Should PH open its land to foreigners? Maceda, Escudero think so



Former Senator Ernesto Maceda. FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines — The foreign ownership policy on land remains to be an “emotional and divisive issue” but some Senate aspirants expressed openness in discussing the matter in order to make the economy vibrant.

“It continues to be an emotional issue,” Senator Francis Escudero told the audience of the first round of the Philippine Daily Inquirer Senate Forum on Wednesday when asked about the nation’s policy in allowing foreigners to own land.

“The Constitution should be reviewed every five years, only the 10 commandments are written in stone. (The Constitution) can be amended,” he said.

Escudero suggested that the country provide foreign investors with leasehold on land which would be “the closest they can get to ownership.”

Former senator Ernesto Maceda said that restrictive policies were discouraging foreign investors from establishing their business in the country.

“I think we receive the least foreign investments in Asia because of questionable practices, red tape,” he said.

“We should take out the economic provision which is preventing foreign investors from owning land,” Maceda added.

Senator Aquilino Pimentel III believes that the country needs to undergo Charter change (Cha-cha), which is the stand of his political party PDP-Laban.
“We need Charter change. The primary motivation why I am open to Cha-cha [is that] I want to take a look at the political provisions but definitely I have reservations,” he said.

Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

In contrast, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano was against constitutional revision, saying that there was no assurance that Charter change will cover only the economic provisions in the Constitution.

“I have reservations when it comes to Charter change. This has always been divisive and talks on Cha-cha might not stop at the economic provisions,” he told the audience, adding that extending the President’s term will always come into question.

Instead of amending the Constitution, Senator Loren Legarda urged the government act on existing laws to make them robust.

“Many laws are unfunded or not effectively being implemented. They usually call for Charter change or changes in the foreign ownership policy but the reason why we are not getting as much foreign investments is the lack of action on such laws,” she told the audience.

She said that many laws could provide livelihood for those in need if only the government implemented them efficiently.

“We have the policies… we do not need to change the Constitution,” said Legarda.

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  • Crazy_horse101010

    i know of at least 5 foreigners who married a flippina who had a boy friend and the wife sold everything out from underneath 2 in last 2 months one a brit the other a german. a friend of mine married a girl but didnt know she was sleeping with the mayor when he went back to america for a visit they forged his name to the paperwork and when he came back he had nothing this happened 4 years ago he has tried to sue but the only ones who got any money was the lawyers who did nothing. that is probably why you read about finding foreigners dead in hotels rooms because they lost their life savings.

    • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

      Sad but thats what they get for marrying or having a relationship with a destitute prostitute. Caveat emptor.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        are you paranoid on foreigners owning their own lots when generals here go to america and buy ten houses im married to a flippino and i resent your remark. its stupid when they own the house its sitting own .

      • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

        Land ownership by foreigners was debated in my country long time ago and the prohibition was embodied by no other than the fundamental law of the land.That the law in your country is different is of no moment.

        My comment speaks of foreigners married or having relationship to destitute prostitute ending up being cheated later. Prostitution is color blind and an equal opportunity employer. That you are married to a Filipina is besides the point.

        BTW, I noticed that you have misspelled the proper noun Filipino as flippino. I take that as an honest mistake but if it is not, it is epithetical. Repent.

      • keen barcelo

        He looks down on Filipinos so he calls us Flips.

  • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

    To open Philippine real estate property for sale to foreigners is a very bad idea The reality is that many Filipinos do not even own the land they till, why sell to outsiders?

    Maceda and Escudero are so business minded politicians. They are out of touch of the Filipino mainstream.

    • Crazy_horse101010

      they dont own propert because they have no money in that case flippinos should not be able to buy property in other countries would you like to build a house and not own the lot under try it sometime

    • jglori

      Let’s put this in perspective: Maceda was the one who agreed with the notion that foreign businesses should own land here while Escudero suggested that they may only be granted leasehold on local properties.

      As for the other senatoriables, they merely skirted the question by stating their concerns/reservations about charter change.

  • staad

    mga gagong senator. mabuti sana kung 1st world country tayo, sa mura ng lupa sa pinas uubusing bilihin ng intsik ang mga yan like what is happening now. mga bobo! umiiyak na si rizal at bonifacio sa linbingan nila. mga traidor!

