Political debates get nasty



Are Philippine political debates going the way of confrontational, reality television programs spawned by American talk show host Jerry Springer, who prods his guests to verbally and physically assault each other on the idiot box?

Some politicians are appalled not only by how much mud has been tossed between candidates during this campaign season but where these character assassinations have taken place—on news and public affairs shows on national television.

Even the Commission on Elections (Comelec) has taken note of what some commentators claim has become a disturbing and nasty trend in election debates. “Will bring this up in our discussions this week,” said Comelec Commissioner Grace Padaca, who declined to elaborate.

Squaring off two personalities who hold a grudge against each other has been the blueprint for success of Springer’s TV show, which focuses on personal disputes involving ordinary people. In a recent interview with US news website Huffington Post, Springer said that while people enjoyed watching his show, he admitted that his program  was “stupid” and had “no redeeming social value.”

In a text message to the Inquirer, Sen. Serge Osmeña III said: “It is extremely disappointing to witness interviews and debates that have been allowed to degenerate into mudslinging and personal insults and public peeks into irrelevant family conflicts. Our nation has serious problems which need serious minds to come up with serious solutions.”

“We maintain that this campaign should be about programs of the government and not about personalities. We do not believe in negative campaigning,” said Sen. Franklin Drilon, campaign manager of the Team PNoy senatorial ticket.

Lim-Estrada tussle

Last week, a one-on-one debate between rivals Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim and former President Joseph Estrada on ABS-CBN’s talk show, “Umagang Kay Ganda,” supposedly on issues confronting the nation’s capital, degenerated into an ugly exchange of barbs and personal attacks against each other’s children.

Lim and Estrada carried on their bitter tirade the following day in a debate sponsored by the University of the Philippines in Manila, where they ignored the host’s repeated pleas to stick to the issues concerning Manila’s residents and to hold their mudslinging in other venues.

Zubiri vs Pimentel

In a similar incident on the TV program “Mano-Mano ni Anthony Taberna” on Studio 23 of ABS-CBN, United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) senatorial candidate Juan Miguel Zubiri accused Sen. Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III of being a wife-beater.

Pimentel’s estranged wife, Jewel Lobaton, quickly issued a denial: “I categorically state that I have never claimed nor complained to Migz Zubiri that I was a battered wife. In the close to 12 years that we lived together, my husband, Koko Pimentel, has never ever physically hurt me,” said Lobaton, a relative of Zubiri.

Zubiri said in a statement he read on Sunday in a press forum in Baguio City: “It was not my intention to hurt her feelings and those of her children but I was merely echoing the sentiments that she shared with us.”

Taberna shocked

In a phone interview, Taberna said that he tried his best to keep his guests to stick to issues.

“I invited them because they had issues facing them. I tried to set a time limit or to calm them down but both (Estrada and Lim) were too insistent. On Zubiri’s charges, I myself was shocked, he volunteered that info. I did not ask him that,” Taberna said.

While he agreed that debates should focus on issues rather than personalities, Taberna said that the mudslinging had its benefits. It shows the “true colors” of the candidates, he said.

Nothing wrong

Navotas Rep. Tobias Tiangco, UNA’s campaign manager, does not see anything wrong in the lack of decorum and substance in the debates.

“Let the voters decide because they are the king. If the voters think that the candidates are acting out of line, they will make their opinion on election day. There has and will always be mudslinging in politics,” Tiangco said.

“Voters deserve better. I think people are thirsty for substantive debate and the candidates that can join substance with public speaking skills will be greatly appreciated,” said Akbayan Rep. Walden Bello.

Higher level

“I expected the campaign to be on a higher level, especially in the election for the Senate. I thought it would be based on issues and platforms, not name-calling and mudslinging,” said San Juan Rep. Joseph Victor Ejercito, who accused Team PNoy of starting the mudslinging.

Ejercito, a senatorial candidate of the UNA, said that people with a short fuse like Lim tended to get heated in this type of debates. “Look at Lim. Whenever he is unable to answer your charges, he’ll threaten you, like a police bully,” said Ejercito, son of Estrada.

