Aquino still hoping for 12-0 win in May polls


A month before voters go to the polls, President Aquino remains confident of a 12-0 win for his senatorial ticket.

“That’s what we’re working on, if that’s possible,” the President told reporters on Wednesday after groundbreaking rites for a P215-million upgrade project for the Roxas City airport.

Aquino, who is barnstorming across urban centers to pitch for his handpicked senatorial candidates, declined to disclose his team’s strategy so the opposition would not be able to respond with countermeasures.

Nine of his candidates have consistently landed in the top 12 in preelections polls, including junior politician Grace Poe and the President’s cousin Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV.

But the veterans on his team, former Senators Ramon Magsaysay Jr. and Jamby Madrigal and former party-list Rep. Risa Hontiveros, are having difficulty getting voters to give them the time of day.

Aquino, however, acknowledged that the job of ensuring a sweep by the coalition candidates—and a shutout of the opposition—lay with the electorate.

“We’re appealing to our bosses, our countrymen. If they’re seeing the real change right now, our proposal is that these 12 candidates will help speed up this change in the country,” he said.

‘Who’s my boss?’

In a political rally later in the day in Passi City, Iloilo province, where he endorsed the senatorial and local candidates of his administration, the President took a jab at the opposition.

“Someone from the other camp said that pursuit of the straight path (his administration’s theme that means good government) is not enough. That means we’re not treading the right path, isn’t that right? If they know a straighter path, why didn’t they propose it? Why should they wait for 2016 before they share it with us? The truth is, they really don’t know the right path, and they’re only riding on our campaign for the straight path,” the President said.

Aquino reiterated that his administration’s strength depends on the people.

“Somebody asked: Is 12-0 doable? I’ve said this from the start. Who has been my strength? You. Who’s my boss? You. Who do I follow? You. So where the country goes, that’s your decision,” he said.

“If you’re happy with our work in the past two years and 10 months, that’s just the start,” he said.

The results, he added, can be speeded up only by voting for the Team PNoy candidates.

Two kinds of pols

Aquino told the Passi voters that there are only two kinds of candidates to choose from: the true public servants and the self-centered politicians.

“Our appeal to you: Choose the righteous treading the right path. Team PNoy in the Senate and our allies in your local government,” he said, adding his candidates would ensure that budgets for social and health services this year would not go to waste.

He then spoke about the government’s various projects in the province.

Not exempt from law

After that Aquino said his administration’s candidates were not exempt from the law penalizing vote-buying.

“Being a member of the (Liberal Party) doesn’t exempt you from the law. But at the same time our own law says ‘presumption of innocence until proven guilty,”’ he said, adding that the opposition should bring charges if it has evidence against any of the administration candidates. “This will not be tolerated,” he said.

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    Go Team Pnoy!

    Junk the United Nakaw Alliance!

  • gisingpinas

    Gordon, Maceda, Aquino, Angara, Casino, Hagedorn, Villanueva, delos reyes, alcantara. Winning combination

    • maximaT91

      Mismo! Kaya nga wala siyang lovelife ngayon kasi puro trabaho na lang
      ang inaatupag niya, yan ay para sa mga Pinoy at sa bayan.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Aquino still hoping for 12-0 win in May polls.

    In short, Aquino will cheat in May polls.

    • lolo_Jose

      hE dont need to cheat..learned electorate will choose PNOY’s ” straight path”…

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        dream on.

      • acaldejr

        Your user name alone shows what kind of mentality you got. Crab mentality.

    • sanjuan683

      Ibig mo sabihin gagawin niya yun sinabi ni GMA 12-0, hoy pork drillon baka mandaya yan Abnoy na kasama mo.

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Tama, bababuyin ni Baboy Drilon at ni Bonjing PNoy ang May election.

  • lolo_Jose


    • regd

      Walang sweep, mananalo sa pusta ang esmi ko kung nagkataon.

      11-1 ok. Si Gordon lang ang pwede. BUTASIN ANG SWEEP!

      Sensya na sa mga igan na LP. PEACE.

  • Concur_Dissent

    vote anyone from UNA except, enrile, binay, estrada, maceda, gordon, m. magsaysay, zubiri, honasan and T cojuangco….

    • acaldejr

      Walang natira sa UNA mo kung ganon. Straight LP ka na kung ganyan. Ha ha…

  • farmerpo

    Yessssssssss, vote against UNA….Team Pinoy or independents. UNA huli.


    Wala naman bayad ang mangarap…! huwag makasiguro…ha ha ha !
    ano yan ..BINGO..?…Letra ng… P….12…! ha ha ha ! wala naman …”P”…Hilo na yata ako…!

  • XY ZEE

    Go Team Malaysia.

    • speaksoftlylove

      Tamangtama yang pangangampanya ni PNoy sa Capiz. Maraming “flying voters” doon, Mga mananaggal, mangkukulam at iba pa.

