship of an allied country that was here with our permission, involved in our mutual defense. The other is a private fishing vessel, which was here without permission [and] for commercial reasons. So clearly, the different natures of these [incidents] necessitate different responses.”


The US Navy has relieved the four top officers of the Guardian while an investigation of the grounding is going on.

“We have an investigation that is proceeding with the Americans, and there are certain laws and practices that we have to abide by,” Carandang said.

He said the goals of the US internal investigation were to find out what really happened and to seek “some sort of reparations for the damages that admittedly were incurred.”

“Nobody believes that this was done on purpose so our idea is, if something happens again, there are certain processes in place that would ensure or that would provide for resolution or reparation,” Carandang said.—With reports from Michael Lim Ubac and AFP

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  • Borogol

    ta-e-n-a-ng chinese official yan.. eh kung pagkakatayin kaya namin yan….

    forgive ang forget, you have no right to say that… barbaric people are meant to be punished in a hard painful way…

  • avmphil

    Did this mean Chinese Embassy guys voice their concern, when the Chinese Trawlers went on a rampage and hauled prohibited marine lives? While their so-called Chinese surveillance (spy ships) ships came to the rescue, after our naval boys went to apprehend them: The Scarborough Shoal saga is continues.

    Prosecute these “ Chinese Robbers” with several indictments from bribery, illegal entry and pouching of endangered marine lives. A mandatory jail and a heavy fine will teach them a clear lesson, the Philippine means business when you break the Law of the Land. In fact the 2 embassy spokesmen must be reprimanded for their silly approach for freedom for these Chinese parasitess. Show no favoritism to any one.

    • Iris2

      You don’t treat neighbours heavy handed.

      • vendetta07

        Right. The punishment should fit the crime. Examine the evidence and hand down an appropriate punishment.

      • Iris2

        Right, no evidence of major crime.

      • vendetta07

        so says the armchair lawyer

      • im_earth

        buti naman naintindihan mo na haha

      • Godzilla

        what do you know about crime? china do not know anything about it. just like what happen to tianenman square!

      • BIGButo

        Down with Communism!

      • avmphil

        Are you ok this morning? or missed your silly noodle breakfast and filthy salted polluted Shanghai Hairy Crabs. What SHEET.are you talking Apeman?.

      • Godzilla

        we treat our abusive neighbors with justice and fairness!

  • avmphil

    Did these two mean Chinese Embassy guys voice their concern, when the Chinese Trawlers went on a rampage and hauled prohibited marine lives? While their so-called Chinese surveillance (spy ships) ships came to the rescue, and prevented our naval boys to apprehend them: The Scarborough Shoal saga continues.Where are the Chinese surveillance vessels now? pretty far away for the rescue.Ha

    Prosecute these “ Chinese Robbers” with several indictments from bribery, illegal entry and pouching of endangered marine lives. A mandatory jail and a heavy fine will teach them a clear lesson, the Philippine means business when you break the Law of the Land. In fact the 2 embassy spokesmen must be reprimanded for their silly approach for freedom for these Chinese rascals. Show no favoritism to any one.

  • georgeB

    job well done palawan authorities…

    • Iris2

      Not yet. We need good result. We need to show compassionate. We forgive and we pardon, that is how we are and who we are.

      Don’t underestimate soft power.

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        communist zombie

      • VeryDisgusted2

        Compassionate? Forgive and pardon?

        The action of your government is exactly the opposite. It bullied and grabbed islands that belong to the Philippines, Vietnam, and Japan.

        You shot innocent fishermen on sight by you armed vessels.

        And still you have the guts to ask for forgiveness and pardon?

        By what other names we can call your ******* China?

      • Iris2

        Amigo kuya, the fishermen didn’t come to claim anything.
        All you information is wrong.

        For example, Japan has dispute with China because Japanese thought US gave them the Senkakus. No, it isn’t the case. Campbell, the former secretary of Asian affair just made a speech twoo days ago. He said USA advised against Japan’s purchase of the Islands strongly. US never takes side of sovereignty of the Islands.

      • Marx Louis Wang

        Hoy! Stop changing the topic, your better sleep now. Your bad reasoning is the cause of your sleepless nights.

      • Godzilla

        you know alot of misinformations! you better read more!

      • im_earth

        u just created a new account and as if ur pinoy/pinay.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        like the compassion you show against the tibetians and uyghers like the compassion the red guards showed during the cultural revolution where 30 million people died there probably ws more but that is the number china admitted to

  • Joe Kano

    So what happened to the Chinese ship?

    Will it be removed? By who? When? Is it continuing to damage the reef? Could it break up and leak oil?

    And where are all the “environmentalists” now?

  • CommonSens6

    Great job Supervisor Songco for standing up to show these ever assuming Chinese officials that Philippine sovereignty is not negotiable and our laws must be respected. For China to ask the release of these poachers without subjecting them through the legal process is simply arrogant, disrespectful and downright condescending. Let there be swift justice but let’s not compromise… persecute these poachers to the fullest extent of the law and mete them appropriate punishment to discourage another incursion. Let us make sure to give them jail-time, steep monetary fines for damages and bribery and confiscate their ship too!

  • fache

    There should be no “forgive and forget” bs here. You made a big blunder, then you have to be punished. Chinese are becoming bold with their actions, therefore, the Philippines must not adhere to their bribery.

    • Iris2

      The Chinese fishermen already tasted the hospitality of Filipinos, they should be allowed going home and deliver good news.

      • im_earth

        saaaaaaaaket sa bangs mo te

      • Marx Louis Wang

        Ipa-reyp na kaya kita sa isang dosenang tsekwa na kakampi mo!

      • Godzilla

        the good news was they were slapped with many charges and they will need to stay in the philippines much longer to face their charges and eventually suffer incarceration due to their crime!

    • Iris2

      The bribery is too heavy term. It happens everyday on the street. The other day an old lady hit my bumper and give me $500. I let her go. Why not ?

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        communist village fool

      • im_earth

        haha. u had mutual agreed with the victim. so ur case is closed.

        but in this case this is between


        WE (PEOPLE of the PHILS.) AGREE THAT 12 FISHERMEN must pay any charges against them. and then they should not FORGET us.

      • resgestae

        Settlement ang tawag dun hindi bribery, tanga. Labo mo kausap.

      • Godzilla

        you knowledge of right and wrong is twisted! I can imagine how poorly you had been brought up with. I feel sorry for you.

  • cons

    dapat dyan sindihan barko nla doon pa sa tubataha area, kasama ung mga chinese crew at wag na ibalita sa media..tapos ang maliligayang araw ng mga singkit na mandarambong..

  • $18209031

    Huhulin din sa Chinese ang mga Kayumangmang fishermen and confiscate their fishing boats if they are in South China Sea waters. Dadalhin mga yan sa Hainan for prisoner exchange. No leniency.

    • im_earth

      Korek. but for now, ur kababyan is ca la bow so. hahha

  • INQ_reader

    Mabuhay si Songco at mga tauhan niya !!

    • Iris2

      Filipinos are generours and forgiving people.

      Hot outside, soft inside, that is my jalapeno.

      • Godzilla

        yes but not for you. idiot!


    ano raw? forgive and forget???

    • Johnny

      Oo nga eh nasobrahan kakapanood ng soap opera.

  • Amador Amor

    Why are there no protests/rallies against the China from the leftist groups like BAYAN, KMU, GABRIELLA, etc. If it concerns their Mother Country China, these communist groups are so silent as if their lips are all sealed. If it is the US, they are so quick in spraying paints, shouting at the top of their lungs and continuously parade around the US Embassy, denouncing them as militaristic just what they did when the US ship got grounded. You know why these militant groups dont rally against China?… they receive financing from China and they are told to rally and protest mainly against the U.S. These are the traitors who proclaim themselves as patriotic and nationalistic but in reality, are subservient to Mainland China, their mother country.

    • Noel

      Because China partly or mainly fund the leftist groups.

      • BIGButo

        We must vote them out of office!