“It’s despicable but the stations love it. It’s up to them if this is their contribution to society,” said Sen. Vicente Sotto III.—With a report from Desiree Caluza, Inquirer Northern Luzon

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/W6OYQAQ3YNWGE4SIRA4IIQ4Y3Y joshua

    No To Team Malaysia

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    PNoy is a good leader who leads by example. When he stopped using wang-wang, everybody else stopped using wang-wang. When his wisecracking ways got the better of him, his followers did the same. When he started to resort to low-blows and take potshots at imaginary enemies, his followers did the same. That’s how political debates get nasty. Follow the leader.

  • Tnosce

    Issues lang po sa ika bubuti sa pag taguyod ng tuwid na daan, walang personalan bato-bato sa langit tamaan meron po magagalit.

  • farmerpo

    ‘Springer said that while people enjoyed watching his show, he admitted
    that his program was “stupid” and had “no redeeming social value.”’
    Aptly said. It also refers to our current crop talk shows and politicians. People enjoy our politicians doing their antics. Boooommmmmbaaaaaa!

  • nes911

    The quality of debates depends on the moderators. The moderators should provide the guidelines and the tenor of the discussion. In the case of taberna, he intentionally let go of that nasty debate between lim and estrada To boost the rating of the show. This is unprofessionalism of the highest degree.

    • Edward Castro

      agree to the highest degree to nth power…

  • CPCook

    If the confrontation between Mayor Lim and former Pres Estrada looked like The Jerry Springer show, it is only because the host, Anthony Taberna, acted like Jerry Springer. Not that Mayor Lim and Pres Estrada would need to be egged on to tussle, but Mr Taberna practically did that just the same. With regard to former Rep Zubiri and Sen Pimentel, this one is easy. Rep Zubiri simply crossed the line of decency. Even assuming that what Rep Zubiri said was true, he himself said that that Mrs Pimentel “confided” to him. That something said in confidence was said on live TV was just reeking with malice. Please note that was even assuming what Rep Zubiri said was true, which Mrs Pimentel categorically denied. In short, there is simply no excuse to what Rep Zubiri did. If he were among the list that I am considering to vote for, I cannot, in good conscience, do that anymore. [The same reason why I am still weighing whether to vote for Sen Cayetano or not. I know that PNoy is even endorsing him right now, but I distinctly remember in 2010, Sen Cayetano was beyond unkind to then Sen Aquino.] What PNoy has shown so far is that it pays to elect people with clear ethical standards. One does not have to take PNoy’s word for it; one can just read independent reviews especially by the investment banks and rating agencies. Just my two cents….

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W7TPARCYJFCSA3PBQAM3MVZO3E kurakut


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/3AXROSN6LN5YP66EONOKGSSYFY Ngiping Dilaw

      MARAMI AY NO ETHICAL STANDARDS dahil ginagaya nila si President Aquino. Walang ginawa ndi batuhin ng putik ang mga kalaban. Noon na lang Presidential electionon kahit saang probinsya pumunta di nalilimutang banggitin kung gaano ka corrupt si Villar. Ngayon kapartido pa niya.

    • Guest

      what abput Sen. A. Pimentel Jr. said to then newly wed Sen. M. Roxas about his insertion?

    • isprikitoy

      what about Sen. A. Pimentel Jr. said to then newly wed Sen. M. Roxas about his insertion?

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      The host so dumb he never ask relevant questions or deflect it to a more focus issue oriented question like jobs.

  • binatangtagabukid

    zubiri acts shows the desperation of a trapo what ever he do he’ll never shake away his connection with the mindanao election cheating

  • eigendik

    political parties have no platforms, politicians have no substance and their only agenda is self-preservation… so isn’t this all expected? This election, as the past, is nothing but a mockery of everything. God save us from them all!


    >>>On Zubiri’s charges, I myself was shocked, he volunteered that info. I did not ask him that,” Taberna said.<<<

    KUNG sa basketbol pa yan…blatant foul…EJECTION, not election!

    Ang baboy kahit na bigyan pa ng ibang titulo, baboy pa din.

  • pabloo6293

    “Navotas Rep. Tobias Tiangco, UNA’s campaign manager, does not see anything wrong in the lack of decorum and substance in the debates.”

    Is this the best person in the UNA organization to act as their spokesman? And we are supposed to be electing senators of the republic.

