Gordon: ‘I am not immodest. I just teach people to be assertive’



Senatorial candidate Richard “Dick” Gordon. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines — Former senator Richard Gordon’s patience will be tried in the Senate should he be re-elected in May – a characteristic that he admits he has little to spare.

In a three-part forum for senatorial candidates hosted by the Philippine Daily Inquirer at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) candidate said he found that the most trying in the tasks of a senator was to be patient, what with the “long debates without focus, many privilege speeches, and investigations in aid of re-election and not legislation.”

He said that it was unfortunate that many of his colleagues as a former senator “drag their feet, while away their time.”

This should not be the case, asserted Gordon who said that senators should serve “as the representatives of the people.”

The opposition bet also insisted that he was not “immodest” when told by forum moderator, economist and Inquirer columnist Cielito Habito that modesty was not a trait Gordon was known for.

“I am not immodest. I just teach people to be assertive,” said Gordon.

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Inquirer will hold two other fora on April 18 in Baguio and on April 26 in Cebu.

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  • CmdrAdobo

    If Gordon were our president, we’ll be at least AAA- by now. He’s smart.

    • Eddwardd

      khit si abnoy Joshua na anak ni Krissy ang ilalagay dyan magka Investment grade prin ang pinas..alam nyo ba kung bakit kc ang mga nauna sa knila ang nagtanim..kya kung sino mn ang susunod sila ang makikinabang at para sa mga taong mangmang ang papuri na ito ay sa taong nakaupo sa kasalukuyan…hahaha

      At mind u, aral ka muna ng finance o simply educate urself on how credit ratings agencies rate sovereign debts para malaman nyo na mamatay ka nlng malabong maging AAA ang pinas…hahaha

      Ang US, France, UK laglag na nga sa AAA..alamin nyo muna kung anong criteria/qualifications meron ang isang bansa para mag ka AAA…

    • Eddwardd

      Are Credit Ratings indicators of investment merit?

      While investors may use credit ratings in making investment decisions, Standard & Poor?s ratings are NOT indications of investment merit. In other words, the ratings are not buy, sell, or hold recommendations, or a measure of asset value. Nor are they intended to signal the suitability of an investment. They speak to one aspect of an investment decision—credit quality—which in some cases, may include our view of what investors can expect to recover in the event of default.

      In evaluating an investment, investors should consider, in addition to credit quality, the current make-up of their portfolios, their investment strategy and time horizon, their tolerance for risk, and an estimation of the security’s relative value in comparison to other securities they might choose. By way of analogy, while reputation for dependability may be an important consideration in buying a car, it is not the sole criterion on which drivers normally base their purchase decisions.

    • Guest

      ha ha…patawa ka…tanong mo kay simeon kung anong ginawa nung panahon ni gloria ? may ginawa ba ?

  • Maldi2

    Gordon, you got my vote.

  • marivon

    The boundary between being arrogant and assertive is as thin as not-pa’s hair. Brainda is a classical example; I think Gordon is no exception.

  • bryanbrian

    This loyal arroyo tuta will not get a single vote from our family. If elected, Gordon will do more harm to the country. Like zubiri the cheat, he will just serve as protector of the arroyos.

    • kulittwit

      This guy has no more credibility. It was really a turn off how he used the red cross to promote himself. It was a bigger turn off when he said he is not in favor of the anti-dynasty bill. The biggest turn off of all, he still supports the corrupt ex-president arroyo. I have more respect to people who have realized how condemnable arroyo’s crimes and left her camp. But this guy, no remorse or realization. As if the zte, fertilizer scam, helicopter scam, and other corruptions did not happen.


        Sayang tong si Gordon, nasilaw sa pera. Magsama kayo ng boss mong is Gloria!

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        Hi DJ Kulittwit, kamusta ang raket jan?