      • im_earth

        MIRIAM wants partylist to be excluded in the next elections

      • Gerry Albert Corpuz

        sila iboboto ko, kasi dahil kailangan sila ng taumbayan, kasi pag hindi natin sila ibinoto, mananaig at maghahari ang mga utak kriminal at utak mamamatay tao na katulad mo Big Buto. Nagtatago ka pa, eh halata naman taga kampo ka ni Pnoy at AFP

      • zdrx

        mga leftist hindi mga kriminal at mamamatay tao? ito po dapat nyo malaman:

        1) sila po ang mga above ground/legal front na galamay ng kriminal na underground CPP/NPA/NDF
        2) sila ang taga supply ng manpower. sadya nilang pinalulusob mga aktibista para mabatuta ng pulis. pag nabatuta at nasaktan kasi, madali nang hikayatin humawak ng armas at pumatay o mamatay bilang NPA.
        3) sila rin ay tumutulong magkalap ng pondo galing abroad pang pondo sa himagsikan. bilang legal front, sila ang sikretong taga salo ng foreign funds ng sari-saring NGO.
        4) sila rin ay nangugulo para magkaroon ng revolutionary atmosphere. ginuguyo mga manggagawa mag strike para lumayas mga mamumuhunan at maparalisa ang industrya at mawalan ng trabaho ang mamamayan. pag marami walang trabaho, maraming iinit ang ulo dahil sa gutom at hirap at madaling guyuin sumapi sa kanila. ganun din sa mga estudyante…na madaling guyuin.
        5) ang pilipinas ay demokratiko at may lugar para sa kanila na sumali at kamtin ang kanilang adhikain SA MAPAYAPANG PARAAN…at wala nang dahilan para sila pumatay o mangulo. pero ayaw nila…bagkus ay sinamantala nila ang demokrasya. leftist legal front/ propaganda movement ang sasamantala sa demokrasya…ang armed underground ang patuloy na maghimagsik, kumutong at pumatay.
        6) ang mga NPA ay isang bandidong samahan…nangungutong, sumisira at pumapatay. maraming istablisyementong sinunog (arson), maraming buhay kinitil (murder) dahil lamang sa revolutionary tax (daw) na wala naman silang mandatu ng taong bayan para mangulekta…kaya nga kotong.
        7) ang CPP/NDF ay isang kriminal na partido na walang pakialam sa buhay na nawawasak dahil lamang sa hangad na kapangyarihan na ang pagnanasa ay maihalintulad kay, stalin ng russia, mao ng china, pol pot ng cambodia at pamilya kim ng north korea.
        8) ang mga leftist groups na kakutsaba bilang black props, agent provocateur, revolutionary fund managers, recruiters, saboteurs ay accessory to the crime…at may bahid ng dugo. hindi sa kamay…kundi sa kunsensya.
        9) ang kasalanan ng mga leftist orgs ay yung pangloloko nila sa mga mangagawa at estudyante at pangugulo at pagsira sa lipunan. kasama rito ang nawasak na kinabukasan ng mga estudyante na matyagang pinalaki at pinaghirapan ng mga magulang…at sa isang teach in at brainwashing session ay ang kilusan ang nakinabang at naglaho ang pag asa ng kanilang pamilya. alam ko…kasi ito ang nangyari sa aming pamilya. pighati ang idinulot sa aming magulang… wasak po ang buhay ng kapatid kong aktibistang myembro ng kilusan na si ronald.

        ito bang mga leftist ang kailangan ng taumbayan pangontra sa patayan? kung ganun…bakit di nyo ginawa iyan sa mga terorista at bandidong (rebelde daw)? sa tema mo, pinalalabas mong kriminal at mamamatay tao ang mga awtoridad. kung totoo ang sinabi mo… disin sana ay ubos na ang mga rebelde. pero hindi e…at ang isang prueba ay buhay ka pa at malayang napapahayag ang saloobin dito.

        yung mga komunista na nahuli ng awtoridad ay nanduon sa kulungan…at humaharap sa korte para ipagtanggol ang sarili. yung mga komunista na pinagsuspetsahan lang ng kapwa nila komunista…hayun tegok agad at walang kalaban laban sa kapwa komunista. natatandaan mo pa ba yung mga ‘purga’ noon? yun ba pinagmamalaki mo? wag kang magkaila, halata naman na kakampo ka nila.

      • zdrx

        ito bang mga leftist ang kailangan ng taumbayan pangontra sa patayan? kung ganun…bakit di nyo ginawa iyan sa mga terorista at bandidong (rebelde daw)? sa tema mo, pinalalabas mong kriminal at mamamatay tao ang mga awtoridad. kung totoo ang sinabi mo… disin sana ay ubos na ang mga rebelde. pero hindi e…at ang isang prueba ay buhay ka pa at malayang napapahayag ang saloobin dito.

        yung mga komunista na nahuli ng awtoridad ay nanduon sa kulungan…at humaharap sa korte para ipagtanggol ang sarili. yung mga komunista na pinagsuspetsahan lang ng kapwa nila komunista…hayun tegok agad at walang kalaban laban sa kapwa komunista. natatandaan mo pa ba yung mga ‘purga’ noon? yun ba pinagmamalaki mo? wag kang magkaila, halata namang na kakampo ka nila.

      • zdrx

        sa ibang bansa…hindi sila pwede. inihihilira sila sa pader at pina- firing squad. dito hinahayaan silang mangutong, maghasik ng lagim at mangampanya para iboto nyo…at sila pa ang inaasahan mo ng katinu-an. kung totoo ang bintang mong mga awtoridad ang kriminal at mamamatay tao…bakit ka pa buhay? nabubuwang ka na yata. LOL.

      • askal2u

        di ba mga CPP-NPA at mga kasama mong makakaliwa mamamatay tao kaya dapat lahat ng mga CPP-NPA mahuli isalvage na

      • Gerry Albert Corpuz

        hahaha, China never funds leftist groups. The Chinese government hates leftist groups in PH because they criticize China for following capitalism

      • Noel

        Just ask retired Gen. Victor Corpuz whom you may be related.

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        you’re bull*&^ing right?

    • im_earth

      i think the Tubbataha Reef management knew already how to handle it. and leftist group contented. or else
      sabi pa ni MIRIAM:

      ayaw lumabas sa init baka matunaw dahil plastik

    • TheGUM

      China no longer is in the business of funding liberation groups anywhere in the world. Credible China watchers know this fact. China’s stance has more to do with respect for the sovereignty of countries around the world. As such, it does not follow the line of aggression against countries, such as Syria, Iran, and North Korea.

      FYI, even the CPP’s Joma Sison is highly critical of China’s recent behavior in claiming areas that justifiably are part of the Philippines, saying something like, “India does not claim all of the Indian Ocean just because it’s named after their country.”

      Your comment suggests that you seem not to be interested in facts regarding China, and you’re just using this forum as a propaganda platform against leftist groups in the Philippines.

      • bayankopdi


      • TheGUM

        Meron kang punto na hindi todo ang pag respeto ng China sa ibang bansa na meron silang alitan tungkol sa teritorio. Pero hindi iyan ang aking tinutukoy tungkol sa “sovereignty,” dahil hindi naman sila gumagawa ng hakbang para pabagsakin ang gobiyerno ng Pilipinas. Hindi ito katulad ng “regime change” na gusto ng USA na mangyari sa Iran, Syria, at North Korea. “Traidor ba sa bayan” ang magpahiwatig ng kototohanan?

      • generalproblem

        ungas eh ano sa palagay mo ang pag angkin nila sa teritoryo natin. ano ang tingin mo dun sa ginagawa nung dalwang diplomat na gustong palayain yung mga kalahi nila na sumira sa reef. ano yun libre di sila mag babayad forgive and forget kamo. pag nasakop na nila ang spratley forgive and forget na rin. intsik beho ka talaga

      • TheGUM

        China is wrong about their territorial claims of islands within our EEZ and within our contiguous, continental shelves, as per UNCLOS and other ways of determining national bounderies. The two Chinese diplomats are doing their job on behalf of their citizens, but are out of line about “forgive and forget.” There have been many incidents like this, involving other nationalities, such as Vietnamese pouchers, but they eventually are released by Philippine authorities (I saw a group that pose for a picture- taking with BFAR authorities prior to their release). BTW, there are numerous incidents of Filipino fisherfolks destroying corals when they use cyanide and dynamite. And yes, the PNP and Philippine Coast Guard are under-equipped to deal with these environmental crimes.

        Any more questions? Your name calling reeks of pitiful racism.

      • boymanok

        may punto ka “thegum bukid”…kung ako sa yo mag-migrate ka na either sa syria, iran, or north korea…masarap tumira doon at siguradong matatamo mo ang iyong matagal ng minimithing kalayaan

      • Iris2

        Kudos. You are the brave man finally stand out and say “but the emperor is naked”.

        Look at these posters, gave me 17 voted downs. All I did is to promote love and peace.

        I am an innocent victim too.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        your going to have me crying you poor abused thing if you cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen no one will miss you

      • Crazy_horse101010

        but they are arming and paying poachers to kill endangered animals like the rhinos in which hundreds of game wardens have been killed

      • D_BystandeR

        i agree to your logical explanation and your observation on the other details
        shows you have a considerable grasp of the subject matter.

      • hu_yu

        yeah yeah,

      • generalproblem

        baliw ka ungas. intindihin mo muna ang sinasabi mo busit. intsik beho

      • Natx Bacalzo

        tell this to your grannie!

      • MostHatedRace

        You fool chinese stop your foolish and non-sense story telling. What is china doing? Land grabbing and everything illegal

      • Danny Bravo

        communista ito ay producto ng evil or alien at hindi ito kabilang sa tinatawag na humanity dahil iba ang creator hindi it means your a chinese or pilipino lahat ng lahi ay may lahi o dugo ng demonyo o alien,,, you are belong to this group,,, tao rin but the character is not a human,, hindi mo maiintindihan ito dahil kulang ang talino mo at hindi na pwedeng dagdagan pa dahil mamatay ka,, kaya hindi kayang abutin ng kaisipan mo itong sinasabi ko,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,kung communist ka,,,tulad ito ng muslim ,,hindu, dragon buddhist,,npa,,lahat ng rebelde mga criminal,,maniac,,magnanakaw mga leader ng mga false riligion,, pulitikong masama ang gawa,,leader militar,,, lahat ng ito ay hindi kabilang sa humanity,,at alam namin kung paano pipiliin ito kahit anong pandaraya pa ang gawin

      • Moymoy

        Istayl na bulok. Mahilig sa moro-moro yang si Joma Sison eh. Eh nagsisilbing bibliya pa rin nga nila ngayon ang Red Book ni Mao Tse Tung eh, tapos sasabihin mo hindi sila maka-China. Ulul!