  • boboposter

    I agree with them.

    The real problem is foreign abuse AND the government collaborating with the abusers. All countries have foreigners who abuse laws, even Filipinos in other countries, but their gov’t punishes to the fullest extent of the law.

    Dito, tapatan lang ng dolyar yung gobyerno, lipad na bukas si Joe pabalik ng Amerika.

    The government is the root of the problem.

    • Crazy_horse101010

      what foreigner abused you . it works both ways you know. foreigners here get abused also by the system.

      • boboposter

        Mag trabaho ka sa mga BPO firms. Makikita mo kung pano mang-abuso yang mga Indian na BPO companies for example.

        But what you said is true. It works both ways. That’s why the government is the problem.

  • speedstream2

    We all know that politicians will talk their heads off on practically anything, but do they really know what they’re talking about and the implications therein? Will allowing foreigners to own lands just to encourage the entry of more investors translate into real long-lasting benefits for Filipinos? Why don’t we just put up a large sign that says: Philippines for sale. Direct buyers only?

    • Crazy_horse101010

      you mean like america where flippinos are buying houses

  • divictes

    Solve first our countrymen’s land problem before you worry about their (foreigner’s) land problem. And with Maceda as its proponent I fear for my patch of dirt.

  • chubby bobby

    Filipinos should own the land first. Foreigners can be allowed to own condos only. In case a foreigner plans to open business or start a company he can lease the land …. 20 to 50 years, but never own it.

    • Crazy_horse101010

      then people wonder why foreigners are investing in other countries and not here the philippines is rated as the fifth worst country for foreigners investing in because. who in his right mind is going to build a plant on land he doesnt own and who is going to open a business with the 60 40 law where a foreigner can own 40 percent of his business welcome to the dark ages

      • chubby bobby

        For countries with higher FDI than Phils. dont allow foreign ownership of land: Thailand allows foreign business leaseholds only of up to 30 years, renewable to another 30 years. Cambodia allows 99 year leaseholds for foreign businesses and Vietnam allows 50 years. But all 3 countries allow foreign ownership of condo units only.

      • keen barcelo

        Yes I definitely agree with these land use policies.

      • keen barcelo

        For your kind info, even if we take out the 60/40, its still difficult for investors to put money into our country considering the high cost of electricity, corruption, & favors being asked by politicians. Countries that are investor friendly, i.e. Vietnam for example, have government owned industrial zones complete with building facilities / infrastructure. All the investor has to do is lease it & bring over their manpower + machinery. Hassle free & easy.

      • juan_luisjr

        very true

      • juan_luisjr

        let us put things in proper perspective. Do people invest in a country because they can own lands or do they invest because they can make profits due to level playing field, manageable bureaucracy or red tape so to speak and a strong market ? Foreigners will not buy land if they cannot make money in their investments here. If I am a foreign bank, a foreign manufacturer, I will not invest here if profits are difficult to make even if I am allowed to own a land. In China, I dont think foreigners are allowed to own lands and yet they have a beehive of investors. In hongkong during the time when it operated as a british colony, both foreigners and locals cannot own land but they can buy long leaseholds of 25-50 years and yet, it was and still is one of the biggest financial centers and ports in the world . Chiz Ecudero is right about this. Bernie Villegas, the noted and honest economist once said in an economic forum that some of our economic provisions have to amended such as allowing 100% ownership in some industries but i am not sure if land is included .

      • Manong_Kwarog

        Kung walang batas na nagbabawal sa dayuhan na makabili ng lupa, siguro 90% ng Pilipinas ay pag-aari na ng dayuhan.Sa Singapore ay nagrerenta lang naman ang mga dayuhan. Ang mga dayuhan na capitalista at mang-gagawa ay sinisingil lamang kaunting buwis at dagdagan mo pa ang katahimikan at pagpihihgpit sa mga protesta laban sa kumpanya, at sa ganitong paraan yumaman ang maliit na bansa tulad ng Singapore. Kung sa liit ng Singapore at nagbenta pa sila ng lupain…..siguro puro pag-aari na ng hapon ang Singapore.

