Prelate: Bikini opens demean women, men


As summer starts to sizzle, a Catholic prelate on Friday scored the popular practice of holding “bikini opens” for both men and women, particularly during Holy Week.

Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles said he was against the contests because they demeaned women and men who must show off their scantily clad bodies in order to win.

“We are against that because you are subjecting the body of a woman to the lustful eyes of men and vice versa,” said Arguelles in an interview.

“I suggest that they just don’t promote what demeans the woman… the Church is against making women’s bodies objects of lustful eyes,” he added.

Arguelles said the practice lowered public morality and his archdiocese would oppose the holding of such events in Batangas.

Fr. Conegundo Garganta, executive secretary of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines Episcopal Commission on Youth, said bikini contests were tolerated in this devout Catholic country but these should not promote the exploitation of women and men.

“Activities similar to this, while tolerated, should and must be conducted with a pure intention of affirming not only physical beauty but also that of clarity of values,” Garganta said.

“These should not promote the exploitation of women but celebrate possessing beauty and the responsibility attached to it,” he said.

Garganta said the men and women who join these contests should realize that, “with the gift of beauty and good physique” also comes the “responsibility to value the power that comes with it.”

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    >>>Prelate: Bikini opens demean women, men<<<

    E di lalo na yong PRELATE na nang-aabuso ng mga batang lalaki at mga babeng ina-anakan. Bale wala yang TNL na bikini sa kawalang-hiyaan ng PRELATE sa kapwa nya na IMMORAL, ABNORMAL at UNNATURAL.

    Sa tuwinang may pinalulutang na pagpapakwela ang TNL na Argueless na 'to, parating bumabalandra sa kanya. Hoy, Argue, mag-resign ka na at hindi ka na nakakapag-isip ng mabuti…nakakahiya ka!

    • jgl414567

      Tama ka ipokrito itong si Arguelles!

  • mamer2

    Please “teach & preach” by EXAMPLE.
    Teach & Preach to your “staff” first…, before “going public”.!

    • Platypus09

      I don’t see them in bikinis, do they?

      • pammisymonds

        I get paid over $87 per hour working from home with 2 kids at home. I never thought I’d be able to do it but my best friend earns over 10k a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless. Heres what I’ve been doing, — Buzz80.ℂOℳ

      • Diepor


      • gibreel farishta

        funny, platy, but of course you know why there are quotation marks @ mamerts, you’re just having a good time. . :P

  • brunogiordano

    “Relativism is the concept that points of view have no absolute truth or validity, having only relative, subjective value according to differences in perception and consideration.[1] The term is often used to refer to the context of moral principle, where in a relativistic mode of thought, principles and ethics are regarded as applicable in only limited context. There are many forms of relativism which vary in their degree of controversy.[2] The term often refers to truth relativism, which is the doctrine that there are no absolute truths, i.e., that truth is always relative to some particular frame of reference, such as a language or a culture (cf. cultural relativism). Another widespread and contentious form is moral relativism.”

    CONSERVATIVE/FUNDAMENTALIST Catholics should learn to accept relativism else you will remain 200 years behind.

    • tarikan

      Also the “Theory of Relativism” popularized by Albert Einstein but is now being debunked by modern quantum physicists.

      • mad_as_Hamlet

        * * * * * *
        On the other hand, the “theory of relativism” is well-entrenched in Philippine politics, despite a constitutional policy to the contrary.

      • David Bobir

        good example of relativism. A lot of foreigners who live in PH when questioned by visiting foreigners about the murder rate of tourists point to the high crime rate in places like Detroit USA. So they are saying it’s ok that they murder us…its not as bad as detroit.

        Or hows this…the guy goes to the doctor and the doctor says I have good news and bad news. Whats the bad news. You have cancer and are dying. whats the good news. You’ll die of the cancer before the HIV kills you.