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        communist china ‘respect for the sovereignty of countries around the world’? Full of crap, look at what they’re doing against its neighbor? harassing them, building a structure on top of a corral reef, destroying the environment.

    • zeroko

      Why aren’t these pro-Chinese Senators like Miriam Santiago. Emrile, Arroyo, Pangilinan. and Chiz Escudero. Why abrogate the American VFA. Why not stop diplomatic relation with China?

      • generalproblem

        tama wag na iboto yang mga yan.

    • divictes

      And why should they kill the communist goose that lays the Chinese gold eggs?

    • Graymatter28

      Kasi Beijing muna.

    • kapatad

      ang bayan, gabriela, kmu, mga communist. ano pa sa akala mo.

      • Sollie Sinson

        suportado ng mga makakaliwang congresista at mga senador. sila ang nagbibigay ng pondo sa mga yan. san kukuha ng mga paraphernalia yang mga yan kundi pera ng bayan yan. nakita nyo kagaganda ng mga posters at mga effigy ng mga yan. tanungin naman ang mga kasama nila, walang mga alam. nanggugulo lang yang mga yan

    • generalproblem

      hahaha oo nga ah asan ba yang mga npa na yan. nung sumadsad ang mga barko ng kano rally agad sila. ngayon barko ng mga komunistang intsik asan sila. mga traydor talaga ng bayan ang mga npa na yan dapat talaga na ubusin ang mga yan pati pamilya nila para dina dumami

      • askal2u

        tama ka ubosin lahat ng henerasyon nila para di na sila kumalat pa

    • joshmale2004

      Why will they bite the hand that feed them?

      • ARIKUTIK

        Because they act like an Abnoy …… weeeeeee >>>>>>>>>>

    • ellatovara

      Hoy mga grupo ng “MAKIBAKA AT IBAGSAK” nasaan na kayo … America lang ba ang kaya niyong sigawan at sa US embassy lang ba ang kaya niyong pagrallyhan. Bakit wala kayong sigaw at rally sa Chinese Enbassy.
      Eh ano ba ang ginagawa ng China na tulong sa Pilipinas??? Akala ko ba hustisya sa Pilipinas ang sigaw niyo … eh unfair at unjust din pala kayo. No wonder kunti lang ang mga naniniwala sa inyo.

      • Sollie Sinson

        Amerika kasi sumusunod sa tama. Ang china maliban sa bribery gusto pa ngayon forgive and forget. sa kanila mo sabihin yun tingin nyo papayag sila? Itong mga makakaliwa na to, alam nila yan na sa US sila nakikinabang at magtatanggol sa bayan natin. sigurado yang mga yan may mga kamag anak sa Amerika.

    • Joey Sanchez

      WTF! Big BS! Kapal ng mukha ng mga Chinese na to! Pag pinoy yan, kinatay na nila! PI!

    • Azniro Onaici

      Let the local communists go to hell and enjoy with Mau Tse Tung there for killing million of his comrades during the cultural revolution in China.

    • lourda

      You mean they are the 5th colony of China….it can be possible….

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      you know why? they must have received the smuggled weapons and spies.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Praise the Tubbataha Reef managment for refusing the communist bribe. They should be commended as heroes.

  • jinx

    No way!

  • athena_dragonborn

    A trait and resolve worthy to be emulated by the rest of our local officials against Communist China’s continued intrusions into our territory. Kudos to these Palawan officials in charge of protecting our marine reserve, these Communist Chinese poachers should be made accountable for their illegal activities, no more no less.

    • Iris2

      Let analyze facts:

      No fishing activity, how poaching ?
      Sulu Sea is open sea, freedom of travelby all fishermen, how intrusions ?
      The fishermen got confused and confused when they got close to PH, they lost their minds, they are innocent;
      They thought they were in China, so they wanted to settle down the incident with street smart manner, how unforgivable ?

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        communist donkeyhole.

      • Rommie V. Pacana

        Sulu Sea is within Philippine territory…go home to China you INTSIK!!!

      • Iris2

        Sulu Sea is within PH territory ????

        How big PH is to include the Sea ????

        Would Malaysia agree ?????

      • vendetta07

        Yes. Also, the Star Trek character ‘Hikari Sulu’ is named after the sea.

      • Iris2

        Sulu Sea is open sea, PH has EEZ, so does Malaysia. China never diputes with that.

        In fact China never disputes with Philippine Sea either, all EEZ there is PH’s, China support that.

        All China doesn’t agree with PH is the very small part of overlapping PH’s EEZ with China’s territorial water.

        But both China and PH manage the dispute very well, under control, even share, until one month ago, all of sudden, PH jumped to UN, crashed a court, hired a German lawyer, accused China’s nine dashed line as if it were just claimed two months ago.

        PH is the funniest place.

      • Sinugba

        After months of fruitless diplomacy with the Chinese representatives. The Philippine government tried it the Chinese way. Bilateral talks. Unfortunately the Chinese way is full of deception, double talk, threats and outright lies. The Chinese way means a bully’s way. China wants to do the talking and it wants only the Philippine side to listen. The Chinese way is funny because it thinks that everyone will toe its line.

        There is only one way to have a fruitful discussion between equals with Chinese. And that is with a third party involving international bodies who will be impartial.

      • vendetta07

        as well all know, Chinese diplomacy means skirting the law

      • Naring

        You better shut your mouth because you are a chinese. You do not even respect the international laws of the sea.

      • resgestae

        Anong EEZ sinasabi mo te? Internal waters ang Sulu Sea no. Sabi ko na kakaiba talaga ang mapa nyo.

      • disqus_4MqT2rnBMb

        Dumb Chinese puppet !

      • Godzilla

        you must have taken too much drugs! you don’t know geography and most of all dumb in every sense of the word. Sulu sea or the marine park itself is located east of palawan, north of zamboanga, east of dumaguete south of panay island. It is well inside the philippine territory and was never a part of whatever EEZ that you are talking about! Know nothing but absurdity. You are the funniest little creature that tend to appear to know it all but in reality, dumb if not moron.

      • Marx Louis Wang

        Super ignoramus, super crazy, doesn’t deserve even a second of attention.

      • boymanok

        alam mo naman yan si iris2 pinagtri-tripan lang yung mga bloggers dito para mang-asar…huwag na lang patulan

      • hu_yu

        it’s as simple as this Iris2….we are just power tripping, we hate you chinese , so please don’t get any near PH territories or you’ll all be fcked hahahahaha

      • disqus_4MqT2rnBMb

        @ iris2 why don’t you just fly a kite ? so you’ll be able to understand the whole situations, dummy !

      • vendetta07

        this reads like a long haiku

      • Iris2

        Let me propose a solution:

        1. China continues to import Banana from PH with open door;
        2. Chinese continue to vote PH as the best destination;
        3. China continues trade with PH so it will be double to $60 billion by 2016.

        On these conditions, consider thousand years friendship and brotherhood, consider it was a purely an incident, consider the diplomats of China so humbly asked the forgivness for the fishermen, I declare that they are pardoned.

      • vendetta07

        Let me propose a better solution:

        1. Fair treatment according to the law.
        2. After this, they will be released.
        3. All will soon be forgiven.
        4. All will soon be forgotten.

      • Iris2

        As far as I know, the fishermen didn’t receive any medical treatment for their damaged heads, so the human law is already violated.

        But, any damage to the reef, how small might be, should be compensated. It is common treasure for all to take care, China will do her duty and it is fair to ask, no shame.

      • Marcos5

        In Beijing Human Law does not exist. As per Chairman Mao peasants must be treated like beast. Little Red Book *culture of revolution.

        Never Forget : Tiananmen Massacre Square protests of 1989 六四事件

      • Marx Louis Wang

        Their heads were already damaged like yours so what treatment are you talking about? It’s better if you seek psychiatric test because it is already very necessary. Go now! NOW!!!!!

      • divictes

        What the…? Why should we be liable for your damage heads? Those were hereditary!

      • hu_yu

        dont worry, we will give them medical treatment….we will give them lethal treatment….the lethal injection

      • Rizal Bayani

        Friend, I’m sorry to inform you but the “damaged heads” of those chinese poachers are simply beyond cure.

      • Yxon

        damaged heads could not be treated here in PH, but in a mental colony

      • Marx Louis Wang

        Ito sasabihin ng mga pinatawad mo:
        ” oke pala piripino, kami nakaw coral laki halaga tsaka eksotic pish, kami patawad piripino nakakataw tayo patay kanila drug mule.”

      • VeryDisgusted2

        Asian nations do not trust your barbaric country anymore.

      • BIGButo

        Pay your fine China men!

      • Marcos5

        How about we resurect Chairman Mao tse dung and send all Philippine Politicians to reeducation camps. We buy 90% of Land in Palawan and Mindanao since Sabah is already being sold to the Chinese so we can fund our Malay election this coming May. In turn we make money in our pockets you take all the Timber resources, Mining mineral resources, Marine life including white sand, pebbles and corals. The only thing is you have to shove that Philippine banana to your Masters in Beijing and eat it at the same time, Yes Agreed ?

      • hagakhak

        your proposed solution is highly not needed!!!

