‘Eraptions’ still wow ’em in campaign



BAGUIO CITY—An old face in Philippine politics emerges on stage, not at all as rundown as the Baguio Convention Center here, waving to the raucous crowd with one hand in his pocket, his typical pose.

Former President Joseph Estrada—deposed in 2001, charged with plunder and pardoned seven years later—is in familiar territory. It’s another election season and the campaign is his stage in a continuing crusade to redeem himself.

At the age of 75, the movie action star turned politician was clearly in his element during the United Nationalist Alliance rally on Sunday night. He cracked one “Eraption” after another with impeccable timing and delivery, even if many of them had been heard before.

But with UNA candidates slipping out of the winning circle based on recent surveys, can a vintage Erap infuse life into their campaign?

Estrada believes he could still be a factor, especially with Vice President Jejomar Binay and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile—the so-called three kings of the UNA.

“I’m doing my best to help the ticket,” he told the Inquirer in a recent interview.

‘Happy Easterada’

By March 30, the start of the campaign period for local candidates in the May elections, Estrada is expected to have more on his plate. He is running for mayor of Manila, and he’s up against reelectionist Mayor Alfredo Lim—filmdom’s “Asiong Salonga” taking on the man known as “Dirty Harry.”

Estrada’s proclamation rally is set at Liwasang Bonifacio on Easter Sunday, the eve of April Fool’s Day, in an event he dubbed, “Happy Easterada.”

In the meantime, he is all business with the UNA, whose senatorial lineup includes his son, San Juan Rep. JV Ejercito.

Given his own commitments in his mayoral run, Estrada could join only major UNA campaign sorties. But whenever he is around, he is the undisputed star of the UNA show, as was the case here last weekend. In motorcades and in the ensuing rally in the evening, he was the main attraction, the senatorial candidates his supporting cast.

Not that they mind it, especially with Estrada bringing the power of his political endorsement for each UNA candidate.

But first they all had to listen to his story.

Estrada spent the first half of his campaign remarks recalling how the ruling class (“naghaharing uri”) purportedly conspired to unseat him in 2001.

Apologies from Cory

Estrada is convinced he had found redemption when the late President Corazon Aquino, Novaliches Bishop Antonio Tobias (whom he mistakenly referred to as “archi-bishop”), and ex-Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Perfecto Yasay all apologized to him for Edsa II.

Videos of these apologies were shown on a huge screen providing a dramatic entrance for Estrada, who later told the crowd in Filipino: “I am confident to face you because I am innocent. I stole not a single centavo.”

It’s only after he had unburdened himself on the events of 12 years ago that he began making a pitch for the UNA candidates one by one.

“I won’t face you tonight and endorse them if they are tainted with any anomaly,” said Estrada, who made an amazing run for the presidency in the 2010 elections, placing second in the balloting.

With everything said and done, Estrada retired to his seat, yielding the spotlight to his son, the second to follow his footsteps to the Senate, and who knows where else.

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  • nes911

    Erap is passe’ -people are already fed up with his antics. The fact is he was guilty of plunder by the sandigan bayan. This conviction will forever be attached to his name even beyond his death.

    • Benigno the Turd

      And which explains why he nearly won the presidency again.

      • $14334231

        because most pinoys are awe struck of him, regardless of his misgivings….most pinoys are semi-illiterate, if not totally so….but between you and me, i hope manila voters would “kiskis ang mukha ni estrada sa pader”..baka mamaya, pag naging mayor itong si asiong sugalero, babaero, at butangero, ang city hall ay pag-aari na ng koreano dahil ibinenta na n’ya…

      • EmmanuelGomez

        right on the money

  • bogli_anakdami

    … doesn’t surprise me…
    … flips are genetically gung gongs… no mental capacity to think or to learn…

    • Benigno the Turd

      Sound reasoning. That explains Noynoy in 2010.