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    Koko-the-cuckold came out the most kawawa of them all. He got torotot by his wife but he couldn’t talk about it openly on national TV. His wife admitted in a carefully-worded statement prepared by their lawyers that sometime in 2012, she did seek out UNA stalwarts to help her with her custody battle. On July 12, 2012, Koko-the-cuckold’s wife set up a meeting with Toby Tiangco and Spiceboy Migz in Makati. Knowing the animosity between Spiceboy Migz and her cuckold of a husband, she was planning to exploit the bad blood to her advantage. Subsequently, she set up another meeting with Erap in San Juan to exploit the powers of UNA. The moment she dragged and involved UNA into her bedroom problems, Koko-the-cuckold’s wife should have known that her marital issues would become part of the campaign spectacle.

    What Koko-the-cuckold did not say on national TV is why he got torotot by his wife in the first place. What Koko-the-cuckold’s wife did not say in her statement is why her husband was more likely to win in the custody battle because of her extra-marital relationship with Dr. Anthony Golez. What Spiceboy Migz did not say on national TV is why a matapobre wife-batterer will never make for a good senator. What Ka-Tonying Taberna did not say on national TV is why Koko-the-cuckold’s domestic problem is a national issue. It all comes down to the moral character and moral fitness of Koko-the-cuckold. But still, Koko-the-cuckold came out the most kawawa of them all. Macho Koko can try to keep his chin up every which way, but he’s still Koko-the-cuckold at the end of the day. For being matapobre, Koko-the-cuckold got his life’s biggest lesson from a former beauty queen of humble begginings.

    • azkal futbol

      tsismis? pang abs

    • Komen To

      What you didn’t say in your comments is that you forgot to take your medicines, hahaha

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        i just did. everyday at 12 noon. let’s have a hearty laugh. hahahaha.

  • Joaquin Fernandez

    “Navotas Rep. Tobias Tiangco, UNA’s campaign manager, does not see anything wrong in the lack of decorum and substance in the debates.” What does this tell us about the character of Tiangco and the whoe UNA team?

    • Philcruz

      Agree to this. Something is really wrong with the UNA personalities, especially this Tiangco. Parang mga cartoon characters.

      • popeyee

        Lahat ng mga politiko sa atin ay immature pa rin kahit matatanda na sa politika. Simpleng rules lang sa debate ay di pa rin kayang sumunod…

  • Guest

    Taberna of ABS-CBN caters to the masses. His hosting of Erap-Lim debate did not fall short of expectations of the masses. The Pimentel-Zubiri debate however was allowed to spiral into personal matters. It certainly helped that Mr. Zubiri is not above unleashing his own personal attacks. Mr. Pimentel however also needs professional marriage counseling together with Mrs. Pimentel. The wounds are raw and his personal issues do seem to get in the way of his campaign. I liked Mr. Pimentel before he became so bitter. If Mr. Pimentel fails to correct this, he will suffer from it at a later time. Domestic issues are not always easily resolved. They are sometimes swept under the rug, only to resurface when in the heat of public exchanges as evidenced in the debate. Mr. Escudero also had a similar problem with his wife. Together, the Escudero couple sought counseling. In the end, they decided to part ways. Mr. Escudero is on the rebound and happily in love with his new life and his new love. I hope Mr. Pimentel will make the right decision for himself and for his family.

  • Philcruz

    This kind of show was started by GMA’s Face-Off. It is disgusting. Patterned after American shows. Foul gutter language. Protagonists prodded on by wily hosts. So un-Filipino. If the TV stations don’t stop it, the MTRCB should step in.

    And please, Sotto, stop kibitzing..Because you are no better. Look at your noontime show..Ugh. And plagiarists are no better either.

    • Komen To

      Obviously you did not watch the GMA show. It was well moderated

  • Bengatibo

    Blame it on the moderator. He controls the show!!!! If he cannot control it then better not air the show. But that is what the networks want in order to sell their shows. More controversy, more viewers. Gutter viewers who like intrigues. T the gutter viewers, controversy, gossips and hearsays is more exciting. Baligtad ang utak nang maraming Pinoy