      • Kirat

        The concept of “moral relativism” is different from Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity.” Better stop inglising already, you are confusing di ridders! LOL

    • certainshadeofgreen

      1. What a stupid argument. To accept relativism is to accept that there is no such thing as truth! What then would you believe in if you believe in malleable truths that depend only on a subjective point of reference? Nothing!

      2. You wanna see how absurd your clamor for relativism is? The mere statement “We should accept relativism” in itself will not hold if you do not believe in absolute truths!

      3. Just because you don’t understand/accept Church teachings does not invalidate them! For instance, if I told you that I thought Quantum Physics was a load of BS, it still does not make Quantum Physics less true! Same thing goes for the teachings of the Church! Just because we can’t grasp something does not make it less true!


      • Pepe Alas

        Go, dude! Show ‘em! Let no “intellectual braggadocio” beat the truth down! =)

      • Kirat

        “Intellectual Bragadocio:” is that some sort of brain food they serve at Italianni’s? :-P

      • Pepe Alas

        Subucan mo sa The Old Spaghetti House, bacá meron.

  • farmerpo

    Malice in the mind of the observer creates the negative and lustful thoughts. Appreciation of the beauty of God’s creation enhances the mind. Men and women were born naked. Bikinis are for modesty.

    • UrHONOR

      AGREE. It should even be suggested as the regular office wear/uniform to improve work productivity and serve as inspiration to the male species to strive for higher quality of production! :)

      • divictes

        Pag nangyari iyan, hindi na ako magre-retire… ‘di na rin ako mag di- “day-off”… panay pa ang overtime.

      • UrHONOR

        Ha ha ha….at tataas ang “production” rate mo sa human species! :)

        Palagay ko madadalas na din ang pagbisita ng mga “tatay’ sa mga opisina for their “apostolic work and mission”.

    • regd

      Why would you listen to them priest giving moral advice when they are too busy molesting little boys?

      • boldyak

        at least you agree they are giving moral advice….

      • rbrtsmith

        at least? so you agree to the rest of regd arguments that they are too busy molesting little boys..

    • boldyak

      gusto ko makita ang mga anak mo at asawa mong nakabikini, promise walang malice…pwede ba?…God’s creation naman pala, wag mo na kaya padamitin asawa mo, anak mo, born naked naman di ba?….

    • Mr. Skeptic

      You’re a fackin’ joke. Bikinis are for modesty? LMAO. I want to know what you’re smoking. 99% of men watch a bikini contest because they are h0rny and perverted. If you want to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation, then go the nearest nature park. Only d|mwits will say that they will watch half-n*ked women because of “art.” Who are you fooling? Men watch those contests because they can’t control their d|cks. You’re pathetic.

  • Hey_Dudes

    When these hypocrites are not busy meddling in government politics, they delve into what women may claim their bodies – their business. What this bishop wears underneath is his own business. At the same time, what Filipinos may want to do on their own at any time is their private domain. Lahat na lang gustung paki-alaman nitong mga CBCP gestapos.

    • boldyak

      ohh nice, gandang business yan ng mga babae, using their body…habang karamihan sa nanonood naglalaway, hmmm…private domain ba ang bikini open?…ayusin mo nga pingasasabi mo, basta ka lang makakontra sa mga pari, have you seen a bikini open?….punta ka para malaman mo,…tingnan mo kung hindi ka makapag-isip ng hindi mo dapat isipin….

      • AntiAko

        kung ayaw mo pumunta eh di huwag. walang pumipilit sa yo. kung gusto ng ibang manood, pabayaan mo sila. di mo naman buhay yon.

    • Platypus09

      You don’t have to believe them if you don’t have to.

      But they will have to say it coz it is the right thing to do.

      There are always good ones and bad ones in this world. What are you?

  • bisdakis

    Funny, coz the one who is talking against it has no moral authority! Cleanse first your ranks father!

    • jgl414567

      Tama ka! Let he who has no sin cast the first stone! Ang daling magpuna nitong ipokritong Arguelles na ito kala mo malinis.

