Jonas Burgos’ ma: New proof against AFP like bomb



WHERE’S JONAS? After almost six years of fruitless search, this photo of Jonas Burgos, reportedly taken days after he was abducted, has surfaced, with the handkerchief used as blindfold still around his neck. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

A day after Easter Sunday, Edita Burgos, mother of missing activist Jonas Burgos, hopes to resurrect her more than five-year-long search for her son with new evidence that she said would be a “bomb” against the government.

Burgos, along with family and friends from Bayan and Karapatan, trooped to the Supreme Court on Monday to ask its permission to allow the Court of Appeals (CA)—which recently recognized her son’s abduction as an enforced disappearance and held the military accountable for it—to investigate his case further.

Two units in the Armed Forces of the Philippines were allegedly involved in the case, according to an urgent petition filed in the high tribunal.

“The newly discovered evidence will prove that the officers and enlisted personnel of that particular unit … are responsible for the enforced disappearance of Jonas Burgos; that these units captured and interrogated him and based on the same evidence, could probably continue to detain him or God forbid, had disposed of him in the manner that only they could explain,” it said.

In her 11-page petition, Burgos said she received from an unnamed source documentary evidence “that would prove that an intelligence unit of the 7th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army and the 56th Infantry Battalion operating together captured Jonas” on April 28, 2007, at Ever Gotesco Mall on Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City.

The documentary evidence consisted of “confidential” official reports on file with the Army, including an after-apprehension report, psychosocial processing report and autobiography of Jonas, an agriculturist and son of the late press freedom icon Jose Burgos Jr.

Sealed documents

Saying she was “concerned about her own personal security and would avoid any leak of this information,” Burgos said she submitted her evidence sealed and attached to her motion to be opened by the high court “or only upon its orders.”

She said the papers included the names of officers and enlisted personnel of the two units.

The petition asked the high court to order the persons named in the sealed documents impleaded in the two resolutions it had issued on June 22, 2010, and July 5, 2011, and to issue as well a writ of amparo to the same persons and refer back the cases to the same CA division for further hearing.

Burgos did not want to reveal anything about the evidence to reporters, saying that it will be a “bomb” against the government. She said a “friend of a friend” gave the evidence to her.

Jonas photo

Burgos also posted on the Free Jonas Burgos Movement website a photo of her son purportedly taken after he was abducted with “a handkerchief used as blindfold still around his neck.”

“It is the family’s hope this photo and other newly found evidences will finally bring them closer to finding Jonas Burgos,” the website said.

On March 18, the appellate court recognized Burgos’ abduction as an enforced disappearance and held Maj. Harry Baliaga Jr., as responsible for it as well as the Armed Forces of the Philippines, specifically the Army.

The appellate court also held accountable the Philippine National Police for “the conduct of an exhaustive investigation of the enforced disappearance of Jonas Burgos.”

“The PNP respects the decision of the Court of Appeals. We will implement and comply with the order,” Chief Supt. Generoso Cerbo Jr., PNP spokesman, said in a news briefing.

“The court decision stated that we have to do an exhaustive investigation. The top leadership of the PNP is now discussing this with the concerned police units,” Cerbo said. “We will do everything to bring to justice those responsible.”

The military deferred comment on the appellate court’s decision as it has yet to receive a copy of the ruling, but stressed that it “condemns any act of violation of the basic and constitutional rights of individuals.”

Continuing offense

Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares said Monday that the abductors of Jonas Burgos could be charged with violating the Anti-Enforced or Involuntary Disappearance Law, which President Aquino signed last December.

Colmenares said that even if the abduction took place five years ago, it could be regarded as a continuing offense and thus the rule on retroactivity of the law would not apply.

“It’s a continuing crime because [military officials] refuse to acknowledge his fate or whereabouts,” he said in a phone interview. “That’s the position taken by human rights lawyers.”

The law defines enforced or involuntary disappearance as the arrest, detention, abduction or any other form of deprivation of liberty committed by agents of the state or by persons or groups of persons acting with the authorization, support or acquiescence of the state, followed by a refusal to acknowledge the deprivation of liberty or by concealment of the fate or whereabouts of the disappeared person, which places such person outside the protection of the law.