    • Teresa Santos

      How silly. You can’t open Philippines to foreign ownership, speculators would come in droves pricing out future Filipinos of land ownership. Very bad idea.

  • waray_utak

    Tsk..tsk..tsk..tsk… if mag kakaroon ng chance ang mga dayuhan na magmay-ari ng lupa sa ating bayan… darating ang araw na tayong mga Pilipino ay magiging squatter sa sarili nating bayan… tingnan ninyo ang nangyari sa ating mga kapatid na mga muslim sa Sabah pina-upahan nga lang ng Sultan ang kanilang property… inangkin na ng mga dayuhan.. squatter sila sa sariling lupa… pinalalayas sa lupang tinubuan… how much more… if magkakaroon na ang mga dayuhan ng right na mag may-ari ng lupa sa ating bansa ano kaya ang mangyayari sa ating mga kababayan??? i’m sure yayaman ang iilan… sila na mga traydor na nababayaran… how about yong iba lalo na ang mgamahihirap????….. Gumising kaaaaa bayan koooo!!!!… ang lupaaaa ay buhaaaaay… ang ating mga ninunu ay nagbuwis ng kanilang mga buhay mabawi lang ang ating bayan sa kamay ng mga dayuhan…tapos ikaw papayag ka na ibinta ito sa mga dayuhan??? … sana sa darating na election gamitin mo ang yong kapangyarihan para sa pagbabago na gusto mo pagbabago na makakatulong hindi lang sa sarili mo kundi sa kabutihan ng bayan mo…. and don’t forget…. wag iboboto ang mga taksil sa bayan… “people get the leadership they deserve”… kaya nating umunlad na hindi na umaasa sa mga dayuhan…

  • $14334231

    10 years from now, we, the filipinos, will become the foreigners of our own nation…so, okay, mr. politician, sell, sell, sell… have all your monies stashed somewhere in a foreign bank, and it is so easy for you and your families to acquire visas to wherever the hell you want to live and leave your countrymen as slaves of the new landowners of our land which will be known as HA(pon), KO(reano), TSI(noy), MA(laysian)….in short…..HAKOTSIMA….those that fought and died for this island to ensure philippines belongs to filipinos are long forgotten!…..inang bayan, wala na bang katapusan ang pagsakop ng mga banyaga sa sarili nating bansa?….

  • Coolegleg

    Yes na yes…..nakuha ang Scarborough Shoal/Spratly Islands ng China…Sabah ng Malaysia,…..Binondo ng Taiwan at China,….. at Bgy. Poblacion, Makati ng Korea……ano pa ba ang ating puedeng ipag-dadamot????

    Ay pala….dapat pagbawalan lang ay ang mga Filipino “informal settlers”!!!!! Dahil mahirap sila, wala silang karapatan…..di ba? Escudero? Maceda?

  • panhase

    These guys own probably big chunks of land and want to sell it to foreigners in order to maximize their personal profit. They do not have the interest of the Philippines in mind, only their own.

    Philippines receives less foreign investment not because of land ownership but because of rampant corruption. Investors can choose from a variety of countries to invest their money in, why should they choose a country where officials asking bigger bribes every year until the business is not viable anymore? I know personally some people who had medium size business in the Philippines but choose to transfer to other places because of this problem.

  • ravindrama

    maceda at escudero ibenta ninyo muna ang inyong mga ari-ari na sarili ninyo bago ninyo ibenta ang hindi sa inyo. maliwanag ba !

  • Ultimate Voter’s Test!

    Big no! We have been keeping so hardly the country together only to give it away! What is the sense?

  • initrd

    This should be the other way around. Instead of saying do i have to offer my land to the foreigners, we should now say this is the time to take back the land that the foreigners took from us.

  • $5699914

    I support this idea….but on a degree that no government lands could be sold to foreigners, only those private lots.

  • Horst Manure

    I can tell you from my experience not being able to own land has cost me a lot of $$$ here and found out how your hopeless , useless, inefficient, joke judicial works.

    And you can own land but you have to put in in your wife’s name so she can tap you on the head and claim it, until some thing is sorted out investors well look else where.

    I can understand some one wanting to own many acres could be a problem but a 99yr lease will over come that.

  • WeAry_Bat

    Maybe no to owning land…Coming from Maceda, I feel something smells behind the back.