      • Platypus09

        You sound bitter. God bless you..

    • boldyak

      Funny, coz the one who is talking against it has no moral authority! Cleanse first yourself!

  • Crazy_horse101010

    not everyone is catholic why do we always have to follow their rules. if i believe in divorce and not catholic why cant i get one supposed to freedom of religion here but its not any different than it was 400 years ago except for burning at the stake, even when you dont believe in them rules its always the catholic way with priests telling everyone what rules they have to live by

    • boldyak

      ongas, hindi naman kathilic gumagawa ng batas….kung may batas na divorce mapigil ba ng katoliko?…ngayon sino sinisi mo kung hindi ka makapgdivorce, sisihin mo mambabatas….mga katolikong ayaw ng divorce, all they can do is lobby tulad mo maglobby ka na magkaroon ng divorce…ang gumagawa ng batas ay mga politiko…bakit sisihin mo ang katoliko…ungas ka pa eh…

    • Platypus09

      Apparently, you don’t profess similar religion.

      Why bother listening to them?

  • marionics

    ako ok lang ma demean ako he he he

    basta ba maka demean din ako ng mga yummy yum yum na mga hottsie he he

    • Mamang Pulis

      saan ba yan—mapuntahan nga—

  • Crazy_horse101010

    does this mean that the church is going to stop the practice of men who stand along side of the highway peeing with it all hanging out in front of women and children. ive even seen men at plubic beaches peeing in the ocean in front of everyone including tourists then dive in the waterr they were peeing in

    • tarikan

      Sa swimming pool halos lahat naman umiihi mababae or lalaki. Please huwag naman sa diving board! Seriously Pre, isang ugali yan ng pinoy…kahit saan umiihi. Sa sariling bayan lang naman ginagawa, pagdating sa ibang bansa masunurin sa batas. Ibig sabihin mga baboy pag nasa sariling bayan.

      • Kapitanbagwis

        Ibig sabihin walang pagmamahal sa sariling bayan.

    • Jane Tan

      along with the bus conductors…

      • Crazy_horse101010

        todays freeman is a article complaining about women breast feeding in public they should cover up. forget about the men

      • Crazy_horse101010

        to go along with that a friend of mine who lives next to the highway complained about the buses stopping and everyone was peeing on his fence discoloring it and making it stink. the bus company got upset with him but stopped

    • Mr. Skeptic

      It’s okay for Pinoys to show their tiny d|cks in public. The worst that could happen to them is get a charge for public scandal. Let Pinays show their pu$$ies and let’s see what happens. LMAO

  • Horst Manure

    Said by men who dress up in women’s clothing.

    • $5699914

      Obviously, you do not know the history and culture behind the cloth….
      Have you seen an arab dress for males? Do you have the balls to say in front of these arab males they are wearing clothing for women?

      • Horst Manure

        Arab’s dress because of the heat and sand which has been found to be the best method by trial and error.

        Not many Arab’s ride a camel wearing a hat without a brim, red Prada shoes and hang out in a gay sauna.

      • $5699914

        Your reply just shows how miniscule of a brain you have.
        Odd…but the milk your parent provided to you during your infancy was just a waste of resources….

      • Horst Manure

        Keep bashing the bible and get well soon.

      • $5699914

        I’m bashing people like you who uses Bible verses on a bent thinking just to propagate you so-called ‘puritan faith’.

    • Mr. Skeptic

      When did priests wear bikinis? LOL

      • Horst Manure

        The next time you are in your favourite gay sauna let us know what you see,

  • Mamang Pulis

    anu po ba yun mas ‘demeaning’?

    yun magpakita ng magandang katawan dahil pino promote ang healthy body/ healthy sex o yun mag latigo ng tali na may bubog sa likod at humiga sa mainit na aspalto at hinahataw tuwing mahal na araw????

    palagay ko padre—mas demeaning yun mga nasa gobyerno na nag huhugas ng kamay na parang si pilato at mas LALONG ‘demeaning’ yun mga nag uugaling HUDAS ISKARIOTE sa bayan.