      • im_earth

        4. China will continue to steal Philippine Islands since they love banana, vote PH as best destination and will continue to trade with the islands they are stealing.

      • Hellomr

        Ilang Pilipino na nabitay sa china ,ginawa lahat ng magagawa para hindi matuloy ang pagbitay ng Philippines goverment pero hindi pinagbigyan.
        Kaya business is business… Now is our turn . Those 12 chinese should face the reality …

      • isprikitik

        yes indeed we are in a relation with CN as what you have listed, now porke meron na tayong ugnayan sa kanila hindi na natin sila parurusahan sa kanilang pagkakamali…hindi naman siguro batang isip ang CN na mgkikimkim ng galit sa PH, sira na ang friendship…unless otherwise…the fact here is they made a damage on our heritage park…and once damage is done somebody must be held liable.

      • boymanok

        ikaw talaga iris2, kung anu-ano pumapasok sa kukote mo…

      • Yxon

        at the expense of your people who muddle in the pollution

      • Fred Garcia

        A true friend does not bully. Real brotherhood support each other and not strike you at the back. And there should be a law in the philippines to force all chinese doing business to speak language we filipinos can understand. We can live without them! It is because of them that the quality of filipino poducts went to sink hole. They produce low quality pirated products! Send them back to China.

      • Godzilla

        a law is a law….. forgiveness is one thing and justice is another thing. You appear to be dumb of so many things. educated fool!

      • isangbansa

        street smart but sea dumb. AHAA!! there to get shark fins! must be drooling a lot to see those sharks in the reef! they should not only be fined for the damage on the reef but they should be fined for every shark found with damaged fins.

      • Iris2

        It is impossible. You will bankrupt the world. How many sharks have damaged fins ? Do you know ? A lot, tell you the truth.

      • isangbansa

        nah, no worries, only Chinese shark fin poachers will be bankrupt.

      • Marx Louis Wang

        You better siyaaatttt uppp!!!

      • generalproblem

        shut up chinese bastards

      • Marx Louis Wang

        Fcuk you! Even Filipinos cannot go to that restricted areas, now you are saying they can easily roam around in that area? I say again, fcuk you! If you are intelligent enough what that means!

      • Danyale Quinto

        They thought they were in China???…Come on, those fishermen while on the high seas were equipped with basic navigational tools and are knowledgeable of basic ocean navigations, now you are telling us “they were confused and thought they were in china? If you feel that your knowledge is as vast as the oceans of china sea, the west PHL sea and sulu sea and more than knowledgeable than your ConGen Shen and Third Sec. Li, why not represent those chinese fishers and convince our PHL authorities, and thats the time you will say and vent your ire..”how unforgivable”….

      • DirtyHarryLim


      • im_earth

        including yourself lost your minds. if they are innocent where were u that must guide them hhahah. they will be forgotten when they are jail forever. forgotten to publicly printed in the news daily because of shameless innocent. forgotten that you should guide them from innocent to maturity stage and will learn to go to tubbataha reef by scuba diving with paid professionals to assist them.
        how could u commented here with your fairytale nonsense opinion.

      • macmacus

        Have you seen the Philippines in the map there you will see that Sulu Sea is well with in the philippines and it is not under eez because it is between the philippine islands palawan and visayas. Its not even close to malaysia maybe you confuse it because of what is happening in sabah but sulu sea is different to sulu island. And most of your comments is about friendship of phil-china and how your country help the philippines but this is different the fishermen broke our law so they must face trials. And for sure China will do the same you even sentenced a british and other nationalities with death penalty if they broke the law, even they say that they do not know what they are doing. You must obey the law thats it and since you are a chinese you must know this. Philippine and China governement is cleaning their relationship you and other citizens of the 2 nation is destroying each other.

      • Yxon

        pls check…maybe there are chinese having stores at the bottom of the reef…they may claim its theirs

      • Jeanne Thompson

        Please read: REPUBLIC ACT NO. 10067

        “The entry of any foreign fishing vessel in the TRNP shall constitute prima facie evidence that the vessel is engaged in fishing in the area.”

        Section 27. Poaching by Foreigners. – It shall be unlawful for any foreign person, foreign corporation or foreign entity to fish, gather and/or purchase or possess any fishery products within the TRNP. It shall likewise be unlawful for any person, corporation or entity to operate any foreign fishing vessel within the TRNP. “The entry of any foreign fishing vessel in the TRNP shall constitute prima facie evidence that the vessel is engaged in fishing in the area.” The presence of any foreign national in a fishing vessel of either Philippine or foreign registry in the TRNP shall be conclusive evidence that the vessel is foreign.

      • Iris2

        You forgot the rare emergency situation.

        The fishermen ended there without any knowingly knowledge.

        If you are concerned about the law, then just give them a lecture or two.

        By the way, the park isn’t a forbidden city. People do have right to be there, but have to be permitted by authorities, in this case, PH’s govt.

      • Jeanne Thompson

        Yup, just like I said before, the fishermen need to prove that in court. The case had been filed so they will have the opportunity to tell their side. Your government should provide a lawyer to the fishermen to defend them.

        Section 9 of REPUBLIC ACT NO. 10067 states that “No person or entity shall enter, enjoy or utilize any portion of the TRNP and the resources therein for whatever purpose without prior permission from the TPAMB as herein provided.” The law is clear that NO ONE can enter without prior permission.

        Does the fishermen requested any permission? I don’t think so.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        again they admitted they were fishing still killing uyghur babies with your ethnic cleansing han

      • Yxon

        im sure they repeat offenders

      • Godzilla

        that is the reason why china is claiming the whole of south china sea! you tend to believe that you are always right but you are all dumb. claiming you own it only to realized that always at fault just like your navigation system!

      • bayankopdi


      • Crazy_horse101010

        they already admitted they were fishing so that ploy wont work. sun star yesterday

      • Sinugba

        They violated Philippine laws and for that they will answer in the court of law like anyone who makes a crime. Ignorance of the law will spare no one.

        It is high time the the kid glove policy towards Chinese fishermen should be remove because the Chinese fishermen are damaging the marine life of the whole West Philippine Sea. Mind you, not only in Sulu Sea. Wherever they go great damage to the whole ecosystem follows. That is why these fishermen are casting their nets very far from their country because they have already stripped its marine life bare. AND THEY WILL DO THE SAME WHEREVER THEY GO.

      • hu_yu

        it’s ok iris2….we already forgive them, but first, they will have to stay on prison for 12 years hahahahaha

      • generalproblem

        what do you mean open sea. so we can also go fishing in hong kong waters or near taiwan because it is open waters. idiot chinese

      • Yxon

        please check with the bureau of fisheries of palawan if how many thousands of these confused and innocent intrusions had been committed by your countrymen. even with that number could be forgivable, but with the thousand of sea turtle bodies and sharks found in them, that is already murder, accompanied by its total disrespect of the country and nature.

      • Yxon

        one more thing, this tubatahha reef is deep inside the philippine territory. to go there you have to pass thru palawan and go eastward. this plain thievery, as most of you are fond of making shabu labs, & kidnapping for ransom.

      • Yxon

        clever playing with words…no fishing? WHY ARE THEY CALLED FISHERMEN in the article.

      • Johnny

        I think you are more confused than your fishy “fishermen”.

      • fischer chess

        @Iris2, you are a 200% idiot

  • Oniichan, its too big

    E kung sa China yan at Pinoy pumasok, bitay na yan.

  • pepito gwaps

    yong binitay nila mga Pinoy doon hindi man lang naforgive or naforget so ang lakas ng loob nilang magsalita ng ganyan ” forgive and forget” …

  • Mita

    Accident my foot! These Chinese officials will always lie to get what they want, just like that phony 9-dash line. Well, they can’t lie their way out of this clear violation of PH laws. Kudos to Park Superintendent A. Songco & her team!

  • SMEjhong

    Puchang!.. sarap gawing mashed potato ang pagmumukha nitong dalawang diplomats nato!.. ipatira na natin to..

  • El_Gran_Capitan

    Ano kayo sineswerte, kasuhan yan at ikulong, forgive and forget na lang ba? bakit yun ba mga kababayan natin sa china na binitay nila dahil sa drug possession, forgive and forget din? eye for an eye dapat

  • zdrx

    there seems to be a bee line from foreign ships to smash our reefs

  • Corrupt_Jerk

    Forget and let go?????? Are they joking? China is very far from sulu sea, this is an act of not respecting on phil sovereignty. Last time a stand off from scarborough and now poaching at tubbataha reef it’s obvious that you came to our territory slowly because u knw that our navy were not capable to watch our sea. Don’t let these 12 chinese escape from justice besides we don’t know their real motives maybe they are PLA spy. We already made mistakes before that’s why they are very aggressive on their actions because we are weak please don’t allow them to do these things to happen again.

  • w33k3nd3r

    China, you who have no mercy now plead for it? I thought you were made of genuine toughness; sadly it’s also fake.

  • Ferrer Joem

    Good job to our law enforcement agency,that is one way to love our country! I salute you all!

  • nano

    Forgive and forget ? pag ang Pinoy magkasala sa China forgive and forget ba? Sini swerte yata ang mga intsik. Let the court decide.