    Maybe yes to corporate ownership.

  • Natx Bacalzo

    good reason to get rid of these two trapos out of senate.

  • Albert Einstien

    PRIVATE RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL ( not agricultural & forest ) LANDs ONLY ok but good only for 100 years with maximum 5 hectare ownership …but resources underneath NO WAY…it is owned by our people…..they only want to open ownership for them to mine & deplete our MINERAL that their companies will own it 100% …


    if you think of it….the whole RP including all territorial lands …is 115,831 sq mi ONLY ….CHINA has $ 3.3 TRILLION FC RE$ERVE….they can BUY the whole of RP LAND TERRITORY IN two days TIME…DO YOU REALLY WANT that to HAPPEN sen..ESCUDERO & others who want to REVISIT & REVISE the constitution …KISS my AZZ first…lol….NO WAY !….MAKAPILIs ?????? …..

    nagtiis ang sambayan na maging mahirap simula 1935 ..pati mga NINUNO natin ..pinilit i-preserve ang mga resources natin..para sa FUTURE GENERATIONS….tapos kayo..ipagpapalit nyo sa KAPIRASONG PILAK… ..what’s happening to you people… : > )..

  • amongBOSS

    Because of the present ruling of the country’s foreign ownership policy we have to content ourselves with the USUAL and FEW investors which are the OLIGARCHS. The same people, families and companies fighting each other out for every bit of land and government contracts and usually putting the government and us Filipinos at the losing end because we don’t usually get the best deals from only a few bidders. They buy properties at cheap prices because there is no competition from foreign investors. On the other hand opening up foreign ownership would drive the prices of properties up making it harder and expensive for ordinary Filipinos to own a property. Maybe the government can work out something with regards to home ownership and agricultural lands.

  • tmcr7

    Siguro po mas katanggap tanggap kung 100% ownership sa negosyo pero huwag po sa lupain. Kahit paupahan na lang. Dahil pwedeng maging mga squatter sa sariling bayan ang mga Pilipino kapag nabili ng dayuhan ang ating mga lupain.

  • Cobra

    This restrictive foreign ownership law is the best example of Pinoys wanting it both ways.A lot of pinoys specially politicians owns multiple properties overseas,why not allow foreign ownership of land in Phils.or at least give them 99 year lease like in Malaysia.Foreigners who buys land in the Phils. are using dummies at the moment,legalising it will attract more capital & they can not take the land away with them anyway.

    • $2931613

      stop whining. Philippines is not Malaysia

  • CmdrAdobo

    No way…..pinoy lands are for pinoys.

  • aquino_josemaria

    First of all, no one is talking about foreigners owning farm land so don’t bring up the silly argument of tillers not owning their own land.

    The purpose of changing the law to permit foreign companies to at least lease the land they build their factories on is to create jobs and increase the Pinoy middle class.

    If the Philippines doesn’t give foreign companies at least this right, then fine. They won’t build factories here.

  • bitoypalaboy

    Ano pa ba ginagawa nyong nasa gobyerno eh naibenta nyo na mga bundok sa mga kanyunan sa mga banyagang minero habang ang mga magsasaka natin eh nakikisaka lang sa mas mayayamang asindero na ibinabaon naman sa utang. Marami ding iskwater (yan ang tawag ng gobyerno sa pilipinong mahihirap sa kalunsuran) dito sa Maynila na kada kampanya nyo lang niyayakap at ginogoyo ng mas maayos na buhay. Abangan nyo ung “Benham Rise” mas malaki sa Luzon iyang real estate yan.. kung kelan yan lulutang eh hindi ko alam.

  • aquino_josemaria

    I hopoe this selfish Pinoy attitude transfers to the countries Pinoys are working in. If Americans or middle east people are unemployed, then no OFWs permitted to work there. Time to get a dose of your own medicine.

  • DonkeyKong1

    as if escudero knows what he’s agreeing to…he’s very one minded that its hard to believe he’s a senator, or even a politician…

  • AriannaDraws

    wtf is wrong with chiz!? Why not work on making more filipino’s have at least a fighting chance to buy their own land instead of allowing foreigners to buy land here, which btw they can if they are allowed…

    • CmdrAdobo


  • BonnieBailey9

    does escudero even know what he’s agreeing to? has he been blinded even more thanks to his relationship with heart? Whgy would foreigners be a good idea??? Can you stop like a businessman and this about the filipino people’s livelihood??? hindi ba kaya?