    • WeAry_Bat

      o nga ano. good point. kung choice ng manuod sa tao naglatigo sa kanilang katawan o manuod ng naka bikini, eh di sa maganda na.

      mas lalong ma-stimulate ang brain at DNA to survive kung ganun. usually, overloaded na ang utak kaya nauubos ang malisya sa mga nakabikini na babae in a few hours.

      pero usually sa bahay na lang kami.

  • TheHappyAgnostic

    the catholic view on sexuality is absurd. makakapal na ang mga mukha nila. hindi na sila tinatablan kapag sinasabihan sila na “HYPOCRITES”.

    • boldyak

      hindi kaya kayo ang hipocrites?….

      • TheHappyAgnostic

        alam mo ba ang ibig sabihin ng “hypocrites”? pakisagot nga, sino ba ang nangangaral ng moralidad at nangmomolestiya ng mga bata? sino ba ang nangangaral ng celibacy sa kanilang hanay pero may inaanakan?

        naaawa ako sa iyo kasi nananatili kang mangmang at hindi mo alam iyan. nakakatawa ka rin dahil sadya kang nagbubulagbulagan

      • boldyak

        alam ko ang ibig sabihin ng hipocrites, kaya tinanong kita dahil sa pagkaalam ko isa ka na…at wag kang maawa sa akin, baka gusto mo ako na mag-aabuloy ng ikapo mo na binibigay mo sa pastor mo, ikaw ang ipokrito dahil kung magsalita ka napakatino mo samantalang wala ka namang alam kung ano talaga ang maging isang katoliko. all you are doing is to discredit RC…alam ng lahat yan…nagmamalinis ka samantalang wala ka namang ginawa kung hindi manira…that is hipocricy…susss…

      • TheHappyAgnostic

        ayon lang yan sa pagkakalam mo at huwag mo akong itulad sa iyo. kawawa ka naman at hindi mo masagot ang mga tanong ko.

      • TheHappyAgnostic

        your ignorance is really limitless. you think that i am a protestant or a born-again cultist? and you think that i don’t know what it is like to be a catholic? and you think that i am discrediting the pedophile institution by telling the truth. and you think that telling the truth is hypocrisy?

        let’s see if you know catholicism more than i do… can you answer this…
        what was god’s response on why human suffer in the book of job? kapag nasagot mo iyan, maniniwala ako na katoliko ka nga.

      • gibreel farishta

        google agad, boldyak.. open source yan, eh, huh! :D

      • lucidlynx

        you can’t even spell it, much more know the meaning of the word.

    • Mr. Skeptic

      You are the fackin’ hypocrite I bet you still celebrate Christmas and other religious occasions, you filthy agnostic.

      • TheHappyAgnostic

        nice try. i don’t celebrate the christian christmas (which they stole from the pagans) or any religious occasion… but it would be nice to say ‘happy hanukkah, happy holidays, happy kwanza, happy winter solstice, happy summer solstice, happy vernal equinox, happy autumnal equinox, happy pole festus, happy flying spaghetti monster day… oh yes, i forgot merry christmas (not that i believe in it in the sense that i worship the sun when i say sunday… lol).

      • Mr. Skeptic

        Then you are not an agnostic because some of the holidays you mentioned are related to a deity. You better change your username. LOL

      • TheHappyAgnostic

        you are just another idiot who do not know the concepts of agnosticism and atheism. just google it so that you will know, instead of spewing your stupidity in the blog.

      • Mr. Skeptic

        You’re a fackin’ retard dude. I’m an atheist and you are a fake wannabe agnostic judging by your other comments.