Colmenares noted that the law imposed the penalty of reclusion perpetua against those responsible for enforced disappearances.—With reports from Marlon Ramos and Leila B. Salaverria

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    BEE TAI ang nararapat sa mga mapatunayang GUILTY sa pagpatay kay Jonas….. at kilalaning accessory yong pinakamataas na pinuno ng bansa nang mangyari ang pagkawala ni Jonas.

    Wala akong alam sa detalya ng TNL na kasong yan, pero malakas ang kutob ko na ang puganteng si PALAPARAN ang utaque ng lahat na pinarangalan pa ng dating pinuno ng bayan na saing bayani….bayaning walang yagbadoodles, tulad ng isang heneral na nagpakamatay dahil sa hiya sa pagkasangkot sa katiwalian.

  • Political Jaywalker

    The president has the power to order the arrest of those suspected to be involved in the abduction of Jonas Burgos, first in line should be Palparan and his men. Remember the activities of his men in Bulacan where they were caught after a gunfight with Villanueva’s bodyguards wherein 3 plate number were seized from the soldiers? The plates seized were traced in vehicles stored in the military camp confiscated vehicles wherein the plate number in the abduction of Jonas can also be traced to the same vehicles in the military impound lot.

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      “The president has the power to order the arrest of those suspected to be involved in the abduction of Jonas Burgos”

      Arrest on the basis of a) hearsay that this and that, or b) documents ‘SEALED’ for the appreciation of the court, never opened, never revealed if the documents are real, never used in any investigation.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      What to do in a country where crime is payed and rewarded ?

      Do Judges are already salivating out of joy ?

      Do Judges are already perspiring out of fears ?

      • Simplify1

        Best person to ask is impeached chief justice corona

  • pedro Bato

    I believe President Noynoy should now direct all government agencies to find Jonas Burgos. . The abductors of Jonas should be unmasked and investigated. , , kawawa naman ang ina ni Jonas. . isang mahinang babae na lumalaban pa rin para makita ang anak nya. . . . na ayon sa mga ebidensya ay dinukot ng mga sundalo

  • doublecross

    let the world know about this one…..RIP jonas, mabuhay ka!

    • Row me oh!

      Sa madaling sabi mabuhay ang patay…

  • Chihuahua

    Reminds me of the 70’s soul music playing on the oldie radios, that goes like this…..AFP!!! …What is it good for?…AAAAbsolutely Nothing!!!!!

    But to be more realistic, well except for; rub-outs, kidnapping, ambush, ransom, torture, salvage, abduction! And of course, an annual AFP budget that serves as money pit for guaranteeing its Brass a comfy luxurious retirement.

    Let’s say it again……AFP!!!, What is it good for???…..AAAAAAbsolutely nothing!!!!

    • durian

      Wow huh!!!! for me…, AFP is the best prin..,sila ang tagapag tanggol natin sa mga nang aapi at sa oras ng mga kalamidad nanjan sila kahit na hindi na nila responsibilidad ang mga panagagawa nila. Sa mga oras na yan hindi natin nakikita ang kanilang sakrepisyo at pag hihirap na ginagawa pra sa mamamayan at sa bansang ito…Sariling pamilya ay tinatalikuran oras ng tawag ng kanilang serbisyo sa Bayan.

  • Palparan

    huwag ninyong sisihin ang gobyerno kung bakit naging teroristang komunista yang Jonas Burgos na yan… KAMATAYAN sa mga KOMUNISTA at TERORISTA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Natx Bacalzo

      cowards in uniform like you are the real terrorist and better feed to the dogs

      • $26606290

        The bigger cowards are those not in uniform to blend with the civilians.

      • Palparan

        eh ikaw, ano ka? matapang? mas duwag kayo mga NPA… duda ko nasa impyerno na ngayon si Jonas…hahahaha!

    • Pio Gante

      3 years pa kaya konting tiis na lang palpy.

