Chiz-Heart: A rich girl-poor boy affair?



Sen. Chiz Escudero makes it appear that Heart Evangelista’s parents don’t approve of their relationship because she is  the daughter of super-rich parents and he’s just a poor guy.

Escudero’s rich-girl-poor-boy portrayal of his relationship with the young actress stinks.

It may appeal to the masses, whose votes the reelectionist senator—who is leading in all surveys—is courting.

But to people who are perceptive, Escudero’s melodramatic presentation of his love affair with Heart seems to reek of liquor.

Rey and Baby Ongpauco, Heart’s parents, told me in an interview that when they first heard  their 28-year-old daughter was going out with the 44-year-old senator, they felt proud.

“Which parent would not be proud to have their daughter go out with a senator who seems to be  intelligent and is loved by the masses?” Rey said.

Speaking at a press conference in Naga City, Escudero said, “There is no doubt that (Heart’s) parents are richer and more moneyed than mine. Her parents might be correct that I cannot afford to sustain the lifestyle they give her. But no matter how much money they have, it is not a license to belittle anyone or pour scorn on my character because my family is also affected.”

Escudero gave the elder Ongpaucos  reason to dislike him the first time they met.

“He came to us reeking of liquor and looking very drunk. He slouched on his seat. He asked me a lot of questions, like what I did for a living. His words were slurred. I told him I should be the one asking about him, not him about me since I am Heart’s father,” Rey Ongpauco said.

“Talagang nabastos kami, Mon (We felt insulted),” Baby recalled their first meeting with the senator.

Baby also recalled that in another instance, she visited the set of a taping of Heart’s teleserye.

“Everybody, including the director and crew of the set greeted me,” she said. “I saw Chiz slouched on his seat looking at me like he didn’t recognize  me. He didn’t even say hi. What kind of a man is that?” said Baby.


Which parent would want their daughter to go out with a bum that Chiz, by his actuations, seems to be?

Let’s forget for a while that Chiz is a senator.

But he is not acting like a gentleman, not the image  that every suitor should project to the parents of the woman he’s courting.

Chiz  should not forget that respecting the parents of one’s spouse or lover is imbedded in Filipino culture.

I can’t understand why the senator  would be disrespectful toward Heart’s parents when he comes from Bicol, where “panunuyo” or courting the girl’s parents is still practiced.

In panunuyo, especially in the rural areas,  the suitor is expected to  fetch water, chop wood, do the laundry and other chores of the girl’s family.

Is it because Chiz thinks so highly of himself that he fails to see that Heart’s parents deserve respect?

The words of Cristy Fermin, veteran show-biz columnist, ring a bell: “Kapag ikaw ay nadala ng mga sigaw ng paghanga ng fans, tapos ka na (When you get affected by the adulation of your fans, you’re finished).”


As a father, I understand Rey and Baby Ongpauco’s concern for their daughter Heart.

It may be their fault that they’re overly protective of their 28-year-old daughter who they consider “still young and innocent.”

But I empathized with them as any other parent would when they said they heard  well-meaning friends claim  that Chiz harmed  his former wife Christine.

“Sana huwag niyang gawin ‘yan sa anak ko dahil baka makalimutan ko ang sarili ko (I hope he doesn’t do that to my daughter because I might do the unthinkable),” Rey said.

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  • http://twitter.com/rhocsan rhocsan

    if that’s true, Heart’s parents have reasons!


    Who is the gold-digger here?

  • diamond_digger

    It may not be fair nor enough for us to pass on judgement to Chiz based on his tiff with Heart’s parents. To have a clearer and bigger view of the character and traits this young, smart politician is made of, we may need to also bear in mind and consider what happened between Chiz and the eminent erstwhile political kingmaker – Danding Cojuangco and the now also-brewing word war between Chiz and his other political patron and famous ‘ninong’ Erap Estrada. We may be looking at really admirable, intelligent and brilliant presidential wannabe or a male version of either Cristy Fermin or Annabelle Rama.

    • TinimbangNgunitKulang

      He is the male version of Kris Aquino.