    >>>Let them go. Forgive and forget.<<<

    What an ash…….tapos yong mga pinoy na nahulihan ng illegal activity sa Tse-na, e, KINATAY ng walang-pinansing pakiusap na kahit ano. Dapat sa mga TNL na yan ay katayin din para mata-uhan ang mga cheks na hindi lang sila ang marunong humatol ng death sentence.

  • Rommie V. Pacana

    Alam na kasi ng CHINA na malambot ang puso ni PNoy sa mga INSTIK kaya forgive and forget na lang…nakakatawang gobyerno hindi kayang ipagtanggol ang kanyang karagatan laban sa mga INTSIK na sumisira sa yamang dagat…

  • i_am_filipino

    Well, there were still some filipino detained in china queued for death penalty

  • i_am_filipino

    A fishermen is a sailor who studied basic mapping and navigation. If they are innocent about mapping and navigation, then they are not seaman or fisherman but merely a LOW CLASS CHINK SPY WHO KNOWS NOTHING BUT BULLYING AND STEALING. THESE CHIN BANDITS ARE ROAMING EVEN IN SOUTH AFRICA, AND EVEN TRYING TO PENETRATE EUROPE.


    Given the case of Tubbatahe ripped/rift not reef anymore..uss guardian is much bigger than the chinese fishing vessel and indeed damage more by us than chinese..carandang said US has a permission being a military ally conducting exercises,but not in a protective area.of what i understand there should not be any exception to that its like raping Nicole in subic by Daniel Smith and the same time here in the phil conducting military exercises…they should be both treated the same case cause both are not permitted in the area

  • i_am_filipino


  • Fancy Tan

    If its the first or second time only, Forgive? maybe YES, but this has been going on for so many years. They had been doing this in our EEZone and now in the very heart of our territory. Good job prosecutor Alen Rodriguez, punish them to the max please…..

  • $42337655

    “Let them go. Forgive and forget. This was the gist of what two
    ranking officials of the Chinese Embassy in Manila on Thursday were
    asking …..””But they were snubbed by marine park and defense officials.”

    You got to hand it to these Intsiks though, mabilis silang kumilos (wala pa akong nakitang Intsik in my life, na mabagal kumilos at mabagal magisip). One of their hallmark behaviours in addition to being sneaky and tricky. Trademark nila ang laging mabilis kumilos; para bang laging mauunahan or laging mauubusan. This is a sign of real sharp survival instincts.

    All praises to our marine park and defense officials. You guys make us proud !

    Regarding the bully China’s claim to our territorial waters that the Phils. brought to the UNCLOS international arbitration court proceedings and where the bully refuses to join in the process, I think these guys should be reminded that since they do not respect nor recognize civilized court proceedings, then they should just leave their 12 fishermen in our judicial system. This also, much in the same way they decide on the fate of our Pinoy brothers incarcerated there and in their mainland judicial system as well.

  • BIGButo

    The Chinese must pay there fine. The USA had to pay a big fine are a military alley thorough a defense treaty and they were not stealing fish and corral from the reef.The Chinese must pay a bigger fine then the USA for stealing fish and they should have to cut up there ship also to prevent more damage to the corral when it is removed

  • Barak_O

    royal tru orange army should guard tubbataha

    sulu sea is owned by sultan of sulu

    • Iris2

      Hahaha, I hope it would not be renamed soon. hint: south Philippine Sea ?

      • Barak_O

        another hint: southeast of south china sea

        by definition south china sea extends all the way to the indian ocean
        so then everything south of china is owned by china
        if china owns the south china sea

      • Godzilla

        soon we will. that is to correct history!

  • BIGButo

    Bayan where is the protest and outrage from this big crime. All you leftist have a big thick face

  • $42337655

    hehe, mga pare ko itong troll na Iris, hindi yata marunong mainis and that means super troll ito. Hindi nating makukuhang mainis. Ang solutiion lang dito ay hindi pansinin. Siguradong mawawala ito kapag wala ng pumapansin.

    Kapag kinainitan ng ulo at pinansin ay lalong lumalakas ito; dapat wala tayong reaksjyon dito sa taong ito.

  • Aussie Wayne

    Throw the book at them , If they come to the Philippines to poach because they have outfished their own waters they deserve to be treated in such manner … They know where their location was … Do you think they were there by accident ??? No way , they have GPS , go home and find your own fish

  • OFW Franklin

    All my praise to TOM & WesCom officials to stand and file charges for those Culprit.

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Shen and Li, I pray to God that you read this. You two are shameless to say forgive and forget, very very shameless. What if the same thing happen to our fishermen and they are within your territorial waters, what? Obviously there are no more fish around your border that is why your fishermen have the courage to reach our place, underestimating our security. Your fishermen are not contented on raping the Panatag Shoal now they want more by entering our Tubbataha Reefs? Shame, shame on you and your Chinese fishermen.

  • Warren Tolentino

    unintentional or not the Philippine law must the uphold and respected. the same principles will be applied to our countrymen if they violated a chinese law in their land. remember those Filipino who was sentenced to death because of unknowing to carry prohibited drugs in china our government tried to appeal on their case on their behalf but it fell on deaf ears.

  • gadino

    You harass our fishermen in Philippine waters and now you want us to “forgive and forget” your illegal poachers? F— YOU!

  • Hey_Dudes

    Sana tubuan ng alipunga sa bibig ang sino mang officiales ng gobierno ang magpapatawad sa mga poachers na yan.

  • DirtyHarryLim


    • BIGButo

      They are spreading a new bird flu again.

  • Noel

    It took the President to warn and order investigation into these Chinese intrusion for our officials to act accordingly. Many of such incidents occurred in the past and those Chinese were released upon Chinese Embassy Officials’ intercession. Let’s see if this case shall prosper. If we don’t hear about it in the media again, I bet you it’s settled again with the Phl government on the losing end one more time.

  • phipher filipino

    Some party list are telling the government to file “DIPLOMATIC PROTEST” to China for intruding Philippine territory by their “fishing vessel” while US was asked for compensation on the damage incurred by their naval vessel and even make the responsible sailors to face the charges. The opinion of some party list have no difference with these two Chinese officials.

    Why there were lot’s of party list leaning or bowing to China? Even if they knew that Chinese blatantly ridicule Filipinos including them?

    Diplomatic protest? Not charge them and make them pay like to US? Why some party list are soft now? And what happen to Loren Legarda and Jamby Madrigal? Are they gonna utter same statement they did with US to China?

    • BIGButo

      The people of the Philippines need to vote all these Chinese lovers out of office!

  • wawa2172

    Chima represented its citizens well but the Philippines have to implement its law to avoid such an incident to happen again. The Chinese poachers should be punish and pay fine for the damages. There is a double standard however since no one in USS Guardian incident was punished when the American war ship ran aground in the protected reef. Dapat nakulong din ang officials nang barko nag USS Guardian.

    • BIGButo

      They are being punished by the US Navy stupid.

      • wawa2172

        Ay bobo ka pala di tulad ko. Bakit nakakulong ang mga instsik sa bansa at hindi ang mga kano. Do we share same logic? I guess you are out of sync man. Sa pinas sumadsad ang mga kano at hindi sa tate so dapat nakakuong sila sa bansa natin para kagatin nang surot, gets mo.

      • Sinugba

        Hindi naman pareha ang dalawang insedente. Ang US Navy ship ay isang barkong pangdigma ng isang kaalyansang bansa na may pahintulot sa ating gobyerno para sa Mutual Defense Pact at ang Chinese naman ay isang pribadong barkong pang isda. Natural ay hindi mo ito tratuhin na pareha. Yan po ay executive call at kasama na po yan sa diplomacy.

  • charlie_oscar

    Must not show weakness to the China… They see weakness as opportunity… 12 fishermen x 500,000 PHP each for penalty, BOI blacklisting…plus forfeiture of vessel, gear and fish catch !
    Next case please

  • phipher filipino


  • herecomesrusty

    Stupid chinese commies. How can they be pardoned if they haven’t been convicted yet? Show some respect to our laws commies.

  • herecomesrusty

    Kala ata ni Shen at Li ay nasa airport sila eh, kayang daanin sa usapan. Hoy, kahit pa customs ang kausap niyo, di pwede!
    Mainit kasi ngayun, palamig muna. lol


    the chinese navy is killing our fishermen. kill these poacher also. i really hope the inmates will kill them.

  • farmerpo

    Wlang damage assessment? maski P10000 lang, mahihirap yang mga magnanakaw na mangingisda na yan. Oh pasensiya na kapitabahay eh…

  • Barney Stinson

    stinking Chinks.

  • jorgii0550

    China has emerged as the bad boy on the global scene and its actions bears disturbing similarities with Nazi Germany.China is going to attack its neighbors and plunge the Pacific Rim into World War Three.

    – China and Nazi Germany both emerged quickly on the global scene and did so with an enormous chip on their shoulders with an axe to grind.

    – Again like Nazi Germany, once united and in control of its own destiny, China grew quickly, harboring ever more delusions about its place in the sun.

    – Both has developed an a strong state-dominated economy, forcing, for example, foreign firms to enter a joint venture with a state-owned corporation, which will quickly steal what it can of the western company’s intellectual property.

    – They tamp down any sedition amongst its masses and propagated rampant nationalism.