    • mariovill1950

      The native Filipinos(Austronesian race)have an average IQ level of 86.

      • tarikan

        No, that’s far to high. I think the ave. IQ is 75, the same as Erap’s age. I wonder if Erap has an inkling of what is his IQ? The same as Jinggoy’s age maybe.

  • mabyrik

    Erap thinks of governance as a big joke and he makes sure it is a joke. His presidency was joke but the joke was on the people and the nation’s dignity. Because of that joke, he was kicked out as president and convicted for plunder.

    Erap conveniently translated Cory’s apology as exoneration for his misdeeds as president. He did not explain that Cory apologized to him not because he was honest and upright president but because his successor turned out to be even more corrupt, more disgusting, more vicious and more obnoxious than him. Never did Cory say Erap was a good and trustworthy president, nothing of that sort. But because Erap was a joke, he twisted Cory’s words of apology to suit him well.

    Now, as if the entire country is not enough, Erap would like to turn Manila as another venue for showing how good he is as a joker. It’s going to be a huge disaster if Manilans will allow him to do so and if that happens, the whole world will laugh on the voters who allowed a joker to laugh at them.

    • Benigno the Turd

      If? Try when.

    • nakawan

      Nah. After the debates between him and Lim, it’s a huge IF. Both men are downright idiotic.

      • lennonpaul

        he is talking about eraptions not between lim n erap.

      • myling4.

        if yo have to choose between 2 evils… i sure would go to Lim.

    • lennonpaul

      u hit the nail on its head

    • Mr Moonlight

      If erap wins, its like LIGHTNING STRIKE TWICE! so much stopidity, 70% of them are poor uneducated stargazing voters, good enough to win by a landslide, oooh poor philippines

      • jayemdee_412

        In the past Manila voters were often described as “intelligent voters” who are not swayed by personalities. The question is will they elect a mayoral candidate who was ousted as president of the Philippines, charged and convicted of plunder this coming May elections?

      • EmmanuelGomez

        yes.. po.. ang reply.

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        I will have to agree with you. It is the poor Philippines who will suffer under any erap leadership.

    • EmmanuelGomez

      lets bet.. erap will win manila..ksi 70 percent ay alam nyo. na 10 pesos. start.. will win 15 pesos..

    • observer1356

      In which case, brace yourselves for the biggest laugh yet on the Manileños and Manileñas – as they vote for Estrada…

      This will be the time when one can lose his candidate but can still have a good laugh after the electoral exercise… ebribadi hapi, ‘ika nga…

  • farmerpo

    If you put a clown on stage, the net effect is the same. Same stage, same stooge.

    • Mr Moonlight

      you left tito sotto out in your blog

  • Amador Amor

    Erap is the biggest joke of all. No one in his sane mind will vote for this plunderer, womanizer and a big time drunkard. Mahabaging Diyos.. talaga bang wala ng pagasa sa Pinas at itong babaero, lasinggero, magnanakaw at maraming anak sa labas ay iboboto pa ninyo? Sabagay, mas maraming mga tangang botante sa Pinas. Kayo nananalo ang mga kandidatong pulpul tulad nila Sotto, Revilla, Estrada, Lapid, etc. ay dahil sa mga katangahan ng mga botanteng makita lang sa sine or sa TV ang mga kandidato ay iboboto na nila. Buhay Pinoy talaga!

    • Bogart747

      Amador ano ba akala mo sa mga line up ni Abnoy puro ba sila mga santo? ano ba akala mo sa 4p’s na programa ni abnoy hindi naman ito nakakatulong ito ang ginawa nilang gatasan (milking cow) stupid yong thinking mo puro sila magnanakaw mga sakim sa pero malaking lingla yan sa mga tao .saan ba ang matuwid na daan niyan puro pa pogi lang ginawa ni abnoy na yan… buti pa maglaro nlang sila ng PSP ni josh…

    • jayemdee_412

      Iyan daw ang tinatawag na “democracy” na basta marunong bumasa at sumulat pwedeng bumoto at ihalal ang mga kandidatong gusto nila.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000923389289 David Bobir

    ..only in the philippines….gago


    >>>‘Eraptions’ still wow ’em in campaign<<<

    WALA na yang ERAPTIONS na yan….napalitan na yan ng katakot-takot na KORRRRRAPTIONS!