      • TheHappyAgnostic

        your brain must be seeping with fecal matter that you cannot distinguish agnosticism and atheism… instead of spewing your vitriolic statement like a putrid vomit emanating from your rectum, why don’t you get a proper education.

    • bugoybanggers

      Sige, promote na lang ang ATHEISM, let’s all ban Religion. Puro na lang Katoliko..lahat ng Religion pare pareho! Hypocrite ba kamo? Buti nga may naninita kaysa sa wala. Punta ka sa America makikita mo kung gaano na kalaswa bakit Katoliko ba ang majority sa Amerika?

      • TheHappyAgnostic

        i am agnostic but i am not anti-theist. and foremost, i am a humanist. i neither promote atheism nor preach agnosticism. i respect everyone’s right to believe what they want to believe even though how absurd it is. just don’t expect me to respect their religion.

      • gibreel farishta

        ayus..! the god delusion – r dawkins.. :P

      • lucidlynx

        mas maraming puritanical sa america kaysa sa pinas. hindi naman katoliko lang ang may morals. protestante din. mas matindi nga ang conservativeness ng mga religious right sa america kaysa sa pinas. ang kaibahan lang nila sa atin, may karapatan ang bawat sektor ng lipunan gawin ang gusto basta hindi labag sa batas.

        ang gusto ng kapari-an sa pinas ay ipagbawal ang ibang gawain na hindi naman illegal sa batas pero salungat lang sa catholic religion. hindi naman tama yon dahil hindi naman theocracy ang form of government sa pinas. democracy ang form of government natin.

  • kurakut


    • boldyak

      so you agree na kapag nanood ka ng bikini open gising manoy mo?….

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Unahin kaya muna natin ang bakuran ng simbahan… daming baklang priest na nanggagapang ng mga sakristan.

    • boldyak

      mas maganda unahin mo pamamahay mo…

  • coty

    oh oh here we go again, when ladies in their bikinis are having fun on the beach really there’s nothing wrong with it. it’s just but natural to be in a bikini when they go for a swim! but imagine the same ladies in their bikinis and you put them on stage and your perception completely changes! and what about the beauty contest? what would the paying audience think about if there is no swim wear competition in the contest? would they still enjoy(?)!

    • boldyak

      have you seen a bikini contest?….nood ka at ng magising yang tagal na nanlulupaypay….the main purpose is not fashion…tingnan mo na lang…

  • regd

    Of course Father, so, here we will leave these little boys under your care!

  • David Bobir

    …unless they are underage bodies in the care of priests and nuns…then it’s open day

  • divictes

    You don’t know what you’re missing , Father.

    • boldyak

      see, your statement agrees with the Priest’s concern….

  • Rodolfo

    With due respect Father, you are evil and have a malicious mind !

    • boldyak

      punta ka sa bikini open, doon mo makita ang sinasabi mo na hindi na”malicious mind”…that is hipocricy to the max…..

    • Mr. Skeptic

      So you watch a bikini contest without a malicious mind? LOL you must be gay if that’s the case.

  • Max Tandan

    until Pajero bishops never apologized for his obnoxious behavior, he is still busy preaching the ‘good news’ forgiving sins in mass, w/ exception to his materialistic behavior.

    • boldyak

      awww…thanks, at least you have agreed they are preaching the good news…

  • $26791673

    Live a little, Father.

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Why did the good bishop say what he said? Siguro numero uno siyang kung ano anong kahalayan ang pumapasok sa isip kapag nakakita ng babae o lalake (baka bading siya) na nakabikini.

  • Pepe Alas

    Sabi co na ñga ba, eh: puro tuncól na namán sa child abuse cases ang mg̃a comento ng “mabubuting” mambabasa ng artículong itó.

  • Kapitanbagwis

    Talaga itong si Arguelles kahit kailan malisyoso.