  • wawa2172

    Mr. Taberna show should be discipline by MTRCB. He had allowed politicians to quipped on issues that are too personal in nature like the Koko-Jewel damage relationship. Migz should not be blame if he volunteered Koko’s wife battering issue. Bogbog means not only physical but mental, emotional and verbal abused. It most likely that Jewel was not physically battered but she is psychologically. Koko should expect that such kind of issue will come out of the open. It’s political campaign and anything goes. Sen. Peter Cayetano called Noy as Abnoy based sa hindi mamatay na issue on the later Ateneo Psycho test that the university denied having such documents. Paratang to heaven..deny to the death, its offense-defense strategy. Still I will vote for Koko and Migz who are both from Mindanao. Koko tanong lang, ano ang nauna, natorotot ka or ang pagiging psycho wife abuser mo kaya humantong sa hiwalayan. Explain why hiwalay kayo ni Jewel ayaw nang simbahan yan. We should know how you manage your family, baka talagang nananakit ka ha. Si Migz, ang issue is election cheating related but wala namang kasong naisampa sa kanya.

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    Who is the wife of Koko-the-cuckold? Is she really happier with Dr. Anthony Golez?

    To get a glimpse of her life after Koko-the-cuckold, watch this video:

    youtu,be/u5eInshSsY (observe 0:23 and 3:45)

    • boy_kurimaw


  • koolkid_inthehouse

    The host never ask question thats more beneficial to the voters. He should open up by asking each guest the same question like: Do you have a job creation plan for the poor and unemployed Filipinos? How and when we can see the results of a drop in unemployment? Can any of you create real permanent full time jobs in this country?
    I don’t want to waste my time watching finger pointing and self serving, convicts talking crap without benefiting the voters.


    The Pervert had created it all. Nahawa na ang lahat sa “Daang Abnoy”.

  • zeroko

    This is democracy in the making. Dapat ganyan. Batuhan ng putik. Paano malalaman ng voting audience ang pagkatao ng isang kandidato kung hindi ilalabas ng kalaban. Go go go. Besides, hindi naman nakakalimutan ang agenda ng mga kandidato. Go go go! This is the right way like Obama – Gov. Mitt Rommy!

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    10.8million jobless Filipinos and counting.
    Yoooohhooooo anybody there?

    • foreignerph

      They can always pray the rosary ;-)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/I6XXLO4X6TJFZHKLP3GQMDILI4 MOTO



  • Hey_Dudes

    All of it is fueled by the only thing Filipino politicians past-present and future to completely disregard civility in exchange for the ultimate goal which is – milking the Filipino people. The one word that occupies the minds of these vvvbastards is “MONEY!”

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Education improvements are urgently needed for the next generation.

  • Pia Pilar Francisco

    What Zubiri did has practically disqualified him from the race. On the other hand, I hate to say this but I think Koko Pimentel and his wife owe the public an explanation. Domestic violence, physical or otherwise, has no place in our society. It remains very much a taboo to speak about it publicly but Koko Pimentel is running for the senate. If he does not speak up, then people will speculate. Is Pimentel’s wife a golddigger? Is Pimentel verbally abusive? It’s better he come clean now or find himself out of the top 12. As of now, only Koko Pimentel is still in the running. Bye Zubiri.

    • Komen To

      In that case, the cheap shot of the liar got you. Why focus on Pimentel after zubiri did a below the belt punch?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3AXROSN6LN5YP66EONOKGSSYFY Ngiping Dilaw

    Mas nauna sa mudslinging ang mga followers ng LP . Sila ang matinding bumato ng putik. Gumaganti lang ngayon ang UNA. Ang followers ng LP ang pasimuno. MAGNANAKAW, MANDARAMBONG, MAMAMAYAY TAO , BERDUGO DAW YUNG MGA NASA UNA. Sila ang nauna pero noong gumanti UNA ayun foul daw yun libelous daw. YOU SOW WHAT YOU REAP!

  • etobsify

    the one between, Erap and Lim was okay with me. they are clowns anyway and i will be surprised if an intelligent debate will come out of them. i was entertained by the way and i want to thank the circus master, Taberna, for that. the pimentel vs. zubiri however was different. it appears zubiri was so desperate that he needed to resort to a cheapshot. koko is a lawyer, he should file libel case against zubiri after elections

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3AXROSN6LN5YP66EONOKGSSYFY Ngiping Dilaw