    • Guest

      Alam n’yo si Chiz, kahit walang pork barrel kaya pa ring makatulong sa ating mga kababayan. Yan ang serbisyong totoo.

  • Carmoney

    this makes me think chiz escudero doesnt care about the filipino people. how is this a good idea? with how the country is, the chances are very slim for a regular filipino to even make it in buying land…

    • Floridahhh

      wala e, wala sya pakialam sa bansa. isip lang nya ung image nya. trapo king all the way…..

  • i_am_filipino

    I dont think foreigners should buy land but only condos, why? It was debated by far intelligent people, yes far intelligent that cant be compared to escuderos IQ. There are millions of filipinos who dont own land. ESCUDERO IS GOING BACK TO SPANISH COLONIY WHERE SPANISH CONFISCATED OUR LAND AND WE BECAME SLAVES FOR HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF YEARS. ESCUDERO, BETTER DONATE YOUR LAND TO YOUR POOR NEIGHBOR INSTEAD!!!!!!!!

  • Cobra

    If the gates of other countries were opened for Pinoys without restrictions,I am sure not many of the “nationalist” in this forum will remain in the Phils.And after working in the destination country the first thing they will do is buy a house & land,because back home they were not able to do just that.The reason Phils. is stuck in economic limbo of 1 step forward & 2 step back is the restrictive foreign ownership of business & land.This restriction by the way is perpetrated by a coalition of the oligarch & greedy politicians playing the nationalist card to the masses.

  • Joseph20112012

    If the Philippines wants to reach the $50-100 billion FDI inflow level
    of Singapore that is necessary to stimulate our economy with more job
    opportunities at home, the Aquino Administration should do this first
    through a constitutional amendment:

    Abolish the 60/40 equity restrictions (Article XII, Sections 2, 10-11;
    Article XIV, Section 4; Article XVI, Section 11) from the 1987
    constitution against foreign individuals or corporations who wishes to
    set-up their businesses anywhere in our country and allow them to invest
    100% from their own capital and own it what they invested in order to
    lure more foreign investors to invest and stay in our country that will
    provide jobs to millions of unemployed Filipinos at home as much as
    possible without constitutional barriers.

    Foreign equity ownership by economic sector should be like this:

    Mining – 100%.

    Oil and gas – 100%.

    Agriculture – 100%.

    Forestry – 100%.

    Light manufacturing – 100%.

    Food products manufacturing – 100%.

    Pharmaceutical manufacturing – 100%.

    Publishing – 100%.

    Fixed-line infrastructure – 100%.

    Fixed-line telephony services – 100%.

    Wireless/mobile infrastructure – 100%.

    Wireless/mobile services – 100%.

    Power distribution – 100%.

    Power generation (biomass) – 100%.

    Power generation (coal) – 100%.

    Power generation (hydro) – 100%.

    Power generation (nuclear) – 100%.

    Power generation (solar) – 100%.

    Power generation (wind) – 100%.

    Power transmission – 100%.

    Banking – 100%.

    Insurance – 100%.

    Airport operation – 100%.

    Domestic air – 100%.

    International air – 100%.

    Domestic shipping – 100%.

    International shipping – 100%.

    Advertising – 100%.

    Magazine – 100%.

    Newspaper – 100%.

    Radio broadcasting – 100%.

    Television broadcasting – 100%.

    Construction – 100%.

    Retail distribution services – 100%.

    Tourism – 100%.

    Education – 100%.

    Health care – 100%.

    Waste management – 100%.

    To those who say that if we will allow foreigners to own 100% of a
    businesses they invested or owning a piece of land, we will become
    foreigners in our own land is just a fear mongering tactics by coward
    and freeloading leftists and ultra nationalists elements of our country.

    By using their appeal to fear, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea,
    and Taiwan should have been controlled economically and politically by
    the United States and the European Union but instead, their respective
    economies caught up the US or EU GDP per capita within a generation and
    therefore they became a developed economy status.