  • Guest

    Ibinubuhos na Pnoy ang lahat ng oras niya para sa pag-sasaayos na bansa.
    Let’s give him a round of applause.

    • speaksoftlylove

      Pangangampanya ay pagsasaayos ng bansa? Kulang ka lang sa dosage tsong. Sira ulo lang ang maniniwalang mananalo sa eleksyon ng 12-0 ang Team Malisya.

      • common_juan

        your correct! baka nga sumobra sa droga mga ulupong nato e. hehe.

    • common_juan

      yeah right…telll that to the abnoys!

  • Benigno the Turd

    Isn’t advocating 12-0 an election offense? Or does that only apply if its GMA?

    • speaksoftlylove

      I think it’s not an advocacy.

      Believing a fantasy to become a reality is simply out of this world and only shows the mental condition of the believer. it’s not even hallucination. It’s more on delusions of grandeur.

    • joshmale2004

      Advocating a 12-0 is not an election offense. Ordering comelec to deliver 12-0 is an offense after 2010.

  • Guest

    Jamby, once elected, will continue her crusade against corruption which is also the battlecry of President Aquino III.

  • Noriel Bernabe

    reasons why people are happy under noy’s govt.

    – unemployment rate increased by almost a million despite of gdp “growth”
    – More than 1 billion was loss because of the unaccounted CCT
    – 32 billion pesos estimated loss revenue due to rice smuggling
    -30 to 40 billion loss due to oil smuggling
    – P3.6 billion in loss revenue due to missing container vans
    -the much vaunted PPP has no project to show off after three years
    -philippines lags compared to other ASEAN nation when it comes to FDI
    -Recent study showed corruption perception in the government is high hampering economic growth
    -2011 Philippines was named as worse country for investors (East ASIA)
    -Many people from Mindanao were killed by flood due to cancellations of existing flood projects under noy’s admin
    -5 million and 30 million were donated by noynoy to MILF and ABB this happened after MILF ambused our soldiers in mindanao.

    -International organization denounced this administration for the increased in human rights violation and yet no one is apprehended or prosecuted.

    -Crime rate increased to 36%.

    -Noy’s vaunted centerpiece PPP Project has no takers until now and still hibernating after 3 years’

    – CCT scam per findings of a COA Audit Report . The investors are adopting and wait and see attitude mainly due to noynoy’s unwarranted cancellation of existing projects entered by past admin.

    The philippine government grew complacent over the years to create adequate job opportunities locally. This pave the way for filipinos to seek jobs abroad. The filipino diaspora has been happening decades past to present.

    Our population has been growing tremendously but the government has been consistent in creating miniscule jobs for the growing workforce. Also, the government for decades have supported the migration of our compatriots. Considering the vast numbers of OFWs around the globe, this has resulted to billion dollar remittances coming from the OFWs. This has kept our economy afloat notwithstanding the global financial crisis and slowing down of major economies.

    No administration has proved to be effective in exploiting the opportunity to place the philippine economy at the frontline of ASIAN Economic Tigers. We have the potential but have elected the wrong leaders to lead us to prosperity.

    • jiovi

      boss,tanong ko lang magkano ang bigayan at kanino pde mag apply ng trabaho katulad sa iyo?

      • Allen Douglas

        Punta ka lang at magtanong sa opisina ng Malacanang Communication Group ni Carandang, malaki budget dyan…..

  • Guest

    Kung corruption ang pag-uusapan, well maaasahan natin
    diyan si Jamby Madrigal, yan kaso ang advocacy niya.

    • sanjuan683

      hehehehe eh ikaw na lang ang umasa kay Jamby, ako ayoko baka lalu lumaki ang ayala alabang tulad ng paglaki ng mga subdivision ni Villar. Influence and power naman maliwanag ang habol ng mga iyan, hindi para sa kapakanan ng nakakaraming hanep talaga ang style ninyo bulok.

      • Guest

        sabi mo eh

    • nakatutok

      Tibo ka siguro kaya kandidato mo si JAmby..saan na yung French(wo)man na “pinakasalan”niya???

  • PH2011

    Former President Cory Aquino+ made it 23-1 in favor of the administration during the 1st Senatorial Election after 1986 EDSA Revolution.

    On the last day of 1987 election campaign, President Cory’s appealed to Filipino voters to include on their list Victor Ziga and Santanina Razul (a descendant of Sultan of Sulu) who are trailing outside the magic 24 survey.The people responded … the result 23-1. Outlodging only one administration candidate,Art Defensor.

    Ironically, that (1) one lone opposition gave her administration, and Filipino people major, major problems. Not on the Senate floor, but thru internal armed struggle , ravaged Philippine economy by the help of his former bodyguard (who later became a Senator) thru a series of Coup d’tat that swayed away Multi National investors. The rest is history. A fatal mistake of the Filipino voters.