  • albert13

    Keep the faith and the search for justice for jonas mrs. burgos. rest assured of our prayers for you.

  • doublecross

    baliaga…kilala ko eto, bata ni palparan at berdugo. tsk…tsk…tsk….!

  • adriel0104

    kasalanan din sa magulang kung bakit naging kumunista ang anak nila..

    • $44479964

      Is it a crime to be a communist in this country?

      • halfpunk

        hindi pari..pero yung gawain ng Npa oo….uy..daming lumalabas na makakaliwa dito ..pero okay lang yan….kaibigan ko dati ring tibak….pinaginitan din..nagyon nagbago na…..angst lang ng pagiging bata at take advantage ng mga makakaliwa mga kabataang naliligaw ng landas….ayun…negosyo rin pala cause nila….walang pagkakaiba sa militar

  • m1600

    Sabi sa report nang INQ 7 may nakakaita daw ng dinukot si Burgos sinundan at sa Aguinaldo pumasok ang sasakyan then later thru Email sa mother NA INAMAIN NAMAN NG INA NI bURGOZ NA May nAG Email nga sa kanya at sinabing dinukot ang anak nya kaya nalaman ang pangyayari . Ang tanong bakit alam agad NUNG NAKAKITA SA PAG DUKOT KAY bURGOZ ANG EMAIL NG KANYANG INA??? Yung mga may hawak ng KAso tignan nyo yan. baka pinaG lalaruan kayo ni Sison.

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      may nag chuchu na makakaliwa para makagawa ng issue?

  • D3marketers

    Ang tanong eh tatayo ba sa korte bilang ebidensya ang nasabing “document” kung hindi rin sa tama at legal na paraan nakuha ito sa ARMY files?

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      pero chicken or egg, diba.

      pag illegal na nakuha, kahit di magamit, afp has to acknowledge the existence of the documents, kahit hindi magamit sa korte, pwedeng mag launch ng panibagong inquiry regarding the matter.

      better bet is to insist that documents were fabricated and that no such document ever existed in the archives of the army.

  • $44479964

    I salute Mrs. Edita Burgos!

  • guest

    Is the AFP on trial here? What will be the punishment if found guilty?

  • virgoyap

    Bravo for the unwavering commitment of Mrs. Burgos to give justice for her son. She never faltered. She never felt discourage. As if the disappearance of her son just happen yesterday. What an admirable mother!!

  • Natx Bacalzo

    send the brave members of these two army infantry units to either Sabah to reinfornce PH or to face the chinese in the Panatag shoal or West PH Seas. If they all die there, their death will not be a waste of taxpayers money.

  • Beguine

    Will some drastic and fast and furious action take shape and be carried out this time?

    Unlikely. It’s been six years. Chances are the PNoy government would already have come and gone and it’s 2016 and still about Jonas Burgos… nothing!

    This comment should be proven wrong. Sadly, it’s absolutely correct.

  • durian

    Let the wheel of justice prove the guilty….don’t ever judge pag wala pa ang hatol.

  • $26606290

    Sandali lang. Sa mga komunista dito, ano nga ulit ang pinaglalaban niyo?

  • RyanE

    Hmm.. seems something amiss with Malacanang and the DOJ. If the victims are suspected gun-for-hires and jueteng operators, they will aggressively investigate and immediately declare the incident as rubout. However, in the case of Jonas, both Malacanang and DOJ are playing blind and deaf for quite a long time now.

  • Rogers Nelson Uy

    ang tanong, communista ba yang anak mo? Diba salot mga yan?

  • $14523613

    the new documentary evidence is like a big pile of sheet that finally hits the fan inside general anu’s office. (pun intended)

  • Pio Gante

    ano pang hinihintay niyo? pasabugin niyo na! mamaya mapanis pa yan.

    akala niyo ba may mangyayari sa pinangangalandakan niyong ‘persuasive proof?

    puro lang kayo pa-presscon!

  • Hardkorero

    Operation Phoenix: Fail! Matuto tayu sa kasaysayan .