    • CmdrAdobo

      i dont need inflows if you just rape / suck my country.

      • Joseph20112012

        At least foreigners have superior technology than local businesses.

      • CmdrAdobo

        so? aanhin mo ang technology nila kung sila ang makinabang?

      • Joseph20112012

        Foreigners can employ unemployed locals (given their more ample of capital compared with local businesses) as much as possible if we give them an assurance and also local suppliers partnered with a foreign-owned company can gain technologies through technology transfer. Have you heard the term “technology transfer”?

      • CmdrAdobo

        Balance. Local can employ locals too. should not give to foreigner everything.

        I hate seeing premium places like in Panglao, Bohol that are owned by Europeans.

      • Joseph20112012

        But locals have lesser capital to employ locals in a short-span of time while foreigners especially multinationals can do. Hong Kong, Singapore, and Chile are the prime examples of MNC driven economic growth.

        By the way, lands in our country have not been developed for economic purposes as locals especially the landed elites are not really in keen entrepreneurship but they simply buying and controlling the lands especially the agricultural for status symbol purposes and constitutional ban on foreign land ownership does not motivate these local landlords to develop our lands.

      • CmdrAdobo

        Joseph: the world have no place for greedy people. how much land do you need? foreigners have bigger lands in their country, i am sure they can buy somewhere else. If foreigners can buy land, locals dont have a fight, property market will go high and poor filipinos cannot buy. do you know the negative side of it?

        Foreigners shouldnt allow to buy pinoy lands, we are overpopulated and we need more space.

        Dont worry locals are capable. Foreigners can invest but local should be the boss.

      • Joseph20112012

        //the world have no place for greedy people. how much land do you need? foreigners have bigger lands in their country, i am sure they can buy somewhere else.//

        Would you prefer to have local landlords enslaving landless locals instead? At least foreigners can provide jobs and then these locals can buy land if they have enough savings.

        //If foreigners can buy land, locals dont have a fight, property market will go high and poor filipinos cannot buy. do you know the negative side of it?//

        Biggest misconception that locals will be loser with foreign land ownership. Land prices will go up of course, but in return, there will be more jobs to flourish in our economy if foreigners have an assurance to invest in our country. More jobs for the locals means increasing purchasing power for locals that they can buy land if they have enough savings.

        //Foreigners shouldnt allow to buy pinoy lands, we are overpopulated and we need more space.//

        Typical Pinoy hypocrisy and selfishness. Using your argument, Filipinos should not be allowed to own lands in Japan, United States, or Canada. We are not that overpopulated, there are lots of space in Luzon and Mindanao that needs to be populated, however, politically impossible due to Metro Manila’s predominance on political and economic decision-making.

        //Dont worry locals are capable.//

        If locals are capable, why many educated or even unskilled Filipinos prefer to leave the country and work with foreign MNCs abroad?

        Simple, local businesses have no motivation to increase wages due to lack of competition in our economy.

        //Foreigners can invest but local should be the boss.//

        Does not make sense. Foreigners with right mind would not going to invest if they have an assurance of total control of his investments. Those who are using dummies became victims of our corrupt business practices like when a business goes into bankruptcy, they remaining money would rather go to local dummies instead to legitimate foreign investor. Using your argument, Filipinos should not be allowed to own 40% of a business abroad.

      • CmdrAdobo

        i would prefer local landlord enslaving me than foreigner enslaving me.

        Why prejudicing locals always enslaving us or locals are not capable? So negative.

        I think the current setup that foreigner cannot own land should be good for us who wants to own land in the future. We dont have fair fight to those who have money already. So if I want to buy a land and the foreigner is competing against me, what’s my chance? Chances are you cannot afford. Logical enough?

        Our ancestors are fighting for this land and no way I can give them to foreigners over my dead body.

        Foreigners are not going to invest for PHL for charity, they will make money for us. So if they want to make money then swallow the risk. If not, go home and leave us alone.

      • Joseph20112012

        Then our country is doomed. I would rather have foreigner over local landlords as the latter care themselves than the Filipino people. Filipinos would rather be enslaved with the Americans than with terrible local landlords. I would rather have the US or China annex the Philippines to develop it according to its potential.