  • mangtom

    The mayoral election will test the level of gullibility of the Manila electorate. If they fall for Jose Estrada’s lies, let it be. Walang ibang magsuffer kung hindi sila. Ang sasabihin nitong bigoteng bolero, binibiru ku lang kayo, naniwala naman kayo. Di yan. Salamat sa katangahan ninyo. Nanalo na naman ako.

    Go Manilenos, vote for Jose Estrada, your idol. You will fill your hungry stomach with his jokes. Basta masaya kayo, kahit walang laman ng tiyan. Samantalang yong idolo ninyo ay naghahakut sa likuran ninyo ng kayamanan ng lunsod ninyo gaya ng parte ng Eat Bulaga na Hakut All You Can. At saka sa gabi, ang iniinum niyang alak ay ang pinakamahal sa buong mundo. E kayo? Okay na lang ang San Miguel. Hindi bale napapasaya naman ninyo yong bigoteng idolo ninyo.

    Sana gumising kayo. Yong mambobolang kandidato tumutuktuk sa pintuan ninyo.

    • Paulita Cariño

      nadale mo kapatid kaya lang karamihan ng bobotante di nagbabasa ng posts

      • beerhunters

        even the commies call those type of voters “lumpen proletariat”.

  • mangtom

    Paulita Carino, yan ang malaking problema. How to get the message to the Manila’s masses is a challenge. Kung yong mga anak ng magulang na no access to the internet ay iabut nila ang nangyayari dito say PDI forum, ay makakatulong. But this is a long shot. The best bet is to pray for the masa’s discernment, to borrow the favorite word of the CBCP.

    I do not know how far you are from Manila if you are not a Manilena, but I am a hundred kilometers away, out of Bigote’ harm’s way.

  • lagahit

    Estrada, the convicted plunderer, still thinks he is a major factor to the UNA group. Together with his stalwarts Enrile and Binay, all three are as good as rotten eggs that shoulld be discarded.

  • noyab

    mr ex convict, laos na eraptions mo….wala ng makikinig dyan kundi mga bobong kagaya mo….amoy lupa kana sige punta ka na sa ilalim…nagaantay nga mga demonyo sa pagdating mo…..ano ba nagawa mo sa bayan pilipnas…..

    • tarikan

      Pre, hindi demonyo ang naghihintay kay Erap sa ilalim ng lupa kundi sila Dacer, Corbito, miembro ng Kuratong, Bintain, etc. Sa Kuratong laang hindi igagalang yang bigote nya. Naku pupupugin yang si Erap pagdating dun. Walang sinabi yang kangkungan.

  • brunogiordano

    Bakit iboboto ang taong may police record na, convicted pa ng Pandarambong??????

  • jpastor

    manila needs young idealistic leader with good mind and heart for the people and not old minded trapos whose idealism was long dead since they started to use and enjoy the evils of politics.

  • Mr Moonlight

    Boang tonto ogok kolokoy edyot lang boboto kay erap, are you one of them?

  • Mr Moonlight

    the very poor uneducated hungry pinoys voters doesnt read Philippine Daily Inquirer ,but rather, Banat, Sagad, Tiktik

    • Benigno the Turd

      if they bother to read at all.

  • Mr Moonlight

    kung matino at matalino at educado lang ang pinoy si Ramon Magsaysay Jr should come out the topnotcher, dapat lang!!,

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4Q5EHNRA6LXAHGXPSMAXBGJ4ME isidro

    Cory apologized because she was wrong in helping GMA to assume the presidency and not because she wanted ERAP to stay as president. Cory did not say categorically that Erap was clean and fit for presidency. Misleading ang Eraption dito.