  • sophia arimateo

    kung may mga bagong evidence sa case na’to ilabas na….wag ng puro satsat at presscon!!!wala naman sigurong dapat na ipag-worry ang AFP dahil alam naman nila na hindi sila ang dapat managot!


    di ba enemy of the state ang NPA?

  • patawad

    Kahit ilang prueba eh bali wala kung di naman mahuli ang sangkot.

    Ang nakapagtataka naman, eh kung yong katago tagong dollar account ni CJ Corona ay nagawa nilang makorner, eh bakit si Palparan hanggang sa ngayon di nila mailabas. Baka naman kailangan ng little lady at isang Cong Banal para mailabas ang Palpak.

  • wakats

    It is hoped the new evidence will give long-overdue justice to the family of Jonas Burgos but the appellate courts are not trier of facts which belong to the lower trial courts.

  • patrickinca

    The soldiers who committed this crime (if they did) must pay for it. If Jonas is really a communist sympathizer and there are solid evidence to prove that he is, then he still must go through the process of the law which is according to the constitution. This is what this soldiers had vowed to defend in the first place right? To defend the constitution of this country? Such injustices are truely the source of instability in our country. But we must also inform our brothers na nasa bundok na di tama ang pamamaraan nila para ipaglaban ang idealismo nila. Mga civilian ang nai-ipit sa kaguluhan na ito. I also want to inform our communist brothers that the communist belief is also a foreign belief and support by a foreign entity which themselves will agree that the way to communism will not work. Tama na ang pagdanak ng dugo at pagsira sa bayan na ito. Its time sit down start openning the channel. Both side should agree and realize that democracy and socialism can sit side by side even without the support of any foreign entities. We all know that the Philippines cannot survive economically without the international community right? Look at china and russia. Both are now capitalist states. Lets give peace a chance and start fighting the real enemy which are the corrupt people in our government. To our soldiers… uphold and safeguard the constitution even if it is flawed! Your responsibility is the most honorable thing in this country and dont let it be tainted by this corrupt officials who are in or out of the corps. I salute the sacrifices of the non-commissioned for they carry the burden of the whole entire armed forces. Don’t let your superiors force you to commit unlawful acts for you carry the honor of the ones who had sacrificed for those core values! And stop taking orders from the police for you people are a lot more better than that!

    • zandro santos

      Kaya hindi nasusugpo yang mga salot na mga NPA na yan dahil protektado sila ng sarili nating batas. Maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw na fronts ng terroristang NPA yang mga militanteng grupo na yan ka kinabibilangan ni Jonas Burgos. Dapat nga patayin lahat ng mga yan. There should always be exemption in every law. Yung mga sundalo natin na sinusugal ang sarili nilang buhay para laban ang mga bandidong NPA, sila pa ang kakasuhan? Imbis na pasalamatan natin ang kagaya ni Palparan, mas pinapanigan pa ang mga makaliwang terrorista. anong klaseng korte meron tayo. Paano masusugpo ang mga terroristang NPA na yan kung ganyan ang sistema natin?

      • patrickinca

        Ganiyan na ba kaliit ang mundo mo? Ganiyan na ba ka black and white and pananaw mo sa kapwa mong tao? If you think that killings and war will solve the problem? Mga tulad mo ay utak pulbura at masyadong nanonood ng mga war movies thinking that it is that easy. I myself a former soldier for more than 20 years knows the true nature of all of this things. Alam ko rin ang dahilan kung bakit marami sa ating mga kapatid ay pumiling mamundok. I have blood in my hands for countless of fire fights with NPAs but in the end ay mga tao pa rin ito at may dahilan kung bakit sumama sila sa ganitong klasseng pakikibaka. Nakikita ko ang paghihirap ng mga sundalo at mga NPA at lalo na mga naipit sa gitna na mga civilian sa probinsya habang kayo na nasa maynila at nasa abroad ay nagpapakasarap at puro lang kayo dal dal.