    • Maldi2

      Correct observation. Chiz is so matangos ang ilong, that Cojuangco, Erap,a nd Binay, finally dumped him. We can’t trust this guy, an opportunist! WTF!

    • rea1031

      This is just Tulfo’s way to get noticed…….The story title itself may be his own making…..naghahanap lang yan ng mahuthutan…….Heart has already spoken on TV….from her words you will know who is right……

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jocken-Dano/100002588330624 Jocken Dano

    I think i should ask the good senator a question – what if you are the father at ang boyfriend ng anak mo ay hindi pina-pansin. Senator, this is not about money this is all about RESPECT – RESPETO sa magulang ng girlfriend mo and we Filipinos are very sensitive about this. God bless you sir . . .

  • Hey_Dudes

    and please be reminded their being rich is not about pork barrel or being apolitical. They got rich because they worked hard to make sure “Barrio Fiesta” remains a strong and viable eatery in the country in spite of market saturation of copy cats and new kids on the block.

    But that aside, if I am someone truly and madly in love with a girl, I am one to make sure I court the mother first, the father second and third is my girl! I never heard of a Filipino specially a famous highly educated politician who had been married once being at war with his girlfriend’s parent? Does this happen often in our country now? Alam ko noon panahon namin, yung magulang muna ang liligawan mo bago yung girl? It even becomes complicated if you are to court brothers and sisters ay nekopooh buhay ito.

    • AntiAko

      Keep your opinion to yourself. Dapat hindi na tayo nagkokoment sa relasyon nila dahil hindi naman tayo involved.

    • rea1031

      Jerico did just that…but he got swept out of Heart’s heart by her parents…….history always repeats itself….this is just another “true-to-life” telenovela…..Rich people behave that way…I know based on experience……no matter how you court “rich” parents if you are poor….you will always remain poor in their eyes……even the slightest “poor” demeanor may be considered “mis demeanor”…..

  • randyaltarejos

    For me, even if you’re the President of the Land or a super rich person on Earth, showing respect to the parents of the woman you loved so much must be put in place. I don’t think that it will make one a less macho man if he tries to be nice and respectful to the concerned parents! It’s just a matter of opening up one’s mind which, I’m sure, is Senator Escudero’s forte. Common, Mr. Senator, we’re not in America where sons-in-law just call their fathers-in-law by their first names. You must be aware that you’re in the Philippines, where rich cultural traditions regarding marriage are still being practiced. My roots are from Bicol, too, so that I knew the nitty-gritty of the traditional pre-marriage practices in the region. My unsolicited advice is for the young Bicolano senator try to find a way where where he and Heart can talk face-to-face with the latter’s parents, without the media. Only the four of you will talk. Nobody else’s.

    • Mr Moonlight

      we are now in the 21st century are we not? get real

      • popeyee

        siguro wala ka ring respeto na biyanan mo, o kahit sa magulang mo dahil 21st century na..

      • Mr Moonlight

        hey stupid moron i am obnoxious rude nasty disrespectful only to someone like you, got that?

  • glances2

    “Rey and Baby Ongpauco, Heart’s parents, told me in an interview that ….”

    But WHO ARE YOU? Who da fak wrote this piece?

    • joey

      Note after the 9th stanza…..“Talagang nabastos kami, Mon (We felt insulted),” Baby recalled their first meeting with the senator…..this is Mon Tulfo’s writing!!! I wonder why his name is not shown after the byline.

    • joey

      Note after the 9th stanza…..“Talagang nabastos kami, Mon (We felt insulted),” Baby recalled their first meeting with the senator…..this is Mon Tulfo’s writing!!! I wonder why his name is not shown after the byline.

      • Kirat

        He is still healing after getting beat up by Claudine … sssssh.

      • OZBOYS


      • Noredlac

        envelop-mental journalism from its guru

      • batangsulpok

        Palagay ko ay takot din si Mon Tulfo kay Escudero kaya di inilagay ang pangalan niya, isa pa, may pagka-doble kara din itong si Tulfo kasi nasubok ang pagkalalaki niya nang mabugbog siya ni Claudine.