    We should learn from history. Let’s heed t o the call of the current President Noy.

    Let’s vote 12-0 in favor of the administration.

    Make no mistake. Let’s not include another Juan and Gregorio in our list.

    • Noriel Bernabe


      – 816 Desaparecidos
      – 1.2 million victims of dislocations due to military operations
      – 135 cases of massacres
      – 1,064 victims of summary executions
      -20,523 victims of illegal arrest and detention.

      • PH2011

        your data is correct. It’s now just a page of Philippine history…just like Hitler
        Auscwitz Holocaust.

        For the sake
        of argument, do you have data during Marcos 20+ years in Power? 9 years in power of GMA ? FVR?…and
        the current administration.

        Your data (again assuming correct) happened 20 + years ago. In the absence of Celphones, SMS, internet and social media (including our opportunity to blog).

        Time change…that
        wont happened again, we learned, and let’s all move on.

      • jiovi


      • sanjuan683

        hehehehe eh para din si Nancy Binay yan si Cory mo walang kaalam-alam sa panunungkulan pwe!!!!! walang experience malinaw naman yun di ba, kailangan pa ba ipaunawa sa iyo yan. Huag ka bobo sa sariling mo bayan. hahahahahaha

      • jiovi

        sa sarili mong bayan? ano ibig mo sabihin?

        basahin mo ang sinabi mong mabuti, malalaman mo kung gaano ka kabobo…

        si cory pinilit tumakbo para ibagsak ang diktadura,,, si nancy gusto tumakbo para magkaron ng diktadura , TANGA!

      • Albert Einstien

        PITIFUL.kaw ha…mag-basa ka kasi nasa INTERNET, HISTORY BOOKS at NEWS lahat yan….sabi nga ni pangilinan..EDUCATION is our true wealth…

      • Albert Einstien

        “The opinion of 10,000 men is of no value if none of them know
        anything about the subject.”– Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor from 121-180 A.D.

        1987 SPRATLY-cory aquino allowed entry of china in spratly islands..and
        in 1988 went to her RELATIVES in china & celebrated with them instead of
        DEFENDNG or filng a protest against china intrusion…and in 1988 ENTRY of chinese WARSHIP in our territory and established outpost there….NOW they are claming the WHOLE SCS……cory said 1988 in CHINA
        “I am the President, but I am also the daughter of Hongjian Village” ( news item )………………

        CORY was merely an accidental president USA wanted originally RAMOS to be the next caretaker president….in 1983 when aquino died ( NINOY rumoured as CIA agent ) CIA was infuriated SUDDENLY ( cover story ) foreign banks stopped granting loans to the Philippine government & AMERICAN INVESTMENTS withdrwn…FDI’s stop coming in….” the state, Defense. CIA. Everybody wanted to bring him down. But Reagan, they had a close personal relationship,” MARCOS won “With the election,
        a lot of people felt that he lost. You know, he won. In my view, he really
        won,” Ongpin said ………………………….

        NOW are you WONDERING why for the FIRST TIME in ANALS of WORLD HISTORY a so called REVOLUTION is BLOODLESS? ..because it is NOT
        a revolution it is a DESIGN with FOREIGN ARCHITECTS..the LANDSCAPE is DEUTERIUM…in fact during SNAP election marcos won over cory he got 10.8 million votes while cory ONLY got 9.2 million votes ….who says marcos cheated….. namfrel & technicians.. but who handled them ? who feeds them the data ?…. why US senator LUGAR & 44 americans were here during elections ? election OBSERVERS or more than observers.. ? MARCOS was a victim of ECONOMIC assassins………………….

        CORY RELEASED ALL ENEMIES of the state …now they are demanding their own territories ( milf ) & asking joint governance with rp govt ( cpp-npa )& assured MALAYSIA PM MAHATIR in NOVEMBER 1987 that sabah issue is a NON-ISSUE which she DID & NOTHING HAPPENed on our SABAH claim during her ENTIRE TERM

        TAMA na ang PANLILINLANG for 27 years….they cant change HISTORY no MATTER how much DISTORTING they would like to window dress it….

        like what ninoy did to the COUNTRY by exposing the govt secret claim of sabah in 1968…from 1968 to 1986 the beginning & finalization of PHILIPPINE
        degredation to the ABYSS of POVERTY & 2013..just look around sans the propaganda & paid surveys..just compare criminality, poverty, unemployment & prices of everything from 1986 to present..the AQUINOS promises for 27 years for progress, peace & prosperity are ALL LIES & they put us in this dire situation ….so sad…

      • PH2011

        The opinion
        of ONE man is of no value, if the Aquino
        family is singled out in the political problems that besiege our country.