        Anong exemption na pinagsasabi mo? The law is designed para hindi maparusahan ang mga (just in case) mahusgahan ng hindi totoo! Nobody is exempted from the law kahit sino ka man at kahit in times of war! Sigurado ka ba na NPA si Burgos or baka activista lang siya? Ang bobo mo talaga na kung activista ka ay automatic na NPA ka na agad. I know a lot of people na nakatira sa forbes park na miyembro ng mga militanteng groupo pero alam ko na hindi sila mga NPA. Stop being so ballsy kasi sigurado ako ay puro emotions ka lang at hindi mo dinadaan sa utak ang mga pinagsasabi mo. Mga taong katulad mo ay kung bakit hindi uunlad ang pilipinas. Ang systemang alam at gusto mo ay systema pa nuong panahon ni lapu-;lapu. Parang nasayang ang pagpapaaral ng mga magulang mo sa iyo bata.

      • zandro santos

        Natawa naman ako sa pinagsasabi mo.Kinailangan mo pa talagang daanin sa pang-iinsulto gamit ang salitang BOBO, utak-pulbura, etc ang arguments. At sinisisi mo pa sa mga kagaya ko kung bakit hindi umuunlad ang Pilipinas? Patawa ka. Ang hindi pagunlad ng bansa is a very complex matter na kahit ang mga dalubhasang ekonomista, hirap tukuyin ang ugat nito. Ipaubaya mo yansa kanila at wag kang puro sisi sa mga kagaya ko. Mukhang ikaw yata ang PURO EMOSYON dito. Kaya ibabalik ko sayo ang sinabi mong HINDI GINAGAMIT ANG UTAK. Contrary sa pinagsasabi mo, hindi ako utak-pulbura gaya ng mga NPA na walang pagpapahalaga sa buhay ng tao at pinopromote pa ang pagdanak ng dugo para maabot ang tinatawag nila “pagkapantay-pantay”. Kung TOTOONG sundalo ka, maiintindihan mo ang previous response ko. Wag kang mag-alala, hindi kita huhusgahan na “NPA NA NAGPAPANGGAP NA SUNDALO KUNO”.

        Totoong protektado ng batas ang mga komunista. Yun ang dahilan kung bakit hanggang ngayon andito pa rin sila. Tingnan mo kung ano ang nagyari kay Jose Maria Sison, nakakulong na, pinakawalan pa eh di tuloy ang saya ng mga komunistang walang habas na pang-aambush gamit ng landmine sa mga kawawang sundalo natin. Hindi lang sya, pati na yung mga ibang leaders ng NPA. Yung mga fronts nila na nasa kongresista pa. Anong laking kalokohan yan? Ni isang proyekto wala man lang nagawa. Saan sa tingin mo napupunta yung pork barrel nila?

        And to quote what you just said against me:

        “Ang systemang alam at gusto mo ay systema pa nuong panahon ni lapu-lapu”

        Psychic ka ba at nababasa mo ang iniisip ko? Ang galing mo naman pala. And kung sakaling totoo man, hindi lahat ng mga batas ngayon, mas mabuti sa mga batas noon. Merong mga batas noong unang panahon na mas mabuti pa sa mga batas ngayon. Paano ba nasugpo ni Queen Elizabeth I ang mga kaguluhan dulot ng rebellion sa England? She used IRON FIST. Ang resulta, peaceful was achieve during her reign and England became a great nation.

        “Ganiyan na ba kaliit ang mundo mo? Ganiyan na ba ka black and white and pananaw mo sa kapwa mong tao?” — Tell that to the communists!