    – They both have a loud mouth psychotic dictator ally. Kim Jong-un for china and

  • Vertumnus

    “unintentional.” ha, ha, ha! That’s the funniest thing the Chinese have said lately! The poachers are in my living room and it’s unintentional? The only unintentional thing that happened here is the coast guard finding them stuck on the reef!
    Confiscate their boat and fine them $5 million for being stupid!

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Huwag yan pakawalan na hindi nagbabayad ng sapat! Tang-na, kung tayo ang nakikiusap sa kanila wala silang sikand-tot (second thought) bitay agad samantalang tayo dami pang drama. Ikulong yan ng matagal at pasabugin ang barkong kanilang ginamit para di na tularan. (chinese golden rule: teach one and you teach a hundred) tularan natin sila, bitayin ito kapag di nakabayad ng trillion pesos (I’m not exaggerating.) kumpiskahin ng barko nila para wala nang tutulad sa kanila. Ikulong muna ng isang taon para matauhan ang mga tsekwa na yan. Ihahatid sila ng sarili nilang bayad sa china airlines sa airport sa NAIA.


    CHINESE have NO RIGHT to INTERFERE on IMPOSING Philippine LAW on their nationals COMITTING CRIME in Philippines—–
    GIVE the FULL ARM of the LAW on this CHINESE who even TRIED to BRIBE the AUTHORITIES—-
    NOW is the TIME to IMPOSE it to the chinese—

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Ibigay na lang ang mga intsik na yan sa ASG!

  • BatangSingapore

    kahit magbitay ka ng libo libong chiniese ay bale wala lang yan sa china. mas drama pa yan ginagawa ng kanilang embassy na kunwari ay concern sila sa mga tao nila.

    ganunpaman singilin ng milyon milyon dolyar ang mga chinese na yan sa damage na nagawa nila sa world heritage reef at ang patong patong nilang kaso. ibilango at parusahan sa loob ng preso.

    tangalin din si Songco dahil halatadong masama sa loob niya sa mga nangyayari sa kapwa niyang intsik. ifiring squad yan si Songco at yun mga mababantot na bobong mga militante na pakawala ng china.

  • MrRead

    PLEASE, government officials, Don’t give in to these Chinese Officials who are just corrupt as the Chinese Criminal Poachers. Prosecute them and Jail them for as long as it takes.
    Teach the Chinese a Big Lesson of Justice which is absent in their Vocabulary.

  • Freddie73

    Diplomats should not meddle in purely legal case! The fishermen should be made to answer for their crime!


    the chinese diplomats thinks they can outsmart pinoys. it’s UNINTENTIONAL because it’s their kababayans. they should be taught that there is a law – DURA LEX SED LEX. hindi naman bibitayin ang mga nagkasalang fishermen. pwede nila kuning lawyer si BINAY kasi dyan sya magaling.

  • Joe Wee

    Paging BAYAN, KMU, GABRIELA, ANAK PAWIS, ANAK NG TETENG, ANAK NG PUTA….pagkakataon nyo na para makapang-istorbo ulit sa kalsada…

  • LAD

    pag pina firing squad nyo yan, magpapasalamat pa sainyo ang gobyerno nila mababawasan sila. baka regaluhan pa sina mr. songco at yung mga prosecutors natin

  • ConcernedCitizenPh

    The news reporter should have identified the critics who compared how the government responded to the Chinese poachers and the US Navy because the only critic so far is the fake environmentalist group that favors the illegal poachers. Media should be more specific in identifying these groups because news reports have created a bad image of Filipinos who seem to want US help on China’s bullying but seem to be a people who are also anti-US or pro-China with these fake environmentalists call for the abrogation of the VFA. Some reporters have even called these people nationalists which made all of us look like traitors.

  • Chinazi

    chinazi will take over the world….

    • Crazy_horse101010

      they cant whip america first of all how would they get there in shipping crates

  • $20926843

    This action by the lower rung chinese diplomatic personnel are calculated response because they know what they are doing. They know that this whole issue and incident will slowly die down in a couple of months. In the meantime their will be secret diplomatic negotiations in the background at the highest level for they know the weakness of the sitting inutile and autistic president in malacanang. And all these protestations and gnashing of the teeth will just go for naught.

  • Lucky Luciano

    Ano bang meron sa Tumatawa reef na iyan at ang daming nababaliw diyan?

  • iduniq

    That’s how the china regards the rule of law. I think of it as bullying in guise of asking mercy because clearly their citizens is in the wrong. Mercy comes only unitl they are found guilty and punishment/reparation are determined.

  • Guest

    Pwede release yan at forgive natin basta ibigay ng china kusa un mga kinakamkam nila sa spratlrys

  • ozkid

    These two high ranking chinese embassy officials are bunch of
    idiots. Their suggestion to let go then forgive and forget these poachers is a
    total disrespect to us Filipinos as a sovereign country and to our justice system.

    We have laws and got to be implemented regardless of the mental
    status of the offending individuals and their country leaders if foreigners.

    I’d like the government agency concern to please check if this
    is not a case of human trafficking? These people are good at that, paying their
    entry into our country then do business legally or illegally without paying

    Philippines is for Filipinos only.

  • 18C0501

    “Gobyerno ng Pilipinas, hinde makausad, Palpak, Nga-Nga, Kurapsyon lng talaga ang magaling sa mga politikos natin, nakakahiya walang mapili sa inyong lahat, puro kayo makasarili, sus purya gaba lang.”

  • Paulstronghold

    It’s best to subscribe to our laws.Chinese poachers and illegal fishing they’ve done several times. They’re often released by our local authorities out of diplomatic goodwill. Enough is enough. It’s about time we show some teeth imposing our laws. Gaining a tough legal disposition may serve as a deterent against future poachers. They’re doing commercial fishing on our territory and the sad part is they take with them even some of the endangered marine life in the area.

  • marivon

    Forgive and forget my foot. If the roles were reversed baka firing squad na ang mga Filipino fishermen. These Chinese officials are really annoying to say the least.

  • Harold T

    Let justice run its course. And jail them. Dismantle the ship and sell the parts for scrap

  • regd

    Yeah, let them go! Straight to JAIL!

  • bacongon

    they are not fishermen….what can we exchange for them ? how many in china are on the death row? how many Filipimos are in the Jails ? How many chinese that have fled the Philippines for crimes against Filipinos ? RELEASE them all to serve their sentences in the Philippines !!!!! Return those who need for face their crimes HERE !!!!

  • $18209031

    Pino Nation must imprison these Chinese fishermen and sentenced them as such . PLAN ships will also catch Pino poachers and fishermen in South China Sea and bring them back to Hainan for processing. They will be judge accdg to Chinese law of the sea.

  • Johnny Deaf

    Kudos to Tubbataha Management Office and Wescom!!! :)

  • XY ZEE

    Sa pesinto na lang kayo magpaliwanag.

  • Johnny

    Good job sa mga officials natin sa paghandle nito.
    Pag pinatawad itong mga ito wala na rerespeto sa territory natin. Pag Filipino nagkakamali sa bansa nila bitay at wala patawad.

    Dapat dito matinding parusa para magtanda at matakot ung mga Chinese fishermen na yan na puntahan and territory natin. (Malay nyo kunwari lang na fishermen pero spy).

    Dapat mutiple charges ipataw dito.


    “Singulo pwele na yan polgib en polget, tsip! Ingaw tingin loob sa enbelop sa ilalim mesa… melon doon pala polgib na sa kabise! Hi hi hi”

  • B3ntong

    Pag ito’y pinorgive at forget ni Pnoy…nakayarihan na. Dapat, forgive and FINE tulad ng USS Guardian dahil hinde naman DAW sinasadya!!! NAKU…di sinasadyand MAHULI!

  • Karabkatab

    “The two Chinese officials tried to convince local defense authorities in a meeting on Wednesday to pardon the fishermen because their presence in Tubbataha, a protected marine sanctuary, was “unintentional.”…………..

    This is an old alibi of the chinks (gasgas na plaka na yan). The now Fil-Chi tycoons and the nouveau riche Fil-Chis in your provinces also happened to land in any of the Phil island by accident. Kung saan sila ipadpad ng kanilang paraw yun na ang kanilang bagong bayan gawa ng kahirapan at political persecution sa bansang tsina noong mga araw (40s 50s and 60s).

  • Nimrod Suaez

    Fine the USN? Forget it…..jail the chinese…..grandsanding…. perhaps swap …the chinese poachers for death row filipino drug mules in china ?

  • avmphil

    This daylight food and destructive “Chinese Robbers” must be severely punished for this blatant crime.Heavy fines and a mandatory prison term where they are deployed for cleaning up the prohibited areas.To run concurrently their prison terms with hard labor and pack them back home with a good spread of publicity. A mandatory canning will be a sure deterrent. Just observe all the destructive offences carried out by these particular ALIENS throughout this country.The World had never seen such crimes from any other single racial group, than the Chinese

  • Natx Bacalzo

    forgive and forget? What a joke. PH should declare these two ingrate diplomats as persona-non-grata.

  • MostHatedRace

    ipakain sa pating ang mga ganid na intsik.

  • band1do

    And what would happen if 12 Philippine fisherman where illegally fishing in Chink waters???? Would you “forgive and forget” and “let them go”???? Stupid Chinky Gooks.

  • dale thompson

    Americans paid $700 per square meter for damage. How much will the Chinese pay? Before discount? After discount?

    • joshmale2004

      I doubt if china will pay as this is a private ship.