      • hu_yu

        let’s just move on….arroyo is a thing of the past…hwag na gumawa ng multo

    • Eddwardd

      soooo…salot ka ng lipunan..namemersolan na wlang basehan..kawawang pinas dhil sau…

      hangal na gaya nyo halos lahat ng politiko sa pinas halos magkamag anak lng o magkalapit sa bawat interest..balik ka ulit sa school at aral ng local history especially on philippine politics pra malaman nyo…sino si macoy, anong ugnayan nila sa mga cojuangco-aquino, ramos, etc. si GMA at escudero..kya nga panahon ng binyagan lahat sila gusto maging ninong at ninang sa mga anak na tinayak ng pinas, etc. (mga taong sumira sa bayang ito at pinaghirapan ng mga tunay na bayani ng bayan…hindi ung pekeng bayani gaya nila bs aquino, aguinaldo at iba pa)..hahaha

      Wlang tunay na kaibigan sa pulitika..only personal interest..isa silang parasites na kung saan hangga’t mapakinabangan hala dun pag wla na hala lipat n nmn sa taong nakaupo sa posisyon at dun sucking d blood…

      open ur mind, iyan ang sabi ng infomercial ng Samsung noon nung hindi pa sikat ang Samsung mahigit isang dekada na ang lumipas,,,hahaha

    • Rex Robles

      of course he will not get a single vote from you cause you are a solid yellowtard fanatic? tell me then who among team malaysia/team patay will not get votes from you and your family ?

    • hu_yu

      bryanbrian, nasa sa iyo yun, pero pwera sa partisan politics, isip isip na lang ng mabuti kung sino ang mas dedikado sa posisyon….sino yung tunay at sino yung peke….me isip naman tayong lahat….

  • patriotic_act

    he is only showing his real character no matter the timing, every person should be judge by his accomplishment and second only by his personality, as when one has accomplished too much his personality no matter how flawed by other’s standards is obviously the reason one is “effective” in his schemes and thus successfully implement them.

  • Johnny

    Assertiveness – the one skill ALL leaders should work on. How can you fight what you believe is right if you don’t have it – a trait of real reformist.

    • Eddwardd


  • mekeni62

    Jun Magsaysay

  • ernievictory

    taenang gordon yan. akala mo kung sino e puro dada lang naman . ano ang ginawa nya noong pulos corruption ang amo nyang si gloria ? tameme !

    • Rex Robles

      ha ha….patawa ka. tanong mo kay simeon kung ano ginawa nya rin nung panahon ni gloria…ano noynoying vs gordon ?

  • JuanTamadachi

    Yes Gordon you are not immodest; just abrasive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000923389289 David Bobir

    No politician worth there salt is modest. There is a distinct difference between being self assured and confident, and being a bullsh!tter with inflated ego. Pretending to be modest while engaging in plunder, corruption, etc….is that more acceptable. Oh they stole a billion peso but look how demure they are…gago

  • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

    Whoever said you are immodest does not know you. Gordon, you are immoral.

    Halos lahat ng naging presidente nagpaka-tuta ang pamilya mo para lang maluklok kayo sa pwesto. Kurakot ka, numero UNA.

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    There’s nothing wrong with being assertive. But being assertive runs counter to the Filipino value of humility. Humility in the Filipino sense is not making yabang your own strengths. Humility in the Filipino sense is also about being polite and vague about what’s wrong with others. Being assertive in our culture therefore runs the risk of coming across as abrasive and immodest or mayabang. Just like our sense of pakikisama or pakikipagkapwa-tao, anything taken to the extreme is not good. Humility to a fault is hypocrisy and wrong. It is high time we stopped being too polite about what’s wrong in our society and our politicians. Let the likes of Dick Gordon speak up and share his ideas. Dick Gordon has a lot to show for if we go by his past achievements. With Dick Gordon in the senate, he will raise the bar and challenge the other senators to step up their performance. With Dick Gordon in the senate, at least the contrast between performing and nonperforming senators will be glaring. Mapapahiya yung mga katulad ni Sotto at Lapid.

    • Johnny

      Yup. Iboto ang mga nagcocontribute sa ating mahal na bayan – di ung nag-aabang lang pera/sweldo. If you love your country, family and future Filipinos do the right decisions now. Wala po perfect na tao at madali mag-accuse, mag-create ng bad/good image kaya mag-based na lang kayo sa mga past contributions/potential contributions.

    • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

      Dick Gordon is a dick. Hindi po mananalo yan, pramis.

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        I respect how you feel about him. But Dick Gordon is my kind of dick. In fact, he’s every Filipino’s Dick. This is one dick who can truly make a difference in our lives. Let’s put this dick where he belongs, in the senate.

      • dorky boy

        eh di boto mo si binay mamili ka lesser of 2 evils yung qualifications of a housewife or battle tested political leader.

      • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

        Neither. It will be a WASTE to vote for either Gordon or Binay.

        Hontiveros, Cansino, Cayetano are few good ones.

        UNA? Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

    • Takreer

      Tama yan. ang mga pinoy ay assertive pag nasa ibang bansa kaya nagsa-succeed. Ang “humility” iyan ang dahilan kaya tayo pinagsasamantalahan ng mga dayuhan kahit sa bansa natin. Kaya nga naging paborito tayong alipin ng banyaga.

  • lionspirit98

    Dick Gordon you got my vote…

  • Takreer

    I believe the Philippines need a leader like Gordon. It is us, the Filipino citizens, most of the times are the problem because we want leaders who will treat us nicely and make us feel good and not leaders who will tell us our faults to make us change for the better. This is why candidates entertain the voters with their dance moves, giving out prizes,etc. to get our votes and screw us afterwards when they get elected. We need leaders like Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore and Mahathir of Malaysia who guided their countries out of the Third World country classification.

    • Johnny

      Agree. Ang tunay na kaibigan hindi palaging feel-good ang sinasabi kundi what’s best for you – ayaw mo man o hindi.

    • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

      Pag si Gordon naging Presidente ng Pilipinas, kurakot dito, kurakot doon ang mangyayari. I should know, I’m from Olongapo where his family has political origins.

      Kapit tuko ang mga yan sa kapangyarihan.

  • Milesaway

    Solid Gordon ini + Hagedorn

  • amado_guerero

    Hahahahaha a certified A hole…immodest? you are an arrogant, narcicist and self centered A hole!!!

    • http://twitter.com/Negastarr NegaStarr

      Are you referring to Chiz Escudero or Gordon or both?

  • billy gunner

    gordon is one of the very few who will get my vote. in fact gordon would have fared better than aquino and roxas combined.

  • pipsirho

    He says he wants to teach people to be assertive, yet he has NO PATIENCE!! Isn’t it TRUE that to be able to TEACH, one must have PATIENCE? People have different learning capabilities, if one who professes to teach does NOT HAVE PATIENCE, how could he ENCOURAGE and INSPIRE SLOW LEARNERS like US STUPID FILIPINO VOTERS who do no know how to select RIGHT POLITICAL LEADERS! If Gordon does not have the PATIENCE how could he teach us to ELECT people who TRULY UNDERSTAND what PUBLIC SERVICE and PUBLIC TRUST are! In teaching us to be ASSERTIVE that the Constitution PROHIBITS POLITICAL DYNASTIES and CORRUPTION, and DRIVE the PRETENDERS to political leadership OUT of our lives!!!

  • Hellomr

    Tigilan mo na ang ambisyon mong tumakbong senador siguro mag full time notarize lawyer kana lang Baka sakaling umasenso kapa…ang ambisyon mong maging presidente ay naglaho na… Tapos na dapat harapan mo ang katotohanan…

  • staad

    foff! what u are saying is you think of yourself highly than everyone else.

  • penoy2012

    Gordon is 10 times better than anyone from Team Penoy and UNA.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Super cocky Atenean. You are going down!

  • Yobhtron

    Filipinos, time to be assertive. Do not vote Dickhead Gordon. Let us not forget his unwavering support to GMA during her 10 years reign of corruption. Tuta ni GMA!!!

  • hu_yu

    ok ka naman dick gordon….hwag mo lang i sobra yung pagiging assertive mo…..minsan mag iwan ka ng kaunting charisma, ng kaunting pagpapakumbaba….cguradong panalo ka na

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