      • patrickinca

        hhaaayy nakakatawa ka bata. Struggling carelessly to sound like smart pero you seemed not know what you are talking about. Ang mga pagiisip na ganiyan ay walang pinag kaiba sa mga madilim na pananaw ng mga komonista na kinagagalit mo. Hindi mo ba alam na tapos na ang trend ng mga komonista? Ewan ko pero you still live with the cold war mentallity. Oo sundalo ako at dinaanan ko lahat ng magugulong lugar sa pilipinas at maraming mga maginoo at mababait na mga batang bata na mga mistah na nalustay sa kakarampot na sueldo. Pero sa pagtagal ay namulat din ako na mga tao din itong mga kalaban namin. Lumalaban sila dahil sa kawalang hustisya na dinanas nila sa mga lugar nila. Masisisi mo ba sila? Wala akong paki alam kay Sison or Anakbayan or KMU or NPA kung sino man. But I believe is that true justice and equality must reign supreme. A country which the rule of law comes precedence kahit anong situation then uunlad ang pilipinas. Naranasan mo na ba nung kalakasan ang gulo na pinapanood mo ang isang taong nagmamaka awa habang dahan dahan na sinasakal siya sa leeg at makikita mo ang mga luha niya sa sakit na dinaranas niya? Naranasan mo na bang bumaril na tao at makita mo siyang maghirap bago siya mamatay? Sundalo ako and I am proud of it at hindi ako yumaman diyan. At kahit kung ano ang pinag daanan ko ay hindi ko tinuring na hindi tao ang mga nakasagupa namin. Araw araw na pinagdarasal ko noon na hindi ako ulit makapatay ng kapwa kong pilipino. Ano ba ang dinaanan mo sa buhay mo na ganun katindi na lang ang galit mo sa kapwa mong pilipino? Nasaksihan ko ang mga nalagas na buhay nung mga coup de etat nina Honasan dahil sa mga walang kuentang mga official na ito which are the same official who are calling the shots right now.

        “Ang hindi pagunlad ng bansa is a very complex matter na kahit ang mga dalubhasang ekonomista, hirap tukuyin ang ugat nito.” Mali! At makikita mo araw araw kung bakit hindi umuunlad ang pilipinas at ang pananaw ng mga taong katulad mo ay isa sa mga dahilan. Hindi ninyo nakikita na ang batas ay para sa lahat! Komonista, Politiko, Kriminal at kahit mga pumapasok na mga dayuhan sa bansang ito. It must be equal and everybody deserves to be subjected to due process. Guilty or not! Protektado ng batas dapat ang lahat! You also mentioned “pork barrel”, what do you think na ano din ang nangyayari din sa mga Pork Barrel ng mga hindi komonistang senador? Hindi na ako pupunta sa topic na iyun dahil alam ng lahat ng tao that more than half of those funds goes to the pockets of this trapos.

        Paano ba nasugpo ni Queen Elizabeth I ang mga kaguluhan dulot ng rebellion sa England? She used IRON FIST.

        You used a 15th century protestant virgin who is weak in both militarily and politically and just relies on dodging everything and let her subjects do the hard work for her? A figure who had never seen combat and relies more on diplomacy and was throned by sending her sisters to jail for the rest of their lives? Historians call her the lucky Queen. She massacred thousands of Catholics by Starvation! Men, Women and Children! So you want that to happen sa Compostela Valley, mindanao and Quezon where there are still some strong support for the NPAs? I dont even want to proceed with this argument for I dont want to waste my time on a flawed argument based from poor research. Go get a better example and stop watching to many hollywood movies.

        I have more admiration sa mga militanteng iyan kaysa sa mga katulad ninyo na puro ngawngaw lang, dahil sila ay may ginagawa sila laban sa corruption. Kahit mali man ang paraan nilang pakikibaka pero mayroon silang ginagawa. Eh tayo ano ba ang ginagawa natin? Being an internet warrior would help? Go and research about Cultural Evolution para mamulat ka sa katotohanan if you are really that interested about history.

      • zandro santos

        Point well taken. Sa totoo lang, habang binabasa ko ang latest reply mo, narealize ko hindi naman pala masyadong magkasalungat ang pananaw natin. Nagtataka lang ako kung bakit hinahaluan mo ng pang-iinsulto ang usapan dito. Is it because my opinion is not exactly the same as yours? Ok lang naman sa akin kung merong hindi sumasang-ayon sa opinyon ko. Wag lang haluan ng pang-iinsulto at pangungutya. Kung sa tingin mo kabobohan ang isang opinion, malay mo, mas lalong nabobohan ang ibang tao sa opinyon mo?