        A lopsided
        opinion, criticize Marcos, GMA, FVR and Erap for their flaws too. A non-politically inclined or partisan opinion. Then let the Filipino people judge.

        The real Einstein, do not criticize but solve
        and recommend solutions.

        His famous words, ”
        Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity”.

      • Albert Einstien

        OK as you wished let’s look at GMA & MARCOS LEGACIES ..the most hated presidents by yellow historians, KKKs & yellow media…

        BENHAM RISE new Philippine territory 250 km wide –GMA LEGACY

        Despite its proximity to the archipelago, the plateau was previously not included in the territory of the Philippine Islands. On 8 April 2009 ( GMA govt. filed the claim to UN now we owned it.. eventually our history & after the political vendettas ….legislature might rename the benham rise to GMA rise to give honor to its finder/claimant .. ).The Philippines may soon be able to provide its own energy through Benham Rise, an underwater ridge to the east of Luzon which is believed to have mineral and gas deposits. The Philippines claim over Benham Rise is “very relevant” because scientific surveys indicate minerals and natural gas in the area. Solidified methane was found during mapping activities and the
        “probability is very high” there are oil deposits. There may be more
        natural gas than oil, and is considered better because it is cleaner.

        Benham Rise, which is bigger than Luzon, Samar, and Leyte combined claimed by GMA for the Philippines

        GREATEST of them ALL- “ DEUTERIUM the Gift of Nature “- MARCOS LEGACY

        “the Philippines trench has the LARGEST DEPOSIT of deuterium with 868 mile long 52 mile wide “

        If the superpowers ALLOWED marcos to continue his governance & he produced deuterium.. in 1981-83…our INITIAL production output is 12 million barrels a day multiply it by $7 per barrel ..that is $ 31 billon already ( now it $62 billion at a minimum…by $7 a barrel ( 1981-83 ) ..but ..OIL now is 90-97 per barrel already….the estimate then per year if we price it by oil price TODAY is close to $ 700 billion a year & it is an UNLIMITED RESOURCE…… ) JUST
        FEW MONTHS TIME we are FREED from poverty..

        MARCOS was a victim of ECONOMIC HITMEN…the SHARING AGREEMENT is so DISADVANTAGEOUS to the FILIPINO people that is why MARCOS made a PATRIOTIC stand against the
        interest of SUPERPOWER..MARCOS wanted a SHARING AGREEMENT of 80% to RP & 20% to INVESTORS & they will buy it at MARKET PRICE……while the superpowers want a 40-40-20 agreement & at same time the INVESTORS will be buying the
        deuterium at almost 60% of the Fair market price….HOWEVER they TOPPLED marcos in feb.25, 1986 their cover story is BLOODLESS REVOLUTION…..

        MY PROPOSAL : We can produce & extract DEUTERIUM

        for FREE…. there is no need for 40/40/20 , 50/30/20 or 80-20 sharing .ALL we have to do is OFFER the investor group of allied nations/multinational corps. ( either NATO or BRICS ) the ” RIGHT to BUY ” a small portion of daily production ..or a 10% DISCOUNT of daily price per barrel …so that the resource can be fully utilized by the world.

        Imagine the Philippine DEUTERIUM will power the WORLD…every city will be having a SAFE nuclear powered electricity plants in middle of urban cities.. We will be at the forefront of human evolution, space exploration, science & technology…WE will POWER the world & we will FEED the world… DESTINY is already knocking for us…embrace it!….. : > )

        Any country/alliances ( nato or brics ) who controls the production of deuterium will control space. .any country/alliances who controls space will dictate the destiny of earth…that is how lucky we are..

        Now is the future fact they are mining helium-3 from outer space ( esp. moon ).The use of helium-3 and deuterium as the fuels in “aneutronic” (power without neutrons) fusion reactors. The involved nuclear reaction here when helium-3 and deuterium fuse creates normal helium and a proton, which wastes less energy and is easier
        to contain. Nuclear fusion reactors using helium-3 could therefore provide a highly efficient form of nuclear power with virtually no waste and no radiation. can be built in urban cities..

        Speaking of helium-3, it is quite noteworthy to point out that one ton of the rare isotope costs $4 billion . But what is the value of helium-3 without deuterium? any aspect of future space programs DEUTERIUM which the Philippines great wealth is indispensable…our country will be the richest country in the WORLD by 2050….be patriotic save the future… : > )

        If we allow production even for just a portion of this natural deposit… the Philippines will already become a first world country.. what more if we produce a quarter of it… Deuterium has several commercial and scientific uses today. It has become much more than the heavy water many countries sought after during World War II.Deuterium, a form of concentrated hydrogen, is used in the production of natural gas now utilized in Canada, America, Germany and Sweden, to provide fuel for cars, trucks , jet planes, & deuterium fuel for fusion reactors.”Deuterium can replace gasoline, (liquefied petroleum gas), (liquefied natural gas), Avgas, etc. in powering all types of internal combustion engines including maybe SPACE ships of the future & can be use in space explorations…. It does not emit pollutants or any harmful carbon monoxide and does not cause any environmental problems because it is in the water family. We can build electric nuclear plants in the middle of the URBAN cities of the world ! we will power & feed the world at the same time. Just imagine the philippines at the forefront of human evolution, science , technology & space exploration

        The GOOD news is we have UNLIMITED deposit of it!