  • regie

    As a father and somebody hurts my daughter and i am rich naku uubusin ko ang lahat ng kwarta ko para turuan ng leksyon ang mananakit sa kanya…

  • speedstream2

    More than anything else, is this not really more about good judgment, proper decorum as well as self-respect and respect for others? All in all, considering the personalities involved, this soap opera-like brouhaha is a bit of conundrum. Well, come to think of it, every human being is, in some ways, kind of an enigma.

  • http://cribofthoughts.tumblr.com/ CribofThougths

    Is it coincidental that this issue came out before the elections or during campaign period?

  • usaf9

    Actually Chiz is farthest from being handsome and Heart is just a common beauty. So what’s the big deal. An opportunist senator, ths chismis don’t deserve to be printed

  • http://cribofthoughts.tumblr.com/ CribofThougths

    For one sided commentators, please read this and weigh the arguments. Think outside the box people.


  • JMbilisyos


  • ApoNiLolo

    “… she is the daughter of super-rich parents and he’s just a poor guy…”

    Bwahahaha! Si Escudero “poor guy”? Kelan pa? This reminds me of an election campaign slogan – “The poor boy from Lubao”!!! >: D

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003247426337 Carlos Acoba


    • Ernesto Ancheta

      Addict on what? Alcohol, Drugs, Babae or being a Senator. Paki justify nga at magbigay ng evidence.

      • mehetabelade

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      • Simplify1

        pre, wag ka na mag aksaya ng oras dyan…tignan mo profile nya…

      • pedronimo

        Adik sa pwersa.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003247426337 Carlos Acoba


  • tarikan

    Chiz Escudero a poor guy? What happened to the pork barrel, MOOEE (or whatever it’s called, the one that Brenda is losing spit about), the entitlements for being a member/chairman of some 60 committees (more than twice the number of senators)? It could certainly provide for even three wives and one GF.

    • leomar101

      Pre, idagdag mo pa ang tig 200 millions per year na pork nila. May project ba yan sa Bicol?in 8 years payat ang mga 500 milyon ang nasa bulsa nila sa pork lang yan ha. eh yong ibang pagkakitaan pa nila like sa mga sinasabi mo? and then sabihin niyang poor siya. hahahaha.Tanga na talaga ang mga botante kung maniwala at iboboto pa yan. Could anybody tell the public kung may batas ba yang naipasa hanggang ngayon. Baka co-sponsor lang sa mga bills ng ibang senador. Nagpa awa awa lang yan sa media para lokohin ang mga botante. Magingat sa mga manloloko ngayon.

  • $53950194

    translation? o binigyan ng meaning!!!

    “Sana huwag niyang gawin ‘yan sa anak ko dahil baka makalimutan ko ang sarili ko (I hope he doesn’t do that to my daughter because I might do the unthinkable),” Rey said.

    Read more: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/378197/chiz-heart-a-rich-girl-poor-boy-affair#ixzz2OLcgOshc
    Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook

  • iskurokutoy

    Bukod doon sa pag-e-endorse ng mga chipipay na produkto ng mga supporters niyang Intsik. Hindi pa nga sigurado kung cash binabayad sa kanya.

    May nakakaalam ba kung ano pinagkakakitaan ni Chiz?

    May sweldo siya bilang senador pero maliit lang ito kumpara sa kita ni Heart.

    • popeyee

      Sinong may sabing maliit lang ang kinikita ng isang senador? walang loko-lokong politiko na gagastos ng 200 milyones sa election at kakarampot lang ang kikitain pag nakaupo na as senator…ang iba nga dyan nakikipagpatayan pa manalo lang sa eleksyon at ng yumaman…

  • http://twitter.com/ZALZANZIBAR ALBERTO ZALAZAR

    Respeto ng Manliligaw sa magulang ng babae,….asan..?
    Respeto ng Magulang ng Babae sa manliligaw sa anak nila….Asan…?
    Ano ba talaga ang kahulugan ng RESPETO…?…ito ba ay …”ONE WAY”….?
    Ang RESPETO ay para lang ba sa mayayaman?….O
    Ang RESPETO ay para lang sa mahihirap…?
    Ilang buwan silang magkakasamang kumain(Heart, Chiz & mga magulang ni Heart) ng almusal,…tanghalian…hapunan,…tapos ngayon ay biglang naging iba ang tema ng STORYA…?…ha ha ha !…what a JOKE…!