        “Struggling carelessly to sound like smart” — Sir, hindi rin ako nagpapakahirap para sabihin ng ibang tao na matalino ako. It myself don’t consider myself as intelligent or dumb. Hindi lang ako sumasangayon sa lahat ng opinion. Hindi ako puro ngawngaw at hindi rin madilim ang pananaw ko sa buhay.

        “I dont even want to proceed with this argument” — Me either.

        Just a little correction. Elizabeth I was not weak militarily and politically. She did not imprisoned her sisters. It was in fact her sister Mary Tudor who had her imprisoned. Si Mary Stuart ang pinakulong nya. Anyway hindi yan ang main point natin.

    • AlexanderAmproz


      Napolitano the Italian President,

      Known as “the red Prince” is an internationally respected communist, as well with Divorce, communism are among some others like discipline, honesty, human rights, cleanness, respect, dignity, accountability, Social Justice,
      who are an-understandable words or unknown notions only in the Philippines.

      Slaves aren’t allowed to have self respect.

      This is a serious education problem could be probably be blamed on the fake text books, TV and other medias.

      When Journalists, Bayan Muna, environment activists, social devotees workers, etc., don’t follow the Dynasties, Trapos, High Officials and Clergy guide lines,

      They are immediately tag as Communists or terrorists while simply asking for Justice and good Governance.

      — Leonardo Co, the Country best Forests specialist, was killed by a AFP forge crossfire with rebels as a convenient excuse.

      — Jonas Burgos as it is openly politic, he disappeared to avoid inconvenient public controversies of public interests.

      — Gerry Ortegas in Palawan doing his journalist job, he disturbed the Malampaya fund sleeping in the Governor pockets, silenced… so common in this supposed “Christian Paradise”.

      — For small fry, small funerals will do the trick, only after atrocious tortures as a warning signal for relatives and followers…

      — When its for fun, a rubout will be chosen.

      If I remember well the GMA gang, Palparan, Norberto Gonzalez, Esperon, Ermita, Reyes and al have command responsibility of at least 1000 Bayan Muna leaders, and how many slain journalists, one a week ?

      Shouldn’t forget the hundreds death squads rooming the country, the Rodrigo Duterte and Thomas Osmena as the most arrogant,
      Ruben Ecleo “Death Angel’s” the most extravagant.

      Philippines is more fun !

  • zandro santos

    Kaya hindi nasusugpo yang mga pesteng NPA na yan dahil protektado sila ng sarili nating batas. Maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw na fronts ng terroristang NPA yang mga militanteng grupo na yan ka kinabibilangan ni Jonas Burgos. YDapat nga patayin lahat ng mga yan. Yung mga sundalo natin na sinusugal ang sarili nilang buhay para laban ang mga bandidong NPA, sila pa ang kakasuhan? Imbis na pasalamatan natin ang kagaya ni Palparan, mas pinapanigan pa ang mga makaliwang terrorista. anong klaseng korte meron tayo. Paano masusugpo ang mga terroristang NPA na yan.

  • Rebo Orn

    so nasaan na ba si Ka Ramon ngayon?

  • Rebo Orn

    so where is “Ka Ramon” then?…the photo seems to be taken from a web cam & as i checked with burgos photos before he was “abducted” he looks like he aged here 5 years…

  • randyaltarejos

    Cong. Colmenares, at the time Jonas was abducted by suspected intelligence operatives of the military, the enforced disappearance law was not yet a law. You said it was only approved last December. How could the soldiers involved in the abduction of Jonas be covered by the enforced disappearance law?

  • Almighty Creator

    shame on AFP. human rights violators. mga tunay na salot sa lipunan. bopols na sa batas mga berdugo pa.

  • m1600

    pesteng NPA pahirap sa Bayan malaki nanaman ang KOTONG ngayong eleksyon basta ma y pambayad NG PERMIT TO WIN maski ASO susuportahan ng mga salot na NPA.

  • muddygoose

    Whether NPA o hinde si Burgos, illegal ang pagdukot at pag-salvage sa kanya. Dapat maparusahan ang mga may kasalanan. Ang mas masaklap AFP at PNP ang gumagawa ng illegal. Diba andyan sila para ipatupad ang batas?

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