        RP potential LOST of territories: MINIMUM est. $50 trillion dollar$

        NINOY divulged SECRET PLAN of MARCOS to claim SABAH..

        .”Every year the Federal Government of malaysia collected various taxes from Sabah to the tune of RM20 billion and this does not yet include the oil revenue derived from Sabah,,” .
        Chief Minister said the SABAH State chipped in about 26.9 per cent of the MALAYSIA overall crude oil output, which totaled more than 637,000 drums daily…a .territory & sovereignty of the RP…
        SABAH… It has the potential to produce 1 million barrels of oil a day,” “The estimated reserves from the present Sabah oilfields is 1.4 billion barrels of oil and 7.7 trillion scf of gas.” …

        CORY. allowed entry of CHINA in spratly’s

        CORY ALLOWED CHINA intrusion in 1987 to our Kagitingan Reef then ..they are NOW CLAIMING the whole SCS. The Geology and Mineral Resources Ministry of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has estimated that the Spratly area holds oil and natural gas reserves of 17.7 billion tons (1.60 × 1010 kg), as compared to the 13 billion tons (1.17 × 1010 kg) held by Kuwait, placing it as the fourth largest reserve bed in the world

        In early February 1988, the China Construction
        forces launched the construction of NO.74 ocean observatory on”Kagitingan Reef” . To guarantee the security of the establishment of the station site from 18 January to 14 March 1988, the South China Sea Fleet entered the Spratly Islands.
        then AFTER china established structures in SPRATLY ….cory INSTEAD of PROTESTING & sending the NAVY….she choose to go & celebrate with her relatives in CHINA……and said “I am the President, but I am also the daughter of Hongjian Village” ( news item )

        we have .$26.3-Trillion Oil Reserves ..Country’s Untapped Deposits
        Mostly In Spratlys Philippines News Agency April 25, 2012, MANILA, Philippines-The Philippines is “sitting on a mountain of gold,” with untapped hydrocarbon deposits estimated at $26.3 trillion, mostly found in the disputed SPRATLY..chain of islands, more than enough to free the country from the shackles of poverty.

        Chinese officials have given the most optimistic estimates of resource wealth in the area. According to figures quoted by the US Energy Information Administration, one Chinese estimate puts possible oil reserves as high as 213 billion barrels – 10 times the proven reserves of the US. and..According to the EIA, the real wealth of the area may well be natural gas reserves. Estimates say the area holds about 900 trillion cubic ft (25 trillion cubic m) – the same as the proven reserves of Qatar.( bbc news )

        PNOY – panatag compromise…

        china established a government for spratly, panatag & other island groups…… they call it Sansha …it has has equal administrative status to a prefecture-level city, and was created ONLY on 24 July 2012…. after the pnoy-trillanes backdoor secret negotiation with china ( started in april 2012) .


        GMA & MARCOS LEGACIE$ ….RP will EARN THOUSANDs of TRILLION of DOLLAR$..lest the potential LOST of $50 trillion dollar$ due to ACTIONS by NINOY, INACTION of CORY & compromise of PNOY…..NOW do the PATRIOTIC MATH….

      • Albert Einstien

        ERAP LEGACY .EVEN for a very short period of presidency ..31 months from June 30, 1998 to January 20, 2001….he ALREADY defeated the MILF rebels….. …taken away all their territories ……but NOW pnoy is GIVING & BEQUEATHING them NOT ONLY their CAPTURED territories by erap govt but EXPANDED it to the WILDEST imagination…it’s NOT EVEN within his POWER to give it away..

        FVR LEGACY….He quickly led the nation out of darkness in 1993, putting an end to the power crisis that crippled Filipino homes and industries for two years…CORY time RP is in TOTAL DARKNESS due ROTATING brownouts…NOW..again time of PNOY ..RP mindanao is in TOTAL DARKNESS..with 7 to 8 hours ROTATING BROWNOUTS…

        The Philippine economy recovered dramatically from CRISIS during the years 1993-1997..CRISIS BROUGHT by CORY’ NEGATIVE GDP’s….in 1991 & 1992..