  • Mr Moonlight

    the father of chiz was one of marcos crony
    Chiz has an annual pork barrel of 200M pesos
    and that makes him POOR?
    get the f*ck out of here morons

  • Mr Moonlight

    70%.of the bloggers here are hopelessly pinoy idiots

  • go88

    ‘rich girl -poor guy affair’? you must be kidding … escudero son of a Sorsogon representative, studied for a masteral in Georgetown, partner of a law office, senator of the republic of the Philippines … this guy never had to worry about money … please don’t insult the real ‘poor guys’ who made it to something without their parents assitance and stealing public funds.

  • popeyee

    Escudero a poor boy from Bicol? WTF!

  • Kirat

    Thanks for the laughs, Inquirer. Chizwhiz may be a lot of things, but “poor” isn’t one of them. There are many kids going out on the streets with no slippers who’d love to be as “poor” as he is. Rude, arrogant, or drunk aren’t matters of public record, either, just hearsay; and you are well aware your readers have no means of verifying that. The only thing clear from the beginning of this whole sorry business is that his girlfriend’s parents don’t like him. If “poor” Chizwhiz isn’t good enough for Mommyger, then good luck on finding a young, polite, non-showbiz billionaire who’s never been married. Pogi with “conjugable” assets count for extra. And please let the broadsheets know the moment he knocks LOL. This is a fight between two PR camps, and you guys know it. :-P

    • $2931613

      polite?? tanungin mo nga ex-wife nyan kung bakit yan iniwan

      • Kirat

        Basahin mo nga nang maigi kung sino ang tinutukoy ng “polite.” Kilala mo rin pala ang butuhing ex ni Chizwhiz, kaya pa email mo na lang ako sa kanya. :-P

  • Janch

    Mudslinging time!
    Siyempre, it has to be done by proxy.
    Pagalingan na ng propaganda machine to.

  • Noel

    Chiz is not poor, though not as rich as Heart. Chiz comes from a decent family. His later father was among the few Marcos cabinet members who was not corrupt. I know his family way back when they still lived somewhere in D. Tuazon St., QC.

  • disqus_CudSy1ZeHQ

    Stupid article,, VOTE CHIZ ESCODERO,,,,


    • Guest

      Bulok talaga ang style ng mga Estradas. Pailalim kung bumanat kay Chiz.
      Diyan sila magaling.

  • disqus_CudSy1ZeHQ

    Halata namang nikikinabang ng husto mga magulang ni heart sa kanya kaya takot magulang nya na mawala sya, Pera pera lang yan mga parekoy….

  • disqus_CudSy1ZeHQ


  • disqus_CudSy1ZeHQ

    Mga mukhang perang magulang, syempre hindi aamininin mukha silang pera dhil me ari sila ng bario fiesta, pero di nyo alam kung ilang million utang ng mga yan……

    • Guest

      I don’t think Rey and Cecille Ongpaunco will admit that. Nananahimik na
      sila ngayon. They got their talent fees to Erap e.

  • Pio Gante

    ha! ano kamo poor si isko?

  • doublecross

    naku chiz, kung naputukan muna si heart…tama na, para kang bakla!

  • Simplify1

    Dear PDI, next time, pls indicate the name of the writer para malaman na rin ng mga readers kung sino lang ang mga reporters worth na basahin…

  • http://twitter.com/JaimeOdeVera Jaime O. de Vera

    Chiz, your behavior does not lie !!!

  • antiscam

    From what I’ve gathered in this article, Heart has a taste for ultra
    expensive luxuries. She will be like Imelda Marcos as First Lady once
    Chiz becomes president by 2016. Expect corruption on a grand scale to
    follow just to satisfy Heart’s luxurious desires. Just like what our
    Dictator Ferdinand Marcos did for her beloved Imelda.