    Sabi nga everybody gets nasty when it comes to politics. wala ng plataporma. We would like to see more focus on the issues pero wala mas type nila batuhan ng putik. Mas effective kasi yan. Kaya nga naging Presidente si.PNOY dahil sa tulong ng mudslinging! Ang lakas ni Villar noon pero sa kasasabi ni PNOY na corrupt si Villar ayun natalo. Pero ngayon kapartido na ni PNOY sina Villar.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3AXROSN6LN5YP66EONOKGSSYFY Ngiping Dilaw

    Sa mga gustong maging dalubhasa sa pagbato ng putik I would like to recommend, the one and only , the only one, the pride of the Philippines when it comes to mudslinging yan ay si PRESIDENTE PNOY! ANG HARI NG MGA HARI ANG GURO NG PAGBATO NG PUTIK SI PNOY. BUTI NA LANG MALIIT LANG SI GMA KUNG HINDI UBOS ANG PUTIK SA PILIPINAS DAHIL BINALOT NA NI PNOY NG PUTIK SI GMA! SABI NI PINOY corrupt daw si Villar , ngayon ayooonnnnn itinataas pa nya kamay ni Villar sabay sabing, KAMI ANG TUWID NA DAAN! Akala ko ba corrupt?

  • manuelcdiaz

    As I said 40% of the Filipino voters are idiots and morons just look at the politicians they elect to office. This 40% are solid votes while the 60% supposed to be learned voters are too busy debating till kingdom come so the 40% prevail. We will have the same clowns in the Senate plus some newer clowns.Nothing changes in Islas de ladrones.

    • dingestraza

      I agree with you 100%

    • foreignerph

      I’m afraid you are totally right. Most people don’t care about politics, as long as they get their 20-100php from the candidate, any candidate. Statistically, the outcome of any vote in the PH (if not manipulated) is determined by dumb uneducated squatters that get drunk at night and yell too loud out of tune at their home KTV at night, not reading any newspaper and not watching any TV program.

      That’s no match for the educated 20%.

  • Spidekick

    What do you expect from a farce of a democracy such as the Philippines’?
    The politics of this nation continues to crash rock bottom. It has been at terminal velocity since Aguinaldo had Bonifacio killed.

  • Janch

    This is going to the country’s source of entertainment and embarassment until election time. It shouldn’t even be called debates.

    • chingnarciso

      ganyan ata ang debate na alam ng mga ugok na yan, instead na ang topic ang kanilang debatehan,ay personalan na ang kanilang sasabihin. Same thing inside the Senate Chamber and congress chamber,instead they stick to the topic they will attack to each other, yung ama mo may utang na 10 milyon pesos na hindi pa nabayaran, hay naku,katulad din ang furom na ito, instead na ang topic ang ma discuss para maganda ang usapan,but they will attack you personally..Wake up my country men,attack the subject not the person who express his or her opinion. Lets learn from each other.

  • pilipino_ako6

    What Zubiri did was deplorable. In other words, nakakahiya. Sotto justified the airing of these ugly debates because there were those who loved it. He even interpreted these acts as the tv stations’ contribution to society. Toby Tiangco saw nothing wrong in the lack of decorum and substance. As spokesman for UNA, are these the kind of values and morals held by his party?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CRBW2RJR4WNWVIDZVSCLFQK4KQ Spike

    Taberna is a two bit pseudo journalist

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W6H5DZKUQTUASP4S6CGTK7B3E4 kevin

      He is like Boy Abunda,,,the gay (tchismoso)….

  • azkal futbol

    blame it on us. stupid anchors and commentators like taberna should not be patronize. as jerry springer said, ” his show is stupid”. that is also how taberna runs his show and as if it he is a know-it-all, feisty commentator when infact he hides in the writings and script of abs. he is a biased, gossip-hunting persona who needs to be ban in a regular talk-show or news reporting. i love to hear dzmm now at 5am because it is only anchored by gery, no more stupid talking taberna at this time slot. the 6am slot should also be revised and let the two anchors continue it. i used to listen to the 6am slot until de castro took over from vic lima. let the listeners, like the voters be intelligent enough to use their time productively.

  • Lauro

    If we want to educate the voters … everything should go … the voting public want to completely know what kind of candidates are being put for selection. Kung hindi kayang tanggapin ng isang kandidato ang ibinabato sa kanya, simple lang … huwag siyang maging kandidato. At kung wala namang katutuhanan ang mga ipinaparatang sa kanya … simple rin lang … sampahan niya ng libel ang katunggali niya!!!!