    • boldyak

      punta ka bikini open, makikita mo ang mga malisyoso…

    • boldyak

      punta ka bikini open, at nang malaman mo kung sino malisyoso…

      • Kapitanbagwis

        Palagay ko ikaw hehehe

        KapitanBagwis Sent from my iPhone

  • beboergosum

    Okey lang yan sa mga feminista, (gustong-gusto pa nga) mga atheista, mga bakla, tomboy, komunista, mga makakaliwa at mga satanista. Ipaglaban ang karapatan ng kabataang Pilipino. Yebah! Tayo na sa Sabah at sa China. Display what Filipinos are good for, courtesy of the freedom loving hooters.

  • Roy Batty

    Hayaan niya na yan father dapat ang pagbawalan ninyo iyon mga nagsisimba na halos ay nakahubad na. Di ko maiwasan tuwing nasa simbahan ang tigasan ng TT, nawalan tuloy ng saysay yun pagsisimba ko.

    • doncleo

      saan ba yang simbahan mo? dyan na din ako magsimba…lol!!

  • Dancing Bear

    What about me? I don’t believe in religion? My deity certainly believes in women in bikinis.

    • doncleo

      go find yourself a nude camp..

      • Dancing Bear

        I’m partial to scantily clad Catholic schoolgirls thank you.

  • buttones

    Bikini contests and beauty contests are a way of life in PH- kids usually start at five years, and have proved quite useful for a few gels in ending up on the arm of a big shot or even a politician! I think what the priest is trying to say is that there is no real connection between girls and boys prancing around in their undies and the crucifixion of Christ. He may have a point.

    A true story- I live on Bantayan Island [ they should have called it Easter Island] and three years ago a resort owner,knowing the thousands that were coming here for the event, jacked up his rack rates [of course] shipped in some dancing singing ‘actress’ gels to entertain the guests on the beach. Bit of a problem- Gwen Garcia, being a stalwart Catholic of impeccable integrity, actually sued the resort for doing ‘naughty things’ {I
    forget the outcome’}

    I guess what I a trying to say is, that when it comes to the commercialism of what is supposed to be a sacred event, then commercialism will win every time, the Church know that, which is why Christmas starts in a few short months…

    • Gordo Viejo

      This is all about publicity, not preaching. The bishops try to keep themselves current, or “relevant” with such stunts as Team Dedo or Team Bikini. Team Gwendolyn, on the other hand, is a consummate opportunist who will jump on any issue just to earn political points. Don’t be surprised if she crawls out of the Sandigan clutching someone’s gold watch and a box of land titles. LOL

  • patrickinca

    How about a contest that doesnt involve any short or small almost naked type of attire? I had witnessed contest that the person with the less brain but got a killer body, win the contest. lol

  • tweakthor

    If you are a true blood Catholic, it is your duty during the Holy Week to commemorate the death of Jesus for the salvation of mankind and celebrate HIS resurrection. Unfortunately the behavior of many who profess to be Catholics kuno during HOLY WEEK is contrary to its being a holy week …. it has become a week of pleasure and giving way to the desires of the flesh.

    May masama ba doon? wala naman siguro kung hindi ka katoliko. But if you profess to be one, then the “bikini open”, going to Boracay with your GF or indulging in parties and alcohol runs against the spirit of the week which should be one of contemplation, worship and seeking of forgiveness.

    Let us not confuse the men who run the church (who are sinners like you and me) and the teachings/values/morals which are the core of Catholicism. These are totally two different things.

    • doncleo

      well said tweakthor.

  • Platypus09

    That is expected. They are expected to remind us of those things.

    There is nothing wrong with reminders.

    Catholicism equates ultra conservatism. I am okey with that.

  • Pulis Na Pogi

    pageant na lang ng mga batang lalaki…

    • Platypus09

      You know that hundreds and hundreds of priests don’t enjoy that.

      You cannot generalize them, coz for the most part, most of them are very loyal and dedicated to their vocation.

      • Pulis Na Pogi

        so why the cover up then? if the church is really like that (with hundreds and hundreds priests loyal to their vocation), then why not kick the FEW scalawags and save these hundreds and hundreds?

        of maybe it is really the other way around?