    How would you believe to a convicted plunderer, man of many wives, sugarol, drunkard, and with company of questionable characters?

  • Linme

    “I stole not a single centavo.” wehhh! ……..Kung walang ma stole walang politicians magsabi na I am a public servant! ….. Kaya nga marami namamatay at pinapatay for STOLE.

  • tilamsik

    dami pa ding tanga

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    The 10.8million unemployed Filipinos is a big joke. Everybody has a job and never go hungry.

  • bogli_anakdami

    … flip gung gongs who voted for my peyborit idolo-bigotilyo-iyutero prez gung gong erap should be gassed… para mabawasan ang gung gongs sa mundo…

  • Joaquin Fernandez

    Still a puzzle why Binay and JV are in the magic 12. Amazing

    • beerhunters

      “in politics, there are no permanent friends nor permanent enemies, there are only temporary allies and permanent self interests.”

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W7TPARCYJFCSA3PBQAM3MVZO3E kurakut

    UNA= FLOCK OF SAME FEATHER. PLUNDERER, makating kamay na mayor, fake ambush-amalayer, young amalayer-cheater senatong. KAWAWANG PINAS.

  • Aisa Pangdan

    Apologies from Yasay and Cory does not change the fact that he is guilty
    and convicted for plunder. If he is truly innocent, he should have
    appealed his case to the Supreme Court and not seeked the pardon from
    GMA. Jalosjos was disqualified from running into a pubiic office,
    COMELEC is expected to render the same decision against Erap. We’ll see.

  • JosephNess

    the three stooges at work for more laughs…easter for a fool…the day of redemption or the day of doom….

  • pipsirho



    We, the STUPID, UNTHINKING, CLUELESS, MINDLESS, UNDISCERNING VOTERS NEVER LEARN!!! What a tragedy particularly for Manila residents!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q3QGG5QHBLRMZTIYWUFURY6J2E Night

    Cory apologized to ERAP because GMA gloriakuting evil in 2005 ruled that Hacienda Luisita should be distributed…. Presidential Commision on Land Reform….

    Dun nag mula ang galit ng Cojuangco Aquino clan kay GloriaKuting….

    Ngayon si Gloriakuting ang me kasalanan ng lahat ng masama sa mundo, according to Aquino Cojuangcos….

    the real deal

  • Concur_Dissent

    According to writer: “ERAP was charged with plunder and pardoned seven years later”

    Correction please: ERAP was charged AND CONVICTED for plunder……

    • tarikan

      Pre, pasensya na. Tagahanga ni Erap si Christian V. Esguerra, yung journalist na nagsulat nitong article. Bukels din yan or have an IQ the same as Erap’s age.

  • Noel

    Whether you’re his fan or not, enemy or not, it’s an undeniable fact that the Erap Magic is still there.

    • beerhunters

      you really like a magician….who can drain the nations resources with smoothness and wiyhout creases

    • tarikan

      Isa pa itong kasama sa average IQ na 86 sabi dito ng isang post. Parang yung writer ng article na ito si Christian V. Esguerra…bukels din.

  • Milesaway

    Sabi ni Erap: “I am confident to face you because I am innocent. I stole not a single centavo.”… of course not a single centavo but billions pesos. Anong proof? tignan na lang ang life style niya… at same time may kilala ako that during his term as VP may connection na sya sa Jueteng… pero ang mahirap bulag ang justice system kaya kawawa ka lang kung mag-reklamo ka ikaw pa ang kawawa.. remember nyo yung trabahador ng Casino?

    • tarikan

      Sila Bintain, Dacer, Corbito at miyembro ng Kuratong Baleleng ay mga nag-usapusap na. Dila laang ang walang latay ni bigote pagnapunta na sa lugar nila. Malapit na.