    Thank you ABS-CBN and more power to your station!!!

  • bugoybanggers

    Nasty debates? True! Filipinos want it that way? Educated VOTERS? You cannot found in the Philippines, never! Filipinos want that their Politician to be like JOKERS, BOXERS and TALKERS..talk talk talk..blah blah blahh.. since 1946 when the Americans give us the seed to plant DEMON-CRAZY trees yeah we have now the fruit. 98million Filipinos whose 70% illegible voters are born to be DAMMED! Choose to be STUPID, why? Because Filipinos think, being POOR is so BLESSED! Yeah correct, you are so BLESSED by SATAN!

  • kilabot

    majority of electorates do not want to see and hear debates about programs and issues.
    they are interested in the lim-erap type of confrontation;
    that’s what sells and make money for media especially the tv stations;
    so media gladly carry them for more income’s sake;
    and electorates enjoy them like alcohol;
    temporarily forgetting woes worsening by the day.

  • tata_inggo

    It was a fault made by the host of the show. It was Mr. Taberna’s doing. he became Jerry Springer at that point in time. Other political talk show is not like that, whenever the guest goes beyond the boundaries of the issues being talked about, they gets in and reminded the guests immediately but this talk show host let the two antagonist to do their thing and it seems he enjoyed it also.

  • Jay Alvin Madrigal

    “Navotas Rep. Tobias Tiangco, UNA’s campaign manager, does not see anything wrong in the lack of decorum and substance in the debates.”

    This is probably the most idiotic, moronic, and apathetic statement that a politician could give. Toby Tiangco is the lowest of the low. He is the same as Cynthia Villar who thinks that Filipinos do not deserve better. Just because mudslinging has always been present in politics DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT IS RIGHT. It’s like saying murder always existed in society but that does not mean we accept it. Tobias Tiangco is a disgusting fungus that feeds on manure and crap. Aspiring politicians should know better than to rely on these childish tactics just to win the attention of the people.

    With regards to what happened to Lim and Estrada, that is not a respectful and honorable sight. I pity Manila if any one of them wins.

    And to Mr. Zubiri, bawal ang chismoso. Nakakahiya.

  • Lauro

    This is one way of educating the voters. They must know what kind of personalities are they voting for … anything that can help the people decide is OK!!!!

    For the candidates, if you cannot take the heat … huwag ka ng sumali pa sa politika!!! Personal man o hindi … lahat ng klasing tanong ay dapat lang ibato … lahat ng baho ay ilabas. Pero kung ang mga ibinabato ay walang katutuhanan … lahat tayo ay may remedyo at yan ay nakasaad sa batas!!!

    Tama lang si KOKO … kung walang katutuhanan ang mga pinagsasabi ni Zubiri ay dapat lamang na kasuhan siya ng libel!!! Isang leksyon yan para sa lahat na kung wala kang ibedensya sa mga pinagsasabi mo … magisip isip ka muna bago magsalita!!!



  • brunogiordano

    “Political debates get nasty”

    OK lang ‘yan kahit hindi na pagusapan pa ang mga issues dahil nalalalaman na ng mga botante kung anong klase mayroon ang mga kandidato dahil sa kanilang NASTINESS.

    Sa mga botanteng undecided, hindi kasapi sa ano mang Partido ang mga boto ninyo ay mahalaga dahil ito ang magpapasiya kung sino ang mga mananalo sa May election.

    Huwag iboto ang-






  • JasonBieber

    Political debates are just for show so the candidates can show off. They are showing off their personalities and not their capabilities in improving the country but showing off in terms of showbiz style…who can be the funniest and coolest and most macho.

    The Philippines is being run by celebrities, showbiz personalities, and famous off-springs.

  • leocarias


  • http://rltjs.wordpress.com/ Rod

    May kapitbahay ako galit siya sa administrasyon pero botohin niya ang mga ito. Mas galit kasi siya sa mga oposisyon na wala naman kinaiba sabi niya sa mga administrasyon, sabi niya.

    Oo nga namam. Tama nga naman. Kung wala problema sa administrasyon na ito bakit palitan pa natin.