    By the way, Chiz’s father was the longest serving cabinet minister of Marcos as Minister of Agriculture. Hmmm….

  • tamaraw2020

    Nagkalat nang Chiz’s PR (public relations) dito. Isa na nga yung ganito na palutangin rich girl poor boy? ‘Alangya, kelan pa naghirap mga escudero? Eh nag-triple yaman pa erpat nito panahon ni Makoy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/erick.labandia Erick Labandia


  • padrefaura

    papuntahin ang mga magulang ni heart sa sorsogon at tingnan nila ang hekta-hektarya mga lupain ng mga escudero doon.

  • jga94

    Calling the attention of the editor….who is the writer of the article. There are so many lines indicating the writer’s opinions yet her/his name is not mentioned.

    First of all, I have my doubts on Chiz even before this incident….but the parents of Heart (particularly the mother)—particularly the reputation of heart’s mother also does not predispose me to immediately believe them.

  • Vin

    If Chiz really loves Heart then I think he should talk to the parents and sort things out. If it is an issue with regards to respect then Chiz should work on it.

    Suyuin ang magulang ng babae dahil kapag nagkatuluyan kayo at nagkaroon ng gusot kay Heart kakampi mo ang magulang niya.

    • AntiAko

      Ilang taon na nga ba si Heart at kailangan pa talaga ang basbas ng mga magulang niya?
      Ay tama, 12 years old pa lang pala kasi siya…LOL

  • Leon_Kap

    Absolutely amigos/amigas. It’s Toby Tiangco, Erap’s trusted crony, who
    planned this black propaganda against Chiz.

  • gerry2000

    Chiz maybe is a Bikolano but not the usual type. He is rich and think highly of himself which is common to rich people of his stature. Respect is something that can’t be bought and is something that an elderly people deserves from the young. Or maybe Chiz at times is confused on how he should behave in front of his girlfriend’s parents for he is used in dealing with older people in the senate in which he sometimes engage in a heated arguments. I don’t know, but maybe Chiz should left behind his political side of a person in dealing with ordinary people.

  • Guest

    Nagtatago sa dilim ang mga kumakalaban kay Chiz. Lumantad na kayo mga

  • hu_yu

    parang bakla itong si chiz, sya tong lalake , sya tong hindi gumagawa ng “da moves”
    chiz, puntahan mo parents ni heart at humingi ka ng paumanhin, madali lang problema mo, hwag mong palitawin na malaki……para kang si kris “tulo” aquino

  • neoxyrel

    chiz is presidentiable?!!! what the f&$@ have you taken the “blue” pill and woke up in wonderland? take the “red” pill and you’ll see how deep the rabbit hole goes…this is not how you express yourself in a poetic way…this is about respect. Respect for the elders, especially respect to the parents of your woman.

  • Jorgeatte Eleanor Rostata

    OH MY GOD. SERIOUSLY?? Headline to? Who wrote this article? This is so biased. Just so you know, a news article is never biased unless nasa editorial column.

  • Mr Moonlight

    Rich girl-Poor Boy affair is the biggest joke of the year
    hoy morons! Chiz father WAS MARCOS CRONY do you have any idea what is meant by that?
    Chiz is modest enough to humble himself that he is not wealthy, a mark of a decent smart intelligent human being.
    Theres just too many filipino imbeciles in this country, biggest proof is that erap was elected president by an overwhelming vote,
    am i right or am i right

  • juztina

    Chiz Escudero..you are vying for a senate seat, thats hell of a money tipsy man!!! well, before you portray yourself as a “poor” boy as a stinking-alibi against the parents of Ms. Evangelista..take a closer look of the Escudero actual Corruptions cases in Bicol region. LOL

  • $2931613

    Chiz Escudero: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! the worst TRAPO ever.. mas malala pa to kay Marcos and Arroyo COMBINED! wag kayong magpa-hypnotize sa mababangong salita nito

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002207384387 Andrei Mendoza

    “young and innocent?”

    ang maniwala… tanga!