  • jgl414567


  • beerhunters

    Guiseppi Stradi di Bigote, il capo di tutti capi! Dirty Harry versus Filthy Bigote, bring it on!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7WVYACH32JLDC4COVIGJG4UNPU Ct

    The fact is, as a convicted PLUNDERER, Erap had lost his moral ascendancy to govern in this country. Only fools will dare to elect him in this coming election.

  • Garibaldi_II

    Morose with famished brain, Estrada crafts another Easterada scab. Estrada, you’ve reached sunset in life and still believe the sun rises from the west. Forever a plunderer; pathetic fool, you claim otherwise! Pro-poor? The same poor and ignorant voters you deceive every election. A poor soul with a deceitful heart is a foolish candidate. You aged poorly and talk foolishly. Only the foolish and ignorant voters vote for you.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CBCR5LTZE3EUBE7BIP53DN3Z5Y Ricardo

    If the Pilipino people elect Erap or his son, we do not deserve a place on this planet. Like viruses, Erap and his ilk continue to pull us down and make us unworthy of continuing life on this planet. Like a virus, Erap continues to sap the strength out of our political life while projecting himself as an aggrieved hero of the masses. Once and for all, let us get this virus out of our system!

  • YoungGen

    and who knows where else?

    Sa kangkungan at sa kulungan! Discard all of them para wag PAMARISAN.

  • Gloria Wheelchairroyo

    NO to UNArroyo aka Kirat party.
    1. Migs Daya Zubiri
    2. Nancy Alalay Binay
    3. Jack Martial Law Enrilerroyo
    4. JV PlundERAP Estrada
    5. No Dick KSP Gordon

    6. Gringo Terrorist Honasan
    7. Mitos Arroyo
    8. Ernesto Corrupt Maceda

  • Mr. Skeptic

    You have to admire this man, this Erap character. After being convicted beyond reasonable doubt of the crime of plunder, the man goes scot-free thanks to a pardon by the former President, and then goes around claiming his cleanliness and innocence. The sad thing is that the poor uneducated masses willingly swallow his lies hook, line and sinker. Dude is like Robin Hood to these poor people. Who cares if he steals and robs other people anyway, as long as he gives the money back to the poor? LOL

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ABX6VOZNIXWFCCEA3G4XPOWPLA JJ

    let us forgive, but never forget how this man acted as president when he was in office. tama na yung laya siya, pero ang ipagkatiwala ang milyon-milyong piso na budget ng manila city hall?? hwag naman sana.

  • tarikan

    The apologies of Cory (to spite da little girl), Bishop Tobias and that of SEC. Chair Yasay do not represent that of the millions of Filipinos. Recantations are a dime a dozen, di ba PAOCTF? Hoy Jose Velarde tumigil ka nga at baka ahitin ko pa bigote mo sa sun**k.

  • disqusted0fu

    “Eraptions” still wow the public in campaign, and if Erap wins, his corruptions will again wow everyone in vain. He was a convicted plunderer, it would be crazy to put him back in public service! It would just prove that the elections is a popularity contest more than anything. It is already hard as it is to have a just popular President. Let’s not add more of those in politics.

  • disqusted0fu

    I stole not a single centavo.” – Yes, we know… because you stole millions of pesos. That’s the reason why you were unseated, and why you were convicted, which should put an end to your story as a public servant.

  • sinful_lustful69

    mali ata ang analysis ng mandarambong na mama, nililito na naman nya ang mga kaawa-awang Juan @ Juana dela Cruz.

    kaya nagsorry ung mga character ng EDSA II sa taon bayan, hindi ke mamang bigote, dahil NAGING LEGAL ANG CORRUPTION sa termino ni PANDAK!!!


  • JosengSisiw1

    With Estrada our country lost its credibility to the whole world. It will take years before they respect us again so I hope the public is not foolish to re-elect the ex-convict Estrada to any position in the government again. People should be reminded that running a government is a full time serious job and a big joke like Estrada should not be a part of it.