        While communist insurgency dwindled to historic lows, he achieved a peace agreement with military rebels and the secessionist Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) for which he won for the Philippines the coveted 1997 UNESCO Peace Award — the first for Asians..NOW PNOY is trying to duplicate this by entering to MALAYSIA/MILF unpatriotic compromise….even if their DEMANDS are can be seen in their FRAMEWORK compromise ITSELF…so sad..

      • PH2011

        Well, you failed to define
        the meaning of word criticism, your blinded by your political affiliations and/or hatred to the Aquino family. ZTE Scam blogger can define it for you.

        Anyway, i’ll make a brief response
        of your litany to some basic issues:

        BERNHAM RISE, yes its
        commendable accomplishment, but it’s on
        the other side of the country. It will be a more significant accomplishment if she filed earlier to UN the other side, (Spratly Islands). Please note, it was just recently, that Aquino administration filed its claim/absolute ownership of
        the area to UNCLOS in response to China aggression
        ( why not then, Marcos, GMA, ERAP time).

        Beside, Bernham Rise is directly below the typhoon path and borders the ring of fire. In my opinion, no crazy multi national investor will put up a multi million dollars deep rigs, just to be devastated by a powerful typhoon or earthquake in just a matter of hours. The extraction need foreign expertise and funding (same with Deuterium ).

        NINOY divulged SECRET PLAN
        of MARCOS to claim SABAH.

        If the operation Merdeka that lead to Jabidah massacre is true ( not a myth). Marcos should have tried another plan, another option. Remember, he’s in power for more than 20+years?Probably, he’s not interested….or US not
        inclined to the proposal to invade Sabah ( by that time US Subic / Clark Base etc still in the country).

      • Albert Einstien

        HA HA patawa CREDIT GRABBING…talaga si pnoy pati mga ZOMBIES nya….anong political affiliations pinagsasabi mo po..TRUE HISTORY lang po yan….kaya nga GINAMIT ni GMA yun BENHAM RISE CLAIM strategy para mag-KAROON ng PRECEDENT ang LAHAT NG claims NATIN SA BOUNG palibot NG pilipinas….ngayon tali na ang UN…BENHAM rise RULING ngayon ang mag-prevail …sa INT’L LAW kaya TAKOT na TAKOT ang CHINA at MALAYSIA…pag me i-FILE ang RP……nakapagtaka si PNOY bakit ayaw pa nya I-FILE ang SABAH CLAIM e ginawan na nga ng DAAN ni GMA.. me PRECEDENT na nga..kung HINDI pa nagalit mga TAO..yung UN CLAIM sa china hindi pa i-file NAPILITAN sya..kaya ganyan din ang ginagawa ng SULTANATE at SABAH proponents ..kelangan laksan pa nila ang PROTESTA nila para i-file na ang SABAH CLAIM….

        On 8 April 2009 GMA govt. filed the claim to UN now we owned it.. eventually our history & after the political vendettas ….legislature might rename the benham rise to GMA rise to give honor to its finder/claimant .. ), the Republic of the Philippines lodged a partial territorial waters claim with the United Nations Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf in relation to the continental shelf in the region of Benham Rise. The UN has officially approved the claim in April 2012.
        ..It’s NORMAL for UN to verify the area being claimed it usually take them 3 years time to render decision BECAUSE they WILL WAIT for ANOTHER CLAIMANT if there’s ANY… but GMA RP is the ONLY claimant of BENHAM ….


        GORDON is CORRECT PNOY MAKAPILI & LACIERDA are WRONG..the law is EXPANDED by GMA so that GMA could
        claim the NEW TERRITORY BENHAM RISE…which she did and filed it in 2009..NOT only that …….the effect of the GMA LAW is that … ALL the OIL & GAS FIELDS claimed by MALAYSIA &
        CHINA ( both spratly’s & panatag islands ) are covered by the GMA expanded TERRITORAL LAW…the BEST thing is that the UN..AKNOWLEDGED the GMA LAW by GIVING to RP the BENHAM RISE…so if WE file NOW our CLAIM for SABAH ,SPRATLY’s
        & PANATAG to UN… it will be GRANTED as WELL because there is ALREADY a PRECEDENT the BENHAM RISE of GMA which she won for the COUNTRY…

        ASIDE from VOLUMINOUS RECORDS for SABAH claim from
        ICJ,FOREIGN GOVTS, RP GOVT, CONSULTANTS & HEIRS……….. Also, Sen. Richard Gordon said Aquino might
        not only be liable for betrayal of public trust but also for culpable violation of the Constitution. “Section 2 of Republic Act No. 5446 states that, ‘The definition of the baselines of the territorial sea of the Philippine Archipelago as provided in this Act is without prejudice to the delineation of the baselines of the territorial sea around the territory of Sabah, situated in North Borneo, over which the Republic of the Philippines has acquired dominion and sovereignty,’” Gordon (I will vote this LEADER a TRUE PATRIOT,pro-active with IRON BALLS )

        EXPANDED the territorial law which include ALL GAS & OIL claimed by MALAYSIA , VIETNAM & CHINA in spratly as well as panatag islands..& BENHAM RISE..not REPEALED as MAKAPILI govt wanted to PROJECT…!!!