  • Klepto

    what about priests who father children and sodomized young boys?

    • Platypus09

      Those are old news. Thousands and thousands of priests around the world don’t do that.

      Generalizing them is being unfair.

      • herecomesrusty

        Generalizing… you mean like watching bikini opens is a lustful event?

  • go88

    what criticizing bikini contest but not a word about the numerous prostitution dens that abound and operate legally in our country? bunch of hypocrites ….

  • bogli_anakdami

    dapat si kaksucker padre dumbasso eh magsuot ng thong (t-back), tapos hampasin ng latigo ngayong mahal na araws…

    • Platypus09

      Kaksucker, it takes one to know one…

      Is that you?

  • Akoaykanoy

    With bikini it almost left nothing to your imagination naku tsalap, tsalap mag-imagine then go somewhere over the rainbow then tapos ang imagination.

  • Hey_Dudes

    If CBCP hypocrites will be mandated to be judge of beauty pageants around the world, women participating might have to kiss their swimsuit goodbye and in it’s stead – Pajamas!

  • alfred sanchez

    ariba anti catholic, muslims beheading and kidnapping walang comment pero dito panay tira sa mga katoliko

  • dodot24

    Si father against sa bikini contest pero wala silang comment doon sa Cavite na ang bata contest na pataasan ng ihi….hubad lalo ang mga iyon at marami pang taong nanonood.

  • OSHO

    Things are looking bad for the members of
    the Catholic church. Their image is being damaged by stories of sex and
    perversion within the ranks of the priesthood. Their so-called celibacy is
    becoming a worldwide joke.
    So CBCP calls their press secretary, Bishop Benny Diction, and
    orders him to create a cover-up campaign.
    “Well, Your Holiness,” says Benny, “I have already given this a lot of
    thought. I am convinced that we need to change our style of dress. Right
    now, people look at us and all they see is a bunch of dirty habits!”
    “Yes,” say the bishops, “perhaps you are right. So what should we do?”
    “Simple!” replies Benny Diction. “What I have in mind is a complete change
    of image. We will cover the city with posters of a woman in a bikini!”
    “What?” cry the bishops. “A woman in a bikini? How is that going to
    promote celibacy in the world?”
    “Well,” explains Benny Diction, “the model for the photograph is going to be ArchBishop Oscar Cruz!”

  • OSHO

    Things are looking bad for the members of the
    Catholic church. Their image is being damaged by stories of sex and perversion
    within the ranks of the priesthood. Their so-called celibacy is becoming a
    worldwide joke.
    So CBCP calls their press secretary, Bishop Benny Diction,
    and orders him to create a cover-up campaign.
    “Well, Your Holiness,” says
    Benny, “I have already given this a lot of thought. I am convinced that we need
    to change our style of dress. Right now, people look at us and all they see is a
    bunch of dirty habits!”
    “Yes,” say the bishops, “perhaps you are right. So
    what should we do?”
    “Simple!” replies Benny Diction. “What I have in mind is
    a complete change of image. We will cover the city with posters of a woman in
    a bikini!”
    “What?” cry the bishops. “A woman in a bikini? How is that going
    to promote celibacy in the world?”
    “Well,” explains Benny Diction, “the model
    for the photograph is going to be Archbishop Oscar

  • Kenjie Hasaki

    I believed that no one is demeaned in any bikini opens. Only those who have perverted minds think that activities such as beauty contest is demeaning. Obviously, the Bishop Argue could be considered one. Bikini opens promotes equality of all sexes. Take a look at other countries that have the same belief as the Bishop – they subjugate women, abused them, not given equal rights. Thank God I live in this country where people like the bishop has no much power over us.

  • pinoyislander

    lol. kakatawa yung title ng article. only in the philippines na mainstream yung kung ganiting mga pacontest

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