  • http://twitter.com/Olibo2 Olibo

    Don’t know who’s telling the truth, Heart’s parents or Chiz? Or is it Mon’s gossip? I don’t think someone can say a senator is a poor fellow. To be a senator means you must be a multi-millionaire.

  • bok

    Its not a ” A rich girl-poor boy affair” but a “STUPID GIRL ALCOHOLIC OLDER BOY AFFAIR! “

  • Derrick Ross

    Chiz Escudero mahirap? Sinong ginagago nyo?

  • boybakal

    Chiz-Heart: A rich girl-poor boy affair?…

    No….it is Poor Girl – Dirty Old Man affair.

  • AntiAko

    Eto pang isa (author) na nakikialam sa sitwasyon. Private life nila ni Chiz, Heart at ng parents niya ang lahat ng ito. Wala kang karapatang manghusga dahil malamang wala ka naman doon nung nangyari ang lahat. Isang panig lang ang alam mo kaya siguradong unfair ang appreciation mo ng katotohanan.

  • maypakialamtayo

    si chiz, poor, hindi naman bobo ang mga tao no! kung maglolokohan kayo, kayo na lang.

  • disqus_WIkXYUshrh

    Nakisawsaw na naman ang baliw na matandang Mon Tulpo. Magkano ang lagay sa iyo dito? Kaya ka nasapak nina Reymart at Claudine dahil ang hilig mong makisawsaw. Laos ka na old man.

  • pedronimo

    Hindi na uso ang “Utang na loob” sa kultura ng mga bata ngayon. Right or wrong, her parents deserve Heart’s deference if not respect or gratitude. You can change Chiz any time in your life, but you can not replace your parents. Have a heart, Heart or are you all libido and sex?

  • matalino matalino

    Escudero is not poor. Mayroon siyang pera sa Switzerland – bigay ni Danding Cojuangco- at mga galing sa kickbacks o kaya commissions. That guy is a very slick, manipulative kurakot. Tama ang mga magulang ni Heart- she must stay away from him para iyong mga anak niya hindi makatikim ng galing sa nakaw o kaya galing sa magnanakaw- like Danding Cojuangco.

  • matalino matalino

    Soon gagamit na si Escudero ng Viagra- kung hindi pa siya gumagamit ngayon. (Soon Heart will realize na iba talaga ang natural stiffness.) And Heart will have an affair with a guy or guys na kasing bata niya o kaya mas bata sa kaniya. Ang mga babae- kahit 67 years old na pwede pa- ang mga lalaki- kung lumampas na ng 50 years old- wala na kung hindi sila gagamit ng Viagra or any medicine for ED.

  • doublecross

    ganyan talaga, kung natapos tusukin, basahan na lang ang tingin sa babae.

  • boldyak

    stop this crap news….

  • Ekalam Gnekup

    This is the 3rd consecutive article you have devoted to favor the rich and moneyed Ongpaucos. All three have absolutely no redeeming social value that would even benefit your readers. At the end of the day the person who will win in this drama is you. You will be laughing all the way to the bank and no one is the wiser. Take it easy Mon Tulfo, baka ma-Karma ka na.

  • JosengSisiw1

    A fourth generation Escudero in the government, his father is a congressman; who will believe that he is poor? Maybe morally poor?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza

    ang pangit ni chiz mukang daga! si heart naman para puwet lang ang di maluwag!

  • http://www.facebook.com/estee.muri Estee Muri

    CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU CHEAT ESCUDERO. Ngayon,Poor ka “KUNO ” para lang the common tao in the Philippines will sympathize with you. Of course, marami ring magpa-uto sa iyo akala nila talagang isa kang mabuting Senador, …oh excuse me….. From the start, I put a question mark on your head, and now I proved myself I was correct na isa kang Opportunista…. YOu are saying ????

  • Guest

    Poor ka dyan Chiz..batukan kita sa paawa epek..tinuruan ka ng bes krisy mo…baka nexxt time hagulgol ka na din sa tv..,,,

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