      • CmdrAdobo

        your mentality. you should go out out from this country. we dont need you. go to foreigner land. Why you still here?

      • Joseph20112012

        And you, you should die in hunger and go to hell. Your comments are the proof that Filipinos have no ability to develop their own land.

      • CmdrAdobo

        Have no ability to develop to develop our own land. So, nnong paki mo? This is ours.

        Ill die of hunger? Dream on. I owned a lot of properties. Baka ikaw lang.

        It’s you who are not capable because you are depending foreigners. You should go out from this country, traydor ka. *spits*

      • Joseph20112012

        Well call me a traitor because history will judge that landowning elites like you will have to face an revolt if Filipinos remain poor while the rest are becoming richer.

      • Joseph20112012

        In fact, I owned lots of properties and not afraid of dealing foreigners unlike you.

      • CmdrAdobo

        no wonder, gusto mo ibenta property mo because you are greeeeeddy. :)

      • Joseph20112012

        Constitutional ban on foreign land ownership is a hypocrisy on the part of the Philippines as Filipinos can own land in Japan, European countries, and the United States while Japanese, Europeans, and Americans who have more capability to develop our lands cannot.

        Our wrong sense of exclusive nationalism or chauvinism does not assure progress but poverty.

  • boybakal

    Too little space for too many filipinos, foreigners should not be allowed business lands but only residential lots.

    The best solution the PI gov’t could do is lease one uninhabited island and lease the island to foreign investors for business zone.

    Singapore is one tiny island and they need expansion space for their companies.
    Whereas, the Philippines is 7100 islands some are uninhabited and idle.
    And leasing one or two isles would not be bad after all.

    If Bahamas like Cayman islands and other Bahamas isles are homes to foreign banks why not rent one or two of our own.
    Like one in Palawan, Mindoro there are lots of isles to become productive.

    It is also one way of decongesting Metro Manila.

  • Guest

    Well si Chiz naman laging transparent yan at talagang napupunta sa mga projects in the countryside.

  • onionskinned

    As usual, a lot are confused between the difference between land ownership and foreign equity ownership aka owning your own business aka business ownership.

  • CmdrAdobo

    I dont want investment to these foreigners if you just rape/suck the resources of my country.

  • Louis Gerard Del Rosario

    Napaka-hipokrito niyo. Dahil pag ang JOLLIBEE at iba pang korporasyong Pinoy nakikinabang sa opened economies ng ibang bansa katulad ng Singapore, tuwang-tuwa kayo. Pero pag foreign companies gustong mag-business dito nagpapaka-nationalistic kayo? At saan ba nagtatrabaho ang mga OFW? Sa mga foreign companies din diba?


  • Allan Reyes

    The restriction regarding to ownership equity should retreated as statutory law not constitutional law. Very difficult to amend constitutional law unlike statutory law. Other ASEANs have certain restrictions on foreign ownership equity which are statutory laws. There are no restriction provisions on their Constitution that’s why they can remove or restrict the foreign ownership equity easier unlike Philippines.

    Of course, the foreign investors go to countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar coz of their pro-Free Market System Policies despite they have certain restrictions unlike Philippines has most restrictive provisions regarding to ownership in ASEANs, In short, they go to countries which are lesser restrictive on ownership equity.

  • Trevor Evans

    I think we should ban all Filipinos from buying land or owning property, except condominiums in any country outside the Philippines. That seems fair to me. Let them wallow in self pride, ignorance and poverty, let the investors go to other ASEAN countries where the majority of the people there have not been brainwashed by Oligarch propaganda. Who needs jobs or investment anyway, much better to be poor and hungry. Much better Filipinos keep going overseas to work for other Countries and benefit those countries and their companies. Much better to rely on donations from OFWs and keep evil foreigners and their evil jobs outside the Country, that seems to be the opinion of the majority of Pinoys on this page. Good luck to all you patriots out there! Go pinoy!

  • CmdrAdobo

    Allowing foreigner to buy land is a stupid idea. Foreigner shouldnt allow to buy land. Our country is small with 100 million population.

    If they will allow that, property prices will go high and poor locals cannot have own land in their own country. The rich people, like politicians, who own big lands right now will go richer because of the high demand. Most of us will become poorer and no choice will live in squatter area.

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