        By NOT CLAIMING SABAH now…..PNOY GOVT is ALLOWING & collaborating h wit MALAYSIA to ROB our GAS & OIL RESOURCES
        in south china sea..….that is why MALAYSIA will GENOCIDE anyone who will ATTEMPT to take SABAH AWAY from them…they have been robbing us for 50 years & they will SOON open another EXTRACTION of OIL & GAS in our SABAH TERRITORIAL WATERS…to OUR LOSS AGAIN.. they are DEPLETING Our RESOURCES and it seems pnoy GOVT is HAPPY about

        BENHAM RISE GMA filed the SOLE CLAIM…IN APRIL 8, 2009.. GMA legacy NOW we OWNED it…

        RA 5446 sept 18, 1968

        Section 2. The definition of the baselines of the
        territorial sea of the Philippine Archipelago as provided in this Act is
        without prejudice to the delineation of the baselines of the territorial sea around the territory of Sabah, situated in North Borneo, over which the Republic of the Philippines has acquired dominion and sovereignty.

        RA 9552 march 3, 2009

        Section 2. The baseline in the following areas over which
        the Philippines likewise exercises sovereignty and jurisdiction shall be determined as “Regime of Islands” under the Republic of the
        Philippines consistent with Article 121 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS):a) The Kalayaan Island Group as constituted under Presidential Decree No. 1596; andb) Bajo de Masinloc, also known as Scarborough Shoal.

        Section 8. The provisions of Republic Act No. 3046, as amended by Republic Act No. 5446, and all other laws, decrees, executive orders, rules and issuances inconsistent with this Act are hereby AMENDED or MODIFIED accordingly ( NOT REPEALED but EXPANDED ) .

        “No worse fate can befall a man than to be surrounded by
        traitor souls.”William S. Burroughs

        THEY are LYING to their TEETH..GRABE…nakakahiya…!!!

        Who is here so vile that will not love his
        country?William Shakespeare

  • boybakal

    Is Pnoy a candidate?
    What I read is all his plataforma in every town, every province, every city, he is always present.

    • jiovi

      boykalawang….malaki ang matitipid ng PILIPINAS kung walang UNA NA MAGNANAKAW…

  • Guest

    Maraming mga bagong kandidato sa pagka-senador. Pero bakit ka pipili ng
    bago na wala namang karanasan? Mag-Jamby, Loren legarda ka nalang, sigurado may
    magagawa sa Senado

  • pcosmachine



  • Albert Einstien

    ha ha…si GMA gusto nya rin 12-0 ng midterm IKINULONG cya NI PNOY…….HELLO brillantes nanjan pa ba si garci kung wala kahit kamukha nya pwede na……12-0 ha…

    • Guest

      Kaya nga gagamitin ng LP ang umaapaw nilang pondo para ma-attain ang
      12-0 sa Mayo. Ambunan n’yo naman ako please!

      • Guest

        Pero kung may evidence naman against vote buying ng Team PNoy, eh kasuhan n’yo an sa Comelec. Idamay nyo na si Mar Roxas and Abad.

  • Guest

    Ang balita ko, nanghingin si Alan Cayetano ng election funds kay PNoy. Pero ang kapalit nun, di niya babanatan si PNoy.

  • Guest

    Mag-Jamby o Jun Magsaysay ka na lang kesa mag-Alan Cayetano ng
    nagkukunwaring galit sa corrupt, pero siya rin naman ay corrupt, di ba?

    • Albert Einstien

      di pa nga binabalik yun KAHOY ni jpe ……ganyan ata mga german ..dapat FULLBLOOD FILIPINO ang QUALIFICATION pag SENADOR..o kaya president at vice president…PILIPINAS ito dapat full blood FILIPINO lang ang mga LIDER…kaya HINDI UMA-ASENSO ang PILIPINAS ……lol

  • 100345roselia

    For almost 3 years now, Pinoy has been bragging about his slogan “Daan Matuwid”
    or “Right Path.” Let’s examine CRITICALLY what has he done so far to address
    this PERNICIOUS SMUGGLING at the BOC headed by Biazon: 1) Rice smuggling,
    2) High-end used cars smuggling at Enrile’s Port Irene, Cagayan, and 3) Petroleum
    products smuggling worth 40 to 50 BILLION PESOS as confirmed by no less than
    the County Manager Edgar Chua of Pilipinas Shell & CEO Ramon Ang of Petron Corp, to name a few. For the NTH TIME, what has he done to solve these problems?
    Is it possible that these BIG TIME SMUGGLERS are his cronies? Is it possible that
    Pinoy has political indebtedness to these smugglers that’s why they’re untouchables?
    Now tell me, my dear internet friends: Is this “Daan Matuwid” or “Daan Baluktot?