  • http://rltjs.wordpress.com/ Rod

    One of them, Zubiri or Lobaton, is telling a lie?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q3QGG5QHBLRMZTIYWUFURY6J2E Night


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q3QGG5QHBLRMZTIYWUFURY6J2E Night


  • ebj

    These clowns should have watched the debates between Obama and Romney to see how it was done. All centered on issues and not on matters not of importance to the country. It’s the same old B.S. over and over again.

  • http://www.yahoo.com JOSE RIZAL

    Follow the leader.
    Noynoy is always doing trashy talks and everybody follows.
    Taberna is one trashy guy, so why would he be surprised?
    ABS-CBN is a trashy company who constantly spreads political trashy gimmicks, as well as, the Lopezes and the rest of the manioulating oligarchs.
    Serge has been with the Senate but just making trashy investigations in aid of political thrashy gimmickry.
    Now, what so surprising about it? We elect a trashy retard…out of political trashy gimmickry. The old and new politicians have been doing it including the trashy yellow media. Ah, you want some decency…yet you make a constant “yellow hallelujah” to the retard trashy president.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CRBW2RJR4WNWVIDZVSCLFQK4KQ Spike

    Why is there no outrage from the inquirer about Toby Tiangco’s stupid response – politicians are supposed to maintain decorum and be exemplary in their actions.

  • ryan andres

    Tobias Tiangco does not see anything wrong with this debacle…were we really expecting him to? This guy has the loyalty of a, well, politician and the morals of a sIut.

    With him representing UNA, one can hope that he is the most effective advertising that UNA is bad for the country’s health…

  • Amador Amor

    The Phil. is not moving forward in terms of “politics” but is falling backward instead. For so many decades, we have been handed politicians who smell and stink so bad and now, they are campaigning again for your votes. Political dynasties are a way of living here in the country. I am sick and tired of these politicians with the surnames ESTRADA, REVILLA, BINAY, AQUINO, GORDON, MAGSAYSAY, MACEDA, ENRILE, and others who are either siblings or close relatives of well known politicians. NAKAKASUKA NA SILANG LAHAT!

  • resortman

    Filipinos are political animals, in its best form…Pinoy politics is dirtier than mud, they are all there for personal gain, nothing more…Walang delikadeza…all whores who spread their legs to the highest bidder…

    • foreignerph

      That’s what I learned in 10 years Philippines and that’s why I am moving out of it forever in a week.

  • patrickinca

    This are the indications that how low standard and low quality this politicians are. Well we got low standard voters too anyway for they keep on voting this low quality politicians over and over again.


    DEABATE? WHAT debate? In the PH political arena, there actually is no debate….what there is is NAME-CALLING and DIRTY PULIC-LAUNDERING. Puro patutsada, pasaling, uyam o tuya at baho ang main agendum ng mga miting de avance. Parang sa DISQUS forum. :)

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Estrada acted like a small kid, was it senility? If he’s that old he should be ground finely and feed the hungry to make make him useful to the poor.

  • droccu

    On Taberna: Who is he kidding when he says he does not encourage or condone these confrontations?! Anthony used to be a sensible, entertaining and humble TV/radio personality. Apparently success has gotten to his head that NOW he is a know-it-all and so arrogant in his radio show and prefers to sensationalize his views in TV shows- all for the glory of TV ratings!

    On Toby: “does not see anything wrong in the lack of decorum and substance in the debates.” This betrays what kind of a person, political personality and campaign manager he is- sharply in contrast to Drilon and Osmena’s wise and sober comments on the same issue. UNA should really keep him as campaign manager to ensure UNA’s loss in the coming elections.

  • Komen To

    Nothing wrong, per Tobias. Now I know what’s wrong with our congress and senate and your candidates. UNA should reconsider retaining him as campaign manager

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Let’s debate on the 10.8million unemployed Filipinos. No?

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    DEbate on job creation, the real issue. There are 10.8million unemployed Filipinos.
    Can you hear me? Anybody there?

  • $5699914

    Political debate in the Phils now: CIRCUS.
    Toby Tiangco: THE CLOWN.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/K2VH54C4AM2UFEVSVA7GDCNLVY Rizal

    Toby’s position not seeing anything wrong about lack of decorum, lack of substance and mudslinging during supposedly political debates is only reflective of the candidates he represents in UNA. Thanks Toby. You are doing an excellent job representing your candidates.

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