  • Olibo

    We’ll not be surprised if the Ph govt. would release these marine robbers,
    altho dapat lang na ikulong sa Muntinlupa ang mga tulisang ito.Gaganti ang mga Tsekwa sa mga mangingisdang Pinoy na maliligaw sa Tsina. Baka sakupin pa ang Tubbataha gaya ng Scarborough shoal. Kanila RAW ang buong China Sea. Pero kung may “yagbols” si Pnoy, Ibilanggo ang mga bandido.

    • joshmale2004

      Tabbataha Reef is inside perimeter of Palawan, Negros, Zamboanga and Sabah. This is not part of china Sea.

  • kismaytami

    Pwede namang i-release yang mga tsekwang yan eh. Sa gitna nga lang ng dagat na maraming pating. Para at least hindi na palamunin pa ng taumbayan sa kulungan yang mga letseng yan!

  • chitgoks

    accidentally poaching? is there such a thing as that? good that they snubbed them. good move

  • Romy Mandinggin

    The full force of Philippine Laws should be meted !! Remember the Filipinos who were executed by China !! China asserted that Chinese Laws must be respected !! Hence Philippine Laws must be respected !!

  • ThudOthwacker

    Declare the two officials persona non grata and ask to leave within 24 hours. As for the ship, inspect it thoroughly. Either they are recording the depths or deploying a drone emitting sonars to warn their subs. Jail the crew and no bail option.

    The possible scenario, the Chinese are preparing for the future invasion of the Philippines. This is a national security concern. The Chinese held two military training recently. One in the Spartly and the area between Taiwan and Batanes.

  • HarryK

    Prosecute the Chinese as we should prosecute the US military personnel of the minesweeper. There must be no double standards, make the Chinese pay for the corresponding damages caused and if bribery is proven jail the captain of the boat.

    Both US and Chinese vessels entered the marine sanctuary by accident and must be treated as such unless proven otherwise.

    To avoid such future international incidents our government must patrol and monitor the marine sanctuary with added vigilance. It is our heritage and we must protect it from any damages. Recovery of coral damage may take hundreds of years.

  • WeAry_Bat

    Forgive and forget???

    Live and let die.

  • Thunderstorm52

    The real issue here is two fold. First, the US is or was in this country LEGALLY. The Chinese on the other hand were not. They are in direct violation of the Philippines sovereignty. That in itself is a real danger to national security. There are many, many fish in the sea. So many, that just fishing in their own waters is enough to feed their people. That being the case, is there anyone dumb enough to really believe that they were here ONLY in search of fish to catch?
    Whatever their real reason was, they have no business here in any form and should face the full force of the law–period.

  • Rommie V. Pacana

    A deeper probe should be conducted on the Chinese intrusion in the territorial waters of the Philippines. They could be smuggling in arms or methamphetamine hydrochloride, or poaching endangered marine species in Tubbataha Marine Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site…or worse, these Chinese could be People’s Liberation Army soldiers disguising as fishermen spying within the Philippines territory. President Benigno Simeon Aquino should show to China and the whole world that his government will take appropriate actions against intruders that undermine the territorial sovereignty of the country…

    • HarryK

      We believe that our patrols were competent enough to board and inspect the vessel thoroughly for any contraband/illegal cargoes and arrested the crew of 12. Except for the fish, the sources for all other items should be easy to determine.

  • disqus_172jIVgm5M

    Its very suspicious why a Chinese vessel who lost their way and they’re 1600km away from their origin suddenly run aground Tubbataha Reefs right after a US vessel has been removed.


    • joshmale2004

      Only two purposes they intend to do. Illegally gather our corrals and to scour whatever military hardware is left of the US vessel.

  • Guest

    Philippine naval authorities should exert serious efforts in guarding restricted zones, apprehending intruders and imposing stiff penalties –including possible jail time — against offenders – Jamby Madrigal.

  • chubby bobby

    jail for all foreign trash who also get stranded in Tubbataha, especially Chinese & Americans.

  • Guest

    Pati itong mga Chinese fishermen, pinasok ang Tubbataha Reefs. Dapat
    kasuhan ang mga yan, ika nga ni Jamby Madrigal.

  • anonis_anonis

    PH should learn from Malaysia, whose releasing the PH LP candidates that claim that they are being turned over to Sabah territorial water by “strong” currents, without any charges. They even have weapon with them, making them suspicious enough on first sight.

    But in here, all I see is hot-headed Pinoy whose keen to antagonize their neighbor, blaming all their misfortune to others, without looking at themselves. Isn’t it better to show friendliness and kindness to others, so that the opposing party might feel indebted and ashamed?

    Do PH need Diplomacy for Dummies 101?

    • chubby bobby

      true, I agree 100%

    • joshmale2004

      I tend to disagree. The difference is, the LP candidates with their campaign materials and off course security never intended to encroach on Sabah. They were all fully documented and have no other intent while the chinese fishermen were obviously went to Tubattaha reef to gather corrals. Remember, Tubattaha reef is within the enclave of Palawan, Zamboanga and sabah which is very far from the claimed territory of china and well inside Philippine territory surrounded by islands and islets so there’s no way this chinese fishermen were lost.
      Knowing how communists work, if you free these chinese fishermen, the Chinese government will not be indebted but will even encourage its fishermen to again venture in this area and take advantage knowing Philippines is all forgiving. We have our internal laws so china should respect that.

      • anonis_anonis

        Really? Isn’t by playing “champion of diplomacy & forgiveness” will earn PH victory through the world eyes? On the other hand, China will be seen as aggressor, and will surely be questioned by the world?

        I’m not a pro-China, but I believe China is not all bad, they also try to improve their relationship by educating their people to respect other country.

      • joshmale2004

        I’m sorry but I don’t see any correlation between diplomacy and justice. If you want them freed, do it the right way that will not compromise implementation of our justice system. Charge them first in court, prosecute and then get a judgment. If found guilty, then that’s the time you grant them clemency. But wait for their government to initiate the request for clemency after the guilty verdict before granting. That will earn us more respect from other countries.

      • nicosan fopalan

        parang di nag iisip ng matino tong tao na to… know the word “PRECEDENCE”

      • Johnny

        Mukhang nasobrahan ng soap opera. Inspired ng soap opera ang outlook nila sa buhay. Magmasid naman kayo ng mga totoong nangyayari. zzzzz

      • Johnny

        This is not the whole world works – and definitely not for hard-headed Chinese government. Just to add, it can be viewed by some as weakness or fear. They may also think that it’s easy to get away if you do something bad in the Philippines or to a Filipino…it may escalate to something really, really bad. Its best to nip it in the bud now, than let it continue.

      • BatangSingapore

        ulul sinungaling dami rin tanga sumakay sa lohika mo. uulitin ko tignan mo muna sa mapa kung asan yun tubataha at tsaka ka mag bigay ng lohika mo. tungaw.

    • Johnny

      Obviously you are comparing apple and orange.

      Read joshmale2004’s comments carefully.

    • ThudOthwacker

      LOL Sabah- Sultanate of Sulu is part of the Philippine. Illegally occupied by the Malayu. Who signed the Manila accord. To bring Sabah for ICJ arbitration. But the Malayu government had been dragging its feet on their promise ever since.

      Malayu needs to learn civility in the modern world.

    • BatangSingapore

      ang tanga mo talaga. tignan mo asan yun tubataha bago ka magsabi ng napaka bobo mo lohika.

      may pa english english kapa at 101 101 e bugok ka naman hahhahahahha.

      hanapin mo muna at tignan maigi asan ang tubataha ha. baka kala mo nasa west phil sea yan. hahahhahahahha,

  • Guest

    Amidst reports that aChinese fishing vessel had run aground in Tubbataha Reef, Team P-Noy senatorialbet Jamby Madrigal yesterday called for tighter security measures around the UNESCO World Heritage site.

  • $14334231

    in the long run, these chinese fishermen wll be released to the chinese embassy here…reparations would be accepted, amount notwithstanding….we have to remember; president balut-pnoy’s ancestry were chinese….as they say….blood is thicker than water… and so it goes……

  • sondo1968

    tandaan nyo ang mga intsik na yan ilan na binitay na pinoy sa bansa nila, magsama sama kayong mga animal kayo kung pakakawalan nyo mga intsik na yan

  • CmdrAdobo

    should be punished according to the law. if we dont have law for that then let them go.

  • Sollie Sinson

    what a shame to the chinese

  • antonio bandila

    I’m pretty sure that the PH govt should not release or give in to the pressure of the chinky eyed people in the north, when we ask for the stay of execution of Filipino drug mule in their country, they did not listen to our plea, instead proceeded with the execution. It is high time that the PH govt show those chinky eyed people that we also have a law that their peoples have violated and they have to be dealt with accordingly. Throw them in jail, so they will not toy with us, in the first place their reasoning is a big crap of lie.


  • $26791673

    put them all in jail including the envoys then burn the ship. end of story.

  • Kizaru Taisho

    fined them 50 million dollars each plus damage to the reef and chop-chop/scrap their vessel!

  • Gloria Wheelchairroyo

    Bulukin mga intsik na yan sa kulungan dahil ganyan ang gagawin ng mga yan sa mga Pinoy kapag tayo naman ang nahuli ng Poaching. Walang awa sila magbitay ng mga Pinoy kaya dapat ganun din tayo.