  • Guest

    Kaya nga sa election day sa May 13, lalo pang mamumudmod ng pera ang LP
    para siguradong panalo ang mga candidates nila. Aabangan ko yaan.

  • kilabot

    tell that to the people of mindanao.
    the prince of darkness and his minions will be hit by a surprise kick.

  • Guest

    Right! LP and Mar Roxas will do everything para maipanalo ang mga senatorial candidates nila. Namimiligro kasi.

    • Guest

      Pati nga mga media, umaapaw din ang bulsa sa perang ibinabato sa kanila ng LP. Lupeeeet!

      • jiovi



  • Guest

    Naniniwala naman ako na di ito-tolerate ni President Noy yang vote buying na yan dahil taliwas yan sa sinusulong niyang tuwid na landas.

  • Moncsj Moncsj

    Isn’t one of the charges for poll manipulation on GMA anchored on a hearsay statement that she wanted her party to win 12-0 in the Maguinadanao polls? Now Pnoy is proclaiming the same thing many times over and, apparently, it is not viewed as poll manipulation!

  • sanjuan683

    Tiyak ako mga 12-0 for independent senatorial candidates ang lalabas. Dahil walang mapagpilian sa dalawang partido puro mga magnanakaw naman.

    • common_juan

      Well…ang tanong bat umaasa sya na 12-0 votes in favor with Team PNoy ang gustu nya? Tingnan natin kung anung agenda meron ang mama na ito at gustu nya sakupin na buong gobyerno ng mga alipores nya.

  • common_juan

    Why should we vote for UNA or Team PNOY? where there are other independent candidates out there waiting to genuinely serve us instead of robbing us and making false promises.

    To UNA & Team PNOY candidates, your time is up & we are fed up with you!

    • regd

      Is it that time of the month jane?

  • disqusted0fu

    Pnoy is hoping and working so hard for a 12-0 sweep by team pnoy that he is leaving behind all his duties as President of the PH. Then here he goes again with that belying “you’re my bosses” line. But really, when did the Filipino people ever become Pnoy’s bosses? He hasn’t even been doing his job as President especially ever since the campaign period has started.

  • disqusted0fu

    Are people really still buying all this crap from Pnoy after 3 years??? If the Aquino administration can show substantial results aside from their words, credit upgrades and manipulated surveys, that’s the only time that these things would be believable. But in case many do not believe anymore and do not vote for team pnoy, they still have the defective PCOS machines to rely on in accomplishing their goal of a 12-0 sweep.

  • nakatutok

    ang daming taga miscommunication group na rah rah girls ni Rica at manolita dito…

  • nakatutok

    ipadala niya yan sa “Wish ko Lang”ng GMA-7…

    • $8866117

      hindut mo, ikaw ang dapat ipadala sa impiyerno. Putangina mo at kaputaputahan ka ng ina mo debauche de mere

  • nano

    I think 12-0 is imposible , A few oppositon is also good for democracy .

  • Magsasaka

    kung ako lang ang botante 0-12 yan pero dahil sa mga bobotante malamang 12-0 nga hehehe

  • JosephNess

    kung dadayain ang election puwede…kung walang isip ang boboto puwede…pero, tingnan na lamang nyo ang line up nito…di puwede manalo lahat ang mga ito, tulad ng una, meron ding mambubutas lamang ng upuan dito sa line up ng mga candidatong ito…still good to choose who among the candidates are the best and worthy of a seat in the senate…no way sir…no way!!! let’s consider the independent candidates too, there are also good and more qualified candidates there…

  • JasonBieber

    Yeah and PNoy is doing all he can to make sure his bets win.

    He’s campaigning just as much as anybody who is actually running, you’d think PNoy was a candidate as well. One would think that being President is hard work and keeps you busy doing a lot of things but it looks like PNoy has all the time in the world to travel to different places in the country to campaign.

  • mekeni62

    bahala na si pareng Sixto diyan di ba?

  • JasonBieber

    PNoy is campaigning more than he is doing work as the President.

    How can he have that much time when there are so much problems plaguing the nation? Unless he doesn’t care and is not doing anything to fix the problems.

    PNoy needs to remember that he is not the campaign President but the Philippines President.

  • ed_dAVAO

    Hi hi hi wala sa pangumpanya yan. di kayanin ang 12-0 na yan. alam na nila yan kaya para makaya kailangan ng mga magaling sa PCOS machine. at back up ng SWS. Kung si GMA ay gustong ikulong dahil sa 12-0 na yan, sila naman ay pinag yayabang pa.

  • Guest

    in your dreams akala mo lahat ng pinoy ay walang alam

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