  • wilfel

    Only in the Philippines for someone who is convicted of a crime still have a face to face the people for what he saying that he is doing the right thing. WHAT A SHAME.

  • Paking

    If ERAP is a symbol of Filipino stupidity, so be it! Kaya maraming bobo at bulok na pulitiko na naka-puwesto dahil gustong gusto silang iboto nang nakararaming bobong Filipino. Tanungin mo si ERAP, Lito Lapid, Jinggoy, Bong Revilla, at marami pang iba. Alam na alam nila ito at tiyak, nagbibigay nang lakas nang loob para paulit-ulit silang kumandidato. Kawawang Pilipinas!

  • EmmanuelGomez

    betting na!!.. Erap . will win Manila. – bet ko 10 pesos.

  • EmmanuelGomez

    lets bet.. erap will win manila..ksi 70 percent ay alam nyo. na 10 pesos. start.. will win 15 pesos.. not real money.. parang internet game lang.

  • joerizal

    Panay lang ang inuman nila sa Malakanyang nung presidente siya. Agree pa siya kay Lucio Tan na “tamad ang mga pinoy”. Nung inatake nila yung mga kampo ng muslim sa Mindanao, um-order siya ng lechon at doon sila kumain sa kampo ng muslim para laiitin niya ang ibang relihiyon. Nung kasagsagan ng impeachment trial niya, binalatuan niya ng tig-1M pesos yung mga senador na kasangga niya kasi nanalo daw siya sa sugal. Lahat yata ng mga kabalbalan ginawa niya sa Malakanyang. Hindi niya kailangang magnakaw kasi sabi nga niya “dumarating na lang sa desk niya ang bungkos bungkos na pera” na malinaw na lagay. Kawawa naman ang taumbayan kung sila ay nakalimot na at naniniwala pa sa tatlong itlog ng UNA. Sa kabilang panig naman, yung Team Penoy ay puro bugok din. Wala na talagang pagpiliian kundi mga basura at trapo.

  • joeybg

    Dami kasing mga Tanga at Bobo sa Pinas kaya hirap umasenso.

  • Janch

    Sinungaling to death.

  • bayankopdi

    Erap is not only preparing to be mayor of Manila, he is also preparing for Jinngoy’s stint as Vice President of Binay next Presidential Election. If Erap will be the Mayor of Manila for sure lots of Manilenos will vote for Jinggoy as Vice President of Binay. Then after Binay Jinggoy will run as President. Ganun lang yun…

  • Batang Altura

    dinudumog ng tao si Erap ksi gusto nilang makakita ng ex-convict, kasi yung ibang ex-convict nahihiyang humarap sa tao..eh si Erap makapal ang mukha bale wala sa kanya kung anuman sabihin sa kanya..lagi itinatanggi na mandarambong siya at pinagtulungan daw ng mayayaman na maalis siya sa pwesto..sa San Juan nga binabato yan ng mga squatters duon..

  • Bryan Kevin Tung


  • gikiness

    UNA….Sa korapsyon
    UNA……Sa katiwalian
    UNA………Sa kasibaan sa kapangyarihan
    UNA…………Sa kawalanghiyaan
    UNA…………..Sa kasakiman sa kayamanan
    UNA……Partido ng mga magnanakaw..KUNG HINDE KA CORRUPT OUT KA !!!!!!

  • tenyearsafter

    Your bias shows… by stating that Erap was charged with plunder…

    Actually your idol was convicted with finality of PLUNDER.

  • beerhunters

    Dirty Harry versus Filthy Bigote! Bring it on!


    The bakya crowd again…

  • http://www.facebook.com/reuben.t.santos Reuben T. Santos

    It is a big joke and the joke will be on Erap for the UNA and his Manila for Mayor campaign.

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