  • TulisangDagat

    ignorance of the sea what are they doing 1600 hundred kilometers away from china just fishing …feed them to the sharks…………

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    kung ang US nagbayad ng milyones….

    dapat ang china man magbayad ng milyones….

  • Mac Donniel

    It is a big insult to a Filipino people. That fishermen shows how big heads they have for having big balls entering to Philippines’ territory.



  • Guest

    Sabi ni Jamby Madrigal dapat bantayan mabuti ng Philippine Navy ang Tubbataha Reefs para daw hindi mapasok ng mga intruders.

  • randyaltarejos

    It is self-explanatory. The high-handed attitude of two Chinese Embassy officials who initiated moves for the release of the 12 Chinese poachers could be misinterpreted as another bargain for China’s generous loans to the Philippines. However, the question that lingers in my mind as the issue on grounding cropped up again, after the USS Guardian ran aground last month, focuses on whether the fishing vessel was spying on the Philippines? Could it be possible that they may have illegally encroached on Philippine territory to assert its earlier position that the whole of the South China Sea belongs to China? Hope not.

  • Guest

    May malasakit talagasa kalikasan si Jamby Madrigal kasi Siya ang principal author of the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park Act of 2009.

  • MaySenseBa

    Tubbataha Management Office..mabuhay kayo! Balls and dignity, that is what you guys have. Thanks for standing up to these bullies.

  • Simoun Magaalahas

    Hindi sapat ang makulong lang ng 12 years, dapat diyan ay bitayin para hindi na pamarisan ng mga ibang dayuhan lalo na ang mga intsik…

  • Romy Mandinggin

    The full force of Philippine Laws must be applied no more no less !! Remember the executed Filipino drug couriers !! They were meted the full force of Chinese Laws, hence it is only that the full force of Philippine Laws be exacted on

    • $14334231

      the problem is we don’t have death penalty….maybe they should be given life imprisonment…..

  • m1600

    Those who were apprehended do not look like fisherman but Intel operatives . why they have that amount of money (dollars) in their possession. ?

  • repapips

    lagi na lang nahuhuli ang mga intsik na yan sa philippine waters tapos forgive and forget? ulul sila!

  • Pepe Mayagimat

    Sana lumaganap pa ang Avian Flu/Bird Flu sa China, para, you know, maubos na silang lahat. Sana mamatay na lahat ng mga intsik. Please Lord hear my prayer. Thank you.

  • Pepe Mayagimat

    sana lumaganap pa ang Avian Flu/Bird flu sa China, sa China lang ha? Para mamatay na lahat ng intsik. Oh please, Lord hear my prayer. Sana po mamatay na lahat ng intsik. Thank you, amen.

  • Danny Bravo

    lahat ng alied ng evil or allien ay hindi gagawa ng mabuti

  • jorgii0550

    China is now demanding that the Philippines has to make sure that their fisherman have more rights than they would in China?

  • Dawn Dare

    Charge them with espionage.

  • Handiong_Haringmakabayan

    It seems fishermen or poachers they are, I might let them go after they pay the fines, file an apology, and promise not to go there ever again. What really complicates this is their utterly shameless gall to try and bribe our enforcers which is downright demeaning, degrading, and insulting. I say slap them with charges and, if they’re found guilty, let them absorb the maximum punishment of the law.

  • STYX21

    Bulukin sa bilangguan ang mga yan at bitayin ng patiwarik ang dalawang opisyal ng Chinese embassy na magsabi ng “forgive and forget” para malaman nila.

  • DGuardian

    Sinadya ang pagpasok hanggang north atoll ng fishing boat na bukod sa napakalaki ay steel pa kaya’t para na rin silang nag-heavy bottom trawling sa Tubbataha tulad nang ginawa nila sa Panatag Shoal. Winawasak ang anumang nasa seabed ng heavy bottom trawling kaya’t nasira nang husto ang mga corals at nangamatay ang mga marine species doon. May basbas ito ng gobyerno ng Tsina para lalong magiba ang ating World Heritage Site na labis na kinaiingitan ng Tsina. Kung pagpo-poach lang ang sadya ng mga ito, dapat ay sa malayo sa dalawang atolls ng Tubbataha sila humimpil at manguha ng mga yamang dagat, subali’t sinadya talaga nilang pasukin at isadsad hanggang north atoll ang boat para malawak ang kanilang mawasak na area. Dapat ay ikulong sila ng 30 taon at pagbayarin ng tig-isang milyong dolyar bawat isa sa malicious intent bukod pa sa exemplary damages na dapat singilin collectively ng 30 milyong dolyar. Kaya’t 42 million dollars na lahat ang bayad bukod pa sa pagkakakulong. Napakamura pa nga iyon dahil walang katumbas na halaga sa pera o yaman ang Tubbataha.

  • Azniro Onaici

    Don’t easily forget about our Phil national who was put to death in China in spite of our request for light sentence.

  • dikoy321

    Forgive & Forget ? The Chinese MUST first FORGET Scarborough Shoal, which is NOT theirs anyway, and vacate the place !! Did the Chinese bend their RULES when they killed the Filipino who got caught as drug courier ???
    LET the Laws take its course also ! DO NOT BOW to ABUSIVE & BULLYING China !
    Give those Chinese poachers the HARSHEST Jail terms and Penalties, the German way, DOUBLE or TRIPLE, so they will REMEMBER to NOT anymore necroach on Philippine sovereignty !
    If the Law says, 12-20 yrs, GIVE them 40 YEARS ! … Hard Labor too !
    Lying Chinese !!!
    The Philippines is a SOVEREIGN NATION, not a Chinese Puppet !!!
    Forward Philippines !!!

  • dikoy321

    Views from Germany:

    I agree with the P-Noy gov’t treating the US navy case, an ally and FULLY COOPERATING with us, willing to make amends and pay due PENALTIES differrently as these Chinese thieves who came to STEAL from our National Treasure !

    Could you imagine an UNFRIENDLY neighbor coming to STEAL your most VALUABLE TREASURE? That’s China !

    Imagine a very good friend and ally, authorized by you to pass by your backyard and ACCIDENTALLY (by mistake or human error) damages your most VALUABLE TREASURE ?

    Prosecute the one who WANTED to STEAL your most VALUABLE TREASURE and seek DAMAGES from the one who commited a BLUNDER !
    German Laws are HARSH and VERY COSTLY ! Paying them will make you REMEMBER to NOT EVER REPEAT your MISTAKE !
    Quick Justice and the HARSHEST?HEAVIEST FINES and JAIL TERMS to these Chinese THIEVES/POACHERS !
    Only this way will the International Body of Nations RECOGNIZE the Philippines as a SOVEREIGN COUNTRY … ACTING on its OWN, not upon the DICTATES of an ABUSIVE and BULLY C H I N A !
    Wake UP Philippines and let our Philippine LAWs take its COURSE, no more nice treatment of Chinese Poachers & Thieves !
    Let them ROT in Jail for their CRIMINAL ACTS, even if the Chinese leader comes over to Palawan to ask for FORGIVENESS !
    When the Philippines BENDS to Blackmail, we become the LAUGHING STOCK of other nations !
    Forward Philippines, your CHANCE has COME !!!

  • playamoth

    Yung mga makakaliwa ang advance party ng China kasi kaya hindi sila nagpro-protesta. Infiltrated na tayo ng mga tsino, mayroong tunay na tsino at mga Pilipinong magaling manggulo at mag-ingay

  • Moymoy

    They are no fishermen, they are Chinese navies. Spying. They should be beheaded or thrown into shark-infested waters. Kakapal ng mukha nung dalawang diplomat kuno. Palibhasa Intsik!!! PWE!!! Pakyu all Mainlanders!!!

  • Charles Lynel F. Joven

    pag naka-escape pa tong mga filthy mainland bastards na ito…..mukhang tanga na talaga tayong mga Pinoy!!!…jail these A-holes for decades..!

  • Philipmon

    We still remember our Kababayans that was put to death in China because of crime.

    Please enforce Philippine laws on these Chinese fishermen who committed a crime.

  • jpastor

    If the Chinese are to be arraigned and jailed if found guilty, these goes too to the Americans.

  • JosengSisiw1

    Chinese navy will invade wescom and will rescue these fishermen? chinese president promised yesterday that he will make all the area claimed by china safe for their fishermen. This case is a big challenge to xi jinping!

  • Abdul Rashid

    These Chinese intrusion must be handled with caution. Since they are not fishermen, there are only two possibilities. 1.. They are illigal aliens trying to merge into our general population after reaching a resort in Dapitan City their papers are processed. These form of human smuggling is not new here in Mindanao. Convicted rapist congressman Jalosjos used to do this kind of trade. 2. They could be spies adding up to the number in Quiapo, Binondo and all over the Philippines. Now believe the Chinese are really coming.

  • axe musk



  • Charles Lynel F. Joven

    if you rellease this yellow mainland A-holes, the’yll come swarming to the Tubbataha reef like locusts..

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Did the coast guard and the navy meticulously check every inch of that fishing boat? Probably a spy ship or drug smugglers.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Hail to the Marine Park Management and staffs for refusing the communist bribes.

  • boldyak

    this chinese vessel surely brought arms to the NPA’s….these chinese mo—er f…kers want Philippines to be in turmoil just like the Malaysians do…

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